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    I'm in need of a skilled 3D modeller with experience in photogrammetric post-processing for a bridge 3D visualization using Itwin Context Capture. We’re an engineering company performing regular 3D captures of structures via using drones and we need assistance to post process of the captured imagery. We have a...Capture. We’re an engineering company performing regular 3D captures of structures via using drones and we need assistance to post process of the captured imagery. We have a lot of data to deal with, and it’s a challenging task so that you must be well experienced in this area. Please share previous experience, even a few pictures of previous work would be enough. Ideal Skills: • 3D Modelling • Photogrammetry • Drone photography &bull...

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    We 3d scanned around 50x objects using various photogrammetry Apps and while the end result exceeded our expections, it still requires some fine tuning. Specifically we are looking at someone able to improve both the topology of the models and parts of their textures. The ideal candidate should be highly proficient in 3D modeling software. A strong background in topology optimization and deep understanding of texture cleansing are indispensable. The desired results should enhance the overall modeling quality, primarily emphasizing details and texture while also optimizing efficiency.

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    32 oferte / Controllers / Data collectors false Surveying equipment / Digital and optical Levels false Surveying equipment / Eho sonder's - Bathymetry false Surveying equipment / Electronic distance meters (Distos) false Surveying equipment / GPS / GNSS (Survey grade) false Surveying equipment / Ground penetrating radars (underground scanners) false Surveying equipment / LiDAR and Aerial Photogrammetry Sensors false Surveying equipment / Monitoring sensors and Inspection equipment false Surveying equipment / Theodolites false Surveying equipment / Total Stations false Surveying equipment / UAS / UAV / Drones false Surveying equipment / USV Boats false Used Surveying and Construction Equipment false Used Surveying and Construction equipment / Controllers / Roboti...

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    ...confident enough to COMPLETE the job to be happy for to keep the entire agreed amount in escrow until the job is complete ** **please no 'placeholder' bids or timeframes** Only bid what you can actually do this for!! I want a 3D scanning app made (from my design) similar to the many that are already on the market such as WIDAR, scanify, Qlone, etc.(happy with LIDAR technology or photogrammetry) * Page one is the page seen in the App/android Store and will be the logo only that opens up * Page Two has the logo at the top of the page and beneath it a short explainer video (that I will supply - with an ‘x’ in the top right corner to stop the video for people who do not want to watch the entire video). Beneath the short explainer video will ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled CAD designer to create a 3D printable model of a photogrammetry rig that is tailored to fit the unique requirements of the IMX 519 camera sensor. The ultimate goal is to develop a rig that is both compact and portable, without sacrificing the stability and precision needed for high-quality photogrammetry. **Key Requirements:** - The design should specifically cater to the dimensions and mounting points of the IMX 519 sensor. - Emphasis on a compact design, aiming for a turntable diameter of at least 12 inches to accommodate various object sizes while maintaining portability. - The final product must enhance the rig's stability and accuracy, ensuring that the data captured is of the highest quality. - The CAD model should be optimize...

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    I require an experienced freelancer who can refine my flower's photogrammetry 3D model that I've initially processed with Polycam software. Key tasks include: - Removing noise and artifacts - Smoothing the surface - Repairing holes and gaps - Any other tasks necessary to enhance the model's quality and aesthetic appeal The final 3D model should capture a natural and realistic depiction of the flowers, while maintaining a smooth and polished look. Retainment of fine details is crucial. Ideal candidates will have experience in 3D modeling, special focus on photogrammetry is a plus. A meticulous eye for detail is paramount to successfully deliver this project. Proficiency in Polycam or similar software is expected.

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    I'm seeking expertise to transform raw data into a high-resolution point cloud. This data, sourced from photogrammetry, requires intricate detailed processing for heritage preservation purposes. Skills required for this task: - Proficiency in working with photogrammetry data. - Experience in detail-oriented point cloud rendering. - Expertise in colorization for realistic representation of the original data. Expectations: - Conversion of photogrammetry data into a high-resolution point cloud. - Post-processing includes colorization for intense detail rendering. - A background in similar projects is preferred. Please share any previous works with photogrammetry and point-cloud processing if available to budge an informed proposal.

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    I am looking for an experienced photogrammetrist to assist me in creating 3D models of artifacts. The aim of this project is to create models that accurately represent the artifacts in high-detail, which includes fine textures and intricate features. - Expertise in Photogrammetry: The freelancer must possess robust knowledge and experience in capturing high detail in 3D modeling. - Detail-oriented: Paying attention to textures and intricate features is crucial to the success of this job. I need more than just the basic structure; I'm after the fine details. - Artifacts as Subject: the objects that will be modeled are historical artifacts. Any expertise or experience in dealing with this type of object will be advantageous. I am looking forward to a collaboration that ...

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    ...detailing specific areas the drone should focus on. Mastery in photogrammetry to translate these images into an accurate 3D model is a must. * It's crucial that the 3D model includes fine details and textures, not just the general shape and structure. Expertise in modeling architectural features and textures will be key to this project's success. * Prospective candidates should have prior experience in architectural visualization projects, ideally involving photogrammetry and drone imagery. * A solid understanding of architectural principles will be highly beneficial, as the purpose is to generate a model that accurately represents the real physical structure. To succeed in this role you should have a high level of proficiency in photogrammetry software a...

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    I need a talented Photogrammetrists, Photogrammetry Specialist to take three old photos and turn them into 2-dimensional maps with the shapes of houses portrayed distinctly as 2 dimensional shapes with scale and geographic coordinates. Previous experience handling similar projects will be a significant plus. Please provide samples of your previous work in your bid.

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    I need a talented Photogrammetrists, Photogrammetry Specialist to take three old photos and turn them into 2-dimensional maps with the shapes of houses portrayed distinctly as 2 dimensional shapes with scale and geographic final output should be a high-resolution JPEG without any text or labelling included on the map. Ideal freelancer for this project should have excellent skills especially with transforming aerial photos into 2D representations. Previous experience handling similar projects will be a significant plus. Please provide samples of your previous work in your bid.

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    ...90 degree, and therefore the legs are a smaller proportion in the jpeg image than they would be in reality. Image Selection: - I have specific images that I would like the freelancer to use for the measurements. Accuracy Requirement: - The desired accuracy of the measurements is high, with no more than 1 - 2 % error. Skills and Experience: - The ideal freelancer should have experience in photogrammetry or a related discipline. - Knowledge of perspective correction techniques is necessary. - Familiarity with image measurement and analysis tools is necessary. Outputs: In the first instance, we want to understand if it is possible to correct perspective from an image. If yes, are you able to both correct the perspective and then provide leg length estimates either in CM or as...

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    Trophy icon Logo Needed To Represent Our Community S-a încheiat left, the Student Advisory Council, which is affiliated to the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS). Some of the elements and symbols you may use in the logo (feel free to use others) are books, graduation caps, Remote Sensing related symbols, Photogrammetry related symbols. We suggest you do a quick Google search to become familiarized with Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry. To explain further, this student community is a community of students majoring in sciences related to Remote Sensing (Earth observation) and Photogrammetry. So the logo cannot be only related to students, it must represent both students and the sciences of interest (Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry). We are attaching 4 images to help you get a b...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with drone photogrammetric image processing...suggestions and would appreciate assistance in selecting the area to be mapped. Desired Output Format: I would like both 2D and 3D maps in the form of an orthomosaic and a digital elevation model. Software Preference: I do not have any specific software requirements and the freelancer can use their preferred software for the processing. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in drone photogrammetry and image processing techniques - Knowledge of GIS software and tools - Experience in generating orthomosaic and digital elevation models - Strong attention to detail and accuracy in image processing - Ability to effectively communicate and provide suggestions for selecting the area to ...

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    Project Title: Mathematical Concepts of Photogrammetry Overview: I am looking for an experienced freelancer who has an advanced understanding of photogrammetry. The project involves providing explanations for specific mathematical concepts as well as a general overview of the subject. The preferred format for the project is text-based. Skills and Experience Required: - Advanced understanding of photogrammetry - Strong knowledge of mathematical concepts related to photogrammetry - Ability to explain complex mathematical concepts in a clear and concise manner - Proficiency in technical writing and delivering high-quality text-based content - Familiarity with the principles and techniques of photogrammetry - Attention to detail and ability to organize info...

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    Photogrammetry S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can assist me with a photogrammetry project. The purpose of this project is to obtain both 3D and 2D measurements with high accuracy. Requirements: - Expertise in photogrammetry techniques and software - Ability to work with multiple objects and areas - Proficiency in capturing and processing images for accurate measurements Skills and Experience: - Strong background in 3D modeling and mapping - Familiarity with measurement techniques and tools - Attention to detail and ability to achieve high accuracy in measurements If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal detailing your approach and relevant past projects.

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    I am looking for a qualified photogrammetry scan of a location in Washington, DC. The size of the location is small, covering less than 1 acre. I need the scan to include both the exterior and hero objects, such as statues. The level of detail required for the exterior is medium, and high for the objects. The scan should capture detailed features of the exterior and capture fine details for the objects. An experienced professional is requested to deliver a successful product.

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    I have a relatively simple yet organic shaped car part (instrument binnacle panel) I need a step model created for from photogrammetry. I will provide the photographs. NeRF or Photogrammetry are the only acceptable methods for creating the model, hand modeling will not be accurate enough. If you are not experience in photogrammetry or NeRF do not respond to the project. Please provide example projects from your portfolio showing previous photogrammetry or NeRF modeling. Photos attached to the project are for reference, for the actual project we will take additional photos per your instructions. This is a fixed bid project. Please post your actual bid, not a placeholder. If you place a low project bid and attempt to raise the price later you will not be c...

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    33 oferte, and use it to scan the memorial. It's similar to taking a video all around the memorial, moving slowly. The memorial is square in shape and about 3 meters in all directions (including height), so you will need a selfie stick or similar to get a good scan. There is no need for special lighting or any other equipment (just phone, selfie stick, and the free app). Experience with NeRF or photogrammetry is preferred, but you do not need to be a professional photographer. You just have to follow the instructions to use the app. Preference may also be given to anyone with experience doing 360 degree photography and who has a 360 degree camera. This should take no more than an hour of time in the field, plus you'll want to do a couple practice runs using the app if...

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    3d photogrammetry model S-a încheiat left

    In this project, the digital twin of the building, which is an example of civil architecture, was produced. Aerial and ground 4k photos were taken. The model was created with reality capture texture resolution of the model is 1mm. A precise 3D model of the structure was created.

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    Scan to BIM S-a încheiat left

    ...BIM project. The ideal candidate should have experience in photogrammetry and be able to deliver high precision output BIM models. Requirements: - Proficiency in photogrammetry techniques and software - Ability to produce accurate and detailed 3D models & 2D drawings and plans as deliverables Skills and experience: - Strong background in photogrammetry and 3D modelling - Extensive knowledge of BIM processes and standards - Excellent attention to detail and ability to achieve high precision accuracy - Proficient in relevant software and tools for photogrammetry and BIM modeling Deliverables: - High precision output BIM model - Accurate and detailed 2D drawings and plans If you have the necessary skills and expertise in photogrammetry and BIM mod...

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    Site Survey Drawing S-a încheiat left

    ...- driveways, road, etc - no fences or gates required - no side elevations required, just plan view I will provide high res files including ortho, 3D point cloud, 3D mesh model, system generated contours (0.25m), DSM and DTM. I will also provide a bunch of general photos to assist in the understanding of the site and its structures. The data has been created from high res drone photos and photogrammetry software (software can be provided for easier viewing if required). The software functionality includes measurements and elevations. I attach the following extracts as examples of the data you will receive: 1. Low res ortho 2. Point cloud 3. Contours 4. 3D mesh 5. DSM Samples of the final deliverable should be like this: https://sonto

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    ...owner details. When our scheduling team sets a day/time of the survey, that date/time set should show up under the proper column in the dashboard Step 10: Ciellie Surveyor will upload files (whether this is pcloud or you want to create a new file upload system on here. Up to you) As soon as the Drone images are uploaded, the images should immediately begin rendering into a 3d orthomosaic using photogrammetry. Step 11: User views rendered 3D Orthomosaic Step 12: User can switch to another project to view that 3D Orthomosaic Step 13: Design on 3D orthomosaic This is where the user will be able to measure, place panels, place wiring to the transformer, place transformer, and place the battery (everything should be to scale) This is where a CV model would come into could h...

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    ...fabrication, 3D civil design, and drone LiDAR and photogrammetry. Design Preferences: - I would like the website to have an engineering type aesthetic, with a focus on showcasing our skills through photos and explanations. - The design should be minimalist, clean, and professional, reflecting the sophistication of our work. Additional Features and Functionality: - I am open to suggestions for any additional features or functionality that could enhance the website and improve user experience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating websites for design and fabrication companies or similar industries - Strong understanding of structural design and fabrication - Proficiency in 3D civil design and drone LiDAR and photogrammetry - Ability to create a visu...

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    hi we have around 50 real bras and need to model them all 1. we take real product photos at 100 angles if you like, and you will create full pbr textures using methods such as this Scanning 3D Objects Photogrammetry or any methods that you are familiar with 2. we also have specifications of each bra so you can create it for us in marvelouasdesigner to fit our current t-pose female model. we need to see that bra on other 14 poses that generated form the basic t-pose that we provided. 3. after finishing we need animation for bras using our provided rigged female characters. quote for price of all 50 pieces

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    ...involved in different stages of the project lifecycle, from the initial planning to construction and maintenance. However, one thing is common across them all: *data*. Skand’s vision is to bring spatial data to everyone. We achieve this by creating a platform that allows users to manage, visualize, and share their data. We deal with incredibly diverse datasets, from PDFs and images to CADs, photogrammetry meshes, and point clouds that can be hundreds of gigabytes large. It raises interesting engineering problems, from designing scalable data pipelines in the cloud to building the 3D Web Viewer with which users can manipulate their data As a part of the team, you will be responsible for maintaining and developing the Skand product which you can see here:

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    This app its will are utility for drone pilots that working in aerial photogrammetry, when their have end the flight mission and want check if all images are shot in the correct position of the flight area. So the app will must read a external storage MicroUSB connected at the device iPhone or iPad, visualize the tree folders in the external storage to select the folder where are saved the images taken from drone. All images have in Exif data the geographic coordinate and altitude, data that wil must are readed and listed into the app, and after visualized on map with pin marker points. Will must are possible, after, create various polygons on map to delimitate the empty areas and export in KML/KMZ format. after, the areas exported will can are import in the flight app to creat...

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    3D artist needed for photogrammetry mesh clean up of a 3D kitchen scene model to be used in a VR application. The three 3D models created using photogrammetry processing are blurry. The 3D models need to be photo realistic, combined together as one scene, and to be scale accurate to the LiDAR scan model. Files can be exported in a variety of formats including OBJ. The 3D models will come in at least three sections because the 3D model pieces came out much more crisp then the scanned model of the entire space, which will also be provided. The desired level of detail for the final mesh is high-poly. The final rendered kitchen scene should he high quality photo realistic and to scale. The kitchen scene digital asset will need to be imported into the scaled RoomPlan LiDA...

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    ...‘linear stretch’ to improve brightness/contrast of the image if required. Answer the following (use diagrams where relevant) b) Define Earth Observation and provide 2 X application examples(EO) c) What is an NDVI, how is it computed, what does it tell us. d) Define and explain the difference between Clustering and Classification, provide at least 2 X examples of each 2. Geodesy, Mapping, Photogrammetry & Drones (a) Describe and detail (using a diagram) Earth Surface, Geoid and Ellipsoid (b) Why do we need Map Projections and name 4 X map projection transformation properties that may need to be distorted (c) Define and provide details for DSM & DEM (d) What is the practical application of KLV in Aerial Full Motion Video (e) Details and describe the 3 X...

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    Hello, we are looking for a Python developper to modify the following code : More precisely the functions "load_colmap_data" a...details to help with the conversion : The data of the metashape software are provided in XML format (For camera and images informations) and TXT for 3D points. I attach the documents of both programs so that you can see the structure. This is camera position data most commonly used for 3D reconstruction (photogrammetry), the goal is to convert the functions to use my files. The data are similar, but the file structure is different. A vector and matrix conversion is probably necessary to match the final file.

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    I used photogrammetry and Pix4D mapper software to create 3D models. The model is a corridor , I took a series of pictures of the corridor and using the coordinates of these pictures I would need a small PHP program to read the coordinate file and indicate if a point is too close / obstacle in front of us or if there is no obstacle it would indicate it. This program would help navigation in self-driving vehicles.

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    The aim of this thesis is to propose a method, using photogrammetry, that can improve the navigation capabilities and safety of autonomous vehicles. Collect data using a handheld camera and process it using our Pix4D mapper software to create point clouds. The coordinates of the images are in a file and you should write a program that would read the coordinates (x, y, z) from the file and interpret them and for example if there is a point (object in the image) close to you, detect it (indicate it with a red exclamation mark) if there is no obstacle in front of you, indicate it (with a green tick). This part is not concrete, the main thing is to have a navigation related program for which I can use the point clouds, because I already have the theoretical part.

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    I am looking for a remote sensing service using drone technology. The purpose of the remote sensing service is to flare inspection, telecom tower inspection, pipeline and flowline inspection, internal and external tank inspection, Aerial photography and surveillance , survey and mapping GPR and satellite imagery, and gas detection using camera. I need the data collection process to use photogrammetry, and I require raw data. it is urgent

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    photogrammetry S-a încheiat left

    i need to do bundle adjustment in photogrametry

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    Pix 4D photogrammetry S-a încheiat left

    I need someone to process a drone flight, and give me an LAS File and ortho mosaic.

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    ارغب في شرح محتوى الملف المرفق من مختص في مجال المساحة التصويرية باللغة العربية

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    I am looking for an experienced software developer to help build an in-house photogrammetry software that will work with images and videos. The software needs to have some form of automation, meaning it should require minimal manual editing in order to obtain consistent results. The software should function like Scanifly, DroneDeploy, and Pix4D. It will have to be capable of capturing and transmitting accurate data from images and video, in addition to allowing for the use of any necessary operators/ tools needed for image processing. The ideal candidate has a good understanding of the fundamentals of photogrammetry and can design an automated workflow that will provide reliable results. The software should also support any image formats necessary for the project and shoul...

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    3D Modelling Assistant S-a încheiat left

    Looking for someone who is able to 3D model on any software that does to scale modelling. You will be working together with a designer in person. You will be given a 3D model of a person’s head that was created using photogrammetry. Your task is to create a 3D model of a pair of sunglasses based on a simple 2D design that fits the head perfectly. Office space and software is provided in NW3 London. If fast performing it would open up to a lot more work.

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    I need an expert in Xcode who can help to create a tool that will analyze a USDZ file and help improve our photogrammetry scanning process. the USDZ is created using Apples' Object Capture technology and I need to be able to analyze it and create a bounding box to focus in on the area to process in high resolution. I have created a python script to do that in blender and need to re-create it in Xcode.

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    Se need a modelling of an historical building modelling (4 facades of a cloister) based on photos. Se need not an high polygon model but se need the absolute precision, then is suggested to use photogrammetry software. You can use any 3d software you want, se need an obj or fbx or .dae or .3ds or .max We dont need lights or camera or renders

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    We need to recreate a spatially accurate process plant 3D CAD model based on a photogrammetry model; - Primary focus is on Piping Design, with no need for accurate reproduction of pipe supports or pipe class. - Major structural components also to be modelled as indicative only, skids, pipe racks, platforms, ladders, handrails etc. Outdoor locations only. No need to model internal of buildings. - Electrical and instrumentation indicative only with the focus on spatial accuracy. i.e visual likeness over Manufacturer/model number. Spatial data can be provided as segmented photogrammetry or surface point cloud extracted from the source photogrammetry model.

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    3D modelling using AI S-a încheiat left

    ...4. Export numpy array as output in addition to the mp4 videos. Make documentation of properties of numpy arrays such as shape, color etc 5. Instead of output format as MP4, convert model to FBX, GiTF format. Any other format acceptable in Unity or Adobe 3D stager is acceptable too. It is also acceptable to increase the model runtime for training and test. This part may require knowledge of photogrammetry. (Optional but if done, we will provide additional incentives) Resources collections Link to research paper: Link to code: Project page: collections Link

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    the task is similar to functioning of photogrammetry process, it is with help of multiple images being shoot feeding into object capture api turning to 3d model , it is same app like polycam, 3d scanner

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    Unity 3D Developers S-a încheiat left

    ...platforms. - Write down documentation for products you are working on. What you need - 2+ years of real-time 3D Unity modeling and applications development experience. - Knowledge of C# and preferably one or more object-oriented languages (Java, Python etc.). - Knowledge of how 3D data sources (LIDAR, RADAR, GPS, GIS and Camera Data) and modeling tools (geospatial, CAD/BIM, large data rendering, photogrammetry, or point cloud domains) are used in various industries to create Digital Twins. - Solid understanding of algorithms, data structures and system design (classes, methods, collections etc.). - Solid understanding of IT architecture concepts, such as API servers, clients, databases and others. - General ability to communicate in English, both verbal and written. - Bachelors...

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    It involves creating a clean mesh for the architectural mapping of a facade of a church in Italy starting from a complex mesh created with a photogrammetry process

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    I need to have you take my pics and create a stl file that is adjusted to scale using dimensions I provide. I’ll provide a few measurements to allow you to scale it to match the original. I have a IPhone 12 Max Pro to use to take the pics. Also I have a Foldio automated turntable to use if that helps. I’d like to take 2 sets of pics where one is the upper and one is the flipped 180° of the model to be able to merge the files so that we have good results for all angles.

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    19 oferte / Controllers / Data collectors false Surveying equipment / Digital and optical Levels false Surveying equipment / Eho sonder's - Bathymetry false Surveying equipment / Electronic distance meters (Distos) false Surveying equipment / GPS / GNSS (Survey grade) false Surveying equipment / Ground penetrating radars (underground scanners) false Surveying equipment / LiDAR and Aerial Photogrammetry Sensors false Surveying equipment / Monitoring sensors and Inspection equipment false Surveying equipment / Theodolites false Surveying equipment / Total Stations false Surveying equipment / UAS / UAV / Drones false Surveying equipment / USV Boats false Used Surveying and Construction Equipment false Used Surveying and Construction equipment / Controllers / Roboti...

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    Photogrammetry S-a încheiat left

    Im medicine school student and I want to make some realistic 3d virtual objects (bones) to be explored for free by others and cointain editable pins with to put info on every detail. Something similar to an 3d atlas. I can make the pictures to complete the map but I need a skilled person with photogammetry software. Thanks

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    Scan to CAD conversions S-a încheiat left

    CAD expert needed for LIDAR scan to CAD conversions, plan creation, and rendering. Ongoing assignments entail refining point cloud mesh data (OBJ files) into scale accurate plan sets, extracting dimensions for remodeling take off estimates, designing, and rendering new plan sets. This specific ...2D floor plan with accurate room dimensions, a 2D kitchen layout plan set with accurate cabinet and countertop dimensions on the plan, a list of the accurately measured existing cabinet sizes, and a cleaned up 3d model for Revit. Candidates should have in depth working knowledge of AutoCAD, Revit, 3dMax, Sketchup, and / or Chief Architect for Building Information Modeling. Experience with photogrammetry and rendering software including, DJI Terra, Unreal Engine, and Blender is also h...

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