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    We have a bike sharing mobil application. We look for a friend who can help us for some stripe integrations. 1. We use stripe to get payments. It is a third party payment service provider. On the app, only payment method we provide for now is credit card. Before an user start a rental, he or she must be registered with credit card. When he wants to start a rental, he must scan the qr code on bik...

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    SKILLSET REQUIRED: HTML (Basic) CSS (For design level perfection) Java Script (To perform validations, basically to perform functions before sending data to process at the backend) Bootstrap (To handle UI validation / to use predefined classes for validations / to handle responsive web pages) Rest API’s (To make calls to the API endpoints / paths and update the result without reloading the ...

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    Tasks to be achieved - Lex/Yacc Code - Examples and Analysis General Instructions: -Hand in a documentation including the requirements of this task and your design for this task, and a list of your testing programs and the corresponding testing results. -The evaluation of this task is based in the correctness of your program, the programming style of your program, and the documentation. Th...

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    ou are to write a paper (2000 ~2500 words) that assesses the educational value of a learning game. Your paper will be turned in via Canvas and returned to you via Canvas. Late submissions will be penalized with a reduction in the grade for the paper. Choose a game that you either have played or will have an opportunity to play. Write a brief overview of the game: who it is for, what platform it i...

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    Will need to create internal transfer to repair warehouse location upon stage change to 'repair'. and return back to previous warehouse when stage change to 'returned'. If stage change to 'scrap', it will automatically scrap the product.

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    Hey Guys. we have a custom site built on cocorico and its painfully slow. When i put it through google developers website speed test the results are terrible (its fine in the morning but goes v slow later in the evening) it returned loads of issues. Can you give me a rough price estimate on fixing it up to make it as fast as possible. We are happy to remove the map function on the search results ...

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    Python code 6 zile left

    You have two tasks in this individual homework: 1. Replicate the problem as it is described, and run the codes (some old versions Python codes may need to be adapted to new versions). Pay special attention to the last paragraph of page 1: the problems that may arise, and the solutions to these problems. These are key discussions in our course. 2. (a) Replicate the network problem over 10 years ...

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    PLEASE ONLY POST SERIOUS BIDS, NO UNDERBIDS The extent of the enhancements is to take a budget calculator which is for one branded organization and create the ability for it to function for at least 5 branded organisations. The current calculator is here: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Users will need to be able to select the brand they are interested in which will have an i...

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    We need a back-end developer with knowledge of: 1. ASP.NET CORE. 2. C# 3. MS SQL Server 4. REST API. What you will do: 1. To deal with the existing code, if you wish to carry out refactoring than we make it as working hours. 2. Fix bugs in the existing code and add some functionality. 3. Write new functionality as REST API for further interaction with VUE front-end. 4. Write clean and readable ...

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    My job is this - I am using a Gridview and have added some functionality for the clicking on cells and returning some data in an 'alert' box. However, two things. I need a little more data returned and am unsure how to access it. I then need that information made available to my modal popup instead of an alert box. Looking for someone with gridview expertise using the onclick event for ...

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    Hi Osama E.: I read your profile and your impressive reviews, and would like to offer you my project. I hope you find it challenging enough. I) Project Overview: The purpose of this project is to integrate the functions of two existing websites (actually two subwebs housed under the same domain). At least two distinct solutions are possible: 1) coding channels of communication between the tw...

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    concepts: source product id: it means the id from source, as show in example data. WooCommerce product Id: it means the product id in WooCommerce. it's different from source product id. function1: import product Need to import the product info into WooCommerce store with REST APIs. The product data structure is as shown in json file. You can use the example as input data. After importing,...

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    We require an editor who has a team of editors who can edit 95 Images for us today. When providing a quote please keep in mind there are 95 images. We will require one sample edit before we can choose a team to award this project too. We require the following - We need all the images to be returned with a pure white background while removing all shadows . All Backgrounds need to be the same Pa...

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    Website artwork 3 zile left

    We require an accomplished Graphic Artist to complete some web artwork . Its a small project but has potential for ongoing. We require Banners, Slider images , Promotional images, Social Media , Logo adjustments, Pricing Table. Focus will be on vector style detail. Source files to be returned in Photoshop format with layers.

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    hi, i have a python script that sends instructions to Deribit API. the script is potentially nearly finished but i cant fully test it as there are many errors/crashes. the script starts a popup window with some API instructions on hotkeys. im running Windows 7 Pro. installed Pycharm CE 2020.3.2 + Python 3.8 + PyQt 5.15.2 the window has an on/off toggle for setting always-on-top (i will request...

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    For some reason I got banned so I re-proposed my project. I want to scrape data from Alibaba's product pages. I would like to create a function that can receive the html source when I pass the product URL. The only condition is that it should not be banned after consecutive accesses, and it does not need to parse the html information. example URL ttps://[conectează-te pentru a consulta link...

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    Hi Nurbek D.: I noticed you have strong asp skills. I would like you to consider my project. A summary appears below. Detail documents are available, and I can supply any additional information over chat. Regards, Bill @mman2020. I) Project Overview: The purpose of this project is to automate the interaction between two existing websites (actually subwebs housed under the same domain). It re...

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    (a) Find a commercial transaction data set for a similar problem - check the sources described in the use case. (b) Clean and improve the data - go over the steps explained in the pdf. (c) Classify the data and build the network, as in the use case. You need to be fully returned: a brief explanation of the problem that you are approaching, the Python codes you have used, and finally the commented ...

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    This just nine question task that ranges from knowledge in using the JFLAP software to create PDA's and FA's. Some questions will require a PDA to be created, in addition to the document being returned, I will also need the .jff file with the diagram. Must be able to create a CFG (context free grammar) for a given expression, along with creating a PDA using the provided grammar. Should ...

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    I'm new to using React and am looking for some help getting started with a simple frontend UI to display asynchronous data returned from backend APIs. The backend is written and the frontend is receiving the data and logging to console. Looking for a simple frontend with buttons for different tasks and to display data returned from backend. Freelancer must speak English, have video (e.g. Z...

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    HI I would like to get records from dataverse table in powerautomate to power apps . I am passing the list of columns to be returned from powerapps to flow and getting the records. I would like to return the result back to powerapps in a collection and bind to a table Note: the List of columns to be returned will vary for each request

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    We seek someone who 100% understands Joomla and is a Joomla specialist. If you help us with this job FIRST, then we definitely have other work for you (if you also know WordPress). The none-negotiable job price is $25 (twenty five dollars). Our live website is [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Our Joomla site version is: 3.8.7 (and it needs updating, we know) Our Joomla website came...

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    Currently Webserver is protected by PING federate using OIDC (OpenID Connect) protocol. After the successful authentication and using the OIDC claims returned by PING federate, we need to query the OID and retrieve attribute and set it as request header in web server. Mandatory Technology : Apache, Oracle Internet Directory or similar LDAP, HTTP, OIDC

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    We are running a product rental site at Customers can rent products online. They pay initially a deposit, the first month rent and postage. Then after 1 month they just pay the weekly rental until the product is returned. To handle the recurring payments we are using Amasty "Subscriptions & Recurring Payments" module. Everything is working well apart from with the postage...

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    I’m logging in to the Setup Wizard to connect to the Marketplace, After entering Access Keys, it prompts: "Couldn't get available versions for package magento/framework". When I use it for the first time, it prompts: "Invalid response line returned from server: HTTP/2 200" After I edited the vendor/magento/framework/HTTP/Client/[conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul...

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    zoho one configuration 3 ore left

    we have subscribed for zoho one 5 user licence we want a expert to make configuration as per our our work flow and guide us if some improvement possibl we want to get zoho 5 user license to be configured Here is the process: Issue of Sales Order Check consumption of the item mentioned in the Sales Order, directory maintained via part number and corresponding raw materials Requirement of raw mate...

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    I work in a car insurance broker and I am looking for a web scraping from insurance company. The site to be scraped has a login and password and we need to send information about the car and its owner (car licence and name, sex, SSN of the owner and his Zip code). This web scraping should be done in internet based form and should returned information about the insurance.

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    Looking for a Magento2 expert to configure a new ecommerce website marketplace. !!! Only bid if you already have experience with: Magento2 Headless PWA systems and can provide examples !!! --- a) Expected layout structure desktop & mobile: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Design can be slightly different, in terms of colours, fonds, spacings. b) Theme must be: Headless PWA Studio...

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    Create a Restful API using Lambda and Python that will allow an external user to query a AWS DynamoDB database. API user passes in multiple strings, the strings are possible "names" of "items". where a string matches the "name" field in the "items" table (contains "name", "Description", "type") the details held in "items&q...

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    The action obtains open data returned by the website via graphql. Based on it, the site performs mathematical functions in JavaScript to return values in a specific modal. JavaScript and PHP experience required.

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    Coding help S-a încheiat left

    You've been hired by Happy Hoopsters to write a C++ console application that tracks the scores of a four-quarter basketball game. Declare two integer arrays of size four to hold the scores by quarter for each team (no overtime allowed in this league). Attempt to open an output file. If it doesn't open, print an error message and end the application. If it does open, initialize the tw...

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    We need a excel sheet on which we can upload stock with barcode and once we scan it automaticaly stock should decrease and increase in excel sheet . Decrease when sale of particular barcode is done , and increase when particular order is returned.

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    SCC-Website S-a încheiat left

    I have a customer looking for a replacement e-commerce website, to be built on Wordpress using woo-commerce. The theme to be used is BeTheme, which will be supplied and licensed to the development site for the development time, the license is to be returned at the end of development. Using [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] as the initial layout to allow pricing include an additional 15H...

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    I would like to create a game where micro-transactions was sent to a savings account instead of someone's pocket. The idea is based around inaccessible cold storage (god knows we need it in these HODLing days) through time-lock contracts. How it works: You create an account and connect to Metamask. You now take care of a charming fellow, let's say a Corgi. You have to feed him by buyin...

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    If you input a business name into the google search engine, it returns data about that business. Example, if you look at this google search and scroll down a little bit [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] you see that it has a facebook social media, i want to capture that url. If the data exists, I want to capture the social media urls for these from a php page where user inputs a compa...

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    Hi, I'm looking to work with an experienced PHP Developer to add new features to our custom CRM written in PHP. 1) Add export button on candidate match to jobs 2) Don't show contacts without email addresses in candidate match to jobs 3) On candidate import - check name if duplicate if yes check email if blank and email in csv file add email check cell number if blank and number in csv ...

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    Logo for Recycling Center S-a încheiat left

    Beverage Container recycling center is looking to have a new logo created and graphic for a sign cabinet. Info about the industry can be found at [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Business name: Tsuu T'ina Bottle Depot Logo: Needs to be related to the recycling industry. Must have one of the colors in the attached AI file. Sign Board: Attached is the fabricators proof. As visi...

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    I need someone to copy-edit a scientific article before submission to an academic journal. We have already run the text of the text through an electronic grammar checking application. Although I am a native English speaker, the writing is not of uniform quality throughout the document. I will provide the article in a Microsoft Word file, and it is ready for copy editing (American English). Ideal...

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    I am looking to hire a full time developer to build a document automation word add-in. This is a full time position that will be long term. DO NOT apply if you don't have document automation experience. I'm only looking for someone with a strong background in this already. Specifically, my law firm files legal documents in courts across the United States. We want to build our own in-ho...

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    I have this code [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] which presents an error in the console, I need the code updated so that no error is presented in the console and I have the below fields returned to the text area Company Name Address Email Phone Business Categories (if multiple seperate with a pipe) Claimed GMB (Yes or No) Review Count Average Rating Website Domain

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    Hi, We need a person who lives in Germany and can receive returns from our online customers in Germany. Once a month they should send the parcels back to us. The person will earn a fee per parcel of 1 EURO and the parcel return would be, of course, paid from us, so you just require to provide the address and earn an extra money every month. Please, it is mandatory the address is in Germany. Bes...

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    Who doesn't love reading tales of mouth-watering seduction and romantic lust? But... how would you like to actually write them! And get paid for scribbling out those secret fantasies of yours! Now is your chance to earn money for doing just that! We are looking for a few quality yarn spinners to pen some delectable tales for our romance company. Our requirements for each story are fairly l...

    $108 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi, We need a person who lives in Germany and can receive returns from our online customers in Germany. Once a month they should send the parcels back to us. The person will earn a fee per parcel of 1 EURO and the parcel return would be, of course, paid from us, so you just require to provide the address and earn an extra money every month. Please, it is mandatory the address is in Germany. Bes...

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    Cost Calculator S-a încheiat left

    Need a formula that will take a numerical value from cell A6 and then multiply the number and return the value to E6 however the returned value multiplier will adjust based on the initial value in A6. So for example if the initial value in A6 is less the 9 then the returned value in E6 will be A6x1.15 (so 13.5) then if the value is A6 is 10-49 the multiplier is 1.33 then 50-249 its 1.2 then 250-1...

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    Write and test an ARMv8 program to find Fibonacci numbers. Consider the following C code that outlines Fibonacci function long long int fib (long long int n) { if (n == 0) return 0; else if (n==1) return 1; else return fib(n-1) + fib (n-2); } You need to write a main function that call...

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    I need someone that can bring my idea of a game to concept drawings, including landscapes, platforms, elements, characters and other things. In addition to paying for your design work, 10 percent of the profit from selling the game will be returned to you for one year. If you are insterested in, let me see some of your best works.

    $430 (Avg Bid)
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    I need photographs of my house in Devanahalli, Bengaluru with an objective of social media posting for sale. The requirements are: a) Photographs of interiors showing each of four bedrooms, living room, dining area, Kitchen, 1st floor terrace and 2nd floor terrace. b) Photographs of exterior clearly showing house location and features in a positive way. Please note that its an unoccupied hous...

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    GENERAL FEATURES: • Professional, Attractive, Clean and Modern Design • High Resolution Graphics • Security and Access Roles. • User Friendly Design • Scalability • Customizable • History Records • Admin Control Panel • Application Designing, • Development, • Testing and Submitting the apps to its respective app store • Daily update...

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    I want someone who gives me the summary of this pdf document the document talks about cloud computing and consists of 12 page If you are interested do not hesitate to contact me as soon as possible the summary must be returned no later than 24 hours

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