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    Cunostinte in Game Development si librariile 3D. C++ / C#. Portofoliu cu jocuri terminate sau in desfasurare. Familiarizat cu Visual Studio, Unreal Engine, Unity. Obiectiv de lucru: Programare game engine (librarii 3D, wrapper sau OpenGL) de la 0 in C++ sau C#

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    C++,Visual Studio,opengl. More about it in private, i need shadows etc...

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    Trebuie să fac un joc video în Visual Studio folosind C++ și OpenGL

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    Modelează 3D S-a încheiat left

    Proiectul se numeste Texturarea dinamica prin intermediul tastaturii si trebuie realizat in OpenGl The project is called dynamic texturing through the keyboard and should be done in OpenGL

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    ...Android Studio. I need the Android Studio project for Android LSL which requires the Android Studio project for the Java LSL to be built first. Requirements: - Build the Java project. - Use its outputs to build the Android project. - The Android project must build the simplest APK. Blank UI. Just to be used as proof the project builds and the native libraries all build. Deliverables: - output from java project - exported zipped android studio Java LSL project so I can import it into my android studio - exported zipped android studio Android LSL project so I can import it into my android studio - any additional libraries you had to download for it to work (or just

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    Can you open me the simplest personal bank account? Not expensive. Thank you.

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    I am seeking an experienced Android developer with a strong background in OpenGL, GlSurfaceView, and 3D graphics programming to resolve a critical issue in our 3D gallery app. The app has encountered a fatal exception that disrupts its functionality, specifically within the OpenGL threading process. Issue Details: The application crashes with a FATAL EXCEPTION: GLThread error, accompanied by an IllegalArgumentException during the eglCreateContext call. This issue has been identified in the app's error log as follows: FATAL EXCEPTION: GLThread 1177 at Method) at () at $DefaultContextFactory

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    More details: What is the target platform for your game development project? Windows What type of gameplay experience are you aiming for? Singleplayer (multiplayer in the future) What graphical style are you envisioning for your game? Low poly / low res (counter strike source) Requirements: 1. Basic map (level) ( attached). 2. Basic minimap. 3. FPS Camera. 4. Basic movement (WASD) & mouse movement & jump. 5. Collision. 6. Press esc to show mouse and press esc again to hide mouse. 7. Gun model placement infront of camera (so it looks like you're holding the gun). 8. Ability to shoot. 9. Ability to reload (no animation, just lower the gun and then raise the gun after 2 seconds). Notes: 1. Clean code - messy/poorly organised code will be rejected. 2. Must use CMake. 3. De...

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    More details: What is the target platform for your game development project? Windows What type of gameplay experience are you aiming for? Singleplayer (multiplayer in the future) What graphical style are you envisioning for your game? Low poly / low res (counter strike source) Requirements: 1. Basic map (level) ( attached). 2. Basic minimap. 3. FPS Camera. 4. Basic movement (WASD) & mouse movement & jump. 5. Collision. 6. Press esc to show mouse and press esc again to hide mouse. 7. Gun model placement infront of camera (so it looks like you're holding the gun). 8. Ability to shoot. 9. Ability to reload (no animation, just lower the gun and then raise the gun after 2 seconds). Notes: 1. Clean code - messy/poorly organised code will be rejected. 2. Must use CMake. 3. De...

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    ...background in IT and Electronic Security who has a knack for helping customers solve problems. The role responsibilities will include: - Troubleshooting common computer/server issues - Providing assistance with CCTV systems - Offering support for access control systems Your job will be to receive inbound phone calls, listen carefully to the user's concern, help diagnose the problem, and provide the simplest and most effective solution. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Technical Support - IT Support - Experience in Security Systems (CCTV, Access Control) The customers will dial a public phone number which will be routed to you; all inbound calls will be routed in a queue-like system. Therefore, being comfortable with communication is important. You will need to know Englis...

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    Hi, I just wanted a brief sketch, on a floor plan, of how to convert a three bedroom space into 4, when there are limitations on doors (which could be moved) and windows, and in the simplest and least expensive way possible. No autocad, no complicated plans, just a skecth and 3 text lines Thanks

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    I have a Twilio account with sip trunking set up, and I've install Asterisk on Arch Linux, I've attempted to set up the config but have not been able to. I'm looking for someone to set up a basic config where I can send and receive phone calls. The details don't matter, I just want to get it working so I can adjust it once the simplest config is working. If interested please bid the amount you are able to do this for, and include the word "briefcase" in your bid so I know you've read the description and can complete the project for the amount bid.

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    ...intuitive interface to easily navigate through the portfolio. • Effectively utilizing visuals and imagery as the main components of the design. Ideally, you have previous experience in designing minimalist portfolio websites integrating large amounts of photography content. I'm looking for someone who can take my photograph collection and create a platform that represents my work in the cleanest, simplest form. Familiarity with various web design tools and platforms is required. Knowledge of optimal image display techniques is a plus....

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    ...currently dealing with an issue on a piece of code in OpenGL GLSL and C++. The code operates as designed when run on an integrated GPU but unfortunately, falls with a dedicated GeForce NVIDIA GPU (see pictures). The code deals with compute shaders and parallel computing of a combinatorial problem. The OpenGL and GLSL versions in use are 4.3. I'm sending pictures how it gives me the proper output on integrated and the error shown for dedicated NVIDIA. The solver must have a dedicated GeForce GPU and should first present that the code also doesn''t work for him/her on the dedicated GPU !! The key functionalities in use are Buffer Objects and Compute Shaders. As such, I'm in search of a skilled developer who: - Has in-depth expertise in OpenGL ...

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    I'm on the hunt for a seasoned BigCommerce developer with a knack for creating intuitive and efficient mega menus. My ecommerce business needs a streamlined one level dropdown menu structure designed in the simplest form: text links. Your tasks for this assignment will include: - Building a mega menu on our BigCommerce site specifically designed with dropdown capabilities. - Establishing a singular level depth for the dropdown features. - Ensuring that all dropdown menus consist purely of text links for simplicity and user-friendliness. The ideal candidate for this job will have: - Builders with extensive experience developing on the BigCommerce platform, bonus points if you have specific proficiency with mega menu creation. - An eye for ultra-functional, straightforward ...

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    UI Refresh S-a încheiat left

    Hello there, I have taken a read through your specifications for an updated look for your existing Visual basic application, and I feel like I would be a great candidate for this role, depending on the route we take we can definitely acheieve this with a desktop application. I think this would be the simplest approach due to some of the requirements mentioned. I would be keen to discuss the requirements with you in further detail and would be available to start immediately. Kind regards, Dylan

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    I am seeking a proficient C++ developer to port an existing demo from SDL-LightGun to an SDL/OpenGL one. GitHub repository: viudeo here The objective is to have the demo function equivalently SDL/OpenGL platform. right now its only showing white screen. Key aspects: - C++ proficiency - Familiarity with SDL and OpenGL - Experience in software porting - non need for a lightgun because a mouse will work

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    ...a password-protected access on the landing page, on which the registration data is requested, then a check of the email address and an automatic release of the password (or the website) with emails to the interested party and the site operator should take place. The page needs a landing page, an imprint, a Google map excerpt of the place, and a PDF flipbook or similar a Grid for Detailing. The simplest possible frontend and backend management as an extension for later adaptation are to be included. What is desired is an SEO and responsive optimized and clearly designed page for conveying information. I will be happy to answer further detailed questions via chat. Please give me an offer for fix price to build the theme by changing the prefecture one. Milestones are the implementa...

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    I am looking for a talented developer, skilled in OpenGL, to create billboards that remain constantly pointed towards the camera for a project I am working on. - The core function of these billboards will be to process textures. - It is crucial that these billboards always face the camera irrespective of camera positioning or movements. - As the camera viewpoint changes within the scene, I need the billboard vertices to be accurately computed. The ideal freelancer for this project would have substantial experience in OpenGL and 3D graphics, a deep understanding of camera dynamics, and stellar problem-solving skills. They must be proficient in computing vertices and capable of ensuring the billboards maintain their size and position, effectively handling different camera vi...

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    Update 21.03.2024 In order for the customers to make no confusion with moving services instead of equipment renting, can we go...the space does not allow the full logo, which can be the stylized hand truck or stairclimbing truck; - the slogan "Own Your Cargo!" would be nice as part of the logo, for example horizontally under the logo. I do encourage you to use the attached draft as a starting point, but please do not feel bound by it at all, but use your imagination. The logo which does the best job at expressing in the simplest and most recognizable way, that the start-up does offer stairclimbers for rent, wins. Color theme proposals: #206eb6, #ffffff, #FFD101, turquoise. Logo should not contain any trucks/vehicles or people, as it does not provide moving services, on...

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    I'm searching for a skilled MedusaJs - NodeJs/NextJs freelancer to assist in the payment processor development using the IOTA SDK and necessary integration on the frontend side. The ideal candidate for this project should possess: - experience with MedusaJS. - Familiarity with the IOTA software development kit (SDK). - NextJs We already have sta...development using the IOTA SDK and necessary integration on the frontend side. The ideal candidate for this project should possess: - experience with MedusaJS. - Familiarity with the IOTA software development kit (SDK). - NextJs We already have standalone code in place that checks transactions on Iota. The task at hand is to implement an efficient payment processor in the backend and perform the simplest possible integration i...

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    is our website. Please check it out. It''s an application designed to allow reps to go to any webpage, drop notes on the webpage, save them to that URL, and then when they present that webpage to ...and then when they present that webpage to an audience via screen share the audience is shared a clean emulated view of the rep's screen and the rep navigates from the view that has notes. The notes help the rep. We are looking for a developer that can come help us with our CURRENT solution and NOT tell us that they want to rewrite everything. These are things we know need to be done: - Because openGL is not working on Mac, we need to create a wrapper that allows our Mac CEF instance to be functional. - We need to finish the UI - We need to publish our app the associate...

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    ...instantly recognizable symbols that have become synonymous with the brands they represent. 3. **Building Trust:** A professionally designed logo instills confidence and trust in consumers. It reflects a commitment to quality and attention to detail, influencing how customers perceive the overall brand. ### Elements of Effective Logo Design 1. **Simplicity:** The most memorable logos are often the simplest. A clean and uncomplicated design ensures easy recognition and enhances versatility across various platforms. 2. **Relevance:** A good logo should be relevant to the industry and values of the business it represents. Understanding the target audience is crucial to crafting a logo that resonates with potential customers. 3. **Versatility:** Logos must be adaptable to differe...

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    I need to create an educational display piece - a simplified jet engine model crafted from plastic. The goal of this project is: - To demonstrate the basic functionality of a jet engine in the simplest way possible to the observer. - Create a 3D model to use for an elementary school science fair. Ideal Freelancer Experience: - Deep comprehension of jet engines' structure and mechanics. - Expertise in crafting detailed yet simplified models. - Experience working with plastic as a primary material. - Prior experience creating educational models is preferable.

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    ...allowing for more than two concurrently open windows. The proposed solution involves: BaseWindow Class: This class will manage SDL2 windows and contexts, along with ImGui contexts and rendering. Actual ImGui drawing code, such as ImGui::Button, could be handled in derived BaseWindow classes. Additionally, the BaseWindow class should handle SDL resizing events to ensure correct window and OpenGL viewport updates. Derived Windows (from BaseWindow Class): Custom windows can be derived from the BaseWindow class. These derived windows will primarily contain a Render() function, passed back to the base window for SDL2 and ImGui rendering, buffer swapping, etc. The ability to override resize event callbacks while retaining the BaseWindow's functionality is also c...

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    ...Windows platform. This project demands a sophisticated system capable of handling intricate gameplay dynamics and high-quality graphics. **Requirements:** - Develop an advanced FPS game engine for Windows. - Engine must support high-quality graphics and complex game mechanics. - Experience in game development, particularly in FPS. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in C++/C# and DirectX/OpenGL. - Strong background in 3D graphics programming. - Familiarity with Windows platform development. - Previous experience developing game engines, preferably for FPS games. - Understanding of physics, AI, and network code for multiplayer games is a plus. I aim to collaborate closely with the developer to ensure that the engine meets the specific needs of my project, offering pl...

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    Trophy icon Simple Postbox-Style Box Design TODAY S-a încheiat left

    ...products directly to clients. This project is about box design, NOT THE GRAPHIC DESIGN of the box! We prefer to receive your design today. The dimensions are 370 mm x 260 mm x 30 mm. It must be sufficiently robust to withstand handling by postal services, and it should be constructed from environmentally safe cardboard, i.e., Kraft or corrugated board. We require two distinct designs: 1. The simplest design conceivable: a top part that flips open over the 260 mm side with a double security lid. 2. A matchbox design: the inner box slides open out of the outer sleeve. A slot should be incorporated to prevent it sliding out during transportation. The long side of the inner box features a 5 mm wide compartment along its entire length, extending to the height of the inner ...

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    I’m in the pursuit of a skilled freelancer to craft a logo that mirrors the essence of modern classic minimalism. This task calls for a designer who’s not just adept at translating ideas into visuals but can do so with the simplest forms and cleanest lines. **My Ideal Candidate:** - Has ample experience in logo design, particularly within the minimalist aesthetic. - Can showcase a portfolio that reflects a strong understanding of modern and minimalist design principles. - Is proficient in using design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Sketch. - Possesses the ability to work closely with me to refine concepts and iterate designs. **Project Requirements:** - A logo that embodies a modern, minimalist aesthetic. - The final design needs to be versatile, easily adaptabl...

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    We are a media production company that launching a service/product specializing in doing Sport Photography, we cover the events at our own expense, and then sell the photos to individuals through our website. Out of nowhere, we found that there is a website named and while we created a brand 4 years ago called Sportografi (it was the nearest available - Creativity in translating brand identity into visual form - Excellent communication skills to ensure the design aligns with our vision - Ability to provide a versatile logo file that can be scaled and adjusted for various uses The perfect candidate for this project is someone who appreciates the power of minimalist design and can deliver a logo that speaks volumes about our brand with the simplest forms and...

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    Hello, I am looking for someone to develop software to assist me in managing the va...14 Then, upon selecting the day, I should see: • AM: Available 150, Booked 87 • PM: Available 150, Booked 142 • DC: Available 25, Booked 18 • TG: Available 25, Booked 14 • Needed and Available vehicles • Needed and Available drivers • Needed and Available guides • Needed and Available wineries And have the ability to manage the various tours, assigning the necessary resources to each one in the simplest way possible (perhaps even by drag and drop), Including various checks to ensure that everything has been assigned correctly, all tours are covered with the necessary resources, and warnings in case of errors. Obviously I’m at disposal for further info a...

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    ** THE PROBLEM ** We have a website that provides clients widget code that allows them to embed a shopping cart and checkout system on their website. On most sites, it's very simple to just coy and paste the widget code we provide and everything works great. With Wix, when you use the Embed HTML feature, it puts the code into an iframe which destroying the user experience of the widg...Elements as web admin, Creating custom integrations/plugins/widgets/elements as a developer account, etc), and find out how to get it to fully work properly. #4 - LAST STEP IS TO OPTIMIZE Something to keep in mind is that this integration needs to be done by our clients on their own websites so the steps to implement must be as simple as possible so if there are more than one solutions, we need the ...

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    ...Germany or have prior experience working with DATEV, and ideally, ITSG. While our clients are primarily German, our development teams are situated in Denmark and Lithuania. Proficiency in English as well as German communication is essential. Given our deadline of April 1st, prompt action is required. Our primary plan involves utilizing Lobster Data for the data exchange, which presents the simplest solution, albeit necessitating project management. Alternatively, Plan B entails obtaining an ITSG certificate for eAUB exchange and acquiring a DATEV License for integration purposes. Are you equipped to handle this responsibility? Take care Erik...

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    I'm looking for a skilled AutoCAD designer who can bring my basic design ideas to life. My project requires someone who can work efficiently with simple shapes and lines, transforming my reference images and sketches into accurate AutoCAD designs. ** with basic design complexities, focusing on simple shapes and lines **Project Requirements:** - Convert provided reference images or sketches into AutoCAD drawings - Ensure accuracy in dimensions and overall representation - Create clean, organized, and easily interpretable designs This project is perfect for a freelancer who excels in precision and has a keen eye for detail, even in the simplest of designs. If you have the necessary skills and experience, I’m excited to see your bid and work together to bring ...

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    ...considered as a solution). I believe they only have the lowest priced version of Shopify and this may also be a limitation? - They asked my team to build a WordPress site to serve as the product catalogue with the ultimate goal of integrating the WordPress site with Shopify using either "Shopify Buy" button, Shopify API, or WP Shopify plugin. We are open to all options although we will go with the simplest solution if necessary to complete the project on time with the option of upgrading to a better solution later. - We have now built a basic structure for the product catalogue using the ACF plugin although we are not experts at this and the current structure may require improvement or a more robust plugin. - The client will populate all of the products into both the ...

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    ...language and ability to communicate. - Collaborative attitude to get the job done and availability to work together even in videoconference to explain the sometimes non trivial ideas behing the use of the app. If you like arguing and showing how smart you are without adding value for that (I appreciate smart people and anyone behaving as described isn't of course) - Capability to build not the simplest but neither the most complex algorithms for content delivery. - Aesthetic sensibility aligning with a classic, professional look. - Excellent communication skills for iterative feedback and updates. - Ability to implement prototypes that I can test when I am able to at all stages of development. - You should not send videos of your tests unless I ask for them. Please provide ...

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    I'm looking to recruit an OpenGL/DirectX expert proficient in developing 3D modeling software in C++. Must be someone with noteworthy experience in developing CAD software. Specifically, the project involves producing highly realistic land, ground, and mining 3D environments. Considered a Fit if: - You must be proficient in OpenGL or DirectX, DirectX being preferred - You've previously developed complex software projects revolving around CAD. - Have an extensive understanding of how to build, implement, and fine-tune 3D models, particularly land, ground, and mining scenarios. - Strong skills in producing highly accurate and detailed models are expected. -An understanding of geospatial coordinates or mining, surveying would be helpful. An expert understanding of 3...

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    I'm seeking an experienced OpenGL developer for implementing wireframe rendering on a Commodore 64 platform. The project is currently at the basic setup stage, requiring expertise to elevate it to the next level with your programming skills. Ideally, TGI support can be incorporated if needed to ensure optimal performance. Potential future expansions may include advancements such as face filling features. Key Requirements: - Proficient in OpenGL - Experience with Commodore 64 programming - Ability to design and implement wireframe rendering - Familiarity with TGI support could be advantageous - Have used CC65 here is initial working state of line drawer Please note that although the initial project requires a focus on wireframe rendering, there

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    ...create 2 videos(no more than 4-5 minutes in length) from drone footage. 1st to emphasize value of property and 2nd to emphasize water runoff disruption. Overall, I am seeking a freelancer who can bring creativity and technical skills to create an informative and visually appealing graphic overlay for the drone footage. The objective is to 1. communicate value of the property in the shortest, simplest way possible so that the viewer understands 2. to show runoff and the potential for property damage done to neighboring locations - in order for both of these objectives to be clear, we must first orient the viewer to the property location and secondly explain patterns in progression. FOLDER: IF YOU ARE

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    I require a competent OpenGL programmer who specialises in 3D modeling to review my code and give advice via teams / zoom for a basic structure of a plane. The preferred individual should be highly skilled in creating 3D models using standard ratios. Given this, there's no requirement for the model to have a detailed exterior or interior, only a simple structure is required for this project. This need extends to the ability to work efficiently, deliver high-quality work on time, and have a keen eye for detail. Previous experience with 3D modeling in OpenGL is a must.

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    ...seeking a proficient developer capable of porting MiniOpenGL on a Commodore 64. The goal of this task is to achieve compatibility with my existing software. This includes: - Ensuring compatibility with specific development software. This project should be focused on making MiniOpenGL compatible with CC65, a comprehensive software development package. Skills and Experience: - Experience in OpenGL and porting it on different platforms - Deep understanding of Commodore 64 architecture - Proficiency in CC65, because the ported MiniOpenGL needs to be compatible with this particular development software This project is ideal for someone who enjoys a challenge and is looking to expand their toolkit while making an impact on my software's functionality.

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    Guys, this is probably the simplest task I have ever posted here! I have a twitter account that I want to nurture by having a delegate do three things: 1. Make authentic tweets about the topic 2. Post image tweets related to the topic 3. Making replies to relevant accounts and posts. 4. Retweeting relevant tweets. The twitter account topic is digital fashion so there is lots of imagery and interesting content on twitter. I am offering $5 per hour and 4 hours per week and I will be trialling a number of delegates to see who deliver the most bang for buck! Contact me if you are interested.

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    Build a realistic environment with planets simulating the Sun-Earth-Moon model. The background will be black with stars in random positions. The Sun should be in the center of the scene. The Earth will rotate around the Sun and around itself. The Moon will revolve around the Earth. The .obj files of the planets, and lectures with examples will be given in chat. deadline: 21/1 budget: $50 USD

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    Build a realistic environment with planets simulating the Sun-Earth-Moon model. The background will be black with stars in random positions. The Sun should be in the center of the scene. The Earth will rotate around the Sun and around itself. The Moon will revolve around the Earth. The .obj files of the planets, and lectures with examples will be given in chat. deadline: 21/1 budget: $50 USD

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    I'm looking for an adept 3D developer specialised in using OpenGl and Shaders. The specifics of the project are not yet defined as your input and suggestions will be highly appreciated. • Project Goal: While the type and purpose of the 3D project is open-ended, I'm interested in exploring opportunities in game development, visualizations, and animations in different sectors, ranging from entertainment to education and marketing. • Ideal Skills & Experience: Proficiency in 3D modeling and rendering, along with deep knowledge of OpenGl and shaders is essential. A portfolio of diverse 3D projects would further attest to your adaptability and creativity. • Application Information: Despite having the choice to include past work, experience, or de...

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    I require an expert in OpenGL to develop a customized, interactive 3D project for me. The project will encompass a small map filled with a few specified objects including: - Buildings - Drones - Targets These objects should mirror real-world counterparts however they don't need to be hyper-realistic. Bidders with the knowledge of creating a good balance between realistic and artistic styles will be appreciated. The project's functionalities should include: - Smooth movement - Efficient collision detection - Dynamic animation Ideal candidates will have established experience with OpenGL, 3D modeling and animation, and game development. Skills in creating realistic but not overly detailed models would be preferred. This project is more about function and lifelike ...

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    We are seeking a skilled and WebGL developer to enhance our VR project. The current engine functions smoothly on OpenGL, but compatibility issues have arisen with WebGL. The project utilizes React Fiber and for development. Key Requirements: Strong proficiency in and WebGL development. Experience with React Fiber for VR applications. Troubleshooting skills to address issues with the transition from OpenGL to WebGL. Deliverables: Identify and resolve compatibility issues with WebGL. Optimize the React Fiber and codebase for seamless VR experiences. Submission Requirements: The attached files include the current React and code for your review. We look forward to collaborating with a talented developer who can bring our VR project to its full

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    Trophy icon Minimalistic "Eye of The Tiger" Logo S-a încheiat left

    I'm seeking a talented logo designer to create a minimalistic yet eye-catching logo for my t-shirt brand launch. The logo should incorporate the title, "Eye of The Tiger". - Style: The design should have a minimalistic flair, not overly complicated or detailed. The simplest designs often make the most significant impact. - Color Palette: Neutral and earthy tones are preferred for the logo to maintain a natural, grounded feel. Keep it simple and clean. - Additional Elements: Woven into the design, I'd like some subtle floral elements that complement the tiger's eye, without distracting from it. Freelancers with previous experience in minimalistic and nature-inspired designs will be ideal for this project. Proficiency in modern logo designing principles, an...

    $6 (Avg Bid)
    Price Monitoring SAAS APP S-a încheiat left

    To create a SAAS type price monitoring application with admin and client accounts. MVP version application to be set up in the simplest way. Data to the database will be supplied by crawlers written in Python (or you can write your own). The working principle - step by step: 1. The client indicates to me the domain addresses he wants to crawl and download data to the email. 2. I set up a robot on the server to retrieve this data - manually configured by the admin each time. 3. Range of data to be downloaded. - Frequency - Logging option - Proxy etc. 4. When the data is first downloaded and sent to the database, it appears in the client panel. Examples: - - -

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