Mathematics is a study in abstraction, logical reasoning, calculation, counting and measurement and of the systematic study of shapes of objects. If you need help with mathematics then you can hire talented math freelancers to obtain help from. You can get started today! Simply post your mathematics job on this site.

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    Bayesian Network -- 2 6 zile left

    Algorithm for learning principles of Bayesian Networks. I need a technical report and a code run with Latex.

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    Bayesian Network 6 zile left

    Algorithm for learning parameters in bayesian network. I require a technical report and a code run with latex.

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    I bought a pack of 5 trading systems for ProRealTime. The systems are working fine with ProBackTest but most of the time, they do not start alone with ProOrder. Is it your field to fix this matter? Patrick

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    Looking for EEG signals deep learning classification expert more details will be send privately. Thanks

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    Very easy tasks! Contact for more info....

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    Hi, I need somebody to do Direct torque control (DTC) of BLDC Motor using Matlab Simulink. I will provide motor details and other specifications. I need somebody who has prior experience in electrical machine modeling and control. This is just the beginning of a long project. So, I am looking for a long term association. Please bid only if you have required expertise and access to Matlab Simulink. Thank you.

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    It is about optimal integration between oil refinery and an ethylene production plant. Both plants are connected using intermediate materials. The integration should prove beneficial in terms of quality and profit increase for both production systems. Using 3 mathematical models by formulate and implement for each plant individually as well as for the integrated system as MINLP models aiming to optimize all three systems using GAMS program.

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    Algorithm Data Structure - Expert in Need if someone is available

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    Algorithm Expert in Need 6 zile left

    Algorithm Expert in Need if someone in need

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    I need help in Statistical analysis with Bayesian risk analysis, signal detection theory, gaussian and poisson processes. i will provide more detAILS IN THE CHAT.

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    to do research and analysis on technical indicators, chart patterns, mathematical models, statistical analysis, and ML libraries in python to backtest/forward test the portfolios and automate the portfolio in a live market environment. in implementing in live market

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    Hi Everyone...I need a Person who is Expert in Engineering Calculus ...... Please Need Your Support

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    I need help with intermediate dynamics MATLAB.

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    R language some basic exercises 6 zile left

    Hello i have some basic tasks that i am stuck to do it. and i will explain in the private chat.

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    Payroll clerk 6 zile left

    We are looking for an efficient payroll clerk to be responsible for all tasks involved in processing payroll. The payroll clerk has a range of duties that include collecting timesheets, calculating wages, and ensuring employees receive their pay on time. To be successful as a payroll clerk you should be able to carry out all tasks with high attention to detail. Ultimately, a top-notch payroll clerk should be highly organized and possess excellent math skills. Payroll Clerk Responsibilities: Collecting and verifying timesheets. Entering employee information and payroll data into the system. Answering employees' questions and concerns regarding payroll. Calculating payable hours, commissions, bonuses, taxes, and deductions. Processing new employees, promotions, and terminations. Iss...

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    Hello everyone, I will need an expert in Matlab to help me complete a project. Analytical details in chat. Budget: $40 USD Deadline: 22/1

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    need expert in fluid dynamics course only need professional please

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    Simlink&openPLC 5 zile left

    Linking OpenPLC with MATLAB/Simulink

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    Need the expert only in Fluid if you don't know fluid don't contact me.

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    We have 24 monitoring wells (8 sites, each site has three wells, one at -20ft, one at -40ft and one at -60ft.) Desire contour lines (plumes) around individual wells as well as user selected extended view showing maximum extent of selected lines/plumes of various user selected chemicals. Lines should show contour values, contour movement over time Must be able to simultaneously display individual or multiple depths of same or multiple parameters, Must be able to simultaneously display individual or multiple time frames of single or multiple contaminants (Contaminant data / Latitude and Longitude coordinates provided in excel)

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    Looking for qualified & Experienced calculus writer who is expert in Calculus Thanks

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    Chart with D3 & React 5 zile left

    Hi, I am looking for somebody with experience in REACT and charts, especially D3 charts. Please bid if you have such experience, examples are mandatory. Thanks.

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    Gaming expert needed 5 zile left

    I need an expert for my project. Please DM, I'll share the complete details.

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    Help with math analysis 5 zile left

    I need help with pure mathematics. In analysis, msg me!

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    Кандидат наук, стремящийся вернуться в область математики, ищет математика с постдоком, который может помочь мне в соавторстве и представить статью о функции digitsum. Пожалуйста, ответьте с - краткая биография и - список последних публикаций Важно: нужно быть математиком, а не просто копирайтером! Предложения без списка последних публикаций будут игнорироваться.

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    Coauthor article 4 zile left

    PhD aspiring to return to math field is looking for postdoc mathematician who can help me co-author and submit article about digitsum function. Please respond with - short bio and - list of recent publications Important: you need to be a mathematician, not just a copywriter! Proposals without recent publications will be ignored.

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    excel calculation guru. 4 zile left

    I am looking for a freelance with high attention to detail. The purpose is to create an excel interest calculation schedule. There are 13 loans. The current schedules are very messy and we need to recalculate and and present in the perfect design. the recalculations should have the same result as the original, but if there are errors in the orginal we just need to highlight the cell and mention the error we think. Project require on Monday complete. Very good in excel is a MUST.

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    Find the value of Kp Td Ti lambda miu in terms of other variables and replace wpc wgc completely from the final equations

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    torque ripple minimization of Switched Reluctance Motor using MPC -results have to show minimum torque ripple by applying MPC technique to any basic SRM model.

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    Tuyển nhân sự giải toán trên app GauthExpert Xin chào, Hiện tại mình đang cần tuyển nhân sự giải toán trên app GauthExpert. GauthExpert là nền tảng hỗ trợ giải toán cho các học sinh cấp 2 và cấp 3 (lớp 6-12) Mô tả công việc: Những gì nhân viên cần làm là sẽ hỗ trợ học sinh giải những bài toán mà họ đã chụp lên, sau đó nhận thù lao. Thù lao: Sẽ được tính theo số bài làm hợp lệ (có thể lên tới 100k/giờ) Công việc chỉ dành cho người Việt Nam. Nếu bạn không phải người Việt Nam mà vẫn biết tiếng Việt, hãy liên hệ với chúng tôi, ch&...

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    I have a start-up and I would like to know the value of each user as they sign up. When they sign-up they will tell us how much revenue they will generate us in a year so I would like to have an excel calculator that calculates the value of every user using the LTV in order to produce a global company valuation as the user base grows. Here is a reference:

    $31 (Avg Bid)
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    12 oferte

    Hello I need someone who has good knowledge in above mentioned area and also in Linear algebra and measure theory. Please message for further info. Thanks

    $88 (Avg Bid)
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    9 oferte

    Hello Guys, Hope you are doing well. Looking for help for Advance level Math/ Statics and Data Science Dissertation. You should be an expert in Statistics/Data Science. Help me to choose good Dissertation topic for Data Science. Let's work together. Please reach me: Expert only

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    38 oferte

    Using the spreadsheet software of your choice you must create a system that demonstrates the structure of the following game economy: •In an arena fighting game it costs 20 coins to enter a game with 5 other players •You win 80 coins for 1st place, 40 coins for 2nd, 25 coins for 3rd, 10 coins for 4th and 0 coins for last. •In a day a player can win up to 1500 coins. However average session time is 25m and each fight takes 4m •There are 15 fighters available to unlock with the coins you earn. • 20 Upgrades can also be purchased per fighter for coins. •Design a system allows an average player to unlock fighters in 30 days and all upgrades in 180 days (individual fighter stats not relevant for exercise, only upgrade costs)

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    Carla simulation 3 zile left

    Help with Carla simulation, problem solving Project cannot be opened in UnrealEngine

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    MATLAB experts required -- 4 3 zile left

    I'm looking for a couple of matlab experts Deadline: 2 days must be do based on the requirement Note: I attach the requirement file

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    11 oferte

    Hi, I am looking for CCAT expert who can write exam online and pass with 5 star rating. If any, please let me know. Thanks

    $41 (Avg Bid)
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    7 oferte
    maths and statistics 3 zile left

    project based on vectors, probability

    $21 (Avg Bid)
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    49 oferte

    I need person expert in robotics to solve small issues for the constiran equations

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    9 oferte

    Expert in solving python problems on jupyter notebook

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    You have $50,000 to invest in three stocks. Let Ri= be the random variable representing the annual return on $1 invested in stock i. For example, if Ri 0.12, then $1 invested in stock i at the beginning of a year is worth $1.12 at the end of the year. The means are E(R1) 0.14, E(R2) = 0.11, and E(R3) = 0.10. The variances are Var R1 = 0.20, Var R2 = 0.08, and Var R3 0.18. The correlations are r12 = 0.8, r13 0.7, and r23 0.9. Determine the minimum-variance portfolio that attains an expected annual return of at least 0.12.

    $9 (Avg Bid)
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    7 oferte

    A mini project f of thermodynamics need to be done with matlab.

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    14 oferte

    Hello, I'd like to build a mathematical model which outputs which job should I schedule on which equipment at a given time of the day. The input parameters to the model would be as follows: 1. # Jobs to be processed 2. # Operators available in a planning horizon 3. # Equipment's available in a planning horizon 4. Processing batch size of equipment 5. Cycle time of equipment for process 6. Setup time of equipment for process The system constraints are as follows: 1. Sequence of process steps the job has to follow 2. Capacity constraints of the equipment's 3. Capacity constraints of the operators Regards

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    I need you to write a genetic algorithm that can mimic a given binary image. There will be three basic components to building this GA: - Representation of the Chromosome - Defining the fitness function - Creating a population and evolving using crossover, mutation and elitism The GA has to run for 1000 iterations.

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    Nlogo / Netlogo M.Sc. in Information Technology/FinTech/ Big Data/Mathematics and Data Science -- 2

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    Wave help 2021 2 zile left

    Because I bank with Capital One, the reconciliation process takes too much time. I want someone to reconcile July - December 2021 for me

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    LatEx Work -- 2 2 zile left

    Regular LatEx jobs (mathematics doctoral level Requirements: Ideally a PhD, MSc, or BSc in Mathematics or similar. Must be fluent in English, native is ideal

    $433 (Avg Bid)
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    I need a person who knows finance and can solve questions easily. I have regular work and will do instant payments when work is done. You can check the sample from below

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