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    Hi, Convert a simple Android App into IOS (iPhone app). My objective is to list the IOS app in apple iTune with similar functionality as the Android App (built using Kotlin). I will provide you with the android app source code that you can open in android studio and you can convert it to IOS version. I’m the developer for the android app thus if

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    The project is very simple , I have a ms access program as a front to mysql that connects to a remote mysql server thru odbc connect 8.0 via linked tables Currently it works flawlessly on a desktop. All i need is an interface and code to bypass the odbc login screen thru VBA and connect to the remote mysql. Basically i want to manage all functionality

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    ... It is my understanding that it is not a WordPress site. I am assuming PHP framework will be used to develop what I want. I am not telling you need to code. I know there is a back end – database design – and there is a front end – the basic look and feel. I need both done by one contracting party. What do I want? 1. I want a site that looks and feels

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    ### SIMPLE DESCRIPTION ### I would like someone to write a semi automated script/code or software that will search [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] using a custom search criteria. It will then collect all the addresses of all the properties that appear in the search and save them. Then I need a second script/code or software to search all the saved addresse...

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    ...log in with a valid username (email address) and password. This login info is stored in mySQL database, and is referenced in .htaccess file using standard Apache mySQL authentication - and it works great - on the old CentOS 6 server. However, moving to the new CentOS 7 server, that code does not work - mySQL (MariaDB) authentication apparently is all

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    Scriptcase 9.1 S-a încheiat left

    ...would like to upgrade my Scriptcase 9 application, but not sure if I really need to do so. All previous attempts to create a simple web page where users can login and accomplish simple accounting tasks with a scalable database backend like SharePoint Online has failed. With Scriptcase some PHP is required to connect the backend and is slightly difficult

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    there will need to be a username/password entry to get access to the application. There will be one main admin (me) and I can add other users that will use this data entry app. once logged in it is a very basic data entry app that lets you input information about businesses (think as if I was trying to enter in information you'd find on a basic yellow

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    We require a rebuild of an IP address database from an existing working system. It is currently part of an old larger portal software that we no longer intend to use, we would like to focus only on the IP address management part and develop it into it's own PHP/MySQL site. **Anyone working on this project should have some basic understanding of IPv4

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    Modify Woocommerce Plugin S-a încheiat left

    I want to make hotel coupon discount website using wordpress + woocommerce and using Group Buy plugin. URL : [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] So, to know the project, you must see first the url that I give to know what the current function can do and the documentation. Now, there's a couple of things that I want

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    Project MySQL S-a încheiat left

    ...would like this software to be developed using SQL. Project Specification You are required to design and implement a web based application which records and updates information stored in a MySQL Database. At a minium the application should (i) take information from the screen and insert it into a DB using the “Insert Into” command, (ii) Select Info

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    Currently have a relatively simple web application that is written in Active Server Pages (with Frontpage) which uses Microsoft Access as the database engine. The project is to convert this application from Access to SQL. The application is for a non profit, charitable organization that collects and distributes Christmas Gifts to needy foster children

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    A simple applications consisting of: * Splash screen * Login screen * Main menu * Settings sub-menu * Six very similar sub-menus that impact main menu selection and content (open to design recommendations). * A last seventh sub-menu rendering instructions in formatted text (HTML or other based on your recommendations). The application

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    ...copy and paste from code we've already made and hiding things. Very simple stuff. <Project - [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Lander Updates & Codeignitor Script Add and Changes> <FTP Info user: montizeleaddev@[conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] pass:[)DpRz5hvhU5 (same server address)> <Access the database with the same ...

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    Hello, I need a proof of concept sample code that involves a chrome extension, PHP Rest API, MySQL database and PHP OAuth2 server. Chrome Extension: - Login screen to activate it. Will use OAuth2 to communicate with PHP OAuth2 server for authentication. You can use any third party open source library like [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]

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    ...valid internal users. There will not be a database of users that the app is looking at. Instead, I want anyone with a valid account on GSuite in our domain to be able to access these methods. Basically, if validated GMail account ends in @[conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL], you can call that method. I need to keep this as simple as possible, no serious archi...

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    Build a Website S-a încheiat left

    Directions: Create a LAMP stack web server that hosts a simple website. We’d prefer that the server is done with a free Amazon EC2 instance, but any other web host or personal server that meets the specifications will be fine as well. The website needs to be able to display to the visitor the following: 1) The number of unique visitors that visited

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    22 oferte sees all single events but in 3 different orders) -Login Function: Before users can see content of the website (see screenshot below), they have to login using a predefined code. We will hand out those codes at the beginning of the event. Each user has to login once with a specific code and stays logged in for the time of the event. Only once

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    ...require today is a simple fix for an experienced coder. 1. I have set up and I am using Amazon Web Services and I need: a. user to have the proper access policy to query my database b. test and ensure that login works properly 2. I have a messaging function using Slack built from an online tutorial and I need a couple lines of code fixed fo...

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    Build a Website S-a încheiat left

    I need a relatively simple website build using an already existing theme but with validated User registration confirmed by automated email supplying an initial password. with hyperlink to login. Encrypted user login leading to a form with drop down boxes together with certain rules (see the PPT files for what it could look like). User registration

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    ...and help us define a basic and simple framework or set of templates that we can reuse for future projects using the latest PHP 7+ version. This assignment might sound trivial for somebody with vast experience however we are looking for the best quality out there and not quantity, less is best, keeping things simple is better than over-engineered

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    ...Locations to Subdomains on Another Development Server, Install Themes and Modify As Instructed in Detail Below. This is a very simple project for anyone that works with Wordpress on a regular basis. Both sites will be using the same theme. If you do a good job, I'll hire you again to transfer the sites back to the original domains when I'm finished

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    ...develop the basics of a web application using React (on the client-side) and Web2py (a simple python MVC framework for server-side dev) and with a PostgreSQL database. This is pretty standard development, nothing too out of the ordinary. Using models to query data from the database, using controllers, and using views to deliver HTML and JSON fo...

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    Required: A simple prototype for manipulating file storage on a Web Cloud in Netbeans. The software to be developed is for uploading/downloading files to a simple Web site which features database server for storing and information about the resources available on the cloud, middle-ware for transporting the files between different physical locations

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    Property Management S-a încheiat left

    This project is to create a website that using JAVA/MySql and JavaScript. The website will contain 2 HTML pages which will have a sign in & application button. Create code that will display 3 simple Java pages. See how pages are to look below: Convert the access database over to MySql. Use JavaScript to create the 2 HTML pages. 1) The main

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    Apply select NIST low-impact security controls to the JavaFX Login application [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] The following security controls should be applied to the [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] application (check the NIST Security Controls Database for details, description and guidance for each control): • AC-7 - UNSUCCESSFUL LOGON ATTEMPTS ...

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    ...the application will be supplied by the employer. You are NOT required to create any designs. You are required to complete the following development: •Firebase backend database and connections to front end application. •Batch connection for push notifications. •Front end application on iOS. Compatible with iOS 7 upwards, iPhone 5 upwards, and optimised

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    IONIC small simple app S-a încheiat left

    I need a simple app doing in IONIC framework using angularJS. I will provide payment once happy with .APK then you agree to release the source code. The requirements are : 1) A secure login script that links to a MYSQL database. User should stay logged in when the close the app etc as expected with any commercial app. A register script is not

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    5 oferte system is already available but needs to connect back to the hosting service I was using and build up again the back end based on the existing code. This means map the existing code to a PHP database that you need to rebuild it mapping it to the same code (fields). Project Name: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Project Objective: Compl...

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    Hy guys, I need some code to increase my website. The development of 4 pieces of a wordpress website. Here you can find the main details, other little informations no relevant now. I need the single price for the following points please 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 i will give you all the psd file (ready in the next two days). We will work by milestones

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    ...spring security using a database. For the login, I need do add an extra field to the login page named "agency". The user needs to type in the agency and then enter in the username / password for the login. I implemented a custom login service that implements UserDetailsService from spring. In the method "loadUserByUsername" I nee...

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    1 oferte system is already available but needs to connect back to the hosting service I was using and build up again the back end based on the existing code. This means map the existing code to a PHP database that you need to rebuild it mapping it to the same code (fields). Project Name: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Project Objective: Compl...

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    ...MySQL database, by following these rules: 1) The application must be created in .Net MVC 5, previous MVC versions are not allowed. 2) The application must be deployed to an IIS in a Windows Server. 3) The MySQL database must be hosted in a Linux OS. 4) The application must use Entity Framework (database first) to connect to MySQL database. 5) The

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    Build a Website S-a încheiat left

    ...[conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] 01827 881531 Charity Registration Numbers- England and Wales 1139551 - Scotland Sco 42418 ( Initial Website Project Brief Project Aim To establish a simple-to-use memorial website that provides users with the facility to make an online 'tribute' to a departed member, or former member, of the British Armed Forces. Websi...

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    Due to too many characters, full description is in the attached PDF [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] file. Disclaimer – I’m not new to I state this for one simple reason: please do not bid on this project BEFORE you read what all is required. I cannot account for how many times that a freelancer either 1. Doesn’t have the ability to comple...

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    Build a Website S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for a very skilled programmer, who can set me up a database driven domain auction website from scratch, using SQL and PHP for a domain name auction website. I have a domain name already, the domain name is [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] I also have a windows based dedicated server you can work on via remote desktop, where the site can be setup

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    Build a Website S-a încheiat left

    I need a simple laravel web app with following features: 1. A home page with the header always visible on top (using this type of header layout for every page) and the body with Parallax scrolling effect. In the header, put a demo logo on the left side and two hyperlinks on the right side: Login and Create an Account. In the body, add some demo slides

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    Build WineFinder website S-a încheiat left

    ...recommendation database (scraper is already built) 2. Bring in data from a wine auction site (scraper is already built) 3. Match the wines found from Winecompanion with the auctions found from Langtons 4. Build a website to display the data Parts 1 and 2 are already complete, you'll just need to access that data from a database that we'll set

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    Work attendance website is to be created using PHP, HTML and MySQL technologies. This system will be used on Linux, windows and Linux variant platforms using Apache server. Workers login to the computer terminals for their use; their login details will be checked in the database against their information: Username and password, Work they are

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    I am a real estate agent and am on the road all the time and need someone on a regular basis to input data for me into my company site so that my database continues to grow and doesn't suffer from me being away from desk for long periods. The busiest day for me is on Monday and Tuesdays when the weekends call backs are complete and the data needs

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    Embed Codes S-a încheiat left

    ...two things: 1. I want to pass from Access database (OleDB) to a SQL database on a server using an IP address and a corresponding login data. I have a server, you just have to connect and change the code. 2. The web browser is not working with [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] embed codes, I don't know why. The project is very simpl...

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    A simple dating website S-a încheiat left

    ...detailed technical requirements document detailing my exact needs) - A database (preferably NoSQL) which can store all user info (pictures and plain text in several columns) - A secure login functionality. - A registration functionality. - A 'Login using your Facebook' and 'Login using your Linkedin' ability. (as seen with most...

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    ...with the code development. The front end is simple and I am able to do it using jQuery mobile. However, I don't know how to connect my mobile web with a database. I need help on that. My mobile website requires an user interaction and mobile functionality. Users need to login and then add information. Users will be able to manage, access and sh...

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    Facebook Script 2 S-a încheiat left

    ...allow or cancel access with a simple click - check full list of facebook profiles working and deleted and user who created (see login/pwd and export them) - check full list of created emails and passwords (and export them) - check full list of emails collected in facebook (and export them) - save all researches and make a database to our users search

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    Trophy icon Build a simple Web Form S-a încheiat left

    IMPORTANT: Your ENTRY should have a link to *your* test server with the requested functionality. I need a simple HTML5/PHP form which looks very similar to the attached image. The form should allow users to input a comment, and comment title. Users can also respond to a preexisting comment similar to a comment thread. I need the data to be posted

    $40 (Avg Bid)
    9 intrări

    ...html5 or similar), that allow users of a webapp that we are building using [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] platform , to set their 4 digit pass to access restricted internal content, in a similar way as android or iphone lock screens work. Password must be saved using no database, but simple local storage in the phone. When 1st time users of t...

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    ...allow or cancel access with a simple click - check full list of facebook profiles working and deleted and user who created (see login/pwd and export them) - check full list of created emails and passwords (and export them) - check full list of emails collected in facebook (and export them) - save all researches and make a database to our users search

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    Plain old simple php code, NOT wordpress or any open source code. Coded in php using MYSQL as the database This should be quick and easier for an experience php/MySQL programmer. Should only need to work with 2 files. (Included a pic and files for you convenience) I have an existing script that needs some extra tweaks. 1.) At the moment

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