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    Comanda vocala S-a încheiat left

    Am nevoie de o aplicatie in tensorflow pentru comanda vocala, aplicatia trebuie sa fie in romana.

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    Training for Tensorflow AI 6 zile left

    looking for someone that can walk through the tensorflow with me using Whatapp talk and teamviewer screenshare and explain the working principle I dont use this for any specific reason, I just am interested in getting it running with one or two small examples as hobby.

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    I'm using the KNN Nearest Neighbour Algorithm to predict student performance in a module with a simple 400 row dataset and 6 columns. However, when I use the code of my lectures, it doesn't come out as I want to be. I'm in distress and need help from an expert. I will pay for assisted guidance.

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    I want an automatically updated live premier league predictor based on previous historical data and current filtered twitter data about each game. without Twitter, the accuracy of xgboost is 75%. with twitter the accuracy should be at least 85% or more. I will also provide the code for this project

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    This is a simple project. The purpose is to detect the workers who have the real abilities of machine learning. Please calculate the similarities between images A and the others. the base image A: CAT [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] the other images B: BALOON [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] C: Stapler [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] D: HOTDOG [conectează-te...

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    I need somebody to create a roobet crash predictor, to predict exactly what % it will crash with 99%+ accuracy every single time. Roobet website: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] (some countries may require VPN to access) If you can make a prediction with either of these websites, the reward will be GREAT No funds will be released until system is tested and working as it should firs...

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    The goal of our project is to be able to predict the market price on a daily basis using ML, based on the book order, including past orders, executed orders, canceled orders, and all information that can important in order to predict the market price. We have access to live orders stored in a database that is updated every second, so the idea is to continuously analyze data with new orders in ord...

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    we are required to select one online review data source, such as TripAdviser or Yelp, and develop a neural network/deep neural network with the feature representations of bigram and word embeddings in PyCharm with TensorFlow and Keras. The developed neural network will be used to classify reviews. The specific tasks are below: (a) detail the task and process of sentiment classification (b) describ...

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    Time series model for forex prediction I have some experience in forex trading and machine learning that I want to use to predict the next day close. I have tried several times but I got a low accuracy. I know what type of feature to be used and I can provide with it. then, I need to deploy that model to use it for my own strategy. I would start with one currency pair then I want to analyze at lea...

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    I am a landscaping estimator and have a client that needs a retaining wall. I need someone with a stamp for the state of Texas. The HOA needs an engineer to sign off on the wall. I am looking at a 3'-4' tall retaining wall at it's highest point. I don't have a drawing, but have some pictures of the area. I need to know specifics on the design of the wall. I have attached ...

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    I need a pytorch and tensorflow expert for my multiple projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers.

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    $24 - $200
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    I want help with a Reinforced learning project built with Pytorch Lightning. If should predict stock prices from Yahoo Finance. See attached document. More specification will be available when the project starts

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    Definition: Research is defined as careful consideration of study regarding a particular concern or problem using scientific methods. According to the American sociologist Earl Robert Babbie, “research is a systematic inquiry to describe, explain, predict, and control the observed phenomenon.

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    I am looking for a project written in python with a short report. It is based on Image classification with Neural Networks: Use Tensorflow 2 to train neural networks for the classification of fruit/vegetable types based on images from this dataset "Fruits 360" given on kaggle. Images must be transformed from JPG to RGB pixel values and scaled down (e.g., 32x32). Use fruit/vegetable types...

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    The goal is to build a model to predict whether a given tumour is malignant or benign, based on the features available in the data set. This is to be done without using any neural network packages like Tensorflow, Keras, Scikit etc. Other packages such as numpy, pandas, seaboarn etc are allowed.

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    Bonjour, Je cherche un freelance qui est capable de modéliser des objets 3d. Les objets sont des t-shirts de sport. Pour le moment, il y aurait 10 modèles à prévoir et pour chaque modèle différents calques. Le projet est à construire ensemble. Cordialement Hi, I need a freelancer to build a 3d model objects. The objects are sports tshirt. At the mo...

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    FashionCloud 4 zile left

    Algorithm based learning model to predict fashion trends.

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    NO FIRMS! INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS ONLY. YOU MUST COMPLETE A CASE STUDY TO ADVANCE TO THE NEXT INTERVIEW STEPS. YOU MUST SHARE YOUR GITHUB PROFILE. This is a role in search of engineers who want to join a full time team. We are a culture built on transparency, autonomy, purpose, and mastery. You are 100% empowered to think like an owner. Time zones are not that critical so long as we have daily ov...

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    ML developer requirement -Human intention detection using natural language processesing and machine learning for android app. -Description App take input from microphone and process the audio and give user output. Output will contain percentage of accurcy with intentions e.g. good, bad, neutral etc. While training the model we need to take into account that t...

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    Hi, Looking for an AI expert to create two AI models, for Road condition and vehicle classification. Please bid only real experts with past experience in ML and DL object detection and classification. The model need to detect and classify all vehicle classes and the objects on the road like elec poles,signs etc. For more information, lets chat. Thanks.

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    Hello, We are looking for Tensor flow with React Native CLI. We have a developer who is working with an app in which we are looking for Tensorflow and it's required in react native cli. He has done all the work and he is not able to work with this part so looking for some developer who can do this part.

    $519 - $1037
    $519 - $1037
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    I have a tender that is due very soon. My estimator let me down and I require a skilled estimator to conduct takeoffs for me for Concrete volumes, formwork areas and reinforcement weights. Ready to start ASAP and I am looking for someone who is interested in regular work. I am a builder in Sydney, Australia

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    A PowerApps form to estimate the cost and send out emails as an excel attachment of the current estimate

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    I want to use a raspberry pi with a camera to count people going in and out. The camera will be placed in the roof looking down on a 90 degrees angle, it will recognize the person (object) and track it to estimate the direction. If it goes from one side, add 1 and reduce 1 if the opposite. A perfect example of what I want to achieve can be found here: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]

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    Tensorflow Expert Required 2 zile left

    The project needs enhancements in the current tensorflow module for an image and video detection app. The product is learning app for kids played in secured environment

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    Cybersecurity 2 zile left

    Analyze cybersecurity data crawled from the Internet in order to predict future events

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    Problem Description: A new fast food chain is seeing rapid expansion over the past couple of years. They are now trying to optimize their supply chain to ensure that there are no shortages of ingredients. For this, they’ve tasked their data science team to come up with a model that could predict the output of each food processing farm over the next few years. These predictions could further ...

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    Sports Analytics App 2 zile left

    I Currently have a system that analyzes the following sports, NBA, College Basket ball, and Baseball. I have been using paper, pen and a calculator, and has become a tedious work. I would like this to be automated, since its simple calculations. All Key statistics will be in google sheets for each team that will have a game the following day. What i would like is for a system to gather the data fr...

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    Hi, Im looking for a skilled programmer with experience in prediction software. I've been looking high and low for a reliablie roobet crash predictor. It can be done by running previous crash hashes through a python algorithm to predict the next crash with really high accuracy. The accuracy should be at least 80%. Program should be Windows compatible. Website: [conectează-te pentru a consu...

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    I would need a simple GUI software to model the future predicted shape of any crypto currency chart by utilizing historical data for the past 10 years to predict a Hidden Markov Model using the Baum-Welch algorithm. See the attached paper to better understand the requirement. reply with "I understand the required work" to be considered seriously.

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    I would need a simple GUI software to model the future predicted shape of any crypto currency chart by utilizing historical data for the past 10 years to predict a Hidden Markov Model using the Baum-Welch algorithm. See the attached paper to better understand the requirement. reply with "I understand the required work" to be considered seriously.

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    I have a shank of data represents a clients requirements. I want from these data take a theme and predict the completion time for any coming task.

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    With now over 20 years of plumbing experience, JCD Plumbing Inc. is looking for a reliable estimator to help with our bidding.

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    Add GUID function for T&M Pro and T&M Estimator. Add the GUID function. I want each data file to have a GUID and would like this to show on the Bill Information page where we already show the Original Data Files used to create the bill. I also want to show this on the Data Files Report page in T&M Pro with each of the data files (Price, Project Settings and Admin). Add to T&M Es...

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    Acord de confidenţialitate
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    My organization is looking for quantity and cost estimator expert for commercial and residential projects

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    A, B, C, D, E are unique files. Suppose that files have been accessed in the order B, D, A, E, B, A, B, E, B, A, D, A, B What does the last-successor model predict will be the next file accessed?

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    For a data annotation project, we are looking for a researcher.

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    Gaming plugging needed: Admin must be able to add games ( example Real Madrid vs Barcelona. Admins must be able to add unlimited games Admin must be able to add, delete games Declair winner. Admin must be able to add games base on categories. User must be able to predict results User must be able to pay tokens to predict results. Combo match admins must add games and user must be able to pr...

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    Hi Kamal C., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat and see if this is something your happy to take on. Details: Skills Required - Tensorflow, Keras, Python 3, Deep Learning, Recurrent Networks (RNN, LSTM), Reinforcement Learning (Q-Learning) Current software code for deep learning model for prediction using an Recurrent Network, with me...

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    Scope: This role will provide an opportunity to build out the next phase of the Common Voice project which includes: - Developing partnerships and improving the platform to help us scale both languages contributing to Common Voice and - Developing new communities for new languages (with an immediate focus on Kiswahili). Play a key role in developing and planning our long term aspirations in the da...

    $10000 - $20000
    $10000 - $20000
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    Hi I am looking for tensorflow and deep learning developer.

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    Football Prediction App S-a încheiat left

    We need a football prediction app where individuals play to predict 6 football matches every week to win prizes. Features to include Login/Guest Live football scoresresults Ranking table for leaders Imagesscreens UX design Submitting correct predictions Inviting ‘unregistered’ players to the platform Payment gateway Only Android for now and no website Should be able to submit at g...

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    I would like for you to be able to predict the correct multipliers coming from Roobet's Crash game or Bust a Bit at least 75-90% of the time. If you can go higher for multiplier accuracy, that would be great. I would like a candidate who has done similar jobs before or one who doesn't mind researching the code behind the software. You can complete the job in any language you like, but mu...

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    I have a data set which I require some analysis on. there are 6 KPIs (output variables) which I am trying to predict and there are a large number on input variable for each of the 24 projects. Within the report I need some detail under the following headings; The analysis method use and why, process of analysis (with screenshots), finding of the analysis. The deliverables for this project are the ...

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    Debug the TensorFlow Jupiter notebook tutorial from a 'Classify Text with Bert' guide page. I switched movie reviews to the Fake News dataset from Kaggle and following the same steps as in the guide. But the accuracy near 50%.

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    I would like the ability for users to enter the website address - so that we report on A) their page speed and B) what we predict we can achieve (if this is tricky then at least A) - exactly like this website [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] (enter a url on the homepage and you will see teh process). Note: It's importnat that everything is within our website, our style sheet, bra...

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    Hello! I need a Python Developer to develop a automated betting system/program (under and over point games). The program/system requires 3 different parts: 1. Data collecting (Python data scrapping). 2. Data Training (Machine learning, Tensorflow, etc) 3. Automated betting system/program. Essential parts/further information will be explained after the part 2 is completed.

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    Need a developer to develop an AI algorithm to buy and Cell Crypto coins. The algorithm needs to predict the next price up of down and makes decision on where to buy and where to sell. Price prediction should be at least %95 as close to the actual future price of the coin. Such algorithms and platforms should be built using either Scala or Java

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    Benchmarking on Dev Board S-a încheiat left

    We have a single board computer (Arm A35) that we would like to run a number of benchmarks on such as MPI, Spec, TensorFlow. Seeking someone with familiarity of running benchmarks like this

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    i have a videos and i want to processed it using tensor flow lite for tpu this pic is example

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