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    2,000 lidar handheld radar proiecte găsite, la prețul de USD

    Producera unei robot autonom modular pentru diferite aplicatii.

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    DAoC Radar Game 3 zile left

    I need someone who can emulate a piece of software that has already been made. This software is out dated and was made circa 2002-2004. What you need to know : This game is old (it was released in 2001) and the infrastructure is not as complex as newer mmorpg titles. This might be good and it might be bad but it helps to know. Some radars were released/developed for the original game but they no longer work. Here's an example of one: DAoC Skilla was made for the original game but it is no longer working because the version was built back in the early 2000s and support was not kept. There are source files on that website that you might find useful to copy as well as UI elements that might make this project make more sense. Things you need to know: I expect you to tes...

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    Projeto : Otimização de Rotas em Redes de Telecomunicações Objetivo do Projeto: Utilizar IA para otimizar a rota de transmissão de dados, minimizando a latência e maximizando a eficiência da rede. Passos do Projeto: Coleta de Dados: Coletar dados de tráfego de rede, incluindo latência, largura de banda, carga de tráfego, e ...o desempenho do modelo usando simulações ou testes em um ambiente controlado. Implementação do Modelo: Implementar o modelo em um controlador de rede ou sistema de gerenciamento de tráfego. Automatizar a seleção de rotas otimizadas com base nas previsões do modelo. Avaliação Contínua: Monitorar continuamente o desempenho das ...

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    I'm looking for a creative and experienced designer to help me create a collection of medium-sized, embroidered patches for personal use. The patches will be used for my ...designing for embroidered patches - Prior experience in designing for personal collections - Ability to create appealing and unique designs If you have a passion for design and have the skills I'm looking for, I'd love to see your portfolio. Patch for my passion HAM RADIO OPERATOR i envision the following scenario for the patch. A funny little man (cartoon) sits in front of the radio or holds a handheld radio in his hand. There should be a Swiss flag and a Romania flag on the patch. Text: HAM RADIO OPERATOR HB3YEA In terms of color, I would imagine blue with a gold border or yellow. Sh...

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    Here is my data lidar camera, rgb images, anotation. I need some to do data fusion of both and implement Google Colabolatory notebook that will train both object detection and semantic segmentation models. The offset between cameras will be provided as x - forward direction, y left direction and z up direction In your bids please propose framemworks/models you would use.

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    23 oferte will be connected to kajabi. Its great if you are familiar with that. I need to be able to edit the website text and images after the website has been completed. The website will need to be set up with the my current hosting company. I will provide all details for this. The pages I need are: (You can see visuals of what I am looking for in the mockup) It also needs to work on for handheld devices. Phones, tablets etc. Home page. A few text boxes, some images. and some of the “boxes” like free gifts and the course teaser from other pages. The course teaser will click through to the course sales page. The purpose of the free gifts is to gather e-mail addresses, so on the boxes we need white fields for name and e-mail address. This should lead to ka...

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    Object detection with Helios2 LiDAR.

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    Estamos buscando um desenvolvedor habilidoso para criar um sistema de integração de banco de dados baseado na web para conectar o servidor de jogo Rpg maker xp P...entre o cliente do jogo e o servidor. Esquema de Banco de Dados Flexível: Projetar um esquema de banco de dados flexível e escalável que acomode vários elementos do jogo, como perfis de jogadores, atributos de Pokémon, inventários de itens e eventos do jogo. O esquema deve suportar operações eficientes de recuperação e armazenamento de dados. API RESTful: Criar uma API RESTful usando Node.js para lidar com solicitações e respostas entre o cliente do jogo e o servidor. Implementar operações CRUD (Criar, Ler, At...

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    Trophy icon Minimalist Business Card Design S-a încheiat left

    I'm in need of a creative designer to help me with new business cards for my company. What I want on the cards: - Name: Eduard Radion - Company name and logo: Will be attached - Contact details (Phone number and email) :(864) 435-4524 - Services offered: Glass Replacement, Windshield, Camera/Radar Calibration. Preferred size: Standard (3.5" x 2"). Design preferences: I'm looking for a minimalist and modern design that would give a fresh look to our branding. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proven experience in designing business cards - Proficiency in graphic design software - Understanding of branding and marketing - Ability to translate simple, clean, and modern design ideas into a well-crafted business card.

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    I'm urgently seeking a skilled developer to set up a Helios 2 Lidar camera for detecting human figures and calculating distances up to 10 meters. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in setting up and customizing Helios 2 Lidar camera - Mastery of object detection, specifically human figures. - Capable of implementing short-range distance calculation (up to 10 meters) The project demands someone who has a strong understanding of Lider camera configurations, and advanced skills in object detection and distance measurement methodologies. Your competence in creating systems to accurately detect human figures and calculate short-range distances will be the driving forces behind the success of this project.

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    ...Include: 1. Object Tracking: • Show a naval vessel with an initial position and subsequent tracking points. • Use a dotted line to indicate the vessel's path until the point where it "goes dark" and custody is lost. 2. Sensor Network Tasking: • Integrate icons or symbols representing different types of sensors such as RF (Radio Frequency), IMINT (Imagery Intelligence), and SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar). • Create visual tasking queues or lines from these sensors to the area of interest. 3. Predictive Path and Collection: • Use a colored, transparent cone or a series of grids to represent the predictive model for the vessel's future location. • Highlight the area where an EO (Electro-Optical) satellite is predicted to find the vess...

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    We are refining our Falcon race timing system for accuracy in the desert, specifically to tracking falcons over a 400-meter course. This system must detect objects (falcon) around 10cm x 10cm, in the outdoor desert environment Key Specifications: - LiDAR Sensors: - Range: Up to 20m. - Aperture: 180 degrees. - Frequency: 100Hz. - Resolution: 0.32 degrees. - Power: 3W. - Connectivity: Visual display timer and device connectivity for real-time tracking, supported by a battery life of at least 4 hours. -Signal Synchronization: Transmitter at the endpoint and receiver at the start for accurate timing. Operational Environment: The design must withstand the desert’s outdoor conditions, howeverwe dont run the race when there is wind or high temperature.

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    I'm on the hunt for a capable lead gen specialist who can provide me with qualified leads based on an exact set of criteria I'll pinpoint. - Industry: The sectors on my radar are Healthcare & Mental Health, Technology, Finance, and Information Product brands. - Company Size: The leads should ideally belong to organizations with 1-25 employees - Company Location: France - Revenue: Target companies should have a revenue less than $1 million - Technology: Target only companies which are using Landing Page Software, A/B testing tools, and / or Email Service Providers. - Intent: if you can find hot buying intent signal it is a plus. IMPORTANT: 1. DON'T PROVIDE MORE THAN ONE RELEVANT CONTACT BY COMPANY (CEO or MARKETING EXCECUTIVE). 2. PLEASE apply if you are...

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    I'm looking to develop a handheld tool that attaches to A drill.. I have a preference for experienced engineers familiar with metal casting and selecting appropriate plastic materials. To this end, I'm seeking a professional with a deep understanding of Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and sourcing in the handheld tool industry. Key Requirements: - Experience in designing physical household products - Substantial knowledge of metal and plastic materials & manufacturing processes - Proven experience in DFM (Design for Manufacturability) - Capable of sourcing reliable and cost-effective suppliers of metal materials Ideally, I'm looking for a resourceful individual with a robust track record of creating practical, durable, and aesthetically pleasing hou...

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    ...Cooperation: The autonomous vehicles should be able to self-navigate and cooperate effectively. Thus, I require freelancers with proficiency in SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) navigation and an understanding of effective multi-robot cooperation techniques. - No specific Hardware Requirements: There are no strict hardware prerequisites. However, I'm open to any necessary suggestions like Lidar sensor, Camera sensor, or GPS module in order to implement SLAM navigation and the cooperation system effectively. Main Objectives: The project's primary goal is task allocation and coordination. The autonomous system should mainly prioritize the Data Relay robot's functionality, focusing on its ability to receive and transmit data efficiently. Ideal Skills: -...

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    ...Cooperation: The autonomous vehicles should be able to self-navigate and cooperate effectively. Thus, I require freelancers with proficiency in SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) navigation and an understanding of effective multi-robot cooperation techniques. - No specific Hardware Requirements: There are no strict hardware prerequisites. However, I'm open to any necessary suggestions like Lidar sensor, Camera sensor, or GPS module in order to implement SLAM navigation and the cooperation system effectively. A data relay robot is responsible for time and energy efficient planning for the rovers. Facilitates communication between robots and the lunar base, relays data collected by surveyors back to the other rovers in real-time and coordinates the fleet's act...

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    ...rough drafts for each option to kickstart the ideation process. - What the podcast is all about: This is for all the women who have ever read and listened to the titans of biohacking, longevity and health optimisation and wondered “That’s all really great, but what if I’m a woman? What is different and what do I, specifically, need to watch out for? What are the hidden pitfalls and under-the-radar solutions no one is telling me about?” The idea is to do a real deep-dive into differentiation for women. - The reason people come to my podcast: I want to address issues particular to women – in the broadest sense - that are either: 1) not addressed in the “mainstream” (including “mainstream biohacking”) a...

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    I am in need of a specialist to help me build a STM32 based microcontroller board and program to convert an ESP32 prototype. The ideal candidate should have experience with STM32 and ESP32 and strong programming skills. Key Aspects of the Project: - Sensor integration is fundamental as it uses a strain gauge load sensor, a Lidar sensor as well as an LED display. - The board should also have connectivity functions. - There's a need for additional hardware integration with a thermal printer and a coin unit. Required Skills: - Strong experience with STM32 and ESP32 - Sensor integration - Connectivity programming proficiency - Hardware integration knowledge Apply if you have the necessary skills and equipment for this project. Let's convert this ESP32 prototype into a devel...

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    I'm seeking an expert in electronics design to create a handheld gaming console based on a Snapdragon CPU, fitting within a budget of $100. Key Features: - The console should feature a touchscreen display and Wi-Fi connectivity. - It should not come with built-in speakers. - The console is intended to support Indie games, no need to support retro or classic arcade games. Specifics: - The system should run on a Linux operating system. - Proficiency in low-cost, high-quality hardware sourcing will be beneficial. - Previous experience in building Linux-based gaming devices is highly preferred.

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    RF Antenna Design Expert S-a încheiat left

    I'm looking for an experienced RF antenna designer to integrate an RF antenna into a mobile handheld device Ideal skills and experience: - Proven expertise in RF antenna design - Experience with wireless communication systems - Ability to work independently and deliver results promptly

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    I will work on the project as we agreed.

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    ...project involves using a Raspberry Pi and a GSM module to achieve internet connectivity for video streaming capabilities on my robot. Here are the specific aspects I'm focusing on: Internet Connectivity and Video Streaming: I aim to enable my robot to stream video content via the internet using a SIM card connected through the GSM module. Navigation and Object Avoidance: The robot is equipped with LiDAR technology for object avoidance and will navigate using GPS coordinates provided to follow a predetermined map. Remote Control Functionality: I need to be able to control the robot's movements and the direction of the camera remotely, ensuring I can see the video stream and guide the robot accordingly. Request for Assistance: I would greatly appreciate any guidance, tip...

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    I am seeking an expert in hardware and software design to bring my vision of creating a handheld gaming console to life. The console must employ a Snapdragon CPU and a 7 inch screen. It should also have a built-in fan and a trackpad. Key Features: - Operating System: The console should run on Linux. - Resolution: The resolution of the screen can be any, as long as it provides a satisfying gaming experience. - Game Support: It should support a variety of game genres like Action, Adventure, and Sports. - Budget: The retail price of the device should be under $300. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with developing handheld game consoles or similar devices. - Deep understanding of Linux OS and Snapdragon CPUs. - Background in designing budget-conscious hardware device...

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    I am seeking an experienced ROS developer who can a...determine its position within the mapped environment Environment: - The robot will be operating strictly within indoor environments, so the developer should have experience working with this specific environment. Sensors: - The robot will be equipped with both a LIDAR and a Camera for navigation purposes, therefore the ideal candidate should be knowledgeable in integrating these sensors into the ROS system. Key Skills: - Proficient in ROS and ROS navigation stack - Strong background in mapping and localization - Familiarity with both LIDAR and Camera sensor integration - Experience working on indoor navigation systems If you have the required skills and previous experience with similar projects, please send in your pro...

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    I'm seeking an experienced graphics designer who can create graphics for my website, advertising efforts, as well as email marketing campaigns. The graphics should reflect an aesthetic in line with branding. is an application that matches customers with geophysical survey service prov...line with branding. is an application that matches customers with geophysical survey service providers. I need several graphics that I can reuse on the website, in LinkedIn ads, and on email marketing. 1. Graphic showing a person connecting with several service providers for bids 2. Graphic showing different types of surveys - GPR, Land survey, utility mapping, drone LiDAR. 3. Another graphic based on the website. Please have a link to your portfolio.

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    I'm currently in need of a Python specialist, preferably with experience i...programming. This project's main objectives are: - To develop a Python program that can control various electronic devices - primarily motors and sensors. - The software should be able to successfully interact with a LiDAR sensor. - Both data collection and analysis from aforementioned devices is crucial for the success of this project. - The program should be able to detect and measure distances and read sensor data accurately. Preferred skills include: - Expertise in Python - Experience with Raspberry Pi - Familiarity with Motors and Sensors - Experience working with Lidar sensors - Strong understanding of distance detection and sensor data interpretation. Looking forward to working ...

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    I am looking for a Product Explainer video with voice over audio based content creator/company to create a compelling 2-3 minute video about our product, Ground Radar (). The target audience for this video is Airline operations from international airlines. The objective of the video is multi-faceted: • Educate: Problem, Impact of Airline OTP/delays • Solution: Clear and straightforward explanations about how Ground Radar works and what it can do • Highlight Benefits: Intense focus on how Ground Radar can help reduce turnaround time and cost, bringing a higher level of efficiency to airline operations. • Showcase Value: Demonstrate the worthiness of the product with reference implmementation Ideal candidates would have prior experience in creative vi...

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    To be installed, working, in Sheffield, United Kingdom UK. I'm looking to hire an intermediate-level Raspberry Pi developer with specific skills in IoT device development. The task is to develop a speed radar to output to an led matrix display utilising Raspberry Pi and deliver this working in Sheffield, UK Skills and Experience: - Proven experience with IoT device development using Raspberry Pi - Proven expertise in setting up sensors - Experience with coding for speed detection algorithms - Ability to develop user-friendly interface for easy real time speed readings - Knowledge about wireless communication systems optimising for low power operations This is a focused development task, calling for a specific set of skills and experiences. Please detail your relevant proje...

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    ...generated with multiple pages: a title page, a radar graph (see example) and blocks of text with explanations (it's important for us to see how the PDF will be generated, with a radar graph embedded in it and extra blocks of text) Please check out the use case document I have prepared for this. It's important for us to have a framework from which we can flesh out and work to finish the questionnaire and generated PDF ourselves. In other words, the basis must be there, after this we will continue the development towards the finished product. Key Features: - Multi-lingual (we start with English and Dutch, but we want to be able to roll this out in other countries, other languages) - Processing of payments before generating a PDF - Generating PDF with Radar...

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    I got database in DB3 format. In contains many things like RGB images and LiDAR (point of cloud ) data and others. I attach metadata file. What I need is some who will connect to my PC via Anydesk and will remotely extract information from that database. RGB and LiDAR of same scene so that it is compatible with format

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    I need a tech-savvy freelancer to utilize Robot Operating System 2 (ROS2) for autonomous robot navigation within an indoor environment. You'd be working with a wheeled robot, empowering it with the capabilities to smoothly navigate...understanding of ROS2. - Proven experience in robot navigation and localization. - Familiarity with wheeled robots and their dynamics. - Strong background in implementing SLAM on robots. The robot runs on a raspberry pi 4 running ubuntu 22. Ros2 humble is installed on the system. The robot moves using 4 wheel skid-steer mechanism. The 2 sensors used are the d435i depth camera with integrated IMU and a 2d lidar. I need someone who can use all 3 sensors for optimal slam and autonomous navigation Im looking for someone who responds quick and has gre...

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    radar designer S-a încheiat left

    ...experienced RF Engineer with expertise in radar systems. As an RF Engineer, you will be responsible for designing and developing radar systems, from initial concept through to production. Responsibilities: Design and develop RF components and subsystems for radar systems. Conduct system-level analysis and simulations to optimize radar performance. Perform RF testing and validation to ensure compliance with specifications. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including hardware, software, and systems engineers. Stay abreast of emerging technologies and industry trends in radar systems. Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, RF Engineering, or a related field. Master's degree preferred. Proven experience in designing...

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    I'm in the market for an experienced trailer editor who could provide fresh and fun trailer for my documentary/comedy indie film. This film was shot entirely with a handheld camera and no crew and is ultra low 's what I'm looking for: - A mix of different scenes: I need someone who can select a variety of clips from the film to show an adventurous fun espcapade that three women had on an impromptu trip to France. - Comedy and inspiration: The trailer needs to accurately reflect fun, adventurous nature of of the film, but also inspire other women that regardless of age, it's never too late to 'take the trip'! Quick, lighthearted, sexy, and fun trailer. Skills & Experience Required: - Experience in film trailer editing - A good sense of timing an...

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    As an event planning professional, I am in need of a specialized Web... This means professionals with skills in 3D rendering, Unity 3D, ARKits, and ARCore will be ideally suited to this project. The Mobile App will use LiDAR sensor technology to capture floor plans. Thus, freelancers with experience in LiDAR and mobile app development would be a bonus. The design of the WebApp should be minimalistic, valuing user-friendly navigation and clean lines. Only serious professionals with proven previous experience in similar tasks should apply. You will provide regular updates and a final product that is bug-free and user-friendly. Skills Required: - Web and Mobile App Development - 3D Rendering - Unity 3D - LiDAR sensor Tech - ARKits / ARCore - UI/UX design focusing on ...

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    ...users to work and make changes simultaneously. - Real-time Layout Customization: Provide the ability to make instant layout modifications. - LiDAR Scanner: App should support LiDAR scanning technology. Target Audience: The app will be aimed at event planners, interior designers, homeowners, and venue owners who wish to visualize the outcome of their event setup or interior design before actual implementation. Platforms: This application should be built for iOS, Android, and Web platforms. Skills & Experience: Ideal freelancers would have extensive experience with UnityAR, augmented reality, and mobile app development. A strong understanding of LiDAR scanners and their integration is also necessary. Experience in creating software for event planning or inter...

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    I'm looking for a proficient expert in Lidar technology, with a specific focus on object detection. The ideal freelancer should be well-versed with Lidar applications and technology, particularly as it relates to outdoor environments. Details of the Job: - The project involves designing a Lidar distance sensor specifically fine-tuned for object (Falcon) detection. - The sensor will be used in an outdoor open-space environment. - It should have a maximum range of up to 50 meters. Desired Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing/building Lidar Systems - Understanding of object detection strategies - Real world experience in outdoor Lidar application.

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    I urgently need an engineer who can design both the hard and software required for establishing time synchronization between Lidar, Camera, and GPS data. This project will serve to optimize object detection accuracy, enhance on-the-fly video analysis, and improve our depth perception abilities. Ideal skills required for this job would be: - A strong knowledge of Lidar and Camera systems - Experience with time-based data synchronization - Proficiency in both hardware and software design - A proven ability to meet tight deadlines Time is of the essence for this job, and I'm looking for someone who can prioritize this project and complete it ASAP. I look forward to seeing your portfolios and proposals.

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    Title: Lidar-Based Warehouse Object Detection & Tracking System Description: Seeking an experienced programmer to develop a system using Lidar technology. The project aims to detect and track objects, count people, and manage data efficiently in small Warehouse . Key Features: 1. Object Detection & Tracking: Use Lidar for accurate detection and tracking of objects in the warehouse. 2. People Counting: Implement computer vision techniques for precise people counting. 3. Data Storage & Management: Develop a secure system for storing and managing object and people count data. 4. Real-time Monitoring: Provide live updates on object movement and people count. 5. Scalability & Adaptability: Design the system to accommodate various warehouse layouts. 6. Int...

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    As the client, I'm seeking a talented freelancer to help advance my audio pr...client, I'm seeking a talented freelancer to help advance my audio project by adding key features. The device is a handheld one, meant for recording and playing audio. You will be tasked with: • Implementing Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) • Integrating Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Prior progress includes the selection of a MEMS mic and Codec. Ideal Skills: • Demonstrable experience in ANC development • Proficient understanding of Bluetooth Low Energy integration • Familiarity with STM32 Microcontroller This project needs a meticulous freelancer, as attention to audio quality is imperative. It's also crucial to possess an understanding of sound engineering prin...

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    As an organization deeply involved in risk management, we're currently on the lookout for a remote sensing specialist with specific proficiency in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR). Key Responsibilities: - Utilize your expertise in SAR to assess the risk associated with flooding. - Generate detailed reports based on SAR data to guide our mitigation strategies. Skills and Experiences: - Comprehensive knowledge and experience in SAR technology. - Strong background in the analysis of flood risks and hazard assessment. - Experience in utilizing remote sensing technologies for natural hazard assessment. - Familiarity with remote sensing software and SAR data interpretation. We look forward to your bid if you have the necessary qualifications and would like to make a significant imp...

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    I'm searching for an experienced developer to create a LiDAR scanning app, which should run on the iOS platform. The main functionality would be 3D interior scanning. Specific requirements for this project include: - A key feature of the app should be the ability to perform real-time scanning. This means it must be capable of scanning an interior and creating a 3D model of it in real-time. - All the scanned models must be able to be viewed and accessed from a website. - A further key feature is the scan must be downloable so it can imported into 3D modeling software. If it were possible to automatically convert the lidar 3D scan into a Sketchup model, that would be amazing. It is essential that you possess expertise in the development of scanning apps, ...

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    Hello, I want to develop a radar detecting app for my country that detects cameras on the road and alerts the driver of the speed limit to prevent him from getting a ticket. This is how the cameras are detected in the reference app and designing like any decent mapping application: This is the app that detects speed cameras, so maybe you might want to know how it camera detection works for reference(shown in the video): My budget for this entire app creation is from $500 to $600. Contact me if you are interested and able to complete this project within my budget. Thank you.

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    36 oferte warming and once the push bottom pressed again the program should quit off the warming cycle . * Using Normally closed temperature switch 45 deg. as safety feature Ideal candidates will possess: * Competence in electronics design * Familiarity with Arduino systems * A background in product design would be beneficial, as the device power source will be a battery and it's intended for handheld use. * Experience in interface design would also be useful due to the need for user-friendly LCD screen and button controls. We're looking for professionals who can incorporate safety considerations to avoid overheating or any other potential risks. Please do consider size and power consumption factors....

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    I'm looking for an expert in motor control systems who can help me synchronize two 24V DC motors to improve efficiency. The project involves designing and implementing a physical interface to control the motors. Ide...motors to improve efficiency. The project involves designing and implementing a physical interface to control the motors. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Extensive experience with DC motors - Proficiency in motor control systems - Knowledge of physical interface design - Experience with handheld remote control systems Your Role: - Develop a way to synchronize two 24V DC motors for increased efficiency - Design a physical interface to control these motors - Ensure the system can be operated through a handheld remote control - Validate the system...

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    ...Embody an industrial theme throughout the design. - Prioritize functionality without compromising the design element. Preferred Skills and Experience: - Experience in interior design with a strong portfolio in industrial style. - Proven knowledge of spatial design and functionality. - Cutting-edge creativity in utilising diverse spaces. - Proficiency in design software and presentation. I have a Lidar scan of the area, and I would like for it to be used to help us visualize and ultimately create plans from this to scale design for construction. We have a full size fridge we need to accommodate, and will be buying a washer and dryer for inside the bath room. We would like to not block the shop door, so we can pull our RV into the shop, and still use all rooms. We want the kit...

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    This is a verfy small job to help me get this silly issue off the radar. I need assistance with extracting a specific postman variable from a collection of fewer than 100 variables. The programming language to be used is JavaScript as I am comfortable and familiar with it. The output will be used in further API requests. Question: can I now pick the token from the response from the server? OR any of the other varibles? Code: This is a a call to get a login token to an ecommerce site URL: {{base_url}}/rest/V1/integration/customer/token?username=Paste_username&password=Paste_password Test environment tab: const resp = (); ("customer_token", resp[0].token); Response in postman: [ { "token": "<token in the response>", ...

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    ...with Drone Type Recognition Description: Develop software for real-time detection and recognition of drones using UVA (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology. The software should be able to identify drones and differentiate them from other objects such as birds. Software Features: Detection of drones and differentiation from birds and other objects. Real-time visualization using UI as a radar with 360° detection capability. Displaying detected drones as rectangles with descriptions of the drone type or "undefined". Ability to zoom in on a specific drone and subsequently track it. Option to set a perimeter for triggering alarms. Activation of alarms in case a drone is detected within the perimeter. Monitoring the flight of drones and issuing warnings. H...

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    ... false Surveying equipment / Controllers / Data collectors false Surveying equipment / Digital and optical Levels false Surveying equipment / Eho sonder's - Bathymetry false Surveying equipment / Electronic distance meters (Distos) false Surveying equipment / GPS / GNSS (Survey grade) false Surveying equipment / Ground penetrating radars (underground scanners) false Surveying equipment / LiDAR and Aerial Photogrammetry Sensors false Surveying equipment / Monitoring sensors and Inspection equipment false Surveying equipment / Theodolites false Surveying equipment / Total Stations false Surveying equipment / UAS / UAV / Drones false Surveying equipment / USV Boats false Used Surveying and Construction Equipment false Used Surveying and Construction equipment / Con...

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    I'm in need of a custom 3D-printed case for a small, handheld electronic device. It's crucial that the case be more than just a protective shell - it has to incorporate specific features. Here's what I'm looking for: - Design that facilitates the device's functionality: There need to be openings for ports and buttons. - Precision: The case must snugly fit the dimensions of the device for optimal protection and appearance. - Aesthetics: Although function reigns supreme, I'll value designs that keep aesthetics in mind. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proven 3D printing expertise. - Experience with electronic device case design. - A knack for precision and details. - A sense of aesthetics to blend functionality with looks.

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