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    I need to bulk add email addresses to a new distribution lists with a name input at the beginning of the process. Though it appears Powershell is the most common way to do this, if a small program executable could be created to do this and make the process easier, that would be preferred. I need the CSV file broken into smaller distribution lists with an option to select distribution list size. For example: I have a master list entitled "" with 103,400 email addresses in it. I want to import those email addresses into distribution lists created by this process/program. I want to input the name of "CHICAGO-75-MI-RADIUS" as the main list name. I want to enter the size of each distribution list (in this example) to be 1,000 records (with a forced limit of 5,0...

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    outsourse legal 6 zile left

    This firm needs an outside expert for routine filings, I.E. a motion,

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    Create VBA routine to close financial qtr

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    VBA programmer 5 zile left

    Create VBA routine to close financial qtr

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    Powershell scripting 5 zile left

    I need a command to change all my cloud users primary email address and UserPrincipalName. This is a one time project but if you do it correctly we will be giving you multiple opportunities to create script for us.

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    I need a Windows 10 PowerShell script that that will do the following:- Each day at 17:00 search a folder called d:Backup FolderPC backups for files with the string "Diff" in them. If it finds any that have that string and are older than 1 week it will delete them without asking,

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    Here is the problem I am finding - python is installed on a bunch of our computers at work (servers 2012/2016 and Desktop 10) Using Powershell - how can I uninstall and Powershell Command Line and it "removes python period"? then need a fresh install of 3.10.4 and ensure it is called by "python" and "python3" and only brings u 3.10.4 and there is no other versions of python on this computer Can you help me please? Perhaps a link to show is good also? There is a TOTAL max budget of $15 on this project regardless of the time; selected hourly so there would be less % taken between us ========== There is hope you can give your “best” price; unemployed, and have cancer with bills backing up, $15 possible? Glowing paragraph of fee...

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    I did the rest api with powershell automation Need help in optimizing the code as well as best practices Automation is to deploy nsx -t and Configure using powershell Restapi .

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    I need a script that can create a new group policy with published software for users or computers depending on the setting. 1. Create new GPO (it should expect for the name) 2. Link to GPO (Expect OU settings etc.) 3. Edit GPO settings and publish software through GPO

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    Flow chart 3 zile left

    ...accepted the worker takes a picture of his receipt for materials and logs his hours for labor. The task is then marked by property and sent to accounting. Accounting then records the labor and materials expense into respective property. It then logs hours into worker's file so he can be paid. Each property under operations has a maintenance schedule which is stored on the maintenance calender. When routine maintenance arises a task is created and assigned either automatically or by the operations manager. Accounting- each property under management is advertised on multiple platforms. Each property is given a separate invoice at the end of the month. When properties are booked revenue is automatically downloaded from the software which is synced with the various rental plat...

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    I will conduct a site-wide design refresh of , introducing new multimedia elemen...for clearer content display and create an overall elevated, contemporary look and feel, without compromising brand messaging or quality. I'll also perform some basic search engine optimization practices along the way to keep the site running at its best and getting seen by qualified audiences who are most likely to convert. I'm happy to also offer my continued services post-redesign to perform routine maintenance tasks and keep content on the site fresh and relevant. In this case we could determine a reasonable rate, either billed by-the-hour or with a monthly retainer. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and even more-so to the prospect of working together on your site! Thank you!

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    Powershell expert needed to automate a process that would be done on AD. Should be fairly simple for an expert, the GUI has been created but need assistance modifying accounts from the GUI using powershell.

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    The Job Overview We are seeking a front-end web developer to build new web pages and improve our company website. The right person for this role will be proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. You will be responsible for building and deploying new front-end features to our WordPress website, handling the integration of plugins such as WooCommerce, and performing routine maintenance of our site. Web Developer Responsibilities Below are some of the responsibilities a web developer is expected to assume: Write well-designed, testable, efficient code by using web development best practices Create basic website layouts and user interfaces with HTML and CSS Integrate data from various back-end web services and databases Work with stakeholders to gather and refine specifications an...

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    Create an App 2 zile left

    My company looks after residential gardens. Our company logo (see attached image) has 5 segments. Each segment represents the following services we offer: 1. Garden Design 2. Garden Creation 3. One-off Clearance  4. Routine Maintenance  5. Patio and Driveway Cleaning  So, I envisage users of the app to use our logo to select a service they require. Other options may be: I'm already a client. I'm not sure what I need. I want an App' to: 1. Build my client base. 2. Communicate with potential and new clients. 3 Gather numerical and written feedback, for quality control. Therefore, the app will include the follwing functions: photos with company. 2. Chat with company representative through th...

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    I have developed a simple Powershell script called {Attached} that gets data from a REST API and displays it in a DataGridView using the command Out-GridView. Easy stuff right. I have also developed a second script called that display the services of the computer in a HTML table using the FooTable. This script is an example of how to display an array in a HTML Table. This project is to combine the two scripts to display the YTS data in a HTML table. The HTML Table component that I want to use unlike the example that uses FooTable. Please add some of the options in like searching, filtering and paging. I have attached which contains both files. We have done all the research for you to make it easy. All the current functionality of

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    i need ps expert who can help m in creating custom ps scripts for sccm & intune .

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    I am looking for a full stack developer to develop a Website Management Software. The purpose of...Main requirements are: 1. The software must have the abilities to connect and use various other software (preferably through APIs) such as ticketing, email notification, security, uptime monitoring, backup, core, theme and plugin updates, malware scanning and removal and report generation. This is also thes cope of the software and each functionality should be able to scheduled and automated for routine functions. Existing example of Website management software is ManageWP, MainWP, InfiniteWP etc. 2. The software must be able to manage and maintain WordPress, Drupal, Magento and other mainstream Open source CMS based websites. 3. I am open to consider any creative offers to achieve th...

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    Sync group members from one master AD to multiple AD domains where samaccountname is identical. The purpose of the script is to keep the target groups members identical to the source group, excluding exceptional cases. The script must use a secure string for accounts to connect different domains. Script parameters allow you to specify the target domains against which to sync. Several domains can be specified as ones for the same run. whatif for testing purpose must be included in the script. Each target domain must have its own configuration file where it is possible to define the following information for several groups: source group, target group, exception allowed in target group and comment. The exception in this case is that such identifiers can be left as members in the target group,...

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    Azure powershell expert needed for automation to rotate storage containers sas tokens.

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    TextAnalyzer 1 zi left

    Making lists is a routine activity in our daily lives. During the week we may make a list of things to be purchased over the weekend. Or it may be a list of people we wish to invite for dinner. In its simplest form a list consists of a series of items ordered sequentially. A simple list of names could look like: 1. Michael Jackson 2. Tracy Chapman 3. Taylor Swift 4. Paul McCartney 5. Kishore Jumar A phone list could look like (phone numbers have been masked): 1. Sachin G 98101XXX76 2. Ajay M 98210YYY45 3. Priya A 98110ZZZ32 4. Barry L 617XYZ2315 5. Deepak V 510ABC3216 And a more complex list - for example, a shopping list could look like: 1. Tomato Ketchup - 2 bottles of 1Kg 2. Milk - 2 packs of 1 Litre 3. Yellow Butter - 1 pack of 500 gms 4. English Breakfast Tea - ...

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    Hi All, I need a PowerShell script developed to identify what permissions a user has. Requirements : 1) Specify an AD username as an input parameter. 2) Transverse all folders on the server or specify the folder path 3) Returned all the users/groups with the level of permissions to that folder the specified user has. 4) Results should be exportable to csv The script needs to run on a Windows Server 2008 R2 OS and should run on PowerShell version 2.0

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    • Looking for a consultant who will design, develop and drive the implementation of fully automated CI/CD pipelines to have automated, secure, stable, and easy to use deploy...for automated build, delivery, and release of software • Working experience with source code repository management tools, code merge and quality checks, continuous integration, and automated deployment & management using tools like Bitbucket, Git, Ansible • Experience with CI/CD tools, Go CD, Bitbucket Pipelines • Working experience with Linux systems • Experience with VM, Cloud and Windows powershell scripting • Experience and/or knowledge of system monitoring, logging, high availability, autoscaling, and failover • Experience with Microsoft .Net and SQL Server Envi...

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    I need a powershell scrip to renew device certificates in all the stations in my environment using different credentials(Service Account) invoking from a list of machines in an CSV. Code that needs to run is: $cert = (Is Cert:LocalMachineMy | Where-Object{$ -eq 'CN=<FQDN of Computer>})[0]&certreq @('Enroll', '-machine', '-q', $, 'Renew', 'ReuseKeys')

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    Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a qualification obtained by demonstrating knowledge of assessing the security...and vulnerabilities in target systems, using the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker, but in a lawful and legitimate manner to assess the security posture of a target system. I'm looking for a teacher that via SkyPe or Zoom or... can help me to Identify and exploit vulnerabilities and to learn: - Infrastructural Penetration Testing - Penetration Testing Web - Bash and PowerShell scripting - Port tunneling and proxy chains - Target enumeration, vulnerability discovery and exploitation. - Buffer Overflow - Active Directory enumeration and attacks - Authentication by-pass attacks - Windows and Linux privilege escalation - Cust...

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    PLEASE READ CAREFULLY (automated bids or responses will be ignored) We are looking for someone to write a program to create video files using simple instructions in a text file. This program has NO user interface. The program will run from the command line (DOS box/powershell), C: c:<>. You will be taking multiple videos and images, and combining them together to create 1 video. We will provide you with an instruction file (see example below), images and videos. You must use these images and videos to create 1 video file to show that your program works. You must have experience using FFmpeg (or other utility) and you must know how to use FFmpeg to COMBINE videos. This is not a simple thing and there seems to be some complexity with combining videos using

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    I have a MySQL database with some tables and data. I need to add some additional fields to my main table and then have a update routine that that can read the record in the table , get matching data from other tables and update the main table with calculations and the results to be written in the database table. We can connect and share my screen to discuss further, I need this done immediately so must be done today. If you cannot do it today please do not reply and waste time

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    Azure Devops S-a încheiat left

    Creating CICD pipelines as yaml code. Powershell scripting azure resource

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    Powershell Scripting S-a încheiat left

    Updating values in config files through powershell Automation.

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    Perfex database data fix S-a încheiat left

    I am using Perfex CRM and a MySQL database. I need a loop routine that must select my data within a date range read the record find the correct price do a calculation and update the same record in the table and then move to the next till all us done. I require this as a option on the menu that we can reuse at any time. Must be able to work live online on my server as we will not be sharing the application or database to any outside person

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    We'd like to build a GUI for PowerShell scripts and are in need of a .NET Framework developer experienced in WPF to provide ongoing support for .NET Framework desktop app development long term. The ideal candidate for this ongoing full-stack desktop app development position should be talented in both development and communications for high-quality work and building relationships. - .NET Framework, C# - WPF - Desktop app - PowerShell If you are able to start work asap and can dedicate 30 hours a week, we will be open to speaking with you to move forward.

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    Hi, * I need a .ps1 (PowerShell) script + a .bat file to execute it with Windows ; * This script read all the files names from I: drive ; be careful, files can be in folders ; * This script extracts all the ID from the files names ; the file names can have different extensions but all look like : , or , or , or film-2021-47-na-l-etoile-de-noel-189457.mp4... the ID is the number at the end, after the last "-" For exemple, in this exemple, the ID is 189457 ; * Then this script get the name of the external drive ; * Finally, every 1 second, for each ID, the script calls a web page with the ID and the name of the drive like : {ID}&name={drive

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    Build A Powershell GUI S-a încheiat left

    Looking for someone who can help teach how to create a simple powershell gui!

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    A well-rounded physical fitness routine is a key component to living a healthy lifestyle. But we typically neglect to work out the very muscles people see the most — our faces. Just like the rest of your body, the more than 57 muscles in your face and neck require exercise to stay toned and fit. These simple facial exercises can help you strengthen facial muscles, get a slim face, and even combat signs of aging. Advantages of Face Yoga- Better facial symmetry Treating acne and pigmentation Glowing skin Tightening your skin Strengthens facial muscles Eases tension Increasing blood circulation Diminishing fine lines Reducing puffiness I'm offering a one on one coaching where you would learn various face yoga exercises and routines. The session would be online via Google ...

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    Looking for Powershell expert with SharePoint online and excel I have 50% code developed, need help with remaining 50% An Excel sheet has Sharepoint file path of document in one of the rows, Need help to extract SharePoint native sensitivity field value into new excel column for the that corresponding document from SHarepoint online need a powershell script that can automate this and loop through all documents ..

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    Project for Fredrik S. S-a încheiat left

    Hey, I need a PowerShell Script that will allow me to query all of my servers in my environment and tell me what DNS they are using.

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    Spring boot Desktop application- framework developer required for routine work ( Only netty framework ) developers

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    Spring boot Desktop application- Netty , framework developer required for routine work

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    Windows Powershell Script S-a încheiat left

    Need windows powershell script 1.) Command 1 : Will run a parameterized command which will generate a txt file . Script should parse data and take out certain data and dump into CSV in two tables. 2.) Command 2 : This command when run will output in console. This data needs to be dumped into the same CSV in another table : THIS IS DONE will share sample command , text file and sample csv in further discussion.

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    Recomandat Urgent Sigilat Acord de confidenţialitate

    Hi Looking forward to get MERN stack dashboard / login / logout / APIs to Mongo DB to pull and push data from dashboard and other routine functions such as - Setting up signin - View dashboard - Manage some settings within dashboard etc You will need to sign NDA , non compete agreement and Other legal documentation which states Intellectual property will be owned by me and that you as a developer will not claim any IP. This can be built by either freelancer or team All specifications are requirements have been documented This will be a long term opportunity as product is expected to go through multiple revisions Only looking for MERN stack developers with 5+ years experience Apart from MERN stack, following skills are required - MUI - Experience with react form libraries...

    $10 - $17 / hr
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    $10 - $17 / hr
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    Need to check Windows servers Health related parameters like Defender, audit logon etc using powershell

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    I need a logo for my new company called Tradelo. It sells an application for financial traders which has 3 "pillars", Problem Solving Trading Tools, Education and an Online Community. Traders suffer insecurity and at the core of this is they are scared to lose [money]. There are many keywords, but at it's core, this application brings security, process, safety, routine, camaraderie, belief, focus, vision, development and accountability. I need a logo that can be used in all forms of communication, but also as an icon, so scalability needs to be considered. We would like the logo to be unique, and identifiable. I am looking for a designer who is both bold and innovative, that is able to provide an elegant design for this professional software appication. We are lo...

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    Script that checks network settings, matching on first two octets. If a match is found (indicating user is connected to VPN), system Re-Registers DNS. Powershell or CMD Script for use on Windows 10 Operating System.

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    Use Azure Vision AI or other vision AI to capture the web objects on a page. We will supply some images that are screen captures of web pages to use for testing the routine. Web objects to identify will include: • Standard input box with text already in it and without. • White button with a border • Blue button with a border • Dropdown • Checkbox • Radio button Step-by-step instructions on how to get the routine to identify other web objects as we need to do different objects in the future. All source code and copyrights will be transferred to me. Please include which AI you would be using in the bid proposal. All code must be written in C# .NET 6. If you plan to use another version of .NET framework, please include which version and ...

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    ...needed for each test is prerecord in ml along with prerecorded test , ex. CBC (0.2ml) name of patient , DOB, File number are always in lower left corner , always extract these info from that location tests are always in a list as indicated in attachment note= need to extract tests only and not medications , list may contain many variables but only extract tests indicated by the word (blood routine) which is always below the test, ignore other variables patient will take a photo, so must examine the paper for clarity and if not clear ask to take another photo, then perform the extraction and list as such name: file number age: tests: 1-....2-.....3-..... total column needed in ml: tubes needed: purple, green etc. need solution to be stable either on iOS or android as apk or...

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    I'm looking for a small tool (incl source code) that calculates the distance people travelled on a certain day. The source is an excel file that has the following per row: - ActivityID - UserID - Date & Start time - Time the job should take to complete - Start Postalcode - PostalCode of the location When there is more than t...should display a log file with warnings (e.g. when a postalcode can not be resolved and therefore the distance can niet be calculated) - Tool should be able to handle at least 100K lines per file Api can be either Azure (preferable), Distancematrixapi or Google (or if you know a good free one, thats fine too ;-)) Free to choose the language to develop this tool (Command-line is fine) e.g. C#, PowerShell, Python as long as the tool is fairly easy...

    $32 - $263
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    $32 - $263
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    Need some help with a step in PowerShell. I have an array of few email addresses, which I strip the {username}@ prefix from to get a list of email domains. i.e. input collection is an array I need to take array member (e.g. "") and run it through the to get the microsoft Tenant ID back (as $TenantID). The 'human' steps on the website are: 1) type/paste a value (and I think the field might be called #o-ui-field-1-input), 2) click the 'Find my tenant ID' button , 3) copy the returned value. Should be just a few minutes work for someone who knows their way around this type of work (but it has me confused!). I can 'walk' through the array of domains just fine - just need this processing step to help me out. i.e. you can make a function which

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    I am looking for an accountability partner to help me fixing my sleep routine. I want to build a habit of sleeping 8PM to 4AM (IST- Indian Standard Time). Your job will be to hold a 1 minute video call meeting with me at 4:15 AM every morning for 6 months. You will have to ping me every morning on wtsapp exactly at 4:15 AM, so that we can have a whatsapp video call for no longer than 60 seconds.. You will get paid 20 INR per minute.. Meaning, you will get 20 INR for this 1 minute of meeting, which is equivalent to 1200 INR (or 16 USD) per hour. Also, you will get 1 review every 2 weeks (a great 5-star review if you stay consistent with me). Which means you will have 12 great reviews in 6 months time.. Plus, if any day I dont respond you within 5 minutes of receiving your ms...

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    I need a script which will able to updates hundreds of users UPN prefix with a user ID number. CSV file will be place in the c:Temp folder with the User name, UPN and User ID value. Script updates the UPN column value by removing the prefix of the UPN with the ID column value and will populate Updated UPN column. In the example, John Doe's UPN prefix (John Doe) been updated with his User ID 012345678. I need a log for the fail updates and success updates count. I have hundreds of users UPN needs to update with their User ID. A log file will be generate in the Temp folder showing the success and fail count.

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    UI/UX line art website S-a încheiat left

    ...line art theme would be highly appreciable! Option concept: there will be one man and a lift, lift starts moving once he enters the lift. if goes to 1st floor then there will be all the description and tour of affordable segment, if goes to second floor then there will be everything about their luxury segment projects and similarly for 3rd and 4th segment as mentioned above. Then there will be routine pages also like, awards, testimonials, offers, our team, contact, career, about us etc. Ref Website: TAT WILL BE 2/3 DAYS MAX Send your proposals with proper bid price according to the description. Also include word ALPC at the top of your proposal which confirms you have read out the entire project description. No time wasters

    $468 (Avg Bid)
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