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    canva plug-in 6 zile left

    can you help me with developing a typography plugin for Canva? Canva is an online graphic design platform that offers various design tools and templates. The plugin should generate visually appealing text styles based on user-provided keywords and their weights. It should support custom fonts and color schemes, and gracefully handle different user inputs. Please develop this plugin using React and TypeScript, and provide the necessary documentation and test cases. Let me know if you have any questions or need further

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    To win this contest you will need to have 5 selected design related to "Zero-Knowledge Proof" or "ZK Proof" concept which is a Blockchain and Cryptography and Math related topic. So feel free to be creative and not just stick to simple typography. I am willing to purchase as many as 60 designs at the same rate, so we might get multiple winners or I will deal with you after the contest ends. Capitalisation: either "Zero-Knowledge Proof" or "ZERO-KNOWLEDGE PROOF" Here are the quotes you can choose from: Zero-Knowledge Proof: Because my secrets are too good to share. I'm like a Zero-Knowledge Proof — complex, mysterious, and verifiable Trust me, I'm a Zero-Knowledge Proof expert. No further questions, please. Zero-Knowledge ...

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    ...promotes your fresh, delicious food and coffee offerings. Project Scope Our proposal encompasses the following deliverables: Logo Design: We will develop a vintage-style logo that reflects the unique character of Monty's Raw Bar. This will include several logo concepts for your consideration and refinement. Branding Elements: We will create a cohesive brand identity by designing a color palette, typography, and visual elements that complement the logo. Menu Design: We will design a visually appealing and informative menu card that showcases your food and coffee offerings. Marketing Materials: We will create a banner and flyer template incorporating the logo, color scheme, and key messaging to promote Monty's Raw Bar across various platforms. Mockup Templates: We ...

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    I need an experienced logo designer to recreate our current logo in a clean SVG format. The aim is to harmonize and strengthen our brand image through the logo. The project involves: - Recreating our current logo in SVG format - Proposing 2-3 artistic options for improving the logo typography - Ensuring the logo is modern and minimalistic in style Your application should include relevant past work in logo design. We look forward to seeing your proposals.

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    Trophy icon Vibrant Olive Oil Brand Design 13 zile left

    I'm looking for a skilled designer to create a brand identity for my olive oil delivery business. The brand should be: Current brand name: Good Drop - **Vibrant and Modern**: Comprising of vibrant colors and modern typography, to appeal to our target market of 25-40 year-olds in the UK who appreciate quality products and service. The brand should convey a fresh and vibrant energy. - **Scalable and Flexible**: The design should be broad enough to allow expansion of our product line in the future. The successful freelancer should be well-versed in creating engaging brand identities that can be applied across various platforms, from product packaging (specifically liquid pouches) to digital marketing materials. Experience in designing for food or beverage brands, and a good u...

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    React UI customization 6 zile left

    ...aesthetics, usability, and functionality of the application by creating visually appealing, responsive, and intuitive UI elements tailored to specific requirements. Key Objectives: Assessment of Current UI: Evaluate the existing UI design and identify areas for improvement or customization. Design Specification: Collaborate with stakeholders to define design requirements, including color schemes, typography, layout preferences, and user interaction patterns. Custom Component Development: Develop a set of custom UI components using React, leveraging libraries like Material-UI, Ant Design, or creating bespoke components from scratch. These components may include navigation menus, buttons, forms, modals, sliders, etc. Responsive Design: Ensure that the custom UI components are res...

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    I'm seeking an experienced web developer to create a corporate style website primarily comprised of te...eye for clean, organized and professional looking design suitable for a corporate entity. - Responsive design: The website must be optimized for various devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones to ensure optimum user experience. - Text-based content: The majority of website content will revolve around text-based articles so proficient experience in handling text-based layout, typography and structure is essential. Your proposal should demonstrate a good understanding of these requirements along with examples of past work in a similar vein. Your stellar knowledge in UX and responsive design is highly valued. A successful project may lead to potential future...

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    I am in need of a talented graphic designer who can bring a unique blend of playfulness, elegance, and ...informative flyers for event promotions and announcements. - Website design: An elegant, easy-to-navigate, and modern website that resonates with our brand. - Product design: Attractive and elaborate product designs aimed at capturing the interest of an adult audience. The ideal candidate for this project will have a versatile design portfolio and an excellent understanding of color schemes and typography. Experience in designing for various age groups, particularly adults, is crucial. I would appreciate if the designs could strike a balance between modern and elegant while incorporating playful elements. Let your creative juices flow and help give my brand an identity that s...

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    I'm seeking a talented designer who can expertly create a logo and comprehensive brand package that will build a strong and unique brand identity. The style to be pursued is bold and creative, and has to stand out in the crowded market to grab attention. It should include: - A strong, abstract design that reflects the uniqueness of my brand - A holistic brand package, including colors, typography, and design elements that maintain brand consistency across various platforms. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing bold and creative logos and brand assets - Proficient in graphic design software - Strong portfolio of abstract logo designs - Experience in creating a complete brand package - Excellent understanding of brand identity and design aesthetics The logo a...

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    Trophy icon OptiBliss Logo Design Necessity 27 zile left

    ...the designer's discretion. The chosen font should, however, reflect the company's ethos. • Desired Elements: I have no set symbols or elements in mind. I encourage designers to think outside the box, and integrate elements that they believe would be illustrative of an optical company. Ideal Skills: • Creativity and originality are highly desired. • A solid understanding of color theory and typography. • The final design must be delivered in high-resolution and vector formats. • We encourage you to submit multiple concepts. • Be prepared to make minor adjustments to the chosen logo based on feedback. • Knowledge of logo design best practices. • Prior experience in designing logos for healthcare companies would be beneficial but n...

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    Typography-based Logo Design 6 zile left

    I'm in need of a striking, typography-based logo for my multi-industry business. The logo should: - Be primarily typography-based, with emphasis on the business name. - Be suitable for a business that engages in language coaching & services, recruitment consultancy, and life coaching. Color options are open, so please propose a color scheme that best represents the diversity of my business activities. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in creating typography-based logos. - Ability to understand and visually represent a business that spans multiple industries. - Strong sense of color and design aesthetics, while keeping in mind the diverse nature of the business. Please include a portfolio of your previous logo designs in your response. Tha...

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    Project Overview: or a visual representation of its mission/vision. Color Palette: Suggested color palette: Shades of blue (representing technology, intelligence, and reliability) complemented with accents of orange or green (representing innovation, growth, and education). Typography: The chosen typography should be clean, modern, and legible, reflecting the brand's professional and tech-savvy nature. Additional Brand Elements: - Develop a comprehensive brand style guide, including guidelines for logo usage, color palette, typography, imagery, and tone of voice. - Design branded templates for marketing materials, presentations, and other collateral. - Explore the possibility of incorporating custom iconography or illustrations to enhance...

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    ...collaborative workspace solutions for professionals, freelancers, and small businesses. They aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals can work together, share ideas, and foster creativity. Logo Design Requirements: 1. Symbol/Icon: The logo should incorporate the beginning letters TCW in its icon. The logo should have a concept of collaboration and unity. 2. Typography: The typography should be clear, modern, and professional. It should be easily readable and complement the symbol/icon. 3. Color Scheme:The color scheme should be welcoming and energetic, while also exuding professionalism. Consider using a combination of vibrant colors with neutral tones to create a balanced and inviting feel. 4. Optional Elements: Optionally, the logo coul...

    $18 (Avg Bid)

    I'm seeking a talented graphic designer to create a minimalistic album cover art for my project. Your creativity and understanding of minimalistic design principles will be pivotal in executing this task. Key aspects: - Incorporate the imagery of a car into the design. This must b...with the overall design. - The preferred color scheme is earth tones. Your choice of colors must communicate a warm and organic tone,without overpowering the design elements. Expected Skills: - Proven experience in minimalistic graphic design, particularly album cover art. - Proficiency in utilizing color schemes effectively, specifically earth tones in this case. - Excellent understanding of typography and shapes. I'm excited to see how you interpret these requirements and bring them to li...

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    Trophy icon Sophisticated Logo Redesign 6 zile left

    PLEASE CHANGE. I attached the wrong logo that we wanted updated. You will now see the updated logo that we need fixed. Top purple needs to be lighter and the purple color outside of the flower design needs to go away. We also need some reduction of the black in the flower. I'm in need of a graphic designer skilled in typography and color theory to enhance my outdated logo. The project primarily involves: We want our logo to have a lighter purple on all of the flower not just the bottom. We want the color that is outside of the flower to be gone only purple inside the flower. We want a lighter purple like on this flower in our attachments.

    $21 (Avg Bid)
    Trophy icon Classic Text-Based Logo Design 6 zile left brokers and enthusiasts. For this project, a focus on typographic artistry is key, Im open to incorporating symbols for the background (A watch dial) and potentially a symbol for "Alert". But would like all symbols incorporated into or behind the text. The logo should be vibrant and creative, but also simple enough for embroidery on hats/shirts. Ideally, you'll have a strong background in typography and an understanding of classic design principles. The palette for this logo should be centered around neutral colors, specifically blues/gray, orange/blue, green/gray combinations. With your innovative mindset and passion for perfection, we'll collaboratively create a logo that encapsulates the timeless essence of my brand. Key Asks: -Wrist watch dial (pot...

    $150 (Avg Bid)
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    ...bring my vision of a vintage-retro style logo with bright and vibrant colors to life. Key Requirements: - Combination of text and icon: The logo should be a blend of text and icon, with the icon perfectly complementing the text to create a cohesive design. - Vintage or Retro Style: The overall style of the logo should have a vintage or retro aesthetic. This includes elements such as classic typography, distressed effects, or other design features that evoke a sense of nostalgia. - Bright and Vibrant Color Scheme: Despite the vintage or retro style, I'm looking for a palette of bright and vibrant colors to be used in the logo. These colors should be carefully selected to bring life and energy to the design. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing logos, espe...

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    I am planning to launch a brand of mineral water made with aromatic teas such as lav...subtle mineral water flavor and various teas - A sophisticated color palette, consisting of cool blues, elegant greens, and subtle purples - Gourmet typography to enhance the brand's upmarket appeal Desired Design Styles: - Incorporation of minimalist design elements for an efficient, modern aesthetic - Nature-inspired features, reflecting the natural ingredients used in the water - Art Deco influences, for a chic and sophisticated look Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in graphic design with a strong portfolio - Prior experience in packaging design, specifically for beverage brands - An understanding of color theory and typography - Knowledge of minimalist, nature-inspire...

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    Dynamic 3D Landing Page Design 6 zile left

    I'm in need of a professional who can develop a visual design for my landing page that can be rendered in a dynamic and interactive 3D format. Key Requirements: - Incorporate elements of the color scheme, layout, and typography from a provided sample website () into the design. - Develop a 3D rendering that is interactive and engaging for users to interact with on the landing page. - The primary goal of the 3D rendering is to showcase the features of our product to visiting users. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D rendering and visual design, particularly for web applications. - Experience in creating interactive and dynamic 3D elements for websites. - A portfolio demonstrating previous work in similar projects would be highly beneficial. Please keep

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    I'm in the process of launching a Food & Beverage company and I'm in need of a skilled graphic designer to handle the branding aspect of the project. Key Points: - I require a professional logo design that's both visually appealing and representative of the brand's essence. - The successful candidate should be able to create a comprehensive brand identity, including color schemes, typography, and visual elements that will be consistent across various platforms. - Your application should include a portfolio of your past work, specifically focusing on logo and brand identity design projects. Please attach relevant samples, as they will be crucial in assessing your suitability for this role. The ideal freelancer for this job would have: - A strong portfolio sh...

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    I'm seeking an innovative designer to create a compelling print ad with the goal of increasing brand awareness. The target de...Greensboro, NC 27401 -Include ONE of the logos attached -Compelling message to ask viewers to visit one of our locations for their next remote working session or come in to enjoy an exotic tea! Skills & Expertise: - Print media ad designing. - Understanding of youth trends and preferences. - Proven track record of creating successful ad campaigns for the targeted age-group. - Excellent skills in typography, layout, and general graphic design. At the end, the ad should compel our audience to know more about and engage with our brand. It should be modern, catchy, and representation of youthful energy aligned with our brand. Experience in similar p...

    $25 (Avg Bid)

    I'm in need of a skilled freelancer to modify specific text information within a JPEG image. This project is solely for demonstration purposes. You should: - Change the name and address details to my own. There should be a statement about saying "There are known outages in your area due to high winds. Please...doesn't necessarily have to be an exact match to the original, something close would be acceptable. - Minimal photo manipulation is required, we are just aiming to change the text details. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in using Adobe Photoshop or similar image editing tools. - Strong attention to detail to match existing fonts as closely as possible. - Good understanding of graphic compositions and typography. Experience in similar projects is a plus. Looking f...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Shopify developer to help me with a few key tasks. I'm looking for someone who can assist with theme customization, product import, and payment integration. Additionally, I need the developer to focus on the following: - **Design and Branding Elements**: Incorporating specific typography and font choices, as well as handling the layout of product images. Ensuring the theme reflects a cohesive brand identity is paramount. - **Reporting Requirements**: Providing crucial insights through sales and revenue, inventory management, and customer behavior and analytics reporting. This will help me make data-driven decisions moving forward. The ideal candidate for this job will have a solid background in Shopify development and customization. They sh...

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    I own a Shopify store that is currently in need of a comprehensive redesign. The areas I am primarily concerned with are the site's layout and structure, color scheme and typography, and the design of the product page. It's essential for me that the redesign is geared towards building brand awareness. Ideal freelancers for this project should have a strong background in: * Shopify store design and development * User interface design for ecommerce websites * Conversion rate optimization * Experience with A/B testing * Understanding and utilizing branding elements Your primary role will be to reshape my store in a way that bolsters my branding and amplifies its web presence. I believe a rejuvenated and well-structured store will enhance the customers' journey, ultim...

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    235 oferte, I deliver thumbnails that make your content stand out from the crowd. My design process involves collaborating closely with clients to understand their branding, target audience, and content goals. I then leverage my creativity and technical expertise to produce thumbnails that effectively communicate your message and reflect the essence of your brand. From vibrant colors and striking typography to compelling imagery and effective composition, I ensure that every thumbnail I create is visually appealing and optimized for maximum impact. With a commitment to quality and client satisfaction, I strive to exceed your expectations and deliver thumbnails that drive results. Elevate your content with professionally designed thumbnails that captivate audiences and drive engagement...

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    ...innovation in design. 2. Colors: No specific preferences. Feel free to use your creativity. 3. Typography: No specific preferences. We're looking for something that complements the minimalist and modern vibe. 4. Values to Communicate: The logo should convey exclusivity, comfort, authenticity, and femininity. 5. Visual Elements: No specific elements required; however, creativity in reflecting the brand values is encouraged. 6. Usage: The logo will be used generally across multiple mediums, so it should be versatile and scalable. Deliverables: - The final logo in vector format (AI, EPS), source file PSD and PNG. - A comprehensive brand guidelines document detailing the logo usage, color palette, typography, and other visual elements. Selection Process: - Designs will ...

    $200 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a proficient graphic designer to create typography-driven designs for a range of t-shirts. The main style of the designs should be typography, so a strong understanding of typefaces and how they can be creatively used is crucial. These designs should be particularly attractive to adults aged 26-45, so an understanding of that age group's aesthetic sensibilities would be beneficial. - The designs should be versatile, working well on t-shirts of different colours. - You'll need a good eye for design and strong skills in Adobe Illustrator or similar software. - Experience in designing for t-shirts or clothing more broadly would be a strong asset. Looking forward to seeing your portfolio and discussing more details.

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    I'm looking for a talented designer to create a minimalist label for my butter product. This label needs to adhere to FSSAI regulations. Key Information for the Design: - Butter ingredients - Nutritional facts - Brand logo and name Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in creating minimalist designs - Familiarity with FSSAI regulations - Experience in food packaging design - Strong typography and layout skills. If you're creative, detail-oriented and able to meet these requirements, I'd love to see your portfolio and hear more about how you can bring this label to life.

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    25 oferte includes comments about how some of the elements work and how the content is created (whether it's static or dynamic) and most of the content can be provided ahead. (see a PDF preview of our design below, the Figma link can be provided upon request/when the project is started) 2. Customization and Styling: The developer will be responsible for customizing the theme's layout, color scheme, typography, and other visual elements to align with the design provided. Attention to detail and a keen eye for design aesthetics are crucial. 3. Integration of Third-Party Apps: Depending on the project requirements, integration of third-party Shopify apps may be necessary. The developer should be familiar with app installation, configuration, and customization within the Shopi...

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    I need a presentation design expert to transform my high-level roadmap and strategy document into a clear, visually appealing presentation. This presentation should not only provide an overview of the strategy but ...should not only provide an overview of the strategy but also detail its milestones while captivating the audience using visual allure. Skills and experience needed include: - Superior understanding of visual aids - Good comprehension of strategic roadmaps - Proficiency in incorporating branding elements like colors, typography, logos, and imagery into presentations Your design should somewhat adhere to the aesthetic guidelines of my brand, emphasizing on color schemes, typography, and logo imprint. Samples will be provided for reference. Let our brand speak thr...

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    ...Provide the final logo in vector format (.ai, .eps) and raster format (.png, transparent .png, .jpg). - Style Guide: - Include instructions on logo usage, colour codes, and font details. Ideal candidate should be: - Experienced in Adobe Illustrator or other professional design software - Able to visualize and deliver a modern and professional concept - Detail-oriented with a strong grasp of typography, color theory, and graphics - Able to create a unique design that speaks to our brand's core values. Project Overview: - Objective: Redesign the existing logo to give it a modern and versatile look. - Usage: The new logo should be adaptable for various formats such as print, workwear, and digital platforms. When you bid, please include previous work especially automotive e...

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    In need of an accomplished graphic designer who can effectively create a bold and vibrant logo for my clothing brand, "Salty Birds". Key Requirements: - No AI - The logo should have a modern style targeting our youthful customer base. - Your color selection is Black and White. - The logo must incorporate a bird illustration and typography art to keep a unique balance between visuals and text. Ideal Candidates: - Have prior experience in logo design, especially in the clothing industry. - Comfortable with creating minimalist yet engaging modern designs. - Have a strong understanding of color theory, specifically cool colors. - Proficient with graphic design tools. - Great at communicating and open to feedback. Looking forward to working with a passionate and creative mi...

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    I'm looking for a skilled designer to create a logo and brand kit for my new Shop. The design should be modern, clean, and have a minimalist touch. Key Requirements: - Develop a logo that reflects my personal style and is visually appealing. - Design a brand kit that includes color schemes, typography, and possibly other design elements to maintain consistency across different platforms. - Mascot reflecting the brand concept. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in graphic design software. - Creative - Strong portfolio showcasing modern, minimalist designs. - Understanding of color psychology and branding. The preference is for a color scheme of cool colors such as blue, green, and purple, but I'm open to creative suggestions. If you have experience in creating personal brand i...

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    I need a dynamic individual to design a poster and brochure with the main goal of reinforcing my company's brand. This will be primarily targeted at our existing client base, so it must appeal to their familiarity with our p...familiarity with our offerings. Clean, Professional Layout: While creativity is valued, the overall presentation should still retain a hard-hitting professional appeal. Ideal Candidate: experienced in graphic design and branding. proven track record of designing effective marketing prints. understands how to engage with an existing customer base through design. strong grasp of layout design, typography, and color theory. excellent communication skills. If you think you're the designer I'm looking for, please bid with samples of your previous ...

    $854 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a creative graphic designer to craft a modern and sleek flyer for advertising a product/service to a business professional audience. Key Requirements: - The design should be modern, sleek, and professional in line with the target audience. - You must have a solid portfolio showcasing previous work, particularly in the realm of corporate advertising. - A good understanding of typography, color theory, and composition is essential. - Experience in creating print-ready designs is a plus. Please include samples of previous work in your proposal. Looking forward to receiving some innovative and engaging design pitches.

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    ...and visually captivating logo for Floral Fantasy, a business that wishes to embody the essence of floral elegance and charm. We aim to capture the brand's spirit through a bespoke logo that is both aesthetically pleasing and representative of Floral Fantasy's dedication to offering a magical experience with their floral offerings. Budget-Friendly Logo Design Package: $35-$50 Key Elements: 1. Typography: Utilizing a cursive, semi-bold font, the logo will exude sophistication while maintaining excellent legibility. The text will be rendered in black to ensure contrast and focus on the brand name. 2. Capitalization: The first letter 'F' in each word of 'Floral Fantasy' will be capitalized to highlight the alliteration and enhance brand recall. 3. C...

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    I'm in need of a logo designer who can create a text-based logo for my brand. I'm looking for a modern and minimalistic design in black and white. Key R...text-based but could include minor graphic elements that enhance the design. - Modern and Minimalistic: A clean, simple, but stylish approach is key. The design should be versatile, timeless and easily recognizable. - Color Scheme: The logo must be in black and white, with no other colors included. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in designing modern, minimalistic logos - Strong understanding of typography and graphic design - Proficiency in using design software like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW - A portfolio showcasing similar logo design work Please share your relevant experience and portfolio samples when submi...

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    I am seeking a talented designer to create a professional brochure that effectively showcases my company's services to other businesses. The brochure should radiate a professional tone and vibe as it will serve as an instrumental tool in attracting potential business clients. Ideal Skills a...a professional brochure that effectively showcases my company's services to other businesses. The brochure should radiate a professional tone and vibe as it will serve as an instrumental tool in attracting potential business clients. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Excellent knowledge and experience in brochure design - Understanding of B2B marketing strategies - Skill in graphic design and typography - Professionalism and attention to details - Preferably with a portfolio of profe...

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    I'm looking for a skilled designer to create a vintage-style old English text for the word "Maggs". This design will be used on my Facebook page. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in old English typography - Proficiency in vintage design - Strong portfolio with previous successful projects in this style Please note that I am not looking to add any additional graphics or design features at this time.

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    I'm seeking a competent artist to illustrate a medium-sized realistic mural (3-6 feet) of our family name. The primary focus will center around an artistic representation of our family name, other ele...realistic mural (3-6 feet) of our family name. The primary focus will center around an artistic representation of our family name, other elements may be introduced based on the artist's discretion for a balanced and appealing composition. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating realistic murals - Strong understanding of proportion and balance in composition - Strong skills in typography or calligraphy is considered a major asset - Must be detail-oriented and accurate in replicating the specified design elements - Must be adept at offering creative in...

    $326 (Avg Bid)
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    ...brand overhaul for my juice company. The main focus will be on the logo, color palette, and typography. The intent is to give the brand a modern look and feel, targeting a wide demographic including Millennials, Parents, and Business Professionals. Key Requirements: - Complete re-branding encompassing logo, color palette, and typography - Modern, sophisticated brand aesthetic - Appeal to Millennials, Parents, and Business Professionals Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in brand design and re-branding projects - Ability to create a modern and appealing brand aesthetic - Understanding of diverse target demographics and how to appeal to them with design - Proficient in logo design, color theory, and typography I am looking for a creative and skilled designer who can...

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    I'm i...from you. - Color Scheme: I'm looking for a designer who can refine the color scheme to ensure it's visually appealing to young adults. - Typography: The design should include engaging and modern typography that resonates with the target audience. - Layout: A key part of this project will be enhancing the layout. I'm seeking a professional touch that can elevate the design. The overall look and feel I'm after is modern. I'm targeting young adults with this design, so it's important that it's both aesthetically pleasing and relevant to this demographic. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Proven ability to work with AI files - Strong eye for color and typography - Experience in creating designs for young adults - Previous exper...

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    ...Your primary task will be to integrate these two new ligatures into the existing font file. While no additional adjustments to other characters are needed, you'll need to create a new OTF file that functions well on different software across Windows and Mac. A solid understanding of Arabic typography and font design is essential for this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in font design and typeface creation - Proficiency in working with OTF files - Strong knowledge of Arabic typography - Ability to ensure cross-platform compatibility - Previous experience in educational font creation could be an advantage I plan to use this updated Arabic font for educational purposes. Your attention to detail and commitment to delivering a high-quality, compatible ...

    $29 (Avg Bid)
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    ...understanding different types of debt, prioritizing debt repayment, and avoiding common debt traps. In terms of the design and layout, I'm envisioning a colorfully vibrant style that will engage and hold the attention of the reader. The aim is to present sometimes complex financial topics in an approachable and visually appealing manner, making good use of infographics, illustrations, and creative typography. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proven experience in personal finance writing, particularly targeting a Canadian audience. - A creative eye for design and layout, with a portfolio that demonstrates an ability to create engaging visual content. - Strong understanding of the financial needs and challenges of middle-aged professionals. Please provide sa...

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    I need a text-based logo that instantly represents my fitness career: "YA Muscle Mastery." Drawing inspiration from power and performance themes, I require a design that exudes strength and prowess in a visually striking manner. The logo should feature a palette of blue and white. Key aspects: - Text-based logo. - Colours to be used...themes, I require a design that exudes strength and prowess in a visually striking manner. The logo should feature a palette of blue and white. Key aspects: - Text-based logo. - Colours to be used: black and gold - Convey power, strength and performance. Ideal candidates will have experience in graphic design and ideally have previous work designing for the fitness industry. Familiarity with typography and color theories will be benefici...

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    ...including the tax advantages. Interactive Elements: A scratch-off section reveals a special offer. Clear instructions explain how to use the AR features through the QR code, which shows a 3D race when scanned. Footer: Contains all necessary contact details in the Fast Lane red and white, ensuring they are easily accessible. The social media icons are also present, inviting further engagement. Typography: The fonts are modern and sans-serif, with certain keywords in bold or italic to create a sense of movement and excitement. Final Output: The flyer is designed for A4 print in portrait orientation and as an animated digital version for online use. Special Features: Augmented Reality: A unique feature where the QR code animates a virtual go-kart race on the viewer’s phon...

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    ...looking for a clean, modern design. The logo should convey professionalism and innovation. We prefer a minimalist approach but are open to creative suggestions that can make the logo stand out. Color Scheme: The new logo should incorporate our traditional blue and gray colors but with a more vibrant and updated palette. Please suggest color variations that might enhance our brand’s visual appeal. Typography: Update the current font to something more modern and readable. We are looking for something simple yet bold. References: Attached are images of our current logo and a few examples of designs we admire. We appreciate the simplicity of [Company X’s logo] and the boldness of [Company Y’s logo]. Links to these references are included for a clearer understanding ...

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    This design is for an upscale, high end wine company. Attached is our current text design (current font & color) and also a design that we like the look of. We would like grapevines integrated ...creative ways. Here are my specific requirements: - The logo color scheme should feature black & white, enhanced by silver and maroon shades to provide uniqueness and elegance to the design. - I need the logo to display a vintage style, reflecting class and refined sophistication in every detail. - The logo must incorporate two elements: typography and an image or symbol. Ideal designers for this job should have great aesthetic sense, know their way around typography and image coupling, and have a sharp eye for color nuances. Those with previous experience in vintage logo ...

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