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    called automatic labeling of reviews with Clustering, it can be done by automatic labeling of texts, you should have a set of reviews labeled positively / negatively and then run an automatic classifier that learns from these labels after to run such of the classifier you must first "clean" the text, remove all words without content, figure out what words you have left (bring them to the dictionary form) and then see if based on the remaining words the classifier can determine the class of your review: poz or neg .... with a small interface. Python has these clarifiers in English ... romanian: Se numește etichetarea automata a recenziilor cu Clustering, se poate face prin etichetarea automata a textelor, tu ar trebui sa ai un set de recenzii etichetate pozitiv/neg...

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    Proiect phyron-basic S-a încheiat left

    ...accessing by place and place; - modification of the measures in the pandas package; - group functions; - treatment of missing values; - deleting columns and records; - statistical processing, grouping and aggregation of data in the pandas package; - processing of data sets with joining / joining; - graphic representation of the after with the matplotlib package; - use of the scikit-learning package (clustering, logistic regression); - static packet models (multiple regression)....

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    You will implement K-Nearest-Neighbor (kNN), Centroidbased Rocchio, Naive Bayes (NB) and Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifiers from scratch (that is, without using scikit-learn APIs) in Python. You will use a subset of the 20 Newsgroups dataset. The full da...Machine (SVM) classifiers from scratch (that is, without using scikit-learn APIs) in Python. You will use a subset of the 20 Newsgroups dataset. The full data set contains 20,000 newsgroup documents, partitioned (nearly) evenly across 20 different newsgroups and has been used for experiments in text applications of machine learning techniques, such as text classification and text clustering. This assignment dataset contains a pre-processed subset of 1000 documents and a vocabulary (dictionary) of 5,5...

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    I need a short theoretical back ground about machine learning including the following points: 1- Explanation of Machine learning 2- Types of machine learning algorithms : Supervised , unsupervised and and reinforced leaning 3- Neural networks 4- Convolutional neural networks including what is a convolution 5- Generative models 6- Back propagation The following conditions need to be met for the text to be accepted: 1- minimum 10 pages, the more the better 2- If any photo is used a citation is neccessary 3- If i upload the document to turn it in for plagiarism check it must not exceed 2 % 4- All text must be extracted from journal papers NOT FROM WEBSITES and Every text has to be cited where it was taken from

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    1 of the files Data needs Data augmentation to increase number of images from 24 to 240 Code rom keras import regularizers IMG_SIZE = 224 input_shape = (IMG_SIZE, IMG_SIZE, 3) model4 = () (Conv2D(32, kernel_size=(3, 3),activation='LeakyReLU',padding = 'Same',input_shape=input_shape,kernel_regularizer=(l1=1e-5, l2=1e-4),bias_regularizer=(1e-4),activity_regularizer=(1e-5))) (Conv2D(32,kernel_size=(3, 3), activation='LeakyReLU',padding = 'Same',kernel_regularizer=(l1=1e-5, l2=1e-4),bias_regularizer=(1e-4),activity_regularizer=(1e-5))) (Conv2D(filters=64, kernel_size=(3, 3), activation='relu')) (Flatten()) (Dense(64, activation='LeakyReLU'))

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    Hello, I am looking for an OpenCV and Machine Learning expert...and green folder. Once the histograms are made, you must use kmeans clustering to classify them. The real challenge here is to take the output of and making it a suitable input for cv.kmeans. Pseudo code for final script. Loads each file and convert to a 3d histogram. Collect all histograms into a list. Perform kmeans clustering on histograms to get a label for each histogram. Show each image with label written on it. The result should be a script that implements the above. Files supplied...... - This shows you how to make a histogram and display it. Please use 3D histogram, not 1D. - This shows you how to do kmeans clustering. Red/Green/Blue - Samples images to perform histogram clustering...

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    Videografer & Editor S-a încheiat left

    Hallo saya sedang mencari tim untuk channel youtube saya. Saya berlokasi di depok, jawa barat, indonesia. Saya mencari seseorang yang ingin bekerja sama dengan saya dari nol. Bekerja harus ke lokasi saya seminggu 2 kali. Hari nya bebas. Gaji awal selama probation 500rb sebulan setelah 3 bulan akan naik karena sistem gaji progresif. Saya mencari seorang yang bekerja keras, jujur, tidak mudah mengeluh, dapat mengoperasikan software editor video, kalau bisa berdomisili depok.

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    ...description (available from Google). 6. A user will find several relevant pictures, and drags, and drops them into a white space to create a photo collage. 7. Finally, after completing the photo collage, the user will submit it. The submitted collage along with image tags and default descriptions will be sent to the Clarifai platform for analysis. This platform offer topic modeling and an unsupervised algorithm to extract the semantic meanings of the photo collage. The analyzed result will be sent back to our experimental webpage via the API of Clarifai. Analyzed results will include adjectives, short descriptions, and relevant words that represent the user's imagination about the concept. 8. The results will be presented to participants and they will examine the results, ...

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    My work involves preparing algorithm for Consensus clustering using R-program. The datasets involves adverse events reports submitted to FDA. The methodology and data analysis should be done according to the research article (Consensus clustering for case series identification and adverse event profiles in pharmacovigilance). Also attached are the document for more details. The datasets can be found here: The data sets includes VAERS DATA, VAERS Symptoms, VAERS Vaccine. The analysis should be done for all COVID19 vaccines.

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    Volatility models S-a încheiat left

    The assumption of constant volatility usually made in class is inconsistent with evidence that implied volatilities computed for a class of options with the same expiry date can vary across multiple strike prices, often displaying a convex “volatility smile”. Statistically, it has also been observed that volatilities display clustering in time, and appear to be negatively correlated to asset prices. Together these observations have led to the development of local volatility models such as the CEV model and two-factor volatility models such as the Heston and SABR models. In this project we will look at the construction and properties of such models in continuous time, as well as their numerical solution. We can then investigate their use in pricing, examining for ex...

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    In an Laravel project implement marker clustering in an existing Google Maps. The markers are already showing, now I need marker clustering to be implemented.

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    Need a Machine Learning expert in Clustering and Statistics to help us with our project on understanding app-specific user activity behavior. Looking for weekly consultation role. Share your work experience and relevant projects to help us understand if you would be a suitable candidate for this project. You can share your portfolio of projects, Github or Kaggle link. Send us here: [Removed by Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions] Only bid if you have a relevant profile for this role.

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    papers collection someone expert in Deep learning, machine learning, Keras, TensorFlow, python

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    Hello There Very urgently need machine learning project to be developed on clustering of the data using python. Please apply asap if you can get it started after hiring. Thanks

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    One should select a public data set, think about a research project for example a clustering or classification problem or any machine learning model, and implement the model using cluster computing platforms like Apache spark, and evaluate the results.

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    1. Remove the restriction from Saving Indivual Data (Arotic, Pulmonic, Tricuspid, Apex). The profile can be saved with single or multiple data (remove message tell user the choose areas) 2. Heart Sound Option Remove 3. Diagnostics List Add 4. Create a folder normal static button "New Data" and Subfolder with Data Clustering as per (Arotic, Pulmonic, Tricuspid, Apex) 5. Edit the folder & sub folder flow as per diagnoses listing (15 items button) in the saved listing (Arotic, Pulmonic, Tricuspid, Apex) 6. Recording sound: up to 30 second 7. Compile build 8. Upload to the Apple developer account and Create a downloadable link for Saman & Public Use 9- add option in main page old patient also i need sure to prevent record from same patient using hi...

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    Your database tables must be created using SQL statements which must be detailed in your final documentation. You will also supply a supporting .sql file which can be run by the assessor in order to create the tables in MySQL. You must include all primary and foreign keys as well ...the assessor in order to create the tables in MySQL. You must include all primary and foreign keys as well as any other table or column constraints you feel are appropriate. Using appropriate sample data and your own imagination, you will populate your finished tables. 2. Optimize and secure your database Apply suitable database optimization and query-tuning techniques – such as indexing and clustering to your final set of tables. Note and explain these in your supporting technical documentation. ...

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    data mining using R S-a încheiat left

    ...of quality rules do not exceed the threshold. Task 2 Implement the process described in Task 1 and produce the R code needed. Note the rules generated should contain a mix of positive and negative terms. In your R code, clearly indicate the parameter values for each threshold that you used. Task 3 Visualize the rules produced in Task 2 by using appropriate R code. Part B Clustering In this part you will use two clustering algorithms, Kmeans and DBscan on the Wholesale customers dataset UCI Machine Learning Repository: Wholesale customers Data Set. Apply the two algorithms, visualize the results, and evaluate the results using the silhouette cluster quality measure. Task 4 Hand in the R code for each of the two algorithms. Please ensure that all parameter values are clearly...

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    Schema backup postgresql S-a încheiat left

    ...Octopus Deploy Infra as Code / Configuration Management : Terraform & Ansible Database migration from on-premise to cloud Database version upgrade Database migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL Database patching optach Replication / High availability setup for MySQL (Master-Master, Master-Slave) , PostgreSQL (Hot , Streaming ) , mongodb (Replicaset) & Oracle (Standby Databases) Database Clustering : innodb & Glara Database dockeriazation Database automatic Code push system Shell, Python & python boto scripting for Database and infrastructure task automation Database monitoring setup like Prometheus, grafana, Oracle OEM, EDB enterprise monitoring on docker and on server Database Backup setup and backup process optimization Database Base tuning and optim...

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    We have a Windows Server 2022 Failover Cluster and one node keep failing and getting quarantined. The message is about lack of connectivity, but the servers are connected and all tests pass green. I need someone who is expert at networking, clustering and domain management on Windows Server 2022 to assist in making sure this is setup properly without errors.

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    Saliency Map S-a încheiat left

    I need someone to convert Keras code that creates saliency maps for 1D data to PyTorch witch a specific dimension in mind. Attached are the images that it should create

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    develop a document clustering system

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    Hi I am looking for a Oracle Database expert someone who can teach from beginners level. I need someone who has experience in AWS cloud, core AWS services s...You must have experience upgrading and migrating PL/SQL based applications On Oracle database versions 10g/11g/12c on Unix/Linux Installation, patching and upgrades You need experience in working on RMAN/OEM Youneed Experience working on Oracle E-business Suite R12. You need Experience working with SOA, Weblogic, Portal, IAM. You need Experience of EBS concurrent managers You need Weblogic Clustering and JVM tuning And Working knowledge of Git You must be able to create and utilise AWS Cloud Formation templates to automate creation of AWS images. If you have all the above skills and experience , and can teach this get...

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    Hi, The project consist of making a Machine Learning Dating Matching Service (maybe one java class or one python script) that can be used for making cluster of profiles with same similitarities and preferred charactericts. The Clustering algorthims will be used on unsupervised data. I want to have the steps that can be achieves this functionnality, and sources code (python/java/scala) that make this functionnaly using ideally Spark ML, or other Machine Learning library. The input will be data of profiles that will be generated arbitrary. Regards, A.

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    We require the assistance of an experienced network engineer to assist us with managing our infrastructure. We need an engineer who can instruct our team to perform the following activities. Strong documentation skills are required as this role is mainly about providing instructions to our team on how to perform activities. Our security environment does not permit you to have direct unsupervised access to our infrastructure. Skills required are; 1. Windows server patching 2. Linux server patching 3. Windows vulnerability remediation 4. Linux vulnerability remediation 5. Certificate updating and installation 6. Router configuration 7. Exchange server management 8. Server resource management via VMWare and HyperV This is an ongoing project, we expect a minimum of 24 hours...

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    ...Inventory Management Site. - Amazon SP API experience preferred in PHP. - eBay Trading API experience preferred in PHP. - Walmart API experience preferred in PHP. - Shopify API experience preferred in PHP. Must have experience with the following: - LAMP stack - Queues. Jobs & Workers in Laravel - Auth API development in Laravel - Payment Development (Stripe/PayPal) - GitHub Repo Management - Node Clustering/Load Balancing Experience is a Large Bonus! Looking to hire full-time for a minimum of 1 year. Hours are Flexible as long as 40-45 hours a week is satisfied. Payment will be bi-weekly. Salary can be negotiable depending on Skill. Looking to hire in the next week. Please include links to your portfolio in the application. Please also include the times of the day you wi...

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    minor projecrt S-a încheiat left

    ...Name: Artificial Intelligence June Minor Project • Project Description: The goal of this project is to create a model that will be able to recognize and determine the handwritten digits from its image by using the concepts of Artificial Neural Network. Perform a digit classification to correctly identify digits from a dataset of tens of thousands of handwritten images from the MNIST dataset from keras. MNIST database of handwritten digits is used as dataset. It consists of a training set of 60,000 examples, and a test set of 10,000 examples. The digits have been size-normalized and centered in a fixed-size image of 28*28 pixels (784 pixels). also create a .hdf5 model Share your project as a .ipynb file (colab notebook)...

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    Project for Yusuf Engin D. S-a încheiat left

    Hi Yusuf Engin D., Can you do Unsupervised machine learning (customer segmentation) in python jupyter notebook? I can share dummy data with you. But we don’t have the business case just need to do unsupervised machine learning like clustering pca etc..

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    I need python developer, who are good with Keras/Tensorflow. Based on i need following python script: 1. Python script takes one video file 2. Script use generator from keras-video, and generate randomly 100 new videos from one. 3. Must be documented how to use script for passing this task you need to take any sample video and generate 100 new videos from one, every video must be unique

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    In Part A, the purpose is to mine the Zoo dataset to obtain association rules that contain a mix of positive and negative terms. For this purpose, we will build on Tutorial 3 that mined positive rules. Tutorial 3 also laid the foundation for negative rules by using the factor concept to identify items which do not occur in the dataset such as venomous=false. Building on the class session on association rule mining and Tutorial , you are required to accomplish the following tasks: Task 1 Describe, without the use of code how a rule base can be generated which will not exceed a given size specified by a maxrules parameter. A suggested value of maxrules is 20. Your description can be stated in pseudo code form that is iterative in nature. The process starts off with a high minsup value of 0.9...

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    I have U-net model preduce results with over fitting, it is learning very well at training and very bad on validation. I need to do change on data generation. details will be given in chat code is in python keras and Tensorflow

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    Project for Mohamed F. S-a încheiat left

    Hi Mohamed F., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project on Text classification and clustering with python.

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    Hi Mohamed F., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my python project on text classifications and clustering.

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    machine leaning , keras , tensorflow

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    I have two custom layers to correct. Please write if you have enought experience with Custom Layers in Keras / Tensorflow. I will pay one hour if you can fix my problems. Thank you

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    Need to cluster daily candlesticks (OHLC) of NIFTY50 stocks in an exploratory study to determine whether some groupings emerge. Input data - NIFTY50 stock prices (daily) for the last 3-5 years () Potential features to be added for determination of clusters - open-close, high-low, (open-close)/(high-low) Visual representation of findings

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    clustering and feature selection python

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    Project for Kien T. S-a încheiat left

    Hi Kien T., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project about Text Classification & Clustering with Python and Scikit Learn.

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    Hello, i need to feed my Keras model with timeseries data. Im using tf.experimental.make_csv_dataset to generate my dataset from many csv files. I need to generate timeseries from the dataset to feed the lstm model. Thank you for your help

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    Is necesary make prototype using P4D-Data-Sciences, specify PyTorch Vision PyTorch OpenCV Keras TensorFlow Thank you.

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    Hi amin, the database infrastructure need to be designed, please assist and let us know what database you will use and what is your design plan, also mention about the clustering solution so we get the full advantage.

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    Sales Predicitve Model S-a încheiat left

    With a cleaned sales report building a sales predictive model and analysis with regression and clustering to forecast future decision making.

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    Hi Nurettin Tevfik E., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Task is very simple there are two datasets 1. Image 2. Numerical First of all process with keras In addition of process with pytorch Prior experience is required. Document is also needed for your code

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    Hi, I have been working on a project which is based on unsupervised CNN. Two medical image datasets (CT and DynaCT images) needs to be segmented (Segmentation is already done) and then I've to find the similarity between these newly segmented datasets. It could be using any CNN models or any other techniques but it should be reasonable. I mean the output we are looking for that needs to be reasonable. What I meant by reasonable here? Well, I've worked on the project but unfortunately enough, the output that I got is not quite what I was looking for. I used SSIM technique where I put segmented CT images on X-axis and segmented DynaCT images on the y-axis. Since the two imaging datasets are of same person, so the graph should be a straight line or relatable. I meant to say i...

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    Hello sir, I have a project related to instance segmentation. I have done Mask RCNN for the dental dataset ( panoramic x-ray images to segment the teeth). I have two classes for the labels ( permanent and primary teeth). I want to apply the knowledge distillation to my problem. The teacher model has been done but I need to do the student model and see how to evaluate the outputs of the two models. Anyone can help and have knowledge or experience about KD ( teacher student model)? Thanks

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    Google Maps Clustering S-a încheiat left

    I'll add the clustering for the markers on Google Maps.

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    I have started some code for tensor flow and need someone with experience to make some changes so it can run properly. Includes testing the model and then more to be built. Quick job initially.

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    Pytorch model change S-a încheiat left

    I want to concat a new Model (Keras code) with present model (Maybe It will be easy)

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    using the LJSpeech dataset, it’s from the Keras website powerful GPU to run it on need the trained model and to predict. need to expert on GPU

    $7 - $21
    $7 - $21
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