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    I am in need of an experienced Springboot developer to help build a set of microservices that will support the modular development of our system. Key Requirements: - Development is based on Springboot. - The primary purpose of the microservices is to enable modular development. - Data storage will be based on a Relational Database (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL). Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong expertise in Springboot development. - Proven experience in building modular microservices. Please note that although the specific functionalities were not indicated, the primary focus here is on building a scalable, modular system using Springboot.

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    ...track their consultation patterns and for admin to monitor platform usage and performance. **Technical Requirements:** - **Frontend Development**: - Responsive design using modern frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js. - **Backend Development**: - Secure and scalable backend using Node.js, Django, or similar frameworks. - **Database**: - Use of a reliable database system like PostgreSQL or MongoDB. - **Payment Gateway Integration**: - Integration with popular payment gateways like Stripe, PayPal, or similar. - **AI Integration**: - Integration with OpenAI's GPT-4 API for AI-powered consultations. - **Hosting and Deployment**: - Deploy on a reliable cloud platform such as AWS, Google Cloud, or Heroku. **Additional Information:** - The platform shoul...

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    Web Scraping (WM) 2 zile left

    ...requires someone who can ensure the scraped data is accurate, timely, and is able to handle the data efficiently. A background in web scraping, database management and Python programming is an absolute must. --- Create a program that daily scrapes car listings from a particular brazilian car listing website, for a specified region, **so that** I can collect and store detailed car information in a PostgreSQL database. **Acceptance Criteria:** 1. **Program Initialization:** - The program should log the date/time and the input parameter at startup. - If no input parameter is provided, the program should terminate and log that there was an attempt to execute without the input parameter. 2. **Web Scraping:** - Navigate to (website) > "comprar" > "ca...

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    ### Project Description We aim to integrate our API-based chatbot system, developed using Flowise, with a frontend interface similar to ChatGPT. This project involves creating our own Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) system, utilizing a PostgreSQL vector database to enable both written and spoken communication with documents. The system will feature a character with text-to-speech (TTS) and speech-to-text (STT) capabilities, allowing users to create their own chatbots. ### Project Features #### General Features 1. **User Registration and Management:** - Users can register and log in to the system. - Create and edit user profiles. - Token and interaction management based on membership levels. 2. **Chatbot Management:** - Users can create, edit, and delete their o...

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    Hi Muhammad I would like the existing code to be updated to pull all customers updated/created since the last sync and update the following fields in the CRM table: Phone Number, Email Address and Address (Multiple fields into 1 in airtables) It must only update the existing CRM record and not replace it as any existing data needs to stay.

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    We're seeking an experienced full-stack developer to build a comprehensive team management web application. The project requires expertise in Django REST Framework for the backend and React for the frontend. Key Requirements: - Strong proficiency in Python, Django REST Framework, and React - Experience with PostgreSQL and RESTful API design - Familiarity with JWT authentication and security best practices - Ability to implement responsive design using Material-UI - Experience with state management in React (Redux preferred) - Understanding of performance optimization techniques for both frontend and backend Project Scope: - Develop a full-featured team management platform - Implement user authentication and role-based access control - Create modules for user profiles, team ...

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    We are looking to hire so...property management company in the Chicagoland area specializing in real estate rental and management, fix and flips, remodels, and the wholesale of property in the Chicagoland area. We need someone who can assist us with budgeting and forecasting, creating profit and loss reports, creating financial statements, managing and setting up Quickbooks, creating financial reports, and preparing documents for year-end tax returns. You must be proficient in Quickbooks. A background in real estate accounting would be preferred but not necessary. You will work directly with our CFO and assist them with their company accounting needs. This is a full-time position. We look forward to hearing from you and the chance to add another valued individual to our c...

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    Looking for a Node.js deve...Everything is documented in a clear way on Medusa's documentation. You will add & modify existing modules for according to the project's need. Requirements: - Proficiency in Node.js and JavaScript/TypeScript. - Proficiency in maintaining architecture and writing scalable code - Experience with Medusa or similar headless commerce platforms. - Familiarity with RESTful API design, database technologies (PostgreSQL/MySQL), and security measures. Bonus Skills: Knowledge of frontend frameworks (React, Vue.js). Experience with cloud platforms and CI/CD pipelines. What do we care about ? You can apply if you have built at least one e-commerce backend with/without a headless platform (New freelancers are welcome) Share your portfolio along with ...

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    I'm interested in automating a task or process, though I haven't specified exactly what yet. Ideally, the freelancer should be well-versed in areas such as data entry, email management, and report generation. Experience with various tools like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and QuickBooks is preferable. The frequency of the task to be automated is undetermined, it could range from daily to monthly tasks. Please showcase your experience in task automation when bidding.

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    ...Daily Bookkeeping: The successful candidate will be required to enter daily transactions into QuickBooks. This will include all income, expenses, and any other financial movements. - Tax Preparation: The freelancer will also need to prepare my taxes when required. This will involve ensuring all necessary deductions, exemptions, and credits are accounted for. - Financial Statements: The accountant will be responsible for the preparation of accurate and up-to-date financial statements. These statements will need to be clear and detailed, reflecting the current financial state of my business. Skills and Expertise: - Extensive experience in accounting and bookkeeping - Proficiency in using QuickBooks - Strong understanding of tax preparation and local regulations - Ability to...

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    Realizzazione sito web -- 3 1 zi left

    ...React.js o Vue.js: Per creare interfacce utente reattive e componenti modulari. b. Back-End Node.js con : Una soluzione robusta per costruire applicazioni scalabili e ad alte prestazioni. Python con Django o Flask: Per una rapida prototipazione e gestione efficiente del back-end. PHP con Laravel: Per un'architettura MVC e una gestione avanzata dei database e delle API. c. Database PostgreSQL: Un sistema di gestione di database relazionale avanzato, ottimo per la scalabilità e le funzionalità avanzate. MySQL: Un'ottima alternativa relazionale, molto popolare e ampiamente supportata. MongoDB: Un database NoSQL per una maggiore flessibilità nella gestione dei dati, utile per applicazioni che richiedono alta scalabilità e gestione di dati non s...

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    ...include certain entity details that need to be mapped from a PostgreSQL database. Key Requirements: - The PDF table should be created using either Matplotlib or FPDF library. You can choose either of them based on your expertise. - The table must be able to accurately represent the entity details fetched from the PostgreSQL database. Additional Details: - I don't have a predefined set of attributes for the table. You are free to decide on the layout based on the entity details extracted from the database. - I have a specific design in mind for the PDF table. We can discuss this design once you're onboard. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Python, specifically in using Matplotlib or FPDF for PDF generation. - Experience with PostgreSQL for database operatio...

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    ...duplicate transactions in Quickbooks Online that need to be deleted. These duplicates were caused by syncing errors, and are sitting in my balance sheet under "Undeposited funds". To properly identify these duplicates, I need them cross checked against a few specific criteria - specifically, the ones which say "WooCommerce customer" between 2021 and 2022. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with Quickbooks Online - Experience in identifying and resolving duplicate transactions - Exceptional attention to detail The successful freelancer should be able to: - Identify 2,500 duplicate transactions efficiently based on specified criteria - Delete the identified duplicates in a way that keeps the transaction history accurate - Ensure all the data is i...

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    I am looking for a tutorial that will guide me through the accounting procedures for a lawyer trust account(Casepeer). Here ...tailored to someone with basic accounting knowledge and experience - The content should be easy to understand, yet comprehensive, to help me handle the complexities of managing a lawyer trust account - I prefer a written document over other formats - The tutorial should be focused on using QuickBooks as the accounting software Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong knowledge and experience in accounting, particularly in the management of trust accounts - A good understanding of QuickBooks and its features for trust accounting - Excellent writing and communication skills to ensure the tutorial is clear and informative for a beginn...

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    ...diseño frontend más adelante) - Se debe tener en cuenta la implementación de un diseño responsive para que la aplicación se adapte correctamente a diferentes dispositivos (móviles, tablets, etc.). Aspectos técnicos: - Tipo de aplicación: Aplicación web. - Lenguaje de programación: Se valoran lenguajes como PHP, Python o JavaScript. - Tecnologías: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, base de datos (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.). - Alojamiento: Se puede considerar el alojamiento en servidores propios o en un servicio de hosting en la nube. - Seguridad: Implementar las medidas de seguridad necesarias para proteger la información de los clientes y del administrador, incluyendo autenticación y autorizaci&oacut...

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    ...System Requirements: User Interfaces: Mobile App (Android): Approximately 10 screens with various workflows and data submission forms. Web Interface: Screens to display cookstove geolocation and user information. Technology Stack: Frontend: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (with a focus on responsive design) Mobile Development: Flutter, Android Studio Backend: PHP or Python Database: MongoDB, MySQL, or PostgreSQL Maps Integration: Google Maps JavaScript API Key Features: NFC Integration: Each cookstove will have an NFC tag with a unique identifier. NFC tags enable end-users to collect and transmit data to their smartphones. The app must efficiently read and write data on various NFC tags. IoT Integration: 2% of cookstoves will have IoT temperature sensors for additional data collection....

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    ...Experience with messaging systems and queue-based architectures Familiarity with payment integration, particularly Stripe Knowledge of containerization using Docker Experience with Kubernetes for container orchestration Understanding of functional programming principles Responsibilities: Develop and maintain robust backend services using .NET Design and implement database schemas in MongoDB and PostgreSQL Create efficient messaging systems for real-time data processing Integrate and maintain payment processing functionalities Deploy and manage applications using Docker containers Orchestrate and scale containerized applications with Kubernetes Apply functional programming concepts where appropriate in the codebase The ideal candidate will be comfortable working in a microservi...

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    ...solutions, and we aim to enhance our current web presence to better serve our customers and improve our online engagement. Technical Requirements: Odoo Version: Latest version of Odoo knowledge. Programming Languages: Proficiency in Python is essential. Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and XML is also required. Frameworks and Tools: Familiarity with the Odoo framework, QWeb, and PostgreSQL. Version Control: Experience with version control systems like Git. Development Environment: Ability to set up and work in a development environment, including using Docker for containerization. API Integration: Experience with RESTful APIs for integrating with third-party applications. UI/UX Design: Strong understanding of UI/UX principles for enhancing the us...

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    I need assistance integrating Quickbooks Online API with my PHP/MySQL webserver. Key Requirements: - Establish automatic sync functionality between our server and Quickbooks. - Focused primarily on the seamless syncing of our accounting data. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Quickbooks API utilization. - Proven experience in PHP/MySQL integration. - Experience in handling and manipulating sales data efficiently. - Strong understanding of automatic data syncing solutions. Our website currently handles Attachments, Bills, Bill Payments, Credit Card Payments, Customers, Expenses, Invoices, Remittances, Stripe Fees, Stripe Transfers and Suppliers. Our current workflow is that when any of these transactions is created it's added to a csv file (eg )...

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    ...Inventory Management: Keep tabs on all materials and goods, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed. 2. Order Tracking: Oversee every catering order, from start to finish, right from the dashboard. 3. Employee Scheduling: Assist in organizing staff schedules and assigning tasks. 4. Shopping Lists: Dynamically generates comprehensive shopping lists from menu recipes. 5. Software Integration: Incorporate Quickbooks and Apple Notes, and generate a Web interface for easy access. 6. Menu / Recipe Translation to Detailed trackable elements > Output a user friendly menu layout for clients to see by day and service. 7. Output a weekly shopping list outlining amounts needed to be purchased, cooked and servings reference per day per service. 8. Estimate potential costs for each week&#...

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    React Frontend Development 4 ore left

    I need a skilled React developer to build a frontend for my project. i am creating the monopoly app if you are free now lets start now i will sent you my code i will hire those who did not have review and can start working now ... usd 3 hourly only 100% 5 stars review if you can do it. just paste the code only 1. ReactJS for the front end. 2. Node.js/Express for the backend API. 3. PostgreSQL/MongoDB for the main database. 4. Redis for caching. 5. Load Balancer (e.g., Nginx) to distribute traffic.

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    Vu Automation Integration 4 ore left

    ... - Monitor and report the increase in followers. ### Technology Stack - Web Scraping: Use Python with BeautifulSoup or Scrapy for scraping profile data. - Automation: Use Selenium for automating interactions if necessary. - API Interaction: Use Python with requests library to interact with any available APIs. - Database: Store resolved user IDs and profile data in a database like SQLite or PostgreSQL for efficient retrieval. ### Freelancer Instructions 1. Understand the Objective: - Ensure the freelancer understands the full scope of the project, including ethical considerations and the potential risks of account bans. 2. Technical Skills Required: - Proficiency in Python. - Experience with web scraping using BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, or similar libraries. -...

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    As an experienced (+12 years) PHP developer, I'm seeking a skilled PHP Developer to collaborate on maintaining stable (already in production) PHP applications and work on new business features. Tech stack (project 1): - PHP 7.2 - Zend Framework 1 - MySQL 5.6 - Javascript Techstack (project 2): - PHP 8.2 - Laminas 3.6 - PostgreSQL - Javascript with jQuery, DataTables library At least 80 hours monthly.

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    I am in need of a professional who is proficient with QuickBooks Enterprise to implement inventory management systems, specifically focusing on inventory lot tracking. The project needs to be completed as soon as possible. Key Responsibilities: - Set up and manage inventory lot tracking on QuickBooks Enterprise - Ensure proper functionality and seamless integration Ideal Candidate Skills: - In-depth knowledge of QuickBooks Enterprise - Experience with inventory management, especially lot tracking - Available to start immediately and work on short notice - Strong attention to detail and problem-solving capability - LOCATED IN MEXICO

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    I'm in need of a Quickbooks expert who can proficiently handle various functions within Quickbooks, from basic account management, invoicing, expense tracking, report generation, inventory management, all the way to preparing Excel-based price lists and comparing them. Key Responsibilities: - Efficiently manage accounts, invoices, expenses, reports, and inventory within Quickbooks. - Export data to Excel to prepare detailed price lists and compare them. - Provide expert insight and solutions for UK VAT reconciliation. - Handle additional Quickbooks functions including but not limited to tracking sales, payroll management, budgeting and forecasting, bank reconciliation, managing tax returns, purchase management, CRM, project management, data analysis and r...

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    ...understanding of Web API integration methodologies and best practices. - Proven track record in implementing secure communication solutions, particularly utilizing TLS. Project Requirements (Websocket Server using PHP or Nodejs): 1. User Authentication: ◦ Implement user login through a web portal using a username, password, and an ID number, with authentication details stored in a PostgreSQL database. 2. User Identification: ◦ Ensure the system can identify all logged-in users by their username, password, and ID number. 3. Session Awareness: ◦ The web-socket server must track the connection and disconnection status of each user session. 4. Session Management: ◦ Prevent duplicate sessions for the same user and disallow login using d...

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    This Project will be done in Three stages. The fee posted is a rough estimate per Stage. I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a Search portal using Solr or Elasticsearch that will connect with a PostgreSQL database, Create the appropriate indexes for search. Have a fancy and easy to search web/and mobile interface. most materials are Digital objects. and the last stage of the project is to create an API so that other websites can USE it to search. The search portal should have the following main features: - Advanced search filters: Users should be able to refine their searches using multiple criteria. - Real-time data indexing: The portal should update search results in real-time as new data becomes available in the database. Would like the portal to have fancy lo...

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    Seeking an AWS backend developer on an hourly basis. Your main task will be to utilize various AWS services for this project. We are based in Australia, you do not have to be full time overlap, just ensure necessary recap time. As long as communication is OK, you can implement the task in your own time. Our Backend Tech Stack: - AWS SAM serverless as backend - CloudFormation - AWS RDS PostgreSQL - CICD with github actions + Terraform (but may migrate out from terraform in future) - AWS Lambda, AWS Lambda layer, AWS API Gateway - Node.js, TypeScript - Prisma About the Role - You will have solid AWS skills (as for DevOps work) - Develop and maintain AWS infrastructure - Create and manage serverless applications (Node.js, TypeScript), APIs - From time to time, you may help some Re...

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    Hi, I'm new to application development and since I have no programming experience I have landed to no code frontend (flutterflow) and backend (supabase). I'm in the planning phase so I would like to see the pheasibility of the business. I have some functionalities that I would like to have in my app but I'm struggling with some practical implementations so I would like to hire someone mainly to discuss the solution and guide me on the implementation (does not need to be fully implemented from you, I'm aiming more lika a consultancy job). I need the following features in my app: . Ability to muti tenancy (initially I was thinking on having different schemas for customers with high volume of data). This switch from public to custom schema should be done manually . Also ...

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    Travel Price Comparison S-a încheiat left

    ...applicable): o Optionally handle bookings directly on the platform with payment gateway integration. 7. User Reviews and Ratings: o Display user-generated reviews and ratings for flights and airlines. 8. Customer Support: o Provide a customer support section or chat feature to assist users. Technical Requirements: • Frontend: React.js or Vue.js • Backend: Node.js or Django • Database: MySQL or PostgreSQL • APIs: Integration with flight data providers like Skyscanner, Amadeus, • Hosting: AWS or Google Cloud Deliverables: 1. Wireframes and Mockups: Initial design and layout of the website. 2. Frontend and Backend Development: Functional flight search and comparison features. 3. API Integrations: Real-time data fetching from multiple sources. 4. Testing and...

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    We use Quickbooks Online (QBO) and have started receiving this error when saving new transactions: "Items attached to a large number of transactions can't be processed." We need a QBO expert who can condense/remove old data without affecting our accuracy. Please advise your solution and estimated number of hours.

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    I'm in immediate need of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with extensive experience in Quickbooks management, bookkeeping, auditing, journal entry, US tax filing, and balancing the books, specifically within the realm of trucking company accounting. The ideal candidate for this role should possess the following skills: - Strong experience working with Quickbooks software - Thorough understanding of US tax laws - A background in trucking company accounting - Exceptional attention to detail - Demonstrated ability to deliver timely and accurate financial reports The project is extremely time-sensitive, so I'm looking for a professional who can start right away and work efficiently to get the job done. If you meet these criteria and are available to start immediate...

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    Acord de confidenţialitate
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    ...Requirement: -Proven experience in developing e-commerce platforms or similar web applications. -Strong knowledge of programming languages and frameworks suitable for e-commerce development (e.g., JavaScript, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, etc.). -Experience with front-end technologies (e.g., HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Vue.js, etc.). -Familiarity with database management systems (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB). -Understanding of security best practices and data protection regulations. -Ability to work independently and deliver high-quality work within deadlines. Preferred Qualifications: Previous experience with popular e-commerce platforms (e.g., Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce) is a plus. Knowledge of SEO best practices and performance optimization. Excellent problem-solvin...

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    ...members and stakeholders to deliver high-quality solutions. Participate in code reviews and contribute to continuous improvement processes. Maintain code integrity and organization. Requirements: Proven experience as a Backend Developer or similar role. Proficiency in server-side languages such as Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, or Node.js. Strong understanding of database technologies such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, or other NoSQL databases. Experience with RESTful APIs and web services. Familiarity with front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) for seamless integration. Understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git. Knowledge of security and data protection best practices. Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Strong communication skills and the abil...

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    ...Storage: You will need to integrate the application with a SQL database, such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. This integration should be seamless and optimized for performance, as the application relies heavily on data storage. - RESTful API Development: The backend of the application must support RESTful APIs to communicate with the front end and other services. Your task will be to design and implement these APIs effectively, ensuring they meet industry standards and best practices. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in Spring Boot Java development - Expertise in user authentication and authorization protocols - Strong SQL database integration skills, specifically with MySQL or PostgreSQL - Experience in building RESTful APIs - Prior work on enh...

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    Looking for a Monday CRM expert that's familiar with migrating business processes & automations with document generating. Please send sample work flow optimizations & screenshots when providing bid (details discussed in PM). Core module buildouts- Lead captures on website Proposal document generating with signature request Action item generating & sub items Quickbooks invoicing to client and sub contractors Sales forecasting

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    ...in need of an experienced accountant who is well-versed with the Canadian taxation system for an ongoing online assistance role. The ideal candidate should be able to handle the following tasks: - Financial Planning: Assisting in financial analysis and strategic planning - Tax Filing: Filing returns and ensuring compliance with Canadian tax laws As for the software and tools, I currently use QuickBooks, Xero, and Excel spreadsheets, so familiarity with these platforms is a plus point but not necessary. On average, I have between 51-100 transactions per month. The right candidate should have a strong background in Canadian accounting and taxation, and experience working remotely as an online accountant. Clear communication skills and responsiveness are also important, as this w...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Java freelancer to help me build a sample app using the Spring Boot framework. Key Responsibilities: - Implement user login and registration functionality. - Set up data storage and re...Key Responsibilities: - Implement user login and registration functionality. - Set up data storage and retrieval capabilities. - Integrate the app with external APIs. The app will be using a relational database, such as MySQL or PostgreSQL, so experience with handling such databases is essential. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Java and Spring Boot. - Strong knowledge of implementing user authentication and data storage. - Previous experience in integrating external APIs into Java applications. - Familiarity with relational databases, especially MySQL or PostgreS...

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    ...have an almost completed Flutter app that I would like to update. The app is currently 80% complete and the updates will be facilitated with Claude AI. Your primary responsibility will be to migrate this app to Node.js/Express, React, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, and JWT auth. Key Responsibilities: - Update 80% complete Flutter app using Claude AI - Migrate to Node.js/Express, React, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, JWT auth - Implement Docker/Kubernetes setup Requirements: - Strong Flutter and Dart skills - Experience with AI coding - Proficiency with Node.js, React, PostgreSQL, GraphQL - Ability to set up Docker/Kubernetes - Experience with JWT authentication Deliverables: - Updated code - Documentation - Setup guide The project is expected to take 2-4 days to complete per Claud...

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    I'm in need of a programmer who can develop a comprehensive dispatc...Communication and Feedback: The software should allow for seamless communication with customers and offer a platform for receiving feedback. Compatibility: - The software should be compatible with Windows, as well as with Mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. - A key requirement is the integration with Quickbooks. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in software development, specifically dispatch software. - Experience working with Windows and mobile application development. - Familiarity with Quickbooks integration. - Strong communication skills for incorporating user feedback. This is a crucial project for me, so I'm looking for an experienced programmer who can deliver a high-quality product wit...

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    ... mainly focusing on bookkeeping, tax preparation, and financial statement analysis. Key Details: - Current Tools: I'm using a mix of Excel, QuickBooks, Xero, and Busy Tally for my accounting needs. Familiarity with these tools is a must to ensure a smooth transition and effective work. - Years of Financial Data: I need assistance processing 1-3 years' worth of financial data. This calls for someone who is detail-oriented, meticulous, and has a strong understanding of accounting principles. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in bookkeeping, tax preparation, and financial statement analysis is essential. - Proficiency in Excel, QuickBooks, Xero, and Busy Tally. - An accounting degree or related certification would be highly beneficial. - Excellent co...

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    I am looking to develop a user-friendly and efficient platform that caters to bo...Dashboard: User profile management. Booking history and upcoming bookings. Reviews and Ratings: Users can leave reviews and ratings for turfs. Turf owners can respond to reviews. Admin Panel: Comprehensive admin dashboard for managing users, turfs, bookings, and payments. Analytics and reporting features. Frontend: React Native, Redux, HTML5, CSS3 Backend: Node.js, Database: MongoDB, PostgreSQL Audio Conferencing: WebRTC, Payment Integration: Stripe, PayPal, Razorpay, Notifications: Firebase Cloud Messaging, Twilio Analytics: Google Analytics, Mixpanel DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins Web and app designing project must be completed in 3 months i cannot amend amount but i can pay more

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    ...need of a Quickbooks expert to handle my monthly bookkeeping services and payroll management. Key Responsibilities: - Entering and categorizing transactions: You will be responsible for ensuring accurate and timely recording of all financial transactions in Quickbooks. - Reconciling bank statements: Your job will be to reconcile bank statements with the entries in Quickbooks to ensure accuracy. - Generating financial reports: You are expected to generate monthly financial reports to keep track of my business's financial health. Additional Responsibilities: - Payroll Management: As I require assistance with payroll management, you will need to handle this aspect in Quickbooks as well. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Quickbooks: Yo...

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional to install and customize a vacation planning web-based app from GitHub. The app is built on Java, Open Spring and PostgreSQL, and requires a specific level of customization. Key Requirements: - Installation: The first step will involve setting up the app on our server. - User Interface Design: The primary customization requirement is to change the app's logo. As such, you should be proficient in front-end development and design. - Java, Open Spring, and PostgreSQL: You should have a deep understanding of these technologies to effectively customize the app. - Proven Experience: Experience with similar projects and a strong portfolio in web application development would be highly beneficial. I would prefer a freelancer with exc...

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    I'm looking for assistance and process mapping to convert data from desktop QuickBooks - invoice to an XML file . This project primarily centers on the automation and efficiency of our billing process. Key Requirements: - Expertise in desktop QuickBooks, and XML, - Quick books desk top program not the cloud based version - Ability to include specific invoice details and send to customer in the XML file - provide process and plan - Proven experience in system integration The successful candidate will have a proven background in similar projects and demonstrate a clear understanding of the requirements. I am looking to commence the project immediately.

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    Seeking a highly skilled developer to c...database management for large volume data and server-side scripting for website functionality is a must. Your primary objective is to create a functional, user-friendly job board with clear, sortable filters and an easy application process. Achieving this in a timely manner and within budget is essential. Developer should be experienced in NextJS 14 with app folder, TailwindCSS, Supabase, PostgreSQL High code quality is a must. I have been working as a software consultant over 14 years and a .NET/NextJS developer myself and I'll merge each PR myself. Looking forward to your contributions to this vital project. Please send me your portfolio and GitHub along with your application. What I am looking for is a lightweight version o...

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    I require help with the creation and integration of a WHMCS system that will generate exchange invoices automatically on a daily basis. Specific skills and requirements: - Proven experience with both WHMCS integration and invoice generation - Familiarity with QuickBooks Online, Xero, and FreshBooks - The ability to set up user registration and login - Expertise with product and pricing management The final solution should be able to create and manage invoices that will be automatically exchanged daily, integrating seamlessly with the WHMCS platform. It's crucial that the person undertaking this project has strong problem-solving abilities and an in-depth understanding of data exchange and automation.

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    I'm in need of an experienced PHP developer to assist with integrating QuickBooks Online into my system. Requirements: - Integrate QuickBooks Online's payment functionality with my existing system. - Ensure the payment process is seamless and secure. Ideal Skills: - Strong experience in PHP development - Previous experience with QuickBooks Online integration - Knowledge of secure payment processing methods Please note that the integration is specifically for processing payments.

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    Facade Billing Specialist S-a încheiat left

    I am in need of a dedicated Facade Bill...contractors, related to various facade works. Your role will be integral in managing the financial aspect of the projects. Key tasks: - Diligently creating invoices for contractors Ideal Skills: - Outstanding Attention to Detail - Proficient in Invoice Creation - Great Organizational Skills - Solid Understanding of Billing Procedures While not mandatory, proficiency in invoicing software like QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics or Sage 50 is a plus. However, it's not a strict requirement as this question was not particularly addressed by me. This role requires an individual with keen eye for detail and excellent organizational skills. Preferably, you should have experience in a similar role and have a good grasp of various constructi...

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    ...management. Invoicing and Payments Invoice Generation: Automatically generate invoices once a service job is confirmed. On-Site Modifications: Allow technicians to modify invoices on-site based on actual services provided. Payment Processing: Enable on-site payment collection via the technician’s mobile app or web portal. Accounting Software Integration: Integrate with accounting software like QuickBooks or Xero for seamless financial management. Technician Tools Mobile App or Web Portal: Provide technicians with a login interface to fill out service reports, take pictures of completed work, and access client information. Real-Time Updates: Allow technicians to update job status and send real-time notifications to clients. Route Optimization: Optimize technicia...

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