API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it is an layer of interface that allows programs to interact with each other. An experienced API developer can build complex interactions between applications, making them faster, more reliable, and accurate. Whether you need a second opinion on your existing application or you want to create an entirely new application for your business, an expert API Developer can do the job for you.

An API Developer's job does not stop at developing. They can also work on design and implementation testing, guide through the entire architect process from prototyping to implementation, create custom system integration solution based on the project requirements, and collaborate with other teams to develop systems that meet customer expectations.

When hiring an API Developer through Freelancer.com, rest assured that they are as competent as any hired onsite software engineer.

Here’s some projects our experts have worked on:

  • Building custom interfaces to move large amounts of data efficiently between applications
  • Working with Javascript to allow websites to access external information relating to weather conditions
  • Creating Grafana dashboards for quick and easy visualization of data points
  • Developing scripts to connect external APIs with more heavy-duty platforms like Microsoft Azure
  • Debugging mobile apps involving fishing
  • Integrating AI capabilities into online shops
  • Automating regression tests so developers can work faster and more accurately

No matter what your business needs are in terms of API development, our expert freelancers are ready to take on the challenge and provide support whenever you need it. With expertise in debugging applications and web development, you're guaranteed to find the right developer for your project! So why wait? Post your project today at Freelancers.com and reap the benefits of working with an expert API Developer now!

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    I am looking for a Big Commerce developer who can customize my online store based on my specific requirements. The focus of this project will be on enhancing the functionality and features of the store. I have a detailed list of the desired features that I would like to be implemented, and I am looking for a developer who can work on going based. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong experience with Big Commerce customization and development - Able to change some functionality. - Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Ability to work efficiently and meet deadlines. -Our store is live so need to work on sandbox first

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    $18 - $150
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    I'm seeking a skilled developer with substantial experience in REST API endpoints and Esri. The role will involve the following tasks: - Implementing a REST API Endpoint. You should have a solid understanding of secure and effective API Restful Endpoints - Ensuring the API supports Esri for both Server and Portal Consumption. This requires an adeptness in managing data flows and integrating varied format support systems. - Accessing and managing the Map services and Feature services functionalities on the Esri Server and Portal. A strong grasp on Esri's map and feature services, and the ability to extract or manipulate data as required, will be key for this task. I have the data, I just need Portal and Server to consume the data. WFS does not work.

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    I need a developer to create a web-based API connector that will link Selro and Inventoro. The primary goal of this connection is to facilitate sales forecasting. Key Features: - The API connector should import both orders and product data from Selro to Inventoro. This is crucial for enhancing the sales forecasting capabilities in Inventoro. - The app should be web based. This ensures flexibility and ease of use. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing web-based API connectors, or similar applications. - Familiarity with both Selro and Inventoro APIs is a plus, but not a requirement. - Understanding of sales forecasting methodologies and inventory management systems is highly beneficial. - Ability to work with a custom-built web app, and ensure it is scal...

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    I am seeking an experienced API developer to integrate Zenbooker and ActiveCampaign seamlessly. Primary Tasks: - Develop a strong integration that syncs customer contact data in real-time between the two platforms. - Implement email marketing automation capabilities through this integration. Qualifications: - Proven expertise in API integration specifically with both Zenbooker and ActiveCampaign. - Familiarity with CRM systems and their functionalities. - Reliable and efficient, with a track record of delivering on tight deadlines. The objective is to have a smooth and consistent data flow between the two CRMs, ensuring all customer data is real-time and our marketing automation efforts are efficient.

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    No placeholder amount/ bid. Give me range at least in bid.. Read project first and mention "read voice conversion" as a password in bid so I know you read it. Now you know why your bid is deleted. I am in need of a skilled developer to integrate a text-to-voice conversion feature into my existing website. You will use API to get data from III party. It can be web based/ stand alone utility or whatever. What your bid must have so I don't delete it: - Show me a project where you had to do text to voice. Send me maximum 3. Minimum 1. Not more. - Show me an email where you had to send voice over file . While the language preference for the text-to-speech conversion is not necessary - you will get data using API and convert it to voice and then send by email. I'm excit...

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    I wish to incorporate Tuya API into my smart locks to manage temporary passwords. Key requirements include: - Configure Tuya API to interact with Smart locks for the creation and management of temporary passwords. - Develop a system that enables temporary passwords to be active for 1 to 7 days. - Ensure a secure and reliable integration, maintaining the overall efficiency of the smart locks. Ideal Skillsets: - Proficiency in Tuya API is a must. - Prior experience with smart locks integration is highly preferred. - Competency in developing secure password management systems. - Strong communication skills to ensure smooth integration and operation of the system. Please include any relevant experience and similar projects you have worked on in your proposal. We have obtained these locks ,...

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    I wish to incorporate Tuya API into my smart locks to manage temporary passwords. Key requirements include: - Configure Tuya API to interact with Smart locks for the creation and management of temporary passwords. - Develop a system that enables temporary passwords to be active for 1 to 7 days. - Ensure a secure and reliable integration, maintaining the overall efficiency of the smart locks. Ideal Skillsets: - Proficiency in Tuya API is a must. - Prior experience with smart locks integration is highly preferred. - Competency in developing secure password management systems. - Strong communication skills to ensure smooth integration and operation of the system. Please include any relevant experience and similar projects you have worked on in your proposal. We have obtained these locks...

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    I am looking for an experienced individual specialized in developing large language models and implementing advanced techniques such as retrieval-augmented generation and reinforcement learning from human feedback. The main goal of this project is to create a sophisticated conversational AI and content generation tool. The scope of the work is to develop an LLM application using an open-LLM integrated with a Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) mechanism to improve performance. The expected level of implementation is that one of a to Minimum Value Product. Since the LLM must be specialized on a specific industrial sector, it is necessary that it is trained on a set of additional documentation, for example using a RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) mechanism. Consider that ...

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    I will send you the necessary work diagrams and billing instructions. I don’t accept template messages, I block them immediately. Develop an API gateway for integration with [Company 1] to facilitate the transfer of games, subscriptions, and other services while ensuring the anonymity of connected aggregators from [Company 1]. Main Tasks and Requirements: Integration with [Company 1]: Develop a secure and reliable API for integration with [Company 1], enabling the transfer of games, subscriptions, and other services. Hide information about connected aggregators from [Company 1], presenting data on available products under the Code Games brand. Content and Commission Management: Implement a content management system to manage the product catalog available to [Company 1] and its c...

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    I am looking to integrate with N8N to create a comprehensive appointment reminder bot. The main aim for this project is to set up an automated reminder system that will alert our clients about their appointments. Key Project Requirements: - The system should send reminders through multiple channels namely Email, SMS and Voice Call. This multi-channel approach is meant to ensure that clients receive their reminders regardless of their preferred communication channel. - The system should be integrated with and N8N. N8N will serve as the central platform for automation of the reminder system. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient with integration tools like N8N - Familiarity with - Experience in setting up reminder systems - Knowledge of platforms such as Twilio and Gmail for SMS ...

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    Job Title: Freelance Solutions Architect for Social Impact Collaboration Software Company Overview: Peopled is an early-stage startup dedicated to developing social impact collaboration software aimed at accelerating social impact initiatives by fostering partnerships and enhancing traceability of social impact outcomes. Our beta app () has recently been launched, and we are now gearing up for the development of our full MVP. Project Objectives: We are seeking a Freelance Solutions Architect to help us achieve three critical objectives: Integration with Existing Tools: We prioritize integrating with existing market tools (both free open source and pay-per-use) rather than reinventing the wheel. This approach not only accelerates our time to market but also enhances our product offering....

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    Project Overview: I've developed a Python-based tool that automates Instagram interactions. It runs on user computer hence the future updates need to be send to user computer . I need to implement a robust license key validation system (so that only paid user can access it ) and a process to securely deliver code updates to users(future updates). Your Mission: Design and implement a backend system that securely validates license keys against our database. Create API endpoints for the client-side application to communicate with the key validation system. Develop a mechanism to securely package and deliver updated code to users. Collaborate with me to integrate the update system seamlessly into my existing Python code. Required Skills & Experience: Strong Python development ex...

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    Se solicita alquiler de cuenta Wechat, con número de teléfono chino configurado con acceso a la API para enviar y recibir mensajes durante 1 o 2 meses. Debe estar configurado y verificado.

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    I have a customer base of Wellness users some of which use Strava on their phone. With their consent I want to be able to access the Strava API to download their activity to my Zoho CRM instance and record all the activity in fields created in Zoho for this purpose. Freelancer requires knowledge of API data requests (Strava experience a plus but this is clearly documented) and knowledge of Zoho CRM for the setup and import of the data.

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    I need a python script that can pass in prompt to OpenAI. To understand what is needed, imagine creating a landing page with more than 1000 words using ChatGPT. Where a series of prompts was entered manually. i.e a chat or conversation with ChatGPT. Now this inputs that were manually insert to ChatGPT are provided to you. And you are to create a script that can automatically create the landing page using the prompts and OpenAI API. I need a script that I can either put in the series of prompts as one prompt or loop through the prompts as an array of input. The output can be a sub text that I can combine to form the landing page in question or the complete landing page. When creating the sub text from the series of prompts, OpenAI should see the individual prompts and outputs as a chain of ...

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    Seeking a Python programmer to develop a script (that I can paste into Jupyter with my existing LSEG access and API key) to retrieve the historical issuer-level credit ratings for every American firm rated by Moody's and/or Fitch for the 20 years ending 2023-12-31, as at the end of each calendar month. Key Requirements: - Long-term issuer-level credit ratings from Moody's and/or Fitch (my LSEG subscription doesn't include S&P). - As at the end of each month from 2003-01-31 to 2023-12-31. Refinitiv returns rating changes, so where a rating is unchanged (i.e., not reported in a particular month) forward-filled from the most recent rating change event. - Formatted with the following columns: TICKER, COMMON NAME, CUSIP, MOODY's RATING, FITCH RATING, DATE (YYYY-MM-DD)....

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    Hello, I'm experiencing a network error in the server-side script of my Node.js project, specifically in handling API requests. I'm looking for a skilled and experienced developer who can troubleshoot and fix this issue. cause: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT at [as oncomplete] (node:net:1278:16) { errno: -4039, code: 'ETIMEDOUT', syscall: 'connect', address: '', port: 443 } If you have fixed such issue before then please contact me. Thanks

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    Wordpress and Traccar 3 zile left

    I have a Wordpress built with ACF which should send via API information to Traccar GPS platform, like: - create/modify/delete device - change group settings And then I need to send data from Traccar to WP, like: - send odometer - create CPT and update information

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    Javascript Interface redesign Company configuration and onboarding system Authentication Open AI integration with WhatsApp and existing ticket system. Telegram, Facebook, Instagram integrations with ticket system and OpenAI agent. Quick responses integration with aforementioned social media and messaging platforms Contacts integration with aforementioned social media and messaging platforms Agents-related features. (Management of Agent accounts, rating) Internal Chat Analytics / Dashboard metrics Schedules PABX setup and integration Billing setup for application instance. Testing, fixes, fine tuning.

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    ----- this is a project for freelancers only, i'm not looking for a companies. please state that you're a freelancer at the top or your offer ------ ----- please specify your experience with OPENAI API and Python ----- I need to develop a project for matchmaking between real estate brokers (seller and buyers) this project need to be implemented using Python and OPENAI API the project requirements can be found here:

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    I am looking for an experienced API developer to set up a webhook from the Revolut Business API. The webhook should be triggered every time a payment is received.

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    I am looking for a developer with strong skills in React and JavaScript, as the platform utilizes this library and language, and a good level of English to understand the documentation of the platform. The project involves integrating the Connectalot API () with the platform (). The goal is to generate a batch of images from a set of data, specifically with data from the draws and pools. I need the system to fetch data from the Connectalot API, which is updated daily, and automatically replace the data in an existing design template (a canvas).

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    Project Description: We are seeking an experienced software developer to create a solution that seamlessly integrates QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) with Google Sheets. This project involves using the QuickBooks POS Software Development Kit (SDK) to retrieve data from QuickBooks POS, such as sales, inventory, and customer information, and then programmatically update a Google Sheet with this data. Requirements: Strong programming skills with experience in XML and COM. Experience with QuickBooks POS SDK and understanding of qbposXML for data retrieval. Proficiency in using Google Sheets API for creating, updating, and managing spreadsheets. Ability to implement robust authentication and authorization flows, particularly OAuth2 for Google Sheets API. Knowledge of data handling and transfor...

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    I am seeking a talented Python Backend Developer who can step-up and contribute significantly to a new web application development over a five week period, full time. Key responsibilities include: - Building an efficient backend infrastructure. - Implementing user registration and management processes. - Developing continuous integration and delivery pipelines (CI/CD). - Constructing feature buildings and dashboard features (not UI). The ideal candidate will have significant proficiency in Python, strong understanding of web application architecture, and experience with CI/CD, and dashboard feature development. Knowledge of database management, API integration, and server optimization is appreciated, even if not a core task for this project. I am looking forward to discussing this exciti...

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    I am in need of a developer skilled in working with Typeform & ChatGPT API. Im building a health & fitness business to provide online & Face to face packages to people. I need a professional Typeform creating, as well as the logic & design to filter the responses of each question. At the end of the typeform questionnaire I want this data integrated into ChatGPT or Gemini to spit out a fitness package for a week.. We are a team of coaches who specialise in Crossfit, Hyrox, Weightlifting & general fitness - we want to target individuals who wish to improve or start their journey in any of the above. The majority of the work will be done in Typeform so the design and flow/logic will generate all the info we need to put into ChatGPT to create a plan...

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    I am looking for a software developer who can create a mobile app for a wireless glow ball that changes color based on KPI metrics from an Excel spreadsheet. The app should be able to connect to the ball wirelessly and should preferably be compatible with iOS. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Mobile app development, especially for iOS - Experience with hardware integration or IoT - Experience with API usage - Ability to work with Excel spreadsheets and real-time data The app should be able to interact with the ball in real-time and change its color based on the KPI metrics provided via a sharable spreadsheet in the cloud. I'm open to suggestions for the programming language to be used, as long as it's efficient and reliable. The goal is to create a customizable app that can be ut...

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    WhatsApp Business API Expert 1 zi left

    Hi, Seeking expertise in WhatsApp Business API setup, template creation using PHP, campaign-based template sending, and API-based report generation. A custom PHP developer is required for these tasks. 1. YOU MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH WHATSAPP BUSINESS API 2. YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE TODAY TO COMPLETE IT NEXT FEW HOURS 3. IF YOU ARE CONFIDENT AND HAVING EXPERIENCE THEN ONLY APPLY 4. NO NEEDS TO WORK FROM SCRATCH, READY CODES DEBUGG AND SOLVE WITH MY TECH TEAM

    $18 - $150
    $18 - $150
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    I possess a media monitoring web app which requires some support in terms of testing and modularisation and snagging. The app works by making json requests to an API and visualising the returned data in a Shiny dashboard. I have a list of specific tasks I require implementing, most are fairly basic and build upon the app's existing functionality. In addition I require - Some testing to ensure robustness and reliability - Modularisation of the app's existing code for better maintainability and scalability Prospective freelancers should have: - Proficiency in working with Shiny and web-based applications - Solid understanding of modular programming principles - Previous experience in media monitoring and data visualization would be a significant plus Your primary role would be...

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    Are you a talented freelance developer with a passion for fresh produce and digital solutions? We're in need of your expertise to enhance our online fresh produce app! Project Description: Our app connects users with fresh produce from local farmers and vendors, offering a convenient and sustainable way to shop. We've encountered some technical issues and user experience challenges that require immediate attention. The ideal candidate will have experience in app development, particularly with e-commerce and user-friendly interfaces. Tasks may include resolving bugs, optimizing performance, and improving navigation for a seamless shopping experience. Strong communication skills are essential for collaborating with our team and ensuring project goals are met efficiently. If you&#...

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    PABBLY AND EZYCOURSE INTEGRATION I need to connect two main platforms. KCPAY - This is a payment gateway relevant to my users. Ezycourse - this is a learning platform where I host courses and other digital products. Here is the main integration I need: when someone pays for my course on KCPA and the platform confirms successful payment, the user should be automatically enrolled into the relevant course or product on Ezycourse. Now, Ezycourse has webhooks for these options: 1. Register student 2. Register and enroll 3. Enroll I am interested in #2 and #3. Now, sometimes I will have two different students using the pa-y-ment platform. One already has an account on Ezycourse. The other one does not have. If I use register and enroll, I will have an error for the user who is alre...

    $10 (Avg Bid)

    Multi-Process Automation on I'm in need of a freelancer with the ability to set up a combination of simple and complex automation scenarios on make.com. The end goal is to streamline various processes across multiple client accounts. Key Tasks: - Set up scenarios in - Connect apps within - Use http module to connect to external APIs - Create custom APIs/scripts where needed Overall, I'm looking for someone to automate my clients' processes. Essential Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in similar automation projects. - Familiarity with automating various complex tasks. - Ability to manage multiple clients and projects concurrently. Application Requirements: Outline your automation experience and answer the following questions: - Can you set up complex scena...

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for an experienced Python developer to integrate multiple APIs into my project. Specifically, these include Interactive Broker, , Binance, and Discord APIs. The ideal candidate should have concrete experience with these APIs, and be fluent in Python. Key Tasks: - Implement real-time data streaming - Enable trading functionality - Manage account operations The main goal is to achieve seamless integration of all these APIs to enhance the functionality and efficiency of my project. Any prior experience with trading platforms and financial technology would be highly regarded. Be prepared to provide samples of your previous work involving similar API integrations.

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    BACK END ( API ) .NET ( SWAGGER) S-a încheiat left

    Hola , tengo una base de datos con 300 tablas en POSTGRES SQL, quiero hacerla backend en .Net , solo para persona que sepan español .

    $193 (Avg Bid)
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    Explicit Filtering Phase -- 2 S-a încheiat left

    Explicit Filtering Phase project as discussed in chat for phrase detection and resultant redirect.

    $470 (Avg Bid)
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