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Acoustical Engineering is an extensive field of study that involves the analysis and mitigation of both environmental and building noise as well as sound and vibration inside of enclosed spaces. An Acoustical Engineer can provide solutions to ensure that a space (whether workplace, home, auditorium, theatre) is optimized for noise control. That same engineer can also ensure that sound systems are designed or installed to meet specific needs; from a private home theatre to a live music gig.

At you can hire acoustical engineers for your project. Our experienced engineers are proficient in architecture acoustics, which entails creating comfortable interior acoustic environments; seperate from outdoor environmental noise conditions. Acoustical engineers can help you with the design of public spaces such as concert halls, sporting arenas and other buildings, in order to maximize visibility and clarity of sound reproduction regardless of the size of the space.

Moreover, they can help with field measurements and noise modelling. They measure both physical and real-time data from sound levels on location, or use computer-based simulations to predict how sound will interact with structures before they are built. They also use algorithms to calculate frequency responses (e.g. loudspeaker boost/cut adjustments) for acoustic equalization.

Here's some projects that our expert Acoustical Engineers made real:

  • Working with architects and designers to create the optimal experience for live music performances
  • Making sure buildings like hospitals or factories comply with government regulations on sound limits
  • Installing acoustic panels to minimize reverberation in large spaces
  • Developing software codes for comprehensive calculations on sound diffusion
  • Achieving good audio recordings by countering background noise variables
  • Measuring sound levels to ensure they’re within safety standards

At we have an abundance of talented acoustical engineers who understand the complexities behind soundscapes and are up to date with the latest technology in their field. So whether you have a project involving acoustics on a smaller scale like selecting audio equipment or a larger scale such as designing a full acoustical structure, don’t hesitate to post your project and hire an Acoustical Engineer right away!

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    We are looking for an expert in signal processing design for acoustic applications, possibly with extensive experience in noise control field. You will be tasked with giving us your expert opinion on the feasibility of an active noise control application for our device (project is about a single device, not acoustics in a room, the objective will be to make the device significantly emit less noise than it currently does), starting from our provided paper and back-of-the-envelope idea sketches. You will compare our proposal with existing research body in the field to possibly kill the idea if not feasible and/or propose alternative/improved designs (we are open also to standard, passive noise control solutions, if effective) If the application is feasible, you will be asked to giv...

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