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    Este vorba despre un proiect pentru lucrarea de trebuie scrisa in LISP.

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    The task concerns the conversion of five existing ACAD lisp routines to LUA. Three are around 150 lines of code, one around 250, and one around 1750. We can provide the existing scripts, a manual detailing the functionality/purpose of the original scripts and its functions, and a screen capture of some of the routines' most crucial functions in action. The final format we need the routines converted to is LUA As the new scripts will be used in PYTHA, experience with or knowledge of its commands and structure is desired. Similarly, knowledge of AutoCAD, as such that the existing scripts can more easily be made sense of, would be a plus.

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    Recomandat Urgent Acord de confidenţialitate
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    DXF merge - files to layers 1 zi left

    I need a LISP program to insert 2D objects (lines, arcs, polylines) from several DXF files into the current DXF file. The DXF to be imported are in the root folder, i.e. same folder as the current DXF file. Create a layer for each DXF file. Each layer should be named with the same name as the DXF file - exclude the file type. In each layer place the objects from each DXF file. Join any objects (lines and arcs) that are not a polyline.

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    App Busters 1 zi left

    I am looking for a talented freelancer to help me create an innovative new app called Weed meetup. My app should be compatible with both the iOS and Android operating systems. It is a social media app that provides a range of features, focusing on instant messaging. There should also be a good matching engine in to find new dates/connections van With this app, users will be able to stay connected with friends instantaneously, while never missing out on important conversations. Furthermore, the ability to share photos and videos between users will make the app even more am looking for an app that allows its users to communicate with friends at lightning-fast Pleace respond for thecarn

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    L-system in LISP 12 ore left

    I need a function in lisp that implements an L-system: of the rule type a (1) follows (2), a (2) follows (1 2), starting from (1) in a recursive manner you get: (1), (2), (1 2), (2 1 2), (1 2 2 1 2), (2 1 2 1 2), etc...

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    alien t-shirt design -- 3 S-a încheiat left

    I’ve attached a reference photo for the alien as well as the font . We don’t have to include ‘custom tie dye apparel’ on the bottom, but if you can make it work that’s awesome. It would be cool if the alien had on a tie dye shirt, and keep the weed leaves incorporated somehow- but they don’t necessarily have to be on the eyes. If you could also feminize the alien that’d be amazing

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    alien t-shirt design -- 2 S-a încheiat left

    I’ve attached a reference photo for the alien as well as the font . We don’t have to include ‘custom tie dye apparel’ on the bottom, but if you can make it work that’s awesome. It would be cool if the alien had on a tie dye shirt, and keep the weed leaves incorporated somehow- but they don’t necessarily have to be on the eyes. If you could also feminize the alien that’d be amazing

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    Lawn care service S-a încheiat left

    I'm in need of a one-time lawn care service for up to 1/4 acre of land. This service will require mowing, but no other services such as fertilizing or weed control. I'm looking for someone who can quickly and efficiently perform this service for me with attention to detail.

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    the trench S-a încheiat left

    lisp should the create the trench line by using define trench layer and trench width

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    alien t-shirt design S-a încheiat left

    I’ve attached a reference photo for the alien as well as the font . We don’t have to include ‘custom tie dye apparel’ on the bottom, but if you can make it work that’s awesome. It would be cool if the alien had on a tie dye shirt, and keep the weed leaves incorporated somehow- but they don’t necessarily have to be on the eyes. If you could also feminize the alien that’d be amazing

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    PS Solar Image S-a încheiat left part of that data-sheet. In fact I want two images (before and after). I want a generic pumping station + water-way image but I have provided a few example real images of typical pumping stations. A pumping station is a brick house containing the electrical equipment and then an automatic weedscreen cleaner rake. Weed and algae grow in the water-way and is blocked from entering the pumps by the weedscreen. The weedscreen rake routinely (once or twice a day) lift the weed off of the weedscreen and dumps it in a pile ready to be taken away. There is a large steel gantry for the weedscreen rake to traverse from side to side. I want my image to include the brick-house, the weedscreen rake and the upstream water-way so that my customer recognises and relates to what he ...

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    Crest logo for clothes S-a încheiat left

    Obviously that’s just a silly but that’s the gist of what I want And the 4 starts on the top to be replaced with weed leafs And the 4 stars at bottom to to be replaced with bottles of beer bottles of beer The full cap would be a red metal affect aswell not the silver, and the full background yellow where I highlighted from as if it was a paper label on the cap that was red and yellow, also the text to be in brown not black

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    Trophy icon mens shirt - 13/05/2023 12:27 EDT S-a încheiat left

    I want the words "WAKE & BAKE" under it I want a picture of the sun with a rooster under it eyes blood shot red like hes high off weed with either a blunt I his mouth or him smoking weed corn the weed symbol around him be creative

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    I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me with Autocad lisp programming. The task involves concatenating attribute values for a block with multiple attributes. The freelancer should have prior experience in Autocad programming and should be familiar with Lisp and compatible graphic programs. If you think you can deliver this project satisfactorily, please contact me and I'd like to hear your plan on how you'll go about completing it. Any questions or clarifications can be addressed at the same time. Thank you for your interest in this project! In same drawing there CAN BE MULTIPLE BLOCKS WITH SAME NAME and the data should be copied inside particular block. EXAMPLE: BLOCKNAME: BLOCK1 ATTRIBUTE1: ATTR1 ATTRIBUTE2: ATTR2 ATTRIBUTE3: ATTR3 Attribute val...

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    Email Blaster S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can develop or set up an email blaster for my business. My target audience is potential customers and my goal for this email campaign is to increase sales. I want the email to include informative content that will engage the reader and encourage them to take action. Roughly 300 to 500 emails a day. Should be able to build a list and weed out duplicates. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in email marketing - Strong copywriting skills - Knowledge of email marketing best practices - Experience with email automation - Ability to analyze campaign performance and optimize for success

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    taipan weed S-a încheiat left

    I've just been allowed to grow medical cannabis. I want a logo with a taipan snake that is dripping venom (resin) from it's or buds in logo.. I want (deadly venom )included in logo design

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    Full Day Yard Work S-a încheiat left

    I'm looking for a worker to take care of my yard for a full day. Specifically, I need someone to do weed pulling and garden maintenance according to my specific preferences for the finished look. My yard is of medium size, measuring between 1/4 and 1/2 acre. The successful worker should have experience with weeding and garden maintenance in the same size of yard. Ideally they will have tools to complete the job and any needed supplies. If you have the experience necessary and are available for a full day of work, please contact me. I'm excited to see my yard refreshed and looking great in no time at all!

    $15 - $25 / hr
    $15 - $25 / hr
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    Trophy icon Logo (Sammy's Service) S-a încheiat left

    ...reliability, and versatility. The company name, "Sammy's Services," should be prominently displayed in bold, easy-to-read letters, with a tagline that highlights the company's broad range of services. The iconography in the logo should be simple, yet eye-catching, and represent the company's expertise in mainly LANDSCAPING and home repairs. A stylized image of a house, garden, or tool such as a weed wacker, power washer, paint brush, or hammer could be incorporated to convey the company's versatility and ability to handle a variety of jobs. The font used in the logo should be modern and professional, with a color palette that reflects the natural world, including shades of green, brown, and other earthy tones. This will help to reinforce the compan...

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    3D printer ready creation S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for a skilled individual who can create a decorative 3D suitable for display on a shelf or desk. Additionally, the design should be optimized for 3D printing and should be easy to print without any issues. If you have the necessary skills and experience to create a beautiful 3D printable design, then I would love to hear from you. The 3D print should be able to articulate. I will send you the picture of what needs to be done after you apply. To weed out the BOTS from applying for this job I need you to put in your application the answer to this question. What type of materials can a regular 3D printer use to print with. Also please include if possible a example of your work that you have done in the past in STL format so we can check your quality of work. ...

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    Sign Up Company S-a încheiat left

    I need someone to do layouts, design work, cut, weed, and vinyl application. Knowledge of Flexi and photo shop. Experience ONLY

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    SD Gardener NEEDED S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for a gardener to hire for our company. The work will be done on a 3 times a week from 7:00 am to 2 pm and must be done by someone with experience in gardening. The main task will be taking care of the mowing, weed whacking, trimming, & removing weeds so we require that the gardener have appropriate skills for this type of work. My goal is to have all our clients outdoor space that is well-maintained and looks beautiful & we make our community a cleaner environment. Please let me know if you have the expertise and availability to help. $300 a week for 3 days

    $15 - $25 / hr
    $15 - $25 / hr
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    I need a logo designer S-a încheiat left

    East Tennessee Jeep club looking to revamp our logo. Our club is small and non profit. We currently have one and would like to stay close to it, but clean it up to make it easier to weed. I currently make all the decals and shirts myself using vinyl.

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    Trophy icon LowCarb Hippie Logo S-a încheiat left

    Looking for a high res logo for merch line, hats t's etc. The picture ive attached is a hand drawn that shows my vision (without the bacon words). I want the sexy female cat smoking a joint in left hand, the garter tattoo is a must (its my tattoo for real) you can see it for yourself on my facebook page LowCarb Hippie. The cat is leaning against a weed nug.

    $200 (Avg Bid)
    Recomandat Garantat Acord de confidenţialitate
    88 intrări probate seller leads and set appts with interested sellers. ( I would teach you all the real estate aspects of this of course). 2. Create a Vivid Vision one-pager for our property management company, or find someone that can. 3. Gather a list of storage-unit facility owners in my market ( I have software you can use to help this process). 4. Comb thru my email inbox twice per day and weed out the garbage and text me for any immediate responses needed. 5. Find and hire a business development VA that will find potential new members for our FB community Passive Income University. 6. Shoot a loom video on how to add recent sales to our sales tracker spreadsheet. 7. Find me 3 candidates for a podcast guest that operate and cashflow Amazon stores online as a rev...

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a talented animator to create a custom story based music video in an anime style. The video should be 2:00 minutes long and capture the themes of youth and nostalgia. Skills and Experience: - Experience in anime-style animation - Ability to, university, sport clubs, friendships etc] [00:42 main character on funeral seeing coffin going down] [00:50 main character fighting/breaking up with girlfriend] [throwbacks childhood, teenager, young adult times,] [1:26 the main character goes through the events of the text] [first kiss] [1:30 playing football] [1:34 drinking with friends young age] [1:37 school graduation] [1:41 smoking weed with people in a student appartment] [1:45 main character screaming at girlfriend] [1:48 main character writing in diary or s...

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    Hey Freelancers, I've got a business review website, and some of the businesses listed in it would like to display their reviews from my website on their websites. In theory, one could use WordPress' built-in RSS feed, but the problem there is that it doesn't include the star-rating for the reviews (WordPress 'comments'), and If this is something you or your team can handle, please feel free to message me with specific questions (not just "hey" or "can we talk"), and I'll get back with you when I can. A link to an example listing can be provided on request, but admin access will only be granted to the freelancer who is awarded and accepts the project. Please also use my name (Tim) in your response to help weed ou...

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    Programming language S-a încheiat left

    Write Lisp functions to do the following. Test your functions on the 3 example cases given. 1. Convert a list of hexadecimal digits into the equivalent decimal number. You may find the function (expt n m), which computes n m to be useful. For example, ˆ (hextodec ’(a)) = 10 ˆ (hextodec ’(1 f)) = 31 ˆ (hextodec ’(5 a 6 b 7 c 8 d 9 e)) = 388350381470 2. An integer is said to be perfect if the sum of its factors, including 1, is equal to the number itself. Determine if an integer is perfect and if so, return it’s list of factors, otherwise return nil. You may find the function (mod n m) to be useful. For example, ˆ (perfect 6) = (1 2 3) ˆ (perfect 298) = nil ˆ (perfect 496) = (1 2 4 8 16 31 62 124 248) 3. Write a Lisp function (delete atom list) that retu...

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    East coast S-a încheiat left

    My brand is called EastCoastDistro . Would like to have the Washington capital building in it, the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Lincoln memorial. If you could somehow add tattoos, blunts, and jewelry to Lincoln and the statue of livery that would be awesome. Pounds of weed somewhere on it too. Anything in that realm, am willing to pay for multiple designs, I want to dial this in as best as possible. Also add some cars like range rovers and Mercedes

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    I am looking for a creative freelancer to produce creative and eye-catching cover art for a digital download version of the song 'One More Time' by “ThereGoJo & Young DC “The artwork should be in a square format for Spotify and other services. I was thinking to put on the cover “One Mo Time” With a repeat symbol (for a song to repl...produce creative and eye-catching cover art for a digital download version of the song 'One More Time' by “ThereGoJo & Young DC “The artwork should be in a square format for Spotify and other services. I was thinking to put on the cover “One Mo Time” With a repeat symbol (for a song to replay over ) I’d like the color scheme to be Emerald Green And Gold and if you can fit a...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    Ground Score S-a încheiat left

    The company is called Ground Score. It's our budget Ca**abis line. If you are not familiar with the term ground score. It is huge in the festival and pop culture community. Means finding something of value or meaning of the ground. Usually money, a bag of weed, some mushrooms or anything you think is cool and find a "score" My vision is either: a character picking up a jar of rosin A character picking up a jar out of the font from Ground Score Or A silhouette of someone picking up a jar or a hand picking up a jar with the name I lile vibrant and atteactive colors I attached some photos of ideas and style

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    There are two parts to this project: The first is to create a name for the product. The product is testosterone boosting tablets for men to use to increase t...Strength Surge, Man Fuel, Alpha Boost, Power Surge. Please try and make sure the name hasn't already been used by another product. The second step is to design the label for the product. The label should be targeted to males and represent a testosterone and muscle boosting product. I would like the names of the main ingredients to be part of the main part of the label. They are: Maca, Horny Goat Weed, Ginseng, Zinc, Tribulus Terrestris and Fenugreek. The label size should be 2086 x 756 pixels. It should also include the ingredients list, the use by date and directions on how to use the tablets, placeholder text can be ...

    $403 (Avg Bid)
    Recomandat Garantat Sigilat Concurs de top
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    Trade Show Booth Design S-a încheiat left

    We have a trade show coming up, and need someone to design banners for our booth and a handout flyer. We will purchase this package, which includes a banner for the back wall, a floor standing banner, a table top banner and a table runner: (te...image from your portfolio that you feel best showcases your vision of a theme for our booth. If you don't have a suitable image, feel free to mock something up quickly (e.g. a quick redesign of one of the pieces) - our brand colors are #10AEC4 and #FFA710 and I have attached some screenshots/logos. Please start your reply/proposal with the following text: "Hi Charlie from CommuniSki" - this is to weed out bot responses and check that you've actually read this description!

    $69 (Avg Bid)
    $69 Oferta medie
    47 oferte

    ...creative poster design for With every order, the poster will be given away for free. The company has been giving away posters with every order since the beginning, and it's time for a fresh new design. The previous poster depicted a Dutch Windmill in a cannabis field. Thus, I am looking for something totally different now. This poster would show a traditional pin-up girl smoking weed, rolling a joint, smoking bong, or taking care of plants. You are given full creative freedom to come up with something awesome and cool. These are two examples of pin up posters I really like. You don't have to

    $100 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon The Delivery Co. Logo S-a încheiat left

    We are a licensed, fast growing cannabis delivery company in the high end coastal area of Orange County, California. We are looking for a HAND DRAWN 2D & 3D logo that can be used for default images, thumbnails, t-shirts, business cards, marketing and social media defaults. The company name is The Delivery Co. We want this logo to be fresh, catchy, inviting, bright, colorful and MUST have a weed leaf/cannabis symbolism incorporated into it. The artwork MUST have some type of delivery box or delivery symbolism in it as well. We would like the font to be bold, clean and easy to read. We'd like to have the files rendered in PSD format & JPG format with the maximum dpi available. We must be able to make unlimited revisions with the designer we select. Below I have attached ...

    $170 (Avg Bid)
    Recomandat Garantat
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    build me a logo S-a încheiat left

    Company is named Green Valley Lawn Solutions. We are a lawn care, fertilization and weed control company. We are not a lawn mowing service. I am not looking for something gimmicky/or character like. I want the logo to be very professional.

    $75 (Avg Bid)
    $75 Oferta medie
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    Trophy icon COLA CLUB - 26/03/2023 19:00 EDT S-a încheiat left

    COLA CLUB is a high end membership club (similar to soho house) that sits above and is attached to the first ever and only THC (WEED/CANABIS) MEASEUM in New York City! Please see the links below for inspiration and reference The museum branding is more pop-culture and friendly, however we’d prefer the lounges logo to be more upscale and classy as its a members only club aimed to cater towards the elites of New York Museum: Lounge renderings for branding inspiration: We have no specific direction or ideas

    $300 (Avg Bid)
    Recomandat Garantat Sigilat Concurs de top Acord de confidenţialitate
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    Weeding shot S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for someone proficient in weeding to help me with a project that I have already started. I need to weed a space of between 100-500 square feet, which is a garden. I am flexible on the timeline and do not need the weeding to be done right away. Please have the necessary tools and knowledge to complete the task to a satisfactory level. If you possess the expertise necessary for this job, I would love to hear from you.

    $281 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a trippy drawing of Stewie Griffin, Stitch, Eric Cartman, Courage the cowardly dog, PC Principle all smoking weed together and Raven drinking alcohol.

    $136 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Logo for lawn care business S-a încheiat left

    Hello! I’m needing a logo for a lawn care business. I would like it cartoon style but open to other ideas. Please see images for ideas. I would like the logo example of the welder, except I want it to be a yard man holding Weed Trimmer. Maybe something with two weed trimmers in an X ? Must state: “ 3-M Services Lawn and Landscaping ” Good luck!! Thank you

    $54 (Avg Bid)
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    Employee/employer contract S-a încheiat left

    An agreement between I , the license holder, and dalten Hampton, the business owner. 25% of ALL weed/fertlization applications $20/hr on all maintenance work Percentage on installs 1 year lease agreement on housing Follow all label, record keeping , and state rules and regulations. 16’ trailer sold back

    $43 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking to get some cover art done front and back. Our brand/name is going to be: "Rick And Morty Space Gas" Make Rick And Morty with bloodshot eyes and smoking weed.

    $734 (Avg Bid)
    Recomandat Garantat Concurs de top
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    Hello! We have an autocad that contains many blocks with alpha numeri information within them (Attributes). Due to the many crowders of the blocks (a display of water lines and urban sewers), the Attributes load is created, and we need to manually arrange all the attributes. Of course this is an action that takes a lot of time and resources. We are looking for meticulousness with experimentation in writing LISPs that will write to us such a command. We will do a zoom meeting with the appropriate freelance to explain the content content more accurately. But, the idea is that there are 10 blocks that need to be arranged, with their length in their length, in their location (which will not fall on each other for example) and the kind. I attach two examples here and after. If you think you can...

    $465 (Avg Bid)
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    We require a database of Los Angeles CA architects to be compiled where the basic information can be extracted from a file as per the sample page attached. The data in this file shows Full name, Company name, Phone number, email address and company website. address There will be 32 pages like the sample page – a total of approx. 2050 names. Where a web address is not listed in the complete database file which will be provided by us, you would not be required to locate the address details, nor would you be require to locate an email address or phone number if it is not listed in this file. Note there is no urgency to have this task completed. To weed out robo responses to this posting and show you have actually read it, you MUST include the words CA ARCHITECT in y...

    $371 (Avg Bid)
    $371 Oferta medie
    238 oferte

    We would like a creative artwork with 3-4 color print Cartoon of Len – see pic He is a purple wrasse fish Who is lonely in his reef and we are wanting bring awareness to everyone to find him a friend and also protect his environment. The Front of T-shirt will be a small print left hand side with caption: Lonely Len (need a cute cartoon of him with sea weed possible or reef? The Back of the T-shirt - Large Print at back with Sea weed around him and him peeping out? Caption: Find Len A Friend

    $47 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Design for mural decoration S-a încheiat left

    We will print a 3meter by 3meter design on the wall of our cannabis dispensary. The theme is Weed and juice. We sell cannabis and organic fruit juices. picture of the actual wall attached for reference. the design should be colorfull, include some cannabis leafs, fruits, and should have weed & juice written on the top, the style can be cartoony, realistic or funny as long as its eye catching and appealing to take selfies in front of it.

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    76 intrări

    Me interesa una rutina en Visual Lisp para exportar desde un DWG a PDF con capas con las siguientes características: - Los parámetros de la rutina son los siguientes: => Unidad de medida (milimetros o pulgadas) => Tamaño de papel (anchura x altura) del PDF => Escala de conversión (unidad_dibujo:unidad_real, por ejemplo, 1:10, 1 unidad de dibujo son 10 unidades en el PDF) => p1, p2 (puntos extremos de la ventana de designación dentro del DWG) El PDF se generará con todas las entidades abarcadas por la ventana de designación cuyas esquinas son los puntos p1 y p2 => Directorio donde se guardará el archivo PDF => Nombre del archivo PDF - El archivo PDF tiene que tener las mismas capas que e...

    $169 (Avg Bid)
    $169 Oferta medie
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    we need from this mountain a Vector Grafik ( see the Red Line ) to cut it from Vynil with a plotter, to make a sticker See the real Foto from the Mountains, from this weed need a cutting vektor Grafik: AI - EPS or CDR We send some 2 Fotos from a Mountain Vektor from us, in black and in outline. The Outline must be closed that the Plotter can Cut it.

    $21 (Avg Bid)
    Logo design -- 2 S-a încheiat left

    We need a logo designing for a new brand. The name of the brand is 'Unique Sound and Light'. This is a retail brand which will sell online through a number of channels. The types of product we'll be selling are: Jukeboxes Retro Audio (radios) Record players Record Storage Speakers Custo...Record Storage Speakers Custom Neon Lights LED light bulbs Quirky light fittings We need to own the IP and all original artwork (in original formats), plus 'ready to use' formats (JPG, PNG, Transparent background etc). As this is a new brand we have no preconceptions so let your creativity flow! If you think you can design us the perfect logo to match the above then please get in touch. So I can weed out all of the automated responses, please put the word Avocado som...

    $91 (Avg Bid)
    $91 Oferta medie
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    I have ongoing work related to our previous project 'Logo designer for weed company'

    $10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    MMORPG for a weed site S-a încheiat left

    Im undecided over Unity vs Unreal engine. Either way I will use an MMORPG game kit of some sort. Should be like any MMORPG where users can fight, mine, craft, use magic, etc. Also would like for users to be able to plant seeds, grow weed, harvest, sell virtually in game, place houses that they can decorate and store their items like Ultima Online, etc. In the future I'd like to turn it into a VR game if the user has a VR headset but still playable with a mouse. I don't have any artwork. I will use the game kit artwork and purchase any artwork I may need. Il My budget is only $1,000 sorry. I can't afford anything beyond that as I don't earn money currently. I will assume your bid won't change so please don't bid and then ask what my budget is as I&#...

    $6441 (Avg Bid)
    $6441 Oferta medie
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