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National Building Specification is the authoritative and comprehensive resource for guidance on design, construction, specification and regulation. It provides a set of best practices, standards and recommendations to ensure that buildings are constructed safely and to high standards of quality. Additionally, it helps businesses to reduce specialist advice costs, minimise risk in projects and enable them to successfully deliver no-regrets built environment projects. Its skilled professionals are known for delivering cost-effective and safe building solutions that comply with all national regulations on construction.

A National Building Specification Expert can help a client in a variety of ways from detailing the necessary documents needed to obtain planning permission, researching relevant regulations and laws related to their project, providing independent specialist advice, creating complex 3D models to artistic architectural visualisations. Therefore, hiring a National Building Specification Expert on can save the time, money and resources associated with traditional in-house requirements.

Here's some projects that our expert National Building Specification Experts made real:

  • Researching relevant regulations or laws surrounding building specifications
  • Developing detailed plans for residential housing developments
  • Designing accessible buildings for disabled people
  • Generating detailed drawings – elevation, plan and sectional views
  • Creating schematic diagrams - electrical circuit diagrams
  • Crafting 3D models – CADs plans, renderings or videos

Overall, having access to a skilled National Building Specification Expert can help clients make their desired project come alive with accurate specs that adhere to all national regulations safely and cost-effectively. Clients should consider putting up their own project at if they want an experienced National Building Specification Expert to lend a hand with their project.

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