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    Salutare! Suntem o firma care comercializeaza produse electronice sub marca proprie. Cateva exemple de produse electronice ar fi: smartwatch-uri, casti wireless, camere de supraveghere video, etc. Suntem o echipa mica, iar pana in prezent, noi, fondatorii companiei, ne-am ocupat de crearea manualelor de utilizare. Initial ne ocupam integral atat de partea de continut, cat si de design grafic. Cu timpul am externalizat partea de design. Cum cream manualele? In general primim din partea furnizorului un manual de utilizare in engleza, pe care il folosim ca inspiratie. Insa, in marea majoritatea a cazurilor manualul primit este incomplet, astfel incat obisnuim sa le construim de la zero. Pur si simplu ne imaginam cum e sa fii clientul care a achizitionat produsul si care sunt informa...

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    Este vorba de un robot autonom Arduino echipat cu diversi senzori (temperatura, umiditate etc). Datele transmise wireless de acesti senzor sunt interpretate pe o interfata grafica construita in Labview.

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    Am un produs on-line si as dori sa fie promovat pe piata din Romania, promovare on-line. Nold Open - dispozitiv/aplicatie pe telefon pentru control acces Nold Open este un dispozitiv de control pentru smartphone-urilor care se conecteaza la un sistem existent de usi / usi de garaj (actionate cu motor, electromagneti etc.). Acesta utilizeaza cea mai avansata tehnologie Bluetooth wireless prin care poti controla confortabil usile, accesele sau comenzi ON/OFF, toate printr-o singura aplicatie telefonica gratuita. Aplicatia va permite sa gestionati un numar nelimitat de invitati: prin introducerea unei adrese de e-mail, puteti partaja cheia virtuala, care poate fi retrasa oricand sau de la distanta. Ca utilizator principal, puteti adauga un numar nelimitat de instrumente la aplicat...

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    1. Se ia filmu acesta ,searchweb201602_2_10034_507_10032_10020_10001_10002_10017_10010_10005_10011_10006_10021_10003_10004_10022_10009_401_10008_10018_10019,searchweb201603_6&btsid=9c6d69dc-fc92-4a77-a3c2-6f0ef14ff661 2. Se decupeaza primele 19 secunde 3. Se scoate tot scrisul in chineza 4. Se schimba logo de sus cu logo atasat 5. Se traduc toate textele

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    mobil internet - repost S-a încheiat left

    mobil cu jocuri, internet wireless cu baterie reicarcadila solara greutate 70 g dagonala 0.70 cm cu windows

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    mobil internet S-a încheiat left

    mobil cu jocuri, internet wireless cu baterie reicarcadila solara greutate 70 g dagonala 0.70 cm cu windows

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    $250 - $750
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    ...gaming - Development of a wireless controller support - Designing for high-definition graphics - Essential development of a multiplayer capability The primary objective of this project is to develop a gaming console that can connect to a TV, allowing for a seamless gaming experience. The console should primarily support high-definition graphics and wireless controllers. The most important feature of the console is its multiplayer capability. The primary focus is on an online multiplayer feature, but it should also allow for local multiplayer capability on the same console. In summary, the ideal candidate for this project will have expertise in game development, particularly in the design of HDMI gaming consoles and multiplayer functionality. Experience with wireless...

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    I'm seeking an IoT engineer with a niche in wireless communication to primarily improve the device connectivity of our line of consumer electronics. TASKS: - Work on device connectivity enhancements - Ensure efficient and seamless communication between devices - Troubleshoot and resolve connectivity issues Skills you should ideally possess: - Previous experience in consumer electronics - In-depth knowledge of IoT wireless communication - Expertise in connectivity improvements - Understanding of data analytics and embedded systems will be a plus. If you're proficient in enhancing the device connectivity of consumer electronics, I'd like to hear from you.

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    I need a skilled professional to give a unique solution that can help cater to wireless Internet Service at ATMs and Rural locations in India.

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    ...ability to construct significant teaching moments from prepared materials - Highly interactive, engaging, and motivating training style. Must be expert on the following: • Networking Fundamentals: Understanding of networking concepts such as OSI model, TCP/IP protocols, subnetting, VLANs, and routing protocols (e.g., RIP, OSPF, EIGRP). Knowledge of LAN/WAN technologies, Ethernet standards, wireless networking principles, and network topologies. • Cisco IOS and Configuration: Proficiency in Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System) command-line interface (CLI) for configuring and managing Cisco routers and switches. Ability to perform basic and advanced configurations, including VLAN configuration, routing protocols configuration, access control lists (ACLs), and NA...

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    *On Premises Support in Toronto would be required.* I'm looking for an experienced live audio engineer who can utilize our existing equipment for streaming our church service through Google Meet. Current Setup: - Macbook computer playing local music out via headphone jack to RCA into the digital mixer. - PreSonus StudioLive Series III 32SC Digital Console Mixer out to house speakers on Main Mix, and out to basic audio interface through mix 2. - Audio interface out to basic windows laptop. - That Windows laptop out to Google Meet via wifi (not using any special audio software but open to it if needed). Requirements: - Proficiency in operating a PreSonus StudioLive Series III 32SC Digital Console Mixer for live streaming - Basic Audio interface experience. - Not currently r...

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    I'm in the market for a stationary charger box specifically tailored for All-electric vehicles (AEVs). I need a charging station that: - Can be fixed in a specific area or location. - Guarantees the fastest charging speed, equivalent to a Level 3 speed charger. - Is compatible only with AEVs to ensure maximum charging efficiency. Ideal freelancers for this project should have significant experience and understanding in EV charging systems and engineering. A background in electrical vehicle systems, specifically regarding AEVs, will be highly advantageous. Your proposal should demonstrate your experience in designing similar systems, along with any relevant qualifications.

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    ...skilled electrician specialized in EV charging systems to help with three main tasks in the project: 1. Switch Gear Design: You should be proficient in the designing switch gear for a commercial environment to accommodate a level 2 EV charging system. 2. EV Charger Installation: Experience in installing EV charger systems, preferably ones that work with Passenger EVs, is a must. The charger needs to support a power capacity of over 100 kW. 3. Electrical Wiring: The project will also involve setting up the necessary electrical wiring for an EV charging setup. A background in handling wiring for such high-power systems is essential. In all, I need a professional who can understand and realize my vision of setting up an efficient and reliable EV charging sys...

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    ...skilled electrician specialized in EV charging systems to help with three main tasks in the project: 1. Switch Gear Design: You should be proficient in the designing switch gear for a commercial environment to accommodate a level 2 EV charging system. 2. EV Charger Installation: Experience in installing EV charger systems, preferably ones that work with Passenger EVs, is a must. The charger needs to support a power capacity of over 100 kW. 3. Electrical Wiring: The project will also involve setting up the necessary electrical wiring for an EV charging setup. A background in handling wiring for such high-power systems is essential. In all, I need a professional who can understand and realize my vision of setting up an efficient and reliable EV charging sys...

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    ...The display device of a vehicle capable of external charging needs to show information such as the charge level and the estimated completion time of the charge. However, when multiple pieces of information are displayed simultaneously, some information may not be displayed, or the information may become less noticeable. This can make it difficult for users to receive charge-related information in situations where external charging is being conducted. 【2:Technology Description】 The purpose of this technology is to provide a vehicle control system that can issue appropriate warnings based on the location of the person who should receive the warning. Specifically, the system has the following features: 1. A power storage device 2. A charging port for receiving power f...

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    ... <Technology Description> This technology sets the impedance (resistance value) of the signal path within the power supply connector, which supplies power from the vehicle to an external device (such as a portable power source), to a different value from the impedance of the signal path within the charging connector, which charges the vehicle from an external device (such as a charging station).This makes it possible to distinguish between the cables of the power supply connector and the charging connector from each other based on the difference in impedance when they share a common connection port to connect to the vehicle. Please search for this technology. <<NOTICE>> The target car brands in this search are limited to US, European, Chinese, and...

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    I'm looking for a talented developer who can assist with multiple tasks related to my existing iOS app and help create new versions of it for the Macbook and Android. Key Tasks: - Implement an overlay tutorial in the app to improve user onboarding - Adapt the app screen to ensure optimal performance on iPad - Create a version of this app for Macbook and Android - Add new functions that enable the app to count points Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in iOS and Android development - Experienced with creating applications for Macbook - Familiar with implementing overlay tutorials - Able to optimize app display for different screen sizes - Skilled in adding new features to existing apps, particularly point counting functionalities

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    I am seeking an experienced developer capable of creating a pioneering mobile application to enhance visual perception. The app will need to be functional on both iOS and Android platforms. Overview: - Main purpose: Enhancing visual perception - Hardware interaction: Collect data from a wearable device - Interface with wireless RGB LED matrix Key features: - An immersive, interactive interface to engage users effectively - Secure, efficient data gathering from a linked wearable device Ideal Skills: - Expertise in iOS and Android development - Strong understanding and experience in integrating with hardware devices, particularly wearables - Familiarity with creating applications aimed at cognitive improvement Expected Experience: - Proven record of creating mobile applications f...

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    ...Vehicle (EV) charging stations. This software should serve as a comprehensive solution, encompassing an array of features and functionalities, effectively addressing the following requirements: 1. Full-Spectrum Management Abilities: - Capabilities for controlling and monitoring charging stations - Analyzing usage and optimizing energy consumption 2. Key Software Features: - Secure user authentication and access control - Real-time display of charging station status - Smooth and secure payment processing - Integration with existing EV charging network landscapes - Advanced reporting and data visualization components - Load balancing and scheduling capabilities 3. Hardware Compatibility and Integration: - Must be compatible with...

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    As a front-end engineer at REALLY you’ll own building out the user experience for our Wireless Subscribers, our DeWi Hosts, as well as for our search engine. You have the highest standards when it comes to delivering a pixel perfect experience. You’ll work closely with designers and backend engineers to create a seamless and scalable product experience. This role is best suited for someone experienced in or interested in growing into a full stack engineer. We’re in true start-up mode! We move fast, collaborate well and have the shared goal of launching our network quickly, but with quality and care. With a small team, you’ll need to thrive in an environment of autonomy and ownership. This position is based in our Austin, TX headquarters. This is not a remo...

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    ...display. - Display Size: To best suit my needs, I require a medium-sized display, falling within 2 inches. - Purpose: Primarily, this display will be utilized for video playback. Consequently, an understanding of how video playback functions or previous experience in creating systems for video usage are highly regarded. I need it to be battery powered with a microusb port for uploading and charging. Need a button to turn on and off with a speaker. I need this as small as possible. I can send the screen reference - Resolution: I'm also seeking a medium resolution of 240x320 pixels. This will allow for clarity in video playback while still maintaining the compact size of the micro display. If you have keen attention to detail, prior experience in display sizing...

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    I am in need of a skilled network engineer to consultant on multiple tasks related to the communication infrastructure of my organization. The role necessitates the following: -Skillset and Expertise: Proficient in setting up Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), and Wireless networks is a must. Experience with Cisco equipment (Routers, Switches, Firewalls, IPS) and SolarWinds for network management essential. -Specific Tasks: The tasks involve setting up robust network infrastructure, ensuring the network remains functional and resolving any issues that arise, and implementing security measures to safeguard the network from potential security breaches. -Device Integration: The network will incorporate multiple devices such as Cisco Router, Switch, Firewall, IPS and ...

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    I have an existing application in python using api key. I need to be able to launch it in gradio to be able to test it. More details: Is this project for business or personal use? Personal What information should successful freelancers include in their application? Past work What is the main purpose of setting up this Python project in Gradio? Python ai gradio

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    I'm looking for a highly skilled PCB designer to help create a tiny form factor ESP32S3-based PCB for a personal kit that I'm...for the successful operation of the personal kit. - Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Expertise in PCB design, particularly with ESP32S3 with Flash and RAM. No module use - Prior experience working on small form factor designs. - Familiarity with incorporating Bluetooth connectivity into PCBs. - Proficiency in integrating I2C sensors into PCB designs. - Battery connector and charging via wireless - Programming port - End goal size of 2cm diameter circle. The successful completion of this project will involve creating a compact, high-quality PCB that meets the specified requirements. The design should be efficient, reliable, and ...

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    I'm in the process of developing an electronic device and I need a PCB design that caters to my specific needs. Key Requirements: - The size of the PCB should be medium. - It should be capable of supporting wireless communication. Optimization for low power consumption is not a priority for me. The design should prioritize functionality and efficiency. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Experience in designing PCBs for wireless communication. - Proficiency in PCB design software. - Good understanding of electronic components and their interplay. - A proactive attitude towards problem-solving and communication. If you're confident in your PCB design skills and have a track record of successful projects in this area, I'd love to discuss ...

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    As per attached Delivery within 4 days my preferred topic is 1.Wireless power supply for small home appliances: increasing power and range through coil design and frequency selection 2. write code using pandas tool for python programming 3. follow instructions fully 4. don't bid if you have experience in python.

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    The goal of our project is to aid language learning. We have 39 German se...Standard German is mandatory. Bavarian and Low German accents are not suited for this task. - As for the English sentences, no preference on accents was specified. Yet, a clear and understandable pronunciation is crucial. Additional prerequisites: - Recording should be done in a quiet bedroom environment to avoid any background noise interference. - Please avoid recording while your phone is charging to guarantee optimal recording quality. Voice acting experience and language teaching backgrounds are highly valued skills for this project, but are not strictly necessary. All in all, we need a dedicated professional, passionate about languages and with impeccable pronunciation. Let's boost language lea...

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    I'm seeking a skilled and ...circuit board will be purposed for an electronic device and should encompass key functionalities that include: Design a compact PCB layout .Develop and finalize the schematic using KiCad or similar EDA tools .Select and integrate all necessary components, including ESP32, I2S microphone, battery management IC, wireless charging receiver, and USB-C connector .Ensure the design supports Bluetooth communication for audio data transmission .Implement power management and battery charging circuitry .Optimize the layout for signal integrity, power distribution, and manufacturability .Generate Gerber files and BOM for PCB DRC (Design Rule Check) and resolve any layout issues .Provide detailed documentation and support for the manufacturing ...

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    I'm in need of a 4S 100Amp LiFePO4 Battery Management System. The BMS should have a customizab...and Full Charged Cut-Off: The BMS should come with adjustable discharge and full charged cut-off voltage. - Safety Features: It should include temperature monitoring, reverse polarity protection, short-circuit protection, and most importantly, overcharge protection. - Cell Balancing: The system should have a reliable cell balancing mechanism. - Single Port for Charging and Discharging: I need the BMS to be able to handle both charging and discharging through the same port. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proven experience in designing and building BMS systems. - A strong understanding of LiFePO4 battery technology. - The ability to incorporate custom feature...

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    ...among other features. The device will store data locally and transmit it via Bluetooth, Support over-the-air (OTA) updates, and NFC pairing. Hardware Requirements --------------------- - IMU unit: Accelerometer and Gyroscope - Battery Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery: Long-lasting and compact, suitable for frequent recharging. Battery Management System (BMS): Ensures safe charging and discharging. Charging Port: USB-C for recharging. - LED indicator Status LED: Indicates power, connection status, and low battery. - Microcontroller Low-power Microcontroller: Manages sensor data processing and communication. **See if we are using IMU with sufficient MCU already. - Data Storage Internal Flash Storage: For storing sensor data when not connected to the app....

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    ...Integrate core technical components in circuit design using MATLAB. Preferred Qualifications: - Comprehensive knowledge in MATLAB software. - Proficiency in intermediate level circuit design. - Degree in Electrical Engineering or relevant work experience. Build a simulation model for a battery system connecting to a grid through an isolating converter. The system must be bidirectional and both charging and discharging modes must be reported. The battery is discharged back to the grid. Grid nominal voltage is 400 V (line-to-line) / 230 V (line-to-neutral). System maximum power 3 kW. The battery voltage range is 370-430 V. You can select the Simulink library to be either Simscape Electrical (which has the battery component) or Fundamental blocks (where the battery can be simula...

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    We are looking for an experienced OCR Text Cleaning and Processing Specialist to join our team on a freelance basis. The primary role involves cleaning and processing OCR output from digitized academic books, ensuring the text is accurate, structured, and ready for digital archiving and further use. Responsibilities: Character Substitution: Correct common OCR mistakes Paragraph Reconstruction: Ensure that lines are correctly grouped into paragraphs to match the original text structure. Section Identification: Use patterns or other techniques to identify and separate headings and subheadings. Table Handling: reconstruct tables from text data. Figure Handling: Ensure figure captions are correctly associated with their respective figures. Consistent Formatting: Standardize the use of fonts,...

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    Need perfect 3d model and stl for inserting Airpods pro 2 on top of charging bracelet

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    We are developing an electricity metering and charging system based on the Arduino Opta (Finder) hardware (Master) and Eastron SDM630 Modbus meters (Slaves). The Master reads consumption data from the Slaves and stores values locally and into a Cloud Database. The hardware is up and running and can be tested via VPN with our colleagues in the office. Further steps in coding can follow-up.

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    I am looking for a skilled designer with experience in crafting bespoke luxury furnitu...that I can present to my client. Key Requirements: - Expertise in crafting high-end, custom-made furniture - Ability to design a modern aesthetic while incorporating a sense of luxury - Understanding of different wood types, finishes, and how they can influence the final design Additional Information: - You may be asked to incorporate specific functionalities into the design, such as built-in charging stations and hidden compartments, so having experience with these features is a plus. - Your designs should be original and reflect a deep understanding of the modern design aesthetic. - The ability to present these options in a visually appealing manner, such as through 3D modeling, would be an ...

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    I'm in need of an electronic MCU based card tailored for IoT applications. This card should integrate the following features and specs: - **Functionality:** Real-time data monitoring capability is a must. The card should support wireless connectivity over Wi-Fi, facilitating seamless data transfer and exchanges. - **Design:** The card should be compact and small, allowing for easy integration into IoT setups. Please ensure that the size and dimensions are optimized for this purpose. - **Display:** A color graphical LCD display is also required. This display should be clear and visually appealing, allowing for efficient data visualization and interaction. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Deep experience in designing and developing electronic MCU based cards for...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer experienced in creating Android appli...also performing all interactions as if one is directly using the mobile device. They can be control as same time for all of device with each action by click, drag, scroll ... etc. on the computer. As for the motherboard, I require it to have: - USB connection: This would facilitate seamless communication between the mobile device and the computer. - WiFi module: Also necessary for the desired wireless connection and control capabilities. Please note that the focus is on robust functionality and innovative design. The right freelancer for this job should have extensive experience in Android application development and motherboard design. I expect prompt communication and regular updates. Looking forwar...

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    I'm considering establishing a small-scale EV charging station in a Tier 2 city in India. I'm looking for guidance and detailed steps to set up the station, which is intended to support both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Key Project Aspects: - Location: I'm interested in understanding the ideal locations within Tier 2 cities in India to set up the EV charging station. Information on zoning regulations, accessibility, and potential user base in these locations would be highly valuable. - Station Setup: I need guidance on the technical requirements and infrastructure setup for a small-scale station (1-5 chargers). This includes information on the power supply needed, charger types, and any specialized equipment required for supporting two-wheelers and four-whe...

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    ...drawings and ensuring designs comply with safety guidelines. Problem-solving skills and attention to detail are required. 1-3 week project. Expert-level professional needed for high-quality designs meeting Australian and US standards. Deliverables: Phase 1: Electrical Design a- Electrical Schematics Design (Develop and integrate PCB for battery, switch, and USB port Including on/off switch and USB charging port.) b- PCB Design c- 3D Model of PCB d-Design Rule Check (DRC) Report e- Bill of Material f- Manufacturing Files (Generate Gerber files, NC drill files, and any other necessary files for manufacturing.) Phase 2: Mechanical Design (Can be 3D printed) a- 3D modeling of custom parts x2 b- 2D drawings (dimensions) to aid manufacturers in building the product from scratch usin...

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    ...electric vehicle (EV) charging station in Tamilnadu that supports both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. I would like guidance on purchasing the necessary charging products and also require support in obtaining the essential licenses and permits. Key Responsibilities: - Provide assistance in choosing and buying the appropriate EV charging products suitable for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. - Conduct a comprehensive overview of the licensing and permitting requirements for setting up and operating an EV charging station in Tamilnadu. - Assist in the application and acquisition of the necessary licenses and permits for the operation of the charging station. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Knowledge of the EV charging industry, with previous ...

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    I need an animated video or diagram that demonstrates how solar PV, batteries, and car charging work within a house. The ideal candidate for this role must have: - Proficiency in creating animated illustrations or videos - Experience in explaining technical concepts such as energy flow - An understanding of solar PV, batteries, and electric cars would be beneficial. - Ability to deliver within a month. This project requires an intermediate level of detail in the animation. The animation should show a pulse moving from the solar panels, through the house, and to the car charging area. Please ensure that your portfolio includes similar technical animations or videos. Your artwork should be engaging and easy to understand, as it's intended to educate viewers on the c...

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    Network Engineer Needed S-a încheiat left engineer to address some challenges and optimize our current network infrastructure. The main tasks include network troubleshooting, network configuration, and enhancing network security. Key Tasks Include: - Troubleshooting: Identify and resolve network issues that are causing slow internet connection and network connectivity problems. - Configuration: Optimize the current LAN, WAN, and wireless network setup to enhance performance and reliability. - Security: Implement robust security measures to address any vulnerabilities in the network. Ideal candidates should have a strong background in: - Network engineering - Troubleshooting and problem-solving - Network configuration - Network security Having certifications like CCNA, CCNP, or equivalent would be a plus. Expe...

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    ...countries. For each project we will only pay one final milestone. It will not be possible for each project to verify success until sample hardware and firmware is supplied to Pathfinder Events in Australia for verification. I'm looking for an experienced firmware developer to work on a wireless communication project involving dsPic and nRF52. The main goal of this project is to establish a stable and efficient Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection between the two devices. Key Project Details: - Wireless Communication: The primary purpose of this development is to establish a reliable and robust BLE connection between the dsPic and nRF52. - BLE Protocol: Proficiency in BLE is crucial. You should have a strong understanding of how BLE operates, its limitations, and...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create a functional web application prototype. Its main purpose is to gain user feedback on its operation. The skills required for this project include: - Proficiency with prototyping tools ...its operation. The skills required for this project include: - Proficiency with prototyping tools and software - Knowledge in web application development - Experience with user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design The prototype should incorporate significant features including: - Money transfer - A functionality for creating posts - Group chat capabilities - Bill payment feature - Wireless payment options Please note that the prototype does not have to be perfect. However, it should work well enough to collect meaningful user feedback ef...

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    I am looking for a person who can build a smallest USB device which can enable wireless VPN based internet connections

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    I'm seeking an experienced Raspberry Pi developer to create a bespoke circuit that allows for remote control I need help putting a simple circuit together. Using a Raspberry Pi, because of its HDMI output (unless you have a better suggestion) I would like to have 1 TV in a grocery store which has 6 registers. Each register will have a wireless button. When pressed, the register number will appear on the TV and hold for about 8 seconds or until any other of the 5 buttons button is pressed to let customers waiting in line know which register to go to next. I would also like a chime sound to play when any of the buttons is pressed. Please see attached image for a better visual. Once finalized, I will need the code, a wiring diagram and parts list to make this work. Thank you ver...

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    I am searching for an experienced web developer to design and launch a high-end looking portfolio website f...While I was unclear about specific features, ensuring high quality aesthetic and functionality is my foremost concern. The website will be simple with limited pages. Your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: - Proposing a design that is high-end and aesthetically pleasing - Developing the proposed design into a fully functional website - explain / help setting up my email on MacBook, linked to my domain. Ideal Skills: - Website Design - Front-end Development - UX/UI Design Experience in creating portfolio websites would be considerably advantageous. Please include your portfolio of past work in your proposal. We can discuss any further details after...

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    Existing app on CodeCanyon S-a încheiat left

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking to build an interactive dating app for dogs/puppies where puppies can meet/connect with other puppies by modifying an already existing app on CodeCanyon Users should be able to send messages to each other. I plan on charging a subscription fee for users to have access to the app. The developer I select will be responsible for publishing the app on the Android and IOS store PS: I plan to modify this app to suit my needs: If you have any other app you believe I can easily modify to suit my purpose feel free to recommend them to me. Thank you

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