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    5,000 slack proiecte găsite, la prețul de USD

    Descrierea Jobului: Căutam un agent de suport extraordinar, specializat pe ecommerce, care să ne ajute să maximizăm vânzările unui magazin online în România. Fiind un business de comerț online, site-ul nostru se bazează în mod principa...mod amiabil Poate dedica un loc linistit pentru munca online și are acces la calculator Candidatul ideal este confortabil să poate asista clienți prin apel telefonic și să recupereze o mare parte a vânzărilor care nu au fost concluzionate inițial Experiență necesară: 2+ ani de experiență în customer service sau vânzări în comerț online Experiență precedentă în munca cu software online de tip Slack, Asana, Google Drive, Wordpress/Woocommerce, Zoom, Live Agent etc. Preferăm să lucrăm cu perso...

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    ...ofera constant noi provocarii echipei de programare, avand posibilitatea de a lucra cu mai multe tehnologii si sa genereze constant noi dezvoltari, in baza proiectelor realizate de Project Manager, de aceea ne dorim un coleg dornic sa se dezvolte si cu urmatoarele cunostine tehnice / limbaje de programare / tehnologii: - PHP - React Native - MySQL - Bootstrap - Codeigniter - Laravel - JS - GIT - Slack - SSH - PHP inclusiv OOP - nivel avansat; - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX; - MySql - nivel avansat; - Experienta in integrarea prin servicii web REST/SOAP; - Cel putin unul din framework-urile PHP OOP cunoscute (Zend Framework, Laravel, Symfony, Yii etc.); - Drupal 7 si GIT; - Analiza proiect si estimare dezvoltare software; - Modificare cod sursa in PHP / MySQL; - Integrare c...

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    ...libertatea de care ai nevoie sau pe care ti-o doresti. A doua veste buna este ca o sa avem contract si o sa primim o factura din partea ta lunar si spiritul antreprenorial este hranit si el. ****Iata profilul specialistului pe care il cautam: Experienta minimum 5 ani in domeniu. Cunostinte avansate pentru : GA, GTM, GO, Enhanced e-commerce, Funnel. Excel nivel avansat Hotjar sau similar CRM : Slack sau similar Marketing Automation Platforma Gomag (Se va invata in prima luna. Nu implica programare, ci doar setari intr-o interfata prietenoasa) Responsabilitati: Are in subordine : Agentia de Performance (Google Ads, Fb, Instagram), Responsabil Content, Social media expert, Newsletter specialist, departamentul de creatie Va efectua Calendarul de Campanii si se va asigura ca ...

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    5 oferte indeplinite folosind aceste tutoriale si putina creativitate. Deasemeni sa poata delega sarcini pe freelancer si a le manageria (eg. sa asigure configurarea unui server, web design, scripturi, research etc.), fiind responsabil de rezultatul final. Sunt necesare cunostinte avansate de limba engleza inclusiv vorbit. Tinem evidenta la tot ce facem pe Trello. Mai folosim Google Drive, Slack etc. Postul este full time, remote, cu o perioada de probe platita, program flexibil. Sarcinilie vor fi transmise de regula telefonic, urmand ca dupa fiecare discutie asistentul sa scrie un e-mail care sa clarifice sarcina. Pentru a aplica, raspunde la urmatoarele intrebari: De ce crezi ca esti potrivit pentru job? Ce experienta anterioara ai? Ce te pasionaza? Dupa ce te-...

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    2 oferte without compromising quality is a must. Ideal candidates should have a vast background in brand designing, with a focus on color palettes and typography. Exceptional creativity and an innovative mindset are necessary. Also, candidates should be responsive and able to meet tight deadlines. example of output should look like the below -

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    ...summaries. You'll need to figure out how can send these outputs back to Zapier. This may involve setting up to send emails with this information or using 's API if available. ### Step 4: Distributing Insights to Each Location's Manager - **Action Event**: Use an action in Zapier to distribute the insights from to each location's manager. This could be via email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, or another communication tool your management team uses. - **Configuration**: You'll need to set up conditional logic or Paths in Zapier, if available, to send the relevant information to the correct manager based on the call's originating location or other identifiable information. ### Considerations: 1. **API Limits**: Be aware of any API limits for RingCentral,...

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    ...will stay to work on the following modules or functionalities of the application, apart from monetization, which is the earliest we need. Profile for Tech Leader. High level of experience in: * Verification and control of code provided by developers. * Managing work from the technical side (in the provided languages). * Handling of management tools such as Jira and communication tools such as Slack. * Mastering Git following a correct and orderly Gitflow, ensuring the stability of the project in the joint work of several people. You are required to: * Assume responsibility for developer deliverables. * Commitment to code stability and application functionalities. * Integrity with the project * Ability to manage teams * Honesty and transparency in developer/project affai...

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    ...chatbot designer to create chatbots that will serve as a primary tool for customer support and sales leads generation for small to medium businesses. This multi-language chatbot may need to integrate with popular messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Slack. Key Requirements: - Expertise in developing multilingual chatbots. - Understanding of chatbots for different sectors including business, ecommerce and services. - Knowledge of chatbot integration with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Slack. - Capability to make the chatbot handle customer support queries effectively and capture lead generation data efficiently. Freelancer must possess excellent communication skills and present previous work in this field. User experience design skills will b...

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    ...little commits, lots of code pushing... This is NOT an option. If you tell me you push "once a day, or twice a day"... just don't bid. If you don't know how DevOps works, you are nuts. We have to roll back changes and it's horrible to do with 4 hours of edits all in one commit. Additionally, we will be providing you with all the other pieces you need for testing and development. Our MongoDB, A Slack Channel, and Our GitHub account. If you don't use these or know how to use them... please just don't bid. I don't need a major write up of all your experience in Angular, Vue, etc... This is a very specific tech stack and I expect you to go through the URLS provided above and give me two prices. One price for each of the projects based o...

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    Laravel Maestro Needed S-a încheiat left

    ...Experience:** - Profound knowledge in Laravel backend development - Expertise in creating and managing server-side logic - Experience with Laravel's ORM and Eloquent for database interactions - Familiarity with deployment and environment management - A systematic approach to debugging and testing **Communication:** For this project, I lean towards real-time updates and discussions via Whatsapp or Slack. It’s crucial for maintaining the flow of ideas and addressing any hurdles promptly....

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    I need a research report (15 - 20 pages) on a theology topic. The topic will be communicated to the selected researcher(s). Required qualifications: 1. Excellent English writing and speaking skills 2. Awareness of theology topics such as Islamic monotheism, Hindu Advaita Ve...sharing, and discussions. The compensation will be on an hourly basis for the duration of the project. The freelancer is required to commit 2 hours daily to the project (max. 10 hours per week) including time for research, knowledge sharing, and discussions. The deliverable is a Google Doc that is formatted nicely and professionally. Freelancers comfortable with discussions over Google Meet, Slack, and WhatsApp only need to apply, since the research needs to be done mutually through knowledge sharing and di...

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    As the person handling this project, I need assistance in managing administrative tasks on Altassian, AWS, GitLab, and Slack. The scope of work includes, but is not limited to: - Managing between 10 to 50 user accounts and permissions - Configuring access control as per specific needs - Automating workflows to increase productivity and efficiency The ideal freelancer should have intermediate skills in managing these platforms. Their knowledge and expertise should streamline everyday tasks, ensuring a smooth operation in achieving organizational goals.

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    SentryLink Jobs S-a încheiat left the security industry. 4. Development Process: Agile methodology: Divide the project into sprints with defined deliverables and timelines. Weekly or bi-weekly progress updates: Freelancers will provide regular updates on project progress, including completed tasks, pending work, and any blockers. Collaboration tools: Utilize project management and communication tools such as Jira, Trello, Slack, or Microsoft Teams for efficient collaboration and coordination. 5. Quality Assurance and Testing: Conduct thorough testing at each stage of development, including unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end testing. Ensure compliance with web accessibility standards (e.g., WCAG) and perform cross-browser and cross-device testing to ensure compatibility and responsiveness. Ad...

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    I'm looking to incorporate a chatbot feature on an unspecified platform through an API. The successful freelancer on this job should be a pr...experienced with both chatbot creation and API integration. Specific tasks for this project include: - API Integration: Link the chatbot to my platform through an API. - Chatbot Development: Building the chatbot functionality, including proper user interaction design. Even though I haven't specified a platform for the chatbot, experience with popular messenger services like Facebook Messenger, Slack, or Telegram could be beneficial. Kindly include in your proposal any relevant experience, previous work, or any detailed project proposal you might have. By doing this, you will have a much better chance of being chosen. Looking f...

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    As an educator, I'm looking for a skilled developer to create an innovative education chatbot. The chatbot's primary function will be multi-faceted: - To provide comprehensive learning resources - To answer frequen...To provide comprehensive learning resources - To answer frequently asked questions promptly - To offer valuable assistance during test preparation Given that no specific development language or platform was chosen, I encourage developers proficient in Python, JavaScript, or Ruby to apply, specifically if you have experience developing chatbots for various platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Slack, or Telegram. Your keen understanding of various techniques for AI design and your ability to effectively translate user need into bot functionality will be esse...

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    ...audits, standardized templates, or expert knowledge. Ensure the dataset covers a wide range of scenarios and industries to make the chatbot versatile. Design Conversation Flow: Plan the conversation flow of the chatbot, considering how users will interact with it to input audit details and receive audit findings. Decide on the messaging platform where the chatbot will be deployed (e.g., web-based, Slack, Microsoft Teams). Natural Language Processing (NLP): Implement NLP techniques to understand and process user inputs effectively. This includes entity recognition for extracting relevant information from the auditor's input. Algorithm Development: Develop algorithms to analyze audit data and generate findings based on the 5C's criteria. Consider using techniques such ...

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    ...English, - self-starter, - know very well Google products (gmail, Google sheets, docs, analytics….), - dedicated to a long-term job, - French is a strong plus. These are the tools I currently use very often: - Google products, - Asana, - Jira, - Hubspot for CRM and Newsletters, - Stripe, - ChatGPT / Bard, - excel. And these are the tools I’m interested to integrate: - Notion (to replace Asana), - slack maybe, - , - any good automation tool for LinkedIn, - a software to automatically post on social media? I’ve used Hootsuite in the past, but it’s a bit expensive. TBD. A bit about me: I’m Swiss, living in Geneva, currently employed at a 9 to 5 job but trying to quit as soon as possible. I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and a bit ADHD, so...

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    I’m seeking a skilled developer who specializes in designing and implementing bots for the Slack platform. This project involves creating a bot whose primary function will be scheduling meetings and allowing participants to join or invite others to the meeting. Problem: Currently, interested individuals rely on individual invites for postmortem meetings, creating potential for missed notifications and delayed access. Solution: Develop a custom Slack bot that automatically: Posts notifications of upcoming postmortems in the dedicated Slack channel. Includes clear meeting titles, descriptions, and join links. Optionally, summarizes key agenda points.

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    I am currently seeking a skilled and highly ...sorting and organizing large volumes of emails. - Proficient in using Google Sheets/Excel for data entry tasks. - Experience with calendar management tools and techniques. - Skilled in managing and updating contact databases with precise attention to detail. **Communication Tools:** - I prefer using Email for detailed instructions or reports. - For quick updates or questions, Messaging apps like Slack are my go-to. - I am also open to using Project management tools such as Trello for tracking tasks and deadlines. Ideal candidates will have a strong background in administrative tasks, excellent communication skills, and a knack for organization. If you are detail-oriented, proactive, and looking for a dynamic role, I would love to hear...

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    ...seeking a skilled developer to create a seamless integration between my Shopify store and Slack. Our goal is to enhance team collaboration and streamline our sales tracking process by immediately notifying our team on Slack about every new event regarding orders. Given the nature of this project, the ideal freelancer would possess the following qualifications and experience: - Proficient in developing Shopify apps and experience with the Shopify API. - Strong understanding of Slack API and webhook integrations. - Knowledge in programming languages used for API integrations, preferably JavaScript or Python. **Requirements:** - Every new order placed on Shopify should trigger an alert on a specified Slack channel. - Alerts should include three types of notifi...

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    We need to store various types of JSON response payloads that are associated to unique User IDs in Pinecone so they can be securely queried by our GPT bot. Setup the Database. We will give you examples of the data. Example sources are Twitter, Slack, Quickbooks data from an API pull. All API are already setup and pulling the JSON files. You only need to setup the Pinecone database. Should Have: -Thorough knowledge of how Pinecone's vector indexing and querying mechanisms work. -Knowing how to use Pinecone's metadata handling and filtering features. -Experience with optimizing vector dimensions and choosing appropriate vector embeddings for JSON data. -Experienced in choosing and using the appropriate Pinecone similarity metrics for different datasets. -Knowledge in P...

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    ...with Telegram and the Slack SDK. I need a python script that uses either Telethon () or Pyrogram () + the Slack SDK. What the script needs to do: 1) Monitor all channels a Telegram account is in for a list of keywords and trigger if a keyword is found in a message. It should only scan channels for new messages that occur after the script has been started (not past messages). For example: keywords monitoring for: "bubbles", "@" If these are found in any channel message on Telegram --> send alert to Slack channel w its contents, link to msg, and time/date found. 2) Once a keyword is detected in a message on Telegram, send an alert to a Slack channel using the Slack SDK. The message sent to Slack should contain: 1) lin...

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    LATINO Cold Caller S-a încheiat left

    ...Ideal Candidate: --Superb English skills verbally & written (THIS IS IMPORTANT) --Willingness to learn from both SOPs and 1-on-1s. --Comfortable with frequent communication with the team --Must be trainable, and takes direction well --Existing experience in cold calling for other companies. (1+ years!) – Existing experience in virtual customer service, chat/email support, etc -- KNOWS HOW TO USE SLACK, Text & GMAIL for communication --Is eager to learn, takes responsibility and make decisions on their own We don't want anyone who is just doing what we say and that's it, we want someone who is motivated and goes out of the way to become better and be a great team member. Our Company: Works with other businesses to get them sales calls/meetings. We do thi...

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    We are seeking an expert in Internal Communications and Digital Marketing. Your task will be to review and revamp our current communication strategies, with the aim of optimizing employee engagement. We currently use an intranet portal, team meetings, and Slack for internal communications. Our email newsletters are not sent out regularly, hence part of your task would be to establish an engaging and effective routine for such. Key responsibilities: - Assess and improve our current internal communication channels - Support the People Team to create compelling, powerful and comprehensive communications campaigns for FyMates - Create communications campaigns with a holistic approach considering all People Team projects and programs - Creation of Powerful and impactful prese...

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    I need a talented developer to construct a robust in-house team chatting tool, with a design and functionality model similar to ones you might find in Teams or Slack. Key Features Needed: - Real-time messaging - File sharing - Group chat - Unlimited users - Unlimited channels/groups - Private communication / 1:1 communication - Unlimited chat history - Searchable history - Storage, max file size capacity = standard - Data Security and privacy compliance - Admin can send invitation to join platform - Sign-up/Sign-in with Email id only Platforms/Devices: - Web-Based - Desktop Application (Window and Mac - All versions) Please note, there is no need for the tool to have any specific third-party integrations. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Demonstrated experience developing simil...

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    Goal: Create a chat application with database storage and login/signup Instruct...application with database storage and login/signup Instructions • Create your MVC backend using NodeJS, Express, and ; • Set up your database using MongoDB or Postgres; • Build your frontend using React, EJS, or NextJS. Features • User must signup and login first before they can use the chat application; • Your chat application should have rooms/channels similar to how you would see on Slack or other chat apps Messages should only be visible in their respective rooms aka if I'm on Room 1, I should not see messages from Room 2 • You can decide how many rooms you want for your application Messages should be stored in the database • OPTIONAL: User can edit a...

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    ...automate project scope, timeline, budget, and reporting ⦿ Admin portal for assigning projects to penetration testers ⦿ Portal for penetration testers to log vulnerabilities found in client's asset ⦿ Integration with Jira (etc) to connect security findings to client's ticketing system ⦿ Integration with Slack for notification of security vulnerabilities found by pentesters. ⦿ Integrate a chatting service for customer service, and internal team communication Preferred Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, , MongoDB, Express, Angular.js, React, jQuery, Node.js, Bootstrap, Emotion, CDN: Cloudflare, Issue Tracker: Sentry, CMS: Contentful Th...

    $3682 - $7364
    Recomandat Sigilat
    $3682 - $7364
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    ...months but then to longer term is the projected plan. 5) Fixed monthly Budget project of 250AUD 6) Number of hours required a month is 10 - 14 hour maximum. In terms of technical capabilities, the person chosen for this task should be proficient in the following software/tools: - Microsoft Office Suite - Google Suite - CRM software - word and basic website content management software - iCal/Asana/Slack/kanban (one or two, not all are needed for this role) - word/excel - internet searching and research Previous experience in a similar role is a plus. By scheduling and monitoring tasks effectively, you would be instrumental in helping us hit project deadlines more efficiently and organise priority lists. Excellent communication skills are a must. This role offers the flexibilit...

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    I am in need of a Python code that will allow me to send daily snapshots ...Google Sheet data. The snapshot should be formatted as a JPG file and automatically sent to WhatsApp, Slack, and Email. Key Requirements: - Python programming: Accomplished Python developer who has had experience working with Google Sheets API and messaging integration. - Data extraction: Ability to select specific rows and columns from a Google Sheets document. - Image formatting: Transforming the selected data into a JPG snapshot. - Automation: Setting up an automatic daily sending of this snapshot to designated recipients on WhatsApp, Slack, and Email. Ideal skills and experience: - Python - Google Sheets API - Automation Tools - Image processing - Experience with WhatsApp, Slack and...

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    ...the metrics that push the needle. - Understanding of TOF and MOF traffic including what posts attract each type of audience and which CTA’s to use to move them down the funnel. - History of creating IG stories that convert - Ability to multitask, prioritize work, and meet deadlines - Strong communication skills; written and verbal - Proficiency in using various communication tools such as email, Slack, and Asana - A proactive attitude and the ability to work independently in a remote environment Metrics / Expected Results: - Maintain a 24-hour response time for all social media engagements and messages - 100% follow social media content calendar, ensuring a high level of schedule compliance - Track weekly social media and marketing performance metrics with at least 95% a...

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    Versatile Assistant Needed S-a încheiat left

    I'm in need of a dedicated and resourceful virtual assistant to streamline my daily operations and enhance productivity. **Responsibilities:** - Manage my calendar to optimize scheduling - Handle my email correspondence efficiently - Keep my Slack conversations organized and updated - Book budget-friendly flights and hotels **Ideal Skills:** - Proven experience in administrative support - Strong organizational skills with an eye for detail - Excellent communication abilities - Proficiency in using scheduling tools - Experience in travel planning and finding cost-effective options I'm looking for someone who can take initiative and help me stay on top of my responsibilities while being mindful of expenses. If you thrive in a fast-paced environment and are ...

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    Full-time long-term employee wanted: I'm seeking a multi-talented Virtual Assistant Team Lead to streamline our operations and ensure that our virtual team is running smoothly. As the central figur...background in instructional design. - Excellent communication and organization skills. - Setup our PM software, stay updated on tools and trends to help make our team more efficient Experience Level: - Intermediate; Looking for someone with a solid track record of team management and sufficient industry knowledge. Communication: - Primary communication will be via Instant Messaging platforms such as Slack or Teams for quick and efficient real-time interaction. I'm eager to work with a self-motivated individual who can take initiative and bring valuable organizational impro...

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    ...FAQs and responses. - Assist with sending greeting cards, invitations, newsletters, and invoices. 7. Calendar Management: - Manage and schedule important events, client meetings, and appointments. 8. Community Engagement: - Monitor and respond to comments and messages on Slack and Facebook groups. 9. Appointment Setting: - Respond to inquiries about group coaching programs via email, DMs, and social media. 10. Managing Slack Channel: - Create engaging content and facilitate discussions in our private Slack channel. Requirements: - Previous experience as an Executive Assistant or in a similar role. - Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal. - Proficiency in video uploading platforms (Dropbox, Vimeo, etc.). - Strong organizational and...

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    ...complete a paid test project (details will be provided). -Showcase examples of high-quality editing work with meticulous attention to detail. -Proficiency in video editing software (DaVinci Resolve; knowledge of Premiere Pro is a plus). -Ability to work under deadlines and manage multiple projects simultaneously. -Excellent communication skills and a very good level of English. Familiarity with Slack is a plus. Pay: $350-$400 USD per project (multiple basic edits of 1–5 minutes). Hours: I don't care when you work as long as you meet the deadlines. Role Advancement: This ongoing role will offer increased responsibility and scope as the agency continues to grow. We are looking for someone to become a valued member of our team, not just a freelancer. Hiring process: S...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer who can create a chrome plugin for me. The plugin should be compatible with Windows and ideally, also with Mac. I would prefer the plugin to have a user interface, but it is not necessary. However, it would be a plus if it does have one. The ma...without any manual intervention. The ideal candidate for this job should have experience in developing chrome plugins and be familiar with Flock messenger. They should be able to create a plugin that seamlessly integrates with the messenger and efficiently deletes messages. It should be something like this plugin but instead of deleting messages on slack, it deletes the on flock.

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    We are a branding, marketing & website design agency with a difference. We believe in empowering our clients through education. Our HQ is based in Brunswick, Victoria but we are opening up a satellite office in WA and are looking to build ou...For sure! We are all about ensuring a great company culture but we work hard too. As a general rule our company culture is: * Creative & Highly Collaborative * Kinda Quirky & Slightly Geeky * Relaxed & Casual * Supportive & Educational * Passionate & Ambitious * Neurodivergent Supportive We are an equal opportunity workplace and our small team is friendly and always up for a bit of banter on Slack or in our catch up meetings. *** So we know you have fully read this job description, please start your application with...

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    There are a great many levels of expertise in design. We are not looking for an adequate or even a GOOD designer...course: Know how to PROPERLY use Elementor!!!!!!! We need you to be available for at least 5 hours per day for team communication between the hours of 9 AM - 5 PM EST (USA - New York Time Zone). SPECIAL PREFERENCE WILL BE GIVEN TO CANDIDATES THAT PROVIDE A VIDEO so that we can judge communication skills since we often have the designers speak directly with clients. You must have the ability to use SLACK, ZOOM (zoom meetings provided by the company if needed), and learn/work with Click Up. Please provide SPECIFIC WEBSITES OR OTHER PROJECT COLLATERAL THAT YOU HAVE PRODUCED. Please provide a great portfolio that shows the level and expertise of your design ability. ...

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    ...demographic, which will be disclosed upon awarding the project, to join a specific Slack group. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Exceptional copywriting skills, particularly email copywriting - Understanding the mindset of entrepreneurs, marketers, and designers, as they may be among the target demographic - Experience with creating persuasive, engaging content that motivates people to take action Project Timeline: There's no specific timeline for this project. Expectations: - Create email/subject sequence with a warm and engaging tone, each email up to 200 words. - Email should pass spam check and avoid spam trigger words - Deliver high-quality, persuasive emails that encourage recipients to join our Slack group As a heads up, when you do reply, please mention ...

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    ...side projects. I am looking for a long term engagement, to work on multiple projects, starting with one project with fixed deliverable and budget. Post the completion of the project, I would prefer to have a retainer arrangement, where in there will be a fixed remuneration for a fixed number of hours every month. Skills & qualities I am looking for: Qualities - Communicative: Responsive on Email/Slack/Whatsapp (Don’t use and don't want to use Skype). I do not expect instant responses, but should not be a delay of more than 24 hours (of course exceptional situations do not come under this window) - Pro-active information about timelines: We will define and conclude on a scope of work, final deliverables, approximate no. of hours for each deliverable & the time...

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    ...sociales y tareas de Community Manager. - Configuración y gestión de chatbots, preferiblemente con experiencia en ManyChat. **Requisitos**: - Excelente dominio del español. - Disponibilidad para trabajar en un horario flexible, pero no más allá de las 20:00 horas. - Compromiso con la confidencialidad y profesionalismo. - Excelentes habilidades de comunicación y servicio al cliente. - Familiaridad con Slack para comunicación y organización de tareas. - Capacidad para trabajar de manera autónoma y proactiva. **Horas de Trabajo**: - La cantidad de horas trabajadas será monitoreada y calculada mediante una aplicación específica. - Por favor, indique su disponibilidad semanal en horas. **Tarifas**: ...

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    ...Reporting Setup Expert Brand Name: - I am looking for an experienced professional who can help me establish a remote team management and reporting setup. - The primary goal of this project is to develop efficient reporting systems for my remote team. - My preferred mode of communication with the remote team is instant messaging. - The ideal candidate should have expertise in using Slack for remote team management and reporting. - Knowledge of other tools such as Trello and Asana is a plus. - The candidate should have a strong understanding of team communication and workflow optimization. - Excellent problem-solving and organizational skills are required for this project. - Effective communication and collaboration skills are essential to ensure successful implementation of th...

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    Experiencia en diseño de contenidos en diferentes canales, con experiencia comprobable del uso de palabras clave y analíticas; y certificación en Analytics y MKT Google, CMS, uso y manejo de software de monitorización de canales de difusión, Canvas, Google Search Console, Slack, Google Trends, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, Trello, Google Meet, entre otras.

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    I need a talented and...OC3 to OC 4 compatibility. You also MUST know Journal theme. This is only a project for experienced opencart developers. I only want someone with attention to details who can work WITH me to find issues and then fix them. Please quote "ireaddit" to show you read the details on this project. You need to be a good communicator who does not disappear for days , must use sky pe or a messenger like slack for project comms ideally. I would suggest to quote for 10 hours work and then we will know exactly what we have to do from there to finish the job and can do another milestone. Same thing for the going live phase, we can estimate time to do it and any extra time that we didnt expect due to an issue we find when doing the go live phase I will add to the...

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $20 / hr Oferta medie
    71 oferte

    Title: Debugging Issue of Slack and Azure DevOps Pipelines Job Integration Project Description: I am looking for a developer who can help me debug an issue with the integration of Slack and Azure DevOps Pipelines. Currently, the pipeline is failing and I am encountering an error message. Specific Requirements: - Debug the issue with the integration and identify the root cause of the error message - Fix the integration so that it works seamlessly, allowing automated updates to be posted in the Slack group once the pipeline runs successfully - Primarily use Python for programming language in the pipeline Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience with Slack and Azure DevOps Pipelines - Proficient in Python programming language - Knowledge of webhooks and ...

    $19 (Avg Bid)
    $19 Oferta medie
    7 oferte

    I’m looking for a freelancer with a deep grasp of Slack to conduct a thorough forensic analysis on six short files and one short message thread and confirm the number of times a particular user logged into the Slack account by reference to the access logs. This is a RUSH job -- we need a written report and affidavit by Monday mid-morning. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience using Slack - Proven track record in digital forensic examination that will satisfy a federal court. This role requires a high level of accuracy and attention to detail. The right candidate will have a thorough understanding of how Slack works and be comfortable navigating its various file types. I look forward to your application.

    $965 (Avg Bid)
    $965 Oferta medie
    27 oferte

    I am looking for a skilled professional to resolve VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) points on my website. Current State of Website Security: - Some vulnerabilities have been identified Type of Vulnerabilities Identified: - Technical vulnerabilities Preferred Method of Communication: - Instant Messaging (Skype, Slack, etc.) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in VAPT and website security - Knowledge of various technical vulnerabilities and their resolution - Proficiency in instant messaging platforms for effective communication during the project.

    $76 (Avg Bid)
    $76 Oferta medie
    3 oferte

    ...Perform SEO optimization for our company, projects, and products. - Assist in conducting cold outbound campaigns using platforms like HubSpot, Sendinblue, and LinkedIn. - Prepare detailed weekly and monthly reports for our company, projects, and products. - Conduct market research and competitor analysis to stay ahead of market trends. Technical Proficiencies: - Familiarity with our tech stack: Slack, Canva, Google Workspace, ClickUp, Chat GPT, HubSpot, Sendinblue, WordPress, and Shopify. - Experience or knowledge of technologies (is a plus but not necessary) we work with for clients: WordPress, Shopify, Python, Salesforce, Braze, Moengage, Clevertap, HubSpot, Webengage, Singular, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Adjust, Ultrarev, Brevo, Exponea, Bluecore, Omnisend, Inside...

    $204 (Avg Bid)
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    I have my own equipment and am using windows 10 and an Android phone. I need help building a basic website, setting up business email, setting up password management system, coordinating email, Skype and Zoom on Slack platform, setup of dual monitors, security cam and printer as well as other wifi connected devices.

    $180 (Avg Bid)
    $180 Oferta medie
    59 oferte all interactions. Desired Qualities: 1. Attention to Detail and impeccable organization: Highly valued individuals who can bring structure and efficiency to tasks. 2. Stress Resilience: Appreciate team members who remain composed in high-pressure situations. 3. Proactivity: Acknowledge initiative and a strong sense of common sense. 4. Eagerness to Learn: Familiarity with tools such as Slack, Monday, Loom, ChatGPT, Zoom, and Asana is advantageous. 5. Proficiency in Translators & AI: Comfortable translating elements as our clients exclusively speak French. Ideal Candidate: - Has solid experience in calendar management, event planning, and meeting planning. - Ability to anticipate needs, think critically, and offer solutions to problems. - Highly responsive and ...

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    Local Urgent
    $12 / hr Oferta medie
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    I am urgently in need of a competent developer that can build a bot for me. There's flexibility in the type of bot you could create – it might be a chatbot, a trading bot, or a social media bot. To qualify for the project: • Please provide information about your past work, your gen...There's flexibility in the type of bot you could create – it might be a chatbot, a trading bot, or a social media bot. To qualify for the project: • Please provide information about your past work, your general experience, and detailed project proposals. • You should also be aware of different platforms or messaging apps because the bot might need to be built for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Slack. Your experience in bot development and familiarity with these ...

    $119 (Avg Bid)
    $119 Oferta medie
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