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    big proiect for investments for people

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    Objective: I'm looking for an expert to recreate an Excel-based Personal Finance Tracker that includes various functionalities for tracking income, expenses, savings, investments, and debts, along with dashboards and visualizations to monitor financial performance over time. Additionally, make specific adjustments as required to tailor the tracker to individual needs. - **Income, Expense, and Savings Tracking**: The tracker should allow for the manual input of financial data along with the ability to import from bank statements. - **Dashboards and Visualizations**: The tracker should have the capability to generate comprehensive and insightful visualizations over time. I'd like to see bar charts, pie charts, and line graphs to monitor my financial performance. Detaile...

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    As a beginner in the trading world, I am in need of a stock broker who can offer valuable advice and manage my portfolio. Key requirements: - Stock Trading Advice: I am looking for an expert who can provide me with sound advice on my trades and investments. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of the stock market and can guide me through the process. - Portfolio Management: I also require assistance in managing my portfolio. The stock broker should have the ability to diversify my investments and optimize my returns. Communication: - Daily Updates: I expect the stock broker to keep me informed on a 2-3 days per week basis. Clear and concise updates are essential for me to understand the progress and make informed decisions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Pro...

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    I need an attractive pitch deck to secure investment from venture capitalists. The main goal of this project is to create a compelling pitch deck that will persuade venture capitalists to invest in my Fintech startup. The...venture capitalists to invest in my Fintech startup. The primary focus of the pitch deck should be on presenting the business model in a clear and engaging way. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Previous experience in designing pitch decks for Fintech startups and attracting investors - Good understanding of the Fintech industry and what venture capitalists look for in potential investments - Strong design skills to create visually appealing and professional slides - Ability to clearly communicate complex business models in a simple and engag...

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    I am currently looking for a skilled investment specialist who can help me develop a solid investment strategy with a focus on generating income in the short term. Key Requirements: - The investment strategy should be designed to generate regular income from my investments in a short-term period. - The plan should include diversification across multiple sectors. I am primarily interested in the technology, real estate, energy, and stock market sectors. - I'm looking for a professional who can understand the intricacies of investment, has a track record of successful income-generating strategies, and can work with me to develop a comprehensive approach. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in investment planning, particularly in income generation. - Strong knowled...

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    ...and the expected payment date. 7. 50 30 20 Dashboard: Analysis of the distribution of expenses according to the 50/30/20 budget rules. A control panel that shows spending rates on necessities, wants, and savings. 8. Annual Expense Tracker: Track and analyze expenses throughout the year Annual spreadsheet for recording monthly expenses and graphs for analysis. 9. Investment Management: Track investments and their performance. A table of basic details and profit and loss analysis. 10. Tax Planning: Prepare for taxes and track payments. A schedule of tax payments and estimates of dues. 11.Long-Term Financial Goals: Planning for long-term financial goals. A spreadsheet to track big goals like retirement or buying a house. 12. Emergency Expenses: Manage and track emergency expenses. A...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to build a versatile trading journal web platform tailored for individual traders. Key Features: - Portfolio Tracking: Users should be able to monitor and manage their investments on the platform. - Trade Analysis Tools: The platform should provide users with tools to analyze trading performance and trends. - Reporting and Analytics: The system should generate detailed reports and analytics for better decision-making. - Trade Record: The platform should allow users to record and keep track of their trades. Target Audience: - The primary audience for this platform will be individual traders, so the platform should be designed with their needs and preferences in mind. Platform Interaction: - Users should interact with the platform via a web ...

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    I'm in need of an experienced personal finance professional. Specifically, I'm looking for someone who can assist me in the following areas: - **Debt Man...appetite. The primary goal of this portfolio is to generate regular income. - **Budgeting**: I'd also like assistance in creating a sustainable budget that aligns with my financial goals, particularly with regards to the regular income I aim to generate from my investments. I need someone who not only has a strong grasp of personal finance concepts but also a proven track record in debt management, investment portfolio creation, and budgeting. Experience in providing financial advice for regular income generation through investments would be a significant advantage. Please include relevant experience and ...

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    I'm seeking specialist help with tax planning for personal taxes, particularly with respect to my investments. As I navigate through my financial planning, I understand the importance of having a robust strategy to minimize tax liabilities on my investments. Key Deliverables: - Ability to assess, understand, and provide advice on my current tax situation related to my investments and estate planning. - Develop a tax-saving plan that safeguards my investments interests. Ideal Skill Set: - Experience in investment-related tax planning is crucial. - Deep understanding of the varying tax laws and potential impacts on personal investments. - Ability to clearly explain complicated tax matters in lay terms. - Expertise in personal tax and financial plann...

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    I'm seeking an experienced financial analyst skilled in ARIMA modeling to help me generate a detailed and actionable report. Your primary task will be to conduct an advanced ARIMA analysis focusing on outlier detection and forecast accuracy measurement for my chosen stocks. This analysis will form the backbone of the financial report and will help me make informed decisions about future investments. Key Responsibilities: - Perform an in-depth ARIMA analysis - Identify and investigate any outliers - Measure the accuracy of forecasts - R and python coding Please note that the main objective of this analysis is to predict future stock prices accurately. This means that you'll need to have a solid grasp on both ARIMA modeling and stock market dynamics. Ideal candidates for...

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    I * **C...professional organization that provides resources and publications on traffic engineering and transportation planning. **4. Academic Libraries:** * **University Libraries:** University libraries often have extensive collections of research reports, technical papers, and theses on transportation topics. **Remember:** * **Respect Confidentiality:** When accessing publicly available reports, be mindful of any confidentiality restrictions or limitations on sharing the information. * **Cite Sources:** If you use any information from these sources in your own work, be sure to properly cite them. By exploring these resources, you should be able to find examples of traffic analysis reports that are relevant to your project and provide valuable insights into the expected del...

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    ...available for quick meetings from 8am to 3pm tuesday - friday your local time. Most work can be done anytime. Base Compensation starts at $2-4usd. + Bonuses Expect fair bonus compensation with progress and achievements. Expect as many flexible full time work hours as you want with our future success. Assist us in various aspects of our life, online presence, business & relationships development, investments and relocation efforts. Reduce my Screen Time.. Help me think and set personal goals and our team goals. Create & Update our online profiles and business directory listings on a weekly basis/ Trade digital assets, apply to contracts; Swiping, Liking, Research Manage & reply to incoming messages, schedule appointments. Update online career credentials, courses...

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    ...comprising of 2-5 properties. Properties are in Mexico and we reside in Canada. Key Responsibilities: - Conceptualize and execute strategic tax planning for real estate investments - Update on tax rules and regulations pertinent to North American real estate - Propose efficient ways to reduce tax liabilities Ideal Candidate: 1. Proven experience in international real estate tax planning 2. Deep knowledge of North American property taxation 3. Ability to handle multiple properties and devise customized tax strategies. Let's ensure an efficient tax strategy to optimize my small scale, North American real estate investments....

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    ...marketer for prominent product placements in a romance feature. We are looking for someone able to get companies to partner with the production to financially invest in the feature for publicity of their products. I'm looking for: - Someone with an understanding of Brand Integration - Proven experience in marketing with companies - Ability to make the calls and get the meetings to get the investments - Someone with proven results and would have a quick understanding of the feature and all the assets that make it standout. We intend to give out a percentage of the investor amount given to the feature as well as movie credit in the feature. This will be our third feature, our prior feature are available on Amazon Prime and iTunes There will be a prominent display of the ...

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    I'm seeking experienced investment banking analysts with a strong analytical background, particularly in financial modeling and real estate. As an ideal candidate, you should have a notable interest in hotel investment. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct in-depth market research. - Prepare comprehensive financial models. - Perform thorough due diligence on potential investments. - Create persuasive and informative investment memos. Skills and Qualifications Desired: - Strong analytical skills. - Previous experience in investment banking. - Advanced financial modeling abilities. - Knowledge of real estate industry is a plus. - High interest in hotel investment. Communication and Reporting: - I expect weekly progress reports to track the project's advancement. - Monthly perf...

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    I'm seeking experienced investment banking analysts with a strong analytical background, particularly in financial modeling and real estate. As an ideal candidate, you should have a notable interest in hotel investment. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct in-depth market research. - Prepare comprehensive financial models. - Perform thorough due diligence on potential investments. - Create persuasive and informative investment memos. Skills and Qualifications Desired: - Strong analytical skills. - Previous experience in investment banking. - Advanced financial modeling abilities. - Knowledge of real estate industry is a plus. - High interest in hotel investment. Communication and Reporting: - I expect weekly progress reports to track the project's advancement. - Monthly perf...

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    I'm after a creative and experienced graphic designer to bring the branding of Artemis Capital to life. I have some initial ideas but I'm excited to hear your creative input. Artemis Capital is a private funding agency bringing highly valuable investments direct to investors. Requirements: - Compose a logo applying the colors blue and white but open to ideas... - Acknowledge my initial ideas while incorporating fresh, innovative concepts - Provide work samples demonstrating prior experience in logo design - I like the idea of an arrowhead or similar design but maintains a minimalist concept. Skills needed: - Proficient in Adobe Illustrator or similar software AI file for completed documents. - Creative thinking and good understanding of color theory - Excellent communica...

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    I'm looking to expand my business into the forex market, particularly targeting individual investors. The main goal is to maximize profits, so experience in high-risk trading is necessary. Key requirements include: - Demonstrable experience in forex trading, especially with high-risk investments. - Ability to understand and meet individual investors' needs and expectations. - Proven track record of profitability and growth in the forex market. - Strong analytical and decision-making skills to navigate high-risk scenarios. - Excellent communication skills to cater to individual investors and keep the progress transparent. Your task would be to strategize and execute our entry into the forex market, ensuring that we optimize profits while accommodating a high-risk profil...

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    Hi Elkhalil, I know I said we'll start June 23rd but I ended up creating a video today: This video is for my other project called Mindful Seekers. Please use the script to assist you on the edits. And I think the same style works here but more animation - but I'm open to any recommendations you may have for book reviews. Also please note from 0:15 - 0:25 is just audio and no video of me. Thanks!

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    I'm looking for an experienced web developer to create an e-commerce platform that specializes in selling gold and silver bullion. Key Features: - **Design**: I prefer a traditional and elegant design for the website. The layout should reflect the prestige and trustworthiness often associated with bullion investments. - **Live Price Updates**: The site should have an automatic price update feature that refreshes every few minutes. This is crucial to keep our prices current and competitive. - **Product Quantity**: I plan to start with less than 100 products, so the website should be built with this scale in mind. - **Payment Integration**: I want the website to accept Credit/Debit Cards and Bank Transfer as payment methods. The integration of these payment gateways should be...

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    I'm a comedian traveling around the united states my fundamental business plan is to build a name and use the name to create several different businesses so far I've got investments in a party bus, an entertainment company, investing into some artists and connecting with bigger ones (influencers can promote) im looking into buying clubs and continuing to evolve in all areas. for my video game development company I'd like to start with a roblox game and one day head into VR-AI world game development. Excited to find developers that would like to journey alongside me. I'm looking for an experienced game developer who can create a 3D RPG shooter game for PC. right now I'd like some armor developed that ups health and lowers movement (can be cosmetically ...

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    ...Subscription management: The software should have a user registration and login system, multiple subscription plans with varied pricing, and an automatic payment processing feature. - Analytical pages: The software should have at least 10 analytical pages, with a focus on technical analysis. This will involve indicators, charts, and other tools that can help users make informed decisions about their investments. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in stock analysis software development - Experience in implementing real-time data feeds and analysis tools - Prior work on subscription-based software - Strong grasp of user experience design - Knowledge of the stock market and investment strategies I'm looking for a team or individual who can d...

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    I need an expert in finance and renewable energy to construct a financial model centered around wind energy. The key purpose for this model is investment analysis, guiding decisions on potential investments in wind energy projects. Key Requirements: - An in-depth forecast analysis, enabling us to study the long-term financial implications and risks. - A focus on wind energy, incorporating related variables and indicators significant in this renewable energy field. Ideal freelancer: - You should have robust experience in financial modeling. - Deep understanding of renewable energy, preferably specializing in wind energy. In your bid, please share previous related projects you've completed.

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    I'm looking to establish a logo for my new business, Invest and Grow Property. - The business: Invest and Grow Property focuses on residential property investments and financing. - The message: The main feeling I want to convey is achieving financial freedom and passive income through property investing. I have attached an image of a sample logo i found online which i really liked. please feel free to use it again and tweak a bit e.g. colours. BUT we are open to all ideas!! please also give us different ideas of colours. You can also try and incorporate the acronyms into the logo if you think it will look good.

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    I'm a UK national living in Japan, in need of tax planning advice around my personal finances. My primary focus is: - Income Tax - Inheritance Tax - Capital Gains Tax The tax expert sould understand tax implications for UK nationals residing in Japan with permanent tax residence status and be able to advise how my investments or assets in the UK may be optimized for Japan tax purposes.

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    Objective: Epiidosis Investments LLC seeks an expert to swiftly install and customize Odoo Community Edition CRM. This CRM will manage client investments, integrating PBX telephony, appointments, online payments, VoIP/video calls, call logs, task management, financial proposals, legal documentation, and web integration with our branding. Scope of Work: Install and Configure Odoo CRM: Set up Odoo Community Edition and tailor modules for investment management. Telephony Integration: Integrate PBX telephony and enable VoIP/video calls for efficient communication. Appointment and Payment Systems: Implement scheduling and online payment gateways. Task and Document Management: Set up call logs, task management, and legal document templates. Web Integration: Integrate CRM w...

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    I'm in need of a classic style logo for my Ford car dealership. Here's what I'm imagining: - Features a blue, grey and white color palette to promote trust and dependability. - Incorporates a car silhouette, compliant with Ford's recognizable design. Please be mindful of copyright, the silhouette should be generic enough, but yet reflect Ford's particularly strong and bold aesthetics. - The style sought is classy and timeless, yet strongly appealing to our customers. Ideal designer for this project should possess: - Skill in Adobe Illustrator. - Excellent sense of design and creativity. - Attention to detail and ability to receive constructive feedback. - A good understanding of fit-for-purpose design, tuning it to the target market. - Prior experience...

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    In this role, you will be responsible for: Developing and executing lead generation strategies across various platforms: Setting up targeted Meta Ads for lead generation Conducting organic outreach on LinkedIn to attract potential clie...successful lead generation campaigns across various digital platforms (Meta Ads, LinkedIn, etc.) Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to build rapport with potential clients Strong critical thinking and problem-solving abilities to identify areas for improvement and optimize campaigns A self-motivated and results-oriented work ethic with a commitment to exceeding expectations Haswani Investments presents the opportunity to work for a well-established and growing company in the construction industry and Dynamic and collaborative work en...

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    Only Freelancers with US Real Estate Experience should Apply!!! I'm looking for someone to create a powerful pitch deck to help me secure funding from capital partners and real estate investors. We aim to involve these potential investors in our Building and House Flipping Business. The deck must be attractive and engaging, conveying the following information: - How the investments will be used across different house flipping projects. - A detailed financial breakdown by project. - The expected duration and profitability of each project. Ideal candidates will have: - Strong experience in creating investment pitch decks, ideally within the real estate industry. - A deep understanding of financial projections and the ability to create a detailed breakdown by project. - An...

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    I'm in need of an exchange website resembli...Features: - API Integration for Automated Trading: This feature will enable users to set up automated trading strategies on the platform. - Advanced Chart Tools for Traders: Integrate sophisticated charting tools to assist traders in making informed decisions. - Mobile App Version: Develop a mobile application that mirrors the website's functionality, allowing users to trade and monitor their investments on the go. The successful candidate should have a solid understanding of the cryptocurrency market, security protocols, and user interface design. Prior experience in developing cryptocurrency exchanges or similar financial platforms will be an added advantage. A strong portfolio demonstrating successful and relevant projects ...

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    ... I need support in the following areas: we don't have a website. we have prepared a concept for investors, a presentation in Russian, I have not yet managed to translate into English and a technical task for developers. I have already assembled the entire team, only investments remain. I need a person who will conduct a crowdfunding campaign and help with attracting investments for a percentage or a certain amount. $100,000 is needed for the implementation of the project. write to me how you can help in attracting investments and what will be the cost of your services. if you need to translate the presentation into English, I will translate it. - Video Production: You should have experience in creating engaging, high-quality videos that can effectively commun...

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    ...economic environment in Burkina Faso. Specifically, I require a comprehensive risk assessment for businesses in the region. This will involve a thorough analysis of the financial stability, compliance with regulations, and potential risks associated with various businesses in Burkina Faso. Your work will be instrumental in helping me make informed decisions regarding potential partnerships and investments in the region. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting in-depth risk assessment for businesses in Burkina Faso - Identifying financial stability and compliance with regulations - Highlighting potential risks associated with the businesses Ideal Skills: - Strong background in financial analysis and risk assessment - Extensive experience in conducting financial vetting in the West A...

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    I'm seeking a proficient professional to assist with the valuation of my sports team franchise. Your expertise will be pivotal in helping secure future investments. - **Scope of Work**: You will work with available historical financial statements and future estimated financials to perform a comprehensive valuation. Develop an editable Excel-based franchise valuation model. Use industry-standard methodologies, such as Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC), to determine franchise value. Ensure the model is comprehensive, user-friendly, and adaptable for future use. - **Deliverables**: I need a comprehensive report with detailed analysis and strategic recommendations. This is crucial for potential investors. - **Expertise Required**: - **Fina...

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    Multiple Permanent Part Time Office Based Personal Assistants local to or near South Thailand /Malaysia/Indonesia T...may be required when no online digital option available to process task. $3-5usd Progress Based Compensation + Profit Share + Furnished Home CoWork Office in the future. Part time to start around 5-15 flexible hours per week. Be available for meetings sometimes from 8am to 3pm your desired time. Assist us in various aspects of our life, online presence, business & relationships development, investments and relocation efforts. Be capable of creation and regular maintenance of our online profiles and business directory listings on a weekly bases in addition to trading digital assets and Applying to contracts; Swiping and Liking. Manage incoming messages, schedule...

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    I am in need of an artificial intelligence trading bot to analyze a chosen sector or group of investments. The key features the bot needs to have are: - The ability to run three tests. These must look for current prices greater than short term and longer term moving averages. - A function to sift through successful results and run a test of RSI less than 30. - User interface where I can select the specific sector or group of investments that the bot will analyze. - The bot must be designed for Windows operating system. Ideal freelancers for this job will have a strong background in financial technology, specifically in building AI trading bots. Proficiency in software development for Windows is also required. Your experience in developing similar projects will be highly v...

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    ...startups join our portfolio. ● We are on a journey to become a leading AI deal-making platform aiming to grow from our current 7 portfolio companies ($30m revenue) to over 150 companies with $1Billion in revenue and $12 Billion in current portfolio company CEOs, combined have had over $11.3 Billion in exits. ● Our portfolio is split into the following verticals : AI, Fintech and Sport Tech investments. Moving forward we also aim to back companies that have impact-driven approach and female-led. ● We have 30+ years of venture capital, private equity, private banking and technology experience. Link to our Deck and story: Role Description If you have AI and ML background as well that would be great to have. Will also have the ability to work on product

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    I have a cluster of excel sheets, three or more in ...and differing issues. I'm in need of a skilled and meticulous individual to carry out the following tasks: - Correct the incorrect formatting: This issue is present across all the sheets, some more so than others, but the inconsistency is what's causing the major problems. - Remove duplicate entries: Each sheet has its own set of duplicate entries that need to be identified and eliminated, but mindful attention needs to be given as the duplicates vary from sheet to sheet. Having extensive experience with Excel, attention to detail, and data cleaning would make you a perfect candidate for this task. Please understand that each sheet has its individualistic problems so preparatory investigation before beginning the task...

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    I am looking for a professional typist to help bring my non-fiction book to life. The manuscript will be provided as scanned documents and I'm expecting the final typed document to be in the range of 20,000 to 50,000 words. Key Responsibilities: - Transcribe the scanned documents with high accuracy - Be mindful of the book's tone and style for consistency Ideal Skills: - Excellent typing and transcription skills (including typing footnotes) - Experience in working with non-fiction books - Keen eye for detail and adherence to deadlines

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    I'm in need of a highly functional desktop application that serves as a teacher training platform. Here are the key features you should be mindful of: - **Offline Functionality:** This is a key element to the project. The application should be able to function without requiring an internet connection. Teachers will need access to the content provided even in situations where they are not connected to the internet. - **Online Data Sync:** Even though offline functionality is important, the application should have the capability to sync data with an online server when an internet connection is available. This is vital for updating content and tracking progress. - **Cross-Platform Compatibility:** The application should be designed to run on Windows. It should be further scalable...

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    ...Information on the average lifespan of projects, associated costs, and estimated profitability. 2. Buying and Selling Shares: • System allowing projects to be divided into shares (pieces) that investors can purchase through in app wallet • Automatic calculation of returns on investment and distribution of profits based on the shares owned. 3. Investment Management: • Real-time tracking of investments. • Interface to visualize the revenue generated by projects (e.g., monthly revenue of a taxi after deducting expenses). 4. Marketplace: • Feature allowing investors to resell their shares on a dedicated marketplace. • Interface for buying and selling shares with a real-time quotation system. 5. Security and Transparency: • Robust securit...

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    ... User Archetypes: Individuals seeking passive income through rental property investments. Business Model: Users can invest fractional amounts in real estate properties listed on our platform. Properties are rented out by vendors, and users earn rental income and appreciation proportional to their investment. Investments can be sold to other investors, ensuring liquidity. Problem Statement: High capital requirement for prime real estate properties. High risk due to concentrated investment in few properties. Lack of liquidity when funds are needed. Solution: Fractional investment reduces capital requirements and allows investment in prime properties. Risk is diversified across multiple properties. Investments can be easily liquidated by selling fractions to other...

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    ...trading platform, I'm looking for an expert in this domain who can build a user-centric application suitable for beginner traders. Key elements the platform should encompass are: - Real-time market data: To assist in informed trading decisions, the platform needs to incorporate immediate feed for market trends and price fluctuations. - Portfolio tracking: Helps the beginners to monitor their investments and obtain a quick summary of their holdings. Extensions towards advanced functionalities as the user grows from beginner to intermediate can be a valuable feature to add. Previous experience creating similar platforms with these features would be appreciated. Effective UX design skills to craft an intuitive and simple interface are equally crucial. Handling API integratio...

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    I'm working on a bank ESG project and I'm looking for an expert who can help me address the environmenta...for the bank. Key Tasks: - Identify and develop sustainable business models that can align with the bank's environmental goals while also contributing to profitability. - Research and propose strategies for encouraging eco-friendly investments within the bank's portfolio. Ideal Skills: - Comprehensive understanding of ESG principles, particularly as they relate to banking and finance. - Ability to develop and implement sustainable business models. - Expertise in balancing environmental impact with profitability. - Experience in promoting eco-friendly investments within financial institutions. Your insights and expertise will be crucial in helping...

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    ...process data related to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and crypto. - Knowledge in API Integration: The platform should be able to fetch real-time data from various financial APIs. - Strong UI/UX Design: I want a clean, intuitive, and visually appealing interface for seamless user experience. The primary goal of this system is to assist me in tracking my personal investments. The system should be able to handle different types of investments such as Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, and Crypto. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Previous experience in developing investment tracking systems or financial applications would be a significant advantage. - Strong understanding of database management and API integration to ensure the platform operates efficiently and accurate...

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    Hi there. We are in our early 40s. He's Japanese and she's American, and we have savings, stocks, and pensions in both countries. After 10+ years in Japan, we'll be relocating to the US within 1 year. We are particularly concerned about the...particularly concerned about the current JPY/USD exchange rate. For now, we want someone based in the US that we can meet with 1-3 times for a flat fee as we plan our international move and the next stage of our lives. We are open to the possibility of an ongoing relationship, but for now we just want some advice and perspective in terms of what we need to be thinking about for moving money, investments, retirements, etc. Our combined income is around 150K/year, so we're comfortable but still need to work to live. We loo...

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    Trophy icon Facebook Ad Graphic Design for SAAS S-a încheiat left

    ...investors such as fix and flippers or landlords. Here is the URL to the lead magnet page so you can gain context : Our main site is here: Key Requirements: - The design should be visually appealing and engaging to our target audience. - Convey the message that the REI Blueprint assessment is the key to finding profitable real estate investments. - Ultimately, the goal is to generate leads and drive traffic to our website. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating successful Facebook ad campaigns - Proficiency in graphic design, with a keen eye for aesthetics - Understanding of the real estate industry, particularly in relation to investment This project is perfect for a creative designer who understands the dynamics

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    ...seeking a skilled website developer to build me a wealth management website. This should be a clean, straightforward site that effectively describes my services and includes a brief introduction to me and my work. Key Features: - Account Dashboard: A user-friendly interface where clients can access their account details. - Investment Tracking: Functionality that allows clients to track their investments with ease. - Financial Planning Tools: Interactive and helpful tools to assist clients in their financial planning. Essential Pages: - Home - About - Services - Contact The ideal applicant for this project would have a strong background in web development, specifically with creating wealth management websites. Experience in PHP, Javascript, and MySQL is preferred. Additionall...

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