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    Producera unei robot autonom modular pentru diferite aplicatii.

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    Expert in ROS & Sensor Fusion 5 zile left

    ...navigation. The project specifically involves integrating a 2D Lidar and a RealSense D435i (IMU version) camera to achieve my desired outcomes. **Key Project Details:** - **Goals:** While I skipped specifying primary goals, the focus is broad, including mapping, navigation, and obstacle avoidance. Expertise in these areas, especially within indoor environments, will be advantageous. - **Timeline:** I aim to complete this project within a month, so efficiency and the ability to work effectively under tight deadlines will be crucial. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in ROS2 for complex robotics projects. - Proven track record with the Kalman filter or similar sensor fusion techniques. - Experience with 2D Lidar and RealSense cameras, especially in navi...

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    ** Please don't make an offer unless you are confident enough to COMPLETE the job to be happy for freelancer.com to keep the entire agreed amount in escrow until the job is complete ** I want a 3D scanning app made (from my design) similar to the many that are already on the market.(happy with LIDAR technology or photogrammetry) * Page one is the page seen in the App/android Store and will be the logo only that opens up * Page Two has the logo at the top of the page and beneath it a short explainer video (that I will supply - with an ‘x’ in the top right corner to stop the video for people who do not want to watch the entire video). Beneath the short explainer video will be the button that triggers the 3D scan. * Page three will have a prompt to position the it...

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    ...procura de um programador web competente para criar um site informativo voltado principalmente para profissionais de uma indústria específica. Espero que o freelancer contratado possua as seguintes habilidades e experiência: - Familiaridade com a programação front-end (design e desenvolvimento visual) - Competência em programação back-end (programming e gestão de bases de dados) - Capacidade para lidar com uma tarefa full-stack (tanto front-end quanto back-end) Idealmente, o candidato terá uma experiência comprovada no desenvolvimento de sites informativos e será capaz de demonstrar um entendimento claro do público-alvo – neste caso, profissionais de uma indústria especí...

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    I have a kpi simulation python code for my radar sensor signal, and I want to make it more generic in order to work with different type of signals from Radar sensor. I want it as soon as possible maybe in 3 days.

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    I'm seeking an adept embedded engineer to undertake the creation and development of a new DCA1000EVM data capture card well-equipped to handle sensor data from Industrial mmWave RADAR – 60GHz AoP Module . Key responsibilities include: - Design and prototype the data capture card - Programme and debug - Conduct thorough testing and documentation The ideal candidate must have hands-on experience with designing and programming data capture devices, specifically sensor-based, and a strong track of successful testing and documentation. Solid debugging capabilities are a necessary entity. Be prepared for intense collaboration and iterative developments within a tight schedule.

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    Hi Alex, This work includes the implementation of ROS2 navigation stack on Nvidia Jetbot Robot. Robot will be able to autonomously navigate through an indoor space using Lidar, Odometery and other sensors.

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    ...offerings in a harmonious and eye-catching design. What We're Looking For: Visual Theme: The logo should emphasize the Albanian-Greek origins of "Platea," incorporating elements or symbols that are quintessentially Greek. We're envisioning a design that tastefully blends these aspects with creative representations of our signature dishes: Souvlaki and Crepes. Color Palette: Bright colors are on our radar, with a particular interest in red. However, we're open to being surprised by your creative use of colors that complement our vibrant and welcoming vibe. Style and Creativity: We're looking for a logo that stands out. It should be memorable, easily identifiable, and reflect the fast-paced, friendly atmosphere of our business. Creative interpretati...

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    ...source library named Standard cyborg. Since iPhone 13, Apple has drastically diminished the quality of the TrueDepth camera. And our scan quality doesn’t meet our standards to create our products. FaceID seems to be still running fine, but the update is not available through Apple’s API. We are looking for either one of those solutions: - A new TrueDepth library to integrate to our app - A new LIDAR library + change of UX to integrate to our app Our initial deadline was Friday 23, but we can extend it depending on your estimation. Resources: BreastID: Access code 222333 TrueDepth lower quality: Standard cyborg Library:

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    ...new life into our app through a meticulous redesign and the integration of new features that elevate the user experience. Here’s what I’m looking for: - **UI/UX Design Overhaul**: Adopt a design philosophy that amalgamates modern minimalism, vibrant colors, and a clean, professional layout to make our app stand out. - **Adding New Screens**: Specifically, a dynamic user profile screen is on our radar. This addition, along with integrating specific API updates, will enhance the overall functionality and user interaction. - **User Experience Enhancements**: - Incorporate a chat messaging feature that allows for seamless communication within the app. - Implement push notifications to keep our users engaged and informed about relevant updates and features. here...

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    I'm putting together a project focused on the visualization of LiDAR data using a combination of powerful tools and frameworks. This system is aimed at providing a clear and effective display of geographic data for various uses, primarily focusing on data visualization. **Core Requirements:** - Integration of PostgreSQL with PostGIS for efficient data storage and mangement. - Utilization of Potree for rendering large-scale point clouds in the browser, ensuring smooth and interactive data visualization. - Implementation of Leaflet for additional mapping capabilities, focusing on overlaying different types of data. - Experience with GeoServer for data publication needs, allowing different formats and services to be used seamlessly. - Development of RESTful APIs using Python (Fl...

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    ...intricate analysis of signal patterns - Accumulating and processing radar data -Communication done between PC -> Ethernet TCP 100MHz -> FPGA -> receiver I need an expert who can teach me the tasks too. And can guide mye what to read about. - Some DSP and Sampling might be needed. Using Vivado While it's not necessary, previous experience with identification systems is beneficial. Being well versed in radio and signal processing is crucial for this role. The project timeline is approximately one month, so a professional able to deliver in a time-efficient manner is ideal. Availability from the start and a dedication to meet the deadline is pivotal. I have done half of the work Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in radar information processing - Expe...

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    Health Tourism S-a încheiat left

    ...project zeroes in on an in-depth analysis of a few handpicked locations, aiming to uncover what makes each so uniquely appealing to diverse traveler demographics. **What I Need:** - A comprehensive exploration of several travel destinations, delving beyond the surface to reveal historical, cultural, and economic factors that contribute to their appeal. - A focus on both popular and under-the-radar spots, analyzing reasons behind their popularity or lack thereof among various traveler types. - Insightful discussions on how these destinations adapt to trends within the tourism industry. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Robust experience in academic writing with a portfolio that includes works on tourism or related fields. - A keen understanding of the hospitality industry an...

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    ** AS ALWAYS PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING. ANY BLIND BIDS THAT INSIST I CONTACT YOU WILL BE IGNORED** LIDAR Sensor for use in an alarm system. Arduino control board. Outputs to a MOSFET Controller and an LED Indicator. Full brief available but this project but basics are: 1. System (Arduino and Lidar Sensor) are to be powered on. 2. A 15 second time window is required for the Sensor to Map the room and establish the basline parameters. 3. Any change of 20% or more in a measured/monitored distance should trigger an alarm. 4. After an alarm of 10 seconds the System should reset - mapping the room again and establishing the baseline for future monitoring. The sensor is here: Deliverables: PIN Diagram Arduino

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    ...experienced machine learning (ML) developer with expertise in processing and analyzing Lidar point cloud data to develop an algorithm capable of detecting and tracking vehicle trajectories. This project is critical for enhancing real-time traffic management and analysis systems. There is already one part of the problem is described here, but it is MATLAB based solution : ( If you use any algorithm that is available, and was written by someone, you must provide reference to it/citations ). **Objectives & Scope:** - Develop a robust ML algorithm to accurately detect vehicle trajectories from Lidar point cloud data. - Ensure the algorithm can process data in pcap format and output

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    I am looking for a remote sensing expert who can assist me with a project that requires LiDAR technology. The ideal candidate should have experience in both data collection and analysis. My project is all about discovering buried metals (i.e gold, silver & copper) that have been left from the geenrstions before us beneath the surface using remote sensing. (This project is for education and study purposes). Specifically, I need someone who can collect right remote sensing data with high resolution and then perform data analysis on the collected data. Skills and experience required for this project: - Proficiency in LiDAR technology and its application in remote sensing - Experience in both data collection and analysis - Knowledge of high-resolution remote sensing techn...

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    ...safely within its operational area. - Leverage sensor data for precise object detection and avoidance, ensuring smooth operation without interventions. ### Sensors Installed: - **LIDAR:** For detailed environmental mapping and object detection. - **Camera:** To assist in navigation and provide visual object recognition. - **IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit):** To maintain stability and direction. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in ROS2 and experience with robotics programming on Ubuntu. - Experience in deploying applications on Raspberry Pi 4. - Knowledgeable in integrating and utilizing LIDAR, Camera, and IMU for robotics projects. - Familiarity with algorithms related to SLAM, autonomous navigation, and object detection. - Ability to optimize for sm...

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    ...description: We are looking for an experienced iOS app developer to design and implement an app that uses the LIDAR scanner on iPhones (version 12 Pro or higher). The aim is an app for creating 3D scans of outdoor areas for planning the installation of outdoor fitness equipment. The app should offer a user-friendly interface that is reduced to the essential functions, including the creation and management of 3D scans, a library for the saved scans and export options in GLB format. In addition, the app should offer an easy way to transfer this data directly from the app to our company. Requirements: - In-depth knowledge of iOS development and experience with the integration of the LIDAR scanner. - Experience in developing apps with high usability and minimalist design. - ...

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    I am eager to collaborate with an experienced Lidar engineer who can work on the development of a 3D scanner iOS app intended for 3D printing. This High-performance application should be capable of the following: - Capturing high-resolution 3D scans in real-time. - Providing a user-friendly interface to edit and manipulate scanned objects. - Allowing seamless exportation of scanned data in various formats to facilitate easy 3D printing. A strong understanding of Lidar technology and its application is essential. Proven experience in iOS app development, particularly in the realm of 3D scanning, will bring added value to the project. This project has the potential to revolutionize the current way of 3D printing, making it more accessible and efficient. I look forward to a f...

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    I'm in need of a capable developer who can construct an iOS app with integrated lidar technology. This app aims to cater to the general consumption market and should therefore be intuitive and user-friendly. • Lidar Integration: The app should make use of lidar technology for distance measurement, 3D mapping, and object detection capabilities. Your robust experience in lidar systems and app development will be valuable for a seamless integration process. • Platform: The app should be iOS compatible and should maintain optimal performance across different iPhone models. Having prior experience in iOS app development is necessary. • Target Audience: The app's UI/UX should be designed to cater to general consumers, ensuring simplicity an...

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    I'm in need of a capable developer who can construct an iOS app with integrated lidar technology. This app aims to cater to the general consumption market and should therefore be intuitive and user-friendly. • Lidar Integration: The app should make use of lidar technology for distance measurement, 3D mapping, and object detection capabilities. Your robust experience in lidar systems and app development will be valuable for a seamless integration process. • Platform: The app should be iOS compatible and should maintain optimal performance across different iPhone models. Having prior experience in iOS app development is necessary. • Target Audience: The app's UI/UX should be designed to cater to general consumers, ensuring simplicity an...

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    LiDAR to CAD Conversion S-a încheiat left

    I'm seeking a highly skilled professional capable of converting LiDAR point cloud data into a detailed CAD model suitable for engineering analysis. This project requires a nuanced approach; the CAD model must not only encompass basic shapes and structures but also include textures and colors to a detailed degree. This level of detail is crucial for the engineering analysis phase, providing insights and aiding in decision-making processes. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in CAD software, particularly software that handles LiDAR data efficiently. - Extensive experience with LiDAR point cloud data and its conversion into CAD models. - Strong understanding of engineering principles, to ensure the CAD model meets the specific needs for engineering anal...

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    ...individual to help with a cutting-edge project involving RaspberryPi and Python. My goal is to integrate LIDAR sensors with the Robot Operating System (ROS) and potentially implement both software and hardware modifications for optimal functionality. **Project Requirements:** - Integrate LIDAR sensors with ROS using RaspberryPi. - Program RaspberryPi in Python for seamless data communication. - Innovate on both software and hardware platforms to enhance the system. - Ensure stable performance and real-time data processing. **Ideal Candidate Skills:** - Proficiency in Python programming. - Experience with RaspberryPi hardware and software configurations. - Proven track-record with LIDAR and ROS integration projects. - Ability to troubleshoot and optimize for perf...

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    Se necesita controlar el movimiento de un dispositivo que posee 4 motores para moverse por un espacio determinado mediante un sensor lidar modelo YDLidar x3 y motores modelo JGY-370 que cuentan con encoder.

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    I am seeking a talented Flutter developer who is experienced in using custom painter to write data to the canvas. I want an upgrade of an existing library which is available on (and Github). The library is fl_chart and I would like to have the radar chart upgraded that it is not only able to use text as a chart title but also is able to either show svg graphics (which could include graphic and title in one graphic) as title or another solution to show the titles as shown in the second image below. The package page on : Please find the Github link on the page. I identified that the change needs to be done in RadarChartPainter class in file radar_chart_painter.dart. This is located in lib/src/chart/radar_chart/radar_chart_painter

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    I'm in need of a proficient 3D modeller who is skilled in developing medium-detail (LOD 200) 3D models, especially georeferenced ones, from LiDAR point cloud data. The task involves generating a precise model of a plot (1000m2) and a two-floors building, both exterior facades and interiors included. The ideal candidate should have: • Experience in developing 3D models from LiDAR point cloud. • Ability to flawlessly incorporate shapes while maintaining the required level of detail (LOD 200). • Proficient knowledge of Autodesk software to ensure compatibility of the final 3D model. Export to RVT format. This project will require careful handling of data and meticulous attention to detail, to effectively capture the complex structures and features from the ...

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    Se desea controlar mecanismo de 4 motores que cuenta con retroalimentación a través de encoder mediante un lidar utilizando Ros y Raspberry pi.

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    I want to control the movement of a 4-motor robot using ROS from a lidar sensor on a raspberry pi. The motors have encoder feedback, if possible you would still want to put ultrasonic sensors and if these have a certain distance, turn off the motors

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    ...perfis com facilidade. -Gerenciamento de pets (disponível e adotado) Recursos desejados da plataforma de adoção de animais de estimação: - **Pesquisa e filtro:** Ferramentas para os usuários encontrarem animais de estimação por vários critérios. - Perfis de animais de estimação:** Cada animal deve ter um perfil detalhado com fotos e uma descrição. - Processo de adoção: um sistema integrado para lidar com solicitações e aprovações. Habilidades e experiência: - Especialista em design de UI/UX para satisfação do cliente. - Habilitades, php, html, css. etc - Proficiência em gerenciamento de banco de dados e seguran&cce...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned C++ developer with a proven background in building robust and efficient desktop applications using Qt. This project revolves around creating software that chiefly handles device control for multiple sensor technologies. Key qualifications: - Proficiency in C++ and the Qt framework. - Experience integrating Camera, LiDAR, and GNSS/IMU SDKs. - Familiarity with embedded systems and sensor-driven workflows. - Capabilities in crafting intuitive user interfaces for device control. Ideal candidates should showcase: - A portfolio of past work, highlighting relevant experience with sensor SDKs. - Demonstrable knowledge in handling device control through desktop applications. This application must ensure a seamless and effective control experience for users ope...

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    I am looking for a Kahoot expert that can help me bui...their thoughts on a 1=5 scale according to definitions or tests. Individual's answers will be projected together and the group will take notes on why people scored differently blockers etc. There will be a limited number (say 5) questions in each category. Some categories have effects on other categories. We need to be able to see results in some form at the end of the quiz. I currently use radar charts. An expert is needed to design something fun and implement as I have no Kahoot experience even as a user, More details: What categories would you like the quiz questions to be based on? To be defined by me How many total categories would you like to have in the quiz? 9 What should be the time limit for each question in...

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    I'm looking for an experienced graphic designer to create a unique and engaging logo for my medical-related project. The key elements of this project include: -**BUSINESS NAME** Surgeon Radar - **Color Scheme**: Incorporate shades of grey while maintaining a professional look. - **Design Style**: The logo should embody a dynamic and innovative feel, rejecting traditional designs for something more cutting-edge. - **Symbolism**: Instead of common medical symbols, I'd like to focus on location-based icons such as map pinpoints, radar imagery, or even abstract representations of plastic surgery concepts. **Ideal Candidate Skills**: - Proficiency in graphic design software (e.g., Adobe Illustrator) - Strong portfolio showcasing dynamic and innovative designs - Experie...

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    data extraction -- 2 S-a încheiat left

    My business receives court records monthly. We extract the names and mai...court records monthly. We extract the names and mailing addresses from these court records. All of the courts format the records differently. Some are in excel, some pdf, some word, etc I need someone who can extract the names and mailing addresses from all of the court records - and put them in one excel spreadsheet. Rarely do people even read the job description - so please put the words 'radar data' at the top of your response so I know you have read the description. I will not respond otherwise When you bid, you are bidding on a small project of around 15-20 court records. For a total of 3,000 - 4000 names. The court records arrive the first part of every month, and need to be comple...

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    LiDAR 3D Mapping Maestro S-a încheiat left

    I'm looking for a highly skilled iOS developer with experience in Swift and LiDAR technology to create a 3D room LiDARscan feature for my application. This mode is specifically designed to serve high-precision mapping and navigation purposes. Key Features and Requirements: - Develop a 3D LiDARscan mode for iPad Pro models(obj). - Ensure high precision for detailed mapping capabilities. - Optimize for performance on devices equipped with LiDAR sensors(ipad pro). - Integration with existing mapping and navigation functionalities within the app(not necessarily required). Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Swift and experience with ARKit/Realitykit. - Familiarity with LiDAR sensor technology and 3D graphics. - Proven track record of developing high-precision...

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    BOM Radar History Analysis S-a încheiat left

    I urgently require an expert to supply me with specific insights into the historical data of Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) weather radar installations for certain dates that I will provide. This is a critical component of my research, and I need someone with a keen eye for historical patterns and technological understanding to assist me. Essential Elements: - Detailed examination of BOM radar data for specified dates (02 Jan 2024, 07:00 PM) - Identification and analysis of significant anomalies or patterns within the data - Clear, concise summarization of findings in a report Ideal Skills: - Expertise in meteorology or a related scientific discipline - Proficiency in data analysis, particularly historical weather data - Ability to work swiftly and provide fast turnarounds -...

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    build a radar system prototype.

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    I require a proficient GIS specialist with experie...manipulating and managing relevant data. Key responsibilities include: - Implement mapping and visualization techniques. - Create interactive maps using appropriate software and tools. Unfortunately, I skipped the specification of the data format that we'll be working with. Hence, it is essential that bidders can comfortably work with various GIS data formats such as vector data, raster data, and LiDAR data. Relevant prior experience in similar projects is highly desirable. An eye for detail and a dedication to accuracy will be necessary for success in this role. I look forward to engaging a GIS professional who is passionate about their craft and committed to delivering high-quality results. Let's create something e...

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    I have several 3D LIDAR scans of dinosaur footprints that need to be prepared for high detail 3D printing. I need you fit the scan model on a standard size square plate (150x150x2mm and 50x50x2mm), exaggerate the vertical axis by 2x, make sure no part of the model is less than 2mm thick, make sure the scan is oriented to make the best use of the square plate and to minimize printing materials, and and provide a STL format file. Some footprints are impressions (depressions in a flat surface), some are casts.

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    Looking for a diligent and creative individual to fill the position of a social media intern. Your primary focus will be on Facebook and Instagram. Your tasks will include: - Creating engaging and compelling content - Scheduling posts to ensure consistency - Opening channels of communication with ...Your tasks will include: - Creating engaging and compelling content - Scheduling posts to ensure consistency - Opening channels of communication with followers through engaging posts The goal of your role will be to boost our visibility and increase brand awareness. Solid proficiency in Facebook and Instagram, combined with strong scheduling and follower engagement skills should put you on our radar. Experience in a similar role that led to increased brand awareness will be highly c...

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    ...web-based and desktop application which can accurately calculate the road distances between a set of villages. Working in the backend, this application will utilize the Google Maps API to fetch distance data. Key features: - Perform calculations based on Google Maps API. - Create a comprehensive table outlining the distances between each village. - Export data to an excel file - Optionally to create radar charts with the distance from each single village to the others Primary function: - The main purpose of the application is to aid in the comparison of distances. Ideal Experience and Skills: - Knowledge of Google Maps API - Proficiency in web and desktop application development - Experience in creating applications that calculate distances - Strong understanding of route ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can generate a Matlab simulation to achieve the results shown in Figure 4 of the attached paper. The simulation should be based on the steps and equations provided in the paper. Level of Complexity: Intermediate Skills and Experience: - g...detailed explanation of the Matlab code used in the simulation. - This will help me understand the implementation and make any necessary modifications in the future. Compatibility with Matlab Version: - The simulation should be compatible with any recent version of Matlab. - There is no specific version requirement for this project. If you have experience in DSP, electrical engineering, OFDM Radar signal and Matlab programming and can deliver an accurate simulation based on the given paper, please submit your...

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    we would like to design/concept a logo for our company. currently called scan3D We have been advised to change to AccuScan3d to better identity us?? we aren't sure we scan communities, buildings and infrastructure inside and outside using a wearable lidar camera. from this we create a digital twin giving our customers the ability to immerse them selves into there project, measure any space with pinpoint accuracy. We are open to changing our name for the right design if that's what it takes to achieve a great design. we would like to get people curious and say "we need this" as we know that everyone does. the benefits are huge they just cant see it yet. the logo needs to break that barrier. I'm looking for a uncluttered clear aesthetic that will say wha...

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    Os recursos que um aplicativo de organização de e-mail associado a projetos pode ter podem ser divididos em...design Ao projetar seu aplicativo, é importante considerar as necessidades específicas de seus usuários. Pense em quais recursos seriam mais úteis para você e sua equipe. Alguns fatores a serem considerados incluem: Tamanho da equipe: O aplicativo deve ser capaz de atender às necessidades de equipes de todos os tamanhos. Complexidade do projeto: O aplicativo deve ser flexível o suficiente para lidar com projetos de todos os níveis de complexidade. Requisitos específicos: Pense em quaisquer requisitos específicos que sua equipe possa ter. Por exemplo, você pode precisar de um aplicativo q...

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    Precisamos de um desenvolvedor full stack para dar manutenção e desenvolver novas funcionalidad...características da aplicação: Atualmente a aplicação está rodando em um VPS É uma aplicação para gerenciamento de orçamentos, na qual adicionamos produtos e geramos o PDF final com os detalhes dos produtos adicionados com o valor. Usamos algumas gens para ajudar na montagem do PDF, como: wicked_pdf e wkhtmltopdfbinary. A aplicação usa NGINX com o webserver para receber as requisições, Passenger para lidar com as requisições recebidas pelo NGINX e entregar para a aplicação Ruby. Diversos códigos na aplicação precisa ser melhorado...

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    3D LiDAR Modeling S-a încheiat left

    As a client, I'm seeking a skilled and experienced full stack developer to undertake a 3D LiDAR modeling development project. The focus of the project is on 3D Rendering development. Ideal qualifications for the job include: - Proficiency with AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Revit or similar LiDAR coding tools. - A strong portfolio showcasing previous works with 3D point cloud, 3D mesh models software development.

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    ...para Embed: O bot deve formatar automaticamente o conteúdo extraído em um embed do Discord. O embed deve incluir o título do guia, uma breve descrição, a imagem principal, e um link para o guia completo na Steam. Comandos Intuitivos: Os usuários devem ser capazes de solicitar um guia usando um comando simples, por exemplo: !guia <ID_do_guia_Steam>. Tratamento de Erros: O bot deve ser capaz de lidar com erros comuns, como links inválidos ou guias que não existem, notificando o usuário apropriadamente. Compatibilidade com Discord: O bot deve seguir todas as políticas e limitações do Discord, incluindo as limitações de tamanho para mensagens e embeds. O site SEMPRE será...

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    Buscamos un profesional cualificado que nos ayude a desarrollar un modelo de IA para procesar imágenes de satélite y generar mapas de cobertura de suelo. El objetivo principal de este proyecto es crear un modelo que pueda analizar eficazmente imágenes satelitales tanto multiespectral como radar (Sentinel-1 y Sentinel-2) y clasificar diferentes tipos de cobertura de suelo, como bosques, cultivos, masas de agua y zonas urbanas. El candidato seleccionado deberá tener una sólida formación en IA y procesamiento de imágenes, así como experiencia en análisis y clasificación de imágenes de satélite. Habilidades relevantes: - Desarrollo de modelos de IA - Análisis de imágenes satelitales multi...

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    I'm looking for a knowledgeable Ph.D. in electronics with in-depth expertise in array signal processing (DOA/DOD estimation) who can Modify the system model from 1D to 2D for MIMO radar Ideal candidate expertise and skills must include: Ph.D. Degree in Electronics or related field - Strong research background in array signal processing - Solid understanding of collocated MIMO radars - Must have research publications in the similar area This project requires profound mathematical knowledge and research experience in the field of MIMO radars Please send the link of your publication and just briefly mention your skills about the current project.

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    RF hardware design service S-a încheiat left

    ...specific requirements. We are looking RF hardware design service and we already have a schematic design but it need some rectifications. Our requirement is to correct schematic and generate the Gerber file . for example You need to fix the transmitters heads and you only need to by or add frequency generator software and a little bit of software that only need for data saving, data control, and radar identification. Specific Requirements: - We have detailed specifications and requirements for the circuit design that need to be met. - The candidate should have experience in designing RF systems that meet specific requirements and are tailored to our project needs. Flexible Deadline: - We do not have a strict deadline for the completion of the RF hardware design service. T...

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    As the owner of a travel and living blog, I’m in need of a talented blogger to create captivating content that covers a wide range of topics. Specifically the posts should cover: - Travel Destinations: I'm interested in a mix of both well-known and under-the-radar locales that will inspire our readers to explore. The posts should be inspired by: - A Combination of Experiences and Research: Each piece must be informative and engaging, combining your personal experiences with in-depth research to provide valuable insights to our readers. Ideal candidates will have experience in travel blogging and a passion for exploration. Your ability to encapsulate the wonders of travel and offer practical advice for living abroad will be crucial to this role.

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