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    I require a google gantt chart and then used in an app populated from data entry in the following [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] I also require this to be used in an IOS app

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    We are in need to develop a software for plagiarism checking for students, teachers etc. The software should be web based. System must have a local database where it stores the documents that are checked and this base will be populated continuously as the system is used for plagiarizes checking. The system will check the next document will all the local saved documents and than will check in googl...

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    Dear All, We have an SQL database where we keep our project details such as project name, Project code etc. This SQL database is populated every day. Based on the entry to the sql Table, we would like to create a modern team Site automatically. [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] We have created a team site template, now what we do is to look into the details on the SQL Table and creat...

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    I want a form builder and have the following specific needs. 1. Create a form element. Text, image, signature, date, time, or API etc. Save form element. 2. Add rows and columns. 3. Click element and add to the row and column in the form builder. Set as editable or non editable. Some field / elements will have permanent texts. 4. Set element properties, justify left, right or centre. 5. Save fo...

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    Need some help implementing a sort on a populated vector using sort() method from stl library in C++

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    This is a small job to fix a problem I am having. I have two csv files, [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] I only have 20 lines in, but there's over 1000. For expediency I only included 20 lines. What I am trying to do is this: I want Python to read the [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] rows, and if the value of the first column (address) is in the [conectează-te p...

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    Hi all! Introduction: We're working on an indie game called Ranchers of Kyvos and we're looking for an environmental artist to join our ranks to round out our core dev team (currently 6 people). This artist will help create concept art for the buildings and trees/grass/shrubs/etc. They will later help in providing textures/materials for the 3D modeller. If you are chosen, we will ...

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    Existing WWW internet shop website is developed based on Magento. Need to update/ rework existing website, source codes are provided from FTP. Webpage is required to be friendly for both desktop and mobile. Changes required: - customer registration per defined 3 field form, plus registration via facebook or instagram - all registered customers have per customer bonus system, first bonus is provid...

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    Hello, I need some help with creating a document in In Design that can be easily populated: - book type (final populate document will be printed double-sided A4) - document starts from the table of content - 100 pages (non-used pages will be deleted) - text should flow from page to page like in word - headers and footers set across the document - page numbering - table of content connected to 1st ...

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    I would like to hire a professional coder / database analyst in order to build one or more simple database regarding to Horse Racing data. The Project requirements are as follows: 1 - The main database should be populated from the following website: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] NOTE #01: The filters applied from this website should be "GB Only" and "IRE On...

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    I need two custom product layouts that will work with search plugin for wordpress. The search plugin is "Reactive Search Pro" ([conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]) Please see documentation of code for what the product layout looks today (Current Product Layout [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] (extracted from search plugin)) and what image for this looks like ([con...

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    Hi, I have a macro that finds data from other workbooks in the same folder then pastes it into a new workbook. It currently works using a drop down menu where the user selects a category and a button to run the macro. The drop down menu is populated when the workbook is opened. Instead of having to select each category individually I would like to return the results for all categories in the men...

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    Help with implementing a greedy algorithm for selecting players in a fantasy football draft. Parse and sort a file, then develop a class structure that takes as input a populated vector and outputs selected players per position.

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    Jquery Week page S-a încheiat left

    Agreement !!! Please read carefully before submitting a bid: 1. We do not accept to communicate outside of freelancers 2. We do not accept to pay in advance before the end of work 3. We don't release the money if made within the agreed time 4. We do not deal with those who do not read the project before making an offer 5. We are a serious Italian company and we are software developers. We are...

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    Data cleanup in excel S-a încheiat left

    Spreadsheet currently contains ~100k lines. After duplicates are removed this will be ~50k lines. 1.) Remove all duplicates, if a certain column is populated that will deem it the master 2.) Remove all instances of Middle Name from the "Name" field 3.) Populate First and Last Name fields based on "Name" field Thank you!

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    Data cleanup in excel S-a încheiat left

    Spreadsheet currently contains ~100k lines. After duplicates are removed this will be ~50k lines. 1.) Remove all duplicates, if a certain column is populated that will deem it the master 2.) Remove all instances of Middle Name from the "Name" field 3.) Populate First and Last Name fields based on "Name" field Thank you!

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    I have 3 google sheet types: 1. N sheets of customers - here my customers place orders 2. summary sheet - here all orders are centralized and i distribute them between teams/employees 3. Employees sheet - all orders are copied to a few employees sheets (2-4) who process the orders The tracking id should be populated to the customers sheets, customer's sheet with the order number and tracking ...

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    Word Definition Lookup S-a încheiat left

    I have a file with about 22,000 English words - I will provide the file in Excel format I need the definition of each word looked up here - [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] - Returning all of the examples If the word is not found display "Not Found" I need the "Word Frequency" - e.g X from 5 Circles see [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] I need a fil...

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    Design Database S-a încheiat left

    Design a database for storing information about a conference organization, including event, venue, chairs, reviewers, authors, papers (using sqlite3): 1. Draw its E-R diagram. 2. Give a relational representation of the E-R diagram that allows for 2 functional preserving and lossless join decompositions (i.e., first version not yet optimized and fully decomposed). Describe its functional depend...

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    The “Game of Life”, or simply “Life”, is an example of Cellular Automata developed by John Conway. The concepts involved are straightforward, but the emergent behaviour of the system can be complex and surprising! The universe is a 2D array of elements, or cells. Initially some cells are filled in (alive, or populated) while the remainder of the cells are empty (dead, or...

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    Report Integration S-a încheiat left

    I need my existing Drupal 8 app integrated with Word and PDF templates so that the templates pull fields from the app and then download (as Word or PDF files) incorporating the fields from the app. I also need integration with email templates so that the generated emails can then be sent manually or automatically through Outlook. I also need integration with MYOB accounts software but simply so th...

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    I will provide content which I need populated in a modern looking CV template. The template must be in MS word so that I can maintain and update it myself. The CV must have a compact 1-pager summary, and then more detailed descriptions that follow.

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    I need a sharepoint online powershell script to do the following- 1. Within a single site collection create 1000 document librarys with unique permissions (breaking the inheritance) 2. Each document library will have a relative unique sharepoint security permissions group created 3. Each of the security groups will be populated with list of users (all users will resolve An excel list will be sup...

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    Table Population Equation S-a încheiat left

    I have a table with that needs to be filled in based on 3 criteria 1. Start Date -Column H 2. Duration of Job- Column D 3. The WIP Value that is filled into the cell from the start date and each subsequent month based on the Duration of the job. =Column E So the logic would be, IF H2-I1 then I need the WIP number to be populated in I2 and then each cell to the right of I2 should be filled in with ...

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    I need someone to take my blog articles and populate them onto 4 different domains with Wordpress Installs and provide onpage SEO for each site/blog: 1. There are 4 different domains 2. Each domain has a fresh install of WordPress 3. Each domain needs to have 3 blog articles populated & formatted (articles to be provided) 4. On page SEO needs to be done for each blog article/domain (long tail...

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    Dialogflow Signup Chatbot S-a încheiat left

    A chatbot in Dialogflow that matches somebody with a legal funding company. The chatbot would basically guide them through a series of about 24 questions - you can see what those look like at this google form: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Using webhooks, their responses are saved into a MySQL database and used to match them against a table of companies based on whether the compan...

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    Action items: 1) Loading time for all tags populated on the datatable must be less than 30 sec.(most probably can use sql select batch, say 10 per batch) 2) You can see, there are too many Substring in charindex sql statement in file [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL], that may highly consume loading time of page. Those string actually should getting from ExaFolderInfo table. 3) There ...

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    I would like someone to create a google appscript that does the following - Prompts a user to specify a folder path to a google drive location - Reads the text contained in each document in the folder - Contains conditional logic such that if more than 3 keywords from a list in a specified google sheet show up in the document, a result is returned - The result returned would be a google sheet, pop...

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    Facebook business set-up S-a încheiat left

    Facebook business page /shop, check the set-up make any adjustments to optimize performance. Shop is already populated. Evaluation.

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    I have a spreadsheet (Input) with several columns of data and each column contains several rows of values. I also have an example (Output) spreadshseet that needs to be populated with the data from Input sheet using various logic statements (if, then etc). For example values from several columns to be combined into strings, but there could be character limitations that would require an exclusion o...

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    Classified Ads Data S-a încheiat left

    I need an excel file populated with 200 classified ads records. The attached excel file template illustrates the information required for each record: Category, Sub-Category, Title, Content, Price, Location. The tab "Category Options" describes acceptable Category & Sub-Category values. The Template tab includes an example ad. I'm OK with these being copied & pasted fr...

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    Excel/Supply Chain Expert S-a încheiat left

    I am needing a Excel spreadsheet that on one page input populated custom fields information from the customer (Input of Conventianal Manufacturing) and then We would then input our (Additive Manufacturing) portion showing what we could achieve with our production vs $$$. From this it would populate a graph on a different page showing where each fall on the graph.

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    Script to read in lines from a CSV file and output two specific tokens as space and another three as a concatenated string from populated fields. Python version 3 preferred.

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    Hello, this is a very basic job and entry level for anyone new looking to get some feedback. I have an excel file with 1440 company records (Names and Addresses), it needs to be populated with few additional information: • Company Website URL • Company Linkedin URL • Company Logo URI – (from Website where possible) I need also to verify that the existing entries for “C...

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    I need an excel expert S-a încheiat left

    Need to pull data off google search yellow [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] search etc basically need name of business and phone number populated into a spreadsheet

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    I would like someone to create a google appscript that does the following - Prompts a user to specify a folder path to a google drive location - Reads the text contained in each document in the folder - Contains conditional logic such that if more than 3 keywords from a list in a specified google sheet show up in the document, a result is returned - The result returned would be a google sheet, pop...

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    Hi, I am working on a wordpress website using the OceanWP theme with the Smart Slider 3 Plugin. I am building a job listing site and on the homepage slider I would like to add a multiple select drop down list which a user can select upto 5 job categories and then click the "post a job" button. I really like the look of this drop down list SelectPure: [conectează-te pentru a consulta l...

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    We are urgently looking for someone to develop a very simple webpage on Visual Studio Blazor to fetch information on a SQL database then show it on a grid table (see photo1 attached for example) where the users can click on an item on the list to show additional information about the selected item (see photo2 attached for example) The database will be automatically populated by another applicatio...

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    paste and populate work S-a încheiat left

    i have an excel spreadsheet built that I need to have populated from a dozen different reports that are all sourced differently. So i need this file to be filled in with information from a variety of sources. i will have instructions as to each cell and its corollary source document.

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    Looking for a developer to create a backend MYSQL database populated with JSON data regularly updating from a third party API. Frontend will display this data in a Wordpress site with some user options to configure what data is shown. Site admin able to exclude selected data from display on the frontend.

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    Machine learning: - Probabilistic inference experience (Baysian) - Gaussian processes - Python: numpy, pandas, either pytorch or tensorflow, either pyro or tensorflow probabilities - Active learning or Bayesian optimization (Baysian neural networks Nice to have: - AWS - Flask - Postgres database Example task: - you receive a multi-feature data set (between 3 and 100 features) which is only partly...

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    3000 word essay OP S-a încheiat left

    Select an operation (a process) with which you are familiar. The process could be one from a past or current place of work, one you have experienced as a customer or client, or one you are able to observe and collect data from. Produce a detailed map of the current process, populated with appropriate data, with explanatory notes, and with a key to the symbols used: Cross Functional Analysis or oth...

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    Hi, The component should have a auto suggest textbox on keying in where we search for a data and then it gets displayed in the FROM list tree view in hierarchical fashion. The list tree view component allows moving of data between the FROM and TO (selected) list. The FROM list will have a hierarchical list of data and TO list will have the selected data and it must list the selected data with th...

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    Virtual Assistant S-a încheiat left

    We are currently seeking someone who is proficient in InDesign to support us in populating our InDesign template with information provided to us from our clients as part of our sales process. Lead info and client details will be collected by our sales team then populated into our CRM where you will need to retrieve this from in order to populate the outgoing communication template which is an InD...

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    1) matching records in the admin panel. 2) can not enter email address on IOS in registration form. 3) remove the age group state or the report page and replace with dob month stat. 4) in admin panel, add member page, date joined should be auto populated with current date 5) Ability to click on the bars on the reports to display the record.

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    Hello, I need a search form added to a page that a user must enter a string, 19 characters long. The whole code must be entered and either enter keyboard button pressed, or search icon clicked, to search the database table (already exists and populated) for the string, and if it exists or not, it should display a message telling them so. Database table has 1 column, Code (the string). I have a ...

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    Find PR contacts S-a încheiat left

    I need an excel spreadsheet populated with the relevant information- name of contact, contact details etc. The person will need to go onto websites to find the contact or find other means to get the information.

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    I run a small engineering company based in the UK. I need a database (ideally built in MS Access) that allows the following: 1. Storage of documents on one PC. No Network access is required. 2. For each type of document: a) Material Certificate b) Plating Certificate c) Drawing I will need different user definable fields to duplicate data that is already on the document, into the system - this nee...

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    I am doing a project and would like someone to write scraper for me. It must be in python 3.6+, use beautifulsoup, and selenium if needed. I will spin up a postgres db for you to insert into and a cloud bucket for some files (pdfs). The page has 3 sections you will need to crawl through to extract data. The deliverables will be a python script, the db populated and the bucket with the pdf files i...

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