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    Create custom-language support for Prism [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Example custom langage definition is at [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Our language operators and keywords are: Our keywords: Keywords to apear in bue: |#define|And|AndWhile|As|Boolean|Continue|Dim|Do|Else|ElseIf|End|Evaluate|Exit|Explicit|False|For|GoSub|GoTo|If|Integer|Loop|Mod|Next|Not|Optio...

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    I tried to code my restaurant menu markup myself. I have all the items coded but there is syntax issues that I cannot find. Could you clean up my code and fix it?

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    Hi Freelancers, I am looking for someone who understand, speak and write both English and Bahasa Malaysia. The task is very easy. 1) I will provide you a file in English and you must translate it in Bahasa Malaysia. Machine translator is not acceptable because it provides syntax errors and grammatical problems. 2) I will cross check the final work with other native speakers before release t...

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    We are looking to build our publishing team and we need to find editors and a proofreader we can work with as part of our team to work on books that need developmental and copy/line editing and proofreading. These will be business books, self-help books, Christian books so you should have at least worked on some of these types of projects in the past. In order to apply for this job Please type in...

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    It's a 4-page (1200 words) document translated from French to English. The document is composed of short summaries (of films) and 2 short bios. I need someone with strong English skills to proofread and correct the grammar, spelling and syntax mistakes that could have been made. The goal is to make sure everything looks professional because it has been translated by someone whose first langu...

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    Your code should be based on my code and you only have to add the 'Delete from any postion function' #include <iostream> using namespace std; //Creating Node Structure struct Node{ int data; Node *link; }; // Creating Head Pointer and Equating to Null Node *head=NULL; //Function to insert at the beginning of linked list void insertBeg( int d){ Node *ptr= new Node(); ptr->dat...

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    Hello! I am an Italian master student. I studied Business Administration in English, and now I am writing my final project. I should need a complete check of the work, in terms of grammar, syntax and professional vocabulary. Someone can help me? Thank you a lot, Camilla

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    ECOMMERCE COPYWRITER (Optimized Content Specialist) – 3 month contract Basis: Self Employed Compensation: Project-based Summary: We are currently recruiting for a London-based Ecommerce Copywriter to join our team, based in Victoria in London. dermoi! is an innovative skincare hub, providing services, products and knowledge through a treatments-at-home platform, online shop and social me...

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    Anchors are entities that people trust to hold their deposits and issue credits into the Stellar network for those deposits. All money transactions in the Stellar network (except lumens) occur in the form of credit issued by anchors, so anchors act as a bridge between existing currencies and the Stellar network. Using the Stellar protocol, 2 organizations transacting together agree to use a sta...

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    I have a working copy of the report (which has multiple slides) for 2019 and need to convert it for 2020. Both are fed by a single excel file, one for 2019 and one for 2020. I've attempted numerous times but still finding random errors and i'd really just like the work done. The changes between 2019s excel and 2020 are very minor, an unmerged column and column renames. The syntax isn&#...

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    I require existing simple syntax code to be converted to Python 3.8.1 for use with Questrade API A copy of the simple syntax used is included as, "Advance Scan Sample" Once I receive the files I will upload to Questrade server for verification and conformity.

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    Required to use with Questrade API Search out stocks to buy when they meet the criteria based on technical indicators. Ability to use a combination of moving averages, RSI, Slow Stochastics and volume. I am enclosing a Word file which demonstrates one of my scans using [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] syntax. The coding can be in Python, C++, C#

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    1) Receive a copy of the application/data. If they are not split then the first task I will do is to split the data layer from the application layer 2) Take the database layer and use Microsoft's conversion tool to upsize the back end to Access 2016 .accdb format, and afterwords convert any of the database fields to any newer standard that might exist (i.e. rich text based fields over plain ...

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    PDO expert for exceptions S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for a expert in pdo to help make my exceptions better. I have moved my website from sql to pdo and i have a few errors with query's i have difficulty identifying. I do NOT want any errors fixing i hope to fix these myself i just need the errors documented better. This is a example of my current exception log ([conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]) Uncaught Exception: 2020...

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    I made a translation from Spanish to English of a small tour guide, 3500 words. I need a revision of the text in English, in case there is any grammatical or syntax error, or of any kind. If there is an error you must mark it in red and put the correct phrase or word next to it.

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    I need my Laravel web app to be able to work offline and store input data and once it detects online connectivity, will sync to update the db tables online. I need someone with strong knowledge in Laravel +mySQL, Service Worker and the following offline development tools: 1. javaScript's async/await syntax, 2. sw-precache, sw-toolbox, workbox 3. indexedDB

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    Book copy edit S-a încheiat left

    I need a knowledgeable, experienced financial copy editor for a 30,000-word book. It's a financial book on investment strategy. I need someone with significant financial/investment knowledge. The first 20% of the book has been copy edited. I need someone to emulate that copy editing and do the rest of the book. I do not need punctuation, grammar, syntax. That's been done. I need someon...

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    C++/Python Program S-a încheiat left

    I need a small C++/Python programmer to edit latex syntax in a text file by comparing it to other text file. Exposure to Latex syntax will be added advantage.

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    I need a native English speaker to review an academic paper. Since English is not my native language, some sintax corrections may be needed here and there.

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    I would like for someone to fix my code as the output is not what i hoped for heres my code: #include <iostream> #include <string> using namespace std; struct Employee { int emp_no; string ename; string job; float salary; float bonus; }; int main() { Employee arr[10]; cout<<"Please enter the employee info"<<"n"; for(int i=1; i<10; i++) { cout<...

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    I have a simple project. I need a skilled Editor who can help me thoroughly edit my manuscript for syntax, sentence structure, etc. It is about 80 pages double spaced. Editor must be familiar with American style writing and edit so a 4th grader can understand. The primary audience are people in the United States of America.

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    Augment Mediawiki webpages using programs. 1) I want to auto-generate pages pages based on a text file. The text file is from running ^XINDEX on VA VistA programs 2) Uploading selected pages from wiktionary - creating duplicate pages on my mediawiki 3) I want a wiki page Template to be able to add lines to the end of a different wiki page 4) Writing a mediawiki bot to check a page syntax v...

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    I am looking for someone who can write content for website blogs on a variety of different topic areas. I need 10 blogs that are 1000 words each and they must all be well-researched. Content must be written using correct grammar, spelling, syntax etc. and must pass Copyscape to be of any use. The turnaround time should be no more than one week. Please only reply if you are a native English speak...

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    1). Landing page + Audio text 2). Product page + Audio text 3). 5). Personal recording page plug-ins, Personal recorder require set up on page.. To allow customer to record personal voice script. Reading from 1 of 7 scripts. 4). Lead / capture page to collect customer contract info, Email & Phone / marketing list builder required. - Create back-page marketing SEO - index marketing/key word...

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    This is the syntax I have for my HTML table being used in my Razor page. My issue is that I have the three columns, and column 1 (on the left) is an image, but columns 2 and 3 nothing is properly aligned or spaced out. What do I need to change so that everything properly aligns?

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    I need a high quality translation, that is, good syntax, grammatically correct text and relevance of the whole text.

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    I need an customize ROM for phone (Android ROM or ROM for feature phone like Nokia 230) with some features like: - Can use special syntax command like *#1*0987654321# to register the number 0987654321 as the suppervisor number; - Send sms to the supervisor number when the phone is receiving a call or making a call; - The supervisor number can call to the phone, if the phone is being in a call, it...

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    Hello, I would like a Joomla plugin that could create dynamically responsive tabs inside a Joomla article or Joomla k2 item, using the following syntax: {responsivetab Tab Title 1} The text for the first tab... {responsivetab Tab Title 2} The text for the second tab... {/responsivetabs} In a small screen (mobile/tablet), the tabs must be converted in accordions exactly like in [conectează-te pe...

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    I had created a prior job to create this software on freelancer, and the work on the extension was fully completed, by the freelancer. However now I expect chrome has updated, or something simple, and the extension has stopped functioning or something along those lines. I can't contact the original software designer and need someone to help me trouble shoot this error. I expect it could be si...

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    Hi everyone, My name is Alan Thompson and I am the author of a Supernatural Sci-Fi Thriller called Creation Abomination which I self-published in March of 2018. I am nearly finished with my second novel (it's a three book series) and I am looking to hire a professional editor. I edited my first book, and while I received really good reviews, almost all of the negative comments have to do w...

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    Hello Mohamed I need your support for VOIPswitch ,, in VOIPSwitch Manager, Can I force the trunk caller ID to be anonymous for each call going through that specific trunk? I know the steps,, but I don't know the syntax I should add in the CLI,, Please message me I need to hire you for that purpose..

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    Hi - In my HTML table on my Razor site my data is not displaying as I want. This is my desired display format [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] - two columns. Can someone alter my core mvc razor C# site to display this way?

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    Hello, We are getting a syntax error in Safari (and some older versions of Firefox, etc) on our dev site from the JavaScript code of our custom Magento 2 extension which adds +/- buttons to the QTY selector throughout site. This error I believe is causing images not to load on our site in Safari. Images will load when this part of code below is removed (but extension no longer works of course when...

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    Title tells everything. I back up a wordpress site and move to another server. Environment is a windows server 2016 and using mySQL . Tried dong a restore of the database but it returns erorrs due to a change in the syntax. Appears that the previosdu server had a earlier version of the database. I will like you to engage the restoration of the wordpress site. This is a small task for someon...

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    Trophy icon Html E-mail Signature S-a încheiat left

    I need a very professional, clean and minimalistic e-mail signature for my company. You can use a generic photo and the winner i send my photo to include and make the signature complete. I have uploaded a few examples for you to see. And my Logo. 1 logo in Full Colour and 1 Full White for if you use a background with my house colour: #00105C Rico van der veen Managing Director [conectează-te pen...

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    Content Writer cum Editor – Print Publication We have urgent requirements for Content Writer cum Editor, for a Children’s publication. You can find the detailed job description enclosed below for your reference: Requirements: Key/ Primary Skills: • Excellent Written Skills and Reading – Comprehension, Expression, Sensitivity, Articulation, Vocabulary, Syntax • Good ...

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    I need some changes to an existing Wordpress website for a tour operator. We are expanding from just offering day tours to also offering multiday tours. 1. Redesign of current web landing page (offering just day tours) to allow primary day tour v multiday tour customer option. 2. Creation of 2x new sub-landing pages (one for day and one for multiday tours). The day sub landing page will look much...

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    Hello, i have a magento multistore website where I need to change the order progression number for the store views. es: US storeview has the store ID 4, and the order next to 419002715 should be 420000001 this is the syntax: [store_view][20][order_number]

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    I have English word file as report need to review English grammar and syntax to correct it and alos need to apply full formatting for each document section with ( font size, sections numbing, adjust paragraphs, add table content , Figures list, table list ). I need this task done by today within coming 6 hours due to urgent need.

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    Realisierung eines Send-and-Wait Protokolls (SAW) auf der Basis von UDP-Sockets. Schreiben Sie ein Sender- und ein Empfänger-Programm in C (Konsolenprogramme), mit Hilfe derer eine Textdatei zeilenweise vom Sender an den Empfänger via UDPv6/IPv6- übertragen werden kann. Dem Sender werden der Dateiname, die IPv6- Adresse und der Port des Empfängers als Programmargumente üb...

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    I need someone to proofreading and grammar syntax etc 1500 words. Deadline Asap. Please bid If you can do this Thanks!

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    proofreading 700 words S-a încheiat left

    I need someone to quickly proofread(grammar,syntax,style etc) and check English of 700 words for TODAY

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    Quick Puppet Fix S-a încheiat left

    I have a small snippet of puppet that needs fixing: sendmail::mailertable::entries { '[conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]': value: '"error:5.7.0:550 mail is not accepted"', } This errors out like this: Dec 27 18:09:11 ip-10-11-2-85 puppet-agent[9219]: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server: Error 400 on SERVER: Syntax error at ':';...

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    Proofreading S-a încheiat left

    I need a proofreader to fix all errors,grammatical,syntax and style 3900 approx word

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    We are looking for someone (bilingual: Spanish and English) who will develop (from scratch, authentic content) cover letters and profiles in English, but, with information that we will provide that includes data in Spanish and English. That’s why we need someone who master both languages. We will provide examples, guidelines and details. These documents are for job seekers who are part of a...

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    BORN is looking for a skilled full-time Front-End Developer to join our agency. You’ll be working alongside visual designers, interactive designers and software engineers under the direction of our Technical Leads. REQUIRED: • 4-5 years experience developing standards-based, semantic and well-formatted HTML and CSS • 3+ years experience working with Javascript and Javascript fr...

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    Please perfectly correct mistakes and syntax of this text : Africa Ports & Airports, a group with 35 years of international experience in maritime transport, port management and logistics, is responsible for all port handling operations carried out at the Kamsar KCT container terminal (pronounced "kèssiti" editor's note) . The Africa Port & Airport group, throug...

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    Create an Q&A API S-a încheiat left

    - It needs to be created using Symfony (4.*) and  NelmioApiDocBundle - The API needs to have a GET route where one can request the questions with pagination as well as ability to sort by rank Another GET route for answers. We need POST routes for creating a question and adding answers as well. The answer needs to be sent with a docker image -Looking for * use of PHP 7.* syntax * co...

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    I have a wordpress Blog. Now I want to have Angular JSON QUIZ in my site. Angular JS code. "[conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]" . This modules to be implemented in my Blog. I can manually add the quiz with the syntax they have given. In short , I have an angular JS Script for Quiz. I want that o implement in Wordpress Blog. So that I can add Quiz in my wordpress

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