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Regression Testing is an integral part of software engineering. It can be used to identify defects and bugs, uncover unexpected results in data, and help improve the quality of releases. Regression testing is based on rerunning tests that were previously carried out, such as unit tests, to confirm the feature or product's performance. Most of the time, this involves returning to a previously working version to make sure subsequent changes have not impacted its performance or reliability.

A Regression Tester is an essential member of any software engineering team since these tests help detect bugs in the software or product development process quickly and in a timely manner. They then use test coverage techniques such as benefit/risk analysis and random testing to ensure the best possible quality assurance level. They also ensure that regression-related risks are escalated and mitigated in a timely manner.

Here's some projects our expert Regression Testers made real:

  • Use of algorithm data fusion techniques for binary classification
  • Performance analyses of web applications
  • Identification and implementation of security features into existing systems
  • Detection and debugging errors within complex code written in different languages
  • Verification of expected outputs against actual results

Regression testing is an essential part of software engineering. It is used to detect bugs or defects, uncover unexpected results in data, and improve the quality of software releases by ensuring subsequent changes do not affect its performance or reliability. Our expert Regression Testers carry out various test coverage techniques with benefit/risk analysis and random testing for highest possible quality assurance.

If you need help with your software project development process, post your project on and hire an experienced Regression Tester today!

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