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    Compania noastra care desfasoara activitatea de Escape Room cauta colaborator pentru crearea a multiple sisteme electronice pentru jocurile din interior. Se lucrează cusenzori hall, rfid, leduri adresabile relee mp3 playere.

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    So I posted a blog in 3 languages: I'm going to make the blog to show on latest section just like I always did whenever a new blog is live. The issues is, I cannot find the blog. Usually I'll just need to type the blog post name (see attached) and find it but it suddenly stop working. The page in screenshot: Whatever way you are trying

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    Program in Ladder 5 zile left

    ...up of a central unit, three presence sensors, an RFID tag reader and a siren. The control unit is located inside the residence and has a panel with LEDs. 1 LED lights up steady to indicate system activated. When the control unit is activated and a person passes in front of the sensor in a room, the siren sounds and the violated sector(s) are indicated on the control panel. 3 sector LEDs to indicate a breached room after activation. When violated, it flashes at a frequency of 10 Hz until the alarm is activated until the siren is deactivated. It lights up steadily to indicate the sector violated until the control unit is reset or rearmed. 1 reset button on the control panel. As a result, the violated sector indicator LEDs are turned off. The RFID reader is at the entrance to...

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    ...commercial clients. Key Features: Check out the attached file for complete requirements: High Level Features • Custom Website & Booking Module • Work Order Management • Estimates and Invoices • Bin tracking with map view • Scheduling Routing & Dispatching • Real Time Billing & Invoicing • Reporting & Dashboards • Mobile App (Driver, Dispatcher, Contractor) • Inventory management (Bin #s, Bin Chip RFID) • Driver and Truck Management • Comprehensive Configuration o Custom Fees: Custom fees per city, per customer, per material, per service, per bin • AI - Forecasting of transaction, inventory • API Details: Custom Website & Booking Module: Each vendor will have the ability to configur...

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    ...Cross-platform compatibility: The app should be functional on both Android and iOS devices. - Key Information Storage: The primary goal is to ensure that users can easily input and store their car key's information. - Photo Upload & NFC/RFID Scanning: The app should allow users to upload photos of their car key and scan NFC/RFID tags to retrieve key data. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in both Android and iOS app development. - Experience in creating user-friendly and visually appealing interfaces. - Prior experience with integrating photo upload and NFC/RFID scanning functionalities. - Strong understanding of database management to ensure the information is stored securely. This project requires someone who is not only skilled in app programming but also ha...

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    RFID Fast Tag Sticker Design 3 zile left

    I require a sticker design for an RFID fast tag system. This sticker will be affixed to personal vehicles and used for vehicle identification purposes. Key Requirements: - Design a visually appealing sticker for the RFID fast tag system that is suitable for personal vehicles. - Ensure the design is durable and compatible with the RFID technology. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with sticker design, particularly in the context of vehicle identification or similar systems. - Understanding of RFID technology and its implications for sticker design. - A good eye for design that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. My budget is Rs 300 for 2 option of sticker. sticker size 4 inch by 1 inch. Its simple text a logo based hologram

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    I am looking for someone to develop an extended range RFID antenna for ISO 14443 A protocol that will interface to a Flipper Zero. Antenna and Flipper needs to operate at least upto 50cm but ideally 100cm. Antenna may need an additional driver stages and a battery pack to enhance the range. Anybody who sends me UHF RFID equipment or suggests it will be ignored. ISO 14443 A operates on 13.56 MHz (HF) looking for a Mifare Ultralite solution and EV1/EV2

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    RFID UHF Antenna support 3 zile left

    Phased-array antenna (8xx-9xx Mhz) or equivalent Active Antenna technology that is software defined, is needed for RFID based passive tags precise RTLS application for a POC we are doing. You may provide any of two options. 1. Source someone to help us find a suitable pre-built antenna system product/solution. 2. Help design a system that will work with an embedded system that is being developed. Software defined, controlled parameters like (not limited to) polarization, steerability, directionality, beam-forming, gain, etc. to have a precise RTLS solution. The scope for area covered, accuracy etc. needs to be defined jointly. the project will not be complete till the scope is achieved. The job is being posted hourly but once a reasonable scope is developed, a fixed price will be ...

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    We would like to hire a freelancer expert in development of Postgres Database and Synchronization of Data from our Headquarter to our Multiple Area Office (10 No.) and to Multiple Local PC (Around 300 Nos.) locations available in Network.

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    We have attached the details we need to sync our data from Headquarter to Area Office and than to local PCs and back again. for RFID based application.

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    I am looking for an expert in RFID technology and .NET programming to integrate the RFID into our current weighbridge system. Key Details: - 3rd Party System was developed using .NET and it does support API or external interface connections. - The task will involve programming to fully integrate the system with RFID technology. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in .NET programming & SQL Database - Previous experience with RFID technology - Knowledge of API integration - Experience with weighbridge systems would be a huge advantage. Your role will be to ensure the smooth functioning of the weighbridge system post-integration and provide us with a user-friendly, effective RFID solution.

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    I am in search of a talented software developer who can seamlessly integrate RFID door lock system, WiFi management, and an online booking system into a user-friendly hotel management system. My aim is to provide a faultless experience to our clients which include hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfast establishments. The functionality must include but is not limited to: - A user-friendly online booking system that reflects real-time room availability - An integrated RFID door lock mechanism - Effective WiFi Management per booking The candidate should ideally possess a comprehensive understanding of PHP, Python, and Java, and have previous experience in building similar systems. Your input and recommendations on how to improve functionality and user experience will be ...

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    100 Tons Weighbridge controller PCB design with RFID

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    100 Tons Weighbridge controller PCB design with RFID

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    I'm in search of a skilled professional who can assist me with the prototyping of a retail RFID product. - **Key Features**: The primary functionalities of this RFID product will include read / unlock abilities. - **Target Retail Items**: I aim for this product to be able to read and unlock Electronics, Books, and Media. - **Hardware Design Requirements**: The hardware design needs to be compact as well as easy to install. Ideal candidates should have a strong background in both hardware and software design as it pertains to RFID technology. Experience in retail-oriented product development is a plus.

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    I need an Arduino C expert with experience in sensor integration, communication with other devices, and data logging. To meet all my project needs, the selected freelancer should have skills to integrate RFID and WiFi sensors. Primary tasks include: - Integrating RFID and WiFi sensors into an Arduino C project. - Ensuring seamless communication between Arduino C and Mobile devices/PCs. - Implementing effective data logging. This is a complex project and looking for someone who can provide realistic solutions. Proven work with Arduino C, RFID/wifi sensor implementation, and device communication enhancement will give you an upper hand in your application. Looking forward to discussing further details.

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    ...skilled developer to help me set up an RFID attendance tracking system using a Raspberry Pi and a USB RFID reader. The system should be able to read RFID tags and record the attendance data. Key requirements: - Develop a script that can integrate the USB RFID reader with the Raspberry Pi for attendance tracking - Store the attendance data on an external database - The external database should be an MS Access DB storeb on windows server on lan shared folder data stored to database should be : date/time, cardID (readed card ID), cardReaderID (could be mac address of network interface), cardReaderSN (also could be the mac address of network interace), cardReaderName) Ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in Raspberry Pi and the ability to set up an R...

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    I'm seeking a professional with expertise in Raspberry Pi programming and Bluetooth connectivity to design and implement a system that interacts smoothly with RFID technology. Key requirements: - The system must save RFID information in a Raspberry Pi. - The recorded IDs need to be sent via Bluetooth once a day. - No need for long term storage, it should overwrite with new IDs daily. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Raspberry Pi programming - Experience with RFID technology - Strong knowledge of Bluetooth technology for data transfer - Understanding of data storage and overwriting concept

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    I need an RFID solution to manage less than 50 mobile phones stored in key-based lockers. The primary objective is to ensure compliance with our no-mobile-use policy during office hours. Details/Requirements: - Design and implement an RFID solution capable of detecting and tracking the presence of individual mobile phones in the locker. - The system should send timestamps of when the mobile phone is kept inside the locker and when it is taken out, to the server. - The system should generate daily reports to be sent to the administrator with regards to mobile usage for previous day. - The system should be easy to use and does not require advanced technical skill. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in RFID technology application - Understanding of mobile phone...

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    As a developer, I'm embarking on a project to build a UHF RFID reader capable of serving primarily as an interfacing tool on RS232, Wiegand, and WiFi. I'm interested in targeting individuals with specific expertise in: - Understanding and working with UHF frequencies - Designing and integrating with the Wiegand interface, our primary focus - Creating a product compatible solely with UHF RFID tags The ideal candidate would need to have a background in electronic engineering, specifically with a focus on RFID technology and the Wiegand interface. Knowledge of programming for WiFi and RS232 interfaces would be advantageous. If you have previous experience in designing or working on similar projects, it's a big plus. I want to make design which i can easi...

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    ...Sensor Integration: The primary sensor of focus is RFID. The code must be able to adeptly handle data read from RFID sensors. Specifically looking to utilize the Sparkfun Simultaneous RFID Reader. • Data Logging: The Arduino program should be able to log data accurately. The specific data types I'm interested in are Time and RFID Numbers. Two time synchronized sensors need to record whenever a new RFID tag is read recording the sensor number, time, and RFID number. Data recorded to a micro sd card. - The sensors synchronization can be as simple as simultaneously depressed buttons. Real time is not required, relative is fine. -The sensors need to be able to have the RFID function manually turned off temporarily -The

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    ...industry-standard protocols (e.g., SSL/TLS). - Role-based access control (RBAC) to restrict access to PHI based on user roles and permissions. - Implementation of strong password policies and multi-factor authentication (MFA) for user authentication. - Regular security audits and vulnerability assessments to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations. 2. Sample Tracking: - Barcode or RFID-based tracking of samples with safeguards to protect patient identity. - Access controls to limit access to sample information to authorized personnel only. - Audit trails to track sample movements and access history for compliance purposes. 3. Secure Reporting: - Generation of reports with anonymized patient identifiers to protect patient privacy. - Access controls to re...

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    ...middleware that lets Windev Mobile utilize many functions of Zebra RFID SDK. The required functions are: * Read/Write Data * Geolocation Tagging I already have the Zebra RFID SDK along with its documentation. The main objective of this project is to allow the communication between the Zebra RFID SDK and Windev Mobile. This will involve effective interpretation and integration of SDK functionalities into the Windev software. Key Skills: * Profound experience in PCSoft Windev Mobile development * Strong proficiency in Android Studio * Capability to integrate SDK into another platform * Understanding of Zebra RFID SDK and its core functionalities. Develop a small Android native application or service that includes the Zebra RFID SDK and exposes the ...

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    I seek a proficient RFID programmer with experience in handling both reader and tag programming. The primary objective of the project is to develop an effective system capable of inventory tracking for better asset management. Specifically, I aim to: - Collect and track inventory data seamlessly - Optimize my asset management system The ideal candidate should: - Be experienced in RFID reader and tag programming - Have previous experience in creating systems for inventory tracking - Have excellent knowledge of data analysis - Be familiar with asset management systems Your extensive RFID programming skills coupled with a keen understanding of inventory tracking can help streamline my operations for efficient asset management. Let's connect.

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    I'm seeking an antenna engineer with strong experience in UHF RFID applications to design a Circularly Polarized Modified Minkowski Fractal Based Antenna. Key details: - The antenna should be capable of long-range (5+ meters) readability. - The antenna is needed for both indoor and outdoor UHF RFID reader applications. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in antenna design - Strong knowledge of UHF RFID systems - Proven experience with indoor and outdoor application of antenna technology In your proposal, be sure to discuss: - Your experience with similar projects - Your approach to the challenge this project presents.

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    ...venta, a cada usuario una vez se haya seleccionado el usuario en el Punto de Venta y se hay autenticado con una tarjeta con código de barras/tarjeta con código QR y tarjeta RFID. Los dependientes no deben poder añadir productos en tickets de venta creados por otro dependiente y que estén pendientes de finalizar y de validar y que hayan sido creados por otros usuarios. 6. "Cierre de Caja" (Cierre de Sesión) solo debe dejar realizarlo a los usuarios "Encargados" a los cuales les debe solicitar autenticarse en el Punto de Venta que se realice mediante la autenticación con una tarjeta con código de barras/código QR y/o RFID. Si no pudiera autenticarse con la tarjeta debe permitirle introducir una con...

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    ...our upcoming school announcement. The ideal freelancer for this project will: - Be fluent in English and Urdu. Bilingual candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. - Have an energetic and friendly tonality. - Be capable of producing a voice over with a duration of 1-3 minutes. "Indo embassy high school, near Masjid e Maaz, Millat Nagar, Noori Nagar, Hyderabad. India's 1st Online school with RFID automated Attendance system, Indo embassy high school, near Masjid e Maaz, Millat Nagar, Noori Nagar, Hyderabad, Well trained and dedicated Teaching Staff, Computer Lab Equipped with World Class Advance Technology, We provide well-equipped computer, physical, biological, language, and math labs for both primary and high school students. Indo embassy high school Where Knowled...

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    I am seeking an expert mobile app developer to create web app capable of monitoring a fast input stream of numbers from a remote keyboard (which is actually a BLE RFID reader device pretending to be a keyboard). Once it receives a stream, it should ensure that it has received exactly 17 digits (if not report a false read), then lookup that string in a text file and display 2 characters which will be the result of the lookup. The text file is attached below. It will need to repeat the operation whenever a new stream is received and it will need to allow for a new file to be selected from the UI. Finally it will need a button that allows previous readings to be cleared from the screen. I will need a hosting solution and the source code delivered as part of the project and it needs...

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    I'm looking for an individual experienced in managing and scanning booth attendees for our upcoming event in Sydney. Your primary job will be using an RFID scanning device to collect badges information efficiently and effectively. Just say Hi who comes to grab the coffee and scan their badge. That is it. Nothing else. The event is on April 10th and 11th in Sydney at ICC. Key Responsibilities: - Scanning all booth attendees using an RFID scanner - Collecting comprehensive contact information from each attendee Necessary Skills: If you're a tech-savvy individual with event coordination experience and excellent interpersonal skills, this job is for you! Knowledge in systematically collecting and recording attendee data is highly desired.

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    I'm seeking a developer experienced in RFID readers, in particular, active RFID technology. This initiative is focused on creating a system to track goods. Given the nature of what we’ll be tracking, it's essential that you have knowledge not just in RFID systems, but also in creating user-friendly databases to enable simple and efficient tracking. Skills and Experience Required: - Proven success in similar solutions - Expertise in active RFID technology - Experience in creating user-friendly databases for asset tracking - Clear understanding of goods tracking solutions With your help, I want to innovate in our asset tracking, making it more efficient and ultimately, adding value to our business operations. If you're a skilled RFID...

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    (Azure) (Cloud Storage) (API) (SQL) (NoSQL) (RESTful) We produce radio frequency identification (“RFID”) readers and use several proprietary applications during production, fulfillment, software licensing and support of our hardware products. These applications are written in C++ and Java and run on Windows. Our contract manufacturers and fulfillment centers use these proprietary applications which produce a variety of files and data stored locally during production of each device. Information regarding post-production sales of software add-on features is also stored in the database. Each operations location generates local SQLite databases and other data files which are individually copied to our home office and merged to contain data from all locations. We want ...

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    I'm seeking a fresh and innovative proposal for security operation management that go beyond the traditional methods like facial recognition, RFID, and drone patrolling. Goals: - Improve efficiency and effectiveness - Enhance overall security measures - Reduce operational costs Challenges: - I possess technologically advanced systems but need to increase the workforce to effectively cover the expanding operations - Scattered areas of operation require a more efficient management strategy Coverage Areas: - Office buildings - Refineries - Gas plants - Bulk plants - Tank farms The ideal freelancer for this project should have extensive experience in security management, a visionary approach towards problem-solving, and the ability to devise cost-effective solutions. Familia...

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    I am in need of an experienced, part-time engineer to help with updating and enhancing the hardware and firmware of our existing PIC24 boards. The scope of work includes: Hardware updates: - Addition of new interfaces - Implementation of new readers like RFID, Weight and other sensors on UART, SPI, I2C Firmware Changes: - Integration of the new reader interfaces - Implementation of bug fixes - Updating existing firmware to accommodate the new changes - Fulfillment of new requirements, which will vary based on specific projects The ideal candidate should have relevant experience in board-level design and firmware engineering, with proficiency in UART, SPI, I2C protocols and development using the PIC24 platform. The project may also involve creating support for additional sen...

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    I'm in need of a proficient and experienced professional who can develop an asset tracking system specializing in vehicle monitoring. Not just simple GPS tracking but a comprehensive solution that utilizes Active RFID technology to provide proximity warnings and alerts. This system is intended to function predominantly in an outdoor environment. Specific requirements include: - Expertise in RFID Technology: You should be fully familiar with Active RFID technology and how to harness it for vehicle tracking. - Alert System Development: The system should be capable of creating proximity warnings and alerts. - Experience with Outdoor Systems: Since the environment is completely outdoors, prior experience working with outdoor tracking systems will be considered ...

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    I'm seeking a dot net developer well-versed in the implementation of SDK functionality. The project centers around encoding product IDs using the TSC T800 RFID printer. Expertise in data encryption is crucial for success. Also, deep familiarity with TSC T800 and mastery of .NET programming are coveted. The work includes: - Configuring the TSC T800 for product ID encoding - Accurate and efficient utilisation of the SDK functionality - Assuring the reliable transfer of data to the TSC T800 and successful encoding To excel in this, understanding RFID technology, .NET proficiency, and experience working with SDKs is integral. Applicants with past work on similar projects will be preferred. This project requires precision, meticulousness, and adherence to guidelines, as err...

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    ...Electrical Engineer to design a compact 125KHz RFID reader using a CH32V003 microcontroller, together with relevant analog components that can achieve a read range of up to 10cm. Key aspects of the project to note are: - Size: The reader should be small in size, portable and convenient. - MCU: The design should harness the power of the CH32V003 MCU. - Firmware: Basic firmware functionality will include reader initialization. When read send data via uard - End Device: The completed RFID reader will be configured to link up with an embedded system. Candidates with a proven track record in small electronical device designs and experience in firmware development with an emphasis on initialization will be ideal for this role. Knowledge of RFID reader designs, CH32V00...

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    I require an experienced developer to build an build an iPhone app that serves as a part of an established loyalty system. The app's primary function will be to add points to a user's record, interacting directly with the Smartsuites API. Key Features: - The ability to update a sub-item in a solution. - Integration with an RFID reader to capture the Fob Unique ID. - Capability to find a matching record for the given RFID. It would be beneficial if you had previous experience in building iPhone apps that work with APIs, specifically Smartsuites, and RFID technology. Understanding of the loyalty systems would also be highly valuable. Please ensure your bid includes an estimation of how long you believe the project will take, as well as any releva...

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    I am trying to work out how to setup a token dispenser for my few arcade games. What i want is to have a machine which a person can go to and put in an amount like $10, then tap the card and it processes, it then asks if they want tokens or on the game card. If game card they tap their rfid card and it credits to that or pops out coins. Will also need to work in conjunction with the 5 arrcade games i have which will be running RPI RetroPI and have a token slot and rfid reader.

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    Necesitamos un programa para arduino mega o nano, con lector rfid-rc522 para tarjetas o tags mifare que modularmente nos permita: 1. Almacenar en algun sector de la tarjeta los siguientes datos: Fecha, vl1:0,1,2,3, vl2:0,1, vl3: 0 a 1000000 (saldo), protegida con un keya,keyb diferente al deffaul. 2. La idea es leer los datos y visualizarlos en variables para mostrarlos en monitor serie. 3. Cambiar datos: actualizarlos, puede ser en tarjeta nueva o cambiar los existentes.

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    ...someone experienced in Arduino and RFID technologies to develop an Arduino UNO-powered breathalyzer project. Since I haven't yet decided if the breathalyzer will be for personal or commercial use, this could shape the route taken during development, and so flexibility will be key. Key Features: - The breathalyzer should be capable of detecting normal, alert, and high alcohol levels. - It should integrate an RFID system for replicating car ignition - this needs to be programmed to work with any type of key fob. - The alcohol levels should be displayed on a basic character LCD display. - An optional feature would be a speaker that imitates car ignition sounds, depending on the availability of this module. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Arduino and RFI...

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    Project Title: Development of Embedded System for Automated Vending Machine Project Overview: I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop a small embedded system for an automated vending machine. The system should be capable of handling money received from coin, QR code, or RFID, activating a motor accordingly, and displaying live stock on a display or webpage. Functional Requirements: Money Handling: The system should accept money through coin, QR code, or RFID. Motor Control: It should activate a motor based on the money received. Display: The system should display live stock either on a display or a webpage. User Settings: 1. Buttons should be included for setting the price of the product (including the option for a free price), 2. selecting the number of mo...

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    Title: Tracking Technology for Cows [Opening Scene] The video starts with an aerial view of a sprawling cattle farm, with lush green pastures and numerous cows grazing peacefully. Informing that we track cow by Two technology 1. RFID and 2. Face Recognition Technology through Video Camera [Scene 1: RFID Tagging Technology] RFID tags are shown being attached to the ears of cows. These tags contain unique identification numbers. As the cows move around the farm, RFID readers capture real-time data from the tags. The data is transmitted to the receiver, then to the cloud, and finally to the data management system. [Scene 2: Face Recognition Technology] Animated cameras are shown strategically placed around the cattle farm, equipped with face recognition techn...

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    ...This project involves analysing solution requirements and designing and implementing the following components. The deliverables include:  Web based management system  Sample Management  Ability to  register new samples with unique identifiers.  Monitoring the entire lifecycle of a sample from registration to disposal.  Tracking the storage location of samples within the lab.  Use barcode or RFID technology for sample tracking.  Generate sample IDs and labels automatically.  Tailored workflows for each lab type. Test Management  Define and configure tests specific to labs.  The system will be able to schedule tests based on priority and availability of resources.  Option to enter results manually or automatically. Instrument Management  The users can schedule ...

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    I'm seeking a proficient .NET developer to aid in the development of a specific desktop application. The critical requirement for this project revolves around the encoding of RFID numbers into RFID labels, leveraging the TSC T800 Printronix printer SDK. The application must: - Incorporate user registration and login features. - Efficiently and accurately encode RFID numbers into labels using the TSC T800 Printronix printer SDK. - Seamlessly integrate the aforementioned SDK into our existing software. Ideal Skills: - Solid experience in .NET, specifically in Desktop application development. - Proficiency in SDK integration, particularly with printer SDKs. - Familiarity with user registration and login functionalities. - Knowledge and prior utilization of TSC T80...

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    I urgently need a proficient React Native developer, specialized in Bluetooth integrations, to work on my project. - Primary Goal: The focus of this project is to develo...proficient React Native developer, specialized in Bluetooth integrations, to work on my project. - Primary Goal: The focus of this project is to develop an app that can seamlessly interact with various Bluetooth devices. - Bluetooth device types: RFID. - Time limit: This is an urgent request with completion needed ASAP. Ideal Skills: - Experience in working with React Native for iOS. - Expertise in Bluetooth connectivity. - Ability to troubleshoot and solve problems quickly. - Flexibility in reading data from Bluetooth device, especially RFID. Previous experience with similar projects will be hig...

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    I'm looking for an expert who can seamlessly integrate UHF RFID reader with excel. Here are my project specifics: -Necessary Skills: Proficiency in RFID technology, particularly UHF readers, and Excel integration. - Experience: Prior experience in similar projects is a must. Project Tasks: - Integration: The primary task will be integrating a UHF RFID reader with Excel. Chafon Integrated Reader. - Data Capturing: The system should be designed to capture the unique identifier and timestamp from each RFID tag scanned. - Spreadsheet Update: When a new RFID tag is scanned, the system should create a new row in an Excel sheet. This row should contain the unique identifier from the RFID tag and the timestamp from the PC. I hope to find a pro...

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    ...automated reporting, RFID scanning, barcode scanning, order management, warehouse optimization, automated data collection, including the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing ERP systems. Inventory Management: Real-time inventory tracking SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) management Batch and lot tracking Serialized inventory tracking Reorder point and automatic replenishment alerts Order Management: Order processing and fulfillment Order picking and packing Order status tracking Multi-channel order integration (e.g., eCommerce platforms) Warehouse Operations: Receiving and put-away processes Location management (bin/rack management) Stock transfer between locations Cycle counting and physical inventory management RFID Integration: RFID tag encoding and prin...

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    I'm in need of an experienced professional with vast knowledge of both Arduino and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). Key Duties: - Creating an advanced code for my Arduino Uno to function effectively. - Ensuring accurate collection of data from the RFID sensors. - Navigating communication with other devices smoothly. - Programing the RFID antenna for reading multiple tags with each performing specific functions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with Arduino Uno. - Solid understanding of how RFID systems work. - Proven ability to develop complex Arduino codes. - Background in sensor data collection and device communication. Please, apply if you possess these skills and are ready for an exciting challenge!

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    I am looking for an experienced artist to design a large, colorful, and minimalistic piece of artwork that will be printed and placed on an RFID reader in my vehicle garage. Key requirements: - Experience in creating minimalistic designs - Proficiency in color mixing to create a vibrant result - Ability to design artwork of larger dimensions (greater than 10 inches) The final piece should be striking yet simple and should be able to transform my ordinary garage RFID reader into something aesthetically pleasing. Your creativity in bringing this project to life will be much appreciated.

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