A&R, short for Artist & Repertoire, is the art of connecting with the music business to discover and develop talent in songwriting, production and performance. A&R experts help music parts collaborate to create a cohesive yet unique sound that reflects their individual talents.

In this article, we’ll explore why an A&R expert is so important and how you can use one to take your musical project to the next level.

Here's some projects that our A&R Experts made real:

  • Developing soundtracks for television shows
  • Collaborating with artistes in various countries
  • Producing demo records that showcase an artiste’s sound
  • Discovering new talents in remote locations
  • Facilitating deals between record labels and artists
  • Advising on songwriting strategies
  • Discerning the trends of the music industry
  • Arranging tour dates and possible collaborations between artistes
  • Networking with renowned professionals in the music business

Using an A&R expert not only helps craft your project but also provides pivotal insights into the music business which can guide your project in the right direction. Between discovering hidden talents, producing professional recordings and utilizing trend insight, A&R specialists are the missing link between raw talent and the music industry.

Hiring an A&R expert on Freelancer.com will be your most cost effective and efficient way to connect your musical project to the stars. With a click of a button you’ll easily access thousands of skilled professionals who can work with you turn your ideas into reality. Start today by posting a project and hire an A&R expert on Freelancer.com!

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