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    I have a rectangular shape warehouse/office that I’m setting up for a new business. I’m looking for a spectacular design to include five new office rooms, one conference room, a secure lobby area, a couple of storage rooms, and a large room back toward the warehouse. The design layout should include a floor plan to scale, elevations, and 3-D renderings. I’m looking for a co...

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    I have an existing email signature which i am happy with. However i have tried copying and pasting it into Globimail, but one object is missing. So i need it reconfigured.

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    I have a SQL database on my server and a table in that database is updated by a .NET core application every 30 minutes. The table contains data about matches between players in a specific trading card game, i.e. match date/winner/loser/cards played/decktypes used/etc. I also have Wordpress installed as the front-end of my site. My problem is I don't know how to read, write, or manipulate dat...

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    We are micro business with an up and running Shopify website. I personally configure the store, but I need assistance with what seems quite a straightforward task for a competent CSS coder. I initially used a local developer to make some bespoke changes to the theme when we started sometime ago. However, since, I have reconfigured the shop and the font alignment for description of categories has g...

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    I have a Digital Ocean site that currently runs a Python 2.7 Flask MySQL app - the app has been reworked on a development system for Python 3.7, Flask and MySQL . I need to port the Python 3.7 Flask MySQL app to the site. No Python redevelopment needed but the site needs to be reconfigured to host the Python 3.7 Flask MySQL app.

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    Web Based P2P Lending S-a încheiat left

    We will like to leverage on the Zidisha platform to create a P2P Lending platform customised for our use. As a result, we need a freelancer professional to re-configure the open-source code of Zidisha, which is freely available here [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] . Once reconfigured, the following are the deliverables: 1. It will be hosted on Amazon cloud; 2. A supporting website wi...

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    Populate our website S-a încheiat left

    We setup a website 6 weeks ago using shopify. We are a bricks & motar hardware/gift retailer in Ireland. We need to transfer some of our product range online and need someone to do it. Thereafter, we will need the site reconfigured and maintained.

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    Trophy icon Update Personal Finance Brand Logo S-a încheiat left

    I have a logo from a site that I no longer use and want to have it adapted/reconfigured for a new site I'm starting. The new site is called Understand Finances and it's geared toward people who are looking to better understand personal financial topics. The main color of the site is #336600 with #ef3f00 as the link/accent. I actually like the piggy bank design but would prefer a light ...

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    I have some virtuals servers in Virtualmin / Webmin configured in a VPS server. I am facing some problems with DNS, and MX records of some servers that cause problems in sending and allowing emails. I am looking forward who can reconfigured webmin&Virtualmin full features. Please bid to discuss deails.

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    For some reason my The Newsletter plugin has stopped working. I believe my Mailgun needs to be reconfigured also. I need someone to get my newsletter up and running again.

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    Design and create a multi-page high quality professional brochure that is company branded and has high resolution graphics. The project will utilize the attached as the base document, but will be reconfigured and customized to have our own look, logo, content, and design but is using similar quality graphics. The topics covered includes: Smart Home Business Automation Theater Installation ...

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    We have a 15 year old website that has been completely redesigned recently. We want our existing Google Analytics Account to reconfigured to take into account the redesigned website including use of UserId, Goals etc.

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    I would like to move our WordPress website from one host, to another. We also use cloudflare, so I would need cloudflare reconfigured with the DNS servers of the new host.

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    I need 13 pages of text and diagrams redesigning and to be designed and Be consistent with our branding. 5 pages of branding materials from an existing PowerPoint pack will be provided. The diagrams are reasonably complex. The content will be the same but they must be completely redrawn and be editable ultimately in PowerPoint. The text is lists of features and benefits which must be reconfigur...

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    Domain change, SSL reconfigured etc. as discussed in chat.

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    Need to add the following PHP libraries, which require PHP to be reconfigured. Important: I run Litespeed web server, so we need to install the same PHP version that is compatible with Litespeed and make sure that lsphp is activated. The libraries are: - GD - FreeType We also need to add --with-png-dir and --with-jpeg-dir. To test that it's working, I will use imagecreatetruecolor() and im...

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    Reconfigured S-a încheiat left

    I need my website re-configured.

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    domain needs reconfigured. S-a încheiat left

    I need some 31changes31 to 97an existing94 website63mexico#. I need you to unlink two domains. now = [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] I need it to say [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] only. it was made on new Google sites. and domain name has been purchased. I may have forwarded on accident. not sure, not experienced.

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    Small fix of my website S-a încheiat left

    I want to fix my website and reconfigured.

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    complete/finish my website S-a încheiat left

    The main item page and the tabs need to be completed. Some of the features are not working properly. Google maps are not working and needs to be reconfigured. The automated emailing setup needs some minor works. Item rating does not work. Item images are on a slider but when you click on the first image is doesnt slide back to it. Also a few other small things need to be reconfigured.

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    broken word press shop S-a încheiat left

    I need my website reconfigured after someone migrated it it does not take any orders it shows errors and also the child theme is out of date.

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    We currently have a live social app that is running Very slow, we believe that the issues lie in the server and database set up configuration. this needs to set up correctly and fully optimized for speed. Currently set up on GCP...it may need to be reconfigured with containers and kubernetes ? This needs investigation. We need to see measurable results ! Migration experience from GCP to azure may ...

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    I have a ChargeBee account that needs to be reconfigured to a change in the domain name of the customer website. I need help creating the correct API webhook configuration and the customer self-serve portal. This is implemented to a WordPress site installed on a private Windows Server. This is a project for someone that knows what is doing or with previous experience.

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    I am looking Cisco asa support need to be reconfigured Just nat 2 device Adsm access allow from lan

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    1 Project. Migrate our existing 3 websites FROM Siteground Server TO Bluehost Server. Ensure emails and everything else is reconfigured if needed (we use Google Mail) We also need to ensure domain is repointing, anything else to do with migration taken care of Wordpress plugins updated too.

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    i have reconfigured com profibus, but i got error qvz in cpu and cant run cpu, (team viewer job)

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    The rough sketch of the current layout is attached. There are a number of changes needed to achieve the desired end state: · Bathroom reconfigured to make it more usable · Add a 1/2 bath · Add washer and dryer space (could be vertical) · Enlarge the front bedroom by 30 inches (minimum). · Create direct access from the bedroo...

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    I have a Puppet I've Made in Adobe Character Animator. It is based on the Tull Puppet That is a free Template for Adobe's Resources. But, I wanted my character to walk so I made a frontal, Left and Right Side view. The Problem is After I made all these layers it unlinked and messed up all the Triggers/Movements/Replays etc. and I need them all reconfigured to work on both the left and ri...

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    Fix failed site migration S-a încheiat left

    I need my website reconfigured. Likely the wp-config is wrong. I am trying to move a site to a new domain on a new server using a migration plugin and I just get a base wp installation, not my migrated site

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    i had app on windows 10 for register invoices and other things. local network was reconfigured and now i got this error ODBC firebird driver - unable to complete network request to host [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] (failed to establish a connection) i need someone who help m to fix this now connected via teamviewer

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    I need my Opencart site to run like it is on the old host.., I Compressed all files on old and uploaded to new host but in new host site look broken, eventbough i reconfigured both [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] files

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    I have a .py script that no longer allows me to connect to the local mysql database after server was reconfigured to address security issues. I keep getting a 1045 error even though the password is correct. Script is attached and can provide access to webmin panel

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    Billings house S-a încheiat left

    House in a rural residential area needs an outbuilding/2 car garage/workshop/play area. Need to place on 1.3 acres near house. Also need to enclose patio for a living area. Need driveway reconfigured. Some kind of portico addition to front of house. And need some kind of entrance that cars will drive thru like an entrance way to the property with maybe a fence on each side.

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    Garages to pool and garden S-a încheiat left

    Hi, I need you to design and make CAD drawings and 3D renderings of my project to turn a parking garage to a pool area. Please see attachment. We would change current structure to a horse shoe form, building regulations prescribe that part of surface must be open so that water can drain through. The rest of the area, we would make a roof garden on top of reconfigured garages, and put a pool at the...

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    Hi, I need you to design and make CAD drawings and 3D renderings of my project to turn a parking garage to a pool area. Please see attachment. We would change current structure to a horse shoe form, building regulations prescribe that part of surface must be open so that water can drain through. The rest of the area, we would make a roof garden on top of reconfigured garages, and put a pool at the...

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    i need a website advertiser, i need a website coder to build a social media website, i need a website consultant to help me bring my website up to par, i need a website data entry operators, i need a website designed and coded cms to be discussed, i need a website designed, i need a website designer partner, i need a website designer uk, i need a website designer, i need a website developer, i nee...

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    Looking to upgrade my SIP phone setup to the latest stable versions. Using Freeswitch and FusionPBX on a Digital Ocean VPS. Currently running: CentOS 6.5 (x64) Freeswitch FusionPBX Version 3.6.3 I would also like to tune a few features that were not implemented fully during the initial rollout. I am estimating 8-16 hours, but we can talk about schedule/hrs and decide on what is appropriate. S...

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    We currently have a weekly Mailchimp newsletter that goes out which needs to be cleaned up and reconfigured. Newsletter content is populated by blog posts from two websites. It's not working well or reliably so we need someone with expertise to get everything working well and reliably in order to help with better communications to our constituency. Looking for someone local in Maryland, W...

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    This task involves the realistic rendering/drawing of a fashion collection consisting of ten (10) demi-couture modular outfits on models for actual fabrication and assembly (not theoretical), each outfit significantly different yet stylistically similar (each 10 outfits is one “family” collection), each outfit in the collection is of a modular design which means that they can be disass...

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    Hi All, I have 3 small job : 1. I have a production site and staging site, build on Magento1.9, hosted in Centos7 server. these server [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] and [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] need to reconfigured based on Mysqltunner suggestion. right now my staging site is not loading properly. 2. few days ago my staging site database was hacked, with backup...

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    I am a marketer looking to get away from CMS liked wordpress due to the constant plugin bugs and cyber hacks on the databases. I want to go back to plan old static HTML websites and landing pages, but I need them to be responsive to ALL mobile device types, SIMPLE, and secure forms structures (php) with user input validations to prevent hackers from messing with the web forms and PHP. I have hun...

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    I need my web hosting to be redesigned and reconfigured. The outlook should look professional and matured. It should not look like a newbie site. Check the attached for detailed information

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    Need two sites, currently built in Wordpress to be reconfigured in a Wix environment.

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    Recently I have started a project and went with a full script I purchased, Instead of Escrow it has API so it needs to be reconfigured to have a full Escrow System (Bitcoin) I need page reconfiguration and some fixes, looking to find someone today! You Agree to a Full Non-Disclosure Agreement!

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    i want an academic report of five pages only about this subject, and a specified templet should be followed (attached file is the templet) refers to the possibility of material handling equipment (i.e. convyours, AGV) to be reconfigured in the shop floor or changing equipments capability to transfer required product.

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    A Digital Ocean Server needs reconfigured to work with an installed script. Should take 1-2 hours.

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    We have a multi-tenant PBX system and need a simple SIP phone provisioning tool written in Javascript Node.JS, using Angular or React, running on a MEAN/MERN stack. This will not be integrated with the PBX, however our B/OSS system will add, suspend, and delete tenants and extensions to this new system you will create via a REST API. A commercial example of this same type of system you will be ...

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    I need my website re-configured and products removed and also added. some products need prices to be reconfigured from source sites

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    Hello, We would like an existing Arduino library modified to support newer 16x32 P10 RGB LED panels out of China Newer panels work, but the matrix pattern needs to be reconfigured in the library, otherwise the output on the panel is gibberish. Panels are 1/4 scan, HUB75, 16x32, P10 The target Arduino is a MEGA2560. We can supply hardware hookup information for the Hub75 to the Arduino ports. I...

    $119 (Avg Bid)
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