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    PHP Oauth Integrare S-a încheiat left

    Am nevoie de un freelancer care sa cunoasca foarte bine PHP,Oauth,Integrare, sa fie vorbitor de limba engleza si romana,si sa poata sa isi dedice mai mult timp acestui job.

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    Crearea de interfata web S-a încheiat left

    OAuth knowledge crearea unei interfete web pentru o aplicatie web

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    need Frontend developer 6 zile left

    We're in the initial stages of developing a functional Image editor. Project Overview: Scope: Develop a nextJS project. Tech Stack: NextJS, NestJS, HTML, CSS, TailwindCSS, AWS or Google Cloud (microservices in Dockerized containers), and OAuth for authentication. Your Input: We highly value your expertise, and we'd love to hear your thoughts on the suggested tech stack and tools. If you have any recommendations or preferences based on your experience, we are open to discussing and incorporating them into our development plan. First Step is the test Now we have a 3 designes but we are not satisfied about this. But We are goint to test about your front end skills with these tests. There are 3 types. (5)?type=design&node-id=0-

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    ...abonamentowych. Forum i Sekcja Wydarzeń: Dla członków klubu, tworzenie przestrzeni do wymiany opinii i organizacji wydarzeń. Opcje Płatności i Fakturacja: Integracja z systemem Stripe do obsługi płatności i generowania faktur. System Ocen i Recenzji: Możliwość oceniania i recenzji wynajmowanych samochodów oraz wynajmujących. Bezpieczeństwo: Autentykacja i Autoryzacja: Wykorzystanie OAuth 2.0 i JWT do zarządzania dostępem. Szyfrowanie Danych: Zastosowanie TLS dla bezpiecznego przesyłania danych i AES dla ochrony danych przechowywanych. Backup i Odzyskiwanie Danych: Regularne tworzenie kopii zapasowych danych i zapewnienie mechanizmów ich odzyskiwania. Dodatkowe Uwagi: Moduł Zarządzania Ogłoszeniami: Rozbudowa backen...

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    ...authentication to ensure a secure user experience. - Implementation of push notifications to keep users engaged. - Seamless payment integration for in-app purchases or subscriptions. - Capability to handle live streaming as well as hosting and playing on-demand videos. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Java or Kotlin - Experience with Android SDK - Familiarity with streaming media protocols - Understanding of OAuth or similar user authentication protocols - Previous work with payment gateway APIs - Knowledge of Google Firebase for notifications Experience in media streaming app development is highly desirable. Evidence of previous work that includes live and on-demand streaming will be sought after to evaluate your suitability for this project. Let's build an app that stands o...

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    I am seeki...seeking an experienced Python developer who is familiar with OAuth 2.0 and the Microsoft Graph API. Key responsibilities will include: Creating a Python script that: - Securely authenticates and Yahoo Mail users. - Waiting for a new mail to come like imap-idle does. - Enabling the reading of emails from both providers post-authentication. - Incorporating a specific email filtering function that sorts emails by date. You must create the app required on each of the platforms for the testing and guide me to create my apps into the platforms A strong understanding of secure authentication processes and email service APIs is necessary for this project. Familiarity and prior experience working with Microsoft Graph API and OAuth 2.0 authentication are highly recomm...

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    As the proprietor of a cPanel based server running on AlmaLinux v8.9.0, I am on the lookout for a IT specialist who can securely set up API access to our Docker container. on the lookout for a IT specialist who can securely set up API access to our Docker container. Given the limited information, the project necessitates skill and knowledge in the following areas: 1. Docker management and its intricacies: Having hands-on experience managing Docker containers. 2. API Authentication protocols: Ability to discern and choose the optimal authentication process (OAuth, API key, JWT) suited for our server, while keeping it secure. 3. Comprehension of Server and Operating System details: Familiarity with cPanel and AlmaLinux v8.9.0 is preferred as our server is based on these tec...

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    currently, I'm using the trikoder_oauth2 package for user authentication I want to update it to league_oauth2 as it's not supported in Symfony 6 i'm looking for someone expert in Symfony who can update this ASAP.

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    Attached is the sample PHP script need someone to review and get it working Analytics 4 (GA4) integration. Need a si...24 hours, a week, a month etc Tasks to be done: 1. Change the attached PHP script that retrieves real-time metrics from our GA4 account. 2. These metrics need to include: Pageviews, User sessions, Bounce rate, Unique visitors, Time on page and % Time Buy Clicked (you can create a simple html page with buy now button) You have to have your own 1. Google Cloud project with GA4 API enabled. 2. OAuth 2.0 Client IDs credentials (downloaded as JSON). 3. A GA4 property with access to its data. Once you show a working demo on your server, you will share the script and instructions on how to on my server Sample that you can utilize if you need it this is just an examp...

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    ...Consider adding tooltips with driver information upon hovering over a marker (optional). Backend - Server-side Logic: • Develop a Flask application: o Handle API requests from the frontend to retrieve driver locations from the database. o Implement a background task (using a scheduler like Celery) to periodically fetch driver locations using the Google Maps Geolocation API with proper authentication (OAuth 2.0). o Store retrieved location data in a MySQL database (consider using an ORM like SQLAlchemy for easier data manipulation). Data Storage: • Design a MySQL database schema to store driver information (ID, name) and their corresponding location data (timestamp, latitude, longitude). • Implement secure data storage practices (e.g., user authentication, data encr...

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    Hello everyone, I have the following problem and need someone who can fix it. I have Odoo on an Ubuntu Plesk server and tried to set up SSL in Odoo. The domain also redirects to SSL. I use Oauth and as a redirected url I get an http response instead of a correct https login. The domain is correctly stored in Azure AD and has already worked. I had to reinstall the server and can't find the error.

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    I'm on a quest to secure a skilled developer who can cre...Performance Analysis: Tools to measure content engagement and performance, providing insights to optimize future creations. API: Our site should have a paid API where users can manage all aspects of their site, subscription data, and even purchase plans to use their app with. Security and Compliance Authentication: Implementation of secure authentication strategies with JWT for session management and OAuth for third-party integration. Data Protection: Encryption of sensitive data, implementation of HTTPS, and strict security policies to protect against vulnerabilities. Regulatory Compliance: RGPD-compliant design for European user data protection, and CAN-SPAM compliance for email delivery. Payment Gateway: Stripe, Cr...

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    23 oferte structure. - Implement UI with a button "Download Sample Google Drive Data". - Google OAuth Integration - Integrate Google OAuth 2.0 for authentication. - Request Google Drive access permission on button click. - Redirect users to consent page for app privileges. - Access Google Drive Data - Fetch first level of directories from user's Google Drive post-consent. - Explore read-only access to a specific folder. If feasible, implement and fetch file names from the folder's first level. - Localhost Execution - Ensure app runs on localhost. - Google Cloud & Drive API Setup - Guide on setting up Google Cloud app for OAuth 2.0 and Google Drive API. - Steps for OAuth consent screen, credentials, and enabling Go...

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    ...tournaments and leagues. The new site should be responsive and modern in design. The rebuilt site needs to specialize in running league operations smoothly and must be equipped to support various tournament types (ie single, double elimination, or start teams in losers, etc) Furthermore, the site should empower users to manage their team profiles and player rosters. Also, there should be Web3 or OAuth hooks to allow for third-party platform authentication and synchronization (ie Activision, Discord, Yahoo, Gmail, etc) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Web Development, specifically with experience building sites for the gaming industry - Knowledge of the gaming industry standards - Understanding of tournament structures and league operations. Key Requirements: • Ability to...

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    I'm seeking a skilled Google Apps Script developer to build a customized Google app. This will involve: - Task Automation: Streamlining redundant tasks through automated scripts. - Custom Google Sheets Functions: I need a developer who is proficient in creating unique functions within Google Sheets using App Script. - API Integration: The app should seamlessly integrate Google Apps...authenticate users via their Google accounts. - Data Input Forms: Forms should be included for easy data input and management. - Database Integration: The app should properly connect to and communicate with databases for efficient data retrieval and storage. Ideal applicants will have experience in all the areas mentioned above, along with a good understanding of Google Suite operations and OAuth...

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    I am in need of an expert Bug Hunter to assist me in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in some web domain/online services for Key Areas for Exploration: - Cross-site scripting (XSS) - SQL injection - Remote code execution - OAuth redirection issues Ideal Experience and Skills: you MUST have experience and have gotten bounties in the past. I am looking for someone with ative experience. Level of Expertise: I'm specifically interested in freelancers with advanced expertise in bug hunting. I also want you to help me over zoom to achieve my first bug YOU MUST HELP ME ACHIEVE MY OWN BUG OVER ZOOM. YOU MUST HELP ME ACHIEVE MY OWN BUG OVER ZOOM. YOU MUST HELP ME ACHIEVE MY OWN BUG OVER ZOOM. YOU MUST HELP ME ACHIEVE MY OWN BUG OVER ZOOM. YOU MUST HELP ME ACHIEVE MY OWN

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    ...Requirements: - Integrate Laravel for backend functionality - Set up secure user authentication - Ensure seamless database integration - Develop and integrate APIs for mobile app communication - Reskinning for the Flutter template - Upload to google and Apple store Ideal Experience: - Proven track record with Flutter and Laravel projects - Deep understanding of RESTful API conventions - Experience in OAuth and JWT for secure authentication - Ability to write clean, maintainable code - Familiarity with SQL databases The Project Scope: - Collaborate to refine a specified Flutter template - Implement backend solutions tailored to the template's features - Test thoroughly to ensure reliability and performance I'm excited to see your approach and how your skills can dri...

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    ...I'm in need of an expert in OAuth 2.0 protocol to help me generate the necessary tokens and credentials. The error I am getting: API keys are not supported by this api. expected oauth2 access token or other authentication credentials that assert a principal Solving this issue will require: - Deep knowledge of PHP and Google APIs - Familiarity with credential generation for accessing Gmail API - Understanding the principles of OAuth 2.0 protocol and how to implement it in PHP Once the tokens are generated, I need you to modify the existing code to grant my application full access to Gmail - including reading, composing, and managing emails. This is a complex task calling for someone with proven skills and experience in handling Gmail API using PHP and OAuth...

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    ...implement OAuth 2.0 authentication in our existing 14 application. The primary goal is to facilitate secure connections to users' Google Drive accounts for read operations. This project is particularly straightforward as our app is currently a blank slate, containing only the foundational setup and the philosophical underpinnings of our technical requirements. **Project Context:** Our application is in its initial stages, with a clean 14 setup that adheres strictly to our project's technical philosophy and requirements. This blank state of the app makes the task at hand—integrating Google OAuth features and secure token storage—a more streamlined process, free from the complexities of navigating existing functionalities. **Key Deliverables:** 1....

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    I am looking for a person to help me add new functionalities for this application. I want to use this script to make Resumes. I have the domain, and I also bought a VPS on Digital Ocean. I want to connect the Domain with Digital Ocean. And I to switch to any other relational database with a few minor changes in the code Redis (for caching, session storage and resume statistics) Minio (for object storage: to store avatars, resume PDFs and previews) Browserless (for headless chrome, to print PDFs and generate previews) SMTP Server (to send password recovery emails) Sentry (for error tracing and performance monitoring) GitHub/Google OAuth (for quickly authenticating users) LinguiJS and Crowdin (for translation management and localization)

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    I'm seeking an expert with vast experience in .net core applications to integrate the Googl...Google signup feature and fetch data from the Google Contact List. & integrate into existing running projects. The developed application will need to perform the following tasks: Google Signup: - Implement user authentication - Integrate OAuth - Enable email verification Google Contact List: - Fetch all contact details such as name, email, and phone numbers SQL: - To store the fetched data, I need an SQL database set-up wherein the contacts' names, email addresses, and phone numbers will be stored Only developers with profound knowledge in .net core, OAuth integration, and SQL are encouraged to bid on this project. This will ensure a seamless flow of communicati...

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    Swift Shopify Integrations S-a încheiat left

    ...understand the importance of improving both the backend operations and the frontend customer experience. **Required Integrations:** - Payment gateways to streamline transactions. - Shipping providers to ensure flexible delivery options. - CRM platforms to personalize customer interactions. **Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Shopify app development. - Strong background in implementing OAuth 2.0 authentication. - Experienced in inventory management, sales analytics, and designing customizable interfaces. - Understanding of various payment gateways, shipping providers, and CRM platforms. - Ability to work under tight deadlines and deliver a quality product promptly. The project needs to be completed as soon as possible. Please provide your bid, including a timeline for co...

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    I need an expert in Android app development and liaison with Gmail OAuth authentication. To better control and manage our processes, I need to switch from the our Previous Developers account OAUTH_GMAIL_CLIENT_ID to our own Developer Account in our Android app. I have all the necessary credentials for the Developer Account at hand. The task will strictly revolve around basic authentication principles with no extra features intertwined with the OAuth Gmail authentication. Ideal skills include: - Proficiency in Android app development - Proficiency in Gmail OAuth authentication PLEASE this is not a job for you to train on or fiddle around for hours because you have to learn as you go, O don't want to pay for your Training on my job.

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    Overview: Seeking exp...integration with existing system. * Implement security measures and authentication. * Test thoroughly for bugs and optimize performance. * Coordinate with team for front-end integration. * Provide documentation and support. Requirements: * Proven Core PHP API development experience. * Familiarity with maintaining and updating APIs. * Proficiency in RESTful API development. * Experience with JWT/OAuth and OTP platform integration. * Strong MySQL and SQL query skills. * Effective communication and collaboration. * Git version control experience. Duration: 4-5 weeks from Feb 20, 2024. Note: Interested candidates are requested to provide their resumes along with relevant work samples showcasing their experience in updating and developing APIs, specifically i...

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    Job listing application S-a încheiat left

    ...or doctors based on various filters like location, specialty, and reviews. - **Appointment Booking:** An integrated system for scheduling and managing appointments directly within the app. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Proven Experience in Android App Development:** A portfolio that includes similar projects. - **Knowledge in Implementing Secure Authentication Systems:** Experience with OAuth or other secure authentication methods. - **Familiarity with Real-time Database:** Proficient in Firebase or similar technologies for real-time data handling. - **Experience in Integrating In-App Purchases:** A clear understanding of Google Play's billing system. - **UI/UX Design Skills:** Ability to design intuitive interfaces that enhance user engagement. - **Ability in Implem...

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    ...Management**: Configure user roles and permissions within Stackposts to ensure team members have appropriate access for their responsibilities. - **Theme Customization**: Adjust the Stackposts theme to match our brand identity, ensuring a consistent user experience. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience with Stackposts setup and customization. - Strong understanding of APIs and OAuth for social media platform integration. - Familiarity with PHP and other relevant programming languages. - Experience in UX/UI design for theme customization. - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. The successful candidate will demonstrate a clear understanding of my requirements and provide a detailed plan for how they intend to achieve the integration. I am lo...

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    Oauth Integration S-a încheiat left

    - Integrate Oauth with website - Save access token and refresh token in Session/Storage (If has storage) - Send email to user - Allow Oauth Credentials (Such as client and secret) to be read from file for easy changing

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    ...information from our system to the API endpoints. - **Update Data:** Modify existing data on the API based on system triggers or user actions. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong understanding of RESTful API architecture - Demonstrated capability in Python, particularly with requests or similar libraries - Experience with JSON or XML data formats - Knowledge in authentication mechanisms, such as OAuth, JWT - Proven track record of successful API integrations with attention to security and data protection measures The successful candidate will be someone who can work independently, solve complex problems, and communicate effectively. I’m looking for someone who can not only achieve the technical requirements but also advise on best practices for API integration to en...

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    Requirements: Experienced in TypeScript and JavaScript. RESTful API SQL schemas JWT/OAuth

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    Python Power: Web & API S-a încheiat left

    ...**Strong Python Proficiency:** Demonstrable experience with Python, specifically in web development contexts. - **Framework Knowledge:** Familiarity with Python web frameworks (e.g., Django, Flask) is essential for rapid development and scalability. - **API Expertise:** Experience with both consuming and integrating APIs. A good understanding of RESTful services and authentication methods like OAuth. - **Problem-Solving Skills:** Ability to troubleshoot and solve complex challenges during development. - **Attention to Detail:** Keen eye for detail, ensuring the final product is of the highest quality, both in terms of code and user experience. - **Communication:** Excellent communication skills to clearly articulate ideas, progress, and challenges. If you have a passion for craf...

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    NestJS Senior developer S-a încheiat left

    Requirements: Experienced in TypeScript and JavaScript. RESTful API SQL schemas JWT/OAuth

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    I am looking to create a RESTful API that communicates primarily through JSON format. This API is meant to serve as a...RESTful API. - Preference for responses in JSON format. - Integration capability with Ruby-based clients. - Experience with API security measures. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in RESTful API development. - Strong understanding of JSON data format. - Experience in Ruby programming for client integration. - Knowledge in implementing API security, specifically JWT (JSON Web Tokens) or OAuth, is a plus but not mandatory. This project seeks an individual or team with a proven track record in developing and integrating APIs, particularly for Ruby environments. The ability to work efficiently under deadlines while ensuring the highest quality of work i...

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    ...robust web application. Our primary goal is to implement significant functionalities, such as: - User account creation and management: we need a strong user interface for account setup and effortless navigation. - Online transaction capabilities: safe, secure, and easy transactions are a must. - Real-time data tracking: this will allow us to monitor user activity and business metrics seamlessly. - Oauth Integration: ensuring secure authorization is paramount. Our web application is targeted at a varied audience. We're tapping into the general public and aiming to service both B2B and B2C customers. So, an understanding of creating comprehensive and user-friendly interfaces is required. Desired candidates should have extensive experience in C#, Fullstack Development, UI/UX ...

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    I'm seeking a full stack developer with expertise in Amazon AWS, Lambda functions, Flutter, DynamoDB, JWT, and OAuth. My project revolves around creating a maintenance OTP authentication application and web system with specific features and security measures to ensure user data integrity and safety. nuestro Sistema de autenticación OTP. compuesto por aplicación movil en versión android/ios y sistema web. nuestro Sistema desarrollado en flutter y Dynamo, que implementa herramientas Jwt, Oauth, Cognito de aws y AWS Lambda. - sistema desarrollador en lenguaje de programación dart. - Hambiente de desarrollo aws elastic ec2. - Estructura de datos no relacional. El alcance del sistema es para un perfil de empresas que requieran autentificacion...

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    Requirements: Experienced in TypeScript and JavaScript. RESTful API SQL schemas JWT/OAuth

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    ...the solution can potentially support both single and multiple user scenarios, as I am still considering the breadth of this implementation. *Skills and Experience*: - Proficient with the Gmail API and its integration into web applications. - Strong background in Django and React.js frameworks, capable of seamlessly integrating new functionalities into the existing system. - Good understanding of OAuth authentication mechanisms, especially as it pertains to Google APIs. - Experience with email management systems and implementing search functionality within them. **Personal Experience Level**: - My current understanding and experience with both the Gmail API and development is at an intermediate level. While I am familiar with both technologies, I need a partner to help guide th...

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    Requirements: Experienced in TypeScript and JavaScript. RESTful API SQL schemas JWT/OAuth

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    Seamless Pay: Mobile & Web S-a încheiat left

    ...seamless for users. For this project, I'm looking for a skilled developer or a development team with a strong background in creating secure and user-friendly financial applications. Your expertise will play a crucial role in bringing my vision to life. **Key Features Required:** - **Secure Login/Authentication:** Implement industry-standard security measures to protect user accounts. Experience with OAuth, Two-Factor Authentication, or similar technologies is preferred. - **Transaction History:** Develop a clear and easy-to-navigate transaction history interface for users to track their spending and transfers. - **In-App Wallet:** Create a digital wallet feature within the app that allows users to store, send, and receive money securely. **User Registration Process:** - ...

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    I am seeking a Python developer experienced in Flask to implement Instagram oAuth. Although the specific functionalities required remain unspecified, a general familiarity with user authentication and accessing user's media/followers would be advantageous. Successful candidates should demonstrate a solid foundation of experience within their application - prior project evidence is not essential. The level of experience with Flask is left open, but a mastery of the basics is certainly expected. I also need to post reels and stories on Instagram through the website. - Ideal Skills and Experience: Python programming, Flask, OAuth procedures, Instagram API. Experience is a requirement for the successful candidate.

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    ...skilled developer to rejuvenate my old webpage by updating the code to efficiently call profile attributes from Twitter/X as currently an error appears. Additionally, I want to incorporate Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok onto the same page, providing a more comprehensive social media presence directly on my site. Currently by filling out a form including the Twitter username, the page uses Twitter OAuth to call for the profile image, bio, etc **Requirements:** - Update existing webpage code to re-enable functionality with Twitter/X. - Integrate Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok APIs into the page for pulling and displaying profile-related information. - Ensure the website remains fast, responsive, and user-friendly after new integrations. - Implement a clean, seamless design for ...

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    ...Requirements: - Integrate Laravel for backend functionality - Set up secure user authentication - Ensure seamless database integration - Develop and integrate APIs for mobile app communication - Reskinning for the Flutter template - Upload to google and Apple store Ideal Experience: - Proven track record with Flutter and Laravel projects - Deep understanding of RESTful API conventions - Experience in OAuth and JWT for secure authentication - Ability to write clean, maintainable code - Familiarity with SQL databases The Project Scope: - Collaborate to refine a specified Flutter template - Implement backend solutions tailored to the template's features - Test thoroughly to ensure reliability and performance I'm excited to see your approach and how your skills can dri...

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    I am currently facing a challenging issue with my website where it is not loading properly due to a Cross Origin Opener Policy error in my react app when deployed on vercel. I am on the lookout for a skilled web developer who can address and rectify this problem efficiently. ## Objectives: - Diagnose the exact cause of the Cross-Origin Opener Policy error on my website. - Implement a robust s...on vercel. I am on the lookout for a skilled web developer who can address and rectify this problem efficiently. ## Objectives: - Diagnose the exact cause of the Cross-Origin Opener Policy error on my website. - Implement a robust solution that resolves the current issue without introducing new vulnerabilities " Cross Origin Opener Policy would block the " call when using Google o...

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    I'm looking to hire a skilled developer with substantial Laravel and API integration experience. No. 1. oAuth Integration to 4 Laravel websites -that user can login with same ID & Pass to all the 5 websites. I do not need Personal/ other API ] ,one PHP site 2. Two FA for 1 Laravel site 3. Laravel E-Sign Workflow Optimizer E-signature[ integrate PSPDFKit API ] & Digital Signature-Add Signature by PAD- see the video as- I need almost 90% similar like the video[ I will share on the discussion] that mulitple Lawyers, Multiple clients , Multiple witness can sign in a document and user wise can have e-signature library.

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    ...involve several key tasks and integrations. Here's what I'm looking for: - **Essential Skills:** - Proficiency in AWS API Gateway - Strong understanding of webhooks - Knowledge in implementing security and management features within AWS API Gateway - **Security & Management:** - Although specifics on authentication and authorization weren't chosen, familiarity with API key authentication, OAuth 2.0, and IAM authentication will be crucial. I'm open to recommendations on the best practices and security measures we should implement. - **Integrations:** - Direct experience with integrating WAF with the API Gateway is essential. This aspect is critical for the seamless operation of our backend services. - **Other Requirements:** - Expertise in r...

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    ...types of devices (e.g., lights, fans, switches). AWS IoT Integration: Use the AWS IoT SDK to send device data (e.g., state changes, sensor readings) to the AWS IoT cloud. Implement secure communication protocols (e.g., MQTT) for data transmission. Authentication and Authorization: Implement authentication mechanisms to ensure secure communication between Alexa, the skill, and the devices. Use OAuth or other authentication methods supported by Alexa. Error Handling and Logging: Implement robust error handling mechanisms to handle communication errors, device malfunctions, etc. Log relevant events and errors for debugging and troubleshooting purposes. Deliverables: Fully functional Alexa Smart Home skill integrated with custom devices. Documentation detailing the skill architec...

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    ...that involves connecting to a custom API. The primary goal is to retrieve data securely and efficiently. This task requires a deep understanding of not just C# programming, but also of the OAuth authentication protocol, as securing our data exchange is paramount. You will need to read up on documentation provided by the API owner to understand how to connect. Besides connecting, we are looking to download Alerts (Document attached). **Requirements:** - Proficiency in C# programming - Extensive experience with API integration, specifically custom APIs not publicly documented - Knowledge of the OAuth authentication protocol - Ability to write clean, maintainable, and efficient code - Experience in data retrieval from APIs and parsing the data into a usable forma...

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    Senior NestJS developer S-a încheiat left

    Requirements: Proven expertise in TypeScript and JavaScript. Strong proficiency in and its core concepts. In-depth knowledge of RESTful API design principles. Experience with database systems, SQL and NoSQL DB. Proficiency in implementing authentication and authorization mechanisms, including JWT and OAuth.

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    105 oferte, database (MongoDB or PostgreSQL). Search and Discovery: Elasticsearch for event search and filters. Booking and Ticketing: Stripe or PayPal for payments, secure booking details storage. User Feedback and Ratings: Database schema for reviews, queries for ratings. Non-Functional Requirements Scalability: Microservices architecture, cloud services (AWS, Azure) for scaling. Security: HTTPS, OAuth, data encryption for sensitive info. Localization: Support for Uzbek and Russian languages. Technical Stack Frontend: React Native for iOS and Android apps. Backend: Node.js with Express. Database: MongoDB (flexible schema) or PostgreSQL (relational). Search Engine: Elasticsearch. Authentication: Firebase Auth or Auth0. Payment Processing: Stripe or PayPal. Cloud Platform: AWS or Azu...

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    126 oferte UI was built in React, and need to integrate Auth0 login/signup to the existing project. **Requirements:** - Knowledge in Auth0 for user authentication systems. - Experience with social media login integration. - Ability to ensure secure and efficient authentication processes. **Ideal Skills:** - Strong background in React (version unspecified). - Proven experience with Auth0 and OAuth protocols. - Familiarity with implementing role-based access controls (not required for this project but is a plus). - Past work showcasing similar integration tasks. **Application Guidance:** - Submit detailed project proposals. - Highlight relevant experience and past work examples. Looking forward to collaborating with a developer who can swiftly and securely align my applicati...

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    ...history of delivering APIs with high availability and low latency. 3. Real-Time Applications: My project also seeks to incorporate real-time functionality, opening the need for experience in creating such applications. For the web application, we have clear objectives: - User Authentication: Implementing state-of-the-art authentication protocols to ensure secure access. Your ability to work with OAuth or JWT would be beneficial. - Database Integration: The developer should be well-equipped to integrate databases. Any previous experience dealing with SQL or NoSQL databases would be highly valued. - Payment Gateway Integration: Equally critical is the integration of a reliable payment gateway. Previous eCommerce experience is a bonus, but the ability to work with popular APIs ...

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