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    ...Optimization) SERVICE: This service consists in promoting the website on Google with certain specific word families and is very important in the medium and long term because it will become the main traffic provider and implicitly generator of conversions. 2. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) SERVICE: This service consists in creating paid campaigns (sponsored ads) through Google tools, we will be able to do different campaigns (performance/branding/awareness, promoting promotions/products, shopping) through which various ads will be displayed in the search engine and partners. With this type of service, there are 3 types of "stages" and implicitly 3 types of costs associated with this type of service (Google Ads - Pay Per Click) A. Creating a Google Adwords campaign, whic...

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    called automatic labeling of reviews with Clustering, it can be done by automatic labeling of texts, you should have a set of reviews labeled positively / negatively and then run an automatic classifier that learns from these labels after to run such of the classifier you must first "clean" the text, remove all words without content, figure out what words you have left (bring them to the dictionary form) and then see if based on the remaining words the classifier can determine the class of your review: poz or neg .... with a small interface. Python has these clarifiers in English ... romanian: Se numește etichetarea automata a recenziilor cu Clustering, se poate face prin etichetarea automata a textelor, tu ar trebui sa ai un set de recenzii etichetate pozitiv/neg...

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    Am nevoie de o persoana ce poate face acest proiect despre indoor trebuie sa contina atat o parte teoretica,cat si una practica.

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    Project designed for legal professionals to exhibit their expertise and strategic skills through a series of simulated scenarios. Tackle intricate legal challenges, make well-informed decisions, and showcase your proficiency in case analysis, client counseling, and legal research.

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    Project designed for legal professionals to exhibit their expertise and strategic skills through a series of simulated scenarios. Tackle intricate legal challenges, make well-informed decisions, and showcase your proficiency in case analysis, client counseling, and legal research.

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    ...concept that caters to a niche audience of luxury travelers and high-end corporate clients. We have a specific target audience: - Entrepreneurs - Free Spirits & Open-minded - Creatives - Moneyed The uniqueness, scarcity, being chosen and belonging to the club, commitment to like-minded (lifestyle members), distinguishing with the group of people, and daring to share intimacy in a closed environment are distinct status symbols in addition to financial matters. To maximize our revenue and ensure the ultimate success of our hotel, I'm looking for an experienced revenue manager who can help us in the following areas: - Revenue Optimization: This is a key area of focus for us. Considering our unique client base, I need s...

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    ...amount of data that needs to be analyzed and reported on. I would like to transform this data into a visually appealing dashboard and automate repetitive tasks. Key Tasks: - Creating formulas and functions to streamline data processing - Data analysis and reporting - Creating colorful and visually appealing charts and graphs - Designing a visually stunning and user-friendly dashboard Primary Goals: - Automate repetitive tasks to improve efficiency - Present data in a way that is engaging and easy to understand I'm looking for someone with experience in: - Advanced Excel functions and formula creation - Data analysis and reporting - Dashboard design (preferably with a focus on aesth...

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    ...allowing specific ports for email traffic. DNS Configuration: Understanding of DNS settings, including MX records for email routing. Ability to set up SPF records for email authentication. Troubleshooting Skills Log Analysis: Ability to read and interpret SMTP logs for troubleshooting issues. Familiarity with Event Viewer for monitoring server events. Connectivity Testing: Skills in using tools like Telnet to test SMTP connectivity. Familiarity with email clients for sending test emails. Security Awareness Email Security: Understanding of securing the SMTP server (e.g., encryption, authentication). Knowledge of common email security practices (e.g., SPF, DKIM, DMARC). User Authenticati...

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    ...levels. Our current state requires us to manually suggest purchase orders, which often leads to uncertainty about how much quantity needs to be ordered from our suppliers and when. Our goal is to streamline this process and enhance efficiency: - Rigorous Inventory Analysis: You'll assist in critical evaluation of our existing inventory situation. This includes quantity of inventory, turnover time, and figuring out where we have excesses. - Automation of Purchase Order Suggestions: We need to move from manual operations to a more software integrated purchase order suggestions. - Custom Software Improvement: You will work alongside our internal team to improve the custom software we currently use. Understanding our...

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    I'm looking for an experienced PowerBI developer who can help me create a query that connects to external Web APIs and ensures that the data is incrementally gathered. Key Project Details: - Objective: The main goal is to establish a PowerBI query that integrates with external Web APIs. - Data Sources: The query should be designed to connect to these APIs and pull in data, which will be used for future analysis. - Goal: The primary purpose of this PowerBI report is to ensure that data is continuously and incrementally collected, enhancing the efficiency of our reporting process. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in PowerBI: You should have a strong understanding of PowerBI, with prior expe...

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    ...the lookout for a talented script writer who is experienced and comfortable in the productivity niche. Your main task will be to script and craft engaging, insightful analysis videos for my YouTube channel. Reference : Key responsibilities include: - Writing engaging, insightful scripts for long-format YouTube videos (over 10 minutes) - Ensuring content is tailored to the productivity niche - Incorporating a range of storytelling techniques to keep viewers engaged - Incorporating relevant data and research into the script Ideal candidates for this role will have: - Proven experience in scriptwriting, particularly for YouTube - A solid understanding of the productivity niche - Excellent written communication skills...

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    16 oferte of a well-qualified developer to create a sophisticated betting model. The focus sport(s) are not specified; therefore, the model must be adaptable to a range of sports. The essential features to incorporate into the model include: 1. Historical Data Analysis: Effective integration of past data in predicting future outcomes is crucial. The ideal candidate should employ statistical analysis and pattern recognition to make sense of this data and use it for forecasting. 2. Real-Time Odds Updates: The model should be updated in real-time with betting odds changes. Key skills include expertise in statistical analysis, pattern recognition, sports betting, and model development. Database management will als...

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    I am looking for a Microsoft Office expert to help with various tasks for my new e-commerce company. - Tasks: - Data Analysis and Reporting in Excel - Document Creation and Formatting in Word - Presentation Design and Formatting in PowerPoint Ideal candidates should have: - Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint - Strong data analysis and reporting skills - Experience in creating professional, well-formatted documents - A good eye for design and experience in creating engaging presentations - Knowledge of advanced Excel features like charts and graphs - Experience in creating macros and automation in Excel - Good understanding of templates and styles in Word and PowerPoint The successful candidate will be...

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    I'm in need of transcriptions for a large number of English Youtube videos. These transcriptions need to include speaker identification, specifically noting when speakers are switching. The transcriptions will be used for two purposes for content analysis. Key requirements include: - AI transcription: Due to the scale of this project, I'm looking for a solution that leverages artificial intelligence to transcribe these videos. - Speaker identification: It's crucial that the transcriptions are able to differentiate between multiple speakers and correctly identify when the speaker changes. The videos are lengthy, with an average duration of more than 30 minutes. As such, the ideal freelancer should have exper...

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    I'm seeking a Node developer with a strong background in algorithm development and API integration. The primary objective of this project is to create an automated stock market tool. This tool will involve the analysis of data and the development of algorithms to predict market trends. Key responsibilities include: - Develop and implement algorithms for stock market analysis - Integrate new APIs to enhance the tool's functionalities Ideal skills & experience: - Proficient in JavaScript and Python - Strong background in algorithm development - Experience in integrating new APIs - Knowledge of stock market data and analytics is a plus

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    I'm seeking a detail-oriented freelancer to compile an Excel file with more than 500 product links and prices from a specific website. This task will involve manual data entry - mainly copy and pasting. Ultimately, I will be using this document for data analysis. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Excel - Experience with e-commerce data entry - Excellent attention to detail - Ability to work efficiently - Strong web navigation skills.

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    ...a skilled programmer to create a bot for me. This bot will analyze the market, buy cryptocurrency at a low price from selected exchanges (Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken) and sell it at a higher price. I would like the bot to be built using Python. Key Features: - Bot to analyze the market and identify the exchange with the cheapest price and the exchange with the most expensive price for the cryptocurrency - Trading on Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken - User dashboard area to keep track of their trading activities Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Node.js , Python for bot development - Experience in cryptocurrency trading and knowledge of Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken exchanges - Prior experience in developing trading bots - Ability to...

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    I'm looking to build a new e-commerce store from scratch. This store should have some key functionalities, and I've got a specific design in mind. Key Functionalities: - Advanced Search and Filter Options: I want my customers to be able to easily navigate through the products and find what they are looking for. The search should be intuitive and the filters should be thorough. - Customizable Product Pages: I want each product to have a detailed and customizable page. This should include detailed product information, multiple images, and possibly some interactive elements. API Integration: I need a developer who can integrate products from 3 Etsy shops and 1 Bonanza store into a Blank Page New Website via API. This will require an advanced kno...

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    I'm venturing into the retail business, for which a comprehensive and strategic business plan is required. This plan should effectively detail the following: 1. Market Analysis: A meticulous evaluation of the local community and online market where my retail business will focus on. Proof of experience in conducting insightful market analysis is key. 2. Marketing Strategy: Development of a powerful and effective marketing strategy that can engage the local community and online customers, maximizing traction and business outcomes. Proven expertise in crafting marketing strategies for retail businesses is desirable. 3. Financial Projection: Detailed financial projections that underline the viability and prospective profitability of the retail outlet. The ex...

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    Looking for an experienced systems analyst to assist me in organizing, developing, and managing the technical documentation for our electronic medical records system currently in development. Responsibilities: - Creating templates for various document types - Writing user manuals and guides - Updating and maintaining existing documentation Key Elements in the Technical Documentation: - System architecture - Data flow diagrams - User stories - System requirements - Acceptance criteria - User interface guidelines - Other SRS-type of documentation Standards: - Compliance with HIPAA regulations Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in systems analysis and technical documentation - Proficient in creating and maintaining various types ...

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    I have started a research paper into engineering management in responding to earthquake disasters. I'm in need of a review of the draft and it to be re-written based on the suggested structure in the attached word document. Due Thursday 12th September 2024, interim draft ready Wednesday 14th August. Aim of the research is to explore engineering management in earthquake disasters, with a special focus on disaster response planning and delivery. This study should encompass high-risk earthquake zones globally. More details in the attached Word document. - Ideal Skills: • Background in Geology or Earthquake Engineering • Experience in disaster management studies • Strong research and academic writing skills • Knowledge of global geography...

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    Title: How CO2 is Absorbed Through the Stomata (underside of leaf): using Pure Co2 Bags with Co2 Blast ________________________________________ Introduction Visual: Image of a healthy plant with vibrant green leaves. Text: • Understanding how CO2 is absorbed through the stomata significantly impacts plant growth and health. • This fundamental process is key to photosynthesis, which drives the energy production necessary for plant development. ________________________________________ The Role of Stomata in Plant Physiology What Are Stomata? Visual: Diagram of a leaf with zoomed-in sections showing stomata. Text: • Tiny pores on leaf and stem surfaces. • Gas exchange - intake of CO2 and release of O2. Structure and Function Visual: Detai...

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    I'm urgently in need of an expert structural engineer to provide in-depth analysis and calculations for my building project. Your responsibilities will include: - Determining the building's bearing capacity - Calculating possible deflection rates - Performing a comprehensive load analysis Your input will be instrumental in ensuring the safety and viability of the structure design. Essential Skills: - Extensive experience in structural engineering - A thorough understanding of load analysis - Proficiency in using structural analysis software - Ability to deliver accurately and on a tight deadline Please, be informed that the project must be completed as soon as possible. If you're up to the task, I look forward ...

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    ...Questions - 3 Objectives of the Study 3. Literature Review: - Overview of Existing Research - Theoretical Framework - Identification of Gaps in Literature 4. Research Methodology: - Research Design - Data Collection Methods - Legal Analysis - Qualitative Research (Interviews and Focus Groups) - Case Studies - Data Analysis Techniques - Ethical Considerations - Make a chart at the end of Methodology 5. Proposed Three Years Timeline: - Detailed Schedule of Research Activities 6. Expected Outcomes: - Potential Contributions to Knowledge - Policy Recommendations 8. Bibliography: - List of Recent References from 2023 and 2024 Cited in the Proposal Note: The research proposal must not exceed 15,0...

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    ...ideal freelancer for this project would have a background in video editing, SEO, and data analytics, with a particular focus on YouTube. Key aspects of the project include: - Developing engaging tutorial content: The primary focus of my channel is on tutorial videos on english, so I need someone with experience in creating engaging, informative, and well-structured tutorials. - Optimizing videos for search: While traditional keyword research is important, I'm particularly looking for someone who can conduct competitor analysis and use that to inform our video optimization strategy. - Channel management & growth: In addition to creating and optimizing videos, I need someone who can help manage the day-to-day running of t...

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    I'm looking for a Postgraduate level writer to produce a systematic literature review focused on the application of IoT in predictive maintenance for railway systems. The review should cover the research published in the last 4 years. Key Deliverables: - A comprehensive and systematic summary of relevant academic research, focusing on the field of predictive maintenance in railway systems. - Clear identification of the benefits, challenges, and trends related to IoT in this specific context. - Critical analysis and comparison of various studies, highlighting the gaps and suggesting future research directions. Ideal Skills: - Previous experience in conducting systematic literature reviews, particularly in the field of IoT and predictive maintenance...

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    I am pursuing my EdD with a pertinent focus on instructional practices in Coptic hymns. My aim is to delve into an in-depth analysis of pedagogical techniques adopted in this unique field. More specifically, I am interested in: - Traditional oral transmission: Understanding the methodology and effectiveness of this ancestral mode of instruction. - Notation-based learning: Investigating how visually-aided learning impacts students' grasp of Coptic hymns. - Collaborative learning methods: Examining how group learning improves or alters the learning process for these historical hymns. The ideal freelancer for this project would have a profound knowledge of the Hymns of the Coptic Orthodox Church, their pedagogical techniques, and a strong backg...

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    This site exposes beginning writers, authors, speakers, speakers to a worldwide audience fast.. it's that place competition where people get to know you and your book.

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    ...have a substack and a website, both focused on sharing news and articles. I'm looking to add Google AdSense to these platforms to generate more revenue. Key requirements: - Integration: The selected freelancer would need to integrate Google AdSense into both my substack and website seamlessly. The ads should be strategically placed to maximize revenue without disrupting user experience. - Revenue Generation: The primary goal of this integration is to enhance the revenue stream; the freelancer should have a proven track record of successfully increasing earnings through ad placement. - Content Sensitivity: As my platforms primarily publish news and articles, it's crucial that the freelancer understands how to balance ad p...

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    I am in need of a very detailed cash flow model that includes sensitivity analysis. This model should project cash flow monthly and take into account several key financial variables. These variables should include: - Changes in revenue - Fluctuations in operating costs - Shifts in capital expenditures The ideal candidate for this task will have significant experience with financial modeling, specifically with creating sophisticated cash flow models. A deep understanding of sensitivity analysis is also crucial. Your bid should reflect your ability to deliver an accurate, detailed monthly cash flow model that can handle different scenarios accurately and efficiently.

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    I'm seeking a skilled SEO specialist to boost our online presence, improve search rankings, and ultimately drive more traffic and leads to our website. The ideal candidate should have experience in SEO and digital marketing, especially for B2B services. Key Responsibilities: - Increasing website traffic: You'll be responsible for implementing strategies that attract more visitors to our site. - Improving search engine rankings: Your goal is to enhance our visibility on search engines, particularly for relevant keywords and phrases. - Generating leads: Ultimately, your efforts should result in a quantifiable increase in potential client inquiries. The successful freelancer should: - Have a proven track record in SEO, with specific...

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    ...need of an expert in to help build out a form with a very simple appointment selector. Key Features: - Create a dropdown menu for appointment times, allowing users to select from available slots. After that it will collect simple information such as name, address, phone number, etc. The appointment times would be 10am and 2pm for the next four days (ahead of the current day) and never on Sundays Project Deadline: - I need this project completed ASAP. Your Role: - You'll be responsible for implementing the appointment selector feature on my form. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in platform - Prior experience in building similar forms with appointment selectors Please place a bid if you're confident in your ability to deliver...

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    Project Details We are looking for an experienced and talented full-stack developer based in Bangalore to join us on two innovative AI-powered projects: and If you have a passion for AI integration, map visualization, and web development, this is an exciting opportunity to work on cutting-edge applications that leverage the power of AI to transform real estate projections and recruitment processes. *Project 1: * is an AI-powered website for real estate price projections. The platform will greet users with an interactive world map. Users can point to any location, and the system will utilize LLM APIs to retrieve historical real estate prices. Using linear regression analysis, the platform will predict real estate...

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    ...seeking a skilled professional to gather 10K leads specifically from LinkedIn, targeting the insurance industry and other 4 industry and from Canada. I am looking for contact person with their emails for the given industries and from Canada only. - The primary objective is to collect leads that can be converted into potential clients. - Although the user skipped a question related to the level of detail needed, the ideal candidate should aim to provide comprehensive contact information alongside any additional details that could potentially be beneficial to our sales team. - Experience in LinkedIn lead generation, insurance industry knowledge, and an understanding of the nuances of health insurance are highly beneficial. - Give...

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    I'm looking for a data scientist that specializes in spatial data analysis, particularly in the realm of satellite imagery. The primary goal of this project is an in-depth analysis of the provided satellite imagery. Key Requirements: - Data Analysis: The core objective is to derive meaningful insights and patterns from the spatial data within the satellite imagery. - Spatial Data Expertise: Proficiency in working with GIS data layers and satellite imagery is crucial. - Predictive Modeling (optional): If you've got experience in predictive modeling, that could be an added bonus. Your role will involve: - Extracting useful information from the satellite imagery data. - Applying appropriate data...

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    Please help me to collect my damges from crooked people in coop and in the board and in the law firm whom hate me and have framed for years

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    As a budding travel company with a vision to provide unique travel experiences to adventure seekers, we are seeking a seasoned business plan writer. Key Points: - The business plan should articulate our mission, vision, and value proposition. - It should include a thorough market analysis that focuses on the demand for unique travel experiences in tropical destinations among adventure-seeking travelers. - Financial projections and strategies for sustainability and growth should be included. - The plan should consider the competitive landscape and how we can differentiate ourselves in the market. - Experience in the travel industry or with business plans for experiential services would be highly beneficial. Your expertise will be instrum...

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    I'm looking to create a Hubspot landing page structure to help generate leads for a commercial real estate sale. The goal of this project is to create a landing page structure based (drag and drop) on our sketch (attached) and using the free available templates available on our Hubspot marketplace to capture leads. The page should have a CTA form that collects necessary information from visitors to convert them into leads. (Name, Email and Phone Number) Key points: - Ensure the page is optimized for lead generation - Implement a form to collect visitor information - Experience with Hubspot THE VISUAL AND TEXT CONTENT WILL BE DONE BY US. The job is just to make the structure so we can add images and text.

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    I need a professional who can generate leads from mobile users. These leads will need to include the following details: - Name - Birthdate - Contact Information - Location The leads are intended for marketing campaigns. I aim to collect more than 500 leads on a monthly basis. The ideal candidate should have experience in mobile lead generation and be able to deliver high-quality leads. Expertise in data collection, target audience analysis, and marketing strategies is a must. Experience with lead nurturing and conversion optimization would also be valuable. Please provide examples of your past work in this area, along with a detailed proposal for how you would approach and deliver this project.

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    I'm seeking a skillful developer to create a mobile app that's compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. The central features of the app will be: - Expense Tracking: The app needs to incorporate a robust expense tracking system. It should include categorization of expenses, as well as reminders and analysis of expense trends. This will help users to keep track of their spending habits, thereby positively impacting their financial health and retirement planning. (Using secured third party is able to connect all bank accounts on one platform) - Investment Tracking: The app should provide a platform for users to track their investments. This feature should be user-friendly and should help in the assessment and evaluation of the...

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    ...confidence interval method and hypothesis testing method. They should also be able to guide me through the use of different formulas, such as Cochran's and Yamane's formulas, and demonstrate how to apply these in practical scenarios using the mentioned software tools. In addition to sample size calculations, I am interested in learning about different sampling methods, including probability sampling (simple random sampling, stratified sampling, cluster sampling, and systematic sampling) and non-probability sampling (convenience sampling, purposive sampling, and voluntary response sampling). The freelancer should provide detailed explanations and practical examples of these methods, ensuring I understand how to select appropriate sample...

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    ...key functions to incorporate are: - Data management that precisely mimics the current flow of my Excel data handling. - Powerful calculation and analysis tools like those in Excel to assure no data processing power is lost during transition. - Reporting and visualization features to provide easy to understand data presentations and insights. - User-friendly interface that ensures easy navigation and usage. Being a Windows user, I need the software to be compatible with my operating system. The perfect freelancer for this project will have experience in Windows software development, Excel, calculation tools, visualization, and user interface design. Proven track record in developing similar software will highl...

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    ...scraper to extract email addresses from a website. I have a simple webscaping job. I need to gather contact information from a website. This website has a search function where the user enters a zip code and distance. Distance needs to be set at 100 miles. I need to gather the information from all results returned in .xlsx format. I have a list of 5000 zip codes that need to be entered, searched and results compiled. Key Requirements: - Scraping: The primary task is to collect email addresses. Ensure you can scrape multiple pages and handle any potential bot protection mechanisms on the site. - Data Organization: The collected emails should be organized in a neat and comprehensive .xlsx format. Ideal Skills: - Web Scraping: A pr...

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    ...working with technology, I am currently seeking capable and talented technical content writers to craft in-depth and educational how-to guides and articles. These materials will be aimed at an audience of intermediate tech enthusiasts. Key Tasks: - Write engaging, easy-to-understand tech how-to guides - Convert complex tech concepts into user-friendly content Ideal Skills: - Strong knowledge in the technology field - Excellent written English and communication skills - Proven experience and expertise in technical content writing - Ability to write for intermediate-tech-enthusiast-level audiences effectively - Capabilities of writing articles related to cyber security and load balancers technology, refer to f5, A10n...

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    I have a structural analysis project requiring proficiency in Solidworks FEA, particularly when working with metal materials. The project involves both single parts and assemblies, demanding attention to detail and comprehensive knowledge of how metals handle stress. Key Requirements: - Expertise in structural analysis using Solidworks FEA Hydraulics to a basic level - Extensive experience working with metals - Ability to analyze both single parts and assemblies efficiently A successful project execution will require well-grounded knowledge and hands-on experience in Solidworks' finite element analysis (FEA) tool, metal material properties, and mechanical engineering principles. Your insights and recommendations, based on the ana...

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    Look for someone who can write my resume: I am looking for a professional to revamp my traditional resume and turn it into a skill-based resume format. The goal is to spotlight my core skills and qualifications, making them more visible and appealing to potential employers. Key points to consider: - **Resume Format**: I prefer a functional format over chronological or combination types. The freelancer should have experience with this format and be able to effectively highlight skills rather than work history. - **Target Industries**: My skill-based resume will be aimed at Technology, Finance, and Product Management roles. The ideal candidate will be familiar with the core requirements and expectations of these industries. ...

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    I am seeking a skilled professional to create an insightful presentation for a key meeting with a fintech firm. This should meticulously detail our growth plan. Key Topics: - Market analysis - Competitive analysis - Regulatory requirements - Insight into the OpenBanking products of the company Specifics: The presentation should draw a clear picture of the business landscape we operate in, spot potential opportunities and efficiently compare our positioning to competitors. It is vital to include a comprehensive interpretation of regulatory mandates and compliance, and display a clear understanding of all the benefits and features associated with OpenBanking. Target Audience: Your work will be aimed at board members and executives, as well as o...

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