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    I'm in need of an experienced individual to assist in configuring F...involves are: - Port Configuration: I require assistance configuring Ethernet and PON ports. A background in these specific ports would be extremely beneficial. - System Settings Configuration: You would also be dealing with the configuration of various system settings, so expertise in that area is a must. - We have a Radius Server and all ONU will authenticate via pppoe - If possible integrate Ubiquiti ONU with Fiberhome OLT To be successful in this role, you should have a deep understanding of Fiberhome OLT UMC and be proficient in system and port configurations. It's crucial that you pay attention to detail and ideally have notable experience in similar projects. If you meet these requirements, I e...

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    $250 - $750
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    ...someone experienced with Ubiquiti Unifi devices to troubleshoot and solve an internet connection issue with my home network gateway. Unifi USG 3P, Cloud Key Gen 2 plus with Protect camera system, multiple switches. Home network works fine including cameras. ATT ISP is working fine, the internet isn’t getting through the gateway. I did a firmware update last night and it froze up and I tried to reset the system. Everything came back up properly except for the internet. Key Details: * The network consists of a router, an access point, and a switch. * Despite power cycling the gateway, it refuses to connect to the internet. * Error: "No internet connection". Ideal Skills and Experience: * Proficiency in networking and router configurations. * Prior experience with...

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    I'm in need of skilled network professionals to configure a Ubiquiti Dream Machine setup tailored for my small business requirements. Our goal is to ensure the network is both highly secure and capable of high-speed data transmission, supporting connectivity for over 50 devices. This system is critical for our daily operations, providing the foundation for our internal and external communications, data management, and security systems. **Requirements:** - Proficiency with Ubiquiti networking devices, specifically the Dream Machine model. - Experience in deploying networks for small to medium-sized businesses, with the ability to cater to a device connectivity range of more than 50. - Strong background in network security measures to protect against both internal and ext...

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    I'm in need of skilled network professionals to configure a Ubiquiti Dream Machine setup tailored for my small business requirements. Our goal is to ensure the network is both highly secure and capable of high-speed data transmission, supporting connectivity for over 50 devices. This system is critical for our daily operations, providing the foundation for our internal and external communications, data management, and security systems. **Requirements:** - Proficiency with Ubiquiti networking devices, specifically the Dream Machine model. - Experience in deploying networks for small to medium-sized businesses, with the ability to cater to a device connectivity range of more than 50. - Strong background in network security measures to protect against both internal and ext...

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    ...- **Support for Hosting Services**: Ensure the configuration supports hosting services, emphasizing reliability and efficiency. - **Advisory Services**: While I've managed the firewall aspects, I welcome recommendations on optimizing the setup for performance and security. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Proficient with EdgeRouter Lite**: Demonstrable experience with ERLite-3 or similar Ubiquiti devices. - **Networking Expertise**: Deep understanding of network infrastructure, particularly IP address distribution and management. - **Experience in Hosting Environments**: Familiarity with setting up infrastructure for hosting services, including but not limited to web and email servers. - **Consultative Approach**: While the primary configuration is defined, insights on...

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    The project at hand involves optimizing more than 3 access coverage. Considering the issues, my areas of energy would be - -Living room -Bedrooms -Kitchen or outdoor spaces An ideal candidate for this project would show proficiency with Ubiquiti Network solutions, a deep understanding of adjusting AP's for optimal speed and maximum coverage area, and they should be able to carry out effective network troubleshooting. You also need demonstrable experience in network optimization, specifically for larger homes. The goal is to have a smooth, high-speed internet connection consistently throughout all areas of the house. Skills Required : - Ubiquiti Networking Equipment - Wi-Fi Network Optimization - Networking Troubleshooting Skills - Experience with ...

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    ...a skilled professional to enhance the security of my network through intermediate level firewall configurations on my Ubiquiti Dream Machine. The primary goal is to protect my network from external threats, while also implementing customized rules tailored to specific devices and services within my home environment. Key Requirements: - Configure firewall settings to safeguard against external threats. - Create intermediate-level rules that are customized for my Personal Computers, Laptops, Smart Home Devices, and CCTV Cameras. - Ensure the firewall setup is optimized for both security and network performance. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience with Ubiquiti devices, particularly the Dream Machine. - Knowledgeable in network security practices and firewall s...

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    Necesitamos un experto en Radius para montar una solución Radius desde cero. Se necesita crear un servicio Radius para la red cableada e inalambrica de una escuela. La red está montada con equipo Ubiquiti Unifi El principal objetivo es crear perfiles que contengan la o las direcciones MAC de cada usuario para restringir la cantidad de dispositivos simultáneos que se puedan conectar a la red por cada usuario

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    ...experienced network specialist to assist with my Ubiquiti UniFi apartment network. Have 18 units, 9 access points, multiple UniFi cameras. All equipment is UniFi. Need help setting up proper networking and vlan for each apartment to have its own wifi network in seperate vlan. - The task requires setting up VLAN access points for numerous devices which includes computers, smartphones, and smart TVs. - I've decided to configure more than 10 VLANs for the access points; the successful candidate should have strong knowledge on this. - Ideally, I need someone who’s comfortable around Ubiquiti UniFi hardware and software, and has a proven record of network infrastructure management particularly VLANs. Skills and experience: - Knowledge of Ubiquiti UniFi...

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    I'm seeking a network technician equipped with an expert understanding of configuring Ubiquiti routers. This task involves: - Setting up the Ubiquiti router on my local network - Configuring its IP settings - Setting up firewall rules and - Establishing VPN connections. The IP settings on the router should be configured using DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) for the automatic assignment of IP addresses. Ideally, candidates should have: - Extensive experience in configuring Ubiquiti routers - Strong understanding of IP settings - Proficiency in firewall setup - Expertise in VPN connections A clear understanding of DHCP and how to work it within a network setup will be highly favored.

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    I'm seeking a professional who can competently execute a configuration of my Ubiquiti Gateway Pro. The scope of this project involves: - Firewall Settings: Configure the firewall for managing bandwidth, blocking specific IP addresses, and restricting access to certain websites. - VLAN Configuration: This will involve setting up 3 or more VLANs on the gateway. The perfect candidate for this role should have prior experience in network management, specifically in handling Ubiquiti equipment. Knowledge and understanding of VLAN configurations and advanced firewall settings is vital for successful execution of this project.

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    Experto en Radius S-a încheiat left

    Necesitamos un experto en Radius para montar una solución Radius desde cero. Se necesita crear un servicio Radius para la red cableada e inalambrica de una escuela. La red está montada con equipo Ubiquiti Unifi El principal objetivo es crear perfiles que contengan la o las direcciones MAC de cada usuario para restringir la cantidad de dispositivos simultáneos que se puedan conectar a la red por cada usuario.

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    I need someone who can give me recommendations on networking gear for a small local business. I have most of the gear already installed, but need advice on whether I should purchase more. I have questions about 1gbe vs 10gbe switches etc. Also would like someone that can check over the software side of the network and see if it is optimized properly. Gear is Ubiquiti brand - UDM Pro, and ubiquiti switches as well and several APs.

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    I am seeking a qualified professional to redesign the home network system based on devices from Ubiquiti, Grandstream, and Synology. The main objective is to enhance its performance and security while ensuring easy maintenance. In terms of features, the requirements include setting up secure remote access, implementing strong firewall protection, and the ability to establish VLANs for network segmentation. The final output should include a step-by-step implementation strategy to ensure smooth transition and setup based on agreed design. Skills and Experience Requirement: • Network design and configuration • Network security • Proficiency in the use of Ubiquiti, Grandstream, and Synology systems • Experience in firewall setup and configuration • ...

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    camera installation S-a încheiat left

    Project Title: Outdoor Camera Installation with Ubiquiti Brand My family and I run a small business from our rental townhouse, we have multiple ubiquiti cameras and door access equipment. We're looking for someone to come and talk to us about installing the cameras, installing the door access equipment, and also installing wifi access points. We have majority of the equipment, but we are open to getting more. Requirements: - The project involves the installation of outdoor cameras. - The client specifically prefers the Ubiquiti brand for the cameras. - The freelancer should have experience in installing outdoor cameras and working with the Ubiquiti brand. - Knowledge of the specific model of Ubiquiti camera preferred by the client is a plus. - The...

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    We moved into a house which already has ubiquiti installed but can’t get the set up to work with our new internet. Need someone to come and reconfigure / problem solve. Currently only getting internet on one floor (the floor with the original bt router).

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    I'm in need of a Ubiquiti specialist who can help me with the configuration of my Ubiquiti routers. Key tasks include: - Configuration of Quality of Service (QoS) settings. In order to accomplish this, the ideal candidate must possess distinct expertise in Ubiquiti equipment, and specifically, in Ubiquiti routers. An adept understanding of configuring QoS settings is paramount. Your experience with similar Ubiquiti configuration projects and your troubleshooting skills will be advantageous for this project.

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    setup ubiquiti router S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me set up my UniFi Dream Machine router for personal use. I don't have any specific network configuration requirements, so a standard setup will suffice. I would prefer someone with experience in setting up Ubiquiti routers and who can provide advice if needed. This project is ideal for someone who has previous experience in setting up routers for personal person must be located in Toronto.

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    Project Title: UDM-Pro Hardware Repair I am experiencing a hardware failure with my UDM-Pro and I have identified some parts that I suspect are causing the issue. I would prefer to have the faulty parts replaced to resolve the problem. The Port #9 (RJ-45) WAN port is non-functional. Requirements: - Experience in diagnosing and repairing hardware issues with UDM-Pro - Knowledge of UDM-Pro components and their functions - Ability to identify and replace faulty parts - Familiarity with the repair process for UDM-Pro Skills: - Hardware troubleshooting and repair - Knowledge of networking equipment - Attention to detail and accuracy in identifying faulty parts If you have the necessary skills and experience, please bid on this project.

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    ...devices: Vlan1 Ethernet business workstation and voip phone Vlan2 Ethernet residential for tv's, Ps5/xbox and AVR system Vlan3 Ethernet cameras and security system/alarm Vlan4 Iot some outside perimeter cameras/floodlights and smart home appliances. **NAS Raid 6 and meduum scale MFC business printer/fax/ copier that can be shared between Vlan1 and Vlan2. Installation of Firewall device, ubiquiti routers and switches, USG gateway and 2-3 AP's throughout building. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge and experience in network installation and configuration - Proficiency in both wired and wireless network setups - Strong troubleshooting skills to address any issues that may arise - Familiarity with medium-sized network environments - Excellen...

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    Local Sigilat
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    написать скрипт который запускается на mikrotik ccr 1036, скрипт должен пинговать заданные 4-5 ip адреса и в случае отсутствия пинга со всеми адресами перезагрузить антенну ubiquiti rocket m5. Вы должны будете мне продемонстрировать работу скрипта на моем устройстве! Подключивщись через anydesk!

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    ubiquiti installer -- 2 S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for a freelancer to install 4-7 Ubiquiti access points. This is a project requiring an experienced IT consultant who is familiar with configuring Ubiquiti products. I need someone to install the access points and then provide full configuration and setup. This job requires someone with a thorough knowledge of Ubiquiti devices, and the ability to be precise in their setup and implementation. I look forward to working with you! I completely messed up my network and cannot get all of my devices to reset to factory settings. I had a computer that hosted the server and that computer is damaged now, so I tried to log in with another computer and it is asking me to adopt everything but I cannot remember the user and pass for the devices

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    I am looking to hire someone to install a Ubiquiti UWB-XG UniFi BaseStation XG Outdoor 5GHz. The preferred location is outdoors and I do not have an existing network infrastructure in place. The main purpose of this base station is to provide large outdoor coverage. I need a professional who is experienced with Ubiquiti devices and can install the base station to ensure that it meets my requirements. If you think you are up to the task, please contact me so we can discuss this further. Thanks for your time and consideration.

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    Wisp ubiquiti S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can set up a Wisp server using Ubiquiti products. Specifically, I would like a NanoStation or UniFi AP or an EdgeRouter. I don't have a specific location in mind, so I need help determining the best spot, and I require someone of a beginner level for the job.

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    Redes Ubiquiti S-a încheiat left

    Necesitamos una persona que nos audite una instalacion de Ubiquiti ( Unify) para poder mejorar o ampliar los servicios actuales.

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    I am uncertain of the old model, but it looks like my new one: the Ubiquiti -SE. I need the old one replaced with the new one, and I need the new one programed. The access points are in place and wired to the old Ubiquiti. So, the job is to replace the old Ubiquity with the Ubiquiti SE, program it, and test the system to see if the access points are broadcasting.

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    I'm looking for an experienced professional to help me troubleshoot an existing Ubiquiti network setup. I have a UniFi Security Gateway in place and need help to configure my wifi and up to 3 cameras. Ideally, you should be well-versed in the Ubiquiti suite, and familiar with networking and troubleshooting common wifi and security camera issues. If you think you can help me out, please submit your proposal and let me know. Thanks!

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    I am looking for help in installing and configuring an updated cloud key for my Ubiquiti switch, model USG. I already have the updated Cloud key, but I need assistance in configuring it after installation. I am in need of someone who is experienced in working with Ubiquiti switches and is familiar with the Cloud key. If you are confident you can provide the expertise needed to complete this project, I would love to hear from you!

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    I am look...utilize my 1 GB ATT fiber internet service. Currently, I am experiencing slow speeds in certain areas of my house, particularly when moving between rooms. Placement of my Unifi Ubiquiti APs is spread out across different rooms, and I am open to suggestions and assistance in assessing their placement for optimal coverage. I am also unsure about specific devices that require a stronger network connection. I would appreciate assistance in identifying these devices and ensuring they have a stable and fast connection. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in optimizing home wifi networks - Knowledge of Unifi Ubiquiti APs and their placement - Ability to troubleshoot and diagnose network speed issues - Familiarity with identifying device needs for a stronger n...

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    home network S-a încheiat left

    I'm looking to set up a home network that is both capable of being used for personal tasks and for work/business activities. The specific components of the network would be computers and laptops. I'm in need of assistance in properly setting up this network in order to be sure that all of the components are connected and running correctly. ...components are connected and running correctly. I need help designing the network, as well as extensive advice regarding what hardware and software would be best suited for my needs. Troubleshooting an existing setup is not required, however if any issues arise during the setup process then I would appreciate advice on how to resolve them. The brand I want to use is Ubiquiti ( already have Ubiquiti WIFI Pro domes). Mus...

    $306 - $918
    $306 - $918
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    ESP32 SSH - Ubiquiti UniFi S-a încheiat left

    Necesito crear el código arduino para el ESP32 Wroom que permita, vía Telnet o SSH, mandar por WiFi los comandos necesarios para registrar un voucher con vigencia en un access point Ubiquiti que está configurado para dejar conectar clientes a través de un portal cautivo autenticados por código de vaucher.

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    I am looking for a freelancer with experience in radio link alignment, specifically with Ubiquiti AirMax equipment. The current radio link equipment being used is the Ubiquiti Air Fibre 5U. The main issue we are experiencing is a slow connection. Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge and experience in working with Ubiquiti AirMax equipment - Expertise in radio link alignment and adjustment - Ability to troubleshoot and diagnose slow connection issues - Familiarity with signal strength optimization techniques - Understanding of wireless networking protocols If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal.

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    Configurazione RETE ISP S-a încheiat left

    Project title: ISP NETWORK configuration Overview: We require a qualified network professional to assist us in setting up our WISP network. The project requires extensive knowledge and experience in WISP configuration, as well as expertise in specific network protocols and services: PPPoE-SERVER; SERVER-RADIUS; ASN CPE extension wireless-networks Experience with UBIQUITI equipment, UNMS. the professional will work remotely controlled by our staff

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    Acord de confidenţialitate
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    Necesito crear un portal cautivo que al ingresar muestre un logo, un campo donde se ingrese un correo y un boton para conectar, al momento de dar clic en el boton ingrese el correo a una base de datos y les de acceso a la red wifi, para apuntar a dicho portal se requiere tener una ipv4 los equipos que se van a utilizar para montar el portal son de la marca ubiquiti

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    Looking for Ubiquiti specialist

    $50 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I need help with my home wifi network and other connected devices. My wifi connection is currently in good shape, however my bluetooth goes in and out as I move throughout the house. I think this may have something to do with my Ubiquiti connections. Additionally, I have specific issues with my Sonos system that I need help troubleshooting. If you have experience with wifi networks, Ubiquiti connections, and/or Sonos systems, I would appreciate your assistance. Please let me know what your availability and rates are. Thanks!

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    OpenVPN Client S-a încheiat left

    ...destination () but continues without receiving responses afterward. • Current setup utilizes an Edge Router with a NAT rule in place. • Traceroute reveals the ICMP packets reach the host, but subsequent hops time out. • The routing for pinging 10.10.x.13 is operational in a Juniper SRX system but not in the new Edge Router setup. Required Skills and Expertise: • Proficiency with Ubiquiti equipment. • VPN configuration and troubleshooting. • Edge Router configuration and diagnostics. • Overall expertise in Network Administration. Note: Successful project completion requires deep knowledge of routing protocols, NAT rules, and familiarity with both Juniper SRX and Edge Router setups. ICMP Responses are being dropped The device at or an intermed...

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    I have a moderated sophisticated UNFI system and am looking for an expert who already has experience with the new UNFI interface with UID and ACCESS. My system did an upgrade and my TALK phones suddenly has the ACCESS software and the three gates I have now are off line and only work when they are rung. They show off line. The ACCESS needs to be migrated to UID. The HUB show off line but work IT is all messed mess up. I want someone who has experience with this.

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    apple homekit integration S-a încheiat left

    would like our Ubiquiti Protect system to be integrated into Apple Homekit in our home, using Homebridge

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    We need someone to give us instructions on how we can reserve IP addresses on our system. Current set up is: Vocus fibre Cisco SF 300-24pp 24-Port 10/100PoE+ Managed Switch (two of these) Mikro Tik switch and D Link Web Smart Switch (only used for some internet points) Internet point in each office for direct connect and ceiling Ubiquiti Unifi Access Point Routers for a shared whole office wi-fi We dont know IP addresses to access and may need to reset logins

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    Hello everyone, im about to start installing Wireless antennas in order to sell internet. The project will be made after one month and we are at the paperwork at this moment. at the link below there is the setup that will be made and the antennas that will be installed. The requirements i need are below. 1) Setup the network in order to have the requirements that have been asked as below [Should have available the timestamps (use period-start of IP assignment/end of assignment) that the private IPs have been assigned to your clients by the DHCP server in order to be able to track the clients if requested. Should also have a record of the static IPs (public or private) assigned to your customers. Finally, you should make sure that there is no possibility for arbitrary use of IPs (eg manua...

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    We are looking for a system that does the following: - User fills out a form on our website to order internet service and sends us payment as part of the form. -- The form has the following fields: 1. First Name 2. Last Name 3. Business Name 4. Phone Number 5. E-Mail 6. WiFi Service Start Date 7. WiFi Service End Date (user can only choose a timeframe with a max of 15 days) 8. Vendor Booth Location 9. Internet Speed Option - Option 1: 50mbps $175 - Option 2: 150mbps $250 - The form should then create a new RADIUS user that gets tied into an available VLAN in our pool of available VLANS. -- We have a list of available VLANS that can be assigned to customers as they sign up. - We have 150 VLANS that are able to be assigned to users that select option 1 - We have 100 VLANS that are able to...

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    We have a Ubiquiti wireless network in our office that had dead spots, pack loss and overall poor performance. We need assistance with formal analysis to understand the cause of current issues and assistance with a plan and implementation of an upgrade that resolves issues and results in WIFI network that is optimized for voice and video and performs without issue.

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    ...We have an exciting opportunity to develop a comprehensive plugin ecosystem within WordPress (using WordPress plugins that can be on-sold by us, that seamlessly manages the UniFi controller software and Hotspot Manager via their respective APIs (version controlled). The ideal candidate for this project will possess expertise in both WordPress plugin development and Ubiquiti UniFi controllers, which are tools for managing Ubiquiti UNIFI WiFi hardware, systems and networks. We are to gain exclusive rights to the project and its underlying code, providing us with complete control and ownership, with the plan to have the plugins Ready for resell: " The plugin should be fully documented and prepared for resale via the Themeforest WordPress plugin platform, or website e...

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    We would like help setting a payment portal between Ubiquiti and Stripe. We are charging campground guests to use Wi-Fi. We want to take their payments via their mobile device through Ubiquiti (the wifi service) to Stripe. I am looking for someone who has set up Ubiquiti servers that handle payments via Stripe before.

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    Hello Experts, We are looking for an experienced engineer to join our support team, the job would be FULL TIME JOB in English, Monday-Friday 8 hrs per day on the US Central Timezone and the PAYMENT will be 400 USD/mon...infrastructure changes - Monitoring security Alerts, investigate to provide a root cause analysis (RCA) - Diagnose connectivity and security issues on Windows - Troubleshoot/diagnose connectivity Wi-Fi issues - Keep the client updated during the issue - Implementation of new projects - Ticket documentation Desirable Skills - Extensive troubleshooting experience - Cisco IOS on Routers and Switches - Ubiquiti/Unifi Access Points (WiFi) - Windows - PRTG Monitoring system - Linux - Ansible - Spanish Desirable Certifications - Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching - Cisco...

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    There are 3-page redesign and 6 new pages. Scope of work outlined here: Intellectual Property (IP) Agreement was previously signed for all work on

    $315 (Avg Bid)
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    There are 3-page redesign and 6 new pages. Scope of work outlined here:

    $315 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a Helpdesk Systems Administrat...helpdesk system. This role is ad-hoc as I do not get enough business currently to employee anyone full time but would like someone to be available during business hours to help support me and grow my business. I am also looking for someone to provide suggestions and lead projects if need be. - Experience with Remote IT Support - Familiarity with Atera or similar software - TP-Link Omada SDN - Ubiquiti SDN - Strong communication and problem-solving skills - Excellent English - Willing to make phonecalls and talk to clients as well as myself. The candidate should also be able to work independently and be comfortable working remotely. If you have experience with these requirements and are based in the Philippines, I would love to hear...

    $16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm experiencing an issue with my Ubiquiti PtMP connected radio due to slow speeds. I have already conducted some troubleshooting but want to take extra measures to ensure the issue is resolved. As such, I am looking for a Freelancer to help me with this task. I need someone with experience with this particular type of Ubiquiti device who can analyze and diagnose the problem and put in place a plan of action to fix it. Ideally, this Freelancer should have a good understanding of PtMP technology and be able to pinpoint the source of the slow connection speeds. In addition, it would be helpful if they are knowledgeable of any interference that could be causing a signal degradation and advise steps to reduce this interference. All in all, I am looking for an experienced Fre...

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