Blockchain is a distributed register that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. It has revolutionary applications in finance (such as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin) and decentralized applications like online voting.

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    Proyecto NFT 6 zile left

    Necesitamos una persona que nos ayude a crear y gestionar NFTs.

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    desarrollar juego nft basado en cartas que iran formando colecciones segun reglas del juego, es necesario desarrollar graficamente las cartas que seran activos nft y el entorno del juego en pagina web o app movil lo que sea mas conveniete segun recomendacion del diseñador, las cartas deben poder comercializarse dentro del mismo juego com nft ademas de poder ofrecerse en plataformas externas de marketplace de nft.

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    Dapp & Landing Page building 6 zile left

    I'm looking for a good front and backend that can make a dapp dashboard to show rewards for a reflective token so web3 and solidity knowledge is required. And also make a nice looking landing page to explain the crypto project, with a few elements like sections for tokenomics, roadmap, a header, a footer, etc Knowledge in react is recommended for the landing page. Only reply if you qualify please. This is an example of what I'm looking to achieve:

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    Web3 Developer 6 zile left

    We are looking for a web3 developer helping us creating projects on EVM - web3 minting website for NFTs based on different chains - different sales types like whitelist presales and public sales - staking functions and a lot of different other possibilities

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    Update a NFT Smart Contract 6 zile left

    I recently launched a NFT collection at OpenSea through a Smart Contract following some tutorials, however the total number of NFTs were not published. Out of 3000 only 100 were uploaded. I did some research and you can modify using the OpenZeppelin Upgrades Plugins. I would like to update the Smart Contract to have the full collection.

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    I'm looking to create an eip-1155 NFT collection with around 300 unique pieces of artwork, with 10 copies, so a total of 3000 pieces. Those pieces I want to be able to be digitally authenticated and for the holder to be able to link that nft to their own personal information (shipping address, name) on a secure page. If an NFT owner decides to sell their NFT after linking it with their personal information, I want there to be a way for the system to notice that the NFT has sold and that users' personal information is erased. This page will be able to create a nice and simple spreadsheet of all nft holders and their info (if they have decided to NOT link it to their personal information then on the spreadsheet it will just be blank), this spreadsheet is just for me to see, and be ...

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    Create An NFT 6 zile left

    We are working with an artist that created an animation set to display in six different TV's all around Mexico. We want to make that animation an NFT so the collector that buys the TV also owns the digital art (ex 1/6). Additionally we want that in the smart contract (if the owner of the TV ever chooses to sell his digital art) a small percentage of the sale goes to the artist. Since most of our clients are not familiar with the NFT workspace we were thinking of saving the NFT in a hard wallet so when they buy the TV they also get a the wallet that has the NFT on it.

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    Blockchain Specialist 6 zile left

    Create smart contracts for an NFT project. Help the rest of the team understand what we can accomplish by answering questions and clarifying. This job would consist of a 1/5 share of profit post release (expected minimum 1M total) with compensation for continued work after project to be discussed and agreed upon. However we plan on working with partners. Not employees. If you’re interested, please let us know so we can meet remotely and discuss further.

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    NFT Coding 6 zile left

    We are looking someone who can do NFT for on of our Art work.

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    Desarrollador Solidity 6 zile left

    Experto en creador de contratos inteligentes usando Solidity, Con experiencia en la realización de contratos inteligentes, ¿Qué trabajos ha realizado con anterioridad?

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    I need to create a smart contract-based Token in the Fantom network with the following characteristics: - Its supply depend on an specific algorithm. - the algorithm inputs are: (i) previous (a month ago) supply of the token, and (ii) the change in US CPI data (Chainlink adapter). - The inputs of the algorithm have to be programmed to change automatically overtime. I need to be sure of the feasibility of the project and make sure of all the details, such as operability. I am open to suggestions (networks and others).

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    Acord de confidenţialitate
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    To design a wireframe/framework/architecture with complete specifications for a blockchain based project with complete specifications. Check the enclosed document.

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    We need our own wallet made for Android, the wallet should be able to buy, sell and transfer our token. The first feature of the wallet should be to connect to your own wallet, using the metamask and trust wallet api. After connecting the app should be able to consult the amount of tokens the client has and the value of it in $. In the same screen, the client should be able to buy more, using the paypal api, stripe and using other stablecoins as BNB (since they have logged in with their tw or metamask, they will be able to see what stablecoins they have). Buys must be automatic, meaning the buyer will receive x tokens sent from our wallet to their wallet aftet the payment is received, and the opposite when somebody sells the tokens, he receives back his money, and we receive back our toke...

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    Me gustaría un curso de varias clases de Hyperledger Fabric, para dominarlo y poder aplicarlo en Blockchain u otras aplicaciones. Quiero un curso desde cero, empezando desde cero hasta realizar ejercicios completos y avanzados al final del curso, para sacarle el máximo partido. El mínimo total de duración del curso con todas las clases debe ser de 2 horas. Obligatorio idioma ESPAÑOL.

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    2 oferte

    Hello, I'm starting a crypto company and my requirement is that of an engineer who has experience mining BTC/ETH. Interested folks, hit me up. --Thanks

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    20 oferte

    Me gustaría un curso diseñado y grabado a propósito, de buena calidad y de varias clases de Binance, empezando desde cero, con lo básco y aprendiendo absolutamente todo de la plataforma para saber operar con cryptos, poder hacer trading y generar ingresos en la plataforma. La duración mínima total del videocurso con todas las clases es de 2 horas. Obligatorio idioma ESPAÑOL.

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    I want swap any asset on SundaeSwap with code. I dont want use SundaeSwap user interface. Programmer must have experience cardano programming and haskell & plutus coding. With this code I should be able to: -Connecting cardano mainnet -Login to my wallet with my passphrase or mnemonic in code -Swapping any asset(If asset have liquidity on sundaeswap dex) on Sundaeswap -Swapping asset the amount i want -Cancel the transaction if the asset swap result does not give me at least the amount I want (Slippage Function) Maybe I would 2-3 more function. The code I'm looking for is generally like this.

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    Hi there! I'm looking to create a new map based NFT website that allows people to mint / resell new NFTs directly on the site. Probably looking to do it on the polygon network as the NFT's will be low cost so need low gas fees, and to build he site I think React (or similar). I'm looking to start a simple website out to get proof of concept up and running, and then after launching that will be keen to continue to work on the website ongoing with you. Feel free to put a place holder bid if you are interested and I can send you more information about it and we can discuss. Thanks! Mike

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    I am looking for the senior deveoper to build the website similar with Stack needed 1. HTML + CSS + JS (Vue2) front end development. 2. Responsive desktop and mobile 3. Make the graph like a attached video. 4. Connect with API. Figma Url: If you are interested in, answer my question. 1. How many years do you have a experience about Vue 2? 2. When can you finish this? 3. Do you have a experience about or D3? 4. How do you connect with API? If you can work, give me github name.

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    Ich bin auf der Suche nach Freelancern die uns im Bereich Digital Consulting und der Erstellung von Analysen sowie Workshops für Kunden betreuen können.

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    I am looking for the senior deveoper to build the website similar with Stack needed 1. HTML + CSS + JS (Vue2) front end development. 2. Responsive desktop and mobile 3. Make the graph like a attached video. 4. Connect with API. Figma Url: If you are interested in, answer my question. 1. How many years do you have a experience about Vue 2? 2. When can you finish this? 3. Do you have a experience about or D3? 4. How do you connect with API?

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    Web 3.0 P2E Game Coder 6 zile left

    Create a P2E game on the Ethereum blockchain using ERC-20 Token I want to create a Pool P2E version game you walk into a Club house and play Pool Multi player mode up to 4 players the game is reversed start with black ball to brake Then white ball is how you win all the balls have herb logos that’s the concept. You bid with tokens per pool game winner takes all.

    $2655 (Avg Bid)
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    52 oferte
    Need NFT character designer 6 zile left

    I need a good designer for NFT

    $418 (Avg Bid)
    $418 Oferta medie
    52 oferte
    Solidity Smart Contract Coder 6 zile left

    Write & Deploy ERC-721 Smart Contract Write & Deploy Breeding & Staking Smart Contract NFT Write & Deploy 3D VRS aviator character (Metaverse) Write & Deploy Mint Function web.30

    $2395 (Avg Bid)
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    Web Redesign 6 zile left

    I need someone to redesign the NFT maketplace for 3 days. Design is prepared with Adobe XD. Required skills: React, Vue, NextJs I like passionate and responsible developer for long term. Thank you.

    $327 (Avg Bid)
    $327 Oferta medie
    15 oferte

    I am looking a NFT developer who can make nft marketplace where user can buy and sell NFT using my BSC based token. Minting must have to have our token, buy must have to have our token , sell must have to have our token.

    $1426 (Avg Bid)
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    26 oferte
    Centralized Exchange 6 zile left

    I am Looking for Blockchain Developer who can help me to build Centralized exchange. Only bid if you have already developed Centralized exchange and you are ready to show.

    $1500 - $4000
    $1500 - $4000
    22 oferte
    Solana Minting Fix 6 zile left

    Do you know how to maintain the Update authority as creator after selling a master edition with metaplex? We minted without candy machine, created 1/1 in master edition but when i sell the nft with metaplex the update authority change with the buyer wallet, i would like instead to keep the update authority myself as creator Can you help me

    $1365 (Avg Bid)
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    13 oferte

    Details to be shared later considering the confidentiality of the project.

    $466 (Avg Bid)
    $466 Oferta medie
    9 oferte

    Simple website with one page and one search bar and nothing else A website to input users wallet addresss and out put the amount of funds he has donated to a particular address across multiple netwroks ( 7 networks like bsc, eth , polygon, avax etc)

    $80 (Avg Bid)
    $80 Oferta medie
    4 oferte

    a block chain website to query multiple networks to get data abt users address that he provides and outputs the deatils he dontated to a particular address across multiple networks (7 networks like bsc , polygon, avax)

    $114 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi I want an exchange and a wallet desiged like Bybit with Admin Dashboard and mobile apps. Must Include: Buy Crypto on ramp and offramp DEX Centralized Exchange KYC Admin Backend Multiple cryptocurrecies and multiple blockchain support Clean user interface, just like ByBit Check the functionality of for more.

    $2561 (Avg Bid)
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    39 oferte

    I am currently looking for someone who can explain NFT technology (blockchain) - How create NFTs - NFT Smart contract - Punlication on Opensea and more related to NFT world.

    $42 (Avg Bid)
    $42 Oferta medie
    9 oferte

    Am interested in creating an atomic swap system Hope you expert to handle the project perfectly?

    $472 (Avg Bid)
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    7 oferte
    PersianCoin 6 zile left

    we need a blockchain programmer who can change the code of bitcoin and make a new coin

    $167 (Avg Bid)
    $167 Oferta medie
    11 oferte

    Do you have a passion for innovation and emerging technologies along with a firm foundation in the core principles of technology? Would you like to be a part of the early-stage development of a new firm Blockchain offering for banking and capital markets? We are currently seeking blockchain developers who are well robust in ethereum and go ethereum fork blockchains As a Blockchain Developer, you will build strategic blockchain and digital assets solutions that deliver differentiation and competitive advantages for our clients. You will help shape Zenith Chain blockchain and digital asset ecosystem, capabilities, and solutions for blockchain technologies across banking and capital markets clients we serve. Work you'll do Individuals in this role would be responsible for a variety of...

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
    7 oferte

    Hello, I am looking to build a custom NFT marketplace. Please get in touch if you are able to assist.

    $4324 (Avg Bid)
    $4324 Oferta medie
    37 oferte

    Hello, we are a blockchain startup based in Seoul, Korea. We are in the middle of launching many NFT projects (Marketplace, Launchpad, etc) and are looking for an experienced video editor to make a short video clip (30 seconds ~ 1 minute) that explains our features. We are looking for experienced video editor who is well aware of the NFT marketplaces, and someone who have rich experience in commercials/video editing. Benchmarking : 1) 2) If you are confident in making such videos like above, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to working with you :) STEA Team

    $435 (Avg Bid)
    $435 Oferta medie
    28 oferte

    Hello, We are COS - a marketplace provider for NFTs, and technology solutions provider in the blockchain network. (Check Homepage: ) We are looking for experienced ambassadors who can spread our work and project in the crypto space. (Past Crypto Ambassadors preferred and recommended). Rewards and compensation will be given in our own tokens and detailed document for the roles and responsibilities for each ambassadors will be provided. Please reach us out, we are looking for enthusiastic, hard working ambassadors who can grow together! Thank you, COS Team

    $613 (Avg Bid)
    $613 Oferta medie
    9 oferte

    i am looking for a block chain market place developer

    $1390 (Avg Bid)
    $1390 Oferta medie
    28 oferte
    Blockchain team needed 6 zile left

    Need to work on 2 projects, Blockchain crypto payment gateway, and community. The second is about developing a Crypto platform for exchange and developing its own stable coin.

    $10246 (Avg Bid)
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    7 oferte
    Rust Expert -- 2 6 zile left

    I'm going to build a NFT marketplace based on Solana. Front end is prepared. I need Rust expert to write smart contract using Rust.

    $1212 (Avg Bid)
    $1212 Oferta medie
    6 oferte

    An airdrop to about 100,000 addresses on the BSC network.

    $182 (Avg Bid)
    $182 Oferta medie
    15 oferte

    Description: Its a Metamask fork that needs some modifications , mostly on UI. React Native well developed app Tasks: - Switch Polygon Network as main default one and set Ethereum as extra. - Add a new Custom ERC20 to the default tokens list. (Currenctly just MATIC, the main currency) - Add ARS (Argentinian Peso) Exchange rate. (I´ll provide the RPC url) - Get the App ready for deployment on Android and iOS. - Add Swap feature with custom Uniswap Router Current Repo: Metamask to test the App:

    $750 - $1500
    Recomandat Urgent Sigilat
    $750 - $1500
    20 oferte

    Need a detailed and comprehensive paper, describing the token economy for our hard-asset backed token.

    $815 (Avg Bid)
    $815 Oferta medie
    7 oferte
    Teach me to fork OlympusDAO 6 zile left

    I'd need someone to walk me through the process of forking OlympusDao. From pulling the repository over releasing it to the testnet to releasing it to the mainnet. I have solid fundamental programming knoledge, I just get lost with so many files. I've tried working with solidity before and have been using javascript (ReactJS and NodeJS).

    $250 (Avg Bid)
    $250 Oferta medie
    3 oferte

    Looking for developers experienced in the XRPL (preferably) to help us create an NFT Marketplace App/xApp where users can buy, sell & mint NFTs on the xrpl blockchain, using our own token that we’ve created on the xrpl.

    $3400 (Avg Bid)
    $3400 Oferta medie
    48 oferte
    Web 3 Blockchain Video Game 6 zile left

    Blockchain game I need this runner game. I have an example. I need a web3 wallet connection and a wager bet option. A mobile app would be great. This same type of game but I want players to be able pay to play and winner keeps the payment. Blockchain game I need this runner game. I have an example. I need a web3 wallet connection and a wager bet option. A mobile app would be great. This same type of game but I want players to be able pay to play and winner keeps the payment.

    $2614 (Avg Bid)
    $2614 Oferta medie
    44 oferte

    We are developing an NFT game on the blockchain, and need a marketplace developed for our game. Similar to Splinterlands. We are looking for a blockchain professional. This has the potential for long term employment, and other perks. The marketplace will consist of an inventory screen, buying NFTs from others, opening crates, rarity differences. Everything will need to be verified on the blockchain We have a full document of all needed items for your review. Please see below for the full document

    $6004 (Avg Bid)
    $6004 Oferta medie
    22 oferte
    Nft Dao project 6 zile left

    Hi. I am new to NFT´s but i know what i want. I want to release 1000 NFT´s with various rarity options. Also i want to have DAO in a smart contract so the owners of the varoius NFT´s get different voting power. More rare, more voting power. Also i need to be able to set all of that up on a web page to log in the NFT holders and to set their voting power. So i need a webpage for all of this. Not a crappy one i need a secure webpage custom built. All NFT holders will get their own profile page and can message each other both private and a feed on their profile page and with a public feed ie FB of some lite sort. A full guide on how to run the webpage. Also option to add more NFT´s, holders further along to build the community. I will provide all the artwork for...

    $612 (Avg Bid)
    $612 Oferta medie
    24 oferte

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