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Pre-production Animation is the process of preparing a storyboard and concept art for an animation or video production. It’s used to create the basic idea that drives the animation’s visuals, hence it’s important for establishing the style and direction of a production. A specialist in Pre-production Animation will be able to interpret a script and give it life on paper while taking into consideration the aesthetics and production limitations to ensure that the final product will look as good as it can with the resources available.

Here's some projects that our expert Pre-production Animation Specialist made real:

  • Developing a believable storyline and eye-catching visual concepts
  • Preparing concept art and illustrations, including character design, props, environment, and background art
  • Translating written stories into appealing visual sequences
  • Creating storyboards that render each scene in vivid detail

At, our Pre-production Animation Specialist helps clients turn their scripts into vibrant animations with stunning visuals—just like these projects! Invite us to bring your project to life and make your creative vision come alive by hiring a Pre-production Animation Specialist on!

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