Bare Metal refers to the working environment of an embedded system, where all of the necessary software runs directly on computer hardware without a conventional operating system. The Embedded Engineer is responsible for designing, developing, testing and debugging such systems. Hardware setups can range from simple single chip microcontrollers to full-on embedded systems with real time operating systems, sophisticated interfaces and complex communication structures. As an expert in the field of embedded systems, an Embedded Engineer provides invaluable assistance ensuring the success of such intricate systems.

Here's some projects that our expert Embedded Engineer made real:

  • Developing firmwares for microcontrollers
  • Developing custom circuit boards for desired functions
  • Setting up communication protocols between systems
  • Troubleshooting system performance issues
  • Designing and optimizing program codes for specific objectives
  • Building robust databases to store data locally
  • Increasing power efficiency of embedded devices.

The Embedded Engineer is responsible for crafting end-to-end solutions tailored to the specific needs of their clients. At, clients have complete control over every step of their project development process, able to find the right professional to complete their task at hand quickly and efficiently. When embedding a complex system is needed, count on freelancers to deliver exactly what you need. From hardware design to software development and even security implementation - the experts here have you covered! Invite your clients to take advantage of’s flexible hiring platform and choose from an array of professionals who specialize in embedded programming and designing world-class engineering solutions for businesses that depend on reliable yet advanced technology operations.

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