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    YOU'RE TO CREATE OR EDIT FOR ME, AN ENTERTAINMENT, MUSIC, BEAUTY AND FASHION CHANNELS OF ABOUT THREE VIDEOS PER DAY WITH AT LEAST 2-3 MINUT...editing should be engaging, it should be aesthetically pleasing and also should be well-organized. NOTE 1 - I want 80% same as reference and 20% creativity and efficiency. NOTE 2 -Your reference link should be provided to know your competence in the field. NOTE 3 -Footages/images -Script -Voiceover -Logo -timestamp & all needed files for the editing are already available with the (Contract Staff) and once is completed it will be shared with you ASAP! Calculate at least about 3 videos per day with at least 2-3 minutes per each video edited, which approximately 10 to 15 videos per week from Monday to Friday. this wi...

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    I require the expertise of a professional experienced in FUNC Language to create a robust smart contract on the TON network. The smart contract should meet the following criteria: - Proficiency in External API integration: The smart contract must effectively incorporate crypto market data APIs in its operation. - Dynamic fund management: Utilizing data received from the crypto market data API, the contract should be able to execute actions such as releasing or locking of funds as necessitated by market conditions. Ideal candidates should have experience with functional programming languages, smart contracts creation and integrating external APIs, particularly crypto market data APIs. Knowledge of the TON network is highly beneficial.

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    I am searching for exceptional talent to create a dynamic crypto website to develop a Decentralized Application (Dapp) that operates on a Content Management System (CMS) intended for the general public. My vision for this powerful Dapp is to incorporate an Artificial In...general public. My vision for this powerful Dapp is to incorporate an Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven search prompt engine. This will serve to enhance user interaction and improve the overall efficiency of the CMS. Ideal Skills & Experience: • Proficient in Python • Dapp Development • CMS Integration • AI Search Optimization The ideal candidate should understand how to integrate the smart contract and secure data storage features tied to our Dapp, with an emphasis on user-friendly C...

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    ...tencel/LyoCell w/ merino and other merino blends because of wools characteristics. onesie should be a fleeced or pleadingly textured wool or other natural fabric sufficiently durable for active cold weather use while sufficiently comfortable for skin on skin wear. - Manufacturing and finishing considerations to ensure the best fit and highest quality, along with secondary pajama sizings for future initial contract runs. -additional dialog on interchangable hoods and methods for designing The ideal candidate would have previous experience in designing sleepwear or similar clothing articles for adults. A deep understanding of tech pack preparation is a must as well. Any additional suggestions or insights based on your industry knowledge will be much appreciated, as I may not be a...

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    Vectorized Photo S-a încheiat left

    This Contract between Neil Bentley ("Client") and Rita Pimenta ("Designer") is dated 16/03/2024. The Designer will convert a .jpg file to a vector file for a flat fee of $18.10. Work starts on 16/03/2024, and either party may terminate the contract per Section 6. Payment is due within 3 days of invoicing; late payments incur a 10% monthly fee. No post-delivery support unless agreed in writing. All resulting work product, including drafts and designs, will be owned by the Client upon full payment, granting them full rights including IP rights. The Designer can use the work product in portfolios and media, barring commercial use. The Designer agrees to assist in securing ownership rights if needed. The contract continues until completion, with certa...

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    PLC HMI Developer Needed S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for an experienced HMI programmer, specifically skilled in Ignition . The task at hand will involve transferring sensor data to Ignition and creating a few display screens. Ideal expertise include: - Extensive experience with IIOT, mqtt - In-depth knowledge of HMI systems. Interested applicants should be able to showcase a portfolio or provide references of past relevant work. Per hour and has to be done on our servers remotely. Softwares are fully loaded and sensors are connected.

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    Seeking a skilled developer for creating a SCADA and data logging system with the ability of real-time monitoring and historical data analysis. Your task would evolve around interpreting images from a vision sensor and recording their related values on trigger-based instances. Key Requirements: • Implementing real-time monitoring. • Accumulating data for historical analysis. • Devising a system that triggers based upon specific conditions to capture and log data. Expertise in vision sensors and real-time data capturing is paramount. Experience with trigger-based systems and the ability to work with image data is desired. Your contributions will deliver vital data analytics toward our continuous improvement efforts.

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    I need a specialist to develop a decentralized application (dApp) using Polygon. The key functionality is the smart contract system, which would operate as the fundamental backbone of the application. A strong understanding of Polygon's blockchain technology and experience in creating smart contracts are essential. Your abilities should include: - Polygon Blockchain: Proficiency in developing dApps on Polygon is necessary. - Smart Contract: There's a need for capability in creating and managing smart contracts. - DApp Development: A history of successful decentralized applications projects will be preferred. The purpose of this project is to create a platform that fully utilizes the benefits of decentralization offered by Polygon. A keen understanding of smart co...

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    Looking for a talented graphic designer to create a logo for our wholesale hardware business established in 1974. The design should highlight trust, quality, and our longevity in the market. Key elements to be incorporated: - Necessary to have a colour palette consisting of sturdy tones such as steel...The design should project an image of durability, possibly through the use of hardware tools as design elements. This job is ideal for freelancers with experience in designing logos for wholesale or industrial businesses; understanding the nuances of this market niche would be a great plus. Strong skills in user-centered design and color theory are desirable. If the work is likeable, long-term contract could be established to design various social media content + branding kit for ...

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    I'm immediately seeking a seasoned Cargo Ship Captain for short-term contract. Your key roles will include navigating my container ship, managing the crew onboard, and handling ship logistics. The ideal candidate should possess: - Extensive experience in sailing and navigating container ships. - Excellent leadership skills for crew management. - Proficient in maintaining ship logistics. Your role will be pivotal in ensuring smooth operations during the contract term. Please ensure you can commit to the short-term agreement of less than six months before bidding.

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    I ...ideally with a strong network among CPAs in Perth. Your main tasks will involve: - Assisting my firm in establishing connections and introductions with Perth CPAs - Acting as my representative during these interactions - Setting up meetings with CPAs, who demonstrate an interest in outsourcing their bookkeeping to my firm. Your priority is to secure at least one client per month on an annual contract. Your ability to leverage existing connections is critical so I am looking for someone who resides in Perth and has already formed alliances within the CPA community. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Excellent networking capability - Strong interpersonal and communication skills - Deep familiarity with the Perth CPA community - Previous work in a similar role or networking...

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    smart contract Solana S-a încheiat left

    project token dengan jaringan Solana

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    As a client actively seeking innovative solutions, I aim to hire a blockchain developer astute in developing and deploying smart contracts on the Solana platform. The primary...primary functionalities anticipated for my website encompass: - Creating detailed and secure smart contracts on the Solana blockchain. - Specific functionalities include Token Creation and DeFi functionalities. The perfect candidate for this project must have a deep understanding and experience in: - Blockchain development, specifically on the Solana platform. - Solidity or other relevant smart contract languages. - Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Token Creation. The ultimate goal being creating a seamless blockchain experience for my users, offering a level of proficiency that ensures the product'...

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    ...getting more customer reviews on Google My Business. It is offered in SAAS format. Each subscription to one of the plans will correspond to a business, so the same client must be able to contract the same plan according to the number of businesses or premises that they want to manage from the app. Stages and functionalities Phase 1 (Minimum Viable Product): v0.1: Develop a web application based on the Laravel framework v0.2: Develop admin panel v0.3: Develop user management v0.4: Develop multi-language management (en and es initially) v0.5: Develop a SAAS with the functionality that each user can contract as many plans as they want and that the functionalities that are developed can be attributed to each plan v0.6: Develop the front of the website v0.7: Develop blog fu...

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    As a disruptive enterprise, I'm looking for an experienced Blockchain developer with a strong background in creating smart contracts. What I am specifically after is the development of a Blockchain application tailored for the supply chain industry. Some of the essential skills and experiences required for this project include: - Extensive experience in Blockchain application development, particularly in the creation and implementation of smart contracts - Proficient understanding of the supply chain industry - Proven record of developing Blockchain applications for specific industries Your success in this role will be determined by your technical proficiency in Blockchain development and your ability to create a bespoke solution for a specific industry, in this case, the supply...

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    I want to have a module designed for managing TRC20 assets that carries out a range of specific functions: - Check the balance of an asset by accessing a private node. - Validate the transfer of assets through the execution of a Smart Contract, verification of the signature, and transaction confirmation. - Log the history of all transactions. The ideal candidate for this project will be an expert in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, with a deep understanding of TRC20 tokens specifically. Strong skills in smart contracts and signature verification are essential, as is experience with private node access. Efficiency, attention to detail, and thoroughness in creating transaction history logs are key for this project.

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    I need an experienced developer to handle a swift bug fix on my smart contract developed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The bug gives rise to a functionality issue affecting the transaction functions. The ideal freelancer for this task should possess: - Proficiency in BSC smart contracts. - Strong skills in debugging and bug fixing - A history of resolving smart contract functionality issues.

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    I'm seeking a skilled contract lawyer to thoroughly review a Loan Contract and amend/add/remove any clauses that are specific to Australia, and or need adding to be relevant to the UK. Ideal candidates would have substantial experience in contracts, with a specialization in loan contracts. You should also be highly familiar with English financial legal landscapes, as I need this contract converted from AU to UK. Looking forward to an in-depth analysis and your professional advice.

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    I'm seeking a skilled contract lawyer to thoroughly review a Loan Contract and amend/add/remove any clauses that are specific to Australia, and or need adding to be relevant to the USA. Ideal candidates would have substantial experience in contracts, with a specialization in loan contracts. You should also be highly familiar with American financial legal landscapes, as I need this contract converted from AU to US. Looking forward to an in-depth analysis and your professional advice.

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    ...panel shall indicate if the fan is running. The operator should be able to set a desired speed of the fan on the HMI. The fan may also be controlled by a ‘Filter DP’ potentiometer at the front panel of the board. The potentiometer is being used to simulate a filter dirty condition, with an increase in resistance indicating an increasing filter dirty condition, thereby increasing the speed of the AHU fan to compensate. If there is a VSD fault, the AHU system should stop operating, and a red ‘VSD fault’ light shall illuminate at the front panel. Separate A temperature transmitters shall read the temperature inside and outside of the application and relay this information back to the HMI. Based on temperature inputs, two actuators shall open and close ...

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    I am looking for a project manager for three websites, who can take-over the project from existing agency and hire/manage work through economical freelancers- 1) Maintainance of websites - One e-commerce, Second - Staffing, Third - contract pharmaceutical testing lab 2) Optimise and fix website 3) Secure full control of websites as admin and work with internal team 4) Who can review the contract and assure it was fulfilled by website agency.

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    This is an in-person role working in the facility. This is a contract role that can last a minimum of 2 weeks and up to 6 months with the possibility of permanent placement. Mechanical Design Engineer – Low Voltage Position Overview: This position develops custom solutions that are used in a multitude of industries. Each project takes an idea from concept to design, to production. Responsibilities include creating, updating, and releasing mechanical drawing packages for assigned projects in compliance with customer and industry specifications. In this function you will: Develop and update mechanical approval drawings based on design reviews and customer comments. Develop and release mechanical manufacturing drawings inclusive of sheet metal fabrication details (flat patte...

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    ...from various departments, including HR and Legal, into a unified board for efficient project tracking and management. HR: Integration of recruitment pipeline with potential impacts on Legal and Business Directory pages. Structured candidate profiles with meeting notes and progress tracking. Legal: Centralized management of all legal-related work, including contract templates and legal opinions specific to the crypto space. Streamlined contract creation and signing processes. Business Directory: Full directory management originating from HR or direct entry creation, ensuring comprehensive employee and company profiles. Team Meeting Notes: Confidential notes from internal team meetings for reference and decision-making. Blockchain Conferences: Integration with events managem...

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    ...development of a smart contract to handle room reservations. The smart contract should incorporate elements of a token creation and management system. Key Functionalities Needed: 1. **Booking and Reservation Management:** The smart contract needs to efficiently and securely handle all aspects of booking and reservation for rooms. We will need to develop smart contract code and simple interaction UI application with to interact with the contract. Ideal Freelancer's Skills and Experience: 1. **Solidity Programming**: Extensive experience in Solidity programming is essential. 2. **Blockchain Application Development**: Previous experience in blockchain-based application development, specifically on the Polygon platform, is crucial. 3. *...

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    ...current practices, effectiveness, and gaps related to drug testing methods in police custody environments. The focus of the review should not only identify the methods used, but delve into their effectiveness and the prevalent practices surrounding them. Please note these key points: - This review will cover strategically selected regions, which will be specified at the time of signing the contract. - The actual drug testing methodologies (urine, saliva, hair) are not the primary focus. Rather, we aim to analyze the surrounding procedures, efficacy and potential areas for improvement. Ideal Skills: - Prior research experience on related topics - Strong analytical and writing skills - Familiarity with a wide range of data sources - academic journals, professional reports, an...

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    I'm looking for an expert in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and cloud computing to create a system that observes and reports real-time PLC data, specifically focused on temperature and speed. This assignment requires: - Designing a solution that reliably monitors PLC data on temperature and speed in real-time. - Transferring this data to the cloud for easy, constant access. - Creating a custom dashboard to visualize the data in an engaging and intuitive manner. Ideal Skills: - Deep understanding of PLC systems. - Extensive experience with real-time data monitoring and cloud computing. - Ability to design and develop custom dashboards. - High proficiency in data visualization. By accomplishing this project, remote tracking of critical parameters...

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    Hi Rohit, as per our previous discussion for the AB Servo and program upgrading, i would like to follow up with you if the project has been completed or not. If the project is not completed yet, let me know and we can discuss more on it since i have available time now. Regards, Hafiz

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    We are in the need of an experienced blockchain developer who is proficient in Solidity for the creation of a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Necessary skills and experiences: - Proven proficiency in Solidity; coding, testing and deployment of smart contracts - Comprehensive understanding of Ethereum blockchain. - Ready to start immediately Your experience in similar work will be considered as one of the important criteria for selection. Therefore, please ensure to highlight your relevant professional experience in your application.

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    Being an expert in industrial automation, my project's objective is upgrading our existing control system. Hence, I am looking to collaborate with a talented CODESYS developer who is deeply skilled in a variety of areas, especially: - PLC Programming. - HMI Development. Essential Attributes: - Familiarity with real-time operating systems, and a knack for working effectively with safety protocols. - Proven track record in enhancing system performance and efficiency by leveraging these skills. - Servodrive and motor programming and setting This project will require in-depth technical knowledge, a problem-solving attitude, and a collaborative spirit. Almost as important, I appreciate good communication skills and a thorough approach to documenting your work. If you reso...

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    ...Property tracking features, particularly focused on tenant information, lease agreements and maintenance records. - Rent collection and invoicing, with automation capabilities to streamline the invoicing process. - Financial reporting to provide valuable insight into property management operations. - The ability to export invoices to MYOB and automatically offset them upon payment receipt. - Contract and agreement management capabilities. - Credit card payment processing through Windcave. For this initiative, experience in property management software development and integration with accounting solutions is crucial. Proficiency in Windows/MacOS development and understanding of payment processing systems like Windcave will be an added advantage. Sample website :

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    ...** Do you possess a deep understanding of the **on-demand barber niche** and a talent for building dynamic online communities? Are you a social media strategist who thrives on fostering brand awareness and user engagement? Groom, a revolutionary platform streamlining communication between on-demand barbers and their clients, seeks a skilled **Community & User Advocacy Specialist** (freelance/contract) to join our growing team. **About Groom** Groom is disrupting the on-demand barber industry by empowering barbers and enhancing the client experience. Our platform seamlessly connects users with qualified barbers, enabling direct chat functionality and effortless booking transitions on existing platforms. Additionally, Groom showcases stellar reviews from trusted sources, ens...

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    I'm in need of a skillful and experienced presenter who can meticulously deliver a persuasive business plan presentation to potential clients. Our company has been shortlisted for a delivery contract and need someone to create and do a presentation Presentation is in Melbourne on Friday the 22nd of March at 10:30 Key Responsibilities: • Deliver a compelling presentation on my business plan to attract potential clients. • Ensure the presentation is both engaging and persuasive. • Tailor the presentation to match the interest, demands and needs of the potential clients. Ideal Candidate: • Extensive experience in delivering persuasive presentations. • Familiarity with business plan pitches. • Excellent communication and public s...

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    As a project manager, I'm currently looking for assistance with TIA Portal. My problem is twofold: - Troubleshooting Errors: Particularly compile errors that I'm encountering. - Programming PLCs: Specifically, ladder logic programming is required. The ideal freelancer for this project would be proficient in TIA Portal, adept at identifying and fixing compile errors, and skilled in ladder logic programming for PLCs. Looking forward to your proposals.

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    ...with MedEquip and renew his services contract for another 5 years. The meeting will take place over a video call. The goal of the role play is for me to practice my adaptive sales skills. Create a scenario in which I can practice these skills while interacting with Dr Lopez, which you will impersonate. The scenario will consist of 4 interactions between me and Dr Lopez. Start with one interaction, i.e., one utterance by Dr Lopez. Wait for me to respond. Do not respond on my behalf. After I respond, create another utterance from Dr lopez. Wait for me to respond. Do not respond on my behalf. After 4 episodes of interaction, let me do one final sales pitch to Dr Lopez. Then tell me whether I convinced him to stay with MedEquip and renew the services contract. Then give me fee...

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    Join our team as a Freelance Reservations and Guest R...quick decision-making. Adaptability to work in a high-pressure environment. Minimum age of 27 years. Personal computer. Stable internet connection of at least 50 Mbps. Smartphone with the ability to install WhatsApp Business. Ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks effectively. We offer: Salary of $650 USD per month for the first 6 months, then $800 USD per month. Freelance contract. 45-hour workweek schedule, adapted to Bogotá time (GMT-5). Professional growth opportunities in a constantly growing team. Join our team and start an exciting career in the world of corporate hospitality with AptsLatam! Schedule: Monday to Friday: 1pm to 9pm Saturdays and Sundays: 9am to 2pm (1 weekend on an...

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    The Loan management application is an application developed to manage loans and loan payments in a microcredit at an administrative level. The system allows you to have better control of debts and payment data, following each payment made and leaving all operations registered in the mi...debts and payment data, following each payment made and leaving all operations registered in the microcredit database. It also notifies the administrative level about payment data and their due names. It also allows the issuance of a payment receipt in PDF, which can later be shared or printed so that the microcredit and the debtor receive payment data and data on loans made. The issuance of the contract within the system can later be implemented. THE SYSTEM WAS DEVELOPED IN PORTUGUESE, BUT IT CAN ...

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    I need a savvy Wikipedia expert to create a comprehensive article about a specific token. This task doesnt demand understanding and description of several facets including its security measures, smart contract functionality, integrations with other platforms, and the general utility of the token. All info is clear explained on the website Ideal Skills: - Wikipedia article creation expert. - Understanding of blockchain & token-related topics not needed. - Accurate and thorough research capabilities - Ability to express technical data in easy-to-understand language. Ability to write clear the specifications and utilities of the token to let people understand. Let's get to work and create the token Page.

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    We are looking for Oracle Support Engineer who can support us for 8 hours/ day from Sun- Thursday. Title: Oracle Support Engineer Experience: 7+ Yrs Job Type: Contract (06 months) Candidate location :Dubai Required Skills: • Comprehensive knowledge of Oracle EBS R12.2.x/12.1.3 application administration, including installation, configuration, cloning, and upgrades, using Oracle EBS R12 Applications DBA (AD) utilities and other tools to apply patches and system updates. • Knowledge of the multi-node EBS environment to administer Concurrent Managers, Concurrent Programs, Request Sets, Request Groups, Workflows and troubleshooting Workflow Mailer/Notification issues. • Expert-level knowledge of Oracle 19c/12c database administration, maintenance, security implementati...

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    WordPress Publishing We are publishing courses in WordPress for education and training. The content is fine and being sourced - I don't have problems with the content. We have been successfully publishing in print and pdfs/e-books etc. The contract/job will last for a long time as the content is completed so the work will be ongoing but not full-time. Coding - this is avoided as I wanted all plug-ins to be version-managed and upgraded as required. Coding will be managed and signed off after a review of the impact on other plug-ins. Outline: WordPress hosted and managed on AWS. This will be solely the customer's site and DEV will work off this site. Elements: a/ Newspaper theme - to be used for general layout. b/ Lessons are arranged and accessed in either a drip fe...

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    Aloha Hopefull new legend engineer in our lives. We are looking for a legend to sub contract our building engineering of our eco pods to. We have a range of clients we support largely at the moment with eco pod/ granny flat and tiny home solutions and we are looking for a local engineer to assist. Our Sub contract role will be to • draw engineer plans for our products. • To verify test and verify components match Australian standards. • Help choose better designs and the most efficient other materials to meet and exceed both expectations and standards. Our tiny homes making a difference are all steel frames that are highly affordable rapid build with a touch of luxury with the goal to provide highly livable solutions to the community compliant to Australian ...

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    1. We have 32 backups from the same database as .sql-files. From one table of this database we need all instances in one in a calendar. The report should consist of: 1. All customers that have been added at the given date. 2. All contracts that have been added at the given date 3. All contracts that have been modified at the given date 1. Fields for customer: - Number, company, name, first-name, street, house-no, post-code, city 2+3. Fields for contract: - contractNo, property-name, customer-no, customer-name, status, expert-name, no_of_bill, total_amount related contract-actions: - action-Type (WBA/HZ), wall-lenght related payments - paymentNo, paymentDate, payment-amount, method All this report as a table in a html-page (so it can be printed as PDF or...

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    Location: Brasil [remote] Contract Duration: 4 Weeks, renewable Company Overview: Our rapidly growing IT operations company has established itself as a major player in the global market over the past 15 years. With physical offices in Canada and Malta, we have a team of dedicated professionals working remotely from around the world. As we continue our international expansion, we are seeking a highly motivated and skilled Website Tracking Agent to join our team. Job Summary: We are seeking a contract-based CRM Market Researcher to support the registration, KYC verification, and management of client accounts on our CRM tracking product. The successful candidate will be detail-oriented, organized, and possess excellent communication skills. They must be comfortable working wit...

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    Job Overview: We are seeking a skilled and detail-oriented Website Tracking Agent to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of web...a team. No previous experience required. Mandatory Requirements: Language proficiency in the targeted country. ID or Residency card from the targeted country. Bank account in the targeted country capable of online transactions. Having a credit card is an asset. Logging in from the country we are targeting, no VPN allowed. Benefits: Flexible schedule. Work from home. + 2 year contract. Schedule: 6 hours per day Compensation: Total Hours Estimate: 30 /week Hourly Rate: CAD $18-20 per hour GROSS Upfront Compensation: Phone and SIM Card funds: Provided upfront by the company. [Removed by Freel...

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    ...Below are the details of our recruitment announcement: 1. Project Title : Coloso Class Content Production (Global) 2. Contract Method : We plan to finalize contracts through meetings with production companies(or freelancers) capable of long-term collaboration at reasonable rates. We wish to submit a price proposal (unit price) based on the content under "Production Requirements - Budget Range" in the "Online Education Content Production Introduction (Global)" shared in the link below. Coloso's maximum standard rate is 110,000 KRW per 30 minutes. 3. Estimated Amount : Approximately 200 million KRW annually for Global projects combined. 4. Contract Period : 1 year from the contract signing date, with the possibility of annual extensions there...

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    I'm on the lookout for a capable developer to implement a BSC token (BEP20) for me. I've already got a specific name and symbol in mind for the token. Key Features: - The primary functionalities I'm interested in are transfer a...Features: - The primary functionalities I'm interested in are transfer and burn capabilities. - Besides, the token must be deflationary to incentivize holding. Your Expertise: - Proficient knowledge of token development on the Binance Smart Chain is a must. - Experience with implementing burn functions and deflationary tokenomics is crucial. - Mastering Solidity with a solid understanding of smart contract mechanics is expected. - Excellent communication skills to discuss and implement specific token details effectively. Looking forw...

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    We are seeking a skilled freelancer experienced in blockchain development to craft a decentralized cryptocurrency betting platform. This platform should empower users to place bets using a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. Key ...Performance: The platform must be designed to handle a large number of concurrent users and betting events while maintaining high performance. Developer Compensation: The selected developer will receive compensation for their work, which may include an upfront fee and/or ongoing royalties, paid in cryptocurrency. We seek a competent developer with a background in decentralized applications and smart contract development on blockchain. Innovative thinking, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality are highly valu...

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    We are a leading Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) company in Southern California. We are adding a Buyer / Sourcing Agent for Cable Assembly materials (wire, connectors, etc.), Electronic Components for PCBAs, and Sheet Metal for our customers requirements. This is a key Purchasing and Quoting position reporting to our Operations Manager. This position supports key strategic OEM customers that require an experienced and organized professional for their ongoing needs for quotes, order management and supplier management to ensure OTD. Responsibilities: Manage materials, supplier quoting, placing Purchase Orders, and following up with Suppliers to ensure OTD. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: - Quoting new opportunities for Cable Assemblies, Electronic Components, and Metals (sh...

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    I am in need of a freelancer who can help me find and list products on eBay. The categories of products to be listed are not specific, covering a wide range from electronics, fashion to home and g...home and garden. Ideal candidates should have: - Some experience in eBay product listing. Being able to maneuver around eBay and understand how listing works is crucial for this project. - Excellent research skills. The freelancer should be an efficient online hunter, able to find great products for listing. - Ability to provide details of past work. You’ll have a greater chance of securing the contract if you are able to show proof of previous work in a similar role. The ultimate goal is to increase eBay store visibility with high demand products and drive sales. Looking forward...

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    Se requiere el desarrollo de un contrato inteligente, el cual consiste en la creación y puesta en marcha de un sistema de donaciones en la red de Solana o Polygon, aunque también se está abierto a otras sugerencias. Dónde se utilice para las donaciones entre los usuarios el Token de la misma red si es en Solana y si es en Polygon se implementara la criptomoneda estable USDT y que el sistema de donaciones funcione en una estructura multinivel con matriz de 4 frontales x 6 niveles de profundidad. Se requiere conjuntamente la página web de presentación del proyecto donde cada usuario pueda visualizar sus datos más importantes, referidos y comisiones. Las páginas web acá son solo un ejemplo, estamos abiertos a modelos má...

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    I'm in need of a proactive and organized virtual assistant who can provide support with document organization, particularly focused on contracts. Your main responsibilities will be: - Putting together contracts and business documents - Ensuring these are stored and maintained in an organized manner electronically - Helping answer emails and follow up - Schedule virtual meetings with customers - Keep business owner organized Has a keen eye for detail and a methodical approach is crucial for this role, as well as experience handling business contracts and documents. Ideal skills and experience include administrative support, data management, and familiarity with Microsoft Office, Excel, and Word.

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