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    I'm seeking a skilled designer to draw up a new plan for my medium-sized patio. This will involve an on-site visit, as I require a drawing that reflects the current layout and any potential modifications. Key Tasks: - Conduct an on-...the current layout and any potential modifications. Key Tasks: - Conduct an on-site inspection to assess the current patio - Create a comprehensive new design plan that includes any desired changes The final design should be: - Practical and functional - Tailored to the space and my preferred style The ideal candidate will have experience in: - Patio or landscape design - On-site sketching - Understanding of modern, rustic, and tropical styles I am looking to have this project completed within a month. Thank you for consider...

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    ...artist skilled in pencil sketching, particularly with a focus on superhero themes. The subject of the art should be Spider-Man and a separate Thor one, captured in a dynamic and engaging manner. Some key points for this project: - Theme: The art piece should concentrate on Spider-Man and Thor. Fresh and imaginative interpretations of the character are welcome. - Style: The design should be rendered to look like pencil sketch but can be done digitally. It should be sophisticated and professional, suitable for display in a frame. - Dimensions: The project doesn't specify a size, therefore it should be versatile enough to be adjusted to different framing sizes. Ideal Skills and Experience: The ideal candidate would have: - Proven experience and skills in pencil sketchi...

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    Realistic 2D Hairstyle Sketches 5 zile left

    I need an artist with 2D sketching, pencil sketching, and 2D drawing expertise to create 15 realistic views of modern men's and women's hairstyles. - The sketches need to cover a diverse range of contemporary styles. - The artist should be able to deliver both colored and black and white versions of each sketch. - The sketches should be detailed, showcasing the intricacies of hair textures, lengths, and styles in a realistic manner. The ideal candidate should have a strong portfolio of previous 2D sketching work, particularly in the realm of portraiture or fashion illustration. Experience in hair illustration would be a strong advantage.

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    I'm seeking a talented artist to ...portrait photograph into a sketch-style drawing. Here's a summary of what I'm looking for: * You should create the piece in black and white. * Your style should aim for realism but with a sketch influence. * The picture will primarily focus on the portrait, meaning no background inclusion. * Both photos should match in style. Skills and Experience: * Advanced skills in charcoal or pencil sketching. * Adept at capturing the essence of a person from a photo. * Dexterity at simplifying a photo by focusing on key features only. * Prior work on realistic portraits will significantly enhance your application. Remember, the goal here is to bring the photo to life in a sketch-style masterpiece. I'm excited to discover your uniqu...

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    I have a minimalist-style logo that needs refinement. I'm seeking a skilled designer who can: - Enhance and clean up the existing logo. - Deliver 2-3 fresh, minimalist sketches inspired by the original design. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in minimalist logo design. - Strong visual and creative skills. - Ability to understand and execute minimalism in design. - Good ...minimalist logo design. - Strong visual and creative skills. - Ability to understand and execute minimalism in design. - Good at interpreting client feedback. - Experience in creating sketches inspired by an existing design. I am open to creative input while expecting the final results to be in line with my brand's aesthetic. Please provide examples of your previous work in logo design a...

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    I'm looking for a talented tattoo artist who can bring to life a realistic depiction of a scene from the video game Bloodborne. This is meant for an arm tattoo. Key Requirements: - Familiarity with or willingness to understand the visual aesthetic of Bloodborne. - Proficiency in realistic tattoo design. Ideal Skills and Experience...was created by AI). I'd like the image to be of him holding his scythe above his head as depicted in the execution scene, but as close and with the same perspective as the AI image The design must capture the essence and atmosphere of the game, demonstrating a clear understanding of its unique style. Interested artists must provide their portfolio or relevant design samples. Your creativity in sketching a cohesive design will be valued in m...

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    I'm looking for a mechanism design expert who can help me with designing a small mechanism. Your main task will be to provide a detailed force analysis, create a CAD model, present concept sketches, generate a Bill of Materials (BOM), con...Developing a Bill of Materials (BOM) for easy procurement of the required parts. - Performing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure the mechanism's stability. - Providing accurate cost estimates for the entire project. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in mechanism design and analysis. - Proficiency in CAD software. - Strong understanding of force analysis and FEA. - Excellent sketching skills for concept development. - Ability to create detailed Bill of Materials (BOM). - Good understanding of cost estimation in e...

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    Forensic Sketch Artist Required 2 zile left

    I'm currently in need of a competent and detail-oriented forensic artist specializing in composite sketching. Unlike the typical applications geared towards crime scene investigation or suspect identification, the main task revolves around recreating a memorized photo in colored format. The final output is expected to be as precise and realistic as possible, echoing the exact resemblance of the original photo (a person's face) from memory. Attention to detail, excellent color use, and proficiency in capturing human resemblance are among the key skills sought for this job. The chosen freelancer will have proven experience in composite sketching, preferably with a portfolio demonstrating projects of a similar nature. Efficient communication will also be crucial for th...

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    ...sketches I require are diverse, ranging from portraits and cartoon characters to kiosk booth designs. - Level of Detail: I am looking for drawings that strike a balance - not overly simplistic, but also not overly complex. - Intended Use: The sketches are intended for product design. They will serve as an integral part of the development process. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Sketching: You should have a strong portfolio demonstrating your ability to create detailed yet not overly technical sketches. - Knowledge of Product Design Process: An understanding of how sketches feed into the product design process will be highly beneficial. - Creative and Versatile: Given the variety in the type of sketches needed, a capacity for creative diversity is key. Please inclu...

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    I'm looking for a fashion designer with versatile skills to help with various tasks. These tasks include: - Sketching designs: I need someone with a good eye for detail and good drawing skills. - Creating patterns: You should be able to bring the sketches to life by creating sewing patterns. - Sewing garments: Experience with sewing various types of clothing and materials is a plus. Unfortunately, I did not specify a particular style or theme for the designs. However, willing to work together in creating fashionable designs that suit both men and women. The successful freelancer should be adaptable and able to design for a diverse market. Can't wait to see your amazing ideas!

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    I'm looking for an experienced architectural designer to help me create a sketch for a commercial building, specifically a gas station. This sketch is intended for a general plan, including important areas such as receipt areas, office spaces, and conference rooms. Ideal Candidates: - Experience in architectural design, particularly commercial buildings. - Good communication throughout the project. - Efficient and attention to detail. - Proficiency in related software. Please include related work samples in your proposals.

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    2D rendering and sketching S-a încheiat left

    2D Product sketching Rendering urgently

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    Trophy icon Sentimental Family Pencil Sketch S-a încheiat left

    I am in need of a talented artist who can take several family photos and merge them into one impactful, sentimental drawing. Please find the requirements below: - Create a coloured pencil sketch capturing the emotion of the...realistic (ish) style adhering to the real-life characteristics of every individual. - The image will be of my wife and newborn son in the foreground, with our deceased fathers standing over us in the background wearing their hats (one in a cowboy hat the other in a cap), maybe watching us and having a beer. There is two pictures of my dad provided. The ideal candidate will have strong pencil sketching skills, with a proven track record in depicting realism and an eye for detail. Experience in creating sentimental family-based artwork would be a significant ...

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    I am seeking a talented artist with experience working with charcoal to create semi-realistic sketches mainly featuring people. Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in charcoal sketching - Ability to accurately capture and portray people in medium detail - Understanding of shading, form, and line work in charcoal media Scope: The project will involve sketching from a variety of provided photographs to create charcoal sketches. The successful freelancer should provide a portfolio of their previous work, preferably with an emphasis on charcoal sketches of people. Clean, quality work and timely delivery will be paramount for this project.

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    I'm all about first impressions, and I believe that a compelling logo can speak volumes about a business. Therefore, I'm on the hunt for a skilled logo designer capable of understanding and implementing my brand's vision. Here's what I'm looking for: - A creative individual, who can work under their own initiative to provide a pioneering logo design solutio...they have tried but they could not create it. It's required to break it down and understand the ideas and the concepts and draw them separately and then put them together to create the logo. It needs a creative imagination. If you are ready to work hard on it please apply. Requirements : - Mind mapping : Start research and ideation phase of the logo design process. - Transition from theory to sketchi...

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    I'm looking for an artist who can perfectly capture my traditional-style home in a pencil sketch. I want a real sense of warmth and welcome to exude from the piece, with my family of 3 or more people included on the front porch. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in pencil sketching - Experience in architectural drawings, particularly traditional-style homes - Ability to sketch people with realistic detailing and proportions Your task would involve: - Creating a pencil sketch of a traditional-style house - Including a group of 3 or more people in the sketch, placed on the front porch - Capturing our home's unique qualities and charm Anyone interested in creating this custom piece please reach out to me.

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    I'm seeking a skilled jewelry designer to create a high-quality sketch of a unique necklace using NZ Greenstone Jade stones and string. You should have a good understanding of jewelry design, with a particular focus on necklaces. Key requirements: - Proficiency in sketching jewelry designs, especially necklaces - Strong understanding of how different materials, particularly stone and string, work together in a piece - Experience in designing using NZ Greenstone Jade or similar stones Note: The project does not necessitate specific necklace length, hence offering you creative flexibility. Please provide samples of your previous works, particularly those involving jewellery design with stones.

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    ...important sections in the manual. Key Points: - Sketches: The illustrations should be done in pencil and maintain a realistic style. - Low Detail: The focus is on simplicity and clarity of ideas rather than intricate details. - Manual Usage: The sketches will be used for explaining concepts, enhancing visual appeal, and highlighting important sections in a training manual. Ideal Skills: - Strong sketching and drawing skills - Experience in creating training or educational materials - Ability to balance simplicity with realistic style - Understanding of design principles for educational content - Ability to deliver high-quality work in a timely manner If you have relevant experience in creating similar illustrations and a strong portfolio to showcase your skills, I'd love...

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    ...these sketches is to present a conceptual storyboard for the project. Key Requirements: - Creation of rough sketches to outline basic concepts: The sketches should be clear and detailed enough to convey the core ideas of the storyboard. - Realistic style of illustration: The illustrations should be in a realistic style, bringing life to the storyboard concept. Ideal Candidate: - Proficiency in sketching and storyboarding: The artist should be experienced in creating storyboard sketches. - Strong visualization and conceptualization skills: It's essential that the freelancer has a good understanding of how to visualize concepts and ideas. - Realistic illustration expertise: The ability to illustrate in a realistic style is crucial for this project. If you have a knack for ...

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    Brand Logo for Recognition S-a încheiat left

    I'm all about first impressions, and I believe that a compelling logo can speak volumes about a business. Therefore, I'm on the hunt for a skilled logo designer capable of understanding and implementing my brand's vision. Here's what I'm looking for: - A creative individual, who can work under their own initiative to provide a ...looking for.A logo that tell the brands story. It's required to break it down and understand the ideas and the concepts and draw them separately and then put them together to create the logo. It needs a creative imagination. If you are ready to work hard on it please apply. Requirements : - Mind mapping : Start research and ideation phase of the logo design process. - Transition from theory to sketching. - Convert logo into d...

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    I am in need of an experienced individual who can assist me in modifying an existing elevation design for a property. The modifications include changing the color scheme, adding or removing windows,...facade in a way that harmonizes with the overall design. Your primary responsibilities will include: - Implementing modifications to the existing elevation design - Incorporating rectangluar box designs into the elevation, based on my sketches and reference images. The ideal candidate for this project should: - Have prior experience in elevation design and architecture - Be proficient in using sketching tools and translating sketches into concrete design proposals - Have a keen eye for detail and design harmony - Ability to understand and translate the client's vision into a t...

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    I'm all about first impressions, and I believe that a compelling logo can speak volumes about a business. Therefore, I'm on the hunt for a skilled logo designer capable of understanding and implementing my brand's vision. Here's what I'm looking for: - A creative individual, who can work under their own initiative to provide a pioneering logo design soluti...looking for.A logo that tell the brands story. It's required to break it down and understand the ideas and the concepts and draw them separately and then put them together to create the logo. It needs a creative imagination. If you are ready to work hard on it please apply. Requirements : - Mind mapping : Start research and ideation phase of the logo design process. - Transition from theory to sketchi...

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    I'm seeking an experienced artist who can create a concept sketch for an anime figure. I've finalized all the details, and now, I just need your skill and creativity to bring my ideas to life. Here's what I need: * Create a concept sketch for an anime figure * Use your creativity and artistic discretion for the figure style and pose= Ideal skills: * Experience with sketching anime * Strong creative ability to design without specified style or pose This seems like a straightforward project for the right person. Looking forward to your proposals!

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    I'm in need of a creative individual to design exterior and 3D sketches for my architectural YouTube channel. Key Requirements: - Skills in both architectural sketching and video editing - Experience with creating modern exterior sketches is preferred - Ability to produce 3D sketches with a low to medium level of detail Responsibilities: - Designing and creating exterior sketches in a modern style - Producing 3D sketches with a low to medium level of detail - Collaborating with me to ensure sketches align with the content of the channel This position requires a keen eye for design, strong conceptualization skills, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment. If you have all these skills, I would love to work with you.

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    As a fashion designer, I'm seeking a talented sketch artist who can bring my haute couture designs to life. This is a long-term collaboration opportunity. The successful applicant must have: - Proven ability in sketching intricate details with precision. - Strong familiarity with haute couture fashion trends. - A track record of creating realistic and accurate sketches. I look forward to your applications and seeing how you can capture the art of intricate garment design in your sketches. This unique opportunity could well be yours. Get in touch today!

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    I need a skilled sketch artist to assist in creating realistic set designs for a historical period. Key Requirements: - Skilled Sketch Artist: You should have experience in sketching set designs, particularly in a realistic style. - Historical Period Expertise: Your understanding and ability to depict historical settings through sketches is crucial for this project. Your responsibilities would include: - Creating detailed sketches of the set designs, ensuring they align with the historical period. - Communicating effectively with me to understand the vision and details required. - Making any necessary revisions to the sketches based on feedback. This project requires someone with a keen eye for detail, the ability to interpret and bring historical settings to life through art, an...

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    I'm in need of a skil...detailed, realistic character illustrations based on provided character descriptions and references. - Develop storyboard sketches that effectively convey scenes and sequences within the screenplays. - Ensure the artwork aligns with the tone and genre of the screenplays. -Sci fi cyborg/ robotic designs. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in character illustration and storyboard sketching. - using imagination to create the image - Strong portfolio showcasing a range of realistic artwork. - Ability to work efficiently and adhere to tight deadlines. - Excellent communication skills to understand and interpret the screenplay content effectively. If you have a passion for bringing characters to life and visualizing storylines, this project ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled artist to create a medium to large (11x14 to 16x20 inches) sketch portrait for me. I would like it in black and white. I want to create a reunited in heaven gift about a recently passed loved one. I have inclu...through at veil, with young grandma and grandpa embracing in heaven on the other side, like she has been waiting for him. (no Jesus). I don't need it to be extremely realistic where it looks like a picture. The background does not need to be specific, as I want the focus to be on grandma and grandpa Some shading and unfinished edges would be great. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in sketching and drawing portraits - Capable of working in black and white - Experience creating large-scale artworks - Strong portfolio demonstrating s...

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    I'm seeking a talented jewellery designer who specializes in crafting rings, necklaces and bracelets...necklaces and bracelets, particularly in silver. A unique aspect of this project is the creation of Jodvas, a specific item that I'm keen to incorporate into my collection. Key requirements: - Proficient in designing and crafting rings, necklaces and bracelets - Previous experience creating Jodvas is a big plus - Expertise in working with silver Your role will primarily involve: - Designing and sketching the jewellery pieces - Crafting the items with precision and attention to detail - Ensuring that the final products are of the highest quality, meeting my expectations Please provide a portfolio showcasing your previous work, particularly your experience with silver j...

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    I am looking for an enthusiastic fashion design intern to work on a hybrid basis. You will primarily be focusing on apparel design. Requiremen...should have a good understanding of different types of fabrics, their properties, and how they can be used in fashion design. - Experience in Pattern Making: Proficiency in creating and modifying patterns is crucial for this role. You will be responsible for turning design ideas into actual wearable pieces. - Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator: You will be using Adobe Illustrator extensively for sketching, creating technical drawings, and developing design presentations. The intern will have the opportunity to work both on-site and remotely. You will have the chance to learn and gain valuable experience in a professional fashion design en...

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    I am looking for an artist skilled in creating realistic hand-drawn sketches. Key Project Details: I'd like to create a small gift for my wife. My vision is 3 sketches, with 2 human hands in each sketch. Each sketch will have a different Greek word for "love" un...Pragma - longstanding patience, tolerance. Wrists clasped together in a strong and sturdy embrace The drawings don't need to be detailed; in fact, I'd like to go with a minimalist/simple style. Though it will be important that the viewer knows at a glance what the human hands are doing - no cartoon or abstract representations. Ideal Skills: - Deep understanding and experience in realistic sketching techniques. - Knowledge and skills in human anatomical drawing. - Proven ability to work quickly...

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    I'm in need of a skilled artist to create a series of cartoonish caricatures and settings/scenarios for a children's coloring book. The illustrations should...Incorporation of the following themes: historical figures from the history of this company, cars, trucks, legal things (judge, courtroom) - Willingness to work with client to design this coloring book which would have likely around 8-12 pages/images The successful candidate will have: - A strong portfolio showcasing similar work - A keen understanding of child-friendly design - Visualization and sketching skills - Ability to interpret and implement specific themes In addition to these, experience in creating coloring books, especially for children, would be a bonus. I appreciate creativity and attention to detail i...

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    I'm seeking an experienced AutoCAD designer to create detailed plans for an industrial HVAC system. This project involves: - Designing air conditioning units - Sketching ductwork and piping - Planning heating units Proficiency with AutoCAD is a must, especially in the realm of HVAC planning. Previous experience with industrial HVAC systems would be greatly beneficial. The scope of this project covers multiple jobs and varied square footages, requiring dynamic design adaptability. Please provide relevant portfolio examples when placing your bid. I look forward to working with someone who can bring efficient and effective HVAC solutions to life on digital blueprint.

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    FOR US BASED FREELANCERS ONLY I am commencing work on a book, which zooms in on case studies of financial crimes within the United States. Therefore, I'm seeking an erudite writer to put together an informative and engaging preface for this book. A successful candidate should be: ...researching and summarizing complex case studies in an easy-to-understand manner - Optimal if one has a strong understanding of prevention strategies and methods Your job will entail outlining the purpose, scope, and structure of the book, essentially setting the stage for these in-depth case studies. While keeping the tone consistent throughout, the objective should be to stimulate interest, sketching a clear layout of what the reader can expect to learn from these intensive research-ba...

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    I'm in search of an accomplished tattoo artist who specializes in minimalist designs. I have two existing pictures that I want expertly combined. The first picture is a depiction of Tin Tim the character. I just want his dog changed to my personal dog which may... I just want his dog changed to my personal dog which may have to be re sketched. I have many photos for reference. - The design will be placed on my leg. - The freelancer must be able to thoughtfully blend these two pictures into a minimalist tattoo sketch. - I'm looking for someone with an eye for detail and strong familiarity with minimalist sketching styles. Ideal skills for this project will include: - Proficiency in minimalist sketching - Demonstrated ability to creatively combine images - Prio...

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    I'm looking for an intern to help me with sketching high-quality fashion designs. Your responsibilities will mainly be focused on creating initial design concepts for our upcoming lines. Ideal skills and experience: - Intermediate level of experience in fashion design sketching is required. You should be capable of turning ideas into detailed sketches. - Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and AutoCAD is expected. - A good eye for style, color, and fabric is also necessary to ensure designs are both aesthetically pleasing and feasible for production. Please include examples of your past work in your application.

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    ...seeking an experienced architectural sketcher to deliver photorealistic renders of perspective views for a complex of buildings, more specifically a new Airsports Centre on an existing airport (see attachments, pictures of the airport and Dall-E sketch of the direction I want). This task requires keen attention to detail and mastery of sketching large-scale structures. Key requirements entail: - Extensive knowledge and experience in architectural sketching focused on perspective views. - Proven track record in creating photorealistic architectural renderings. - Ability to effectively sketch complex structures. - Strong understanding of scale perspective necessary for large complexes. Your portfolio showcasing similar projects will be highly favored. Please submit a bi...

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    ...thinking to deliver logo designs that leave a lasting impression. Project Scope: We are seeking a talented and creative logo designer to collaborate with us on a variety of projects. The selected designer will work closely with our team to understand our clients' brand vision and translate it into captivating visual concepts. The scope of work includes: Concept Development: Brainstorming and sketching initial logo concepts. Exploring different design directions and styles. Refining ideas based on client feedback and preferences. Design Execution: Creating polished digital renderings of selected logo concepts. Ensuring designs are versatile and scalable across various mediums. Incorporating color theory and typography principles to enhance visual impact. Client Collaboratio...

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    I'm searching for a talented digital life. I'm looking for a simple, black and white style that's more on the cartoonish side. Key Points: - The sketches are intended for personal use, so they don't necessarily need to be overly detailed or elaborate. - The main subject for these sketches will be people. - The style should be simple and clean, yet engaging and creative. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficient in digital sketching - Proven track record of creating engaging cartoon style sketches - Able to bring creativity and uniqueness to each sketch - Experience in drawing people in a cartoon style. If you have a knack for cartoon sketches and are looking for a project that allows you to explore this style, I'd love to see your portf...

    $1 - $5 / hr
    $1 - $5 / hr
    17 oferte brand, we are seeking a highly skilled fashion designer who can help us develop an exciting new line of modern women’s clothing. We have a vision of incorporating the following elements: - Minimalistic elements - Bold patterns - Innovative cuts Ideal Skills and Experience: - Demonstrated experience in women's wear design - Expert knowledge of modern fashion designs - Proficiency in sketching and design software - Ability to incorporate minimalistic elements, bold patterns, and innovative cuts into designs - Strong understanding of fabric, color, and how to incorporate them into striking designs Your primary role will be to take our vision and translate it into unique, wearable pieces that resonate with our audience. You should have a strong portfolio that ...

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    I'm in urgent need for a skilled sketch artist who can create a realistic, digital sketch from provided images. Key requirements: - Ability to portray human characters vividly and realistic. - Proficient in digital sketching. - Prompt communicator and can deliver the complete work in a timely manner. Interestingly, your task focuses on sketching people from two separate images. Therefore, experience in portrait sketching or ability to incorporate multiple elements into a single scene will be a plus. It's crucial that the finished sketch captures the true essence of the people in the images. Looking forward to seeing your portfolios and working together.

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    I am seeking an experienced 3D illustrator...that will capture the attention and hearts of toddlers and preschoolers. Key qualities I am looking for: - Experience in creating cartoon characters, particularly for children. - Ability to create cute, friendly designs with a keen eye for detail. - Outstanding creativity and imagination, able to bring characters to life. - Experience designing bird or animal characters is a plus. You'll be sketching and coloring six unique budgie characters. They should be distinctly recognizable with their cute, joyful, playful natures shining through. Let's create something unforgettable for the youngest kids, igniting their imagination with every glance at your captivating creation. Each budgie will have its own unique features which will...

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    In need of a talented freelancer who understands the unique blend of comic book art and graffiti design to create a visually captivating T-shirt for my company. The design requires: - A strong understanding and command of the comic book style graffiti. - The ability to incorporate my company's name into the wildstyle graffiti d...understanding and command of the comic book style graffiti. - The ability to incorporate my company's name into the wildstyle graffiti design. Requirements: - Portfolio of previous comic strip or graffiti work, ideally displaying design adaptability from rough sketch to professional print-ready designs. - Good communication skills. - Attention to detail. Ideal skills: - Graffiti design - Hand sketching - Graphic design software - Creativity ...

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    I'm searching for an experienced graphic designer who can transform an ordinary GIF into a detailed line art sketch. This isn't about beautify...creating something truly unique. Totally I'm having 9 original GIF files, so i need to convert 9 original GIF files in to Line art or Monochrome sketching file. I have attached the sample Original GIF file and sample reference sketch GIF file, i Need exactly the same as attached Reference GIF file. Key Deliverables: - Translating the original GIF into a detailed line art style - Following a strictly monochrome colour scheme for the design The ideal freelancer for this job has: - Proven experience in detailed line sketching - Understanding of GIF manipulation - Strong sense of design aesthetics, preferably with exp...

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    I'm searching for a talented graphic designer to revamp my brand's coffee stickers. The ideal end-product will embody an elegant and sophisticated theme. It is important that the main color schemes be cool tones; blues, greens and purples. Key Requirements: 1. Design Experience: Ideally, you...up to your creativity. 3. Delivery: Please provide all final designs in a vector format. 4. Time Frame: All designs should be completed within a month of project start. Ideal Skills: • Graphic design prowess, with a knack for elegant and stylish visuals • Understanding of color theory and combinations • Adept at incorporating specific elements into design in an appealing way • Strong sketching and digital editing ability • Detail-oriented and able t...

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    I'm in need of an artist impression/ modern concept sketch for a residential building balcony extension and minor facade upgrade. Key Requiremen...upgrade. Key Requirements: - Residential Sketch: I'm looking for an artist who has experience creating sketches for residential buildings. - Modern Style: photos will be shared of the building and examples of the changes required of the balcony and facade It is essential that the artist can create a concept drawing that will enable the approval of planning permit. Ideal Skills: - Experience in sketching residential buildings - Proficiency in modern architectural design If you're an architect or designer with experience in creating modern residential building sketches, I'm very interested to see your portfolio a...

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    I need to create (3) different sketches from the attached mockups. I don't want you to simply "trace" these images, but I need a concept drawn from scratch, that is on a 11.5 x 8.5 landscape canvas (photoshop or other) It needs to show these in seperate files: 1. 3-sided room with security cameras. This is a 3 sided room (like a "U" shape), where someone can sit on the couch and take a photo. I need this redrawn sketched from a view further away (right now the photo is too close), so the client can get a understanding of the setup. I will need a simple top view also. 2. TV Monitors. Resketch this just in the same manner as #1 3. Bleachers with people sitting: Redraw ONLY THE BLEACHER SEATS (no people sitting on it), and also next to it, the giant popco...

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