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    This paper aims to evaluate the performance obtained by the V-BLAST detection algorithm in MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) systems. The simulations will be performed by writing lines of code in the Matlab simulation environment. Consider a MIMO system in a configuration with 2 transmitting antennas and 2 receiving antennas (2x2) MIMO) when a random string of bits will be transmitted, with and without the V-BLAST detection algorithm implemented. The performance of the proposed system will be tested through scenarios in which the number of active users at a given time in the network will vary, different modulation techniques will be used (BPSK, QPSK) when the channel is affected by different types of fading (Rayleigh, Rice ) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) using real sp...

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    Suntem o companie de programare (web/software) din Iasi si avem nevoie de ajutor lunar, minim 15-20 de ore cu crearea de pachete software pentru clientii nostri (companii internationale). Jobul este remote, foarte flexibil. Avem nevoie de cineva care este familiar cu SCCM / MECM si Microsoft Intune. Posibilitatea de a invata lucruri noi ca parte din companie, inclusiv programare (web/software) si de a lucra la proiecte diverse.

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    I have a Windows 10 system which is currently blocking ports 9876, 9877, 27015, and 27016. I need to ensure that these p...system which is currently blocking ports 9876, 9877, 27015, and 27016. I need to ensure that these ports are accessible for both incoming and outgoing connections. Key Tasks: - Identify the existing issue(s) with the Windows Defender Firewall that is preventing access to these ports. - Fix the existing Configuration on the firewall to allow both incoming and outgoing connections through ports 9876, 9877, 27015, and 27016. Your Experience: - Proficient in Windows 11 firewall configuration - Experienced in troubleshooting port access issues - Familiar with network security and best practices - Skilled in providing secure access to ports while maintaining...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Jira ITSM consultant to help configure my Jira Service Management project. The specific configurations I need are: - Workflow Customization: I require customization for 3 or more workflows. The consultant should be able to efficiently manage and configure these workflows according to our needs. - Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Setup: I need SLAs to be properly set up to ensure the quality of services we deliver. The consultant should have a clear understanding of ITSM practices and be able to translate this into the Jira Service Management environment. - Integration with External IT Tools: I need the consultant to set up seamless integration with our external IT tools. This will require in-depth knowledge of Jira's capabilities and how to integrat...

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    I need assistance finishing a 12v circuit capable of effectively powering a LED light bar in a vehicle. Not ricer stuff, on an emergency vehicle. See attached diagram. Key job responsibilities include: - Designing a 12v circuit that fits my requirements - Adapting the design to the specific type of LED lights I use - Ensuring the configuration is optimized for 1-5 LED lights Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive knowledge of and experience with 12v circuits - Experience working with LED lighting systems - Strong problem-solving capabilities to troubleshoot potential issues and offer robust solutions - Excellent communication skills to explain the circuit design and any necessary precautions or maintenance tips. I value attention to detail and efficiency, so I want someone wh...

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    I am looking for someone to build a specific app for iOS, for private usage only. This app will not be released widely. The primary purpose of this app will be to analyze HTTP calls for security purposes. This app must be able to: 1) Use an on-device VPN server and VPN configuration to intercept HTTP traffic live ("capture" apps like this already exist) 2) Must be able to apply a domain filter on which traffic to capture. 3) Record all relevant HTTP data - headers, body, and response 4) Captured data will then be immediately sent to a configurable HTTP endpoint 5) Optionally: MQTT endpoint for sending captured data This app will only ever be deployed to a single device, so I will likely need help setting up LaunchPad, or bringing up the code in my own developer environme...

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    ...Tomcat 7.061 server on a Windows 2019 machine, compile a War file and get it up and running. The War file serves as a dashboard to an app previously functional before migration to a new server. Encountered issues include server configuration and deployment errors. The ultimate goal is to have the file accessible here: Ideal candidate should have: • Proficiency in Windows server management • Extensive experience with Apache Tomcat server setup • Proficiency in War file compilation • Ability to debug and fix server configuration and deployment errors Knowledge of the app/dashboard's functionality or code changes made post-migration may not be necessary, as specific details were not provided. However, having broad experience and problem-solving s...

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    ...You will be handling the device configuration primarily through CVP (CloudVision Portal) and Ansible, which would call for specific experience in these platforms. So, extensive knowledge working with CVP and Ansible is a must. Here are the specific tasks at hand: - In-depth configuration of Arista devices - Thorough setup of VxLAN - Usage of CVP for configuring devices - Usage of Ansible for configuring devices About my current network infrastructure, I am operating on an Arista foundation with additional components from VxLAN. As such, I need someone who can accommodate, and ideally has worked in, a multi-vendor environment. The ideal applicant should have the experience and skills outlined above to assure a smooth and efficient setup and configuration proces...

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    I'm having issues deploying my IoT system, specifically in relation to connectivity and integrating with my IP CCTV system, specifically when trying to configure certain IoT devices, like CCTV systems. The problem seems to be during deployment, where the configuration for these devices doesn't seem to be functioning as expected. Key Requirements: - Troubleshoot Connectivity: I need assistance with ensuring all my devices are properly connected and communicating with each other. - IP CCTV Integration: I am using an IP CCTV system and need help integrating it seamlessly with my IoT setup. - Real-Time Monitoring: My primary goal is to enable real-time monitoring through the IP CCTV system in conjunction with the IoT network. The task will involve: - Diagnosing the current c...

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    I'm currently experiencing a problem with my Linux-based server - NGINX refuses to restart due to issues with the configuration file that I edited directly in the main file. I need a savvy Linux and NGINX expert to help diagnose and rectify this issue, ensuring that my server can restart successfully. Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficiency with Linux OS - Expertise in troubleshooting NGINX - Experience with configuration file management - Ability to effectively diagnose and fix server problems in a timely manner. Your task will be to identify the errors in the configuration file, correct them, and provide a brief explanation of what went wrong so that I can avoid similar issues in the future.

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional to help me set up my Midas M32R digital mixer for live sound reinforcement. Key Responsibilities: - Configuration of the Midas M32R with Windows OS - Optimization of the setup for live sound reinforcement purposes Skills & Experience: - Proficiency with the Midas M32R digital mixer - Experience in live sound reinforcement - Knowledge of Windows operating system - Ability to provide training sessions on using the equipment is required

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    I need an expert in networking, VOIP, and server administration to handle various ongoing tasks in our data centers. Key Tasks: - Network Configuration: You'll be responsible for setting up and maintaining our network infrastructure. - Troubleshooting: Whenever there are network, VOIP or server issues, you should be able to troubleshoot and resolve them efficiently. - VOIP Engineering and Troubleshooting: You'll be responsible for improving our quality and security around our VOIP services in our data centers and customer sites as well as troubleshooting VOIP issues. Your Responsibilities: - Engage in network configuration and maintenance, ensuring optimal performance. - Efficiently troubleshoot network, VOIP and server issues as they arise. - Implement VOIP solu...

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    ...pages: Over 2000 Hosting: VPS at OVH RAM usage: 95% Note: The use of WP Rocket has been excluded due to past issues. Actions already taken to optimize the site: Image optimization with Imagify Implementation of lazy loading Cache setup (requiring revision) I expect the proposed freelancer to be able to: Offer concrete solutions to optimize loading speed, taking into account the current site configuration. Provide explanations of the changes made and how they contribute to performance improvement. Be capable of configuring dedicated servers if necessary. I am open to any recommendation or suggestion aimed at effectively optimizing the site's loading speed. I want to emphasize that if the result is not satisfactory, I will not be able to compensate you. The site should be...

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    I'm seeking a skilled Azure expert to help me enhance the remote desktop services (RDS) on my Windows Server 2019 Datacentre. Key tasks involve: - Increasing the concurrent RDS remote sessions from 2 to 5. - Users are ...and operational- it is just concurrent sessions that are the issue beyond 2. - Ensuring the transition is seamless for users and does not disrupt existing services. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in Azure and Windows Server 2019, with a proven track record of successful RDS configuration. - Strong understanding of user access control and permissions, particularly in a business context. - Familiarity with accounting applications and their configuration on a server. - Excellent communication skills and the ability to...

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    I ...running on Linux. I have specific tasks related to Plesk web admin configuration that I need to get done. - Email Server Configuration: I require help with server email send and receive settings. You should know how to work with Plesk to ensure seamless email transmission. - Security Settings: Solid experience in configuring security settings in Plesk is important. You should be aware of best practices to secure a linux server running Plesk. - Backups: I also need help in setting up backups. Previous experience in backup configurations in Plesk on Linux Server is ideal. A proven track record in handling Plesk Administration, specifically on Linux servers, along with an in-depth understanding of email server configuration, security settings and backups is c...

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    I'm keen on a professional who can assist me with setting up and optimizing Freshbooks for first-time use, especially in the areas of expenses tracking, subcontractors, clients and projects management. Also, to ensure that the system is fully interoperable with my invoicing process and can generate a detailed P&L report. Here's a breakdown of what I need: - Configuration of Freshbooks to effectively manage expenses, subcontractors, clients, and projects. - Integration of the system with my invoicing process to allow for revenue burn rate tracking. - Monthly cleanup and categorization of expenses to generate a detailed P&L report. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in setting up and optimizing Freshbooks for small businesses. - Proficiency in conf...

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    I urgently need he...which has been down due to some iptables rules misconfiguration. Crucial details about the specific changes made to the iptables configuration are not available but I can provide access to the server for a professional to diagnose and fix it. The job demands a high degree of expertise in: - Linux administration - iptables firewall configurations - Web server troubleshooting and management My website is hosted on a dedicated server, so I require someone who has experience working in such an environment. Quick turnaround is paramount. Skills and experience: - Proven experience in managing dedicated servers - Solid understanding of iptables and firewall configuration rules - Proficiency in diagnosing and rectifying server related issues - Excellent troub...

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    ...who can create a pytest runner that can handle both Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) and Test-Driven Development (TDD) testing and unit testcases. Key Project Features: - The pytest runner should make use of a single conftest and configuration. - Test cases will be of moderate complexity with several steps and conditions. Ideal Skills: - Python programming - Understanding of Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) - Understanding of Test-Driven Development (TDD) - Experience in handling moderate complexity tests - Familiarity with pytest and conftest configuration Please include previous relevant experience in Python, BDD and TDD in your bid. Your understanding of the project requirements and your approach to deliver this task will be highly valued. Proven track record of ha...

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    ...need of a system administrator, highly experienced in Linux, who will best suit the following responsibilities: - Network Configuration: Properly set up, maintain and optimize our Linux-based networks - ensuring seamless inter-linking and efficient communication. - Database Management: Oversee the upkeep, troubleshooting, and security of our databases. This includes ensuring regular data backup, restoring lost data and maintaining database performance. Our setup currently comprises 1-5 servers and databases. As the successful candidate, you will be charged with managing and ensuring the smooth running of these systems. Prior experience in Linux, Network Configuration and Database Management is explicitly necessary. Your commitment to understanding problems and id...

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    During a routine session, I accidentally deleted the usr/bin directory from my Linux system. The data loss mainly includes key system configuration files and this mistake has compromised the smooth operation of my system. As a knowledgeable Linux expert, your role would be to: - Help recover the lost system configuration files from the usr/bin directory on Linux.

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    I'm looking for a skilled VPN and Android system programmer who can reliably connect my existing OpenVPN server to devices running Android 9 and above. After successful configuration, these Android devices should gain unhindered access to my private networks. Ideal Skills: - In-depth knowledge of Android system development - Expertise in setting up and configuring OpenVPN servers - Strong understanding of network security and VPN protocols Objectives: - Configure OpenVPN server to work with Android 9 and above - Enable secure access to private networks through the VPN connection - Test and provide documentation explaining how to connect future devices to the VPN server.

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    I'm looking for Azure Storage and network expert, which can help me implement the security on the storage account and the storage account should only be accessible through a web app. I have the sas token created for the blob, have the webapp deployed, but somehow I'm getting 403 when I try to access from the web app.

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    ...seeking experienced software developers to create a comprehensive and secure remote access solution for home automation systems, similar to Nabu Casa. This project involves building a cloud-based intermediary service that allows users to connect to their home automation systems (specifically Home Assistant installations, referred to as "nrjhub") from external locations without requiring router configuration changes such as port forwarding. Objectives: - Develop a secure, scalable cloud service that facilitates connection from external networks to multiple nrjhub Home Assistant installations. - Implement a system that manages authentication and secure communication channels between users and their home automation systems. - Provide a user-friendly interface for man...

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    My Linux server needs the installation and configuration of Zabbix for network monitoring purposes. The focal points are: • Zabbix Installation: Skills in Linux server setup are essential, as well as being adept with Zabbix software installation. • Configuration: After installation, I require network monitoring to be configured in Zabbix. • Device Monitoring: Specifically, the network devices to be monitored are routers and switches. Any freelancer bidding should have experience with these devices within a Zabbix environment. In essence, I'm seeking an individual who is proficient with Linux servers, Zabbix software, and familiar with network device monitoring, mainly of routers and switches.

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    ...someone with a knack for diagnosing and resolving complex performance issues. - Backup and Recovery: An integral part of the project is to safeguard the digital assets by implementing robust backup and recovery strategies, thus to ensure database availability and consistency at all times. - Security Management: Protection of data is paramount, and as such, I require a comprehensive security configuration to guard against unauthorized access or data breaches. - Database Optimization: I'm looking to increase the efficiency of my current database setup. It involves improving query performance and optimizing database storage with a focus on increasing system scalability. It would be best if the candidate is proficient in Oracle and MySQL and has hands-on experience dealing w...

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    Recherche urgent : Expert WooCommerce parlant français natif pour configuration d'abonnement mensuel dans boutique en ligne. Mission : Configurer un abonnement offrant chaque mois un produit gratuit et des réductions sur d'autres articles. Profil recherché : Maîtrise de WooCommerce, spécialement pour les abonnements. Capacité à créer des offres personnalisées pour abonnés. Condition essentielle : Maîtrise parfaite du français (aucune utilisation de traduction automatique). Postulez si vous avez les compétences et la langue requises pour une mise en œuvre rapide et efficace.

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    I need an expert to help me with the model fine-tune in MMPOSE. The primary goal here is to improve the accuracy of the model an...also change the last layer of the model to change how the model behaves. I have a dataset for fine-tune. The model is currently handling video data. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in MMPOSE models - Proven experience in model evaluation - Ability to work with video data - Experience in improving model accuracy Your main task will be to thoroughly provide me with a complete configuration and explanation and the modified model. you do not need to train the model just make sure that the model is trained. This is an advanced project. Partial or incomplete delivery is not acceptable. expertise in fine-tuning and optimizing MMPOSE models ...

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    I am urgently in need of assistance for my packet tracer assignment. Specifically, m...understanding of VLAN concepts, the ability to identify and resolve VLAN issues, and the ability to configure VLANs on network devices effectively. - Implementing routing protocols. This requires knowledge of different routing protocols, how they work, and how to apply them properly in a network setting. Skill Requirements: - Strong familiarity with packet tracer - Expert knowledge in VLAN configuration and routing protocols - Excellent problem-solving skills - Ability to work under tight deadlines Please note that while it's not necessary, including any past relevant work and experiences would significantly increase your chances. I look forward to working with you and getting this project...

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    I am in need of a freelancer who is experienced with MailEnable to help me set up and configure my email service. Installation is done on windows 2019 environment I'm looking for someone who can help me with the following tasks: - Setting up a reliable email service using MailEnable - Configuring the email service to meet my specific needs Please note that I have not yet decided on the type of email functionality I need, if I have a domain name and hosting, or the number of email accounts I will need. Your expertise in email service setup and MailEnable is crucial to this project. If you have experience with MailEnable and are confident in your abilities to set up a robust and reliable email service, I would love to hear from you.

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    Configuring PF Sense for PPPoE 5 zile left

    We are an ISP, we want to provide Managed, filtered content to subscribers via Netgate. The BGP is done in another router. This router will do Filtering and PPPoE for the Customers. The router has a RAM of 32GB, and an ILL Backbone of 5 GIG. We want to deliver different types of managed content for schools, Companies, Hotels. We want to implement pfblocker-n...for schools, Companies, Hotels. We want to implement pfblocker-ng or similar technology ref: We want different PPPoE users to filter different contents. The PPPoE traffic must also be captured in the Syslog server. We also accept the requirement to be fulfilled by any other OpenSource software similar to PFsence that can be installed in NetGate server. The configuration setup must be done in AnyDesk.

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    I wish to incorporate Tuya API into my smart locks to manage temporary passwords. Key requirements include: - Configure Tuya API to interact with Smart locks for the creation and management of temporary passwords. - Develop a system that enables temporary passwords to be active for 1 to 7 days. - Ensure a secure and reliable integration, maintaining the overall efficiency of the smart locks. Ideal Skillsets: - Proficiency in Tuya API is a must. - Prior experience with smart locks integration is highly preferred. - Competency in developing secure password management systems. - Strong communication skills to ensure smooth integration and operation of the system. Please include any relevant experience and similar projects you have worked on in your proposal. We have obtained these locks...

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    Bonjour, Je recherche quelqu'un pour m'aider à créer des workflows pour scraper des sites français réputés pour être difficiles en scraping. Je démarre une nouvelle entreprise et je recherche donc des tarifs compétitifs pour créer ces workflows. Je recherche également une personne sachant travailler sur Octoparse Si vous avez l'expérience et les compétences pour ce projet, n'hésitez pas à me contacter. Merci d'avance pour votre attention et votre réponse. Cordialement,

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    I need an experienced Intune specialist primarily versed in Windows OS. The core aspects of the project involve device configuration, compliance policy setup, and App Protection policies. • Device Configuration: Configure only 1 pilot device and prepare it for the minimum basic requirements to avoid user impact • Compliance Policy: Implement policies to ensure device compliance: EDR, bitlocker, app whitelisting • App Protection: secure access to app settings and control via Intune A solid experience and deep understanding of Microsoft Intune on Windows is therefore essential.

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    I am looking for an expert who can assist me with the setup and configuration of Microsoft Dynamics 365; specifically in the areas of Field Service and Business Central. Key Responsibilities: - Implementing Dynamics 365 from scratch. - Setting up and configuring the Field Service and Business Central modules. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform - Proven experience in Dynamics 365 setup and configuration - Extensive knowledge in Field Service and Business Central modules - Able to work with little to no supervision Your role will be to ensure a smooth and effective setup, enabling our team to easily navigate and use these modules. It is, therefore, imperative that you possess an in-depth understanding of Dynamics 365. Experience in...

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    I'm seeking for a skilled freelancer who has the experience of 5+ yrs and expertise to provide comprehensive support and maintenance for IBM MQ services. Requirements include: - Configuration: Ensure the system is correctly set up. - Troubleshooting: Promptly identify and resolve any issues that may arise. - Performance optimization: Implement measures to enhance the system's overall performance. Communication will be primarily through email/phone. .

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    ...objective is to incorporate a study table, bookshelf, and an additional wardrobe while maintaining the existing bed, almirah, and wall-mounted TV. Key elements to be added are a false ceiling and pendant lighting to provide an upscale feel. Job Outline: - Incorporation of a false ceiling and pendant lighting - Accommodation of a study table and bookshelf - Addition of an extra wardrobe - Configuration of the existing bed, almirah, and wall-mounted TV Ideal Skills: - A proficient understanding of neutral colors is essential, as whites, grays, and beiges will be the primary color scheme. - Proven experience in optimizing space, particularly through the use of wall-mounted shelves and multipurpose furniture. - A keen eye for design and the ability to work within specified co...

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    ...minimalistic and modern look and feel for my store. Your expertise in design and user experience will be key in achieving this goal. - **Product Upload and Configuration**: I have over 100 products that need to be uploaded to the store. Ensuring proper categorization, tagging, and accurate product descriptions is crucial. - **Shopify App Integration**: Assistance with integrating the right apps to enhance the store's functionality and user experience will be highly appreciated. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Strong command of Shopify platform - Proven track record in theme customization - Experience with product upload, categorization, and configuration - Knowledge of relevant Shopify apps for store enhancement - Understanding of user experience and design princi...

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    I'm seeking an experienced technician who can set up Radius on a Linux VPS and install a user-friendly web interface. System requirements: - Ability to create vouchers: both manually and automatically. Vo...will manage vouchers/accounts and see statistics - Configure 1 Fortigate router (40F/60F) to operate with installed system and show how it works Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Linux system administration - Proven experience in setting up radius / daloradius, radiusdesk etc. - An understanding of data limit configurations - Knowledge of Fortigate devices, experience in radius configuration on it If you meet these qualifications, I welcome your bid. In your bid please describe which solution you are planning to setup, it must be opensource-based. The budget ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced server setup specialist to configure a Linux server to run a Django web application. The server setup will involve integrating a PostgreSQL database and potentially, HTTPS/SSL configuration. Key Responsibilities: - Installation and configuration of a Linux server suitable for Django - Set up and optimization of a PostgreSQL database - Advising on and, if necessary, implementing HTTPS/SSL configuration Ideal Candidate: - Experience with Linux server setup and optimization for Django applications - Proficient in PostgreSQL database setup and maintenance - Knowledge of implementing secure HTTPS/SSL configurations on web servers is a plus

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    42 oferte resources have already been configured, but the project requires finalizing the setup to ensure the service is accessible both within and outside of Azure (internal and external IP). We are seeking an experienced professional who can complete the following tasks: Required Services: Review the current configuration of the virtual network and VM in Azure. Complete the network parameter setup to ensure the video call service is accessible over the Internet, including the configuration of firewall rules and network security if necessary. Install and configure all necessary components and dependencies on the virtual machine for the operation of video calls. Ensure secure interaction between the virtual machine and clients outside Azure, using an external IP or Azure r...

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    I'm looking for an individual with extensive knowledge in DNS configuration, especially DNS hosting setup. The right individual will be tasked with setting up DNS hosting for our domain. Though I haven't specified a preferred DNS hosting service provider, feel free to suggest any you're comfortable working with. Required Skills: - Experience in DNS hosting setup - Familiarity with various DNS hosting service providers - Ability to propose and execute solutions independently Your bid should include your suggested DNS hosting service provider and the estimated time you'll need to complete this task. As this question wasn't initially addressed, your suggested turnaround time will greatly influence our decision. Looking forward to your bids and working wi...

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    Having a WordPress website, I'm in need of an expert in WordPress customization who could specifically help me to elevate my site's design and functionality, and eventually fuel the...adjusting layout and design elements, and adding custom sections or features. - Content addition: I need someone that can help me in adding and optimizing content in a manner that appeals both to users and search engines. The ideal freelancer for this job will have: - Extensive experience in WordPress customization - Proficiency in the use of Elementor - Experience in plugin installation and configuration - In-depth knowledge in SEO optimization - Expertise in adding and adjusting design features Please provide examples of previous WordPress websites you've customized, along with any...

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    I am looking for a qualified freelancer who can assist in setting up, managing, and troubleshooting my Microsoft 365 deployment. Specifically, I require support in: - Configuration of Microsoft 365 - Setup less than 10 users, including access control - Ongoing troubleshooting and support post-deployment - Syncing of emails and calendars - Configuring organizational level sharing and security policies. Freelancer should have experience with Microsoft 365 and be familiar with customizing access controls based on specific job roles. Knowledge of email and calendar syncing (gmail to outlook. Outlook to teams, etc, as well as file sharing within the platform is also desirable.

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    The key tasks to be performed include: Installing and configuring Frappe Press using Docker. Implementing a fully custom setup, with a strong focus on unique configuration to meet my specific needs. Your ability to communicate effectively is also crucial, as this project revolves around my specific requirements and preferences. Prior experience with similar tasks would be highly beneficial.

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    I am looking for an expert who can help with the configuration of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for a React project. An ideal candidate would have in-depth experience in Ubuntu and Apache server set-up. Key tasks will include: - Setting up an Ubuntu operating system in a VPS environment. - Correct configuration of an Apache server for optimal performance of a React project. - Implementing basic security procedures, specifically the use of SSH Keys. Firewall setup and advanced intrusion prevention systems won't be necessary for this project. However, the chosen freelancer should ensure that the server is secure and resistant to common cyber threats. Strong skills in server management, Ubuntu, Apache, and cybersecurity are a must for this project.

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    Mikrotik VPN Setup for macOS 4 zile left

    I am seeking for an experienced network engineer capable of setting up a Client-to-Site VPN on a Mikrotik router. The successful configuration needs to comply with the following: - Security protocol: The VPN should be secured using the OpenVPN protocol. - Client Devices: The VPN configuration should allow connection from macOS devices. The ideal candidate should have demonstrated experience in: - OpenVPN and Mikrotik router configurations. - Familiarity with macOS operating systems. - Network security and VPN configuration. Looking forward for a professional who can deliver an effective and secure solution making remote work safer and more efficient.

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    I'm looking for an experienced DevOps specialist to optimize my Hostinger VPS. Here are the key details: - **Cloud Platform**: My VPS is hosted on Hostinger and I'm not planning to migrate to any other platform. - **Setup and Configuration**: I've already set up the VPS and configured some basic settings. You can refer to the documentation I've attached for further details on the current setup. - **Key Requirements**: The main task I'd like you to help me with is optimizing the server. This includes enhancing its performance, efficiency, and reliability. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong understanding ofVPS. - Excellent knowledge of independent handling of the project - Excellent knowledge of DevOps - Proven experience in web ap...

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    I am currently seeking someone skilled in web development,...Angular, Node, TypeScript, and Bootstrap. I have a project that I need to deploy to production on Digital Ocean but I am encountering an issue in one of the steps. Required skills & experience: - Proficiency in web technologies: Angular, Node.js, TypeScript, Bootstrap - Experience in server configuration, particularly Digital Ocean - Problem-solving skills to handle server configuration issues The main goal is to execute the project on a digital server. The most significant problem is a server configuration issue that I'm struggling to resolve. Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide the Node.js version at this time. However, a strong understanding and proficiency in working with different No...

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    I'm in need of someone with advanced knowledge and experience in setting up and managing cryptocurrency mining rigs. Key Requirements: - Expert level knowledge in cryptocurrency mining rig setup and configuration. - Ability to troubleshoot and optimize the mining rig for the best performance. - Understanding of various cryptocurrencies and their mining requirements. Your primary responsibilities will include: - Setting up the mining rig for efficient and effective cryptocurrency mining. - Ensuring the rig is optimized for the specific cryptocurrency we plan to mine. - Providing ongoing support and maintenance as needed. I'm open to suggestions on which cryptocurrency to mine, so your expertise in this area will be invaluable. Please provide your recommendations based o...

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    Set up MailWizz and run several tests to verify that bulk sending emails is working properly. The personalization of emails consists in include information extracted from the Excel file (MailWizz ) and insert it into the text of the email (MailWizz Test ) Likewise, the freelancer will teach how it works to be able to carry out the next campaigns autonomously. To do this, the freelancer will make a video tutorial.

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