AngularJS is an open-source web application framework that assists with creating single-page applications, one-page web applications that only require HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the client side.

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    Hello, this task must be done through teamviewer only and the task is just adding an icon next to a label field. That's it, thank you!

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    Our project has taken so long to develop that our tech is severely outdated! We’re proceeding to forward anyway so that we can monetize and rebuild everything up to date. Currently we have a few bugs to fix. We are looking for a freelancer to come onboard, help fix bugs and keep us upright until we can rebuild. This is not a small project. Our iOS & Droid apps are based off of the website. Experience with Droid and iOS a plus! Our platform started in “Fuse” Angular 1.6, and based on Laravel.

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    our online learning web application is up and functional, as of now we are using disprz white board API, Now wish to change to other white board API. its a proprietary application, not LTI compliant. Full Stack details Angular (front end), java spring frame work ( back end) , MY SQL database.

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    Website write in reactjs 6 zile left

    I have a website write in reacts with php and laravel. I need to make changes on url , to add some parameters like name flightTo FlightFrom region. Now when a I made search and I send the link to some people, and they click on it, enter in website and they go on homepage, I need to make this action to go at the search or at the offer page , based on the link. Also make reset password.

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    Installing Angular CLI 8 with a simple login page and a home page,when you login it should redirect to the home page with the following details. List of 10 users in the homepage with all details like role name business and Covid 19 effect on business Look and feel using Bootstrap Building the UI with Angular material componenets Mocking a Rest API Java Write all APIs and properties file and its componenet Excel Download on Home Page this is the project User Avatar once you complete it you need to explain how you are did it

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    Must be available Full Time Must have 2+ years of Experience No Agencies only Individuals Monthly Salary

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    $168 - $503
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    empresa del sector informático ubicada en España requiere de programador con amplio conocimiento en VUE y angular se valorara conocimiento en .NET se trabajaran 8h diarias de L-V (horario europeo) importante tener disponibilidad requisito que hable español

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    Angular + Java project 6 zile left

    Need to create a project using Java and Angular

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    I'm looking to contract a Full Stack Python API who has extensive experience and knowledge of Facebook API integration for social login and thumbnail image post to Facebook accounts. Must be able to setup the Facebook app, resolve compliance and conflict issues and improve existing image posts resolution and image Quality.

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    We are ZENXL, a logistics company having our office in Hyderabad, India. We are looking for a professional Web Application Development Team to develop an Internal Website for us that will be deployed on the AWS platform. It will be a fixed-cost project. Please feel free to post your own realistic costing irrespective of the provided cost range. • We prefer company only for the Bids • Preferrable from Local, Hyderabad based. • If the company can send the team to our office for development that will be great, Optional. • Technology Stack will be (Open Source Only): MySQL, JAVA, AngularJS, RESTful API (We can discuss this), AWS Platform (S3, RDS, EC2, Beanstalk are primary services). • Team must be good at JAVA Based backend and middle-tier development us...

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    The project requires good experience with Angular 12/13. We require - 1. Websocket implementation (not a chat WebSocket but a real-time transaction processing via WebSocket) 2. Transaction processing via the hybrid framework of Node and IIS. It is a 3 - 4 months project. Please share your experience with WebSockets, Angular with Node. Please do not send standard bids.

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    Tenemos un gran proyecto en manos, el mismo cuenta con un prototipo UX/UI, Y parte del código se ha adelantado, Buscamos desarrolladores que nos ayuden a mejorar el software que se quiere desarrollar y que aporten ideas al proyecto. El framework css es bootstrap pero, se quiere cambiar, por lo tanto se escuchan sugerencias

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    Hello Hope you are doing good ! I have app developed in Ionic 3 and I need it to be upgraded to Ionic version 6 ASAP . Also once done I need you to setup the code at my system so I can do the needful as needed by me .

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    I want server side rendering for my angular 9 and my angular universal module is not working fine

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    Unlisted Shares Software 6 zile left

    We are dealing in unlisted shares where we advise clients for the opportunities in the unlisted space. With time, this business is growing and have involvement of multiple teams to manage this e.g. Sales, Finance, Operations, Management etc. As of now, this entire thing is getting managed with Excels and over the emails making it difficult to manage the data and analyze various critical business related data points. We want to create an end to end software for the same wherein we will be creating 6 dashboards for different teams and approx. there will be 100 flows that will be managed through this software.

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    I am looking for a developer who has time to fully dedicate themselves on this project. Please only respond if you have read the requirements. I won't talk with anyone who has no idea what has to be build or who has not seen my budget!!

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    I would like to migrate to ionic 6 and update all dependencies to latest versions.

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    I React dev to convert Angular Script

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    Website for laundry business. I have live and functional websites. I want to add live delivery tracking feature. The backend is written in Java and frontend in Angular. There is an android app in React native also. I want the delivery tracking to reflect in both website UI and App UI.

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    Want to build a Web application for client

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    Hi All, I am looking for a freelacer to start my nodejs and ionic 4 project. Below is a requirements- The task is - There is 2 login one for customer another one for pet walker. Customer: 1. Customer can login and find out near by petwalker 2. Same time that request go to petwalker he can take decision he want or he want to reject it, once he reject the request move to next petwalker based on near by and no of jobs. 3. Once petwalker accepted then the payment confirm screen came to customer side. Once payment done then booking completed. 4. Now customer can live track petwalker. 5. THere will be a autogenerated code with request which need to provide to petwalker for start then job. 6. Rate exp Petwalker: 1. Petwalker will get the request for any job, he can accept is or reject it. ...

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    Build A Webapp 6 zile left

    phone control webapp to work with api like twilio

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    need angular developer -- 2 6 zile left

    need angular developer to short our some design issues in angular

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    Nft Dao project 6 zile left

    Hi. I am new to NFT´s but i know what i want. I want to release 1000 NFT´s with various rarity options. Also i want to have DAO in a smart contract so the owners of the varoius NFT´s get different voting power. More rare, more voting power. Also i need to be able to set all of that up on a web page to log in the NFT holders and to set their voting power. So i need a webpage for all of this. Not a crappy one i need a secure webpage custom built. All NFT holders will get their own profile page and can message each other both private and a feed on their profile page and with a public feed ie FB of some lite sort. A full guide on how to run the webpage. Also option to add more NFT´s, holders further along to build the community. I will provide all the artwork for...

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    If your bid doesn't show 30 days.. we are stopping there... I have existing MEAN marketplace (15-20 pages) which needs many improvements. I would love to see if you can help me or my existing developers in this week. You would be MEAN expert (Angular/ Node/ Mongo DB etc.) and will use my REST APIs as part of code. Tasks: I will share a website and code from bitbucket once we decide to work together Deliverable 1 - Host it on your .. front end/backend aspects so we know we have complete code - 12 hours Deliverable 2 - Work on load time improvement/ performance - 3 days Deliverable - 3 - Monthly Project - Assume 40 hours/ month development Bid for 40 hours/ one month. We will have Deliverable 1 & 2 soon.

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    Angular Crud Admin Panel 5 zile left

    i need a custom firebase admin interface/panel written in javasript Angular . To make a complete crud is too long , hence this is about creating a template of a few use cases , and i would complete the whole crud template myself since db is very large Firebase, angular specialist only . I am a firebase /swift engineer

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    Hello everyone, hope you have a wonderful day. I'm looking for someone who is capable and have the skills to change the repository structure to Aggregate Root. The skills required is capable to reading .NET and Angular files, understanding big project code and working effectively. The work will be done though Anydesk, which means remote access to computer duo to policy accessing the files. If there are any questions, feel free to ask. Only bid if you are able to work RIGHT now, high payment will be rewarded.

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    Web application 5 zile left

    A web application that represents the data extracted from the database in the form of the table with a possibility to hide/unhide selected columns and communicate with the already existing cloud-based database for both data extraction and data injection. The database can be connected via API. The web application also includes user signup/login, admin screen with the use statistics dashboard and three interactive calculators implementing pre-defined formulas Expected skills web app development: any of React.js/Node.js/Django/Flask and SQL Starting time – asap, expected time: up to 1 month

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    Acord de confidenţialitate
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    We want you to build a URL Shortener. This should be similar to Bitly (). Please use either language you wish, the framework does not matter. You should take a URL as user input, send this to the backend and store it in a database. You should then print out the shortened URL to the screen so the user can copy it. If the user inputs the URL in the browser they should be redirected to the original link. E.g. if the user enters localhost:8000/abc123 a query should be made to the database for abc123 and the user should be redirected to the original link. Steps we want you to take: ● Create a web page that can use any design you wish. The only requirement is that this page has a input dialogue box that will take the URL. A submit button and an area to display the shortened URL. ● When clicking ...

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    build an ionic app for web and ios/android

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    Angular Task 5 zile left

    I am looking for a angular developer who can work full time . It is long term task , are you able to work?

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    91 oferte

    I am looking for a React.js dev with at least 4 years of experience working on enterprise solutions to build features and fix bugs on solutions platforms. Must be well versed in Firebase. Please have experience with firebase and integrations with 3rd party solutions like MailChimp, Google Analytics, Leadpages and more.

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    Subir varias imágenes desde la vista de angular al servidor en node.js, Estoy usando en angular ngx-dropzone el cual ya esta implementado, las imágenes yo las convertí a base 64 y las almaceno en el localStorage para luego los datos del localSorage sean enviados al backEnd (Node.js), necesito que esas imágenes almacenadas en el localStorage en base64 sean enviadas al backEnd, el backend recibirá esas imagenes las guardara en el servidor y finalmente almacenar la ruta de las imágenes en la base de datos(MongoDB)

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    I added Crypto pbkdf2Sync for my mongodb password storage. I need security stuff like that to prevent attack, hack

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    Must be available Full Time Must have 2+ years of Experience No Agencies only Individuals

    $168 - $505
    Sigilat Acord de confidenţialitate
    $168 - $505
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    Ionic Cordova developer needed 5 zile left

    Hello. I am looking for an Ionic Cordova developer who has experience in printer funtions. I will prepare more detailed requirements via chat. Let's have a discussion. Thanks.

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    The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing high-quality applications. They will also be responsible for designing and implementing testable and scalable code. Responsibilities Develop quality software and web applications Analyze and maintain existing software applications Design highly scalable, testable code Discover and fix programming bugs Qualifications Development experience with programming languages NoSQL database or document database skills Recommended Expertise >1-3 years experience in Angular. >1-3 years experience in Express >1-3 years experience in Nodejs >1-2 years experience in MongoDb >1 year experience in Amazon Web Services like EC2, Elastic Bean Stalk, Lambda, S3, Route 53, Auto Scaling Groups, Load Balancers, etc. >1-2 years experience wi...

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    PLEASE APPLY IF YOU HAVE READ THE REQUIREMENTS CAREFULLY AND HAVE DONE RELEVANT WORK We work as a transporter and our requirements are 1) Loading sheet :- A) Loading challan entry with loading point , unloading point , destination,supplier, buyer,vehicle ,vehicle owner, agent , advances ( cash/ bank ) , diesel advance( pump name ) , loading/unloading charge ( cash/ bank/ agent ), loading rate for transport,loading rate for vehicle owner 2) Transport bill to vehicle owner and supplier with their rate . 3) TDS deduction for transporter by supplier. 4) Payment and received for all 5) Full account with P/l and balance sheet

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    1) edit vagrant-inventory in "bff" to specify correct domains (for the backend and SPA servers) and bring it up using Vagrant on a public server, 2) in "spa", edit the environment file to specify correct baseApiUrl of the server created via Vagrant, 3) in "spa", run npm install, then ng build 4) if completed without errors, set up a static site server for the result in dist/ directory, on SPA domain specified in step 1

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    2 intrări

    Hello everyone, hope you have a wonderful day. I'm looking for someone who is capable and have the skills to change the repository structure to Aggregate Root. The skills required is capable to reading .NET and Angular files, understanding big project code and working effectively. The work will be done though Anydesk, which means remote access to computer duo to policy accessing the files. If there are any questions, feel free to ask. Only bid if you are able to work today and work urgently, estimated work 1 day maximum.

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    Ionic App Development 5 zile left

    We are looking for ionic app developer for our app development.

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for an experienced developer to upgrade the Angular version 5 to 11 of an existing web application. Immediate start!

    $794 (Avg Bid)
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    We have an application developed with Ionic 's running good in cordovaver 9.0.0 - google API level 29. but we are facing build error while increasing cordovaver 10.0.0 - google API level 30. we couldn't build app. the following error occurred - Could not find :android-permissions:0.1.7. while building. we need help to resolve this build issue.

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    I am a Data Architect and i work for Linkedin, I'm also working on a Business&Social media mobile app, i need a development team to work on this app. I need a very professional organized team who deliver things on time with regular updates on progress and the way i wanted, this app needs like super good skills to deliver the work and it requires MERN tech stack which stands for MongoDB as a database, as a backend framework, React as a library for frontend, and Node.js. I have mobile app design completely ready in XD, i need a team to implement it. Let me know if you are capable of it. I am looking for someone in India.

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    Looking for Senior Angular Developer with 5+ years of experience on a part time basis. This is an opportunity to join a hypergrowth company and work in a collaborative environment. Work hours are flexible but we need talented people. Looking for single freelancer, not agency. Please apply if you possess below: 1. 5+ years of Angular experience 2. Experience with server side rendering and client site rendering 3. Experience with Firebase, Payment APIs (Razorpay), Search 4. Improve Google Page speed for Angular website Thanks

    $14 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $14 / hr Oferta medie
    43 oferte

    we want thumbnails to be auto generated and working in plyr js needs to be put in and laravel/angular code needs updating

    $335 (Avg Bid)
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    18 oferte

    مهارات المطلوبة: Web API 2 Angular.Js التعديلات المطلوبة: 1- ارسال اشعار عن طريق لوحة التحكم إلى كافة المستخدمين 2- تعديل حساب مفسر 3- حذف وتعديل خطة تعبير 4- تحويل الرصيد للمفسر على المبرمج فهم الكود جيدا وحل اي خطاء نواجهة المشروع مستضاف على استضافة Smarter ASP ولوحة التحكم على استضافة Heroku

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    Looking for core(3.0 and 5.0) and angular expert for an ongoing project. The project will probably be 2-3months. Rate is $10/hr and you will average 20-30hrs a week or more depending on your availability. **Must be familiar with CQRS pattern for core** MongoDB used.

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    I am looking for a talented react expert on long-term project Please share me previous works & proven development history(github) I need only independent developer to work full-time on long-term No agency, No team Really good fit if you are familiar with dapp frontend and rich experiences Please dont' bit if you are not expert

    $496 (Avg Bid)
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    FrontEnd Development PWA 4 zile left

    Hi we are building a software and we need to build the fontend of the PWA

    $1473 (Avg Bid)
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