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    ...management: The system must be able to handle stock levels, orders, and supply chain. - Billing and accounting: I need features to manage payments, invoicing, and financial records. - Human resource management: The ERP should include tools for personnel management, attendance, and payroll. The ERP must be fully in Spanish to cater to our local team's needs. Additionally, we require an external integration with 'RENIEC Peru' for data validation. Ideal skills for this job would include: - Proficiency in Laravel: Experience in developing ERPs, inventory systems, and implementing HR modules in Laravel. - Multilingual Development: A good understanding of internationalization and localization techniques to ensure the system is fully functional in Spanish. - Exte...

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    As an entomologist, I have an insect sample that need professional Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) analysis . Currently, I'm unsure about the insect species in the samples. Thus, I'm seeking an experienced molecular biologist or similarly qualified professional who can: - Conduct PCR testing on the provided insect samples The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proven experience in PCR workflows - Strong knowledge in Insect biology - Expertise in species identification using molecular methods

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    I've recently launched a new () website 1 week old and submitted it to Google Webmaster Tools. first 5 days my website was index but now it's not yet indexed by Google. There haven't been any recent changes made to the website, so I'm unsure why it's not appearing on Google search results. The ideal candidate for this project is an expert in Google Webmaster Tools. The following skills are preferred: - Proficient in diagnosing and resolving indexing issues - Previous experience with unindexed websites - Knowledge of SEO best practices - Good at communicating technical concepts I'm looking for someone who can quickly diagnose the issue and implement a solution to get my website indexed by Google.

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    I'm in need of a cryptocurrency trader who can help me acquire USDT. Your task will involve trading the following cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple - to generate USDT. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency and experienc...me acquire USDT. Your task will involve trading the following cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple - to generate USDT. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency and experience with trading cryptocurrencies, particularly on platforms like Binance or Kraken. - Knowledge of the dynamics of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and USDT markets. - Proven track record of successful trading. - Ability to make quick, informed decisions in a fast-paced market. - Experience in acquiring large amounts of ...

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    We are a team of developers and blockchain enthusiasts looking to outsource a piece of our project to a talented developer. We are looking to build a telegram bot using python, which scans contract addresses on EVM chains, Solana, and TON to look for dangerous code, malicious intent, and general information including price, market cap, holders, txns, volume, price change etc. We also will be scanning for the projects social pages and chats (X, Tiktok, Telegram) for specific information about them (Online members in TG, last tweet, tweet engagement etc). This bot will be similar to TTF bot, but we will want to be adding additional utilities to the bot itself. We do not accept ChatGPT developers, and we expect API usage to be at the absolute minimum. (please respond to this job posting w...

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    I'm seeking a skilled sourcing special...responsibility will be to purchase raw materials and APIs for export to Egypt. Key qualifications: - Pharmacy or Engineering degree - Minimum 3 years of experience in sourcing or supply chain Key responsibilities: - Purchasing raw materials - Procuring APIs Ideal candidates should have strong negotiation skills, an understanding of the pharmaceutical and engineering industries, and the ability to form strong relationships with suppliers. Being based in Mumbai offers an advantage in establishing these relationships and managing the supply chain effectively. A strong track record in sourcing and purchasing is highly desirable. Please note, this position requires an understanding of export regulations and the ability t...

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    TON CHAIN token transfer MEV script-nodejs

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    ...in the realm of supply chain. The scope of work will cover Procurement, Inventory Management, and Production Planning modules. Here's a breakdown of what I need: 1. Procurement: - Write requirements for Purchase Requisitions, - Purchase Orders, - Supplier Management, 2. Inventory Management: - Craft details for Goods receipt and issue, - Inventory valuation, - Return policy or reverse logistics, - Sourcing and vendor selection, - Goods inspection, - Invoice verification, - Custom clearance, - Inbound and outbound material management, - Create claims, - Invoice 3 way match, - Transportation management. Relevant experience in SAP HANA supply chain along with a solid understanding of its modules and functionaliti...

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    In the world of programming languages, C stands out as a versatile and powerful tool that has been foundational in shaping modern computing. Known for its efficiency, flexibility, and direct hardware access, C is often referred to as a mid-level programming language. In this blog post, we will explore what this designation means, why it matters, and how learning C can benefit aspiring programmers. What is a Mid-Level Programming Language? A mid-level programming language like C combines elements of both low-level and high-level languages. Here’s what this classification entails: Low-Level Features: C allows direct manipulation of hardware through pointers and memory addresses, giving programmers fine-grained control over system resources. This capab...

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    My Google my business page is not responding for any reviews updation for the past one year now. I tried to make it work with so many options like contacting Google and reporting the issues and everything but it did not work. I finally decided to delete the page itself. I need to delete that business page and recreate a new one. Iam trying to delete it but it's not working. I want some expert to remove or delete my existing Google My Business page and Recreate a new one. I don't want anyone to try this new. I want someone who is really having experience in it and who can really make it work with 100% guarantee.

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    I need a compreh...sales revenue tracking software built for both Windows and Mac platforms. The unique features of this project must include: - A robust sales tracking system - Effective revenue management capability - Sophisticated charts and graphs to present data visually Being a prime consideration, this software must adapt seamlessly to our existing systems: - Customer Relationship Management system - Supply Chain Management system - Financial Management System For this project, an ideal candidate should be proficient in developing cross-platform software and must demonstrate vast experience in integrating multiple systems. As the developer, you should have extensive knowledge in sales analytics and chart/graph visualizations. Efficiency and accuracy must be your guiding p...

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    ...this tool is to effectively log completed training courses. This tracker will facilitate monitoring of employee development and the generation of training reports. Proficiency in building learning management systems or e-learning platforms would be advantageous for this role. - Purchase Order Tracker: This module will need to record and maintain extensive purchase details such as order number, date, vendor, price, and date of receipt. Prior experience with procurement systems or supply chain management software will be beneficial. - Vendor Information Tracker: The final tracker will be designed to manage vendor-related data. Particularly, it should proficiently keep track of purchase order information and delivery receipt details. Familiarity with CRM or vendor managemen...

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    The scope is: 1 You got the tokens from our API 2- users add the contract integration with 3 defi wallets (MetaMask Binance web3 and Trust) 3- We take their wallet address from the integration you created. 4- You create a smart contract that sends the amount of tokens from our hot wallet to the user’s wallet You return to the API user received Integrations with MetaMask Binance web3 and trust should 1: make sure BSC network exists if not add it 2: add our token contract 3: return the user BEP20 wallet address to the API

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    ...looking for a blockchain developer who can modify an existing NFT contract to store one of the NFT's traits on-chain within the contract. Normally NFT would store the all the traits off-chain or on-chain with IPFS, but for my use case, I need one trait to be on-chain in the NFT smart contract. See attached design as an example: If I would like the card in hand trait to be stored on-chain, I would like to have a function cardInHard(...) to retrieve it with Solidity. I will provide NFT design. There will be one and only one trait to be stored on-chain. I have not decided which trait, but it shouldn't matter to the coding. Other traits will be stored either off-chain, or on-chain with IPFS (I haven't decided yet). I...

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    I need a professional website that can effectively showcase our services and capabilities to potential business clients. - The website needs to have a clean and modern design - It should prominently feature a comprehensive company overview - Detailed service description...descriptions must be easily accessible - A minimalistic aesthetic, with a focus on usability - The website should be designed to be mobile responsive Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proven track record of designing and developing professional websites for B2B clients - Strong understanding of user experience and design principles - Experience in the logistics or supply chain sector is highly desirable - Excellent communication skills and the ability to understand and implement client�...

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    ...significant exposure to the Ariba and supply chain domains. Responsibilities: - Develop, customize, and implement SAP Add-Ons or Plugins to meet specific business requirements. - Collaborate with the team to understand project requirements and translate them into technical solutions. - Ensure seamless integration of SAP Add-Ons/Plugins with existing systems. - Conduct thorough testing and troubleshooting to ensure optimal functionality and performance. - Provide technical support and maintenance for implemented solutions. - Stay updated with the latest SAP technologies and best practices. Requirements: - Proven experience as an SAP Add-On/Plugin Developer. - Strong expertise in SAP customization and development. - Extensive knowledge of Ariba and supply chain management...

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    I am in need of an experienced mentor who can guide me through a clear development path. The focus will be on enhancing my skills in business software programs and supply chain management. Key Requirements: - Your experience in business software programs will be crucial to help me improve and learn new applications. - An extensive background in supply chain management is also necessary to guide me through the intricacies of this field. I am open to having one mentor for all the areas, so you should be well-versed in all of them. The mentoring sessions will not require frequent interaction as I prefer monthly progress reviews. Your guidance should help me create a tailored career growth plan and provide the needed support to achieve my goals.

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    I'm seeking a talented academic writer to help me with a range of science and engineering topics. I need assistance with both theory-based and practical application topics, so a broad skill set and understanding is essential. The ideal candidate will be able to craft well-researched, high-caliber content suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Your writing will need to be clear, concise, and - above all - accurate. Experience in these topics is important, as is a strong academic background in science or engineering. Key requirements: - Proficiency in academic writing - Understanding of science and engineering topics - Ability to present both theory and practical applications - Experience in writing for both undergraduate and postgraduate level ...

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    ...(BCP): The BCP should focus on addressing the risks of cybersecurity breaches and potential supply chain disruptions. It's crucial to have a structured approach to keep the business operational and staff safe in emergency scenarios. - Environmental Policy: An Environmental Policy that promotes sustainability and minimizes our ecological footprints is vital. This should align with current regulations and industry standards. Critical Business Functions: - IT infrastructure and systems: The plan should ensure our IT operations are secured and have a robust recovery strategy in case of an incident. - Communication and customer support: Maintaining effective communication channels during disruptions is essential for our service delivery and client satisfaction. - F...

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    ...platform guidelines and best practices. ##### Expertise: 1. **Digital Marketing:** A strong foundation in digital marketing principles is essential for consultants to promote travel services effectively on Skyscanner. This includes proficiency in search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and content marketing strategies. 2. **Data Analysis:** Consultants leverage data analytics tools to interpret performance metrics, identify patterns, and forecast trends. This analytical prowess allows them to optimize campaigns and maximize ROI for their clients. 3. **Customer Experience:** Understanding consumer behavior and preferences is critical for consultants to enhance the user experience on Skyscanner. They prioritize usability, responsiveness, and pe...

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    I need a website design for food chain company called ROZA FOOD CHAIN LTD. No e-commerce function is required. But I want a very functional website with contact page message form. A simplified logo also needs to be designed in this regard but should be unique and meet corporate standard.

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    ...such as business processes, organization structures, workflows, etc - Expertise in business process configuration, building validation/condition rules, setting up notifications - Working in collaboration with Integrations and Data Conversion effort required to implement/ support Workday Solution - Knowledge of Workday Security and Reporting - Strong understanding of financials, expenses and supply chain - Responsible for delivering allocated work in all stages of the Workday deployment project lifecycle, from planning and design phases through to configuration, testing, go-live and post-production support. These activities will include but not limited to: - Conducting session to analyze business functional area. - Providing approach to perform future design sessions. - Preparing...

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    ...web service featuring a 3D human-like Avatar. The primary goal of this project is to develop a web service with an interactive 3D human-like Avatar, aiding in the explanation of products, much like a pharmacist would in various situations, both within and outside of a pharmacy. Please see current status first at ** Attached: Sample Video ** Key Requirements: - You should have demonstrable experience in developing web services. - Proficiency in working with Azure is a must. - Experience in creating 3D human-like Avatars would be highly beneficial. - A background in text-to-speech conversion and/or natural language processing is preferred. The ideal candidate should be able to integrate the following functionalities:

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    ...of Sale (POS) system, which is freezing in windows 7.. The goal is to ensure that the system is stable, efficient and reliable. Issues : --------------------------- -Sometimes the program hangs in Windows 7 environment. -It means that it works on Windows 7 OS but it is not normal. -The Korean C# developer used too many libraries to make the program heavy, or the .NET version is 5.0 or higher when it should be 4.0. Most other programs on Windows 7 are developed with .NET 4.0. -Is it possible to downgrade (.net 5) to (.net 4.7) Key tasks include: - Identify the root cause of the frequent crashes - Perform a complete system overhaul to fix the issue - Optimize the system for better performance - Ensure the system is reliable and st...

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    Design of a device case that is worn with a belt

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    I'm looking to build a reliable supply chain with AliExpress and other suppliers for various products including electronics, clothing, and home goods. I am based in the Chain and plan to source small quantities of these items. Key Requirements: - Identify and establish relationships with trustworthy suppliers on AliExpress and other platforms - Source a variety of products, including electronics, clothing, and home goods - Manage and oversee the sourcing of small quantities of these items Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in sourcing and supply chain management, preferably in the e-commerce sector - Strong understanding of different product categories, particularly in electronics, clothing, and home goods - Excellent communication and negotiation ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with a project to retrieve NSE option chain data in real-time using nodeJS with an API integration. Specifically, I am interested in gathering data related to strike prices. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience with nodeJS and API integration - Familiarity with NSE option chain data - Ability to retrieve and update data every minute This data will be primarily used for educational and research purposes. Experience with financial data processing and API integration will be advantageous.

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    Necesito un bot de arbitraje facil de usar, que sea automatico por ejemplo comprar ltc en binance y vender lct en kucoin. Automatizar ese proceso.

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    Gothic/occult style jewellery design with focus on things like animal skulls and moths. Mainly looking for pendant designs that can be hung from a chain, internal designs that can be added to for plugs/gauges, etc.

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    I am see...project will be enhancing supply chain management, although the specific functionalities haven't been finalized yet. Key requirements: - Extensive experience in Hyperledger Fabric platform - Knowledge and experience in supply chain management system - Innovative thinker with a track record of delivering reliable blockchain solutions Please note, it's also beneficial if you have: - Experience with smart contracts and data verification elements on blockchain - Strong analytical ability to understand and implement supply chain optimization This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to apply their blockchain expertise in a practical, real-world setting. I look forward to reviewing proposals from candidates with the relevant skills and pas...

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    I...the geographical locations provided. - Ensuring the solution is focused on optimizing delivery routes, aimed at improving efficiency and reducing transportation costs. - Providing a technical explanation of the developed algorithm. Key Requirements: - Prior experience in developing Genetic Algorithms, preferably for optimization problems. - Expertise in Python or similar programming languages. - Familiarity with Vehicle Routing Problems would be advantageous. - Ability to deliver the project within a short timeframe. The ideal candidate should be able to understand the specifics of VRP and implement a Genetic Algorithm to solve this optimization problem. A background in logistics or supply chain could be beneficial. The project is urgent and the quicker it can b...

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    ...compare prices from Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, and Houbi, in real-time. _ the delta of the prices to be considered should be inputted from the user, and the max spread allowed to start the procedure, and the time of the day inwhich orders are allowed, and days of the week. - Automated Order Execution: Orders need to be placed automatically when an arbitrage opportunity is detected. - Profit Calculation and Reporting: The software must track the profits generated from each trade and offer a comprehensive report. - Seamless Wallet Transfer: Once an arbitrage transaction is completed, the software should move the crypto to the wallet associated with the exchange that facilitated the sell order. The software can be either web-based or desktop-based, whichever...

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    ...Android. Key Features: - Real-time data updates: The platform should provide instant data on token prices, transactions, and other key metrics. - Cross-chain compatibility: It should be able to track tokens across different blockchain networks to provide comprehensive insights. - Smart contract monitoring: The platform should have the ability to monitor and display smart contract activity in a user-friendly way. User Interface: - Clean and minimalist design: The UI should be sleek and easy to navigate, keeping distractions to a minimum while delivering all necessary information. - Interactive charts and graphs: Visual representation of data is important. The platform should include interactive charts and graphs for users to easily interpret and analyze data. - Customizab...

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    ...Slot machines, Blackjack, and Roulette - Knowledge of cryptocurrency payment processing Below are my detailed requirements: 1. My casino needs to integrate third-party game APIs, including slot machines, roulette, live video, and sports 2. I also want to integrate perpetual contracts and options based on cryptocurrency 3. I want the project's funds to be completely in cryptocurrency, with multi-chain and multi-currency deposits and withdrawals 4. I want to create my own token, you need to discuss and design the token economics model with me, as well as loan and pledge functions, and if necessary, integrate the token in a decentralized exchange. 5. In terms of security, use 2AF verification to guide smart contracts to pass the third-party inspection platform security certifi...

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    ...Let's collaborate and create! Medicure is a super specialty hospital based in New York, USA and provide world class treatment and surgery including Heart, Liver, Kidney transplants and first robotic surgery center. The chain is owned and managed by Global Health Limited. The Medicure would centrally like to manage all the doctor’s and patient’s data across the Medicure hospitals in various cities. They have developed an microservice, which offers these services. In order to reduce unnecessary maintenance cost and manual labor, they would like to automate their application build and deployment process using DevOps. They are fine to use any one of the (AWS, Azure, GCP) cloud platform as their primary cloud service provider. The company’s primar...

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    Hello Patrick, Would like to work with you on a new article (about 800 words) on the following topic: What Makes Regulated Forex Brokers a Better Choice It should mostly just list the advantages of a regulated broker vs. an unregulated one, but can also mention some disadvantages of regulated brokers. Please let me know if you can do it and if you need more info.

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    I'm in need of a seasoned professional who can help us craft a manufacturing strategy report. This project is primarily focused on enhancing our operational efficiency, increasing production output, and optimizing our supply chain management. Key deliverables for this project will include: - A comprehensive manufacturing strategy - Recommendations for cost-saving opportunities - Streamlining of production processes - Enhancement of quality control measures Ideal candidates should have a strong background in manufacturing strategy development, understanding of operational procedures, and experience in supply chain optimization. The report should provide a detailed roadmap for us to follow, to help overcome our current key challenges.

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    ...mobile and laptop devices. Your tasks will include enhancing and developing my project's capability to interact with contracts on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Your expert skills should encompass: - Proficiency in implementing Wallet Connect Library - Familiarity with wagmi for connectivity purposes - An understanding of contract interactions, particularly in reading a contract state - Capacity to work with the Binance Smart Chain platform The work will accepted: - After the connectivity is done the code should deploy at vercel or netlify. - the vercel site should support mobile view as well as computer screen. A strong grasp of blockchain connectivity is vital for this task. Finally, the candidate should have a proven track record in...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned professional who can help us craft a manufacturing strategy report. This project is primarily focused on enhancing our operational efficiency, increasing production output, and optimizing our supply chain management. Key deliverables for this project will include: - A comprehensive manufacturing strategy - Recommendations for cost-saving opportunities - Streamlining of production processes - Enhancement of quality control measures Ideal candidates should have a strong background in manufacturing strategy development, understanding of operational procedures, and experience in supply chain optimization. The report should provide a detailed roadmap for us to follow, to help overcome our current key challenges.

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    I need a system developed that leverages artificial intelligence to review Requests for Quotations (RFQs) and locate vendors supplying specific materials. Key delive...A separate category for any RFQs that do not meet the stringent criteria. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: * In-depth knowledge of AI and Machine Learning algorithms. * Proficiency in data analysis and interpretation. * Experience in supply chain management or vendor sourcing systems. * Familiarity with the types of materials mentioned. This project requires the combination of AI and a deep understanding of industrial materials sourcing to help me pinpoint the best offers in the market. Seamless automation is paramount; the success of this project depends on being able to make quick, in...

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    Solana Contract developer S-a încheiat left

    ...contract for a P2E game. I'm swamped, so I decided to outsource this part of the job. Are you familiar with Solana contracts? What is your average delivery time? This is smart contract is quite simple. It allows players to enter a contest by paying a fee. If they kill another player they earn the fee paid by that player. If they survive the game they get their earning. The contract owner always takes a percentage of the initial fee. Here are the SM specifications: - Initial Deposit: To join a game, each player must make an initial deposit in tokens (SOL, USDT, USDC) on the Solana blockchain. The deposit amount is defined by the server creator/manager. - When the joining fee is paid, 10% of it will be deducted and credited to the contract ow...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Excel professional to create a user-friendly, efficient template which a team of over 10 can use for project management and order tracking, including t...Management Tracking: A clear visual representation of project status, deadlines, and team members involved. - Order Tracking: An easy-to-use system for logging and following up on orders. - Task Assignment: A versatile functionality to assign pending tasks to team members. The spreadsheet must cater to both numerical values and text description input fields. Prior knowledge and experience in supply chain management or extensive project management would be a plus. The role requires someone with a keen eye for detail, outstanding Excel skills, and a solid understanding of managing multiple users on a s...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned professional who can help us craft a manufacturing strategy report. This project is primarily focused on enhancing our operational efficiency, increasing production output, and optimizing our supply chain management. Key deliverables for this project will include: - A comprehensive manufacturing strategy - Recommendations for cost-saving opportunities - Streamlining of production processes - Enhancement of quality control measures Ideal candidates should have a strong background in manufacturing strategy development, understanding of operational procedures, and experience in supply chain optimization. The report should provide a detailed roadmap for us to follow, to help overcome our current key challenges.

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    I'm in need of a research-savvy proposal writer who can help me apply for a specific federal funding opportunity I've identified. My project is geared towards technological advancement, so experience in this field would be extremely beneficial. Project information: SRFA 2: Improving the overall performance and capabilities of open RUs through targeted research and development, Under Public Wireless Supply Chain Innovation Fund (PWSCIF) Grant Program -NOFO 2 – Open Radio Commercialization and Innovation *********************Currently I am looking RFP writer (For federal Grants) to provide additional consultation (HRS.) to submit the following forms PART # 1 (Not much technical requirements) for Federal Assistance SF-424 2. Budget information...

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    More details: Is this project for business or personal use? For an existing business What information should successful freelancers include in their application? This question was skipped by the user How soon do you need your project completed? ASAP

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    What to find an experience freelancer to set up my shopify store. If he or she has succeeded in their own shopify stores is a plus.

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    Evoca is the brand name S-a încheiat left

    Seeking an experienced developer to create a custom-built e-commerce website focused on the sales of clothing and especially abaya. Demonstrable experience in creating similar platforms is ideal. Key project deliverables include: - Custom built website to facilitate clothing and abaya sales - Shopping cart and easy-to-navigate checkout system that facilitates a streamlined buyer's journey - A dynamic, user-friendly design and navigation catered to the needs of an online clothing store - Support and troubleshooting following launch as part of the package. Ideal skills for this project include: - Proven track record in custom-built e-commerce platform development - Expertise in optimising user interface and user experience specifically for fashion platforms - Knowledge in cre...

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    is revolutionizing the construction industry in Iraq by partnering with over 200 suppliers to streamline the supply chain. We are, dedicated to making business operations more efficient and easier in Iraq. We are looking for a skilled Backend Developer to join our innovative and dynamic in-house tech team. Job Responsibilities: Develop, maintain, and enhance server-side logic for platform. Collaborate with front-end developers to integrate user-facing elements with server-side logic. Design and implement APIs to support new and existing features. Optimize the application for maximum speed and scalability. Troubleshoot and debug applications to optimize performance and ensure security. Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders to deliver high-quality solutions

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    Photoshop picture edit S-a încheiat left

    Pls edit picture: -delete words "Water" -change picture to circle (without cutting the hands chain)

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    Search in NavBar submits to staging as is currently on www Results are displayed in a layer, as is the case in No new dependencies, not jquery please

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