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    Website bazat pe API S-a încheiat left

    Salutare. Am nevoie in primul rand de cineva care se pricepe la fotbal si pariuri. Macar un minim de cunostinte. Doresc preluarea datelor din api-ul de aici: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] si facute cu ele un site. Totodata, cu datele preluate din api, facute anumite automatisme, cum ar fi: Method 2nd Half: bet on a team after X matches in a row without more goals in the 2nd half...

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    Scrie articole S-a încheiat left

    Am nevoie de 5 articole pe teme de beauty, self care (tematicile vor fi date ulterior). Word count: 500-700 cuvinte

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    Must be aesthetically pleasing on my site [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] mobile friendly and the numbers and intervals must be persistent (the count down numbers do not reset when the page is refreshed) and must count down at random intervals. The counter should say "Spins Left Today? and stick to the bottom of the users web browser at al times. Without being too intrusive. Ae...

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    Hello fellow developer! We're working on a personal project and need someone to help me hooking up the frontend for CRUD with the django backend. I'm using the django template engine (no JS frameworks or JQuery) and Materialize. We have a table that shows products, and a edit product modal. We need someone to: * Make the frontend modal's values be updated when we click on the edit b...

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    1 - Design a counter in oval shape of 5m by 2m having the bottom part of standard height and top area where the bottles will hang ready to serve and glasses. The bottom inside area must be suitable to accommodate the necessary counter utilities and tools ( fridge, cash registers, sound and image equipment and controls, storage) 2 - Design a 3 cook sushi counter with matching service trays ...

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    Need to transfer airtime as data in xlx 1 column by 100 in count minimum via Andriod GSM SIM USSD *777*Number*Amount*Pin#

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    English to Classic Arabic Translation Task Description: Translate English column into Classic Arabic each of the documents below, row by row in each table in 10 documents. (15,700 words total) Classic Arabic without “accent” or regional expression. Classic Arabic should be as neutral as possible. Translation deliverable is due to be completed by Tuesday June 15. Sign and complete ...

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    A school computer should grade students' report forms in the grade A , B ,C or D . An application must not select a selected grade four times,in a row-An application must not select a grade four times randomly; like randomly, like four times in a row-Build an application to selectively select any grade.

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    SVG Player 5 zile left

    create an svg player as in the example. The svg model is supplied by us. The table and the link to the SVG model must be developed. When hovering a table column, the desired flat must be highlighted, when clicking on a row, a popup must open and display the floor plan and information. Example: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]

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    YOUR BIDDING PRICE IS FINAL. NO LATER CHANGE IS ALLOWED. I need someone who can build a web app that can create a beautiful, stunning, attractive flipbook from a given URL or uploaded PDF/MS Word/Google Docs/image. It should give a real feeling of turning a book page with a page-turning sound. It should be able to create unlimited numbers of pages, should allow adding video (mp4), audio (mp3/wav),...

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    We use the “WP To Do” Plugin to manage tasks for our website. We require a custom Admin Dashboard widget to be built for our site which displays information from this plugin. WHAT WE REQUIRE We require you to build a separate plugin which displays the following information from “WP TO DO” on the admin dashboard (in a table form). WIDGET Heading of Widget: “TASKS&rd...

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    For every email received in Gmail a new row to be added in Google sheets with all the details

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    Needed a fluent translator with skills in French to English. This will be to translate popular French comics & graphic novels. This will be a regular job on very limited budgets and will NOT be paid on a per word count. Software translators & Professional translation companies - please do not apply ! We cannot afford you for sure !

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    Write a script to consolidate steps in Photoshop. The workflow will be: i. user runs the script from photoshop->file->scripts ii. a dialog box pops up asking user to select a. input folder (folder containing all the psd files) b. output folder (where to save the new psd file) c. output name on submit, the script will read the number of PSD files in 'input folder' open them 1 by ...

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    Hi Amethyst C., my writer just submitted the second update and I'd love to have you edit it for me. The total word count comes to 17,102. If you would be up for it, could you please edit it checking for developmental issues and light editing like you did the last time? We can stick with the same rate of $70 (fixed). Deadline would be end of day, Tues. 6/15/2021. Let me know.

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    SCOPE ************** 1. create a Microsoft form to add a new row in an existing simple excel spreadsheet (firstname, lastname) 2. with the same form update an existing row to edit the firstname or lastname HOW *************** Via anydesk, you'll access my Teams account

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    !!!! I will not count autbids !!! Need several word press blog websites on different niches. I need some one experienced, I need several plugins installed,tracking plugin and an autoresponder connected. We need to find the best solution, maybe to build from 0 with a manipulable template like flatsome or buying templates....

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    Java Hackathon 5 zile left

    Market :Today is Sunday and Disha is out for the shopping. She has reached to the famous market of the city. She has a list of items which she wants to buy but she has a very low amount of cash today and no shop accepts any online payment method in the market. Disha has only D rupees with her and wants to buy N items (she wants to buy as many units of item as possible). She wants to shop in a way ...

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    Kitabi Gyan is a English blogging website. In which we provide Book reviews, Book excerpts, Book learnings and other things related to books. In our blog we also provide, articles on various topics like environment, spirituality, self-improvement etc. So you can write an article on any of these topics but we prefer articles related to books. In this project you have to write 22 articles within 3 w...

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    Hi, I am looking for anAI expert with experience in the following. 1. Vehicle count 2. Vehicle Classification 3. Vehicle Speed 4. Vehicle Number plate recong 5. Congestion prediction Only experienced with already who done these models and object detection, bid to this please. Thanks.

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    You must be EXPERIENCED droid, laravel, firebase with 5 years or more I am a busy guy, with apps. I need some fixes right now. need fixes [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] here is app [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] you can create your own account-- and use a usa phone # You wil...

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    MATLAB PROJECT 5 zile left

    1. The playTennis example is converted into a 14 by 5 matrix of integers (uploaded to eClass as a *.txt file): 2 2 1 0 0 2 2 1 1 0 0 2 1 0 1 ... ... ... ... 0 2 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 Each row corresponds to an example day. Integers are used to represent values of attributes. For example the first row 2 2 1 0 0 represents Day 1 example of Sunny Hot High Weak No Specifically • 0, 1, and 2 represent O...

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    Je suis un particulier qui aimerait juste avoir une dizaines couvertures de livre de qualités (Amazon Kindle/Wattpad) et une trentaines d'image des personnages originaux et surtout réaliste. Représentant chacun des personnages de mes textes dans la couverture, pour éviter de poster les images d'autrui. La pluparts des femmes que je choisis en gén&eacu...

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    There is the python code which process video files, detect and count people. For code running is needed: OpenCV, CUDA and cuDNN (This is already installed and compiled). It was running without problem with python 3.8.6. After python upgraded to 3.9.5 version I have got the following error: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'sklearn.utils.linear_assignment_' The curren installed vers...

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    Product Title Creation ------------------------------------ We have an Excel File with PRODUCT TITLES and need the following work to be done by an SEO expert. Skills Required: ------------------------ Keyword SEO Optimization (Please be aware this is not about keyword research but using correct keywords from Already Existing TITLE & Product Description). • PRODUCT TITLE already exist ...

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    I need a macro to check for a value in a column, and duplicate that row several times depending on the value

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    trim a url 4 zile left

    I want to trim this URL [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] I want a formula that will only show -cd6278-002. basically, I want it to look a the dashes and count back to the second last dash because the number of letter and format of the text is all different. [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] result dc7695-001 [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] cu3958-004

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    We are a game company, engaging in an interactive story game named Scripts: untold Secrets. If you want to know more about it, you can download the app in the Apple Store or Google Play. So far, we have produced a lot of excellent interactive stories in-game which is a great platform for writers and readers who enjoy interactive stories. We are looking for writers working with a team of editors an...

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    SCOPE ************** Create a form to add a new row or edit an existing row pulled from the list of rows from an excel spreadsheet stored on Teams. You can use MS Forms, Power Automate,... I don't mind how you do it, as long as you can do it. HOW *************** Via anydesk, you'll access my Teams account

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    SCOPE ************** 1. create a Microsoft form to add a new row in an existing simple excel spreadsheet (firstname, lastname) 2. with the same form update an existing row to edit the firstname or lastname HOW *************** Via anydesk, you'll access my Teams account

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    Hello, I'm Johnny. Hope you have a good day! We are looking for creative writers who know the space of the game called Minecraft. We need a series fictional story (word count around 30,000 for each episode) that revolves around the popular computer game Minecraft. This will be a story that takes place within the virtual world of Minecraft. WRITER MUST BE EXPERIENCED IN MINECRAFT AND CREAT...

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    forex trading 4 zile left

    i need to make a notification if 4 candles in a row go up or down and that also have either a 30 minute or 1 hour trend in the same direction. For eur/aud, eur/usd usd/chf, eur/jpy usd/cad, aud/usd and eur/gbp. And a 30 second notification? I will also like to have the code. I would like C++ code please.

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    Mobile WMS -- 2 4 zile left

    If you have not previously built (or already have) a warehouse management system - please do not waste both of our time responding to this !!!. Looking to build a mobile Warehouse Management System which runs on Android or Windows Embedded Handheld devices and integrates directly to a SQL based ERP (MS Dynamics). It must allow warehouse employees to process orders in online and offline mode. Fea...

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    Trophy icon JavaScript gpu secp256k1 18 zile left

    I need a script that when given a starting point on the curve can add point 1 to it check if the x value of the result is within range, if so send it to the main window along with the offset count from the starting point. This should run multi-thread using the GPU with OpenCL, OpenCL, WebGl or WebCl assuming each thread is using a different starting point Use ofany of these libraries will be acce...

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    React Vis Bar Chart Help 4 zile left

    Need to plot a graph with X Axis of dates, and Y Axis of count of messages. I need to toggle the timeline between days, week and months

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    Please generate hand-drawn or wireframe pictures for 2 pages of a **Desktop web browser application** according to the below spec. The two pages are: 1. Search Page and 2. Create New Job Page. - The resulting layout should be suitable to pass on to a Web UI designer to design and produce markup. - It should be suitable for use in a Desktop web browser application on a 15" standard reso...

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    I'm looking to hire someone to come up with ideas for and make outlines for some short stories I want to write. The final word count of the stories will be between 4,000 and 8,000 words long with scenes of around 1,000-1,500 words, but your outline can be any length. I will pay a flat rate of $15 per outline, and am looking for 4 total outlines provided over 1 month, so one outline a week. I ...

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    in a react native app, > When I click on a button it should lock the mobile phone. > Before locking there should be numbers displayed as count down from 10 , 9, 8.....1 and lock. We can discuss even if you are capable of doing any one in the above.

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    Need python code which would recognise money(euros) or monopoly money and count them by showing picture or on live cam. Need that very fast

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    I need to encapsulate the data into a class with mention the offset and the memory in bytes. I have a list of sensors(17) and tools(2). I need to check for all sensors whether it is for tool1 or tool 2. After that I need to count the Sample count per sensor.

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    I just wanted that you make one single csv file of all these databases that I have given and store the numbers only in the first column and the first row. Example:- The number should be like "919873416563". there has to be a 91 in FRONT of the number . Note - this is for sms marketing. so need it exactly in this format as mentioned.

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    Need to complete upto today 7pm IST Background : Dataset contains details of orders based on historical data. Objective is to predict estimated ship date and estimated delivery date based on the set of features once the order is placed. All date columns have time component which may be used to improve the accuracy. Day of the week can all be considered if required. Data points : RowNumber : Row ...

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    Enter scanned written 4 pages in Word document. Put items in the table each point in one row.

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    Need an infographic design for an automotive analytics article. I am looking for these 4 items (read brief attached) to be side by side, in one row designed in Illustrator as CMYK so it will be high res for the magazine. This will be one row of analytics in a spread of multiple graphics. I'd like to use our colors as highlight: Red C=21% M=99% Y=94% K=13% Black Please make the storyline o...

    $150 (Avg Bid)
    Urgent Garantat
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    we require an one device login system in android app with the help of admin panel in php server it must have following feature:- admin panel with features key system with validity(we can set validity) reset the device count reseller panel with reseting key option

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    RSS Texting 2.0 Website Update 3 zile left

    I have an existing website (SaaS) written in Angular 2 that is connected to a MySQL DB and Twilio. Users sign up for us through Stripe and we give them a desktop texting platform. We have reworked the backend to move the MySQL data to Azure MSSQL backend. We need someone to update the site to Angular 12 and also able to work on the project to add functionality like allowing a user to pick a phone ...

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    Consolidate data from Sheets "Test2" & "Test3" and populate to Test1 (compile row from Test2 & Test3 with logic). The trigger: Test2, Column "A", Active cell (user highlight one or many cell/s) Procedure: Start from "Test2": if cell/s "A2" and "A4" are active (highlighted) after click TRANSFER button - the 2 related rows are...

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    I have a devotional youtube channel. I need a person to do marketing and will help me to increasing my subscribers count and watch hours.

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    Project Info: We have a backlog of 176 handwritten reports dating back to December 2020 which need to be transcribed now that we are moving to an electronic system. Differing handwriting due to several mechanics employed, and the layout of columns has changed a few times. Project Aims: Clear and Succinct Excel sheet produced. Hierarchy of importance: Bike Number, parts replaced, date of service, ...

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