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    Este vorba despre un proiect pentru lucrarea de trebuie scrisa in LISP.

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    Proiect pascal facultate S-a încheiat left

    Am nevoie de cineva sa ma ajute la rezolvarea cerintelor din documentul atasat.

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    introducere date ,junior html,pascal

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    Lucrează în Excel S-a încheiat left

    oricare date in excel pot face diagrame functii si restu stiu a programa in pascal si java

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    The task concerns the conversion of five existing ACAD lisp routines to LUA. Three are around 150 lines of code, one around 250, and one around 1750. We can provide the existing scripts, a manual detailing the functionality/purpose of the original scripts and its functions, and a screen capture of some of the routines' most crucial functions in action. The final format we need the routines converted to is LUA As the new scripts will be used in PYTHA, experience with or knowledge of its commands and structure is desired. Similarly, knowledge of AutoCAD, as such that the existing scripts can more easily be made sense of, would be a plus.

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    Recomandat Urgent Acord de confidenţialitate
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    DXF merge - files to layers 1 zi left

    I need a LISP program to insert 2D objects (lines, arcs, polylines) from several DXF files into the current DXF file. The DXF to be imported are in the root folder, i.e. same folder as the current DXF file. Create a layer for each DXF file. Each layer should be named with the same name as the DXF file - exclude the file type. In each layer place the objects from each DXF file. Join any objects (lines and arcs) that are not a polyline.

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    I need a function in lisp that implements an L-system: of the rule type a (1) follows (2), a (2) follows (1 2), starting from (1) in a recursive manner you get: (1), (2), (1 2), (2 1 2), (1 2 2 1 2), (2 1 2 1 2), etc...

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    the trench S-a încheiat left

    lisp should the create the trench line by using define trench layer and trench width

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    We are seeking a highly experienced Senior Pascal Developer to join our team and contribute to a project aimed at modernizing and enhancing a marketing simulation system used by MBA students and professors. The project involves transitioning the student application from a Windows VCL platform to a web-based platform while retaining compatibility with the professor's VCL application. Your expertise in Pascal development and understanding of legacy codebases will be crucial to the project's success. Responsibilities: Review and analyze the existing Pascal codebase to understand the architecture and functionalities of the current VCL applications. Identify key components and modules responsible for data formatting, transmission, and critical functionalities. Co...

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    SEO for jewelry website S-a încheiat left

    Hello Pascal, I will do complete On-page & Off-page SEO as agreed. Please approve this Quote so that I can start work on it. Thank you

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    Hi, we have a 3D logo in PNG format that we would like to convert to EPS, AI, SVG. In other words, we will need to get vectorised logo files that can be used by printing companies in large formats. The vectorising of the images shall prevent the loss of quality when printing large scale formats, such as banners, photo walls etc. Please first check the attached files before making a quote as thi...would like to convert to EPS, AI, SVG. In other words, we will need to get vectorised logo files that can be used by printing companies in large formats. The vectorising of the images shall prevent the loss of quality when printing large scale formats, such as banners, photo walls etc. Please first check the attached files before making a quote as this is a rather complex graphic. Many thanks, ...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me with Autocad lisp programming. The task involves concatenating attribute values for a block with multiple attributes. The freelancer should have prior experience in Autocad programming and should be familiar with Lisp and compatible graphic programs. If you think you can deliver this project satisfactorily, please contact me and I'd like to hear your plan on how you'll go about completing it. Any questions or clarifications can be addressed at the same time. Thank you for your interest in this project! In same drawing there CAN BE MULTIPLE BLOCKS WITH SAME NAME and the data should be copied inside particular block. EXAMPLE: BLOCKNAME: BLOCK1 ATTRIBUTE1: ATTR1 ATTRIBUTE2: ATTR2 ATTRIBUTE3: ATTR3 Attribute val...

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    Hi, we have a logo in PNG format that we would like to convert to EPS, AI, SVG and PDF in order to use them in large formats without loosing quality. There are three similar graphics we use, see attachments. Many thanks, Pascal

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    Trophy icon Redesign of a medal S-a încheiat left

    Hi, we issue a medal every two years for outstanding social work. Now we would li...transparent background. Attached you will find a photo of the current medal design. The new design would need to contain the same text, apart from the name (Fiona Robertson) and year (2014), as these details will be added by us later on. I also attach the logo to be used on the medal. The logo should not be amended. Please don't hesitate to get back to me should you have any questions. Many thanks, Pascal Size: The medal will be a circle with a diameter of 160mm The text is a bit blurred in the picture - it reads as follows: Top: In Memory of Andrew Mouravieff-Apostol Bottom: For an outstanding contribution to international social work Middle: International Federation of Social Workers Middl...

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    Hi, my name is pascal We have developped an app with python and RPI to send and receive SMS with a Waveshare SIM800C GSM/GPRS HAT We need someone that can fix a problem (error sending SMS) After, we want to add more functionnality to the app Do you think that you can help me ?

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    I am looking to hire a freelancer to complete a project involving the function esVocal(c: char): boolean; in Pascal. This project is for personal use and I have a partial code base already. The language of this project is Pascal which is a statically-typed, imperative, and procedural programming language. I am looking for someone experienced in working with this type of programming language and capable of completing this project in a timely manner. En ESPAÑOL

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    Programming language S-a încheiat left

    Write Lisp functions to do the following. Test your functions on the 3 example cases given. 1. Convert a list of hexadecimal digits into the equivalent decimal number. You may find the function (expt n m), which computes n m to be useful. For example, ˆ (hextodec ’(a)) = 10 ˆ (hextodec ’(1 f)) = 31 ˆ (hextodec ’(5 a 6 b 7 c 8 d 9 e)) = 388350381470 2. An integer is said to be perfect if the sum of its factors, including 1, is equal to the number itself. Determine if an integer is perfect and if so, return it’s list of factors, otherwise return nil. You may find the function (mod n m) to be useful. For example, ˆ (perfect 6) = (1 2 3) ˆ (perfect 298) = nil ˆ (perfect 496) = (1 2 4 8 16 31 62 124 248) 3. Write a Lisp function (delete atom list) that retu...

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    Trading View Pine Script S-a încheiat left

    ...programming language designed for stock traders. The end goal of the project is to create an automated stock trading system using the Trading View program. Furthermore, the project will need access to various third-party market data such as current stock prices and financial news. The project requires someone with an in-depth understanding of programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, and Pascal in order to successfully complete the project. The successful candidate will be able to work independently, follow strict deadlines, and provide quality solutions while meeting customer objectives. If you are comfortable working with Pine Script, have excellent problem-solving, and communication skills, then I'd love to hear from you. Thank you in advance and I look forwa...

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    Lead Generation S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for a comprehensive marketing plan that will help me achieve my goal of getting a minimum of 1500 leads per month for my company, Pascal Burke Insurance Brokerage, Inc. We specialize in commercial insurance for General Contractors and Artisan/Trade Contractors across all 50 states in the USA. We sell various insurance products in order of importance, including General Liability, Workers Compensation, Business Auto, Excess Liability Insurance, Tools & Equipment Floater, Builders Risk, Installation Floater, Business Owners Policy, Professional Liability, Pollution Liability, and Property Insurance. To achieve this goal, I need leads from contractors who have responded to our advertisements, website, or blogs. I need creative ideas that can produce long-term results a...

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    convert pascal to python S-a încheiat left

    Hi there. I have some scripts written in pascal. Looking for someone to convert them to Python. Tnx

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    Hi there. I have some scripts wrote in pascal. Looking for someone to convert them to Python. Tnx

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    Mobile Application S-a încheiat left

    PBIB INSURANCE APP Pascal Burke Insurance Brokerage is an Insurance brokerage specializing in contractors insurance nationwide The goal of the App is to allow our insureds to create certificates 24/7, complete applications to get a quote, respond to renewals of policies etc. System has E-Sign tools, and E-Pay tools to facilitate the processing. • Login o Username (email Address) o Username • Company Information ( o Contact o Address o Phone Number o Email o Other Contacts • Dashboard o Certificate of Insurance o Pending Renewals  E-Sign  E-Pay o Manage Policies  Change of Address  Policies  Report a Claim  Make a Payment o Get a Quote  General Liability  Workers Compensation  Business Auto  Excess Liability Insurance  Tools & Equipment Floater  Builde...

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    Good day, we need an animation of a chameleon. the design should be like the picture in the attachment this animation "chameleon." should serve as a moderator for a funny quiz show. the design is desired similar to pascal from rapunzel. here is the link from the chameleon: the animation should be about 10 seconds. it is just the basis for further cooperation. simple possibly funny movements. walking slowly. slight movements of the tail. funny facial expressions of eyes and mouth. the chameleon will then also speak later. we need more characters for the project. With this request we would like to see if the cooperation fits.

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    FreePascal has a compiler target that allows to run Object Pascal compiled code on the Raspberry Pi Pico microcontroller. Using this, we want to control a 128x64 pixel color display connected to the Pico via SPI. The Pico is connected to the x86 host system via USB. The host system then should be able to send data to the Freepascal Code on the Pico to display. That includes displaying images and text. Also, there will be a couple of buttons connected to the Pico that need to be monitored by the FreePascal code running on the Pico. The main tasks are: 1.) Create build-environment to compile from host FreePascal Windows x86 system to RPI Pico See: 2.) Our display is 128x64 Color and uses the SSD1351 controller

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    Hello! We have an autocad that contains many blocks with alpha numeri information within them (Attributes). Due to the many crowders of the blocks (a display of water lines and urban sewers), the Attributes load is created, and we need to manually arrange all the attributes. Of course this is an action that takes a lot of time and resources. We are looking for meticulousness with experimentation in writing LISPs that will write to us such a command. We will do a zoom meeting with the appropriate freelance to explain the content content more accurately. But, the idea is that there are 10 blocks that need to be arranged, with their length in their length, in their location (which will not fall on each other for example) and the kind. I attach two examples here and after. If you think you can...

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    Hi, i am interested. I am looking for a GUI. I am a student learning how to program in Pascal and i wanted to make a fitness GUI as its something i am passionate about. This is what i want it to include: 1. A login system with option to enter username and password.; 2. Questionnaire asking about age, genger, weight, height, activity levels, goals, and suitable split.; 3. This information is used in a calorie calculator which outputs calorie and miscronutrients goals.; 4. Training plan; 5. Extra information This is the basis of what i need programmed. I have all of the information that will be outputted and I will provide it for it to be entered in the specific places. I have attached a diagram that basically outlines what i need. Not what it should look like. For looks I have attach...

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    Me interesa una rutina en Visual Lisp para exportar desde un DWG a PDF con capas con las siguientes características: - Los parámetros de la rutina son los siguientes: => Unidad de medida (milimetros o pulgadas) => Tamaño de papel (anchura x altura) del PDF => Escala de conversión (unidad_dibujo:unidad_real, por ejemplo, 1:10, 1 unidad de dibujo son 10 unidades en el PDF) => p1, p2 (puntos extremos de la ventana de designación dentro del DWG) El PDF se generará con todas las entidades abarcadas por la ventana de designación cuyas esquinas son los puntos p1 y p2 => Directorio donde se guardará el archivo PDF => Nombre del archivo PDF - El archivo PDF tiene que tener las mismas capas que e...

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    Project for Dzenis K. S-a încheiat left

    Hi Dzenis, do you have experience in handling Biobank data (eg, UK Biobank)? I would need some help in exporting files into R for further GWAS analysis. I'm looking for someone to teach me the basics of data handling so that I can work on it in future. Look forward to hearing from you. Best, Pascal

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    ...available at: This will need to be compiled as a 64-bit DLL using PowerShell with: dotnet publish -f net7.0 -c Release -r win-x64 -p:PublishAot=true -p:NativeLib=Shared -p:SelfContained=true There is sample C++ code that calls the DLL produced from the C# code. I am essentially looking to have this converted to Delphi/Pascal. The C++ code is available at: One addition I'd like is to add a line that will convert the value returned by "banish_letter_l" [via uintptr_t s2 = banish_letter_l(s1); in the C++ code] to a Delphi string. There is a related blog post: with more

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    Prolog-lisp project S-a încheiat left

    Someone who is proficient with prolog and lisp language.

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    I would like to develop a small autocad LISP application that does the following - At the beginning I will have selected a part of the elements of the drawing. - I want the program to detect which are linear text objects and join in a multiline text object those texts that are at a smaller distance requested by console. - Remove the old texts and leave only the multiline texts.

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    AutoCAD Applet S-a încheiat left

    We need to develop an autoCAD applet in order to automate a tedious task of making cable lists. Knowledge of AutoCAD is required for this job. Please also refer to the attached files for reference. There is no preference on the type of the applet (may be lisp or exe or anything)

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    Excel formula help S-a încheiat left

    I have an Excel file with 2 tabs. 1st tab : list of product categories 2nd tab : list of products. Product name include product categorie name. Example: Product category = BLAISE PASCAL Product name = Sweat Enfant Dragon BLAISE PASCAL What i need is to add a column in 2n tab with category ID based on category name found in product name (column H). Problem is category name can be on any position in product name. Excel file is attached. We can chat about details.

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    Building CAD Templates S-a încheiat left

    I am after a CAD template, and possible LISP programming to draft our cad deliverables. Our job entail underground utility services, that are surveyed by a surveyor with GPS. The data is exported in dwg and csv file with Easting Nothing and various attributes. Depending on the attributes, the data needs to be drafted in 3d linework while adding various callouts.

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    Project for Manh P. S-a încheiat left

    Hi Manh P., I hope you are well. You made some LISP. I am doing a job with it and getting an error. Are you able to tweak the LISP so it works without the error?

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    Auto lisp autocad project S-a încheiat left

    I need someone to do auto lisp coding programme for a furniture drawing I have on autocad.

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    Hello together We decided not to do anything more on Odoo V10 and go directly to the new version. About my order: I have a website on Odoo V10 and would like to import this database (customers, leads, billing, quotes, sales orders) into a new fresh Odoo V15, no modules should be imported, only the above mentioned areas. We are rebuilding the website ourselves. A database export from Odoo V...quotes, sales orders) into a new fresh Odoo V15, no modules should be imported, only the above mentioned areas. We are rebuilding the website ourselves. A database export from Odoo V10 is already available, only needs to be adapted to the V15. If this work is done well and reliable, we will send you follow-up orders from us and other projects. Language for contact: German, English Best regards ...

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    Syslog server S-a încheiat left

    Hi, I want a syslog service which work as a service on windows 2008 or above windows OS's. Syslog server can listen multiple posrts (at least 10) UDP/TCP and capable of receiving average 10.000, peak 20.000 Logs per second without loss. The received syslog messages will be written to text files on a folder. (File for...the received syslog messages to any other ip/port. Az a summary, expecting a server which has similiar (>=) capabilities as fastvue syslog server (compatitor). The tests will be done on i7 4 core cpu, 32 GB ram W10 with ssd platform. Test client and server both will be executed on the same computer. Source code (with the documentation including build knowledge) required. Delphi 10.x (pascal) coding language and environment will be preferred but oth...

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    Trophy icon Design me an order of service S-a încheiat left

    Please design a 6 page A5 order of service which has the following information included: La-Toyah and Pascal Ceremony 28.03.2022 Groom and Groomsmen Entry Bridal Party March Bride Procession Prayer Registrar Worship- Jesus at the Centre Bible Reading – Cephas Phillips Bible Reading – Kerri Chisolm Celebrant- James Mowle Exchange of Vows Exchange of Rings Prayer Worship – Cornerstone Worship - Raise A Hallelujah Recessional Lyrics -Jesus at the centre- Jesus at the center of it all Jesus at the center of it all From beginning to the end It will always be, it's always been You Jesus, Jesus [x2] Nothing else matters, Nothing in this world will do 'Cause Jesus You're the center, Everything revolves around You Jesus You, At the center of it all, At...

    $13 (Avg Bid)

    Lisp parser, interpreter in C Requirements share in private chat

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    C++ lisp parser S-a încheiat left

    help in c++ coding on lisp interpreter or something

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    Attached a file with the project details. As soon as someone’s interested, will send off the necessary files

    $521 (Avg Bid)
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    We would like to have a1 to 1.5 page newspaper arti...newspaper article written to create awareness among the general population about the upcoming Cameroonian Cultural Center (CCC) project in Philadelphia PA. The article should incorporate the following elements: 1. Services & Amenities and impact of CCC on children education 2. Cameroonian Figures (culture, Sport (specify well known Cameroonian sport talents in North America such Samuel Eto’o, Pascal Siakam, Joel Embiid, Roger Milla, Francis Ngannou, Nouhou Tolo), Literature, Music (Richard Bona, Manu Dibango…) 3. Why Philly? 4. Ambassadors (Eric Chinje, Henry Dickongue, Dr Eunice Gwanmesia, Gwendoline Fonguh) 5. Support Channels 6. Contact Info o Web site o Social media pages o Email o Phone# 7. Picture of drawi...

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    I am developing a ppl program in Delphi 10 and trying to use Github but need help mastering it properly.

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    Lexical Analyzer S-a încheiat left

    design and implement and Lexical Analyzer for a subset of the Pascal Programming Language. You program should be able to accept as input a file containing statements in Pascal and correctly perform a lexical analysis of each statement. Samples of the output and sample C code for a lexical analyzer for tokens and lexemes can be at the last. 1. You will need to create a list (some structure to store) of the reserved words for Pascal. (See the link to the Pascal site posted with the assignment). 2. You will need to create a list of various operators used in Pascal by category, for example token ASSIGN_OP lexeme := 3. You will need to create a list of acceptable characters for variables and constants. 4. You will need to write code to test the validity of i...

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    Rutina LISP S-a încheiat left

    Ttengo entre manos un pequeño proyecto que exige que el programa (rutina LISP en AutoCAD) cree en un conjunto de simples polilíneas 2D unas líneas perpendiculares a una distancia de exactamente 1,000 m y que esas líneas aparte de ser perpendiculares tuvieran una longitud exactamente de 10 cm a cada lado (ver fichero adjunto)

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    UV Unwrapping -- 2 S-a încheiat left

    I am the founder of PASCAL Lab and the designer of the visual inspection training software Virtual Aesthetic Simulator (). I want to find a freelancer who can place UV on CAD objects such as the one attached. I do not want to optimize the use of texture, nor superposition, just that all areas have an identical density (very important).

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    UV Unwrapping S-a încheiat left

    I am the founder of PASCAL Lab and the designer of the visual inspection training software Virtual Aesthetic Simulator (). I want to find a freelancer who can place UV on CAD objects such as this one (). I do not want to optimize the use of texture, nor superposition, just that all areas have an identical density (very important). How long does it take you for the linked model?

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    Hi Ievgen G., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I'd like to implement this algorithm : in this application : I'd prefer in Typescript but the language you prefer would be fine if the code is clear. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I need a TF Devloper to train a model and export it . data format in PASCAL need to use Colab. Budjet 1000 inr to 2000

    $187 (Avg Bid)
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