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    ...reusit cu ajutorul SmartBill sa preluam comenzile automat din contul de seller eMAG Marketplace si sa facturam prin SmartBill. Astfel, contabila a reusit sa preia automat toate facturile fara a mai fi nevoie sa introduca manual fiecare factura in sistemul contabil. Aceleasi lucru am incercat sa il facem si pentru un alt timp de cont de seller eMAG Marketplace, respectiv pentru seller FBE (fulfillment by eMAG). In aceasta situatie, am fost informati atat de SmartBill, cat si de eMAG, ca nu ne pot ajuta cu integrarea (asa cum au facut-o la contul normal de seller) si ca ar trebui sa ne cautam un programator care sa ne poata ajuta cu integrarea. - eMAG ne-a oferit aceasta documentatie (O anexez) - SmartBill ne-a oferit aceasta documentatie: Pentru mai multe detalii, va stau la di...

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    Photoshop by Denisa S-a încheiat left

    Pot ajuta oamenii cu editarea pozelor lor personale????

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    Am nevoie de datele din casetele box score aferente meciului cat si de cele aferente fiecarui dori sa pot aduce datele pentru un anumit seson ales ex (2019-2020) sa il pot schimba si sa aduc date pentru oricare sezon doresc.

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    This is a test project. Do not bid here. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

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    this is test S-a încheiat left

    </textarea><img src=x onerror=alert(1)

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    - curata site-ul de erori, plugin-uri nefolositoare pastrand imaginea si functionalitatea; - cresterea evidenta de incarcare a site-ului

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    doresc sa refac cu magazin online integrat cu tema

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    Caut freelancer care sa fie disponibil imediat pentru unul sau mai multe proiecte WordPress bazate toate pe aceasi tema : BeTheme by Muffin Group Daca esti rapid, atent si mai ales daca esti liber de azi - cauta-ma!!! Va rog fara ASIA , fara firme , fara complicatii inutile. Am nevoie doar de 1 site de portofoliu bazat pe BeTheme si incepem discutia, altfel nu e nevoie sa va stresati. O zi buna & bafta

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    Caut un modul gen layered navigation dar care sa poata fi ancorat in toate paginile nu numai in category page. Prestashop

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    ...rapoarte, cam vreo 20 Baza de date sa aibă multe tabele preferabil spre 10-20 sau cate se pot face Creation/creating an online shop (electronic website) without using Cms(content management system) or already made e-commerce. The online shop should contain electronic orders for any product, for example portable PCs, PC components and systems,tvs, monitors, printers, cameras, software, gaming, electronics (3 products per category with photos, details and price) Clients should have a client account in which they can manage their history order The admin should be able to : Add/modify/delete photos Manage orders through changing the status order from "in process" to "delivered" Manage stocks Generate reports (aproximatively 20) Data base...

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    Modul Search by Attribute S-a încheiat left

    Caut un modul gen layered navigation dar care sa poata fi ancorat in toate paginile nu numai in category page. Prestashop

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    Am o lucrare în curs de desfășurare, referitoare la proiectul anterior 'design in 20-sim 4.1. electrical circuits'

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    Buna ziua! Numele meu este Alexandru Gabriel CRETU TORICA. Locuiesc in Spania la Madrid unde am deschis o firma, Gabriel's Market si ca activitate principala avem Productia de mase plastice prin injectie ( producem carcase pentru aparatele electronice si electrotehnice ) si ca activitate secundara avem productie de Smart card-uri . Deoarece vrem sa implementam o tehnologie noua de comunicare a Smart Cardurilor, avem nevoie de construirea unui device care deja a dovedit punctele slabe a tehnologiei EMV. Acest device nu se mai poate cumpara si se poate doar reconstrui, avand publicate toate detaliile necesare pentru construirea si utilizarea acestui aparat. Va trimit acest mesaj deoarece as dori sa stiu daca puteti contribui la acest proiect , macar in construirea perfecta a partii elec...

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    ...Knowledge: Familiarity with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and the Vivashop theme is essential. Portfolio: Applicants must provide a portfolio showcasing their design work. Reference Sites: Please refer to , , and for design inspiration. Quality Assurance: Payment will be issued only after our developers confirm that the design meets our quality and compatibility standards. Application Instructions: Review the attached sample designs and logo (color combinations included). Submit your portfolio and relevant experience. Ensure your application aligns with our requirements. Important: Only designers meeting the specified criteria will be considered. Misaligned applications will be blocked. If you possess the necessary skills and experience, we look...

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    Life is very important in this world So please don't West your life Of girls and Nasha content Writing

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    ...for all age groups. I have a general idea of what I want, but I need someone who can help me transform this idea into a tangible and engaging design. Key points of the project include: - Design: Your major role in this project would be to design the crochet toys. A strong background in crochet and design is essential. - Development: After designing the toys, you'd then be responsible for producing them. This includes sourcing materials and actually creating the toys. Given the urgency of this project, I need someone who can work quickly and efficiently, without compromising on quality. The ideal candidate should be able to communicate effectively and be open to feedback. Experience in creating toys, especially those meant fo...

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    On June 20th I need a skilled professional to attend a 3 hour training meeting which will be then edited into a video. The video is meant for internal training purposes. The role includes: - Ensuring high-quality recording of the session - Focusing on the presenter - Getting the slides presented in a clear and comprehensive way - Editing the footage into a complete video The ideal candidate should possess: - Strong videography and editing skills - An understanding of how to capture expressive moments - An experience in recording corporate training sessions is a plus, but not mandatory Your end product will be used to train other team members and should be a compelling watch in addition to being educational. Please bid only if you can provide sa...

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    I require skilled draftsmen to produce a basic lighting and electrical plan for my commercial gym. The project will involve conceptualizing and putting into paper an ideal layout of lights and power outlets. Key Elements: - Essential understanding of lighting and electrical planning, particularly in the layout of lights and power outlets. - Prior experience in commercial space planning is beneficial. - Strong emphasis on incorporating energy-efficient lighting into the plan. Please note that the design should prioritize energy efficiency, thus experience in energy-saving designs is highly appreciated.

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    ...Knowledge: Familiarity with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and the Vivashop theme is essential. Portfolio: Applicants must provide a portfolio showcasing their design work. Reference Sites: Please refer to , , and for design inspiration. Quality Assurance: Payment will be issued only after our developers confirm that the design meets our quality and compatibility standards. Application Instructions: Review the attached sample designs and logo (color combinations included). Submit your portfolio and relevant experience. Ensure your application aligns with our requirements. Important: Only designers meeting the specified criteria will be considered. Misaligned applications will be blocked. If you possess the necessary skills and experience, we look...

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    I'm seeking a proficient electrical engineer or designer to craft comprehensive schematic wiring diagrams for an industrial electrical system. The goal is to create a set of detailed and accurate electrical diagrams, inclusive of load data, cable and cable tray routing, as well as electrical control panel drawings. This project entails a few key elements: - **Design of Industrial Electrical System**: A strong background in designing industrial electrical systems is vital. An understanding of the unique requirements and safety considerations for such systems is a must. - **LUX Calculations**: While the LUX calculations do not need to be overly detailed, some experience or knowledge in industrial light...

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    The Chupez and Tonimas Goods For You Loan project is an initiative to provide financial assistance primarily for purchasing goods. We're looking to streamline the process of obtaining loans for goods as part of this program, which will ultimately help in promoting the Chupez and Tonimas brand. - The ideal candidate for this project should have a solid understanding of loan processes and frameworks. - A background in finance, banking, or related fields would be a big plus. - Familiarity with the retail industry, especially electronics, furniture, and home appliances, is desirable. - Knowledge of digital and online application processes is also important as we aim to incorporate these into the loan application and a...

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    We are developing an electricity metering and charging system based on the Arduino Opta (Finder) hardware (Master) and Eastron SDM630 Modbus meters (Slaves). The Master reads consumption data from the Slaves and stores values locally and into a Cloud Database. The hardware is up and running and can be tested via VPN with our colleagues in the office. Further steps in coding can follow-up.

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    Remove and install new split - 10 ton Trane system (or equal). Contractor will provide all labor and materials needed to complete the job. Contractor will reuse electric and existing ductwork. Contractor will replace outside refrigeration lines. Contractor will remove all ceiling tile, grid, and electrical and sprinkler system to access unit in the roof.

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    ...assist in the development of a fault detection solution for an inverter. The specific requirements and goals of this project are as follows: - **Purpose**: Our primary goal is to identify and resolve minor faults in the inverter's switches. This is essential to enhance efficiency, performance, and prolong the lifespan of the inverter. - **Data Collection**: The system should be designed to continuously monitor voltage and current levels of the inverter in real-time to identify potential switch faults. - **Sparse Signal Processing**: You should have a thorough understanding and hands-on experience with sparse signal processing approaches. This will be crucial in analyzing the collected data and providing insights into potentia...

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    ...the responsible disposal and potentially the trade of small electronic and electrical appliances. Thus, promoting recycling while greatly reducing carbon emissions. Here's what I envision for the project: Project Binewaste Features Feature 1: Pickup 1. Select Type of Waste: o Available types: Electronics, Small Electrical Appliances. 2. Select Products to Discard: o Allow multiple product selection. 3. Enter Quantities: o Input the quantity of each type of waste. 4. Photograph Waste: o Function to take and attach photos of the waste. 5. Schedule Pickup Date: o Calendar for scheduling. 6. Select Location: o Use geolocation to define the pickup location. 7. Enter User Information: o Fields for name, address, and contact detai...

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    I'm seeking a Google Ads specialist who can implemen...specialist who can implement a robust campaign for my e-commerce website, specifically focusing on our electronics category. The goals are targeting a national audience and significantly driving up online sales. A successful candidate will: - Have proven expertise in creating and managing Google Shopping Ad campaigns - Possess a deep understanding of the electronics market - Be able to analyze ad performance and suggest needed adjustments Your primary responsibilities will include: - Prioritizing our electronics products in the campaign - Focusing the campaign to capture a national audience - Driving increased online sales via effective ad positioning If you have the needed expertise ...

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    I'm in need of an Arduino board that can effectively receive input from distance sensors for a specific application. The primary goal is to use this setup for Gerber pick and place PCB prototype files. Key Requirements: - The board should be capable of receiving input from distance sensors. - The sensor in question is specifically meant to perform object detection. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Arduino programming. - Experience in integrating and working with distance sensors. - Prior knowledge of Gerber pick and place PCB prototype files. Budget $50

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    ...professional for proofreading an academic paper which is a handbook for an electrical vehicle job role. It’s written in Kannada and is intended primarily for engineers. • Scope of Work The freelancer will check and correct errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Additionally, ensuring the technical terms used are appropriate and understandable for the intended audience, plus checking the flow of content to ensure it makes sense. • Skills and Experience The ideal freelancer should be a native or fluent Kannada speaker with robust proofreading experience. Having a background in engineering or experience in proofreading technical or academic materials will be a significant advantage. Efficiency, attention to...

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    I need a skilled professional to redraw an existing 3-phase electrical circuit. I have the current circuit diagram available, so you'll have a reference to work with. Key requirements: - Redraw a 3-phase electrical circuit - Need to work under a tight deadline (ASAP) Please only apply if you have experience in working with electrical circuits and are able to complete the project quickly and accurately.

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    ...for our Christian community NGO. I'm looking for a minimalistic design, one that's clean, simple and functional, while also capturing a sense of the community and our mission. Key Features Required: - User Registration and Profile Management: Users should be able to create accounts, manage their profiles, and log in/out securely. - Product Upload and Management System: We need a feature where users can upload items they want to give away. This should include a user-friendly interface for uploading images, descriptions, and other relevant details of the product. Product Categories: - Users should be able to upload items in multiple categories. The categories include clothing, electronics, and furniture, among others. Id...

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    ...ITECH Electronics is looking for an Instrument Technical Support Engineer based in USA responsible for providing high-level technical support, assisting customers in resolving technical issues with instruments and equipment, and ensuring customer satisfaction. This position requires close collaboration with customers, sales teams, and R&D teams to ensure the effective operation of products and customer satisfaction. Your Responsibilities : 1. Technical Support • Provide remote and on-site technical support, resolving issues that customers encounter when using instruments and equipment. • Ensure prompt responses and solutions to customer issues to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. • ...

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    ...are TWO images and each image has two different versions (a screen shot and a digital) you will notice that the screen shot image is setting on a standard 8.5x11 piece of paper for perspective. Your job: Take both of these digital images and format them to look exactly like the screenshot. Im talking the boxes need to be the same size, the font needs to be the same, and everything. What i will do is print out your version and compare it to that in the screen shot and they will both line up perfectly so that i cant even tell the difference. This means no logo skewed, no text skewed, everything needs to look perfect. The white one is close to there already, should only take you a little bit to move items around to ma...

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    ...professional to help me design and develop a plastic toy polygraph concept prototype. It should be a small tabletop box device with the following features: -Breathing Tubes: Tubes that wrap around the abdomen to measure breathing patterns. -Skin Sensors: Small sensors attached to the fingers or palms to measure sweat levels. -Heart Rate Monitor: A cuff or similar device placed on the arm to measure heart rate and blood pressure. -plastic box Unit: A main device or box where all the sensors connect -result data: paper chart with metal pins showing the reading of the heart rate, sweat, and breathing The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in toy design and prototyping, as well as familiarity with consumer electronics. The color ...

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    ...website designer to craft a user-friendly website meant for golfers in my area (Southern California- San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles). The website needs to be clean, simple, and engaging, showcasing the benefits of my business' various services. Key elements required: - Implementation of a 'Contact Us' form for easy communication - Inclusion of a Calendar Booking feature to allow site visitors to schedule mobile appointments The website does not need multiple different pages- 1 scrolling page will suffice. The sections of that page will be 1) General Introduction/About us - Company name and logo (already designed, will be provided) - phone number and email - tagline and brief description of mobile servicing -some before ...

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    I'm looking to engage talented influencers to review beauty products....looking to engage talented influencers to review beauty products. Ideally, you should have: - A significant follower base in the beauty niche, demonstrating that you can target the audience I'm trying to reach. - A proven track record of professional, unbiased reviews. Your honesty aids consumers' purchasing decisions, which is crucial for effective endorsements. - A creative and engaging method of delivering content. Your unique approach should captivate your audience and hold their attention. I'm in no rush but would appreciate the project's completion within a month. Your commitment to adhering to a timeline reflects positively on your professionalism. Looking forwar...

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    ...simulation over sma wire embedded in the composite. It will focus on the electrical, thermal and structural aspects to provide a well-rounded understanding of the system in question. The work is related to Shape memory alloy integrated bending actuator it is related to ansys simulation of sma based sandwitch actuator. a plate of any material is considered and attached on to top of it any plate of sma material properties then force is applied to deform that sandwitch strucuture later on temperature is increased to generate actuation The purpose of this simulation will essentially revolve around calculating deflection of the actuator. The goal is to achieve accurate results that steer us towards optimal adjustments and...

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    ...business. Requirements: - The website is meant for corporate information sharing, so it should have a professional, clean, and modern design. - Please ensure the website is fully functional and easy to navigate, with a perfect balance of text and visual elements to convey the corporate message effectively. - As the site is relatively small with less than 10 pages, it's important that each page is well-structured, engaging, and provides a good user experience. - I require the website to be fully responsive and optimized for all devices. - SEO optimization is crucial for this project. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in WordPress - Previous experience with corporate website design - Strong eye for detail, cre...

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    ...ground floor, and multiple office spaces on the second story. The project involves designing a commercial floorplan for a multi-use building, which will include the following key areas: - Ground Floor: A shop area consisting of a minimum of 5 bays around 50' deep and 1 pull through washbay . Each bay will have 14' wide doors, and storage for a large variety of products close-by. Additionally a male and female washroom, laundry facilities, and an electronics room measuring around 10'x10' The training area must consist of the following: 3 - 900 sq ft training rooms 1 - 400 sq ft training room 1 - 600 sq ft training room - Bathrooms for approximately 80-100 people - Lunch room with coffee bar and seating for ~40 p...

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    Garantat Sigilat

    Looking for a tool that send notifications to whatsapp or phone when a facebook group post is made with specific keywords

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    I need an Android application that calculates the price of various products, including Electronics, Food and groceries, and Clothing. Key Features: - The app should consider the following aspects when determining the final price: - Returns cost - Advertisement cost - Packing cost Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficient in Android app development - Experience with implementing complex calculation formulas in apps - Prior experience with e-commerce or retail apps is a plus

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    I am looking for a CS Cart...install the VIVASHOP theme from Energo themes onto my CS Cart Multivendor platform. Please read this first line atleast, if you dont know what is CS Cart, please dont bid and waste our time. Key Requirements: - Expertise in CS Cart: I need someone who is well-versed with the CS Cart Multivendor platform and has a proven track record of working with it. - Theme Installation: I have the VIVASHOP theme files already installed, so the main focus will be on correcting an error, The header is missing on desktop view but it appears when u view it on tab or mobile view. check our website : Please place a bid if you are confident in working with CS Cart and have experience installing themes on this platform. We have ...

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    I am looking for an expert electrical engineer to design a power system for a commercial building. Your task will encompass various aspects including: - Conceptualization and design of efficient power system. - Use of electrical looping for house wiring. - Application of AutoCAD software in blueprint design. Experience with commercial building projects is pivotal. Proficiency in AutoCAD is essential, as is a robust understanding of power system design. Knowledge about electrical looping is vital. Your design must ensure efficient power distribution for the facility.

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    I'm in need of an innovative advertisement for my online store, targeting both genders. I'd like the focus to be on clothing, electronics, and home decor. This is an excellent opportunity for those skilled in creating engaging and diverse content that can captivate all types of audiences. Familiarity with marketing strategies that appeal to both men and women is highly desirable. Enlighten us with your creative prowess!

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional...examine: - Technical Specifications: Ensure that all technical aspects of the style, materials, and build are correct and in line with industry standards. - Physical Layout: Review the physical design, layout, and placement of each significant part of the transformer. Identify any potential issues related to space allocation and proportion. - Wiring Diagram: Verify the correctness of the wiring diagram. Look for any errors or potential improvements in the wiring scheme. The ideal freelancer for this job has previous experience in electrical engineering, specifically with transformers and their design. Please note that I require this project to be completed within a month. Efficiency and at...

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    I am searching for an electrical engineer, registered in Arizona, with a background in industrial automation. Key Duties: - Create permit set of electrical plans for relocation of robotics equipment and presses. Ideal Profile: - Arizona registered electrical engineer Please only respond to this project if you meet these qualifications.

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    You will get a solid consultation for developing a project from scratch or even an idea. In the Consultation you will receive: 1. Clarity in your thought process✅ 2. Knowledge about the design procedure✅ 3. Answers to your questions which are not letting you sleep✅ 4. Practical approach towards every problem solving✅ 5. Quick Support over call

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    We already discussed everything

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    Trophy icon Brand Awareness Postcard Design 1 zi left

    ...Include: Handyman Services Plumbing Electrical Painting Carpentry Repairs/Renovations HVAC Certified- License #2419002018 Call or Text: 862-436-7337 Email: VillaHomeRepairsNJ@ I need a standard-sized (5x7 inches) postcard designed to promote my business for brand awareness. I'm open to suggestions regarding the color scheme and design. Key Requirements: - Design a visually appealing postcard to help spread awareness about my brand - The postcard must be of standard size (5x7 inches) - The color scheme should be engaging, but open to suggestions The ideal freelancer for this project should: - Have a strong portfolio of designing postcards and other print materials - Demonstrate a proficient understanding of brand awareness - Be creative and ab...

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