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    ...other countries. Following an initially robust recovery post-pandemic, Japanese GDP figures have faltered of late, with the latest Q2 numbers showing slower-than-expected growth of just 4.8%. Not only are domestic consumers spending less, but the fallout from Fukushima continues to wreak havoc on the country's $2.6 billion seafood export business. After Tokyo Electric Power dumped radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean, the CCP enhanced its restrictions on seafood from prefectures close to Fukushima to a blanket ban on all Japanese seafood. With China being far and away the biggest importer of Japanese seafood, the impact of the ban has been sorely felt in Japan. However, the ultra-weak yen may just come to the rescue of Japan's economy in the months ahead as the ...

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    Proiect phyron-basic S-a încheiat left

    ...of Facilities: - use of lists and dictionaries, including the necessary method; - use of sets and tuples, including the method required; - defining and calling functions; - use of conditional structures; - use of repetitive structures; - import a csv or json file into the pandas package; - accessing by place and place; - modification of the measures in the pandas package; - group functions; - treatment of missing values; - deleting columns and records; - statistical processing, grouping and aggregation of data in the pandas package; - processing of data sets with joining / joining; - graphic representation of the after with the matplotlib package; - use of the scikit-learning package (clustering, logistic regression); - static packet models (multiple regression)....

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    Trophy icon Engaging 2D Kids Therapy Animation 6 zile left

    ...-- Script 2 : Water Playtime Fun [Opening Scene: Children playing in a shallow water play area with colorful buckets, cups, and toys.] Narrator: "Hi, friends! Are you ready for some water playtime fun?" [Cut to children splashing and giggling as they play with water.] Narrator: "Let's splash and play in the water together!" [Cut to children filling buckets and pouring water.] Narrator: "Fill up your buckets with water and pour, pour, pour!" [Cut to children floating toys in the water.] Narrator: "Look at the toys float! Let's make a splashy parade!" [Cut to children using water squirters and water wheels.] Narrator: "Squirt water and spin the wh...

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    I'm looking for a skilled pro to design a hydro cooling system specific...Key Requirements: - Expertise in cooling systems for electronics, specifically hydro cooling - Experience handling data server cooling Ideal Skills: - Knowledge of electronic thermal management - Previous work with server infrastructures - Fluid dynamics understanding Specifications of the machine: - Power consumption is 5.5kw and water flow rate is 8L per minute per machine. - Inlet water going into the machine should be between 27 C up to 30 C - Outlet water coming out of the machine should be between 30 C up to 35 C and should be cooled down to 25-27 before re entering the machine. This project requires a precise, efficient solution for managing server heat. Looking forward to your ...

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    ...to come up with a logo. I prefer the emblem or badge style of logos, so it will be your responsibility to bring this vision to life. - Incorporating the primary color scheme: The color scheme should be effectively integrated into every item in the kit. The primary colors are black and yellow. The brand identity kit includes: - Stationery design (Paper) - Bag packs - Laptop bags - Mugs design - Water bottle design - Stickers - Face caps - Polos - T-shirt designs Ideal Skills: Experience in logo design, particularly with emblem or badge style logos. Expert understanding of using color in design, specifically with black and yellow palette. A portfolio showing a demonstrated ability to create a cohesive brand identity across various types of merchandise. Ability to listen closely ...

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    ...will be to guide us through the certification process. Skills and Experience Needed: - Understanding of relevant ISO standards - Experience with data security management - Ability to perform risk assessment Project Details: - Our data security management and risk assessment processes are well-defined and documented. - We need certification in Data security management and Risk assessment and treatment. - Please note that at present there are no formal audit processes in place, you will need to implement these. Potential applicants should have a record of successful ISO 27001 certification projects and experience in evaluating, implementing or improving data security management frameworks. Please submit your proposal describing your approach to our certification project and any...

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    The system must function as a slave module and be connected via RS485 in mdonbus to a master PLC the conductivity values read must be transferred to a PLC via Modbus which will memorize them. The system must have an ESP32 module, an RS485 converter, a display for local visualization of the electrical conductivity and the probe. The conductivity value to be measured ranges from 0 to 20 mS

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    I'm in need of a designer to help me create a mobile-friendly scrollable list format spa treatment menu. Key aspects: - Use an earth-toned color scheme to exude a sense of tranquility and connection to nature. - The menu should present a modern, easy-to-navigate view for mobile users. - Content creation is part of this role. While I'll provide some critical details, I'll rely on you to enhance this information with engaging product descriptions. Optimal skills and experience: -Prior experience in menu or brochure designing, particularly for wellness or beauty industries. -Exceptional ability in creating mobile-friendly designs. -Content creation skills, capable of crafting compelling descriptions to evoke interest in our treatments. This project requires a fast ...

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    ...rainwater is not properly draining from my front door patio and backdoor patio. Specifically, the problem is as follows: - Main Source: Rainwater - Severity: Moderate standing water after rainfall - Size: Small yard/patio area. small concrete slab in front of front door I'm looking for someone who can help me come up with a long-term solution to this problem. I need a system that can efficiently redirect the rainwater from the patios, preventing any further flooding or standing water issues. The ideal candidate should have: - Experience in landscape architecture or related field - Knowledge of water drainage systems - Ability to work on small-scale projects - Some understanding of residential property layouts If you believe you have the skill...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned Matlab expert specifically familiar with implementing the Kalman filter algorithm. Though the intended application and expected input data for the algorithm is yet to be determined, the expertise you will bring to the table will be invaluable. The goal is to use Kalman filter to esmate the level of the water in the tank using the noisy measurements coming from the level sensor. Assume that the dynamics and the measurements are modeled by the following equa ons: ?(? + 1) = ? ?(?) + ? ?(?) + ?? ?(?) = ? ?(?) + ? With the following skills and experience, you'll fit right into this role: - Proficient in Matlab’s language, operators, and constructs - In-depth understanding of Kalman filter algorithm - Previous experience coding from scratch -...

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    I have a wedding invitation all comped up in PAGES but need it made ready for printing by laying it out in ILLUSTRATOR. It contains four pieces (two 5x7 cards, a reply card and a belly band) One of the pieces is a map with water color art that is outlined ready to go.

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    I require an acoustic engineer with a specialization in architectural acoustics to assist in ensuring that the acoustics of my commercial building, specifically a retail store and office, are appropriately designed and optimized. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct an initial assessment ...required acoustical standards for a retail environment. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in architectural acoustics, particularly for commercial spaces. - Sound knowledge of acoustic principles and their practical application in retail environments. - Ability to assess and modify acoustic designs to meet specific needs. - Good understanding of materials suitable for acoustic treatment. - Excellent communication skills and ability to work in collaboration with the design and construct...

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    Design Landing page 5 zile left

    Landing page targeted at medical spa houses for treatment device (blue light) required. Tonality / style (see attached pic) slightly futuristic, calm, relaxing Full text provided Link to device provided. Only design needed until Monday/Tuesday next week

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    We are a development company dedicated to creating quality living environments and are currently seeking a talented Design Lead for our upcoming water feature and swimming pool project located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The design must meet international standards and integrate local cultural and climatic nuances. Swimming Pool : 1 Unit * 500m2 . Water Features : 4 Unit . Project Location : Cambodia

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    Trophy icon Minimalistic Geological Tool Icons 4 zile left

    I'm looking for a skilled designer with experience in creating Material Design styled icons consistent with those at This project focuses on the development of distinctive representations of geological tools. Key deliverables: - Icons representing various geological tools, specifically: - Wind Rose Diagram - Bore Log - Water Strike - Groundwater Level - Lithology - Field Data Collection - Data Import - Data Export - Data Exchange - Modifications of existing logos to icons to use to indicate integration within the App. Excel (for an Excel export) GWSDat ProUCL AGS

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    Adventurous Travel Logo Design 5 zile left

    I am seeking a talented graphic designer to create an eye-catching, adventurous travel-oriented logo. The design should incorporate: - A rollercoaster on a mountain with the track ideally resembling "S" and "B" in cursive. - A cruise ship in the water. - A plane in the sky, possibly replacing the typical idea of birds. - A specific emphasis on adventure and travel. The color scheme remains open encouraging creativity. There is also no specific choice for the font style, leaving room for the designer's expertise to decide what fits best with the overall design. The ideal candidate should have: - Strong experience in logo design - A creative mindset - Ability to translate abstract concepts into compelling art. - Understanding of various font styles and th...

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    I require a MATLAB...proposals. The goal is to use Kalman filter to estimate the level of the water in the tank using the noisy measurements coming from the level sensor. Assume that the dynamics and the measurements are modeled by the following equations: ?(? + 1) = ? ?(?) + ? ?(?) + ?? ?(?) = ? ?(?) + ?? Here, ?(?) is the input to the system. In Kalman estimation we have: ?(?) = ??|?−1?? [ ???|?−1?? + ? ]−1 ??|? = ??|?−1 + ?(?) [ ?(?) − ???|?−1 ] ??|? = [ ? − ?(?) ? ]??|?−1 ??+1|? = ???|? + ??(? + 1) ??+1|? = ???|??? + ? Here ? and ? are the covariance matrices of the process and measurement noises. 1. Assume that the tap is not adding any water to the tank and the level of the water is 1.0. Also assume th...

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    I am looking for a specialist in data mining and machine learning, tasked with handling a medium-sized dataset ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 records. Key Responsibilities Consider the water tank system shown in the following figure. The tank has an input, a water tap, which can add water to the tank and increase the water level. Water level is measured by a level sensor. The goal is to use Kalman filter to estimate the level of the water in the tank using the noisy measurements coming from the level sensor. Assume that the dynamics and the measurements are modeled by the following equations: ?(? + 1) = ? ?(?) + ? ?(?) + ?? ?(?) = ? ?(?) + ?? Skills and Experience - Proficiency in different types of data mining and machine learning. ...

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    ...highly skilled graphic artist who specializes in creating visually appealing labels for beverages, specifically bottled water and energy drinks. Requirements: - Experience with creating labels for beverage products, especially bottled water and energy drinks. - Capability to produce bold and vibrant designs, in line with the desired style/theme. - Ability to design for multiple flavors or product lines, so a versatile portfolio with different styles would be beneficial. - Strong communication skills to understand and interpret my brand's vision and requirements. The project involves designing multiple labels for various flavors and product lines within the bottled water and energy drinks categories. The ideal candidate will be able to deliver professional...

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    $250 - $750
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    I'm looking to update our current logo to be...elements of our logo are a bit outdated. We need someone to modernize and refresh them. - Redesign the typography: Our current logo's typography doesn't align with the professional audience we are targeting. We need a new, modern typography treatment that feels sleek and sophisticated. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in logo design, particularly for professional audiences. - Strong understanding of modern design trends and how to apply them to a brand identity. - Proficiency in typography and the ability to create a custom, modern type treatment. - The ability to balance creativity with a professional aesthetic. - Good communication skills to understand our specific needs and work collaboratively...

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    Create a small door hanger for my pool business, I want to include a pristine clean pool, my logo my contact information: Gibran Cobos (469)831-7431 gcobos@ and the following *Weekly maintenance *Equipment repairs *Filter cleaning *Free water testing ONE FREE WEEK OF MAINTENANCE FOR ALL NEW CUSTOMERS!

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    I am seeking a creative landscaper with expertise in modern landscape design to transform my small outdoor space. The project includes: - A stylish water element such as a pond or fountain. - The integration of a flower bed into the design. Artistry, attention to detail and a good understanding of space utilization are important. Experience with small spaces and water features will be beneficial.

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    ...experience for our customers. The store should be ergonomically designed to facilitate customer flow while showcasing our high-quality products. We aim for the overall ambiance to reflect luxury and elegance while maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Tasks to be Completed: Design the layout of the grocery store, including sales areas, checkout counters, storage areas, office space, and a small water fountain. Select materials, colors, and decorative elements to create a luxurious ambiance. Integrate innovative solutions to maximize space utilization and enhance the customer experience. Propose concepts for lighting, furniture, and signage. Present detailed plans and visual renderings to illustrate the proposed concept. Expected Deliverables: Grocery store layout plan (w...

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    I urgently need a proficient SEO specialist to review and enhance my website's SEO for improved organic traffic. The primary goals are to attract regional residential and commercial customers for a water testing and treatment company, by optimizing landing pages and increasing the conversion rate. Timing is crucial - applications from those who can hit the ground running will be viewed favorably. Ideal candidates will possess a proven track record in local SEO strategies and conversion optimization. URL is uswater.com. DO NOT CONTACT DIRECTLY.

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    I am seeking an experienced digital artist who has a flair for creating abstract art using geometric shapes and lines. I have an image that I wish to transform into a unique piece of abstract digital artwork. The 1st attachment is an image of a hotel that i would like to turn into digital art as if it were a view from the water. the second image is the style i would like the image to be converted into. This must be sketcked from a view from the ocean not an (aerial view). - Ideal Skills: Familiarity with abstract art and an understanding of geometric design principles are vital. You should have an excellent eye for detail, be creative and able to recreate an image in a unique, non-literal way. - Experience: Proven experience in digital design and previous work featuring geometric...

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    Water Baptism Poster Design 4 zile left

    I'm seeking a creative designer to craft a visually engaging poster for a Water Baptism event. The main message of this poster should focus on showing my half body normal pic but should look like i have just come out from the water the water effect splash. Key requirements: - Symbolism and meaning: The poster should effectively convey the significance of Water Baptism as a spiritual act through visuals, rather than text. - Creative depiction: The design should be visually striking and evocative, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. - Inclusion of specific elements: Incorporate water droplets and the image of a person as if they've just emerged from water. This imagery is meant to visually represent the concept of Baptism. Ideal Skil...

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    Hi Mohamed E., thank you for creating the design. HX3 - please send through the file with no water marks

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    I am looking for someone who can generate leads for my sales team to follow up on to make the sale. This person would be responsible for generating the lead and qualifying the lead before sending it to my team. This does not require setting appointments but does require confirming interest in water treatment. There will be a bonus structure associated with leads that convert to actual sales.

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    Hello creatives! I am in need of a vibrantly illustrative logo and ongoing design work to establish and enhance my brand. The aim is to utilize these materials across branding, advertising and on my website. My Product is called: WASTED Septic Tank Treatment I am looking for bright attractive colours & illustrations If you've got a knack for: - Crafting illustrative logos with a clear attention to detail - Displaying key areas of design like branding, advertising, and website creation - Understanding the consumer market and translating that into potent, eye-capturing designs then I want you on my team. Experience in creating consumer-targeted design work will be instrumental in this project. Your job will be to draw the audience in with your creative designs, and ke...

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    I am looking for a talented graphic designer to create a fun and vibrant invitation for a 10th anniversary celebration. We like the colors Ecru & Navy & Gold Let’s drink ! Nick and Sarah T’s 10 year anniversary —Menu— 1. Vodka martini 2. French 75 3. Whiskey Sour 4. Spicy Ranch Water 5. Mojito 6. Aperol spritz 7. Sangria 8. Miller Highlife April 19th - 7:30PM - Our house 1001 Milan St. NOLA 70115 Please plan accordingly and use ride-share ! Cocktail Attire

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    Trophy icon Deisgn a cool Set of 4 Mugs 3 zile left

    Hi, please design me a Mug Set with 4 Mugs. Each cup should have an element fire, water, earth, air. Fire: Use vibrant reds and oranges to represent the dynamism and energy of fire. You could use flames, a phoenix, or volcanic landscapes as motifs. Fire symbolizes transformation, passion and energy. Water: Blue and turquoise hues are great for conveying the calming properties of water. Wave patterns, sea creatures, or a stylized representation of rain could provide appealing designs. Water represents emotion, intuition and purification. Air: Air can be visualized with light blue and white tones that suggest lightness and clarity. Design elements could include clouds, birds, or abstract representations of wind. Air represents intellect, communication and fre...

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    ...research-minded writer to explore the intricate world of asthma for an investigative essay. Particular focus will be on causes and risk factors, treatment options, triggers and the impact asthma has on quality of life. Ideal freelancer should have: - Medical writing experience - A strong understanding of the medical field - Experience with investigative journalism or deep-dive research - Strong command of English language with impeccable grammar Your task will include but not limited to: - Thorough research on asthma, including latest scientific studies - Detailed analysis of causes and risk factors for asthma - Comprehensive evaluation of current treatment options - Analysis of the effect on quality of life - Understanding the triggers and activators for asthma Extra...

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    ...efficient water management plan focusing on controlling water runoff for a commercial property. This project involves: - Creating a sophisticated plan to manage water run-off which optimises usage and minimises wastage. - Implementing strategies for efficient distribution to maximise productivity and minimise the potential for flooding or excess runoff. Ideal skills and experience for this role: - Understand the dynamics of water distribution and run-off - Proven experience in water management, particularly concerning commercial properties. - Familiarity with best practices in water run-off planning - Quality control expertise would be beneficial. Please note, this project is not just about creating a plan - it's about deli...

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    ...should pay careful attention to effectively adapt the book's content to best suit a screenplay's narrative and structure. Key Deliverables: - A sophisticated, enjoyable, and engaging screenplay - A comprehensive film pitch deck - A reflective treatment of the book Ideal Skills: - Top-notch screenplay writing - Excellent understanding of Biblical fiction tropes, - Past experience in book-to-screenplay adaptations - Ability to create content that appeals to all age groups - Strong understanding of film pitch deck creation and treatment development Your bid should reflect your understanding of the genre, narrative structure, the complexity of the theme, and the task at hand. Please also provide examples of previous work, especially if you have ex...

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    I am in need of a vector image of a dam, executed in a cartoon-like style. The final product will be used in a digital presentation. Key Requirements: - Design to be delivered in AI (Adobe Illustrator) format - The style should be consistent with the attached diagram illustration style - The image should show a water reservoir, with a dam wall surrounded by round hills like the attached images Hex colours for illustration are: - all outlines #215232 - hills #DEE9E2 - water #C2D0E7 - dam wall #FFFFFF Ideal Candidate: The ideal freelancer for this project will be experienced in cartoon-style vector illustration, specifically with Adobe Illustrator for image creation. A background in creating engaging graphics for presentation purposes will be a significant advantage.

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    ...regions across India, considering the variations in Atmospheric Transparency Windows (ATW) caused by varying water vapor content in the atmosphere. The objective is to analyze how the radiative cooling performance of our paints is influenced by these regional and seasonal variations. Metamaterial: Project Objectives: Data extraction and ATW Variation Analysis: Extract humidity and water vapor data focusing on different seasons in all states of India to plot the variations in the Atmospheric Transparency Window (ATW) across different regions in India. Understand how ATW fluctuates based on water vapor content and its implications on radiative cooling performance. Performance Mapping Utilize MODTRAN

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    I am in the process of creating a military for self-defense purposes. While I'm sick of the poor treatment the US has subjected us to, my aim is to establish a better response system, not create conflict. Therefore, I encourage participation from those who share a similar sentiment and are keen to take charge and maintain their dignity. I am looking for individuals who can fill a variety of roles including: - Leadership - Tactical - Support All roles require computer savvy individuals, excellent communication skills, and a flexible schedule. As for the leadership roles, potential candidates must have experience in strategic planning, decision-making and possess strong communication skills. This is an excellent opportunity for those looking to use their leadership skills...

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    ...and agitators. The brochure is A4. Our current design features a picture of mixers, but these are too specific. We want something a bit more abstract/corporate with a fluid swirl type graphic which encapsulates our brand as a whole. - The design should be minimalist/corporate, and feature some sort of water swirl graphic as the primary image. This should be unique but inspiration can be taken in general from images of water swirling, our graphic swirl (in the style guide) and our water droplet logo. -Ensure the colours from our logo are incorporated into the design: Dark blue: C100, M100, Y0 K0 Lighter blue: C100, M20, Y0 K0 You can also use other colours/gradients from our style guide, which is attached. Please use the fonts specified in the attached style gu...

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    I'm looking to contract a savvy architect or designer who can deliver a comprehensive blueprint for a medical spa build-out. The ideal blueprint will feature: - A reception area, for initial customer interaction - Three treatment rooms, serving as the spa's primary service areas - Office, break room, and laundry area, essential for daily operations - A retail area—looking to showcase products for sale The perfect candidate will have experience in commercial design, particularly in designing medical spas or similar establishments. A broad understanding of space utilization for customer comfort, as well as employee workflow and operational efficiency, is required. Experience with integrating a retail space into a design plan would be a definite advantage.

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    I'm seeking a skilled individual who can accurately condense a variety of medical records - specifically Patient Medical Records, Laboratory Test Results and Radiology Reports. The generated summaries should include: - Key findings and diagnosis - Details of treatment plans and progress notes These documents are to be prepared following the standard clinical summary format. Experience and understanding of medical terminology are crucial to this role. Additionally, strong attention to detail and confidentiality are prerequisites due to the sensitive nature of the information. Clinicians or professionals with a background in health informatics would be an ideal fit. The medical records consist of approximately 12,000 pages

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    As an innovator in the environmental sustainability sector, I'm looking for an engineer who can help me finish the engineering side of a modular composting system I recently patented. The system must be designed considering: - Using our patented system as the guiding document - Mechanical and structural loads for each module - Systems integration of air, water, emissions and material handling systems - developing a complete set of drawings for fabrication vendors and others. Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience in structural and mechanical loads - Proven track record of innovative engineering solutions. - Strong knowledge of systems integration. - Familiarity with material handling systems such as walking or live floor systems is a plus. - Grea...

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    min $50 / hr
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    I'm seeking a graphic designer to replace beer bottles and cans in existing images with family-friendly alternatives. The chosen candidates will replace these with a mix of regular soda cans or Topo Chico sparkling water. Here's what I'm looking for: - A keen eye for detail - Exceptional photo editing skills - Proficient in replacing objects in images I need the final outputs in JPEG format. I would like a variety of soda brands to be represented, the ultimate goal is to maintain a family-friendly vibe in these visuals. If you feel your expertise aligns well with my requirements, please place your bid.

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    Revised Job Post: Title: Senior Automation Engineer - Control System Design Expert Location: Remote Job Type: Freelance/Contract About Us: Linkent specializes in cutting-edge automation solutions, focusing on the design and programming of sophisticated systems for various sectors, including HVAC, water management, and instrumentation. We're currently seeking a highly skilled Automation Engineer with a knack for innovation and efficiency to join our project teams. Role Overview: We're on the hunt for an Automation Engineer with extensive experience in PLC programming, VFDs, HMI design, and system design. The perfect candidate will have demonstrated success in the development and execution of complex automation solutions, especially for HVAC, finishing line systems, and ...

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    $11 - $18 / hr
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    i am looking to get an apartment complex designed for at least 8 apartments , 2 bedroom , 1 toilet 1 bath living room kitchen space . must keep 6 feet away from boundary walls , have space to park space to install water tank stands for 5 tanks , modern style townhouses . The space of land is 5708 SF. i don't know if the apartments will be 4 complete on the bottom floor and 4 on top those or each would have split level to go upstairs to the bedrooms, would the piece of land work? Experience in drafting floor plans and knowledge in modern interior design principles are essential. Your design should consider practicality, space utilization, and should bring a fresh, up-to-date feel to the space. Renderings alongside the blueprint would also be appreciated, althoug...

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    I'm seeking an experienced AI specialist to elevate the quality of images captured in aquarium settings using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). Here's what I need: I HAVE THE CODE FOR 3 TYPES OF GAN...YOUR WORK BE BASICALLY TAKE DATASET AND RUN IT - Improve overall image quality to bring out the vibrant colors and details of marine life. - Reduce noise and remove unwanted artifacts that are currently diminishing the visual appeal. - Enhance underwater visibility to ensure each image tells a captivating story of life beneath the surface. The ideal outcome will be high-resolution JPEG files that radiate beauty and clarity. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in AI and machine learning, specifically with GANs - Expertise in image processing and manipulation - Str...

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    ...am looking for a skilled graphic designer who can bring my Chinese cuisine food boxes to life with a playful and colorful sleeve design. Brand name: Paper chopsticks Content for sleeve: In this busy urban lifestyle of a bustling metropolis, we have distanced ourselves from the joys of activities that once used to be inseparable part of our lives. A simple paper boat sailing over a puddle of water, or flying a paper airplane used to be enough to fill our hearts with all the happiness of the world! So why not relive a few moments from the good old days? At paper chopsticks we aim to satisfy your soul with dose of art, in the same way as our dishes satisfy your tastebuds. Let’s explore the world of art and craft and rediscover the artist inside of you with paper chopst...

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    I'm looking for a skilled data analyst with a medical background, specifically experienced in examining clinical trial data and genetic data. My aim to identify correlations, predict possible treatment outcomes, and discover new insights from this data. Key Responsibilities: - Analyze extensive clinical trial data alongside genetic data. - Identify significant relationships and correlations within the data. - Predict potential treatment outcomes based on these correlations. - Discover and report unseen insights within the data. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience with medical data analysis, especially clinical trial data and genetic data. - Proficiency with statistical analysis and data mining. - Strong experience with data analytics tools and software. ...

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    ...a GIS expert to produce high-resolution maps of a specific area, showing a comprehensive breakdown of the different land uses. The key features to be mapped include urban areas, agricultural lands, forested regions, barren landscapes, and water bodies. A total of 14 maps are expected. - Desired Skills and Experience: - Extensive GIS knowledge with a demonstrated history of producing high-quality detailed maps. - Experience in working with land use and land cover categories including, but not limited to, urban, agricultural, forest, barren, and water body classifications. - Ability to deliver the full project scope in a timeframe of under a month. This is a detail-oriented assignment requiring an individual with a keen eye for detail coupled with a comprehensive ...

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    I'm looking for a talented developer with experience in web design and Odoo to create a comprehensive webshop for selling water filters and supplies. The webshop will require a functional product configurator. PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL " at " Skills & Experience Required: - Web Design - Odoo Platform Experience - E-commerce Development - Product Configurator Development The project will involve: 1. Webshop Development: - Creating an intuitive, user-friendly webshop interface. - Optimizing the webshop for sales of water filters and supplies. 2. Product Configurator: - Drafting a functional product configurator that allows for previewing the final product before purchase. - Ensuring clear operations of the configurator for customers to tailo...

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