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    2,000 phpbb3 mybb proiecte găsite, la prețul de USD needs to incorporate features such as: - User login: Users should be able to seamlessly sign in to both the website and existing MyBB forum using the same credentials. - Home page: This will feature Cryptocurrency and Exchange rankings and detailed reviews of each. - About page: This will provide detailed information about the website's main objective - to rank cryptocurrencies and exchanges. ========================== ==================== Background: - The website has primary goal to rank the cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrencies. There are 2 main parts of the website. 1. The main website is 2. The website has a forum on mybb and which is installed in the directory /forum so the forum url is Please note that forum is already build and nothing

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    mybb custom style S-a încheiat left

    need mybb custom style developer enclosed style

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    Eu tenho uma VPS (Linux) em produção que está executando um serviço responsável por receber logs de um servidor e replicar esses dados em um fórum (MyBB). Este serviço possui uma lógica específica, descrita abaixo: 1. A API do servidor de logs foi configurada para processar os logs de acordo com condições específicas. Por exemplo, o log com ID 3521 não deve ser enviado para o fórum, enquanto o ID 2251 deve ser acompanhado por uma observação e outras variáveis definidas. Essa lógica já está implementada. 2. Uma outra condição importante foi desenvolvida: se um evento com ID 2211 for gerado no servidor de logs repetidamente em um i...

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    Desenvolvimento de uma nova funcionalidade para o MyBB, relacionada à gestão do SLA (Service Level Agreement) por meio da implementação de um "countdown timer". A proposta é a seguinte: Regras para Countdown: Ao receber a primeira mensagem em um respectivo fórum no MyBB, um "countdown timer" será iniciado. Agrupamento por Usuário: Se, outro usuário que não seja o que criou o topico responder, o SLA será pausado. Interface de Contagem: Utilizar um timer de relógio com contagem regressiva que ficará na pagina do forum. Armazenamento de Tempo: O tempo do countdown deve ser registrado no Servidor. Darei mais informações sobre isso num PDF que fiz com o...

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    I already have the PSD and the HTML code for the website I just need the header changed to something different and the site name and a gallery page, an info blog page, connect login with mybb installed already budget: $60 if you do a goodjob and fast I have another job that pays better for website

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    The project involves integrating MyBB, a popular forum software, with a Laravel-based application to streamline user authentication. The core objective is to create a secure API endpoint in Laravel that allows MyBB to authenticate users against the Laravel user database. This integration will enable users registered on the Laravel site to seamlessly log in to the MyBB forum without needing separate registration. The process involves modifying the MyBB authentication system to communicate with the Laravel API, ensuring cross-domain session and cookie management, and implementing robust security measures to protect user data. The project deliverables include the functional API endpoint, modified MyBB authentication logic, comprehensive testing reports, and ...

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    # Objective: To enable seamless and effortless user login and account management between a Laravel-based main website () and a MyBB 1.8 forum subdomain (), using the simplest and most efficient methods available. # Key Requirements: 1. Unified User Authentication: - Implement a straightforward system for shared user authentication between Laravel and MyBB. - Ensure users can log in to MyBB using their Laravel credentials with minimal additional steps. 2. Database Integration or SSO Implementation: - Choose the simplest method for sharing user data between Laravel and MyBB, either through direct database integration or a basic SSO solution using readily available tools or plugins. 3. Domain and Session Management: - Configure cookie and session sharing

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to convert my MyBB forum into an HTML version. The specific features and functionalities that need to be replicated include thread creation and replies. Requirements: - Experience with MyBB and HTML - Ability to convert dynamic features into static HTML - Attention to detail to ensure accurate replication of the forum - Expertise in using software to download a live forum to local using the tools best suited for this - The freelancer has to know how to retrieve images that were placed on imgur onto the threads - In the end the forum must be uploaded to a mega account in a way that all links work, so that it will be easier for us to replace imgur photos by another image provider, also the anonymity links must be there. - I could use HT...

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    Web Truyện - Forum - PHP S-a încheiat left

    Mình cần thuê Dev lập trình một web để có thể đăng truyện và tương tác + đồng bộ cơ sở dữ liệu để có thể sử dụng song song với Forum MyBB (Làm riêng Forum càng tốt, chức năng đơn giản không cần cầu kì).

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    Fix mybb bugs S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for a skilled developer to fix the forum display issues on my mybb website. The issues may or may not be related to the custom themes and plugins that I have installed. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in mybb development - Knowledge of custom themes and plugins - Ability to troubleshoot and fix bugs efficiently and effectively The main focus of this project is to ensure that the forum display issues are resolved, and that the website runs smoothly. If you have the skills and experience required for this task, I would love to hear from you.

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    create auto post in mybb S-a încheiat left

    i have 4 blog site. you have to get data from this 4 site and post in 2 section.

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    Fix mybb SEO Plugin S-a încheiat left

    Need a fast fix for mybb google seo plugin need help fixing the htaccess file and site config not paying more than $5 this is such a simple fix i just do not feel like dealing with it rn It needs to be fixed so when you visit a user profile its like etc

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    Design mybb theme S-a încheiat left

    I am in need of an experienced designer who can create a modern theme for my MyBB community/marketplace. The ideal candidate should have experience in designing MyBB themes and be able to work with the color scheme I provide. The theme should be modern and sleek, with a focus on community and marketplace elements. In terms of design, I prefer a minimalist style. The theme should be suitable for a community/forum related to technology, gaming, and lifestyle. If you have experience in designing MyBB themes and can create a modern and sleek design, please get in touch.

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to migrate and configure mybb forum to a new server. I am currently using version 1.8 of mybb forum. I require specific plugins and themes to be installed on the new VPS/Dedicated Server. The ideal freelancer should have experience in migrating and configuring mybb forums, as well as expertise in server management. The project should be completed within a reasonable timeframe, with minimal downtime and disruption to the forum users. Old server Hostgator New serv hostinger, server are running, I have all credentials to backup and restore the files.

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    NEEDED FOR IMMEDIATE START, DO NOT SEND YOUR BID REQUEST IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO RESPOND TO MESSAGES INSTANTLY. Basic Overview: MyBB 1.8.3 forum plugin that gives the forum/community the ability to trade via an automated escrow system using Bitcoin. The plugin should not rely on any 3rd party payment gateways. It should give an option in the MyBB Admin control panel to customise certain functions of the escrow such as; Escrow Fee (the percentage that is added on-top of the transaction) If a buyer or seller is making a transaction for $100 in BTC and our current fee is set to 10% then there should be 3 scenarios. Scenario 1) The creator of the trade chooses an option that the Buyer will pay the fee. This adds the 10% on-top of the BTC payment. Scenario 2) The creator of the...

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    Developing a Pokemon RPG S-a încheiat left

    From the scratch of developing a pokemon rpg with features like Pokedex Battle / Live PVP Trading of Pokemons In-Game Chat MyBB Forum - Connected to In-Game Database of users Promotional Pokemon Pokemon Trainers (Gym Trainers too, and medals) Map Feature (In-Game users should be able to explore the maps and catch pokemons) and few more that can be discussed. All the features should be in Ajax for fast load-ups

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    This plugin has to do several things: I need a mybb forum custom plugin that will link discord account to your forum account. The forum also has to be linked to MY mysql database that identifies the linked discord account. You can see attached image. I would also like if for everytime they reply or Post, they get X coins at random. So for example: They reply to a post = 1-10 coins at random, it selects 5. + 5 coins get added to the mysql coin table. Finally, a forum shop where they can use their coins to purchase different forum features. Such as Change your color name, change names, Create a unique usergroup, etc.

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    Mybb theme S-a încheiat left

    I need a theme like this.. Mybb stabilizer theme

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    ...sodelovala pri inšpekcijskem pregledu. Vlada Queenslanda bo obseg pregleda objavila pozneje. Related resources:

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    Hello, Hopefully somebody can help me, I'm looking to copy my website layout onto a forums so it fits since my website is a static design. I'm not sure what forums I want to use yet and not really that bothered, I don't mind using any of the following: mybb/phpbb/ipb/xenforo My website link is : Message me to discuss in more detail :)

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    Project for Bryar G. S-a încheiat left

    سلام عليكم اخي بريار امتلك منتدي من نوع MyBB واريد ان اضيف الي بعض الخصائص الموجوده في منتدي اخر ,, هل هذا يمكن انجازه؟

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    I would like to own a hacking forum i want it to be like website forum but with different colours. No adverts and of course i will need to put in my own logo. Also i would like a video tutorial on how to set this up

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    upgrade my web site S-a încheiat left

    MyBB 1.8.20 whilst the latest generally available release is MyBB 1.8.30

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    Build mybb forum S-a încheiat left

    ...need a lot of plugins installed such as payments mybb new alerts system mybb vouch system (please reefer to ) also needing a SEO plugin for example your and so on I don’t want it to say UID=1 etc Mybb alerts Mybb mention me Mybb payments (so users can buy upgrades) Mybb vouch system like ogu so it shows how many vouches a user has etc and shows on the posts as well Trust scan system like () to allow users to scan users to see if they match ips of last users etc Mybb award system Mybb credit system Mybb advertising so users can buy ads A plug-in so it will use instead of UID=1 for user profiles That’s it for the plug ins I know some are as simply as download from mybb com and upload but the oth...

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    I have a forum at I'm looking for a developer that's got decent/professional knowledge of using MyBB and the security side of it, such as how passwords are hashed and salted etc. I recently suffered a data breach at the hands of admin, having disabled his 2fa without alerting anyone until his account was comped. I would like to have the required 2fa forced on all staff accounts, have forum bugs fixed and overall security tightened.

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    Acord de confidenţialitate
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    forum sitesi açmak S-a încheiat left

    mybb ile forum sitesi açmak ve admin panelini kullanabileceğim şekilde ayarlanmasını istiyorum.

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    Project as per document TASK 269 – SUPERADMIN FOR MYBB FORUMS that will be uploaded here in tab 'Files'

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    I want to create an simple phpBB extension that will grab from the 1st post of a topic all the content inside [code] BBCode where the content start with http, and then reparse that content that should be a list of urls, using a service from RealDebrid API, that will return new urls. The API information should be filled at phpBB Admin panel. On the frontend, to not hit the API limits, the best thing to do I beleive is to reparse the code content only by clicking on a button that would appear probably on the side of "Select All" from code bbcode, saying "Generate Special Urls", that will replace the content with the new genearated urls from the api. The idea is not to have the bbcode "code" globally changed, but only changed if it's the 1st post of a ...

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    I need someone experienced in web development, design and MyBB to do the following: - Develop an advanced store plug-in that will allow forum users to purchase subscriptions and redeem keys that will apply subscriptions to their account. More information on this can be provided in messages. - Slightly tweak an existing theme that I have created. References and information can be shown in messages.

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    Project as per document TASK 241 – MYBB FORUMS INTEGRATION PHASE 2, that will be uploaded here in tab 'files'

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    Hello, I am looking for somebody to redesign some pages of my MyBB forum website. I need the following redesigned: - Forum portal - Website homepage - Media page They are very simple and fast jobs, I can provide references for how I want each page to look. The website homepage and media page will only need a layout with placeholder text, images and buttons. All I need is someone with coding experience to move things around and leave me with a good layout to work with and add onto myself. I already have a theme made and installed to be worked with.

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    Trophy icon Change the style and setup of MyBB S-a încheiat left

    Small job that consists of changing the style and setup of myBB

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    I Need a custom theme for MyBB Forum. I have a mockup for how I want it to look.

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    Task as per document TASK 227 – MYBB FORUMS INTEGRATION WITH NATIVE DATABASE USERS IN SQLSERVER , will be uploaded here in tab documents.

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    install phpbb forum and configure it to use existing external mysql table for user authentication. So user table already exists, we need forum to be configured to use it for authentication instead of internal table.

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    I need a Custom MyBB theme designer. I've already created a theme structure. So if you think you are able to do this then only bid on this project, otherwise please don't waste both of our time.

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    I am using the forum software called MyBB. I want someone to create a custom them. I have already created a mockup of the design.

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    Can someone help me setup MYBB forum and install on our site... like:

    $10 (Avg Bid)

    I want a custom theme for MyBB forum software

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    I have a phpbb3 forum that I need converted to bbpress. The current phpbb has 918 accounts with 8721 topics and 65321 posts. The ideal candidate has knowledge of both forums. **Please note that old PHPBB3 forum is 100% vanilla, there are no mods on it whatsoever. Also, the new bbpress is untouched. As a matter of fact, Wordpress is also not yet setup and is a vanilla setup, except for the items host gator adds.. I will set it all up after the old forum is integrated into bbpress. Too the person who gets this job, I will give you access full access to the website to do the work. The old forum and new new Wordpress / bbpress will be on the same site / account. That should make it a lot easier. I have had some problems with this, I guess my other posts weren’t clear enou...

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    I am needing my website , which is currently using IP Boards, to be converted to the Mybb Forum Software. I need my users, topics, and posts to be moved to the MyBB software. Please message me for further information.

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    Multi MyBB Forum Hosting S-a încheiat left

    ...need: I need a developer who can setup the tech side of my company. 1. In the main website, a visitor/client will be able to register a new forum they can manage. Example: :// 2. I will have a modified standard mybb forum ready, and all new registrations by customers must be using this version. In terms of updates: if there are updates to the root mybb, then these updates will go live on all previously registered forums. 3. It is a service provided for free, that users can make their own forum about whatever they please. Clients would be registering a forum completely automatically through our website and setup within seconds. So I assume that needs database work in back end

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    I would need someone to create me an authentication bridge for Laravel 7.30.4 and phpbb 3.3.5. Requirements: After registration in Laravel 7.30.4 the user account to be created as well automatically in phpbb 3.3.5, so user can login in to phpbb3 with the Laravel username and password. Also after password reset of the user account in Laravel, the new password must be updated into phpbb3. Laravel installation path: Phpbb3 installation path: All users will be allowed to register from Laravel, so phpbb3 registrations will be disabled.

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    I am looking for an expert Laravel Developer for ongoing tasks. If you have a Laravel Certificate, please share. This is work for different hobby projects. Please share which skills you are advanced in: - Laravel - PHP - MySQL - REST API - Performance - Security - Docker - Vulne...Performance - Security - Docker - Vulnerbility - Node - Ubuntu - MongoDB - oAuth - OOP - Feature Tests - Unit Tests - Composer - NPM - Yarn - Laravel Packages - NPM Packages - Versioning - Documentation - Maintain Open Source - React - Vue - Tailwind - HTML - CSS - Vulnerbilities - React - React Native - Cordova - xCode - Swift - Kotlin - Android Studio - Ubuntu - GraphQL - Javascript - - MyBB - PHP - MySQL We can discuss various projects depending on your skills. Don't apply if you don't adva...

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    I have a website that was working with PayPal IPN and customers monthly subscriptions. Since upgrading the site that is on phpbb3 it no longer works. Would require an extension for phpbb to be created that can manage PayPal reoccurring subscriptions. Will store PayPal info and customer in separate tables, then send customer email to log into phpbb site. Would need to manage customers, see who has subscribed/lapsed etc.

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    Create custom MyBB theme S-a încheiat left

    I need a custom MyBB forum theme.

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    Hello. I'm looking for a serious developer that can help me setup a complete website where a client can register a MyBB forum for free and have it hosted with our company. We'll come up with a price after details have been worked out. After the website and host is fully setup and running, there's a big possibility we can offer you a paid job for continued work and development. There will be a website design ready that can be used for setting up the website in HTML/CSS. Or we can use something like Wordpress if there's an integration to registering a free forum. I will also need a complete automatically forum directory on the website with all forums we host. We can modify and setup the support forum on our own. As per example:

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    I want my MyBB forum. theme to look like this:

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    Customize MyBB forum theme S-a încheiat left

    I want my MyBB forum. theme to look like this:

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    Hi Guys, We are looking for someone who can help us to get the user database from a forum which is using PHPBB3. We just have the link of forum and no other access. So, someone experienced can do it by connecting their MySQL and exporting a table. READ VERY CAREFULLY, I DO NOT NEED ANY DEVELOPER. DO NOT FLOOD IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT I AM ASKING FOR. Thank you.

    $100 (Avg Bid)
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