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    Creat Artwork packaging S-a încheiat left

    Size : Height 19.20cm Lenght : 8.60cm Positio precut pen : Lenght : 1.60cm Height : 14.40cm

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    Salut. Caut pe cineva care sa ma poata ajuta cu o problema ce tine mai mult de partea "fluida" a unui slider. Sliderul il am si functioneaza - problema e ca nu reusesc sa redimensionez imaginile si video-ul in functie de dimensiunea ferestrei in asa fel incat sa nu existe spatii goale. Am aici partea de cod care nu-mi iese... $(document).ready(function(){ var window_width...

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    The name for my application is Physique. It is a fitness app based on both mobile(android) and web platforms (PHP & MySQL). The web platform should contain login for admin only and should contain a dashboard through which admin can manage (insert, update, delete) data. And for the mobile application(android), use JAVA as programming language and for the features of this android app, user shoul...

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    Trophy icon samir shaker laboratorise 6 zile left

    I would like to work as a decor-modern for a long-established laboratory since 1987 Modern design is made for decoration in gypsum board ceilings + wall decorations, whether paints, gypsum board or wood + vinyl or hdf floors At the reception and waiting for the guests, a gypsum board ceiling is made with a jumping decor from the wall and waiting chairs are placed In the space of the counter, a mo...

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    I'm looking for someone to create a cave generator in python, more or less as explained in this reddit post & top comment, with a few differences: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] 1. At the end the commenter explains they use a tileset and need to fix the walls and generate the tiles. That is not required, I only need the output to be a black & white PNG image. 2. In add...

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    Wellbeings Ad 6 zile left

    We are putting a small add in a health supplement in the Irish Independent Paper addition. We just heard about the supplement yesterday.  I attach the quarter page advert example that they sent me and a PDF showing  the text outline along with a PDF of our text logos.  The dimensions of a ¼ page advert are Height 160mm x Width 126mm & ½ page Height 160mm x 255...

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    [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] already has a beautiful character map [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] I need a version with the drag and drop feature removed and the text box above the character map also that the preview text with options below. dial - size (8px - 100px - default 24px) dial - letter-spacing (default 0) dial - line-height (default 100%) radio - upper, lo...

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    What I need: - Smart mirror schematics; circuit, camera, power, interaction area (digitiser), lighting, wifi, bluetooth, other sensors (you can recommend as you deem necessary as you read further) and additional connectivity option. Why: 1. Camera : - to snap picture - Tracking measurements and movements (elbow, shoulder, wrist, hips, knee, feet, neck, face (including width and height)) - Virtua...

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    Project Analyze Bretix Some have said that June 23rd, 2016 will go down as Britain’s Independence Day! Others have been less positive about Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. Financial markets, facing new found uncertainty, plunged. The pound fell hard against the dollar to a 30-year low of $1.32. This decision caused ripples around the world, especially in Europe. Britai...

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    full costing and marginal costing

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    Simple C++ functions for reading and writing jpg and tif-files on a Windows 10-platform are required. The data should be stored in lightweight objects (classes) containing e.g. a pointer to the heap data, some member variables for the size (width/height), the color-depth (8 bit, 16 bit), and the channels (grey, RGB), and the functionality for allocating and deleting (in the destructor?) of the ne...

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    assist in full costing and marginal sheet

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    Need PHP, LARAVEL, JS Developer with min Exp. of 3 Years. Salary 20k-30k PM. Working Time: 8pm - 3am . Sonali Ray (HR D5S Software. (Removed by Admin))

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    My name is Yvonne (first name) and I am working on a business plan for a client and need to add suitable design to the development that is proposed. I have experience in ACAD but not the 3D side of it. As I am working on this myself I do not have a large budget for the job. Hopefully I can find someone to work with me on this. From available ACAD floor plan (converted from pdf file) I need a 3D de...

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    Measure the height of a horse walking on a road 4 meters away

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    Inputs: obj (file .obj) LayerThickness (ascii text string representing millimeters) (Normal values: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3) Example command line: "[conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] 0.1" Output: multiple obj files Environment: VS 2019 Type: Windows 10 command line application (NO GUI) Languages: C# .Net Core Skills required: linear algebra,...

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    Brand Name: Value Plus [Logo Attached] Product Name: Replacement Pod Holder Needle Assembly For All Keurig 2.0 Models (Full Assembly) Packaging Style: Box packaging, the design will be printed in Brown Box, please make sure your font color will be adjusted accordingly Packaging Dimensions: Length 12, Width 8.5, Height 9.5CM Add the following Text: Insert Made in China below the Barcode Disclaimer...

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    I'm using the open source project located at [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] and I want to put tabs around the navigation drawer. The drawer is located at Mainlayout.vue. I want the <q-scroll-area style="height:100%;"> <q-list padding> to be in the navagation tab and a blank div in a members tab It should be pretty simple if you know Quasa...

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    I need to get 2 and 3 d drawings for a project I am doing I am looking to make some custom made furniture and need the bases, top, shelf support, and support made I am looking at making something similar to the above but in a semie circle shape The max width at the back is 800 mm and max depth is 400mm The maximum height is 1100mm for one piece and 500mm for the other Each piece has a top, bo...

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    Hi there. My name is Jack. I have some very basic residential floor plans that I created that need refining. I took images of existing floor & plans and wrapped some exterior skins around them. Now, I want to get the plans to match the renderings (height, width, windows, doors, porches, etc.). I have 1st & 2nd floor plan plus front & rear renderings. I’d like to have someone lik...

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    1.) We need a series of images photoshopped. There are roughly 155 images. I will send you a link to a folder in dropbox with a the exact amount of images in it, as well as a folder that has PDF files to show you exactly where to edit them. You will need to search the images in the 'images folder (any image number with zeros in front of it, the zeros will likely not be in the image name. Exam...

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    I am a civil consultant. I want two types of 3D elevation of a building (Residential).The elevation has to be done in a good software like 3ds max and rendered with a good software like v-ray, lumion etc. I want the original file (.3ds) of the elevation and also a common format file like jpeg or pdf. the elevation image need to be of high quality. i am providing a pdf of the building plan. The bui...

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    Would like a 2 15-second animation video and pictures of an inflatable fence in a dessert being inflated. Animation video: 1. Inflatable wall in the desert with a covered top being inflated to full size 2. Inflatable wall without a top in the desert being inflated to full size. The size of the inflatable wall:- 1 km Height 5 km2 Area 2 Inches Thick

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    I have 9xmovies theme which grabbing 2nd image from post as thumbnail, i want to show 1st image from post as thumbnail, and also search buttons not working as expected. One of my website have CLS Problem due to missing height and width image attributes. So need to fix this issue.

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    The project about to determine the fall of people especially elderly ones. Sensor should detect the fall due to lost of height

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    Trophy icon 3D rendering kitchen, bathroom. 4 zile left

    We have a building project, drawings is in DWG, we need to render Bathroom, and kitchen. Similar to the attached. Its very minimalistic, scandinavian design. - All walls white color. - Panels at floor is 70mm high. - Floor is Oak. - Washing machine and dryer on top of each other, in the big bathroom (attached picture) - dark grey tiles 300x600mm in bathroom. (attached picture) - Closets in kitchen...

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    The name for my application is Physique. It is a fitness app based on both mobile(android) and web platforms (PHP & MySQL). The web platform should contain login for admin only and should contain a dashboard through which admin can manage (insert, update, delete) data. And for the mobile application(android), use JAVA as programming language and for the features of this android app, user shoul...

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    Create a Design 4 zile left

    small family house 5 bathroom, 4 bedroom, office, double height living room MOEDRN

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    Construct a K km × K km square 2-dimensional simulation space, where K ≥ 1. Divide the simulation space into K square cells of dimension 1 km × 1 km. Assume that a base station is placed at the center of each cell. Then place a single user terminal per cell whose location is chosen according to a uniform random distribution within the cell. All BSs have a maximum transmit power of 1...

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    The name for my application is Physique. It is a fitness app based on both mobile(android) and web platforms (PHP & MySQL). The web platform should contain login for admin only and should contain a dashboard through which admin can manage (insert, update, delete) data. And for the mobile application(android), use JAVA as programming language and for the features of this android app, user shoul...

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    We will provide CAD files (most likely .stp files) and we need them converted to 3DS Max v2020. We need photorealistic V-Ray materials applied, including control panels and logos, to match a photo reference that we will provide.

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    Where it reads a csv file and calculates the bounds to give out Height Width area for each item and count them Then Further utilise these values to calculate them through 5 formulas and then export all values and with name of item and it size

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    Requirement: Provide two solutions for the following scenario – 1) SQL programming language 2) Python scripting**. The python script should be orchestrated in airflow. Provide the read me with the details to build the docker image. 1. Deduplicate the data in players. oprimary keys in players table are name, team and position. oif two records are available with the same primary key - pick the...

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    Trophy icon Ray of Hope Ministries 26 zile left

    This is a international missionary organization.

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    I am looking to build an outdoor extension in my garden to use as a gym/ storage space to replace the current garage which had planning permission dating back to 1974. I need planning permission for the pitched / gable to gable roof that's going up to 4 meters in height which will be the tip of the roof. This project is very small and the building is a single storey with 6.2 meters length and...

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    Trophy icon Design Me A Store Logo 1 zi left

    Hello, We would like to have a logo that is modern, bold, and simple. The brand name is Roaken (capitalized). We sell high quality trending products to both men and women. It's a general market of consumers ages 25-45. We want a logo that is similar in style to the following logos attached. The icons in these logos are simple but memorable. The font should be modern, bold, simple. Please...

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    I need help with creating high-quality product photos using software such as 3DS Max or V-Ray. My previous editor was able to take a general product photo and pdf of the product’s artwork, then apply the high definition edits to the product photo. The product will be on a while background along with items such as knobs, foot switches, and artwork aligned to look perfect. Attached is a sample...

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    Power Cage Specification Pipe Size 3” X 3” Height 80” Foot Print – 53”X53” Thickness 3mm / 9/10 Gauge J-Cups Hooks Pair Pipe Safety Spotter Arms Landmine Barbell Holder Plate Holder Monkey Multi Bar Chin Up Attachment YDip Attachment Resistance Band Pegs Jammers Lat Pulley Attachment 28mm & 50MM Black Powder Coated Finish This is more of a off line proj...

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    To see a video of the concept watch this [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Other competitors in this industry include: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]...

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    I will not respond to copy/pasted submissions. Please read this briefing completely and look at the sample website before applying. I do not want to waste anyone's time, thank you. I am trying to build a calculator for a custom sticker site on Shopify using an app. I would like to make our pricing model the same as a competitor's pricing: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] ...

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    Trophy icon Make me a sketchup model -URGENT- S-a încheiat left

    Attached is a proposed site plan of a location in the UK, (Addycombe terrace street) Make me a Sketchup model of the proposed site plan with all the elements that are shown in the plan (Trees, benches, outdoor training equipment) I don't want the SketchUp file just pictures from angles showing these elements assume height of houses to be 5 meters

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    Urgent Garantat
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    design 2 separate concepts for a flat terrain of 1500m2. the lot is TRIANGLE shape (see the city plan) the building should not be triangular, it should have 90 degree angles inside. concept A: classical style with residential garden (see attached photo) concept B: modern house with commercial offices downstairs, elegant apartment upstairs, customer parking and small greenery (see example in the s...

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We made a button (see PSD attached) Now we need different versions - All in JPG, webformat - All same size (length, height) - All same font size etc We need these 6 buttons asap today: 1. PAX Gold kopen bij Bitcoinmeester 2. Pax Gold kopen bij Binance 3. Goud kopen bij Gold Republic. 4. Buy PAX Gold at Bitcoinmeester 5. Buy PAX Gold at Binance 6. Buy Gold at Gold Republic

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    Clamping Tool -- 2 3 zile left

    Hello all, I am trying to find a clamping tool that will clamp a metal bracket around a lanyard fabric. I have photos attached showing all the dimensions, but the metal piece is approximately 3/8" height x 1/2" width x 1/2" length. The lanyard width is 1/2" width. It is unknown what the metal type is, but appears to be steel. The project requirements are as follows, in the f...

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    I sell X-ray markers and I need pretty backgrounds I need a picture of half skull half flowers I can post a example

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    Trophy icon Tarpaulin/Ads 2 zile left

    I need to print a Tarpaulin that will advertise my small business. The size will be 24 height x 36 width "inches" with 250 resolution. I need the original source (PSD. file) so I can still edit the details in the future. You can use the uploaded images, these are my actual product. But you can check on internet if you can find any similar images of my product, so you can make a better a...

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    Hi! I have two minor issues with my website that I could do with sorting. Firstly I have some static banners on my website which provides a link to an affiliate. The banners are images, hosted by a third party, with a link to their page. They don't change, and are fixed per page. My issue is that they don't resize to fit the viewport - so that on smaller screens (i.e. mobiles) the ban...

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    Hi i would love help. I am creating a website using vscode. the goal is to have 4 things in the website: bootstrapt, JavaScript, Html, and CSS. I already have something in it. but the buttons doesn't work and it needs a little work. this is for a presentation. I already have the knowledge but not the time. The final product does't need to be specific, but it needs to run at the end. I wo...

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    I want two repair in a website. It is built with HTML5, Bootstrap and JavaScript Repair 1: Increase homepage web door banner height; Repair 2: Insert HTML code via JS in category pages The website will be shared just for interested people.

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    Trophy icon Improve/Finalize Existing Logo 1 zi left

    Brief To improve/finalise the existing logo design. The logo should be professional and impactful and reflect professionalism, credibility, warmth and trust. Necessary changes: 1) Change the bee. I do not like the bee in the attached logo and I am looking for something to replace it. The bee you provide must be royalty/license free. Your bee needs to fill the same space that the existing bee does...

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