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Any organization with an online presence wants to ensure that this presence is seamless, and that users and customers can constantly access their website for information, or to purchase goods and services. A network administrator ensures that this technical support is solid, and works to quickly resolve any potential issues within the network, to make sure that all systems are a go when it comes to the organization.

This often includes testing the network for weaknesses, which could lead to resolving more deep-seeded technical issues that could have been lethal to the company’s growth. It also includes utilizing specific e-mail and internet filters to protect the organization from outside threats of all kinds, and ensuring that the company’s network is updated in every sense possible.


A network administrator’s role can be very different, depending on the organization, but almost always requires a diligent eye and a pro-active attitude when it comes to protecting the security and productivity of a company or organization. The position requires a tremendous amount of technical knowledge, and without network administrators, organizations would be susceptible to more attacks, and have much less network resilience, which is essential in terms of overall productivity.

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    Tengo un dedicado en ovh el cual atacan bastante, estoy buscando alguien que pueda bloquear estos ataques

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    Precisamos configurar uma nova VPN

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    I want cyber security service against DDOS and BOTNET .

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    Mikrotik Bridge 6 zile left

    Hello need help for filter bridge lan

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    Problem statement : we have deployed grey log server which contain 3 syslog server and 3 elastic search server we are facing issue in configuring the 3 elastic server in cluster as well as connectivity with the syslog server Expected Output: The elastic server must be able to store log in syslog server being in active state with as well as work standalone in case of failure of the 2 server...

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    Hi, I have an unusual and may be a rather bizarre situation. I have Ubuntu 14.04.5 installed on 2 of my machines. And I need to find somebody to write two specific programs for it. They are actually pretty simple, but explaining exactly what I need over an e-mail may be rather difficult. I do not see you having any phone numbers listed. So, let me know how to proceed..

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    Network and SAN optimisation 6 zile left

    Hi Everyone, We currently run on Hp Aruba 2930F switches and have a HP MSA 2052 san, we'll like someone to look at our network and advise on optimisations that need to take place to improve redundancy and performance for our 3 Xenservers attached to these switches

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    Proxmox Server Configuration 6 zile left

    An upgrade from Proxmox v5 to v6 been done however VMs were deleted out of 3 VMS only 2 backups were found. We need to restore the 3rd one from LVM backup and configure Proxmox Firewall and Settings

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    Assist for my online business 6 zile left

    Need someone to know Managing Virtual Machine(VMware Oracle, VirtualBox), Helping management of the Accounts of some sites, Supporting part side to me. I like American or European

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    we need 5 stars in it support Computer security, cybersecurity bitcoin to recive a send to use , thanks

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    Pacemaker cluster -- Linux 5 zile left

    Pacemaker active/active cluster in Linux.

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    Home Network Setup, VPN Client 5 zile left

    needing help setting up a network that can bypass the restrictions, I've uploaded a map of my proposed network for better understanding, please have a look

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    Hello, I am looking to hire a Consultant to debug some mc-lag issues and a couple of other L2-related switching issues.

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    We are from an IT consulting firm and an online tutoring company One of our client is in need of project assistance in the Network Security - computation and information technology We need the work to be completed in 3 days from now so only if you are available immediately to work on our project please bid

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    Data Center Cisco Unified Computing with Dell EMC Unity Work Details Cisco UCS Fabric Internet Configuration Design physical cabling and uplink configurations Server ports configurations Cisco UCS Storage configuration Configuring pools and policies Services profiles Cisco Management(Manager) Configuration DELL EMC Unity Architecture design Storage Configuration and pools Data Protection and Re...

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    IPTV security 5 zile left

    I have an IPTV streaming server. I would like to protect my IP's from blocks etc.

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    Configuration of Huawei MA5600T configuration and install NMS in server

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    Hi I need an expert who could help prevent hacking my apple laptop

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    I want to remove the surflock of my satellite TV smart card. It is locked by irdeto. OSCAM supports only two or three channels.

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    Make OpenVPN Reliable 4 zile left

    We use an OpenVPN server to route traffic into a subnet. Users have complained that their connections drop frequently and that they don't have the best performance with OpenVPN. We'd like someone who has experience with OpenVPN to assess our configuration and suggest changes so users get optimal performance.

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    Acord de confidenţialitate
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    I am in need of some assistance in the following areas. 1. Content Writing/Blogging 2. Social Media Content 3. Lead generation. 4. General admin 5. Website assistance. The company is based in Bloemfontein and would like to attrack investors from all parts of South Africa.

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    Assistance with setting Router , NVR and CAMERAS to provide IP address for remote viewing of cctv cameras on VLC

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    Hello I need an expert in Computer Networking and Cyber Security. Please let me know if you have an expertise with the same. No companies or teams please.

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    shadowsocks vpn or vps setup 4 zile left

    hi i live in china and i am looking for making my own vps for my personal use,if you know this please contact me and odnt forget to write hidoc before posting your bid

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    Looking to install Xen Orchestra for backing up VM's in Xen Server: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] The Free Open Source version. Can you help? Dean Wolf

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    I'm trying to set up per-port bandwidth limiting, so that ge-0/0/0 unit 0 family ethernet-switching is set to 100Mbps both ingress and egress, ge-0/0/1 unit 0 is set to 50Mbps and ge-0/0/2 unit 0 is set to 25Mbps. I have an attached config file that I modified from a Juniper example, but my ex-4550 doesn't seem to support the option to assign a per-unit-scheduler to ge-0/0/0 unit 0 or cl...

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    PaceMaker cluster -Linux 3 zile left

    Active/Active paceMaker cluster in Linux

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    We would like somebody to setup, configure and setup security for a SipWise SBC. This will be hosted initially in AWS cloud. This will lead to more work in the future helping is maintain the system, we are looking for somebody with experience with SipWise CE. This will include: Peerings Subscribers CDR's Showing us diagnostics

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    VDI & RDS Configuration 3 zile left

    **MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE OF WINDOWS SERVER 2019** Configure and install remote desktop services. With installation of windows 10 pro. Additional applications to also be installed. Needed ASAP! Must have knowledge with windows server 2019

    $24 (Avg Bid)
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    Small Cisco Pocket Tracer - IoT Job

    $21 (Avg Bid)
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    Linux pacemaker cluster -- 3 3 zile left

    Linux pacemaker cluster with active/active mode.

    $28 (Avg Bid)
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    $8 - $136170
    $8 - $136170
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    I am looking for an experienced IT writer with understanding of cloud infrastructure, data virtualization and security. I need one article a week for our website and linkedin page based on themes that we will provide.

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Mail server issue 3 zile left

    1. SSL problem, 2. Configure Problem 3. Assign port and SMTP relay, SPDF, DKRM and few other settings issue.

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    Find my missing router 3 zile left

    Hello I lost my movable router and I don’t know where I lost it so I need to someone to locate the location Please I hope anybody can’t do that service 100% don’t respond Thanks all

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    Wireless Network Expert 3 zile left

    Hi, i need somebody to help me configure wake up lan on my computer so I can power it on remotely.

    $28 (Avg Bid)
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    hi i need an internet expert to help me setup wake on lan to switch on my computer from a remote location.

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    IoT Cisco Pocket Tracer Project 3 zile left

    Small Cisco Pocket Tracer - IoT Job

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    Story of rat 3 zile left

    Ek baar ek rat and ek kachauya tha be dono Jangal me rha te the

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    Se requiere CONFIGURAR UN CISCO RW110 para configurar una red VPN, se tiene información de los dos sitios, en el sitio 1 se configura mediante envió de correos electrónicos con el administrador de la red del sitio 1 y en el sitio 2 que es donde se encuentra el router RW110, se dará acceso a una estación de trabajo mediante teamViewer o anydesk para acceder a Fire...

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    Dear Freelancers, I hope you are doing well. We will create a IT Academy business. We want to prepare it quickly. We will have 30 PC for students , 6 PC for staff. We will need someone who will remotely install WINDOES SERVER & CONFIGURATIONS. Also, we will need a requirement report for this office. Kind Regards, Volkan

    $230 (Avg Bid)
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    ramsomware 2 zile left

    hi we have a zimbra server which was compromised by a ransomware infection we need someone who can help us to recover data we dont have backups details of infection attached.

    $670 (Avg Bid)
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    I need someone who have good theoretical knowledge in advanced networking.

    $16 (Avg Bid)
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    It is required to CONFIGURE A CISCO RW110 to configure a VPN network, there is information on both sites, in site 1 it is configured by sending emails with the network administrator of site 1 and in site 2 which is where it is located the RW110 router, a workstation will be given access through teamViewer or anydesk to access the Firewall and do the configuration. The configuration data for the tw...

    $49 (Avg Bid)
    $49 Oferta medie
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    NS3 project -- 2 2 zile left

    I required to design and simulate a wireless sensor network (WSN) on NS3. In this project apply SDN strategies on WSN that is called software defined wireless sensor networks (SDWSN).

    $301 (Avg Bid)
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    i need a guy who has knowledge in telecommunication , and packet tracer, snmp

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Hello friends, I am looking for a partner for a profitable business. This is the [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] website! Who knows details about this site we can collaborate., who can posting in this website ???? I am looking for someone who can get past the security of this website. Who can posting cars and trucks in this website? Thanks,

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    Change OpenWrt GUI 2 zile left

    We have a router that uses OpenWRT. It is a version of this router: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] We have a customer that want to have "their" own router. This project is just a quick fix to add the logo and new first splash image at login. The customer want to have a wizard (preferd) or changes to GUI that configure the mobile SIM. ( Checkbox for Paylando M2M that fill...

    $235 (Avg Bid)
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