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    Web Site Redesign S-a încheiat left

    Web site designer needed for redesign of existing website. 6-8 pages to be developed, improved navigation, copy and photos supplied, to include a simple contact form. Space to be developed on index page for an ongoing advertised special for get off-season interest sparked. Conservative look and feel. This is a reissue of a previous bid project as client was not ready with materials yet. ## Deliv...

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    HTML Coding S-a încheiat left

    Seeking an HTML coder to transform supplied artwork and content into web pages for existing web sites. Projects include image and text updates for a villa rental agency and text for a retail pharmacy website being developed. ## Deliverables 1) Completed web pages. 2) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Platform: All browser types.

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    Web site make over project for a small business venture. Site currently has 6 pages which need some "sprucing up" graphically. No bids over $200 please! Current URL is: www.carrollsoftware.com. There is a page setup for ecommerce transactions through PayPal. I want to go and create a subscription site out of this but do it in an inexpensive way. I can do a lot of the work myself with som...

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    Militarydate.com - FINAL S-a încheiat left

    Types of people who should bid on this: 1. Very creative people looking to help out a poor dominos pizza deliverer make his site come to life. 2. People similar to me who get excited when it comes to designing sites. 3. People who will see the site and instantly come up with some ideas to make the site better that perhaps I didn't think of. This should be the final update. Please keep in mind...

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    I need an example of how to automatically change the widths of a column in a vb.net datagrid. As the user types in text in a textbox or combo box in the grid the column should get wider to accomodate the new text. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. ## Platform Windows 2000 ## Deadline in...

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    Programmers, I am out to build a search site that is as good or better than anything out there on the web today. I need a clone of SmartSearch v4.13 with everything that script has plus these additional functions. 1) Must be as fast as possible. I notice most are asking for PHP but am open to suggestions. 2) My chosen XML feed(s) must integrate seamlessly with each other by adjusted cost (see 3...


    We have a linux server running on a Cobalt RAQ 4. We need to provide a facility for domain name selection and purchase on line. There are 3 stages to quote for 1) Basic system that will search for domain names of all types and add them to a mysql database together with the buyers details so we can access the database and process all the registrations and payments manually. 2)Automatic registration...

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    Web Design S-a încheiat left

    We are looking to place regular web design work with coders. All graphics and text will be supplied with a basic layout presented in word or similar. The coder will be required to size images for presentation, download times etc and to format the web pages to represent the 'on paper design' as closely as possible. The coder will add the funtionality so links and menus work. They may need...

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    Banner Exchange S-a încheiat left

    Online user registration ensures complete and valid user data. Script should notify the Administrator via email with the new user information and also emails the new user with his account information (name, password, and code to place on his site to be a part of the Exchange) Some sort of cheat analyzer that allows me to monitor the exchange and find abuse members Browser uploading for banner ad g...

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    Business Process Tracker S-a încheiat left

    This Web-based application is a workflow that manages business processes/tasks. Tasks and their subtasks will be set up in their own area, then certain roles can pick and assign the tasks to participants who are assigned roles. Roles will define security. The workflow will have a graphical metaphor that shows steps, decisions, rules etc. The workflow will give the ability to re-assign tasks in the...

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    MLM Software Requirement S-a încheiat left

    We have been retained by one of our client for procuring an MLM software. We'd like to get bids from those people who have already made this kind of a software. To get a brief understanding of the architecture that underpins your system please send us the detailed features of your software alongwith the quotes. Our preference is to see something working (We'd like to have a demo so pleas...

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    Sorry, the last request i made got cancelled before I made a choice. This is to change a working vb program into a vb net version. Need to have a web site set up so that I can collect data generated from this program. Need to have people sign on, use the program, program collects data, and then when I want, I can download the data. Need source code. All information and work will be subject to non-...

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    I have a problem with the submissions page we have a lot of fake submission in our software site: (and bad software ) Now I like to fix this problem and put the submissions on hold and like the view it mezelf first and than confirm to the database is this possible so soon as possible. I mean as to the 4 types of submission, me(the site administrator) must view and confirm the submission before it ...

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    toolbar S-a încheiat left

    I need a Rent-A-Coder or Google like search (toolbar) for Readware technology. The toobar will have tools to: 1. Search a selectable collection. 2. Get and List Readware knowledge types as user selectable options. 3. Add a web site to a collection. --start the spider. 4. Add local directories of files to a collection. 5. Add specified URLs to the collection. 6. Update, index, recategorize a collec...

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    FAX SERVER CLONE S-a încheiat left

    Fax Server software similar to RightFax, LightningFAX, Faxmaker is seeked. Must be: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Multi-Users, multi-channels version. [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Server architecture. [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] all types of Windows clients (must be 32 bits)include XP and Internet Explorers. [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul UR...

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    Simple Calculator S-a încheiat left

    Implement an interpreter for a Simple Mathematical Expression Language (Call it "SMEL," if you like. ;-) ). Permissible Implementation Languages: C, C++ or Java Description of the Language: =========================== Language Support for Operations and Functions: The language supports both unary and binary operations, along with some built-in functions. The unary operations are unary mi...

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    Onlne_Survivor Program S-a încheiat left

    I need a server and client program. It must contain a chat server and "tabs" so i can easily post messages onto the server for all the clients to see when they sign onto my server. See my crude pic to understand better. Update : I want a program that i can put on my computer that acts like a server to the chat program on other peoples computers. This will connect OVER THE INTERNET! or if...

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    This spec has been updated on 30August. Looking to develop a simple "meal planning generator." Nice, clean Windows-style interface with common icons, pulldowns, etc. Want to incorporate our logo into interface. Program to work like this: 1) Upon executing for the first time, the user can signs in. (This would allow for multiple people to use the program on the same PC). 2)Now, they can o...

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    Programming for a content management tool and search function ## Deliverables We’re looking for a server-side software application. Here’s what’s necessary: XYZ Company wants a website that has a "Job Listings" section that will be accessible by the general public. XYZ Company wants a select handful of their employees to be able to update this section to make changes...

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    Do you have any ready to use software which have commercial value and fulfil the followings: 1. Must be brand-able. 2. With sources code 3. With Electronic Administrator and User Guides 4. Support all types of Windows clients include XP. 5. The applications must have been used and tested for stability, performance and no obvious bugs. You must able to provide an evaluation copy for us to try it ou...

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    Pop Up Killer S-a încheiat left

    We are looking for someone to develop a popup blocking application. There are a number of these on the market currently, ranging from very effective to not-so effective, and from very basic interfaces/features to full-blown custom designed interfaces and multiple features. The developed product should be very effective at blocking all sorts of popups, but have features allowing view of pops when d...

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    help for program S-a încheiat left

    C++ ## Deliverables Assignment 4 Technical questions about this assignment can be asked only in the computer lab (week 5) . To be started in: week 5 before attending the computer lab Due: At the start of your computer lab session in week 6 you should demonstrate your programs to your tutor and answer his/her questions about your programs. Sydney Cloth Company (SCC) is capable of manufacturing t...

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    Website design S-a încheiat left

    --- YOUR BID IS ONLY FOR THE FRONT END TEMPLATE DESIGN AND APPLYING THAT TEMPLATE TO THE SITE. THERE IS NOT DEVELOPMENT WORK INVOLVED. ALL THE FEATURES I HAVE MENTIONED HAVE ALREADY BEEN DEVELOPED I JUST NEED TO CHANGE THE FRONT END. I am looking to for total overhaul of my job posting website. The site caters to mainly three types of audiences ie Jobseekers, Empolyers and third party recruiters. ...

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    random passwords S-a încheiat left

    Program to be written in VB6: I need a random password generating program that can function as follows: Generate 3 different types of passwords: First type to be Hybrid passwords -- I will need to import a wordlist (like many of the wordlists you find on the internet) store them in an array and be able to substitute characters for each word in the array. For example guide would become gu1d3 with s...

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    Hi, My name is Louise myself and my collegue are currently forming a freelance project company. I have many contacts with companies all over the world. We are looking for reliable coders to register on our database. When we have work for you we will register the project and invite you to bid. You will have no contact with the client only with us. Conditions: We are currently building a portfolio w...

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    We are looking for someone to program and design the following system. We have a script that provides free web space: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] We will need someone to install the script and configure it onto our server. We would like to be able to offer memebers, Sub-Domains and email accounts. We also would like to have the ability to offer paid hosting plans just like [co...


    ASP.NET component which uses GDI+ to generate web graphics on the fly. Supported graphs/charts should be: - Pie Chart (2D,3D,Exploded) - Bar Chart (2D,3D,Horizontal,Vertical,Stacked) - Line Chart (2D,3D) These chart classes should support ArrayLists and DataSets. The charts should be as customizable as possible. Size, colors, layout, fonts, legends etc. should be configurable. Graphics formats to ...

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    Zip Program S-a încheiat left

    File compresion program needed. Must have same features as ALL Current type's of retial compression programs out. Disk spanning capabilities(File Chopping), Self Extraction (must be able to create a pure DOS extracting file at request IE like PKZip),Must support following file types; *.ZIP, *.RAR, *.CAB, *.ARJ, *.LZH, *.ACE, *.TAR, *.GZIP, *.UUE, *.BZ2, *.JAR, *.ISO, *.ACE, *.AR,*.ARC,*.ARK,*...

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    Imaging ActiveX Object S-a încheiat left

    We need an activeX object written in C++ using ATL capable of the following: A property called Picture that we can pass a standard picture object to. Once the picture is passed, it exposes information about the picture (resolution, bit depth, etc) as properties. We can change the resolution of the image and it will scale the image. The image can be saved in JPG format either to a file or to a Byte...

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    Web site Database S-a încheiat left

    I need a cgi or php programmer who can help develop an interactive web site that will access an sql database based on input from a visitor. Database will contain up to 5 options with the selections determining the returned information from the database. If client selects result, they will be asked to add to a shopping cart, check out and at that point we will deleiver the final document for printi...

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    Web based Chat Room S-a încheiat left

    I had posted this earlier but could not get around to reviewing all bids so had to reopen. We have an online community site that is growing very fast our current asp chat room cannot handle the volumes. We want a purpose build chat room that can either be an ActiveX control or VB/asp solution. The only data that I want to pass into it is the username appart from that the app should be standalone. ...

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    7 Short VB Problems S-a încheiat left

    Correct codes needed for 7 VB problems. Problem 7 is in the other files... ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. #[conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] a VB code module that includes a function that computes the future value of a given present [conect...

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    PCSystem S-a încheiat left

    There are 5 different Programming assignments. I have listed 4 here. The fifth one can be found at: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] numbers 1 through 5 are the programming requirements for each program 1. Your code should conform to Sun Microsystems coding conventions. 2. Javadoc output. 3. Program listings with global comments before each class describing the objects it is intending ...

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    RIFF File - wrapper class S-a încheiat left

    We're after a C++ class that will have the ability to: 1. Base class CRiffParser. Will be able to Load/parse/save ANY riff format file. Will have the ability to "go to chunk" given a TAGID. Will have functions for extracting data from thos chucks. e.g. ReadString() will read the chuck's data as a string. Obviously, support for other data types, too. once ready, we then want it ...

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    Space Game(Urgent) S-a încheiat left

    TQF is looking for an online game along the lines of Black Nova [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] It would need a little more detail than the above game and Multiple ships. You can log in to the game on our site at [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] The game needs to be along the lines of this one,but a user must be able to build and control various types of ship. from a freig...

    $1381 (Avg Bid)
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    Document Imaging/Archiving/Retrieval Software: We are seeking Document Imaging Software similar to Laserfiche, IMRGold's Alchemy, HummingBird, PCDocs, Filnet. Must be: 1.Multi-Users applications. [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Server architecture. [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] all types of Windows clients include XP and Internet Explorers. [conec...

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    This is a working prototype of a help desk trouble tracking system. It should contain 4 forms (see other files for figures).It's not going for the real world application. It's just a practice problem for my final exam. Thanks... ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to a...

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    Small Web Site Design S-a încheiat left

    Web Site Design This job is for the design of a website for eCommerce. This website needs to be designed in an attractive, clean and professional manner. The site should also feel warm, friendly and inviting to users coming into it. This site will be used for selling machines into home businesses for promotional items. This bid is to include the following components: 1. Logo and website graphics d...

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    As part of my new members site I wish to add two services. Although each can be used seperately, a member may wish to use them in combination, which is why I feel it is best if the same programmer does both of them. *The first Service is a cloaked redirect. I am sure you will know what this is, but I will explain anyway. First the member chooses a user name, for example:- 'nick12' ...

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    Chat room S-a încheiat left

    We have an online community site that is growing very fast our current asp chat room cannot handle the volumes. We want a purpose build chat room that can either be an ActiveX control or VB/asp solution. The only data that I want to pass into it is the username appart from that the app should be standalone. Basic requirments :has to be able to handle upto 1000 concurrent users. Has to be able to s...

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    This project is for a website clone and a basic logo for my website: InfoByDesign.com. My company is a documentation consulting firm and I have listed here all of the links that I need built for a simple website. The only real programming is the basic links and I also have a form (already developed) in PHP that you can add to the [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] page. Details: I ne...

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    Custom timer control S-a încheiat left

    I'm need a custom procedure where code can be ran at certain times. The parameter used for the function should be number and type and whether to receive focus during the intervals. If the value is true, then when the code runs during the interval, it will receive focus even if the program is minimized. If false, then it will not. The types chosen should be seconds, minutes, hours, days, or we...

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    Reservation sysem S-a încheiat left

    Problem description: I have to design a system, using C++, that must make provision for handling the reservation of a seat or seats (i.e. group booking) on a particular flight, identified by a unique flight number, as well as payment for the tickets(s). First of all the availability of seats on a given flight is checked, then the price of a given seat. Next the following is recorded for a reservat...

    $23 (Avg Bid)
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    We are currently building an online learning application, which consists of a large number of learning files. We require developers to work on individual learning files. Each learning file functions as a single Flash movie that plays within the main interface that we have created. This Flash movie is based on a common template and follows a basic framework and structure. Developers will be provi...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    I need a front end application to insert, update, and delete records in access tables. The application will be written in Visual Basic 6.0, using DAO to access tables. I manuacture custom made voltage sensors. I want to track the serial numbers of sensors shipped. The units have a model number, which is according the the type of sensor. Each sensor has a unique serial number, there are no duplicat...

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    ASP Auction Software S-a încheiat left

    I am in need of a fully automated bidding type site. Exactly like ([conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL])and this site ([conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]), All On One Site. I need this auction seperated into Standard Auction , Dutch Auction, and Reverse Auction. This site is for an entirely different market and will have some variations that differ from this site. For the half th...

    $353 (Avg Bid)
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    I need 3 modifications made to a web based e-mail package. The product is from WebUMake ([conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]). It's a good product and straight forward: cgi/perl throughout and flat file databases. Use the above URL to take a look at their demo site. Here is what I need done. 1) I would like the users to be able to receive mail from multiple accounts on my system by...

    $120 (Avg Bid)
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    Web Database System S-a încheiat left

    ================================= **Updated [read this section last]** This database is open to the public. No access should be restrictred to anyone, however it would be useful to allow users to create seperate accounts to post from. I would prefer an SQL database. We will still need to create the website this will be based upon. Volume of articles expected = about 100-200/we...

    $543 (Avg Bid)
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    We need all types of freelancers, from Website Design, flash, html, Photoshop, pHp, database… everything to do with Website or Multimedia Design. We are a new Multimedia company based in Glasgow, Scotland. We are building it from the start, and soon to have clients. We wish to have a Freelancer database from the start, if we are contacted to do a product and we are not capable of completing s...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Commerce Site S-a încheiat left

    eCommerce Site that sells tarpaulins based on custom measurement. This site must be able to accomplish the following; a. Accept custom specifications for size, material, color and fasteners. b. Allow pricing based on each of these paramenters. c. Accept payment via credit card, bank transfer and PayPal in a secure environment. d. Maintain customer records and order history. Customers should be abl...

    $2111 (Avg Bid)
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