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Patent Validity Search is the analysis of a patent application to make sure it meet all requirements needed to be granted a patent. A Patent Validity Search Expert helps clients assess the validity of their patent by searching databases, analysing patent literature, studying other related patents and evaluating the feasibility of the project. When stating a claim for a patent, it needs to be unique so that it can be protected from being copied and used commercially. Patent Validity Search Experts are crucial for anyone wanting to file for patents as they provide clients with details about their patent application by evaluating intellectual property rights, records, prior art and novelty prior to submission.

Here's some projects that our Patent Validity Search Experts made real:

  • Evaluating patents and determining if a utility or design patent can be drafted and completed
  • Responding to an office action related to an Indian patent application
  • Filing international PCT into different countries
  • Filing mechanical device patents in the UK/EU

Our team of Patent Validity Search Experts can guarantee successful results when filing a patent and ensure that they are original before they are granted. They provide comprehensive services including researching, validating and obtaining proof of independence before submitting any patent application. By doing this they can ensure that the application is valid according to all national and international standards. If you’re looking for someone skilled in performing Patent Validity Searches, then post it up on so one of our experts can meet your needs!

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