Django is an open source web framework written in Python that allows developers to create powerful, dynamic, and secure web applications quickly and efficiently. With an experienced Django Developer, a client can bring their ideas to life with custom web applications tailored to match their needs. By taking advantage of the best development practices, a Django Developer ensures that all applications are optimized with maximum scalability, performance, and security.

Here’s some projects that our expert Django Developers made real:

  • Developing web applications using Django on cloud hosting platforms
  • Developing search-driven interfaces for data-heavy applications
  • Creating multi-functional admin panels for business process optimization
  • Developing custom visualizations for analytics and data reporting
  • Developing integrations between web apps and external APIs

Our expert Django developers can handle complex projects with ease due to the immense flexibility of the framework. By relying on collaboration with our clients to accurately scope the needs of a project at hand, we strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering projects efficiently. In this way our developers provide next level services in software development utilizing the Django framework.

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced Django Developer, look no further than We offer you a global network of developers with expertise in various areas of software development best suited to meet the specific needs of your project. Sign up now and post your project in order to hire the most qualified professional Django Developer today.

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    I'm in need of a Django developer to assist me in creating a large-scale project. The project will require a variety of functionalities, including user authentication, database integration, and API integration. Key Requirements: - User Authentication: I need a secure and scalable user authentication system to be implemented. - Database Integration: The system must be integrated with a MySQL database. - API Integration: The project will involve integrating with various external APIs, so experience with this is necessary. The ideal candidate for this job should have: - Extensive experience with Django framework - Prior experience with large-scale projects - Proven track record of creating secure and efficient user authentication systems - Proficient in MySQL and database integration...

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    Introduction: At [PYnetrunner], we pride ourselves on harnessing the power of Python to deliver innovative and efficient solutions to our clients. With a team of seasoned Python developers and engineers, we specialize in providing bespoke software development, data analysis, machine learning, and web development services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients across various industries. Project Overview: The project aims to leverage our extensive expertise in Python programming to develop cutting-edge solutions that address the specific requirements and challenges faced by our clients. Our approach emphasizes collaboration, innovation, and a deep understanding of both technology and business domains to deliver solutions that exceed expectations and drive tangible business outcome...

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    I am looking for a Python backend developer to create a system that runs two AI models. The first model should perform object detection on images uploaded by users, and the second model should take a text description and search for related sections within a provided document. Key Requirements: - Implementation of an object detection model to process user uploaded images. - Implementation of a search model to analyze text descriptions and find relevant sections within a document. - Integration of both models into a Python backend system. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in Python programming and AI model development. - Prior experience with object detection and search models. - Knowledge of backend development and API integration. - Familiarity with working on systems tha...

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    I'm looking for a Python expert who can properly secure my Django web application and deploy the UAT environment on a private server. - **Vulnerabilities**: I need someone skilled in identifying and resolving Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) issues in my application. - **Static Folder Access**: The static folder should be configured to be only accessible to authenticated users. This is crucial for our security measures. - **Deployment**: You should be experienced in deploying Django applications. In this case, the UAT environment should be set up on a private server. Your expertise in Python, Django, web application security, and deployment will be highly valued. Please make sure to include any relevant experience you have in handling these specific...

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    I need a Django professional to manage a sensitive task involving the masking of our project's database. Your primary role will entail implementing encryption on our data. Key Responsibilities: - Generate an encryption key. You’ll be responsible for creating a robust and secure encryption key. - Implement Database Encryption. Utilise your Django expertise to seamlessly integrate encryption without compromising the performance or accessibility of our database. - Maintain Data Format. It is critical that the encrypted data retains its original format. Ensure that no distortions occur during this process. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Django - Knowledgeable in database structures and encryption - Proven ability to generate secure encryption keys - Experience in ensuring data int...

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    I am seeking a proficient Django developer who can create a user-friendly web application that will display and predict stock prices for both the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) The desired features of this predictive tool are: - Daily analysis of NSE and BSE stocks. - Trend analysis for day-to-day comparison and long-term insights. - Forecast alerts system to provide immediate notifications when the prediction varies by a set threshold. Ideal candidates for this job must have: - Solid experience in data analysis and Django web framework. - Understanding of the stock market and its fluctuations. - Proficiency in creating user-friendly and intuitive interfaces. - Experience in working with live data APIs for real-time updates. The primary goal is to eq...

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    INTRODUCTION: Nice to meet you! We are a small startup putting together a platform that has not yet launched. Our aim is to help those betting on sports make better decisions and to win regularly, instead of losing! We've already begun building our app and website, and now are in need of a talented/experienced social media manager and content creator for our sports betting advisory platform. KEY FEATURES REQUIRED: We are looking for a talented Social media manager to administer our social media accounts. You will be responsible for creating original text and video content, managing posts and responding to followers. You will manage our company image in a cohesive way to achieve our marketing goals. As a Social media manager, we expect you to be up-to-date with the latest digital...

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    I am in need of an experienced Python developer to create a loan website similar to the reference given. The site should include: - Loan application forms - A loan calculator - User account management functionalities The look and feel of the website should match my current brand aesthetics. Therefore, expertise in both UI and UX, with the ability to adapt to existing design styles is crucial. A successful candidate will also demonstrate an understanding of user-centered design principles and ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience. Key Skills Required: - Proficient in Python - Experience in building secure user account management systems - Familiarity with designing effective loan calculators - Proficiency in UX/UI design - Experience in maintaining brand aesthetics in website ...

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    We're developing a scanner app coupled with an query response system. Seeking a Flutter expert with Django knowledge for UI and backend development, respectively. The ideal candidate will excel in Flutter UI design and possess the skills to manage data storage in Django backend, along with handling API integrations seamlessly.

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    In this project, we're aiming to categorize video transcripts, identify key topics, and enhance the searchability of video content. The main goal is to differentiate between questions and sentences contained within a video transcription CSV data file. Following features are required: - TF-IDF, LSA, LDA, Word2Vec, and SentenceTransformer for text vectorization. - Utilise various models to evaluate the performance using an ROC curve. - The differentiation of the content type should be indicated in the 'label' column. The value can be 'question' for sentences that are actually questions, and 'sentence' for regular statements. - Development of a RESTful API with Flask. - Dockerization of the API. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proficien...

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    Dear developers, I am looking for a skilled python engineer that is able to create a ML engine which is capable to extract specific datapoints from the pdf files and save them as per set of rules to sql table. system has to run offline, so no online solutions will be accepted as they cannot be used for this project. current problems: 1. large part of documents are scanned, but data is digital. essentially form was printed and scanned upon completion. 2. scanned files are tilted. 3. scanned files have noise which require removal of it. 4. few scanned documents require quality enhancement. 5. some scanned documents have different zoom. 6. all files have checkboxes. 7. specific datapoints can change location within the file, so engine must search for it and find it. there is master list ...

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    I'm in need of a full-time Python Django Developer whose expertise primarily lies in web development. Your main task will be to: - Implement user authentication - Integrate a payment gateway - Set up a robust RESTful API The design of the web application should be clean, professional, and user-friendly while ensuring a seamless experience for the users. The ideal applicant should have: - A deep understanding of Python and Django - Experience in user authentication systems - Previous experience with payment gateway integration - Proficient skills in creating RESTful APIs - An eye for clean and professional design aesthetic Your ultimate goal will be to create a high-quality, secure, and functional web application. If you live and breathe Python Django and have a knack for web dev...

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    I am looking for an experienced Python developer who can create a fully automated system that can reschedule visa interviews. The scope of the project not only includes student visas but also work and tourist visas as well. Key Responsibilities: - Monitor the website for available dates - Designing an automated visa interview rescheduling system - Implementing the algorithm to work for different types of visas: student, work, and tourist The ideal candidate should possess the following skills and experiences: - Proficient in Python programming language - Previous experience in automating complex systems - Experience in working with visa procedures, specifically scheduling and rescheduling interviews - Able to deliver a system that requires no human intervention.

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    I am looking to learn a set of very specific skills that would enable me to build a web application using Python language. - Primarily understanding IDE functionalities specifically with PyCharm. The effective use of IDEs is crucial to my development process and I wish to get comfortable with PyCharm. - Learning User Interface (UI) Design principles and Interaction Design (IX) concepts are also vital. - Basic Python programming skills would be my building blocks for creating applications. - Lastly, understanding web development frameworks would allow me to structure my coding process and achieve my goal more efficiently. Ideal candidates for this project would have extensive experience with Python, its corresponding IDEs, such as PyCharm, a solid understanding of UX/UI design principle...

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    I am in need of a web developer to create a website for my finance company. The main purpose of the website will be to provide a platform for security analysis and charts on financial data. Key Features: - Real-time data updates: I need the platform to display real-time data updates to allow our clients to stay informed. - Interactive charts with zoom and pan functionality: The platform should have interactive charts with the ability to zoom in and out and pan. - Customizable indicators and overlays: Our clients should be able to customize the indicators and overlays on the charts based on their preferences. - Data entry by user: The platform should also allow users to input their own data, which can then be analyzed and displayed on the charts. - API integration - Database (Supab...

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    Hello I need simple web application with 3 screens (login, user input, result ) Frontend: react Backend: python Database: postgre db it will be complete in 2 days, If you are good fit for this task, please bid with 'webapp' word. Thanks

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    As an owner of a web development project, I'm seeking an experienced Python developer with expertise in using Streamlit and LLM. Key responsibilities would include: 1. User Interface Design: - Creating initial layout adhering to modern aesthetics - Ensuring the design is versatile across different platforms for responsive use 2. OAuth Login - with google and facebook 3. API Ingegration 4. Database Integration: - Convenient and thorough integration of the database with our Python application 5. Functionality Development: - Comprehensive development of necessary functionalities The main purpose of our Python application is web development. So, if you're adept in front and back-end Python development particularly in building scalable web applications, it's ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced server setup specialist to configure a Linux server to run a Django web application. The server setup will involve integrating a PostgreSQL database and potentially, HTTPS/SSL configuration. Key Responsibilities: - Installation and configuration of a Linux server suitable for Django - Set up and optimization of a PostgreSQL database - Advising on and, if necessary, implementing HTTPS/SSL configuration Ideal Candidate: - Experience with Linux server setup and optimization for Django applications - Proficient in PostgreSQL database setup and maintenance - Knowledge of implementing secure HTTPS/SSL configurations on web servers is a plus

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    Hello! I have a Python application which is partially developed and in need of deployment on the IIS server. My project has so far incorporated: - Data processing - API integration These functionalities have been structured and manipulated using Django, Flask, Pandas, and Fast API. I am on the search for a Python professional who is equipped with a strong understanding of these languages and frameworks, and can also execute the deployment aspect. It would be ideal if you already have an experience in deploying Python applications on IIS server. Only qualified and proficient freelancers are encouraged to apply. Previous experience in Python app deployment on IIS server would be a significant advantage. I am excited to hear from you soon, and start this engaging project.

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    I'm looking for a skilled web app developer who would build a comprehensive communication platform using Django. Here's what I envision: Design: • I don't have a specific theme or design in mind and I'm open to suggestions. Striking a balance between user-friendliness and visual appeal is key. Functionalities: • Key features of the platform include Instant messaging and File sharing. Authentication: • Yes, the platform needs to be secure. User authentication and management are essential components. Skills and Experience: • Proficiency in Django is essential • Sound understanding of front-end technologies • Proficient in cloud databases management • Previous experience in developing communication platforms will be a plus. Your r...

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    Good morning. I need an administration and control system in Ruby on rails. Explanation What I need is an administrative system, what we want to do is create "modules" of services like "odoo_com", what we need is a system that manages all this both for us, the company that offers the services, and for the administrators. that you contract the service.

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    Exciting opportunity for a proficient Python developer to craft a purposeful web application. Primary Responsibilities: - Develop a web application primarily focusing on: * User registration and login system * An efficient billing system connected to the login setup Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in Python is crucial - Solid understanding of web applications and their development - Past work with user registration and billing systems will add significant advantage - Appreciation for detail to ensure a seamless user experience Your role will be pivotal in the development of this essential application. If this seems like your kind of challenge and you have the necessary skills, please bid. Looking forward to reviewing your proposals.

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    Python Expert developer -- 2 4 zile left

    Python Expert Needed. first line + " I am not bot. "

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer with expertise in Python, object detection models, and testing procedures to add unit, integration, and functional tests for my Flask Web Server application. The application takes a recorded video, runs a YOLOv3 object detection model and then showcases the results. The tests should include tests for a Jupyter notebook that trains the model if possible. Key Requirements: - Strong Python background - Good understanding of YOLOv3 object detection model - Expertise in adding comprehensive testing suites: - Unit tests - Integration tests - Functional tests The goal is a thorough verification of the application's operation, ensuring each component behaves expectedly. Reproducible detection results and fail-safe operation are the ma...

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer to build a Library Management System using Python Flask for the API and VueJS for the UI. The system should have the following features: - User registration and management - Book inventory management - Borrow and return tracking Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in Python and Flask for the backend development - Experience in VueJS for frontend development - Knowledge of Jinja2 templates, Bootstrap, SQLite, Redis, and Celery - Familiarity with API development and database management - Ability to create a user-friendly and efficient system - Prior experience in building library management systems or similar projects would be a plus. If necessary, VueJS Advanced with CLI should be used. However, it's not mandatory. The project ...

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    Python Expert developer 3 zile left

    Python Expert Needed. first line + " I am not bot. "

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    I have a Flask Python project that I need to be deployed on a shared server, which requires Python 3.x. I will need assistance with setting up the database for the project. Key Requirements: - Deploying a Flask Python project on a shared server - Ensuring compatibility with Python 3.x - Setting up the database for the project Ideal Skills: - Strong understanding of Flask framework - Proficiency in Python 3.x - Experience with deploying projects on shared servers - Database setup experience Please provide your experience with similar tasks and any relevant project samples.

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    I'm looking for a seasoned Python/Django developer to create a clean, minimalistic mobile application. Key functionalities desired: - User registration and OTP authentication - Interface to specify information - Database interaction The design should be minimalistic and clean to ensure smooth user navigation and an aesthetically pleasing experience. Ideal candidates must be proficient in Python, specifically Django, with a strong background in mobile application development and understanding of user authentication processes and database operations. Prior experience working on similar projects is highly preferred.

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    I'm in need of an expert who possesses a deep understanding and working experience with Django. The project primarily focuses on the customization and automation of a bot script. Key tasks will include: - Automating user start and stop processes - Database integration with MySQL, specifically for storing process IDs to be used for stopping the bot Beside Django, proficiency in MySQL is a crucial requirement for this job, comfortable in handling bot script intricacies. Familiarity with payment gateway integration is an advantage, although not a must-have. Only experienced Django professionals should apply. Your bid should demonstrate your expertise in carrying out such tasks.

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    Develop NSFW Chatbot -- 2 3 zile left

    Hi there. I'm looking for a AI chatbot engineer for building NSFW chatbot like Candidates should know about the langchain and OpenAI, also need to manage the team with me. The requirements are very simple. Just similar with So there are some feature needs. STT, TTS and generating Answer. I have already working chatbot and need someone who can complete this chatbot successfully. I hope to use ElevenLabs for STT and TTS. Python Flask, MongoDB, , Langchain are required skill set. So, if you have experience of using elevenlabs, that would be great. Please start proposal "candy". If not, will ignore the bid Thanks.

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    Develop NSFW Chatbot 3 zile left

    Hi there. I'm looking for a AI chatbot engineer for building NSFW chatbot like Candidates should know about the langchain and OpenAI, also need to manage the team with me. The requirements are very simple. Just similar with So there are some feature needs. STT, TTS and generating Answer. I have already working chatbot and need someone who can complete this chatbot successfully. I hope to use ElevenLabs for STT and TTS. Python Flask, MongoDB, , Langchain are required skill set. So, if you have experience of using elevenlabs, that would be great. Please start proposal "candy". If not, will ignore the bid Thanks.

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    I am seeking an experienced web developer to build a website interface displaying interactive nodes made of SVG shapes. The main purpose of this interface is to display, add, and modify text information. The ideal freelancer will have: - Profound experience with SVG and its applications - Skills in the development of interactive web interfaces - Proficiency in user data management Users must be capable of modifying the text nodes directly on the site. Thus, part of the project includes creating a reliable permission system. Having experience in this regard is a plus. I expect the freelancer to have excellent attention to detail, ensuring that users can manipulate nodes without any inconvenience or difficulty.

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    The price is $80. delivery time 4-6 days. Design work of the new version of the existing website (artificial intelligence assistant for lawyers). The codes of the membership system and basic features were written. The subject of the website is the processing and interpretation of legal texts. In addition, most of the design of the site has been completed and simpler features will be added. I am looking for a talented professional with a mission to develop a solid and dynamic project. The individual must demonstrate strong proficiency in Python, Django, react, PostgreSQL. I also need a Full Stack Developer who focuses on designing the front end of the website as well as creating a solid backend architecture. The perfect candidate will need to have a comprehensive understanding of all aspec...

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    Web Development with Python 3 3 zile left

    I am seeking a Python developer with expertise in using Python 3 for web development tasks. Your key responsibility will be creating and enhancing several aspects of my website using Python 3. Required functionalities include: Chromebook recently updated the Linux container from Debian 11 to Debian 12 (Bookworm). When I run python3 -V in a terminal, the new upgrade indicates Python 3.11.2. I was running Python 3.73 in the previous build. Python upgrade commands fail. Can you fix this issue? More details will be provided to selected developer If you have a proven track record with Python 3, web development and troubleshooting skills, I welcome your bid for this project.

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    NSFW Chatbot Development 3 zile left

    Hi there. I'm looking for a AI chatbot engineer for building NSFW chatbot like Candidates should know about the langchain and OpenAI, also need to manage the team with me. The requirements are very simple. Just similar with So there are some feature needs. STT, TTS and generating Answer. I have already working chatbot and need someone who can complete this chatbot successfully. I hope to use ElevenLabs for STT and TTS. Python Flask, MongoDB, , Langchain are required skill set. So, if you have experience of using elevenlabs, that would be great. Please start proposal "candy". If not, will ignore the bid Thanks.

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    I need an ace full stack developer who can create an engaging website design and handle both frontend and backend development for my project. The developer should ideally have proficiency in: - Full stack development - JavaScript (Node.js) - Python (Django) - Ruby (Ruby on Rails) Integrated skills of innovative design and robust backend functionality are a prerequisite for this project. The developer should be dedicated, punctual and open to incorporate feedback. I have a fairly flexible timeline for the project, two months, but I definitely appreciate a developer who can prioritize efficiency alongside quality. If you have previous experience on similar projects, please share samples when bidding. Looking forward to working with a passionate and professional developer.

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    I'm searching for a highly skilled and experienced backend developer proficient in Python, specifically with experience in Django or Flask. As part of the project, you will also need to build RESTful APIs and integrate GPS data. Knowledge of PostgreSQL is essential, as this is the chosen database management system. The system needs to be capable of handling large data sets and be scalable, hence experience with these is paramount. The functionalities I am looking to include in this system are: - Vehicle tracking - Fuel management - Vehicle maintenance - Digital delivery order Previous experience with such functionalities is preferred. Strong unit testing and debugging skills are also critical for this role. Familiarity with ERPNext is a plus. I need a professional who is thorou...

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    I'm in search of a proficient full stack developer with deep comprehension in MERN, Python, Flask, and Django to kickstart a series of applications from ground zero with end-to-end API integration. This is for a long term position. Key Functionalities: - User authentication - Database Integration - API integration for internal and external systems Design Requirements: - Minimalist design approach - Responsive to multiple devices - Creation of unique, custom illustrations - Ability to interpret and build from Figma designs, if necessary Ideal skills and experience for this job revolve around thorough familiarity with MERN stack, Python with frameworks like Django or Flask, DevOps, as well as API design and integration. A solid grasp on minimalist design principles and experience in...

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    This project requires building a robust flight booking system that will function as the primary focus of the software. Ideal freelancers should have a strong background in this area. Key Details: - Essential components of the system will include flight booking capabilities along with additional elements addressing hotel bookings. - Must include a search function to locate hotels and book or cancel reservations. - Ability to review and rate hotels is a mandatory feature to incorporate. Payment Details: - The software system should integrate a secure payment gateway for the booking procedure. - I prefer to accept payments using Credit/Debit cards and Bank Transfers. Previous experience in developing booking systems and payment gateways will be a plus. Skills: - Python, C#, SQL or oth...

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    I'm currently in need of an experienced Django developer who can assist me in refurbishing my codebase. Erroneous elements currently hamper its effectiveness. Your task will not only involve correcting these errors but also include adding a certain level of error handling to prevent such instances in the future. Building this robust foundation is crucial. In addition, I require proper implementation of async requests through RabbitMQ, with the use of the Celery library. Finally, a vital enhancement required is the implementation of a scheduler to manage regular scheduled queries and execute them punctually. Key Tasks: - Refactor Codebase - Implement Errors Handling - Reimplement async requests using RabbitMQ and Celery - Implement scheduler feature for executing regular queries ti...

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    I am seeking a talented Python Backend Developer who can step-up and contribute significantly to a new web application development over a five week period, full time. Key responsibilities include: - Building an efficient backend infrastructure. - Implementing user registration and management processes. - Developing continuous integration and delivery pipelines (CI/CD). - Constructing feature buildings and dashboard features (not UI). The ideal candidate will have significant proficiency in Python, strong understanding of web application architecture, and experience with CI/CD, and dashboard feature development. Knowledge of database management, API integration, and server optimization is appreciated, even if not a core task for this project. I am looking forward to discussing this exciti...

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    We are seeking a highly skilled and innovative Python Web Application Cloud Microservice Infrastructure Designer to join our dynamic team. In this role, you will be responsible for designing and implementing scalable, resilient, and efficient microservice architectures that leverage the power of cloud computing. *Key Responsibilities:* - Design and develop robust microservice infrastructures using Python. - Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate microservices with cloud-based services and APIs. - Ensure system scalability, reliability, and security in a cloud environment. - Optimize microservice performance for high-traffic web applications. - Stay up-to-date with emerging trends and technologies in cloud infrastructure and microservice design. *Qualifications:* - Strong pr...

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    I'm in need of a Full Stack Developer who is proficient with JavaScript, Python, and Ruby on Rails, though some flexibility is appreciated. The main goal is to create a fresh and innovative E-commerce website application from scratch. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in JavaScript, Python, Ruby on Rails - Demonstrated experience in developing E-commerce sites - Good understanding of UI/UX principles This project is ideal for someone who can bring forward innovative ideas and provide strategic insight while also bringing my vision to life. Help me drive growth by creating a customer-centric shopping experience with smooth navigation that suits the taste of today's shopper.

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    For my project, I am seeking an experienced Django Developer who can effectively construct a robust REST API. This application should encompass the following functionality: - User authentication and authorization: Users should be able to securely login and have appropriate permissions. - Data retrieval and filtering: The API should be equipped to fetch, sort, and filter data precisely and efficiently. - Data modification and creation: The system should allow for the creation and updating of existing data. In terms of data, the API will heavily handle User, Product, and Order data. The development demands a thorough understanding of these datasets and the ability to work with them seamlessly. Additionally, the API needs to integrate with an Email service. Experience in leveraging Djang...

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    I am looking for an experienced full-stack developer who can create a web application using Django and React with the following key features: - User Authentication: The application should have a secure user authentication system that allows users to sign up using their email and password. Additionally, there should be an option for single sign-on (SSO) for ease of use. - Data Visualization: The application will be data-heavy, so I need a developer who can implement maps and geolocation features for effective data visualization. The ability to create interactive dashboards is also a key requirement. - Real-Time Updates: It is crucial that the application supports real-time updates. Users should be able to see changes and updates as they happen without needing to refresh the page. Ideal sk...

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    We are on the lookout for a Full Stack Developer specializing in SaaS development for a project-based role. This position requires a candidate with a balanced expertise in both front-end and back-end development. The focus is on delivering a robust and high-quality product within stringent deadlines. Key Responsibilities: - Utilise HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Python/Django to implement fully functional and visually compelling web applications. - Engage in both new project creation and work on improving existing solutions. Ideal Candidate: - Must be skilled in HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Python/Django. - Proven experience in both front-end and back-end development. - An adept problem solver with the ability to work independently, and manage projects from inception to completion. This proje...

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    I am in need of a Python developer who is well-versed in Django, Flask, NumPy and can handle a variety of different tasks and projects. The purpose of the project is to build a web application for data processing and analysis. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python - Experience with Django, Flask, NumPy - Strong understanding of web development - Previous experience with data processing and analysis - Excellent problem-solving abilities - Ability to work independently and collaboratively

    $189 (Avg Bid)
    $189 Oferta medie
    99 oferte

    I have a python code its deploy to any free hosting budget only 500 timeline 3 hours

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $4 / hr Oferta medie
    10 oferte

    I have a python code its deploy to any free hosting budget only 500 timeline 3 hours

    $1 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $1 / hr Oferta medie
    8 oferte

    I'm seeking a proficient Python, React developer to construct a recommendation system, optimized for the Backlinks sector. The selected professional should have: - Solid expertise with Python for backend development, as this is the chosen language for the project. - Extensive knowledge and experience in links recommendation systems. - A robust understanding of the e-commerce industry to develop a user-centric product. - Skilled in React for front-end interface design would be advantageous. This intricate task will not only demand coding skills, but also the ability to analyze consumer behavior and preferences within the e-commerce context. Successful implementation will result in a system adept at guiding users towards products that align seamlessly with their needs and tastes. Read...

    $219 (Avg Bid)
    $219 Oferta medie
    23 oferte

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