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    Needs to be a simple yet nice looking interface (responsive). User will login with metamask and as the first token will be a very simple version with no taxes etc, the user will enter supply, name, symbol and decimals and will charge a small fee that will go to admin wallet and will deploy to the blockchain and send all tokens to owner/deployer. Need this to pass audits, owner cannot mint, cant make fees, all totally secure. Owner can renounce. The app/dapp will allow my address as admin to mint tokens without fee. The app/dapp will be able to create and deploy tokens on BSC and ETH. *This is version 1. We will include many other kinds of tokens onto the app after initial release.

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    I'm looking for proficient JavaScript game developers who also have an in-depth understandi...these guidelines, we aim to seamlessly integrate Web3 wallet connect functionality into our game, providing users with a secure and convenient login experience using their Ethereum wallets. Desirable Skills: - Proficiency in JavaScript game development - In-depth understanding of blockchain fundamentals - Experience with smart contracts and tokenization - Familiarity with the integration of MetaMask as a preferred wallet provider Experience matters significantly for this role; it would be best if you had developed an integrated blockchain system similar to this one. I'm looking forward to collaborating with skilled, innovative professionals who also share my enthusiasm for nex...

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    80 oferte web development that all of us were unfamiliar with. We created Receipt3.0, a full-stack application that allows businesses to create digital receipts that exist on the Ethereum blockchain. The idea of the project focused on decentralization, where individuals had ownership of their own receipts, and can use it to refund their bought products. These receipt tokens would exist on the user's MetaMask wallet. We built smart contracts using Solidity and tested everything on the Ganache network. The frontend was created using React and Chakra-UI, while the backend used Express, Node, and MongoDB to store data. Here is code: For now my previous developer can't working anymore on this project. So I am looking for a seasoned full stack developer who is

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    As the developer for this project, you need to have a strong understanding of Flutter, as well as experience with integrating wallets namely, MetaMask and xPortal. You'll be responsible for: - Seamless integration of both MetaMask and xPortal wallets into my existing Flutter application. - Ensuring you implement all necessary features, notably, the display of wallet balance and a login with wallet feature (API documentation provided). Ideal candidate: - Proven experience in Flutter development - Robust understanding and firsthand experience with MetaMask wallet integration using Wallet Connect. - Excellent attention to detail and ability to adhere to project deadlines.

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    I require a knowledgeable developer who'll seamlessly integrate MetaMask into my existing Flutter application. The target operating systems for this app are both Android and iOS. You have to integrate metamask in order to login into the application, display an ERC20 token in the application, and login with an metamask signature, using an existin API in the backend. Ideal Developer: The best fit for this project will be a developer who has the following: - Proficient Flutter & MetaMask integration skills. - Excellent understanding of cryptocurrencies, specifically BEP20 tokens. - Proven experience in integrating cryptocurrency wallets to Flutter applications. - Familiarity with the requirements of both Android and iOS operating systems. - Publish flu...

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    ...transactions. - Strong knowledge of front-running strategies and their implementation. - Ability to design a user-friendly interface for monitoring and controlling the tool. - Prior experience in developing front-running or trading tools is highly desirable. I would like to create a front-running application based on the Binance Smart Chain with different contracts address that I could enter (Metamask, Pancakeswap pool essentially). The application would essentially: - Scan the BSC blockchain and find transactions based on certain criteria (pending on the block aka mempool). - Specify myself a token address, token launch etc ... - should work with an address using private key OR mnemonic phrases - Front-run (specific trade volumes, slippage and gas price) transactions by pl...

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    More details: What platform is your existing mobile application built on? Flutter What functionalities do you want to achieve with the MetaMask integration? Display an token, and login with teh signature using an existin API endpoint. Which specific token would you like to display in the application? ERC20 Token from the BSC

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    would like to create tron crypto token and make whitepage, website, add tron wallet and Metamask Wallet so people can buy crypto from our website. website is ready you just have to add tron and trust/metamask wallet so visitor can connect their wallet to buy our crypto.

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    ...their wallets using Metamask and Phantom. The primary goal of this website will be to facilitate Otsea migration by allowing users to transfer assets between wallets and migrate tokens efficiently. **Key Functionalities Required:** - Seamless integration with Metamask and Phantom for wallet connection. - A user-friendly interface to initiate the migration process by providing necessary details such as wallet addresses and token information. - Secure and transparent transfer of assets between wallets. - Migrate tokens with ease and ensure the process is understood by even those new to the crypto space. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in blockchain technology and smart contracts. - Experience in integrating wallet functionality on websites, specifically M...

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    62 oferte keep users informed. - **Connect Wallet Functionality**: Integration with Metamask and Solflare wallets, enabling users to easily connect their wallets to the website. Goals and Audience Insight: - The primary goal is to showcase various cryptocurrency investment opportunities, making it easier for novice investors to navigate and understand the market. - The target audience is individuals new to cryptocurrency investments, requiring a platform that is user-friendly and informative. Skills and Experience Ideal for the Job: - Proficiency in web development, especially in creating crypto-related websites. - Experience with API integrations for live price tickers and connecting with digital wallets like Metamask and Solflare. - A strong understanding of the cryptocurren...

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    I'm seeking an experienced blockchain developer proficient in Binance Smart Chain (BSC) technology. The project requ...accurate royalty distribution. Key Project Characteristics: - Market Place Creation: Design a platform that facilitates smooth buyer and seller interactions. - Royalty Handling: Incorporate mechanisms for precise royalty distribution. The successful candidate should be capable of integrating multi-faceted authentication access - Email/Password combination, Social logins (Google/Facebook), and Metamask wallet access. Required capabilities: - In-depth understanding of Binance Smart Chain. - Proficiency in NFT marketplace engineering. - Experience with integrating different authentication methods. - Proven skills in smart contracts related to NFTs and royalt...

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    ...domain name, road map information and white paper information, necessary articles on the web page) to the friend who takes the project. Here's what we aim for: **User Registration and Login** Transactions on the website will be completely anonymous and there will be no user records. **Token Purchase Functionality** An intuitive interface for users to purchase coins directly from our site. The Metamask crypto wallet will be integrated so that tokens can be purchased as a payment method. **Countdown clock** To build anticipation and urgency, the countdown timer will show the time remaining until the end of the pre-sale. **Road map** Information showing the plans of the created token will be available on the website. **Ideal Skills and Experience** I don't have any ...

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    I am in need of a Full-stack developer with WordPress expertise to enhance my checkout page. The required task is to integrate a Pay With MetaMask For WooCommerce Pro ( payment gateway) on my website's checkout page. Your ability to ensure seamless transactions and securely handle clients' financial information is essential. Experience with similar projects is desired. Skills in WordPress, full-stack development, and payment gateway integration are a must for the successful completion of this project.

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    I'm in need of an inn...images. The web designer should have a tasteful understanding of using images to highlight content. • Pre-Sale Countdown: Crucially, this should display the remaining time until the start of the pre-sale. It's imperative that the designer can create a clear and engaging countdown to build anticipation. • Wallet Connect Function: The website should include options for major wallets including Metamask, Trust Wallet, and others. Experience with API integration is necessary for this function. • Roadmap: Lastly, a comprehensive yet concise roadmap of our project. Compiled with the above, knowledge on smart contract functionality, tokenomics, frontend web development and UX/UI design would serve as an advantage. Example: Budget: 150-...

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    ...week. I need someone with a knack for converting complex requirements into functional, high-quality code. If you think you fit the bill, please send me your top three Laravel projects alongside your availability. **Preferred Experience and Skills:** - Strong backend development capabilities. - Expertise in creating custom applications from scratch. - Fluent in PHP and Laravel framework. integration - Well-versed with the latest development trends and best practices. - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. **Job Responsibilities:** - Develop and maintain the backend of a custom application. - Work collaboratively with the front-end team to integrate user-facing elements. - Ensure high performance and responsiveness of the application. **Ideal Candidate Characteri...

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    NFT Marketplace Creation S-a încheiat left

    We need a proficient smart contract developer to create an NFT marketplace on the Binance Smart Chain. The developer ...knowledge of the Binance Smart Chain platform * Experience in developing smart contracts * Familiarity with NFT marketplace features and functionality The NFT marketplace must include the following features: * The ability for users to buy and sell NFTs * An option for users to mint their own NFTs As for user authentication, the developer will need to implement: * Email and password sign-in * MetaMask wallet login * Two-factor authentication This project is a great fit for a developer who understands blockchain technology and has prior experience in creating NFT marketplaces. If you have the expertise and can deliver high-quality work, we would love to work...

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    ...freelance Solana Blockchain Developer to integrate Solana blockchain technology and a custom token into our existing web application. This project aims to implement a pay-per-use model utilizing our governance token to enhance user interaction and service delivery within the app. Essentially instead of using traditional stripe to get membership or credits users will be able to log in via. phantom/metamask wallet and use the governance tokens as credits for generation. Project Scope: - Wallet Integration: Implement wallet connectivity allowing users to seamlessly connect their Solana wallets, manage tokens, and interact with the application's features. - Smart Contracts/Programs Development: Develop Solana programs to manage the logic behind the token usage, credit system...

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    Pricing token in wallets S-a încheiat left

    A token must be created The customer requested the following: - the token must follow the price of bitcoin - when I open the trust wallet, metamask and other wallets, the price should appear as FTM appears in the image following the dollar. -There will be no liquidity in the token. -when the person has 1 of this Bitcoin, it should appear that the person has xxx,xx USD which is the value of the bitcoin - short deadline of 3 days - must pass on daily specific technical reports of what you have done Payment is released when the customer accepts the delivery

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    I'm seeking a talented web developer to create a copy of Ape Terminal Launchpad, to create a copy of Ape Terminal Launchpad, , with a similar design. - There is no document with features, as the features are the same. - Apeterminal has simple functions for tokens launchpad in multiple chains and connects with multiple wallets, to make it simple, we will only connect with ETH, BSC, and SOL blockchains to raise user funds, with only Metamask, OKX, and Coinbase browser wallets. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in blockchain technology. - Strong background in creating secure wallet connection systems. - Excellent UI/UX design skills, with attention to detail. - Knowledge of token presale mechanisms.

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    I'm looking for an expert to seamlessly integrate Coinbase with Metamask, and provide an efficient withdrawal path to my PayPal account. Here's what you'll help me set up: - Direct transfers from my Coinbase account to Metamask. - Enable withdrawing these funds into my PayPal account. The ideal candidate will have: - Proven experience with Coinbase and Metamask integrations. - Familiarity with PayPal's API and financial transactions. - Strong understanding of cryptocurrency transactions and security. - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Your expertise will ensure a hassle-free setup for a smooth and secure financial process.

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    I am creating my private blockchain using Geth version 1.13.4-stable-3f907d6a on the PoA consensus algorithm. My AWS operating system is Ubuntu. Currently, I created coin Now I want create RPC URL for metamask, I want set blockchain name and sysmbol in RPC, I unable create that part so I need help for that. If you already created this type of private blockchain using Geth, then only bid.

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    Defi Portal / WEB3 Site S-a încheiat left

    ...functionalities such as staking, yield farming, and lending and borrowing - The ability to connect Metamask for seamless user interaction Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Solidity programming language - Experience in building Defi portals or WEB3 sites - Strong understanding of blockchain technology and decentralized finance - Knowledge of frontend development and design principles If you have a creative eye for design and a strong background in Solidity development, I would love to collaborate with you on this project. Please provide examples of your previous work and any design ideas you may have. Defi Portal / Web3 to buy Gold with crypto connect with metamask 2 Kinds buy gold with shipping and buy gold with duty free stock switzerl...

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    ...architect and implement a token on an EVM blockchain that primarily ensures secure data transfer. This innovative token should possess some special attributes: This project involves: 1. Creation of the token and its tokenomics on an EVM blockchain 2. Proof of data transfer or/ proof of location for the nodes mining rewards, node collateral requirements 3. Token stacking rewards 4. integration with metamask 5. Website and IDO 8. Token bridge on uniswap Our project is a mix between and , please check them out before bidding To understand more about the different DePin projects, please check DIMO, GEODNET This project requires in-depth knowledge of Ethereum token creation, GPS systems, and data encryption. A deep understanding of blockchain, cryptography, and GPS coordinate

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    I'm seeking...of various Metamask functions. This includes, but is not limited to: - Transaction signing - Add and switch accounts - Network switching The main goal is to streamline these operations, therefore the language the automation is written in is not a concern. A preference should be given to making the script flexible across different programming languages. The automation script must be configured to run on a Mac system. Ideal Skills: - Extensive Metamask experience - Understanding of blockchain technology and transactions - Proficiency in multiple programming languages - Prior experience in developing automation systems - Familiarity with Mac OS By bringing these skills to the table, you'll help create an efficient system that significantly simp...

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    I require an Ai web app where users login and have an avatar that looks like them based on either facial scan or from an image. The Ai avatar talks to the user, gets to know them more and more and can answer questions about all aspects of life based on knowing them over time. It will be like chatgpt with an avat...Ai web app where users login and have an avatar that looks like them based on either facial scan or from an image. The Ai avatar talks to the user, gets to know them more and more and can answer questions about all aspects of life based on knowing them over time. It will be like chatgpt with an avatar that looks like you and personalised. It will be personal conversations with recommendations. Metamask / web3 login will be incorporated. Details will be provided to the winn...

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    ...compromised MetaMask account I've used for purchasing presale Ethereum tokens. Unfortunately, my MetaMask account was violated and now I'm at risk of losing my tokens after launch. Key requirements for this task include: - Change the token contract to a new address preventing attackers from thieving my tokens - A deep understanding of decentralised networks, specifically relating to Ethereum transactions - Knowledge and expertise in MetaMask wallet functionality and security Even though I maintain current access to my compromised MetaMask account, I haven't yet communicated the breach to the token creators. Therefore, your assistance not only in resolving the MetaMask issue but also articulating the problem to the token creators would ...

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    My MetaMask account has unfortunately been compromised. I previously used this account to purchase presale tokens and I need assistance in redefining the token contract to a new address to ensure the tokens are not vulnerable upon launch. What I need: - Consultation and guidance on rectifying the situation regarding my compromised MetaMask account, ensuring it is secure moving forward. - Assistance in changing the token contract of the presale tokens I've purchased to a new address and preventing any potential scams. Ideal skills for the job: - Knowledge and experience in using MetaMask. - Familiarity with cryptocurrency, particularly token contracts. - Experience with smart contract transactions. - Strong understanding of cybersecurity principles. Please note...

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    Надо сделать скрипт, для Metamask, который будет: 1. проверять баланс на кошеле X, и если на Х - больше 0 , то отправлять его на кошель Y 2. Проверять баланс указанного токена X1, если баланс токена X1 больше 0, то скрипт будет отправлять токен на указанный кошель Y. 3. Скрипт должен запускаться на Ubuntu

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    $32 - $270
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    ...and User Interface:    - Develop an engaging and intuitive graphical interface that enhances the overall user experience.    - Ensure seamless interaction for players to view their koi fish, track their progress, and engage with the game mechanics easily.    - Implement visually appealing representations of evolving koi fish to reflect their enhanced versions over time. 4. Metamask Integration:    - Integrate Metamask for user authentication, ensuring secure wallet connections and potential airdrop functionalities.    - Provide clear instructions and guidance for players to easily connect their wallets and participate in in-game activities. 5. Testing and Iteration:    - Conduct rigorous testing of the game mech...

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    ...Fish Upgrade = ($BREAD * Time Factor). This introduces a time-based progression system, preventing instant upgrades and simulating natural growth. All fish upgrades need tracking in our backend system. Basic Features: Leaderboard: We'll feature the most powerful fish and their owners, based on their upgrade levels. This requires backend integration for real-time updates. Metamask Integration: Players will use Metamask for login, ensuring wallet connections for potential airdrops. Graphic Design/Frontend: The graphical interface is a critical component, as the entire user experience relies on it. The frontend needs to be engaging and provide a good experience for every player. Development Roles: Boolet: Post-beta, you'll handle the Solidity aspect and oversee ...

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    I am looking for an expert freelancer to edit my DEX Swap project to make it a user-friendly interface and better functionality. I want first run it on Ethereum Goerli, then on Optimism Mainnet. The project have pages, like Swap, Tokens, and Pool. For now the important is th...Mainnet. The project have pages, like Swap, Tokens, and Pool. For now the important is the Swap page. What I want is: 1. Get the tokens incl token logo from CoinGecko. 2. Show an error when the user select the wronge chain. 3. If the user do not have funds to pay for the gas or whatever, it should throw an error on the screen. 4. Fix the connect to a wallet button, nothing happen when click on Metamask, Coinbase..etc 5. Put the Tokenlist pop up windows in the right position(css). And here is the Swap page(...

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    Develop front running bot sandwich bot mev bot uniswap bot on eth using python. setup profitable crypto bot, hft bot, front running bot, mev bot, sandwich bot and connect it with your dex and metamask. The Mev bot will frontrun transactions and buy and sell on the same block for profit. The bot works on both windows and mac and should be easy to install.

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    Someone hacked my MetaMask wallet and seems to be connected still. I reached out to MetaMask's support, but they didn't guide me with specific steps for recovery. I'm lacking technical knowledge about the recovery process such as using codes to deactivate other connections. I have some funds staked in the wallet- I am the only person who knows about it. I'm urgently seeking a freelancer experienced in MetaMask wallet recovery to disconnect the hacker and help me regain control. Your expertise should include: - Prior experience with MetaMask wallet recovery procedures - Understanding of blockchain security measures - Ideally, a familiarity with using codes to deactivate unauthorized parties Please bid knowing the situation is sensitive and time...

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    I'm looking for a skilled web developer experienced in building cryptocurrency websites. My vision is for a bold and vibrant site, incorporating the following functionality: - Live price updates of...functionality: - Live price updates of Bitcoin and Ethereum - Wallet integration - A trading platform, inclusive of presale tracking capabilities in multiple stages and each time someone purchases tokens, live tracker updates price. - Token purchasing using ethereum, USDT and credit cards with an implemented feature to keep records of each customer that purchases tokens. - Wallet integration with MetaMask, trust wallet, Ledger, Coinbase Wallet, Exodus and many more If your expertise aligns with these requirements and you know how to deliver a vibrant design, I'd love t...

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    ...Contract will use network with cryptocurrency that will minimize fees. For a 30$ transaction fees should be under 25 cents. with deployment cost under 30$. My hourly rate should be set in native crypto or USDT At time when call is scheduled or once I connect to call, funds from contract will be transferred to my metamask wallet Freelancer will chose free tier service for calendar, email and screen share in integrate apis into contract. Freelancer will also help me get the metamask wallet and test and install everything describe here IMPORTANT. NO WEBSITE OR BACKEND SHOULD BE IMPLEMENTED AT THIS STEP BECAUSE OF SECURITY ISSUES - ALL INTEGRATION SHOULD BE DONE FROM WITHIN SMART CONTRACT OR USING A THIRD PARTY SERVICE SO PLEASE INCLUDE WHICH NETWORK AND 3RD PARTY SERVICES Y...

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    We need a React developer to create a DeFi dashboard with Web3Modal (Metamask) integration. Requirements: - DeFi dashboard: borrow and lending - integration of web3modal(metamask) - Implement read and write data from evm contract Note: 1. We will provide you with a reference link, and you need to design it in a similar manner, making only theme color changes. 2. We need Only UI dashboard and blockchain integration. defi smart contract is already deployed on polygon testnet.

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    Issues that need fixing with smart contract up windows refer to BNB should be MATIC needs to be changed. 3. Viewing and claiming tokens not showing the right numbers and doesn’t seem to accurately work 4. Wallet connect and connecting with trust wallet not working , MetaMask only works on edge not on chrome etc. 5. Also when depositing the SYNN tokens through wallet it doesn’t seem to be working

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    Issues that need fixing with smart contract up windows refer to BNB should be MATIC needs to be changed. 3. Viewing and claiming tokens not showing the right numbers and doesn’t seem to accurately work 4. Wallet connect and connecting with trust wallet not working , MetaMask only works on edge not on chrome etc. 5. Also when depositing the SYNN tokens through wallet it doesn’t seem to be working

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    Working in a cryptocurrency ICO and my website is not connecting to MetaMask or any wallet. Also there is a contract issue when trying to register to my token contract: Issues: 1.MetaMask and other wallet connects not connecting to site - issue when trying to approve the token In Synthron contract. won’t deposit the tokens for use in the private sale. connections not working.

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    Are required for two versions of the project. In the first version MetaMask remains connected to the site undetected not allowing users to link wallets. The second version basic operation is prioritized with the option to gradually add additional features using the $FBT token and excluding non custodial creation and integration with specific blockchain platforms is required.

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    ...platform for users to connect with Metamask. The website will require basic customizations. Key requirements for the project include: - The website should provide users with a seamless experience to connect with Metamask. - Users should be able to access and utilize the functionalities of Metamask through the website. - The website should be user-friendly, with an intuitive interface for easy navigation. - The design of the website should be visually appealing and aligned with the branding of Metamask. - The functionalities requested by the client should be implemented, based on their list of requirements. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficiency in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. - Familiarity with Metamask...

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    this is current project I need Trust wallet/metamask and wallet connect If you can, let me know I will give you full marks review it needs to be done in a few hours (1or 2 hours) If you want to get hired immediately, write the job proposal "wallet connect" from the start otherwise will be ignored.

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    Blockchain website S-a încheiat left

    The website mainly has three pages. The home page has a list of pending orders, which is a list of only sell orders. Then there is a purchase page and a listing page. There are zero handling fees and no slippage. There is a pinned advertis...slippage. There is a pinned advertising image and link on the homepage. Only I, as the administrator, can change the top advertisement. Only the administrator can put the token pairs on the shelves. The token pairs are all erc20 and have nothing to do with eth. There is no need to deal with eth or weth separately in the code. I hope it is concise and stable. code. The wallet only needs to connect metamask. The website will comply with local laws. The development language can be back-end solidity or other, and the front-end react or other can als...

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    Reactjs Blockchain Integrated Project with Firebase Backend I want a skill verification website using reactjs and blockchain I am adding a link for reference I want the metamask to handle the user accounts with ganache to provide the dummy accounts Purpose of Blockchain Integration: Data security Features in Firebase Backend: Real-time Database Skills and Experience Required: - Strong knowledge and experience in blockchain technology - Proficiency in developing and integrating blockchain solutions - Expertise in working with public blockchain networks - Experience in implementing data security measures in blockchain systems - Familiarity with Firebase and its real-time database functionality

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    Project Title: Only need a Fix Pending Transaction on Metamask Description: I am experiencing a stuck transaction issue on Metamask and I need someone to fix it for me. The issue occurs with specific transactions and I have access to the original transaction details. Someone that was trading for me deposited my Profit in my Metamask wallet as a BTC instead ETH, now i can't move that amount Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience with Metamask - Expertise in fixing stuck transaction issues - Familiarity with blockchain technology and Ethereum network - Ability to troubleshoot and debug transaction problems - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail

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    ...These quests will be related to tasks on the blockchain like 1) Doing a transaction 2) Owning an NFT 3) Has this person interacted with this smart contract And we an manually add the quests later. I am looking for a developer to create a web3 questing platform with a leaderboard. The platform will be developed using JavaScript or if you think anything else is better. Should be able to work with Metamask and other web3 platform APIs. Design and Layout: - I have a clear idea of the design and layout for the platform. I will provide detailed specifications and wireframes. Leaderboard System: - The leaderboard system should be based on achievements. Players will earn points and unlock achievements as they progress through the on chain quests. The data can be stored off-chain, not ...

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    Hi, We're in need of a skilled crypto website developer to create a minting site integrated with ERC20 smart contracts. If you've got a track record in developing functional crypto platforms, we want to hear from you. In case it matters, the ERC20 token should be deployed very classically on the Ethereum network and users should be able to connect at least with MetaMask and TrustWallet. The more wallets the better. Furthermore, the website should have a professional and trustful look. We would not like to have another "typical" Web3-like Website with many buzzwords, coins, and vague promises. Let's discuss the project details via the chat option. Cheers, Lukas

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    Nft tournament platform S-a încheiat left

    Inquiry Regarding Blockchain Tournament Structure Website Development Dear contractor I hope this message finds you well. I am currently in search of a skilled blockchain developer to create a specialized website for NFT racing games. The project involves integrating a blockchain tournament structure with 6 gate entrances and seamless compatibility with crypto wallets such as MetaMask. Here are the key features and requirements for the project: 1. **Smart Contract Integration:** The ability to integrate smart contracts for secure and transparent transactions. 2. **User Registration and Login:** Implementation of user registration and login systems to enable participation in tournaments. 3. **NFT Marketplace Integration:** Capability to integrate an NFT marketplace for trading...

    $856 (Avg Bid)
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    In version 1: Metamask remains connected to the site, but the site does not see the connection. The user should be able to connect a wallet, such as MetaMask. In version 2: make most things work, and then other functions can be added one by one (like other crypto and escrow functions). And make it only use the $FBT utility token and no other cryptography, and all without escrow. And you have to create tokens and integrate some blockchain platform. And integration with some blockchain platforms.

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    Hello! I'm looking for an experienced developer to create a cryptocurrency trading bot for me. The bot I need is an arbitrage bot, one that can scan the market to buy the second-listed crypto and then sell it at 1000% profit. I'd like to have features such as basic buy/sell functionality as well as advanced technical analysis indicators and automated tr...for me. The bot I need is an arbitrage bot, one that can scan the market to buy the second-listed crypto and then sell it at 1000% profit. I'd like to have features such as basic buy/sell functionality as well as advanced technical analysis indicators and automated trading strategies and risk management. Additionally, I'd like for the bot to operate on the dexveiw cryptocurrency exchange through metamask. Than...

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