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    Este vorba despre un proiect pentru lucrarea de trebuie scrisa in LISP.

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    DXF merge - files to layers 5 zile left

    I need a LISP program to insert 2D objects (lines, arcs, polylines) from several DXF files into the current DXF file. The DXF to be imported are in the root folder, i.e. same folder as the current DXF file. Create a layer for each DXF file. Each layer should be named with the same name as the DXF file - exclude the file type. In each layer place the objects from each DXF file. Join any objects (lines and arcs) that are not a polyline.

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    L-system in LISP 3 zile left

    I need a function in lisp that implements an L-system: of the rule type a (1) follows (2), a (2) follows (1 2), starting from (1) in a recursive manner you get: (1), (2), (1 2), (2 1 2), (1 2 2 1 2), (2 1 2 1 2), etc...

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    the trench 2 zile left

    lisp should the create the trench line by using define trench layer and trench width

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    I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me with Autocad lisp programming. The task involves concatenating attribute values for a block with multiple attributes. The freelancer should have prior experience in Autocad programming and should be familiar with Lisp and compatible graphic programs. If you think you can deliver this project satisfactorily, please contact me and I'd like to hear your plan on how you'll go about completing it. Any questions or clarifications can be addressed at the same time. Thank you for your interest in this project! In same drawing there CAN BE MULTIPLE BLOCKS WITH SAME NAME and the data should be copied inside particular block. EXAMPLE: BLOCKNAME: BLOCK1 ATTRIBUTE1: ATTR1 ATTRIBUTE2: ATTR2 ATTRIBUTE3: ATTR3 Attribute val...

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    Programming language S-a încheiat left

    Write Lisp functions to do the following. Test your functions on the 3 example cases given. 1. Convert a list of hexadecimal digits into the equivalent decimal number. You may find the function (expt n m), which computes n m to be useful. For example, ˆ (hextodec ’(a)) = 10 ˆ (hextodec ’(1 f)) = 31 ˆ (hextodec ’(5 a 6 b 7 c 8 d 9 e)) = 388350381470 2. An integer is said to be perfect if the sum of its factors, including 1, is equal to the number itself. Determine if an integer is perfect and if so, return it’s list of factors, otherwise return nil. You may find the function (mod n m) to be useful. For example, ˆ (perfect 6) = (1 2 3) ˆ (perfect 298) = nil ˆ (perfect 496) = (1 2 4 8 16 31 62 124 248) 3. Write a Lisp function (delete atom list) that retu...

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    ...them down a path of investigation. As they delve deeper, they discover the involvement of big law firms, tycoons, and a flawless master plan that has devastating consequences. With the help of a mysterious benefactor and the investigation of missing witnesses, the protagonist must navigate dangerous alliances and betrayals while trying to bring the perpetrators to justice. The book culminates in a brutal showdown and the aftermath of the events that will leave readers on the edge of their seats until the very end. CHAPTERS *The Accident*: The protagonist is involved in a fatal car accident, and as the police investigate the scene, they uncover evidence that suggests foul play. *A Suspicious Connection*: The protagonist discovers a connection between the accident and a powe...

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    Hello! We have an autocad that contains many blocks with alpha numeri information within them (Attributes). Due to the many crowders of the blocks (a display of water lines and urban sewers), the Attributes load is created, and we need to manually arrange all the attributes. Of course this is an action that takes a lot of time and resources. We are looking for meticulousness with experimentation in writing LISPs that will write to us such a command. We will do a zoom meeting with the appropriate freelance to explain the content content more accurately. But, the idea is that there are 10 blocks that need to be arranged, with their length in their length, in their location (which will not fall on each other for example) and the kind. I attach two examples here and after. If you think you can...

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    Me interesa una rutina en Visual Lisp para exportar desde un DWG a PDF con capas con las siguientes características: - Los parámetros de la rutina son los siguientes: => Unidad de medida (milimetros o pulgadas) => Tamaño de papel (anchura x altura) del PDF => Escala de conversión (unidad_dibujo:unidad_real, por ejemplo, 1:10, 1 unidad de dibujo son 10 unidades en el PDF) => p1, p2 (puntos extremos de la ventana de designación dentro del DWG) El PDF se generará con todas las entidades abarcadas por la ventana de designación cuyas esquinas son los puntos p1 y p2 => Directorio donde se guardará el archivo PDF => Nombre del archivo PDF - El archivo PDF tiene que tener las mismas capas que e...

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    Prolog-lisp project S-a încheiat left

    Someone who is proficient with prolog and lisp language.

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    Este plan de entrenamiento y dirario de entrenamiento, es la base para que empieces a aumentar de masa muscular y con mi ayuda y un buen plan alimenticio tendras un cambio fisico brutal

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    I would like to develop a small autocad LISP application that does the following - At the beginning I will have selected a part of the elements of the drawing. - I want the program to detect which are linear text objects and join in a multiline text object those texts that are at a smaller distance requested by console. - Remove the old texts and leave only the multiline texts.

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    AutoCAD Applet S-a încheiat left

    We need to develop an autoCAD applet in order to automate a tedious task of making cable lists. Knowledge of AutoCAD is required for this job. Please also refer to the attached files for reference. There is no preference on the type of the applet (may be lisp or exe or anything)

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    ...sites where you have integrated express check-out. So to be even more detailed on the requirements: 1) Redesign of the first landing page(the overview of the meditation program). 2) As friction-free and high converting check-out process with Express Check-out with Paypal, ApplePay, GooglePay and Klarna. HOW WE WORK This is what we expect from both ourselves and the partners we work with. 1. Brutal honesty: Please always tell us exactly what you think. If you believe we are doing something wrong, say it. If there is something you don’t understand or is unclear, then ask! If you think we are too demanding, say it. 2. Response: We know how important it is to have focus and not constantly reply to messages, and we only expect to get a response within 24 hours. It does no...

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    I am looking for an experienced UI/UX designer who can help improve an existing UI in neo brutual format. The candidate must have a portfolio of prior projects and possess an eye for detail. If you feel your skills and experience are suitable for this task, please reach out and provide a demonstration of your work in comments.

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    Building CAD Templates S-a încheiat left

    I am after a CAD template, and possible LISP programming to draft our cad deliverables. Our job entail underground utility services, that are surveyed by a surveyor with GPS. The data is exported in dwg and csv file with Easting Nothing and various attributes. Depending on the attributes, the data needs to be drafted in 3d linework while adding various callouts.

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    Project for Manh P. S-a încheiat left

    Hi Manh P., I hope you are well. You made some LISP. I am doing a job with it and getting an error. Are you able to tweak the LISP so it works without the error?

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    Auto lisp autocad project S-a încheiat left

    I need someone to do auto lisp coding programme for a furniture drawing I have on autocad.

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    Case Researcher S-a încheiat left

    I want someone to research a case involving the brutal murder of my father. I am trying to gain closure 12 years after the death and I want to learn everything I can related to the case of the 3 killers who were found guilty. The murder was what seemed like an act from spontaneous circumstance but I’d like to understand more about the case, know prior cases the murderers were involved in, and obtain all the evidence and information the jury was given during the trial.

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    52 oferte faulty ADHD memory. This card would show Black Finch, front and centre, and include Amnemon in some aspect. The artist has full creativity on what an eldritch god of forgetting looks like. Maybe a head that looks like an organic hourglass leaking memory sand but I trust the artists judgement. 2. Dr Manbum, The Orc Scientist and Dribble, His Ooze lab Assistant This card would show Dr Manbum a brutal looking orc being a polite and calm scientist, preferably with Bubble Bum promonent and his cute little humanoid ooze assistant assisting or clinging to him lovingly 3. Void Prince and his Astronomer Royal. My boyfriend is a big fan of astronomy and I'm a big fan of royalty, as well as being a bit spacey. So this card would show my boyfriend, the astronomer royal, gazing up a...

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    Lisp parser, interpreter in C Requirements share in private chat

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    C++ lisp parser S-a încheiat left

    help in c++ coding on lisp interpreter or something

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    Attached a file with the project details. As soon as someone’s interested, will send off the necessary files

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    I need an Intro video animation like NBA's Inside Trax Check a l...creative and original inspired by this Aux cable pluged in the NBA Inside Trax speaker that propagates sound waves. Instead of the Speaker, You can explore many alternatives like an other types of stereo speaker located on an small island, in which we turn up the volume to the max and then The sound wave propagates over the ocean till reaching HAITI's island in the Caribbean. I want the transition be brutal and fast at first but once the waves reach the island of Haiti it should look like the waves bring peace to the Island throuh a longer duration of this segment of video. It should not be more than 5 seconds total. I attached some pictures related to the explanation I gave you. Thank you,, witing fo...

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    Rutina LISP S-a încheiat left

    Ttengo entre manos un pequeño proyecto que exige que el programa (rutina LISP en AutoCAD) cree en un conjunto de simples polilíneas 2D unas líneas perpendiculares a una distancia de exactamente 1,000 m y que esas líneas aparte de ser perpendiculares tuvieran una longitud exactamente de 10 cm a cada lado (ver fichero adjunto)

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    ...develop attributes and a character for our Disney Knights 2D Cartoon Collection project References: ArtStation - The Knight and The Cat, Diego Luna (Drawing style) Vikings & Villagers NFT - Collection | OpenSea (NFT Pose, style reference) Characters should be cute, very pleasing to the eye. Knights can be brutal, but through the prism of Disney style We need attributes for the character layered in .psd files so that we can easily flip through and change the accessories on the character. For a better understanding of how exactly the attributes will be combined with the character, we tell you: each NFT consists of randomly matched attributes. That is, for example, a character consists of separate attributes

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    Need to solve few basic question in the following languages

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    Project for Redwan E. S-a încheiat left

    Hi Redwan E., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. need a lisp file which can create intermediate chair height points for a PT tendon. Input: Internal or external span. Start and end point of a tendon. High point at both ends and low point in between. Output: High points at both ends, low point and intermediate points in between them at maximum 1m spacing, based on parabolic equation of PT ( note i need all units in Inches)

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    I am a jury consultant who wants to leverage a LISP program to model some of the psychology that influences juror decision making. I do have access to the code associated with the program that is written in LISP. The issue/work will be executing the code and adding in some contextual information for each case.

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    Art for Board Game box S-a încheiat left

    ...objectives. Your nation is in turmoil after the recent revolution overthrew the government and executed the top leaders. Deputies in each Ministry are stepping up to lead the new government. Use your skills to build or ruin reputations by providing support in elections, promotions, and other events. Gain and use influence to swing the tide for the politicians that hired you. Can you survive the brutal arena of national politics, and become the most powerful puppet master of all?" The game is a semi-serious poke at politics and lobbyists in general. The desired art would be somewhat cartoonish caricatures with big heads and small bodies, and a flavor of slimeball money-grubbers, greasy backroom deals, slick PR spin, fake news, and underhanded tricks. Could include e...

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    Need an A4 report ( NOT drawings) by an architect supporting the use of mirror adhesive along all commercial windows on the ground floor in order to retain the FLOATING bridges effect that was originally intended

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    The task is about solving Sudoku puzzle in LISP. Please check the PDF file I uploaded. If you can handle it, please feel free to chat me.

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    Need a one page report on the reason a building which is built in Brutal industrial style will look better with its commercial windows covered in mirror film on the lower floor to keep the aesthetics - I will supply all the pictures and details

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    Download portacle IDE for lisp. Instructions are in the PNG file. Look at the Functions As Data, a.k.a. Higher-Order Functions part of this link for further references Copy the directory of where you downloaded these files CL-USER> (load "c:/Users/Steve/W10/CommonLisp/portacle/Project02/solution2.lisp")

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    I want an expert in the LISP programming language

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    The A* algorithm to solve the problem; create at least 2 heuristic functions, the Manhattan distance and another one (proposed/chosen by the person).

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    Sci-fi novel reading S-a încheiat left

    Reading of 3 sci-fi novels books Alien most wanted: Caged beast (Folsom Planet Blues Book 1) His human nanny Brutal mate (Planet of Kings)

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    Scar Tissue Graphic Novel S-a încheiat left

    My literary agent recommended that I create a graphic novel from my screenplay, as a potentially successful work in it's own right. It's a redemptive, inspirational dramatic story deal...his traumatic residential school past in the ring. SHORT SYNOPSIS Haunted by his experiences in the infamous residential school system for native Canadian children, Harry, a jaded, worn down prizefighter, wanders from town to town, in denial of his past and native identity. But when Laura, a kind native Doctor tries to help him, his old wounds start to open. Then, when forced by gangsters into a brutal illegal prizefight, Harry finds he must at last relive and face his harrowing past in the ring. REFERENCES: I've greatly enjoyed some of the illustration styles of Judge Dredd in the ...

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    Hi Im looking for a script that would ask for user to select a rectangle and print/export a png with the 4 corners coordinates embeded in it thanks

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    I run an acupuncture & Chinese Medicine clinic in Brisbane. I have used adwords in the past with good success issues with a focus on Women's health. Things we commonly see: Period pain, heavy periods, back pain, neck pain, knee pain, fertility issues, IVF support, ovulation issues, headaches, migraines, digestive issues, chronic diseases and more. Brisbane is laden with acupuncture clinics and we have been one of the busiest clinics in Brisbane for many years. The past couple of years have been brutal so I am hoping to reclaim our position! I am open to suggestions in terms of how to implement adwords so we get a steroidal hit of new patients. For ongoing work, I am also open to using other techniques such as improving our SEO and link building. Lets sta...

    $168 - $503
    $168 - $503
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    streamline mobile site S-a încheiat left

    Hello, my wix site mobile is rather cluttered and very very difficult to manage as it does not save the change as I have laid them out to be. Very frustrating. It's a rather basic site and I'm ok with that. It's just the mobile app is brutal. Thank you. Ray Boulay

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    Trophy icon Branded mug artwork S-a încheiat left

    Artwork for a branded mug, for our endurance events company. You can see the base mug here: , for our endurance events company. You can see the base mug here: Sprint spec is max 155 x 25mm max. You can see our merchandise designs here: You can see what our business is here: We use a streamline of Britain's Most Brutal, this will form the first part of the branding - second part to follow. We will use the black and orange mug as the base and the branding will be single colour orange. I've uploaded an example logo to the project but will provide a better version for the finished project.

    $88 (Avg Bid)
    Recomandat Urgent Garantat Sigilat

    ...on YouTube, then you’ll find links to videos like “The Bible” from the History channel, “God’s Story: David and Goliath”, “Beginner’s Bible: David and Goliath”, and of course: “Dave and the Giant Pickle” from VeggieTales. While some of these are considered classics to the trained viewer and some are even biblically accurate (you may even know a few), the one thing they are lacking is the honest brutal truth of the story; from the grotesque violence to God’s intense, righteous rage. These aspects of the story should be the first thing you see when you google David and Goliath. Upon completion of the film, we want Sword of War to be the best creative iteration of this story told today, so that when you search D...

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    I need an expert to create a LISP for AutoCAD. the Lisp Command should divide a polyline in equal lengths as required if the line is straight. if the line has a bend it should divide it until the bend. options should be made available to give dimensions, if required.

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    I am looking for developmental/structural editing for my 42,000-ish-word manuscript. Suggestions must be included as well as track changes. Make cuts wherever necessary for flow, pacing, author style, etc,. Be as brutal as needed. Synopsis: The Wiremaster is a steampunk story aimed at adult/young adult readers. Grace is a homeless young woman who was abandoned by her brother, Derek, at a young age. Her mother, Sophia, died of sickness when she was five, and her father later disappeared. In the city of Resonance where Grace lives, a slow gas leak that has been around for hundreds of years is steadily killing more citizens. Grace attempts to find her brother while accompanied by her friend, Caroline a child, and Nexus, a man a few years older than her, who later becomes her love int...

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    Salmutter biography S-a încheiat left

    ...him, he decided to tell his son Herwig about his life in the form of a long letter. He recounts his childhood in a village not far from Graz, Austria, without electricity or running water, and describes his seven years as a Catholic Franciscan pupil. He explains why he joined the Waffen-SS in 1939 and tells of his front-line service in the 2nd SS Panzer Division “Das Reich” in the last brutal battle of the Second World War—the Battle of the Bulge. In Belgium, SS-Obersturmführer Sepp Salmutter deserts to the Americans. He subsequently hands US intelligence a wealth of information about senior SS officers, describes his visits to concentration camps in Dachau, Sachsenhausen, and Buchenwald, and identifies the names of the superiors in charge th...

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    Autocad Lisp S-a încheiat left

    Two Lisp need to be created 1. Automatic Placement of groups into existing boxes. 2. Attribute updates on sequential click.

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    Create Autcad LISP S-a încheiat left

    I need to have a LISP created to clean my CAD drawings up. Quite simple for an experienced LISP builder. Delete Hatching, small lines, small arcs, small circles. Make the lines all the same. Attached is a detaled requirements

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    I am looking for developmental/structural editing for my 43,640-word manuscript. Suggestions must be included as well as track changes. Make cuts wherever necessary for flow, pacing, author style, etc,. Be as brutal as needed. Synopsis: The Wiremaster is a steampunk story aimed at adult/young adult readers. Grace is a homeless young woman who was abandoned by her brother, Derek, at a young age. Her mother, Sophia, died of sickness when she was five, and her father later disappeared. In the city of Resonance where Grace lives, a slow gas leak that has been around for hundreds of years is steadily killing more citizens. Grace attempts to find her brother while accompanied by her friend, Caroline a child, and Nexus, a man a few years older than her, who later becomes her love interes...

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    I have a dwg file. In that file there is a red box and some yellow lines. I want a lisp file that aligns those yellow lines perfectly with the red bounding box. The sample is also shown in the AutoCAD file attached. Please remember that I want a code which is a Lisp file. So when I will load that lisp file in my drawings it will automatically correct all yellow lines. Bid only if you know how to generate a lisp file in AutoCAD. You will probably need to code a little bit.

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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