Agora is a powerful and advanced real-time communication platform, enabling developers to rapidly add voice and/or video streaming and messaging to their applications. Agora's technology allows developers to quickly build interactive projects, such as broadcasting, live streaming, eSports interaction, education applications, conference calls and much more. Having an Agora Expert on board could help a client save time and money while taking care of the intricacies of this powerful communication platform.

Agora is a full stack technology, but an experienced Agora Expert can customize the platform with extra features like integrated video content management system (CMS) and customized video viewing experiences tailored to the client’s business requirements. With access to global resources and cloud infrastructure, Agora Experts can reduce latency, optimize media delivery services for higher end user experience on multiple Asia-based countries.

Using our Agora Experts to bring projects to life include adding live streaming capabilities to existing websites or app; integrate multimedia interaction into a conference call; craft a customized video conferencing solution that offers specific media needs or security requirements; or enhance an app or website with additional functionality that requires real-time communications technology.

Here's some projects that our Agora Experts made real:

  • Live streaming integration
  • Video & audio conferencing
  • Multi-party & multi-device sessions
  • Voice & video calling
  • Customized video viewing experiences

These are just some of the projects our Agora Experts have been able to bring to life for clients around the world when hired through Our experts understand the features and how to use them in different ways to create powerful applications that stay ahead of the curve in communications technology. If you have a project in mind leveraging the power of Advanced Real Time Communications services like Agora's platform, then it might be worth hiring an Agora Expert on and explore what they can do for you.

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