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    I'm searching for a proficient Azure expert to apply managed identity to my OpenAI in order to secure it from public access. I currently run OpenAI on Azure and need this project completed ASAP. Key tasks will include: - Evaluating the current Azure OpenAI configuration and identifying any vulnerabilities - Setting up and configuring Azure managed identities for OpenAI - Testing the setup to ensure it securely restricts public access Looking for a freelancer with these skills and experience: - Extensive knowledge and hands-on expertise working with Azure - Proven experience with setting up Azure managed identities - Strong understanding of OpenAI platform on Azure - Great troubleshooting and testing capabilities.

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    ONLY EU/CA/USA (no bots please) I am looking for a young person who will generate images in the DALL-E tool from OpenAI (I provide access, but if someone has it already, it is a big plus) and create TikToks (only from photos, no videos) for my website florablocks .com. Requirements: - about an hour a day (4-8 simple posts a day) - ability to use TikTok (plus if also ChatGPT/DALL-E) - knowledge of current TikTok trends - creativity and sense of aesthetics - knowledge of English I pay USD 0.05/1000 views + USD 1/week (USD, EUR or PLN) (TikTok pays up to USD 0.03/1000 views and only to accounts with over 10,000 followers. So in my case, the conditions are very favorable) For more information, please contact me here or on IG: florablockss Below are examples of AI-generated photos on...

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    Context: We are running two regular Python courses where we need assistance. We are looking for a long-term agreement. The last time we filled this job position for over 2 years. 1) Data Analytics with Python Course: Content (introduction to python, data wrangling with pandas, descriptive statistics with python, data visualization with seaborn, t-test/anova /chi-square tests ...Good understanding of the listed topics in Python. Important, we are **not** looking for the most advanced skilled machine learning developer, as the courses are not so technical. So also students can apply who studied those topics and want to advance on this Nice to have: -Basic knowledge of blockchain (we also run a blockchain course) -Basic knowledge of web scrapping with selenium and use of OpenAI A...

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    ...connecting my Point of Sale (POS), warehouse and inventory management to OpenAI chat GPT. Key Deliverables: - Integration with OpenAI chat GPT to improve inventory management and sales. - Implementation of predictive restocking to help forecast demand and avoid overstocking or stock outs. - Real-time inventory updates to keep the system current and reliable. - Automated inventory reporting to provide a clear overview of stock status, helping decision-making processes. - Daily advice on sales and discounts for clients based on the trends and patterns discerned from historical data. The ideal freelancer for this project should possess a strong background in AI and machine learning, with explicit knowledge of working with OpenAI chat GPT. In-depth knowledge...

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    We are seeking an experienced developer to create a web application that enables users to engage in a chat with documents (including PDF and other formats) using artificial intelligence. This means asking questions and receiving responses based on information from uploaded files. Our primary solution supposes integrating with the OpenAI API, although we are open to considering alternative options. We consider the project as an example of what we aim to achieve. Requirements: - Implementation of RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) functionality using the LangChain framework or similar methods. - Development of standard web application functionality, including a database for storing files and user information, authentication, payment systems (Stripe, PayPal, etc.), email notific...

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    I'm searching for a highly skilled OpenAI expert to enhance my Wordpress and Shopify sites. Your contributions will significantly improve the user experience and overall functionality of my platforms. Specific tasks will involve developing: - A custom AI chatbot to effectively help customers navigate through the site and answer their queries swiftly. - Personalized product recommendations to boost sales conversions, based on customer's previous browsing and buying history. - Automated inventory management system for efficient stock handling and forecasting. - A system for review analysis, helping us to understand customer feedback and improve our products and services. Additionally, I'm interested in adopting a clean, minimalist design theme across the websites. ...

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    In an open-ended project, I am seeking a reinforcement learning specialist for consultation. The exact tasks are yet to be determined, but we will potentially be working on training an AI agent, developing an algorithm for autonomous navigation, or optimizing a control system. While the preferred programming languages haven't been decided yet, be determined, but we will potentially be working on training an AI agent, developing an algorithm for autonomous navigation, or optimizing a control system. While the preferred programming languages haven't been decided yet, candidates with expertise in any of Python, C++, or Java are welcomed. The environment or platform for the project is also open to discussion, candidates proficient in OpenAI Gym, TensorFlow, or PyT...

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    ...allowing for a wide audience reach. Key Functionalities: This project involves the development of an IT Service Desk Voice Bot capable of multi-language conversation to assist users in managing tickets, accessing knowledge bases, and receiving device health event updates through integration with ServiceNow and RiverBed Aternity EUEM Tool. The Voice Bot will leverage Azure Services, including Azure OpenAI, Azure Functions, Azure Speech, Azure Cognitive Services, and Text to Speech Avatars, to provide a comprehensive service desk solution. The solution aims to enhance customer service by offering summarization, sentiment analysis, and the ability to escalate issues to live agents. Objectives Develop an IT Service Desk Voice Bot that supports multiple languages. Integrate the bot...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned Python developer with a solid understanding of NLP tools like OpenAI, Hugging Face, NLTK, etc. The primary task involves writing and executing a Python script that will extract approximately five key legal themes or causes from each summary in a batch of approximately 10,000 different legal cases. Key tasks would include: • Implementing the script to efficiently extract relevant legal themes from a considerable volume of legal case summaries. • Storing these extracted themes in a text file for future reference and utility. • Comparing the extracted themes with pre-existing themes via statistical analysis to ensure relevance. • Additionally, the Python script should evaluate and assign scores to the key legal themes based on their imp...

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    I have a website, I need a new page that is connected to AI. Customer asks a question and they get a AI response. I can provide openAI key.

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    I am seeking a developer proficient in form creation and API integration with OpenAI. The key responsibilities will include: - Constructing a multi-part form with the purpose of gathering user-specific data - simple post integrating the form Q/A with OpenAI API to generate responses - Display Response, then another form will ask for booking information - Delivering the finished project ASAP, with a strong focus on speed without sacrificing quality Ideally, you'll have proven experience in form building and integrating APIs. The exact data points to be collected aren't defined yet, so the ability to adapt and add more fields at a later date would be beneficial. I look forward to seeing your bids and starting this project soon! Here is a sample of Question/answer f...

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    ...journey from content creation to publication. Backend: Server: Node.js with Express framework to handle API requests efficiently, providing a solid platform for CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations related to users and content. Database: MongoDB for flexible management of dynamic content data, with Mongoose for data modeling and validation. AI for Content Generation: AI API: Integration of OpenAI GPT API for content generation based on prompts and categories. Exploration of the use of custom templates if required for specific niche needs. Key features Content creation: Intuitive interface for entering prompts, selecting categories, and generating content. Personalization and Editing: Editing tools to personalize generated content, integrate keywords, and adjust tone....

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    I created a simple, 500 line voice assistant that uses gpt 3.5. The user can say "Jarvis" as the wake word, and the script will listen for a command, not my best language, so I'm hoping someone else can solve this. I'm creating the voice assistant as a gift for my dad's birthday which is the day after tomorrow, if you're able to help, please include the word "picture frame" in your bid so I know you read the description and can complete the project for the amount bid. This is the code I'm using, I removed my porcupine access key, and my openai key. You will also need google cloud credentials since I'm using Google's text to speech, but I'm open to using other solutions if you want to replace it, as long as it'...

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    ...high-quality audio transcription (OpenAI Whisper) Timestamp automatically added to each new entry AI Thought Completion Toggle to enable AI-assisted completion to improve fluency and clarity, not altering the core meaning. Organization Journal entries are displayed in reverse chronological order Basic text search functionality to find past entries Reminders Ability to set optional reminders for journaling (daily, weekly, customizable) Security Password protection for app access Options for local-only data storage or encrypted cloud backup Monetization: A freemium model with: Free trial for 7 days Subscription tiers for unlimited AI usage Freelancer Requirements Proven experience in iOS development (Swift) Familiarity with integrating language models (preferably OpenAI...

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    ...summarize the transcripts using openai, This role requires both backend and frontend development. *********write audio on top of your bid********* Backend Development 1. Endpoint for File Upload: - Create a RESTful API endpoint to receive audio file uploads. - Ensure the endpoint supports the specified audio formats. - Validate the uploaded files for type and size constraints. 2. File Name Processing: - Extract the phone number from the uploaded file's name using a regex or string processing, based on the provided naming convention. 3. File Splitting: - If the audio file exceeds 25 MB, split it into 25 MB segments for processing. - Maintain the order of the segments for accurate transcription concatenation later. 4. Transcription with OpenAI ...

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    I am seeking a thorough and experienced Flutter developer to execute some modifications to my application's user interface and incorporate AI API image generation into its functionality. UI Enhancements: - Add...layout - Introduce a new color scheme (change color/text) - Adjust the positions and sizes of buttons - Update button text and color Menu Adjustments: - Introduce new items to the bottom menu - Update the side menu UI Alignment Fix UI responsiveness to align in frame. The ideal candidate is proficient in Dart programming, Flutter, and has previous experience with AI API (openai/chatgpt) integration, preferably OpenAI. Experience with UI designing would strongly support this role. I prioritize clear communication, attention to detail, and the capacity t...

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    ...endeavour to upgrade to a new version of Python but like many, I'm not quite sure which one to switch to. My main goal is to successfully run OpenAI on Python for Windows, which I've had difficulty with as of recent. Further to my struggles, I'm having problems executing this migration due to the following complications: - A myriad of issues regarding code compatibility from old Python versions. - Difficulty installing fresh Python libraries. - Frequent errors that pop up during my code's execution. I'm in need of a freelancer capable of troubleshooting these issues at their root. The successful applicant ought to possess experience with Python, OpenAI, and code troubleshooting. Significantly, I'm seeking aid from someone who understands P...

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    ...excellently implement an OpenAI response system in the dynamic UI in React. The chosen individual will need to have proficiency in programming and AI-based system implementation, and a strong bias towards ensuring the seamless operation of the system on both web and mobile platforms. Key Aspects: - OpenAI Response: The primary functionality I need for the OpenAI response is to save prompt responses. - Sentiment Analysis: This function should be able to develop a report based on the gathered data. Experience with sentiment analysis is a major plus. - React: The project requires a dynamic UI in React that can be used on both mobile and web platforms. Expertise in React JS and its mobile considerations is needed. Appropriate skills and experience include expertise...

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    I am looking for an iOS developer who can develop a Swift package named "AppNetworking" to control GPT APIs. The package should use OpenAI documentation, allowing developers to send requests and receive GPT answers for our "Chat AI" application. The package should also include a model allowing us to place our account's key.

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    Hi guys I need somebody who can create similar app like I don't need from scratch I need find similar template put maybe on buble, for scheduling and management and create similar app in future to add some features from open ai.

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    I am seeking a skilled Full Stack Developer with deep experience in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and familiarity with the OpenAI API to build a sophisticated document generation system. Our focus is on generating reports derived primarily from user inputs. The successful applicant will possess the skills to seamlessly integrate user input into a structured, analytical report using NLP techniques. Requirements: - Proficient in NLP tasks, specifically experienced in developing systems for document generation. - Expertise in handling user inputs, analyzing, and structuring them into comprehensive reports. - Strong background in working with OpenAI API or similar technologies for NLP tasks. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record as a Full Stack Developer, with ...

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    ...for the basic editor. Below are all the functionalities I need to add. ----- 1. Step-by-Step CV Maker: When the user presses the Create CV button, he must choose between 2 possibilities: A new page should open asking him: Do you want to create the CV in Expert Mode or Easy Mode! Depending on what you choose, the following will open: a) The current method. Expert mode b) Step by Step through AI (OpenAI). Easy Mode The Step-by-Step process should include questions integrated into your application but displayed one by one. For example: Personal Information: The user fills in Name, Surname, Email, Phone, Age. Press Next, and the following questions appear: Previous Work Experience: (User fills in) Press NEXT for the next set of questions. Educational Background: (User fills in) Pre...

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    Generative AI- App S-a încheiat left

    I'm seeking an experienced openAI developer to create StellarGuide, an all-encompassing astrology app. This project demands a unique blend of technical skill and a passion for astrology, aiming to provide users with daily horoscopes, compatibility analyses, and personalized birth chart generation. The project will unfold across iOS, Android, and web platforms, ensuring accessibility to a broad audience. **Key Features:** - **Daily Horoscope:** Generate engaging and accurate daily astrological predictions. - **Compatibility Analysis:** Offer insights into user relationships through astrological compatibility. - **Birth Chart Generation:** Create comprehensive and personalized astrological charts based on user birth data. **Required Skills:** - Proficiency in openAI an...

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    Document extraction SaaS S-a încheiat left

    Build a SaaS app that uses ChatGPT technology to read documents and extract it in structured formats. We will first start off by being able to extract data from purchase orders. The data should be able to go into the Xero and Quickbooks API. The SaaS Model should have 3 plans depending on number of tokens. Here is a similar product You mus...orders. The data should be able to go into the Xero and Quickbooks API. The SaaS Model should have 3 plans depending on number of tokens. Here is a similar product You must not build software from scratch - use existing SaaS templates. The main technology is ChatGPT. You must have software and API experience using chatgpt. write proposal with "openai"

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    Innovative SaaS Dev Needed S-a încheiat left

    ...aultilingual support, chat with AI and will allow to create persona & trained Ai, so can train the AI data like docs, links and text. The application should be 100% dynamic where. Ask for detailed requirements documentation and demo video **Required Expertise:** - Proficiency in web development - Familiarity with SaaS platforms - Ability to work with diverse technology stacks - Familiar with ChatGPT & OpenAI **Project Vision:** The idea is to develop a solution that not only addresses a gap in the current market but also is robust, scalable, and user-friendly. The exact nature of the SaaS, whether it be for CRM, project management, or an e-commerce platform, is yet to be determined based on further analysis and discussion. **Application Requirements:** Interested ca...

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    webapp urgent S-a încheiat left

    ...(email / password) • Forgot Password • Email Verification to activate profile • Product walkthrough – on first use users should get a product walkthrough. • Be able to generate content with built templates – approx 150 prebuilt templates • Be able to chat with built chatbots – approx 4 AI chatbots • Be able to generate with images using prompts • Generating text in multiple languages supported by OpenAI (default language for user can be set on users setting page) • User should be able to control text result length and tone of voice • User should be able to generate AI code (be able to enable / disable on super-admin panel) • WYSIWYG Editor – output text as is writing • Results are automatically saved o...

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    We need a dev to build a Node JS script (NOT PHP, NOT PYTHON) with OpenAI' s API (/chat) with GPT-4 function calling. Input: Write a storyboard about the character. Act like a human. The story must be continuous. Super long-form. Eye catching story. Super sad story. GINGER CAT ? GOES TO WORK AND BUYS TOYS The response will be a storyboard. Then input: Create images for each scene. This time we will need to add functions to call the DALLE-3 endpoint, e.g. addImage(prompt: String). The result: All images will be generated and stored locally (project folder). Best similar example:

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    Mac/iphone shortcut to save mp3 TTS of input text First setup of shortcut: 1. Ask for my OpenAI API Key 2. Pick from a selection of voices 3. Choose tts-1-hd or tts-1 language model Running shortcut 1. Ask for file location to Open txt file 2. Ask for location to save mp3 output 3. Remove any characters that are not A-Z or 0-9 characters 4. If the file contains more than 4096 characters split into multiple documents 5. Send text of each file to OpenAI API server to convert to mp3 6. Combine file into one mp3 7. Save mp3 file to location Software to combine mp3 similar shortcut

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    ...articles to a maximum Y numbers of characters (adjustable), focusing on key points. Content Repurposing and Newsletter Formatting: Design a template-based content management system (CMS) that supports the automated inclusion of curated content into a professional newsletter format. Implement AI-based transcription and summarization for video content to be included as text in the newsletter (using OpenAI API or Google Gemini) Ensure the system supports multimedia input and can seamlessly convert and incorporate it into the text-based newsletter format. Distribution and Subscription Management: Develop a method for collecting subscriber emails via LinkedIn and other potential sources, adhering to GDPR and privacy regulations. Integrate with an email marketing service (e.g., Mailc...

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    Basically replicate the page in React with the design system: (same functionality but different look) I am not looking for a Wix website. The above design system is based on React (NPM package) Needs to build BE code in Basically replicate the page in React with the design system: (same functionality but different look) I am not looking for a Wix website. The above design system is based on React (NPM package) Needs to build BE code in the same project as well to handle API request with OpenAI

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    I've installed this app on my hosting and I'm looking to hire an expert to help me with the front-end web design customization, testing features and debugging any that may not be working as intended, along with configuring anything that may still be needed on the back-end to make sure it is ready for launch. This script recently received a major update which included several new features added to the platform, so one of the important tasks will be to customize the contents of the front-end website so that every major feature and all new features are described/promoted for visitors to see. The ideal candidate for this job should have proficient skills related to the languages the app is built

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    Mac/iphone shortcut to save mp3 TTS of input text First setup of shortcut: 1. Ask for my OpenAI API Key 2. Pick from a selection of voices 3. Choose tts-1-hd or tts-1 language model Running shortcut 1. Ask for file location to Open txt file 2. Ask for location to save mp3 output 3. Remove any characters that are not A-Z or 0-9 characters 4. If the file contains more than 4096 characters split into multiple documents 5. Send text of each file to OpenAI API server to convert to mp3 6. Combine file into one mp3 7. Save mp3 file to location Software to combine mp3 similar shortcut

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    ...ChatGPT Make custom signature FEATURES: Main feature - chatbot that helps you sort your emails Chatbot has a few main features, such as clean your inbox, respond to emails, or write a new email Respond to emails - The chatbot will tell you of how many emails you have new to reply to. You can go through them one by one and it will summarize each email for you, and help you write a reply using AI openAI api integration. Features for writing email include attachments saving different signature for your email. Such as for your school email you can use a certain footer or work. You can tell it what your email should say and it will write it. Before you send it, you will be shown the full email text as well as your response and you can edit as you please. Clean your inbox - ch...

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    I'm seeking an adept iOS developer to create a sleek, highly responsive, AI-enabled chat app for CarPlay. The app should have next-generation features that provide a seamless user experience. These features include: Voice Recognition: - Proficient in voice commands, dictation, and search functionality for effortless u...voice options for personalized user experience. - Can perform real-time speech synthesis for instant communication. The ideal freelancer should have deep experience in iOS app development, with special skills in voice recognition and text-to-speech technologies. Knowledge of integrating apps with Apple's CarPlay will be highly advantageous. Interest or expertise in AI technology, specifically OpenAI GPT, would be a bonus. Let’s work together to brin...

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    I'm looking for a developer to create and integrate custom GPT API keys. Ideal skills and experience: - Must have a good understanding of OpenAI and ChatGPT features and be proficient in Python. - API integration experience focused on effectively creating and managing API keys. - Solid background in deploying GPT-based solutions for practical real-world applications. The perfect candidate will have a track record of successful API integrations, especially using custom GPT models, and a solid understanding of Python programming. If you are a good candidate, you can complete this project in 1-2 days and I will also hire you for site integration.

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    ...specific device or version requirements based on the app's capabilities and root access methods used. - Use a third-party API to transcribe the recorded conversation to text for further processing. We will give you details of the API. 3. **Data Extraction and Structuring:** - You will send the transcribed audio (text) to another API that will return some data in json form. This will be via openAI api call - we will provide details. 4. **Send this json data and caller id via WebSocket api endpoint:** - Extend the WebSocket client functionality within the app to transmit not only the caller ID at the start of the call (see 1 above) but also the structured JSON data containing the transcribed and processed call details after the call ends. - Ensure the transmiss...

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    ...up the openai package on my Mac. While I have Python installed, my familiarity with both Python and OpenAI is rather limited. I tried to install it but it's just not working. For example if I try to run openai --help, the terminal output is: /Users/me/Desktop/python_venv/bin/python3: can't open file '/Users/me/Library/Python/3.9/lib/python/site-packages/openai/': [Errno 2] No such file or directory Preferably, I'm looking for someone who can guide this process via a remote desktop application or detailed, step-by-step documentation tailored to my setup. The goal is not only to have the OpenAI package up and running but to also understand the foundational steps in utilising it for my projects. Skills and Exper...

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    ...various platforms and publication purposes. Quality Assurance and Testing: Ensure the accuracy and reliability of the news aggregation and summarization. The system should be tested for different news genres and sources to verify its effectiveness and consistency. Desired Skills: Proficiency in programming languages suitable for API integration and automation. Experience with Azure API Bing and OpenAI language models. Strong understanding of content summarization techniques and natural language processing. Ability to create a user-friendly interface for feed customization and output. Project Outcome: The successful implementation of this project will result in a versatile and efficient tool for news aggregation and summarization, capable of producing high-quality, ready-to-pu...

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    ...for two pages on my website - the login page and a chat page. I have a figma design for these pages. Login: - The login page contains sign in, sing up, email verification form and sign in(up) with google button. Chat page: - The chat page should be modeled after the OpenAI Platform, so familiarity with that sort of interface is a plus. The ideal freelancer for this job would be someone with a strong background in building UIs with React.js and tailwndcss, and must have experience creating chat interfaces similar to the OpenAI Platform. First of all, I want to build UI in React.js and tailwndcss which should be basically responsive. Then the login page should be done in Next.js. (Sign in with Google and Email verification) I want to finish this in 2 days. The highlight ...

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    I'm in need of a proficient developer who can seamlessly integrate AI functionalities into a custom prompt I'm working on. The AI features of interest are Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text Generati...functionality mentioned above, all we want is to create a simple page and have similar connection with Open AI/ or google Gemini etc Python is the preferred programming language for this project, and thus your expertise in Python coding is a must. The ideal candidate for this job is not just skilled, but experienced in AI development and has a knack for problem-solving. If you are familiar with OpenAI, this will be an added advantage. Please put forth your proposals specifying how you intend to tackle the project and your delivery timeline (1week). Please chat to ...

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    ...the e-commerce platform via API. Advanced AI module utilizing OpenAI to generate new category descriptions based on data from CSV/XLSX files and user-defined prompts. The module allows choosing between GPT-3.5 Turbo and GPT-4 engines. Additional requirements for the SaaS platform: A web user interface that is intuitive and easy to use. Login panel and user account management system, including subscription management. An integrated payment system enabling users to choose between a free (trial for 3 days) and a paid version. Administrative module for user management, feature access, and activity monitoring on the platform. Expectations: Experience in SaaS application development and working with external APIs, especially OpenAI and e-commerce platforms. Proficiency in Pyth...

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    Hi 2 steps: first step upload page where the AI take the photo and give back the description of the item in the photo (easy part I already have some example) 2 step: with the above description ask to openai to find similar articles inside some files with the retrieval function and give back results (similar article not same article)

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    We're developing a minimal MVP focused on enhancing documen...Work with the development team to ensure seamless integration of AI functionalities within the web application. - Optimize model performance to ensure efficient processing and high accuracy of output. **Skills and Qualifications**: - Experience with AI/ML model integration, particularly in natural language processing (NLP). - Familiarity with AI services and APIs for model integration (e.g., OpenAI, Hugging Face). - Ability to work collaboratively within a development team to achieve project goals. **Selection Questions**: 1. Please describe your experience in similar AI/ML projects, especially those involving document processing or NLP. 2. What is your experience with integrating third-party AI services or APIs ...

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    I want to deploy this repo using Terraform I have been using azd command to deploy to Azure. But moving forward I want to deploy it using Terraform templates. Please let me know if you can help me

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    ...application with distinct key features, including user authentication, payment gateway integration, and OpenAI API. Your proficiency in the mentioned areas will play a crucial role in the success of this project. Key Features: - **User Authentication**: The application should support two types of login methods: email and password, as well as, social media login. An understanding of user data security is paramount to build these functionalities. - **Payment Gateway Integration**: Implementing Stripe as the primary payment method is essential. Experience with Stripe APIs will ensure a smooth transition of digital transactions within the app. - **OpenAI API**: The app will utilize OpenAI API. Previous experience integrating and manipulating this API will be highly b...

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    Windows PDF Data Extractor S-a încheiat left

    ...integrates Google Lens and OpenAI's API for the primary purpose of reading and extracting data from PDF files. The software must operate efficiently on a Windows platform and support batch processing, comprehensively reading multiple PDF files without error. Extracted data should be output as JSON files. **Essential Requirements:** - Proficiency in API integration, specifically Google Lens and OpenAI - Strong background in software development for Windows - Experience with PDF file manipulation and text recognition - Capability to implement batch processing functionalities - Expertise in outputting data in JSON format **Additional Competencies:** - Resourcefulness in troubleshooting potential software issues - Commitment to delivering clean, efficient, and maintainable cod...

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    ...preventing the developer from accessing the account. Is there anyone who can resolve this access issue? I'm offering $20 for a quick solution. Freelance adds the following: I urgently require assistance with an access issue affecting my OpenAI/ChatGPT account. As a critical tool in my workflow, resolving this impediment swiftly is paramount. ### Critical Issues: - 3rd party lock-out from my OpenAI/ChatGPT account - Need experienced problem solver to restore access ### Ideal Freelancer: - Proven experience in resolving account access issues - Familiarity with OpenAI/ChatGPT platform - Understanding of two-factor authentication and secure access protocols ### Project Goals: - Determine cause of access denial - Implement a solution to grant temporary access ...

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    ...experience and system functionality. Key Responsibilities: - Rectify known bugs ensuring smooth operation. - Redesign elements for a more intuitive UI/UX. - Implement innovative features, including bulk PDF summary creation using Langchain and OpenAI API. - Streamline or remove superfluous features to optimize performance. - Proactively suggest further improvements. Ideal Candidate Qualities: - Proven track record in PHP development. - Experience with front-end design improvement. - Familiarity with implementing APIs, specifically Langchain and OpenAI. - Strong problem-solving skills for efficient bug fixing. - Portfolio showcasing relevant past work on similar projects. If you possess the expertise to elevate our platform with precision and creativity, I welcome your a...

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    I'm in need of an adept AI developer with substantial experience in Flowise OpenAI model training, dataset preparation, and hyperparameter tuning. The project entails the development of a custom tool bot that's specially designed for my needs. Key Features: - Integrated with third-party APIs, particularly POS and CRM systems. - Automated data analysis and text parsing to generate insightful reports. Skillset: - Proven experience with OpenAI platforms, especially Flowise. - Demonstrated proficiency in training AI models and adjusting hyperparameters. - Capable of preparing comprehensive datasets. - Extensive experience in integrating third-party APIs, especially POS and CRM. - Must have good knowledge of automated data analysis and text extraction.

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